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This outline organizes the prophecies according to the Jewish perspective of one seeking to understand the Messiah in the final days by proving that He came on time and fulfilled the laws and prophecies in Moses and the prophets.
Objections Jewish Objections To Jesus. It also answers the main objections to Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Mashiach).
Law Messianic Prophecies in The Old Testament TaNaKh (Tanach)

Jewish Tradition Torah Shebiksav (Written Torah)

Messianic Prophecies of Moses.
We intend to prove that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the Messiah (Mosiach) using the oral and written Torah and all the law and prophets. These Messianic prophecies of Moses are the source of the symbols and laws regulating the events of prophecy which are signposts about the status of the Plan of Salvation.
Objections Jewish Objections To Jesus (Not In The Torah). The Torah does not speak of Him at all.
The Scriptures Testify about the Messiah. You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me.
For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me.
(John 5: 39, 46)
The Torah Testifies. Then I said, "Behold I come, in the scroll of the book it is written of Me. I delight to do your will, O my G-d; Your law is written in my heart". (Psalm 40: 7-8. Hebrews 10: 7)
Jesus said that the Torah and all the prophets in the Tanakh spoke about Him and we show clearly through hundreds of prophecies, not taken out of context but in groups of laws and whole chapters and the experience of Israel and the lives of the prophets that He is the only subject of the Torah.
    Prophecies in The Calling
    PriestG-d reveals Himself to the First Generation
    G-d Calls a Nation of Priests

    G-d Rescues A Nation of Priests
    Objections Jewish Objections (Observe Jewish Law - Isaiah 11: 2-5). This series of five lessons is the first set of evidence that shows how Jesus observed Jewish law. The Torah guided Jesus about every stage of His life as He prepared to be the intercessor who will lead the world out of the land of slavery to sin by shining a light from the land of Israel.
  • Lesson: Genesis Genesis (B'reishis). This book shows the beginning of sin (slavery).
    Atom Torah Science (Spots and Stripes). Did you know that Jacob's strange miracle with the spotted and striped animals is a model of DNA replication?
  • Lesson: Exodus Exodus (Shemot). Escape from slavery.
  • Lesson: Leviticus Leviticus (Vayikra). The chosen intercessor.
  • Lesson: Numbers Numbers (Bamidbar). The fugitives wander in the wilderness.
  • Lesson: Deuteronomy Deuteronomy (Devar'im). The message to the final generation.
    At the end of this period, Jesus became a light to the Gentiles but He accomplished this as the suffering Messiah, the Lamb of G-d who took away the sins of the world.
  • Lesson: Genesis-Deuteronomy 613+ Mitzvot (B'reishis - Devar'im). The Statutes and Judgments in the Torah.
  • Lesson: Joshua Joshua (Yeoshua). The conquering Messiah and Savior leads us into the Promised Land.
    Dragon Exodus From Sin
    Messiah Leads the Exodus

    The Covenant and Promise
    Just before leaving on the exodus, Israel celebrated the Passover and entered into a covenant with YHWH. This legal document defines the boundaries and timetable of the Plan of Salvation.
  • Lesson: Covenant The Covenant ("The Blessings and Curses"). The legal terms of the covenant. Sin is punished by war, diseases, disasters, plagues and death. G-d will rescue us and restore the blessings of the Garden of Eden after paying the terms of the ransom written in the curses.
  • Lesson: SHEMA SHEMA (Signs of the Covenant). The Five important signs of Judaism point to the suffering Messiah.
    Atom Torah Science. Did you know that the tzitzit is modeled after the telomeres of DNA?
    Atom Torah Science. The tefillin symbolizes the structures in the brain behind the space between the eyes?
  • Lesson: Colors The Gospel in Color. Sin and the meaning of colors in the Plan of Salvation.

