The King Of The North
The Rise And Fall Of The Little Horn (2)

(Daniel 11)
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Background. In our last lesson we showed the fall of the king of the north in the French Revolution. We concluded that the king of the north would rise and fall again at the end of time. The same prophecy that chronicles the first fall can be reused to chronicle the final fall. In this lesson we show the events of the final fall of the king of the north, Babylon the Great.

The Origin Of The King Of The North
The King of the North is mentioned in Daniel 11. He is depicted as a power who begins during the Greek empire and lives until the end. As you will see, the role of the King of the north changes from one power to another as one power takes over the next.
The northern direction refers to the physical direction of this power in relation to Israel when it first appeared. There were several powers who became the king of the North:

The Origin Of The King Of The South

The Three Sons Of Noah
The rivalries mirror the distribution of the sons of Noah. Shem and the descendants of Israel are in the middle. The sons of Japheth are the nation in the north and the sons of Ham live in the south.
So we conclude from the history of the nations north and south of Israel (Jerusalem), particularly Babylon and Egypt, that the title of "king of the north" or "king of the south" belongs to the power that is in control of these regions at the time the prophecy is being fulfilled.
After the early death of Alexander the Great without an heir, the Greek empire was divided among his four generals. After a while, the empire was reduced to a northern and southern kingdom. These are the kings that are the subject of the prophecy of Daniel 11.

Location Kingdom The Succession Of Kings Of The North
NorthSatan Satan, the king of Babylon and the king of Tyre
SouthEgypt Enslaved 12 tribes around 1950-1500 BC
NorthAssyria Captured 10 northern tribes in 721 BC
NorthBabylon Captured 2 southern tribes between 609-539 BC
NorthMedo-Persia Captured the captives of Babylon and Assyria
The Greek Empire Holy Land
Location Four Divisions Sub-Divisions
South1Ptolemy South Ptolemies
North 2Seleucus East Seleucid
3Cassander West
The Pagan Roman Empire
North Rome East Byzantine
North Europe
NorthThe Papal Roman Empire
South Islamic Caliphates
South Ottoman Turks
North South Europe
South France Conquered the Ottomans in Egypt and Palestine in 1798 during the French Revolution
North Papacy Western Roman Empire (Europe)Babylon the Great
United States Middle East (Iraq)
South Middle East Al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad ForcesIslamic Empire (Muslim)
North Gog, Magog Satan and his forces attack the New JerusalemGog From The Land of Magog
Center YHWH New JerusalemThe Real King Of All Kingdom Of YHWH God (New Earth)
The final forces are shaping up to put one religion against another so that the final conflicts are religious in nature.

Layers The Rise And Fall Of The Papacy And Babylon The Great: Part 2
Church persecuted Many Days The American Revolution is the Global Picture
First Fall Revival of the Papacy. The Beast Comes to the New World Second Fall
Little Help Church Joins in Hypocrisy Sets Up a Tabernacle Persecution Ends
1260 years
Union of Church and State Ecumenical
USA and Papacy in the Middle East and in Church programs Mark of the beast
Time of Trouble
Date 1776 1789-1815 2000-End 2004 Military base in Israel. 2005 Future Future
In the most global interpretation both falls of the Papacy began with an American Revolution. France got into debt because it was assisting the Americans in their revolution against their mutual arch enemies, the British. The mounting debt which coincided with a series of unfortunate climate disasters led to famine and inflation and the revolt of the peasants and caused the French Revolution.
The Louisiana Purchase. The need for cash even caused them to sell 530 million acres in 1803 for $15 million. The sale of this entire region doubled the United States territory overnight. These actions led to the growth of the final king of the north, the United States of America.

The End of Papal Rule and the War in Palestine (Verses 44-45).
"But rumors from the East and from the North will disturb him, and he will go out with great wrath to destroy and annihilate many. "He will pitch the tents of his royal pavilion between the seas and the beautiful Holy Mountain; yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him. (Daniel 11: 44-45)

"Rumors from the East and North". It describes a turn of events that will lead to their destruction. Iran is north and east of Iraq and Israel and the pattern of events seem to indicate a confrontation between the kings of Babylon and Persia. We will describe the possible final events that will cause the fall of both the religious and military powers that form Babylon the great. But first we will look at an ancient king of the north who fell in the same manner.