    Prophecies in The Curses
    SerpentThe curse consumes Christ
    G-d Takes Our Punishment and Pays The Ransom

    G-d Pays Our Ransom
    Kidnapped into sin, G-d paid the ransom with His life after suffering the terms of the curses which is the ransom note.
  • Lesson: Christ Christ Suffers the Wrath by Law (The Covenant Breaker/Keeper). Wrath is poured out on Christ because we broke the covenant.
  • Lesson: Christ Christ Suffers the Wrath of G-d (Snake on a Stick. Strike the Rock). The Messiah is cursed for us. He is the Passover Lamb given for the world to protect us from the armies of Satan. He ratifies the covenant with His death. So Wrath was poured out on Christ in the final three days of His life as He kept the covenant to be our substitute by even going as far as cutting Himself in two to keep the agreement.
    Prophecies in the Mishkan
    SanctuaryG-d draws us closer to Him
    G-d Restores Paradise

    The Mishkan: G-d Prepares a Home
  • Lesson: Sanctuary G-d Builds A Sanctuary (G-d Dwells Among Men). The Gospel in pictures, signs and symbols. The covenant illustrated in Christ.
    Atom Torah Science. The Mishkan is a unified model of particle physics.
    Atom Torah Science. The Mishkan is a model of the Periodic Table of chemistry.
    Prophecies in The Exodus
    ExodusThe life journeys of the righteous
    G-d Leads Us Home
  • Rebuilding and Restorig Rebuilding and Restoring the Sanctuary. The final restoration. History of capturing and rebuilding the sanctuary.
  • Lesson: 12 Tribes of Israel The Twelve Tribes of Israel (12 Spies on an Exodus). The siege of Jesus by Israel. The final week of Jesus and His exodus from earth.
    Star Star Star The camping order of the twelve tribes is a detail timeline prophecy about the final week in the life of Jesus.
  • Lesson: Abraham Abraham. The faithful walk the paths of righteousness. Israel and the patriarchs suffered according to a specific pattern established in the exodus of the sanctuary.
    Prophecies in The Feasts
    BreadG-d provides food in the wilderness
    G-d Restores the Tree of Life

    Matzah Wine G-d Hosts A Feast
  • Lesson: Offerings The Offerings (G-d Gives Himself). G-d pays our debt at a great feast, inviting the world to come and eat and be saved. The laws about the offerings point to a suffering Messiah, not a conqueror.
    Wine Cup 1: I Will Bring Out. Matzah Yachatz. The Middle Matzah is broken.
    Wine Cup 2: I Will Deliver. The bondage of sin is over. We have been ransomed.
  • Lesson: Feasts The Feasts of Israel (G-d Provides in the Desert). The schedule of the Plan of Salvation.

    Jewish Tradition Torah Sheb'al Peh (Oral Torah)

    Imagine my surprise in August 2006 when G-d began to reveal complete sets of Messianic prophecies in Jewish tradition. Detailed Messianic prophecies can even be found in Jewish oral traditions and customs.
  • Lesson: Feasts Passover Seder (Manna from Heaven). The seder is the order of the crucifixion events from the time He left the Garden of Gethsemane.
    Star Star Star This may be an important prophecy because the last day Jews will find their Messiah because of a very special Passover when the message of Elijah comes to them.
    Atom Torah Science. Did you know that the events of this Passover were a detailed model of all the steps of DNA replication?
  • Lesson: IVRI Script The Word Tabernacles With Us. The ancient Hebrew IVRI script is a prophecy about Jesus coming to us.
  • Lesson: Feasts Torah Readings. The people respond to G-d at the feasts. Your readings are saturated with information about the works of the Messiah. The Haftarah links (the prophets) show the significance of the experience of certain people that are meant to teach a lesson about the actions of G-d and the work of the Messiah.


Nevi'im (Prophets)

Moses and The Prophets Testify About The Messiah. Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures. (Luke 24: 27)

The Day Of The Lord: Last day events in the Old Testament begin with the crucifixion. It begins the "Day of the Lord" and the Messianic Age. It is a global Passover and a global Yom Kippur combined and ends in Succos when we are under the protection of God.
The Day of the Lord (Pesach and Yom Kippur)Succos
Exodus Abomination Desolation Promised Land
Crucifixion Scapegoat Day of Atonement Temple Corrupted Seven Last Plagues Scapegoat Millennium Mount of Olives Alive
The Lord's Goat The Scapegoat Banished New Jerusalem
Yom Kippur Succos Hosannah Raba Shemini Atzeret

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Kesuvim (Writings)

Objections Jewish Objections To Jesus (Scriptures Out Of Context). The New Testament misquotes or partially quotes the Old Testament to manufacture Messianic linkages.
The writings are also prophetic and many show the personal and emotional suffering of the Messiah.
In several lessons we show how the Messiah seems to reenact the sufferings of everyone. Therefore His life mimicked the pattern of their lives. We show that these associations by the disciples are relevant and we go one step further to show how entire sets of Bible verses, the experience of Israel and other personal stories capture the work of the Messiah. Then G-d showed me how these experiences by the patriarchs followed a pattern described in the law. These lessons are a few examples.
  • Lesson: Psalm Psalms (Tehillim). Messianic prophecies of David and Asaph.
  • Lesson: Job Job (Iyov). The suffering Messiah in the prophecies of Job.
  • Lesson: Christ the sinner The Greatest Sinner. Christ suffers for all sinners by being labelled like all of them.

  • Daniel. The Prophecies of Daniel: The Rise and Fall of Babylon. Although his words are prophetic, the Jews classify them among the writings because the prophecies are for a distant generation and were irrelevant to their current lives. Now that the final generation is here, the prophecies of Daniel must be unsealed and understood by the Jews. The prophecies are about the first coming of the Messiah and what will happen to the nation of Israel at the end of time before the Messiah comes again.
    Daniel is a timeline for the appearance of the Messiah. Beginning at a known point in history, at the fall of Babylon, Daniel shows the ruling kingdom and the year in which the Messiah will come.
Temple Destroyed Babylon Medo-Persia Greece Rome Christ Temple Destroyed Papacy Europe Babylon the Great Temple Corrupted
Nevi'im Daniel Moses Daniel and John Nevi'im

Daniel shows that the history of the world is pictured as the struggle over the children of G-d, trapped in Babylon, under the power of Satan, the king of Babylon. It is a prophecy for all Israel from their captivity in ancient Babylon until their escape from Babylon the Great at the end of time.
    The Rise and Fall of Ancient Babylon (609-539 BC):
  • Lesson: Daniel Outline Daniel 1. Faithful Captives. Introduction to prophecy.
  • Lesson: Daniel 2 Daniel 2. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream. He sees a metal image depicting the rise and fall of nations from his days until the end of time.
  • Lesson: Daniel 3 Daniel 3. Church and State: The King Legislates Idolatry. Demonstrates that persecution occurs when the state legislates worship.
  • Lesson: Daniel 4 Daniel 4 - 6. The First Fall of Babylon. Church and state unite to persecute the people of G-d. Babylon will fall and rise again at the end of time
    Lesson: Heavens The Signs of The Gospel In The Heavens. The heavens tell the glory of G-d.
    Daniel became head of the astrologers and star gazers. There is evidence that he might have influenced them by telling them about the Messiah and the signs in the heavens that point to Him.

    The Prophecies of Daniel and John
    Dragon Clearing The Land
    Defeating the Monster with Seven Heads
    Destroy The Seven Caananite Nations
    The Future World Empires (609 BC-End): The prophecy of the metal image is repeated to Daniel with Jewish symbols. The final series of world empires that affect the people of G-d are (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and a divided empire). G-d removes these nations before He takes possession.
  • Lesson: Daniel 7 Daniel 7. Four Beasts from the Sea. The world empires are seen as a series of wild animals from the curse.
  • Lesson: Daniel 8 - Ram and Goat Daniel 8. The Ram and the Goat. The world empires are seen as attacking the sanctuary on Yom Kippur.

    Messiah (Christ) and the Antichrist: G-d keeps the covenant (4 BC-31AD)
  • Lesson: Daniel 9 - The Judgment Daniel 9. The Messiah and the 2300 Year Prophecy (The Death of Christ).
    Crucifixion Temple Destroyed The Desolation
    Destroying the Sanctuary

    The longest time prophecy, ends in the beginning of the judgment. It predicts the year the Messiah appears, His 3½ year ministry and death and the destruction of the second temple.
    » Other Messiahs. We discuss why other candidates and any future claims failed the requirements.
    Star Star Star Star This is the most important prophecy because it predicts the year the Messiah will appear.
    Objections Jewish Objections To Jesus (By The Rambam). This lesson addresses the points given by the Rambam for how to evaluate a candidate for the Messiah.