Type Rumors from Ancient Assyria. Sennacherib tried to defeat Judah the same way that he had defeated the ten northern tribes in Israel seven years earlier. This time God defended Israel. So the episode becomes another model of the war tactics of God at the end of time.
God made Sennacherib paranoid. He also heard "rumors from the north". In this case, Assyria was north of Israel and the rumors happened to be coming from his own country as he was trying to attack Israel.
A Rumor. Behold I will put a spirit in him so that he will hear a rumor and return to his own land. And I will make him fall by the sword of his own hand. (2 Kings 19: 7 and Isaiah 37: 7)
That night the angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers, ending the siege and Sennacherib returned home and was murdered by his sons with a sword as he was worshipping his god.
So perhaps rumors will also come from either Iran or North America, our own land, that causes fury. This points to another major terrorist attack or great threat. The most perfect confluence of political events are threats in America which we can blame on Iran and Syria. It could even be manufactured evidence to produce fear that gives public support for attacking Iran. The parallel spiritual events are rumors of lack of support by the people of God which will lead to charges of treason.
A Message to Israel
Peace and safety?
Do not feel secure. All your enemies and friends will turn against you.
You must go back to the Torah. Study the book of Daniel. Prepare yourself for the day when you will be afraid. The last verse (Daniel 12: 13) prophecies that in the last days, Daniel will be understood.

The Messiah can be recognized through Daniel 9.
As you are experiencing these problems, turn to the Messianic Jewish congregations or the Seventh Day Adventist churches, they will help you to understand. Do not lose your Sabbath keeping heritage to a disobedient Christian church who will be rejected by God.
Here are Bible Studies for Israel.

Just as Napoleon had an inexplicable urge to conquer Egypt, in all these disasters it was God who put it in their hearts to make the final actions that would cause their fall. France fell because of internal struggles and uncontrolled ambition and pride. Sennacherib fell because of internal discord and mutiny in the same way Babylon will fall by internal struggles.
And the ten horns which you saw, and the beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh and will burn her up with fire. For God has put it in their hearts to execute His purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God will be fulfilled. (Revelation 17: 16-17)

"A Tabernacle Between the Seas and the Beautiful Holy Mountain".
A tabernacle is a holy structure with three sides. The temporary three sided shelter that the people build during the feast of tabernacles represents living with God in His royal house. So a tabernacle is a structure built for a religious purpose.
Where is the possible location of this tabernacle? A "sea" in prophecy represents people. The beautiful Holy Mountain is a reference to the throne of God and Jerusalem where the Most Holy Place in the sanctuary is located.
This prophecy indicates that the enemy of God will put a religious system as an obstacle between God and the people. In the end there will probably be a physical structure that symbolizes this apostasy.

Layers "Set Up His Tabernacle".
On every level, global and local, this is a prophecy about a power that comes between God and His people. The actual fulfillment will manifest all these dimensions.
A base or official presence with power will be moved to the region. At the same time, the church is taking control of the state. Since 1991 we have had a military presence in Iraq because of a war. The military bases that were established in Saudi Arabia and other Arab states prior to this were as a result of economic agreements. Since Babylon the Great is a combination of two powers, these are the possibilities. They are developing simultaneously.

On every level this tabernacle is being set up.

Layers "He will come to his end and no one will help him". (Verse 45)
A Temporary Truce
As this is fulfilled on a minor level with the many "end of the war" milestones in Iraq, the nations must eventually cooperate for a short time to fulfill the rest of prophecy.
Then they will all share in the guilt of the final persecution and they will all be destroyed by God.
A political alliance which falls in the sixth plague is also described in Revelation 17: 16-17. It fails when the members of the alliance turn on the King of the North (the harlot of Revelation 17). It is amazing to see the level to which this prophecy is being repeatedly fulfilled. God is demonstrating through these minor fulfillments that the major fulfillment is near.