    The Antichrist: Breaks the covenant (31 AD-End)
  • Lesson: Daniel 8 - Little Horn Daniel 7-8. The Little Horn (The Antichrist). An important power in prophecy, the "little horn" power will survive until the end.
  • Lesson: Daniel 11 Daniel 10 and 11. The First Rise and Fall of the Little Horn.
    Detailed information about the 2300 years and the Roman empire and its leaders before the appearance of the Messiah. Also shows the activity of the "little horn" power and the first fall of the papacy.
  • Lesson: Daniel - King of the North Daniel 11. The Second Fall of the Little Horn. The King of the North comes to an end.

    End of Days: The Second Rise and Fall of Babylon the Great (1798-End):
    Temple Corrupted The Abomination
    Corrupting the Sanctuary

    Satan corrupts the sanctuary and tries to make and enforce his own covenant.
  • Lesson: Daniel 12 Daniel 12. Prophecy Sealed. Daniel 12 closes with the command to shut up and seal the prophecies until the time of the end. Jesus said that Daniel prophesied about the destruction of the temple. It will be unsealed by a prophet named John, so Daniel has been a prophet for the Jewish nation throughout the diaspora.
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The Last Generation of Israel

Before we forge into the New Testament, we must understand what happened to the church as it split between Jews and Gentiles.
Second Temple The Temple of Ezekiel A Living Temple
Saducees and Caiaphas Jesus Christ of The Order of Melchizedek (Eternal High Priest)
Levitical Priests Crucifixion31AD The Sons of Zadok (Accepted The Lord) A United Israel
The First GenerationThe Levitical Priests (Abandoned The Lord) JoinThe Last Generation
  • Lesson: Curse The Everlasting Covenant. The promise to remove sins.
  • Lesson: Daniel 9 - The Messiah Summary of Messianic Prophecies. A collection of many Messianic prophecies from the Torah, the prophets, the Psalms and Jewish tradition. G-d reveals Himself to the final generation. The lesson covers these topics.
    » New Messianic Prophecies. We have over 850 Messianic prophecies. About 350 were already known, but over 700 new prophecies were revealed to me with the Mishkan science evidence since 2000. This may be proof of G-d's attempt to reach modern day Jews.
    » The Origin of the Messiah. The promise of the Messiah from the Garden of Eden.
    » The Scriptures Are About Me. What did Jesus know about His death and how He knew it?
    » Who Killed Jesus? Who is responsible for the death of Jesus and why did YHWH ask the Jews to participate in this death?
    Objections Jewish Objections (Human Being). Only a human being would qualify to do some of the works of the Messiah. Only G-d would qualify to do some of the works of the Messiah. Therefore He had to be G-d, veiled in flesh and temporarily and voluntarily stripped of His divinity.

  • Lesson: Israel The Historical Christ. Examine the statistical evidence that Jesus Christ could possibly fulfill all these prophecies. Then look at the biblical texts that Jewish scholars used to claim were Messianic.
    Objections Jewish Objections To Jesus (Passover Conspiracy). This lessons answers the issues raised among the people who lived at the time of the crucifixion. It addresses the reputation of His mother and the supposed plot to fake His death and resurrection.
  • Lesson: Israel Israel. The chosen people will find the Son that they pierced and rejected during a global siege.
  • Lesson: Temple of Ezekiel The Future Temple of Ezekiel. Jesus Christ organizes His church by dividing the priests in two.
    1. Kohanim: Sons of Zadok (Christians). They did not abandon the Lord. They minister before the Lord. So, it is our duty to teach you about the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Moshiach). I have done so.
    2. Leviyim: Levites (Jews). They abandoned the Lord. They are in charge of the house and services.
      It was the duty of these priests to carry the Mishkan after the sons of Aaron prepared it. Now that a Christian has been given the task of "preparing the Mishkan" it is your duty to promote the Mishkan science to the world and to show the Christian church how we have erred in abandoning the Mishkan and its services.
    When we are united, we are all Kohanim who believe it is an honor to serve in all tasks as Leviyim.
  • Lesson: Elijah The Coming of Moses and Elijah. Israel accepts Yeshua and the church is reunited.
  • Lesson: Science Summary: Modern Science in the Mishkan. A unified chemistry and physics model in the Torah.
    Lesson: Science Detail: Modern Science in the Mishkan. The detail proof of modern science in the Mishkan.
    It is said that the toll of the Holocaust and 4000 years of persecution and hatred by the world has made 75% of the Jews atheists and many are scientists.
    Star » A Hannukah 2008 Restoration of The Mishkan. Now at the end of time, the Mishkan has come to the rescue through a special revelation of G-d during Hannukah of 2008 and until now. G-d pleaded to Israel through evidence given since 2000 of 700+ new Messianic prophecies from Moses and the Prophets proving that Yeshua is the Messiah.
    Atom A G-d of Law and Order
    G-d is a Rational Being
    Now He shows Jews that the Mishkan is the model of the roots of all science, pointing them back to YHWH their G-d.
    The Mishkan answers many of the mysteries of a unified model of Particle Physics and it is also a model of the Periodic table of Chemistry and the DNA. G-d is reaching out to scientists, atheists and agnostics because Israel is among them.
  • Lesson: Evangelism Saving Planet Earth. The Great Commission is finished.
Ark Load Dove Lamb Giraffe Lion Bear Leopard Elephant
Load Ark

Law Messianic Prophecies in The New Testament (B'rit Hadashah)
Lamb (1-3)
Lulav (4-5)
Dove (6-7)
Shofar 8-10
Lords Goat Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) 16-19
10 11 12-13 14-15
Lamb Church Accepted Seals Sealing Judgment Remnant Legal Case Satan Warning Destruction Rescued
Lamb Shepherd Priest King Judge Lawyer Prosecute Witness Angel Executioner Groom
Jesus Becomes King Judge Wrath of Satan G-d's Wrath Reward
Lamb of G-d (Seed) Holy Spirit (Water) Comes Growing Children of G-d
Barley Harvest Latter Rain Rain Wheat and Grape Harvest Latter Rain Rain Fruit Harvest
Seed Planted Under the Earth Darkness (Seed Germinates) Light (Leaf) Reap (Fruit)
7 Churches Seven Seals 7 Trumpets Seven Thunders Seven Last Plagues
Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua
Sin Removed Intercessor Law Given In the Wilderness Census Repeat Law Savior
Objections Jewish Objections (Charismatic Leader). He was a charismatic leader because He appealed to the Gentiles and all the people of Israel followed Him up to the hours before His death even though He was poor.
    Build Ark Genesis (B'reishis): The Messiah Removes Sin On The Day Of The Lord:
    G-d makes a new beginning in Jesus Christ. He will recreate the righteous and place them in a new earth.
      Passover: The Passover Lamb, Lord's Goat and Ox are selected and offered.
    • Lesson: Revelation - The 7 Churches Universal Passover: Revelation 1 - 3. The Seven Churches. The Shepherd Priest blesses Israel.
    • Lesson: Revelation - The 7 Seals Universal Pentecost: Revelation 4 - 6. The Seven Seals. The covenant curses are released.
    Dove Exodus (Shemot): We Are Marked And Named For The Exodus (Sealing):
      Shavu'ot: The law is given and written on our hearts and the righteous are selected and named.
    • Lesson: Revelation - The Sealing Revelation 7. The Seal of G-d. G-d marks His people, gives them His name and seals them.
    • Lesson: Revelation - The Sealing Universal Yom Kippur: The Seven Thunders. G-d recreates His people.
    • Lesson: Revelation - The 7 Trumpets Universal Trumpets: Revelation 8 - 10. The Seven Trumpets. All powers are judged.
      Rosh Hashannah: Judgment is rendered. Satan and his angels fall from heaven.
    Lamb Leviticus (Vayikra): G-d calls the remnant to be His witnesses.
    • Lesson: Revelation 10 Revelation 10. Prophecy Unsealed. Revelation 10 is the prophecy that announces the time to unseal the prophecies of Daniel 12. The two prophecies are related and should be studied together.
    • Lesson: Revelation 11 Revelation 11. The Two Witnesses. G-d sends two spies before destroying the city in the French Revolution and the fall of the papacy.
    Donkey Giraffe Ape Lion Bear Leopard Elephant Numbers (Bamidbar): Wandering In The Wilderness:
    After a 2000 year delay and wandering in the wilderness, Israel is numbered to receive their inheritance.
    • Lesson: Revelation 12 Revelation 12. The Persecution of Christ and the Church. Satan's efforts to destroy the righteous. G-d sends help through the United States and the American continent (New World). Many Jews escaped to the islands and the continent beginning in the 1490's.
    • Lesson: Revelation 13 - Babylon Revelation 13. The Rise of Babylon: (Dragon, Beast and Lamb Beast). The rise of Babylon the Great and the final end time power - the United States of America.
    • Lesson: Revelation 13 - The Mark of the Beast Revelation 13. The Mark of the Beast. The final persecution, the seal of G-d and the mark of the beast. The struggle over the covenant is ending.
      Counted, Counted: The Separation of the Righteous and the Wicked (Final years)
    Lamb Load Ark Donkey Deuteronomy (Devar'im): The Law Is Read To The Final Generation:
    • Lesson: Revelation 14 Revelation 14. The Three Angels' Message (U'netaneh Tokef). The call to the SHMA and the final warning to the world in the time of the end. Worship G-d, the Creator of heaven and earth and obey His laws. The sealing is ending and your name will be blotted out of the Book of Life.
      Wine Cup 3: I Will Redeem (Outstretched Arms). God takes us from slavery to sin.
      Wine Elijah's Cup. Elijah's message brings the children to their Father in heaven.
      Afikoman Tzafun (The Afikoman Is Found). The children, the second generation of Israel find the Messiah.