  1. End of War. After the war was declared to be over, the president was begging the allies it insulted for financial help.
  2. End of Coalition Government. On June 28, 2004 formal sovereign power was handed back to Iraq. Now, no one is fooled into thinking that the American occupation and control is over or that Iraq will see a dramatic drop in violence. Two days before, at a NATO meeting in Turkey they still refused to send troops to help. It only promised to train soldiers. So we have come to the first formal, if not practical end, and no one will help us.
  3. Other Pleas for Help. In February 2005, a visit to the European nations obtained pledges of support that total four million dollars for one year. France pledged one trainer. The war costs the United States five billion dollars each day. Truly, no one will help. This offer of help was more of an insult to make a point.
  4. End of Occupation. What will happen at this end? We will never leave Iraq or give up control.
  5. End of the World. This is the ultimate fulfillment. Just before this end, the European allies will turn against them according to Revelation 17. Therefore, at some point we should have some cooperation in dealing with the Middle East. The Vatican will probably have a strong hand in pushing for this cooperation.

    At the end of time the governments of the world will cooperate to attack the righteous nation of God scattered in every country. They will form temporary alliances to do this. They will even authorize their own citizens to strike the righteous. However, mutiny and rumors of conspiracies will characterize these unions and their coalition will quickly collapse. According to Revelation 17 the European allies will vacate the deal within two weeks. They will attack each other.

The Victories of the King of the North. Below is a summary of the two falls. It also includes important comparisons from the repetition of the prophecy in Revelation 11.
Symbol First Fall Second Fall
Military Spiritual
King of the South France, Egypt Muslim Army. Al-Qaeda terror Atheism
King of the North Papacy, Turkey, Britain United States is Babylon the Great Papacy is also Babylon
Babylon the Great - United States defeats and occupies Iraq with Britain as a strong ally. France objects. Papacy makes agreements with the kings of the world that jeopardizes Protestants
North defeats South Turkey defeats France USA and Papacy combine forces to end communism, atheism and secularism. Enforces religious principles
Tabernacle set up In Palestine We are now in Palestine.
Future. Jerusalem is occupied
Church enforces religion. Papacy rules Jerusalem
Palestine occupied Short war in Palestine United States in the entire region. It has defeated, occupied, controlled or set up military bases in all these countries.
It has controlled the region on a scale that is greater than Napoleon, reaching other countries beyond Palestine.
Freedom of religion threatened globally.
Global laws are being changed and Sunday sacredness is being enforced in Europe through labor laws.
Overflows Palestine Napoleon marches from Cairo to Syria, going through the plains of Megiddo defeating Turkey at the Battle of Mt. Tabor on 16 April 1799
Other Countries -
Jordan escapes Fulfilled Fulfilled. USA ally Orthodox church?
Libya and Ethiopia - Libya cooperates. 19 December 2003 Ecumenical cooperation
Ships, horses 400 ships and 1230 horses of France USA navy and cruise missiles dominated the beginning of the war. Cavalry used in Afghanistan
Egypt is conquered France and Turkey conquers Egypt. France uses the Egyptian calendar Future. Al-Qaeda will be defeated. Egypt will be attacked Men are not gods. New age idolatry defeated
Egyptian treasures and Precious Things France takes treasures, like the Rosetta stone. The soldiers destroy the nose of the sphinx while using it as target practice Unprotected Iraq treasures stolen from the Baghdad museum. USA controls the oil and gives it to private western companies in no-bid contracts (Exxon-Mobil, Shell, BP, Totale) Mixture of paganism into Christianity. Unclean spirits like frogs (Revelation 16: 13)
Sodom and Egypt (Revelation 11) Homosexual rape of the Mameluke men by French soldiers. The exploits of the Marquis de Sade and the French nobility and his book "120 Days of Sodom" Homosexual rape and humiliation and torture of prisoners in Abu-Ghraib by American soldiers. Secret prisons, kidnappings, torture, lawlessness Scandal of the homosexual pedophile priests protected by the church.
Beast from the Abyss (Revelation 11) Atheism, secularism and evolution are theories from France that are designed to challenge God. Atheism through evolution, forced religion and persecution and the arrival of Satan who will be sent back to the Abyss. Catholic church adopted evolution in 1950 and Protestants followed
Comes to an end Crimean war: Turkey.
French Revolution: Papacy
Babylon the Great is defeated at the Second Coming
In defeating these nations and the communists in 1991, the new king of the North takes back the regions conquered by the old king of the South during the French Revolution. Atheism and Palestine will be conquered by the new king of the north.