      Weighed (Yom Kippur): Judgment is sealed. Judgment falls on the world (One Year).
      Neilah. "L'shanah haba'ah b'Yerushalayim! ("Next year in Jerusalem!") These events take one year.
    • Lesson: Revelation 15 Revelation 15. The Last Exodus over the Sea of Glass.
    • Lesson: Revelation 16 Revelation 16. The Seven Last Plagues. Redeemed with great judgments. The wicked are cursed.
    • Lesson: Revelation 17 Revelation 17. A Woman Rides the Beast. The unfaithful church controls the state in an idolatrous and adulterous union.
      Temple Destroyed The Desolation
      Destroying the Corrupted
    • Lesson: Revelation 18 Revelation 18. The Second Fall of Babylon. The last angel's message to those who ignored the urgent, global call to get out of Babylon before the global religious, political and economic collapse.

    Last Trumpet Joshua (Savior): The Conqueror Leads Israel To The Promised Land:
      Divided: Babylon has Fallen! The kingdom is given to the Kings from the east
    • Lesson: Revelation 19 Revelation 19. Israel is Rescued. The Second Coming of Jesus at the last trumpet.
      Objections Jewish Objections (Military Leader). At the Second Coming He is a military leader who comes with an army from heaven to rescue global Israel. He destroys all His enemies at the Third Coming.
      Wine Cup 4: I Will Take (Nirtzah). The Second Coming. The resurrection and the rapture of Israel.
      Ark Flood Goat Hosana Raba: Judgment is Delivered! The righteous and the wicked are rewarded
    • Lesson: Revelation 20 Revelation 20. Millennium (1000 years). Satan (Azazel) is banished (Battle of Armageddon).
      Eternal Temple The Living Temple
      Rewarding the Righteous

      Lesson: The Judgement Doctrine. The Judgment of the Wicked. They are not sealed.
      Lesson: Death and Hell Doctrine. Death (Sheol). The wicked are exiled to Sheol.
      Lesson: Death and Hell Doctrine. Hell (Gehenna and Tartaros). Sinners cease to exist.

      Ark Safe Shemini Atzeret: A New Beginning. The 12 Tribes receive their inheritance on Earth
    • Lesson: Revelation 22 Universal Tabernacles (Olam Ha-Ba): Revelation 21 - 22. (This Year In The New Jerusalem!).
      G-d makes the earth His permanent and physical dwelling place with His bride. He also makes us kings and priests in a peaceful kingdom for eternity. Then these objections are fulfilled.
      Objections Jewish Objections (No Priesthood). Jesus is the High Priest forever and we are the nation of priests and the living sanctuary who praise G-d continually (Jeremiah 33: 18).
      Objections Jewish Objections (Judaism Is The Only Religion). It will be. (Micah 4:2-3. Zechariah 14: 9)
      Objections Jewish Objections (World Government in Israel). (Isaiah 2: 2-4; 11:10; 42:1) Jerusalem is the center of the universe because the throne of G-d is relocated here.
      Objections Jewish Objections (Perfect World - Zephaniah 3: 13). The world and people are perfect.

Jesus and The Law and Prophets

Objections Jewish Objections (Great Judge of A Jewish Legal System - Jeremiah 33: 15). The Messiah would be a great judge who establishes a court system based on Jewish law.
He recreates the perfect people who will keep the law and bring a kingdom of peace. Objections Jewish Objections (Misleading Prophet). He prophesied about the destruction of the temple and city.
  • Lesson: New Testament Matthew 24. Prophecies of Jesus. The end of days and the destruction of the temple.
  • Lesson: Current events Signs of the Times. Current events and trends in all prophecies.
Build Ark
Build Ark

Objections Jewish Objections To Jesus. If Jesus has not met your expectations of the Messiah, perhaps your expectations are incomplete and premature. He is in the process of completing all the works of the Messiah, including conquering His enemies so that He can bring everlasting peace and justice to the universe. He is accomplishing this task in the order of the three great feasts of Israel.

Objections Jewish Objections To Jesus (Judaism Is Incompatible With Christianity). Jesus was a Jew, the disciples and the first churches were Jewish. Christianity is a sect of Judaism. Christians are technically Jews who believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, while other Jews are still waiting for the Messiah.
Much of Christianity has discarded the Jewish laws since the fourth century. We believe that this is a mistake. You can remain in your orthodox synagogues and still believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. The changes you need to make in worship have already been done for you when G-d allowed the temple to be destroyed so that you have to revert to the law which says that you cannot make sacrifices except in one place, Jerusalem.
You no longer need to sacrifice animals and G-d has allowed this practice to end. Now go and learn about Yeshua!

Menorah Be A Light To The Gentiles. If you would like to visit a Christian church that is Kosher, consider visiting the Seventh Day Adventist church. Perhaps you can teach us why it is important to still observe Passover instead of Easter and to observe Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles. G-d convinced me. We need you!

We who respect all the law and Torah can form partnerships based on learning for reconciliation where we teach each other what we know with the goal of fully obeying all of God's law no matter what label is outside the church doors. We can go to each other's church without "converting". Converting assumes that some essential belief is wrong in one place and correct in another. If the Jews accept Jesus Christ, there is nothing else that they need to change if they are in compliance with their traditional orthodox beliefs. I believe that Christians should observe the Jewish feasts and learn how they are practised by Orthodox Jews.

Passover Shavu'ot- Yom Kippur Succos (Tabernacles)
Second Temple The Present Age (No Temple) Second
The Messianic Age (Olam Ha-Ba) New
Ark Safe
Moshiach Rejected No City Israel Judged One Israel Courts of Judgment Trial
Ark Build Moshiach Dove Temple burnt Lamb Ark Load Lion Bear Leopard Elephant Ark Flood Dragon Goat Millennium Abyss
Build Ark Load The Ark (End Of Days)Rescue Wrath And Destruction Zion
Plagues ExodusRed Sea 40 Years In The Wilderness Canaan
Moses Died Days of MourningIsrael Restored Joshua Conquers Canaan Peace
Kept Laws70AD136 AD 1900
Elijah Comes Military Leader World Judged Death Life
Isaiah 11: 2-5Israel Hardened Malachi 4: 5-6 Isaiah 2: 2-4; 11:10; 42:1. Micah 4:2-3. Zechariah 14: 9
SufferingJeremiah 33: 15Jeremiah 33: 18 Jeremiah 33: 15 -
Revelation 1-14 Revelation 15-22
Suffering Messiah Conquering Messiah King
Passover Redemption From Sin (Exodus 6: 6-7) Inheriting The Promised Land (Exodus 6: 8)

Heart ♥ Search For Me With All Your Heart ♥. Through punishment, slavery, hatred and persecution Israel has been strategically scattered across the globe. Speaking specifically to the scattered Jews at the end of time, both Moses and Jeremiah say that you will find Him when you search with all your heart. So search this website diligently even if it is with a bit of skepticism in your quest to defend Hashem. G-d says that He will come to find you. I believe that He created this website to meet your search.
♥ G-d Has Good Plans. For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.
♥ Search Diligently. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.
♥ I Will Find You. I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you, declares the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from where I sent you in exile.
(Jeremiah 29: 11-14)
♥ Moses Promises The Final Generation. But from there you will seek the Lord your G-d, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul. (Deuteronomy 4: 29)

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law. (Deuteronomy 29: 29) Time: 30 minutes
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Author: Laverna Patterson. Editors: L Patterson and V Parchment (April 2011)
It is my claim that God taught me all these things supernaturally between 2000 - present.
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