Persecution and The Second Coming.
A Message to Seventh Day Adventists
Many of you are waiting for enforcement of Sunday Laws in the United States. Well, Sunday laws are to be completely adopted in Europe in August 2003. Some countries will force Adventists to break the Sabbath by making it physically impossible to obey the law of God and the Sunday laws.

While you are waiting for a sign that occurs after the work of God is done, who will do the work? After the terror attacks in Russia in the summer of 2004, that country is in danger of becoming hostile to religion.

Learn from the French Protestants who were annihilated by the St. Bartholomew's day Massacre. That night, they thought that it was peace and safety and good times ahead for the Protestants because of the unprecedented ecumenical events that occurred that very week.

Sunday laws are here.
Babylon is here.
The image to the beast is here.
You must recognize the times.

Persecution. And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince who stands for the children of your people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time your people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.
Resurrection. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.
(Daniel 12: 1-3)

Convergence of Prophecies (Israel and Babylon the Great)
The next verse in Daniel 12: 1 predicts a great time of trouble because of this war in the Holy Land. Zechariah 12 predicts a war between Israel and her neighbors that is exacerbated by the actions of Israel. During this war, the Latter Rain falls. There is no direct connection between that prophecy and this except for certain facts. The conclusion is that spiritual and physical Israel get caught up as victims in a war between the king of the north and the king of the south.

King of the North War King of the North (Babylon the Great) Persecution
War War War Physical Israel Michael Stands Up Disasters Signs Rain Latter RainSpiritual Israel Idolatry
King of the South (Muslim Nations) Attacks Israel Time of Trouble
Phase 1 (Political War) Phase 2 (Religious War)

Rebuilding the Old Jerusalem
Just as the Maccabees tried to force a fulfillment of prophecy, the powers at the end will also do the same thing. In an attempt to rebuild or capture Jerusalem to jump start their millennium of peace on earth these people will act immorally and unjustly and will actually fulfill prophecy in ways that they did not expect.

Will a Temple be Rebuilt?
A popular futuristic interpretation, named "the Gap Theory", predicts the rise of the Antichrist in Israel in the last seven years on earth after the Communists (Russians and Chinese) start a war in the Middle East. He will sign a peace treaty with Israel and break it after 3½ years. The interpretation has these major elements.

Spiritual Egypt. Under the command to "Prophesy Again", we must also see "Egypt" in terms of Revelation 11 and the reference to "Sodom and Egypt".
And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which mystically is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. (Revelation 11: 8)
Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. So this is saying that at the end of time Jerusalem will become the center of idolatry and immorality. We know why. The great whore and the king of the north has planted their temple of Idolatry there. If we do not see a physical structure that is the symbol of this rebellion, we will definitely see a global attempt to change the laws of God. At that time the king of the north and the king of the south will be one land of rebellion.

Repeat Repetition and Enlargement

Dual Interpretation (Prophesy Again).
# Gospel King Beast War in Palestine Persecution Kings defeated Judgment Fall of the Papacy Coming
1 Two Witnesses King of the North Satanic doctrines Napoleonic wars 1260 year
Turkey and France Judgment of the righteous The deadly wound of the Papacy in 1798 1844 disappointment
The deadly wound of the papacy is healed and it rises to power again
2 Three Angels Babylon the Great Satan in person Wars in the Holy Land Mark of the beast USA and Papacy Judgment of the wicked - plagues Babylon the Great fallsSecond Coming
Why should we prophesy again? The answer is in Revelation 13. Because the beast was only wounded in the French Revolution. It would be healed and it would come back. Prophetic history would be repeated.

Characteristics Of The Papacy.
Daniel 7 Daniel 8 Daniel 11 2 Thessalonians 2 Revelation
Little Horn King of the North AntichristWhore, Beast, Babylon
Came up among the ten horns (verse 8) - Appears after RomeWas being restrained in Paul's day (Verse 6-7)Appears after the breakup of Rome
Three horns pulled up (verse 8)---Seven heads remain
Eyes like a man (verse 8) Magnified himself to Christ. Stands up against the Prince of princes (verse 11)-Son of destruction (verse 3)666, the number of a man. Revelation 13: 18
Mouth speaking great boasts (verse 8) Magnifies himself above every god (Verse 36-37) Acts as god. Speaks perverse things. (verse 4)Revelation 13: 5-7; 17: 3
Took away the continual. Destroyed the sanctuary in heaven (verse 11) Desecrates the sanctuary and takes away the continual (verse 31)Sits as god in the temple, exalts himself above all that is worshipped. (verse 4) Demands worship. Revelation 13: 14-15
Changes times and laws (verse 25) Causes craft to prosper and throws away truth (verse 12) By smooth words he will turn to godlessness those who act wickedly towards the covenant (verse 32)Corrupts the church - apostasy. The lawless one. (verses 3-4)-
1260 yearsLasts for a time, times and the dividing of time (verse 25) -Many days (verse 33).
Time times and half a time to shatter the power of the holy people. (Daniel 12: 7)
-42 months, 1260 days, 3½ years. Revelation 11: 3; 12: 6, 14; 13: 5
Made war with the saints (verse 21) Destroys the mighty and holy people. Will destroy many by peace. (verse 24, 25) Persecution by sword, flames, captivity and theft (verse 33)Son of destruction (verse 3)The 1260 year persecution. Revelation 12: 13
Goes with great wrath to annihilate many (verse 44)A second persecution. Revelation 12: 17; 13: 15-17; 17: 14
Different from other kingdoms (verse 7) Mighty but not by his own power (verse 24) Will honor a god of fortresses instead of the god of his fathers. Will use this foreign god to take action for him. (verse 37-39) -Woman rides the beast. Revelation 17: 3
Uses demonic signs and false wonders (verse 9)Uses a new power. Revelation 13: 12
Revelation 13: 14
Prophesy Again. The prophecy is repeated again when the wound is healed. The healing occurred between 1929-1981. So events seems to mimic the conditions of 1790-1844 Wounded and healed. Revelation 13: 3, 12
Will be removed by God (verse 26) Broken without hand (verse 25)Will come to and end and no one will help (verse 45) Destroyed in the Second Coming (verse 8)Babylon falls. Revelation 18-20

Symbols of the Papacy. Once again we see this papal power described in another way.

"Winning the War on Terror".
Who will win the war on terror? From Daniel it is hard to determine if the King of the North or the King of the South wins. The pronouns are ambiguous.
On May 1, 2003 the president stood on the deck of the aircraft carrier Lincoln in a flight suit with the banner "Mission Accomplished" splashed overhead and announced that "Major combat operations are over".
Ever since this announcement of victory, Al-Qaeda, the former Iraqi military and foreign fighters have waged a type of guerilla war which has forced the western nations to escalate civil paranoia with harsh laws which limit personal freedom and increase government spying and intrusion on our personal affairs. The first suicide bombings in London on July 7, 2005 and the failed attempts on July 14 have convinced western nations to install more laws that limit freedom. Sadly, these laws are increasingly attempting to define what constitutes, "Extremism" and "spreading hatred". The end result is that no church will be able to express any beliefs that are critical about any other group. Sooner or later, I will not be able to say that the prophecies predict that an atmosphere like the inquisition will once again smear and terrorize the face of the earth. The war on terror will never end until God defeats all governments.

Study to show yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.   2 Timothy 2: 15 Time: 90 minutes
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