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Planning For A New Pearl Harbour
The Burning Of Rome
Nero burned Rome so that he could blame the Christians and get rid of them.

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." - Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberg meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992. Transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates.

In January 1993 a document from Dick Cheney called "Defense Strategy for the 1990s" called for the United States to assert its military superiority to prevent the emergence of a new superpower rival. It was based on a 1992 classified internal policy statement titled "Defense Planning Guidance".
The Burning Of The Reichstag
The Reichstag building burned on February 27, 1933. Marinus Van der Lubbe was caught and tortured by the Gestapo. He confessed to the crime but denied that he was part of a communist plot. Hitler used this as an excuse to get rid of the communist party.
Operation Northwoods
Just in case you think we are incapable of such behavior.
Operation Northwoods was a 1962 Pentagon proposal to stage phony terror attacks on US citizens to provide a pretext to invade Cuba.

These ideas were resurrected in a new report by another Cheney-Rumsfeld organization, the (PNAC) Project for the New American Century in 2000. Entitled, "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources" it concludes the following:

The United States needed a catastrophe, "a new Pearl Harbor" to jump start the blueprint for military and economic world dominance.

September 11.
On September 11, 2001 four passenger planes were hijacked and flown into American buildings. Three reached their target. Six weeks later the U.S.A. Patriot act and military tribunals were rushed into laws, changing the face of the American justice system forever. The government experts claimed that they never knew that this was possible.
Hogwash! Even I could see what was coming after the bombing of the navy ship the USS Cole in October 2000.

A simple systems analysis drill would have demonstrated the possibility. By taking the three basic environments of air, land and sea one could have seen the escalating pattern of suicide bombings was based on using the transportation systems from each environment as a weapon against important targets. Truck bombings, bombings of navy ships and government buildings close to airports. All spelled disaster.
Not being evil, even my mind would not conceive of passenger planes. I thought it could have been less risky to hijack package delivery planes.

But Was It Allowed?
The Cosmic War
Rather than viewing this as a great conspiracy, I see this as the clouding of human minds so that the cosmic war can progress by leaps and bounds.
Through one event, and a subsequent war that somehow went terribly wrong, the whole world is caught in a trap. The events are so bizarre that no group can fix it. We are all being propelled forward into one set of idiotic actions for another. We cannot get out and we cannot get off. We are plagued with failure after failure and criminal activity.

In this atmosphere of fear we traded freedoms and engaged in brutality. We believe with all our hearts that we are protecting ourselves from terrorism. And, that this single situation justifies our actions. But, in one day, a cosmic terror will grip us and we will use these new laws and this new attitude to execute the kind of brutality that we still believe that we are incapable of doing.

Every action and setback keeps fulfilling prophecy or sets up the situation to rapidly fulfill a future prophecy.
I have never seen anything like it.
The reason why some people say that this event was allowed and others say it was planned by the United States is because four aircraft went missing and were joy riding for two hours and no military aircraft was launched to intercept. The F-16s are supposed to be deployed if planes are missing over three minutes. Well, one missing plane and no deployment of an F-16 could be attributed to lazy employees. Four missing passenger airlines and no response gives teeth to the rumors.

So it could have been allowed to grab powers and legally create a scenario that could remove civil rights. But it would have taken a massive conspiracy to do so. This type of conspiracy usually fails. So, looking at their performance in other matters I would say that they are plagued by persistent incompetence.

Case: The Burning of the Reichstag.
The Reichstag building burned on February 27, 1933. On February 28, 1933 the "Protective Custody" law was created. It gave authorities the right to arrest on suspicion of criminal activity and to incarcerate indefinitely without the benefit of a lawyer or a trial. Marinus Van der Lubbe was caught and tortured by the Gestapo. He confessed to the crime but denied that he was part of a communist plot.
Without any other evidence, Hitler used this as an excuse to arrest the leaders of the German Communist party. He even wanted them killed that night. He also used this as an excuse to assume powers as a dictator.

Van der Lubbe was convicted and executed on January 10, 1934. All the others arrested were acquitted. There was no evidence. So, outraged at the results of the trial (he did not get the verdict that he wanted), Hitler decided that any future treason cases would be taken from the Supreme court and given to a newly created People's court so that they could guarantee the "right" verdict.

The Laws Of The Nazi Empire.
In addition, they ended several civil liberties under the claim that they were protecting the people.

Other decrees created new federal agencies. The Storm Troopers (SA) and the Special Security (SS).
Hitler could immediately remove freedom of expression. The Republicans had to take a different tactic. They will move against reporters and websites who criticize and filter the news. They have successfully done most of this through pressure from media owners against their employees. Next they will use social pressure by labeling such information as treason. Finally, they will claim that this is necessary for the war on terror, even if it means creating another fake emergency and claiming that it was the leaks and criticisms that made the enemy bold.
This is a summary of the rights lost and power grabbed in the beginning.
ChangesItemGermanyUnited States
Civil RightsConstitution guaranteeing basic civil rights Enabling Act. Nuremburg Laws Patriot Act. Military Trials
Freedom of the press NoneSuppression of news by 5 media owners
Free expression of opinion Prohibit public meetings and publications No protection for whistle blowers, threatening reporters
Right of assembly and association Prohibit public meetings Preventing peaceful demonstrations, exclusion from public meetings
Right to privacy of postal and electronic communications Protective Custody Spying on mail and all phone calls
Protection against unlawful searches and seizures Protective Custody Patriot Act. Wiretaps without a warrant
Individual property rights Nuremburg Laws The revised laws of eminent domain give private property to rich private developers
Government StructureFederal States' right of self government None-
Opposition groupOnly one party allowed Majority party ends all access by minority party
Absolute RulerDictator for Life With "sign in" statements Bush exempts himself from laws
ConfinementGhettos. Concentration camps. Labor camps. Cattle cars Guantanamo Bay, secret prisons
New Agencies Domestic spying and terrorizationSS and SA. Boycott committee Homeland Security, National Security Service, TIPS, Minuteman Project
Preemptive War We will not start a war Europe Iraq and probably Iran
Torture No cruel, degrading or inhuman treatmentGas chambers, starvation, slavery Torture, slavery in Marinas and permanent under class being created
Private Businesses Cruelty to others to help businessesSlavery, medical experiments January 2007. Medical experiments, once outlawed for abuses, now allowed on prisoners.

This pattern looks disturbingly familiar.
September 11, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and there is talk of a a new domestic intelligence counter-terrorism agency that is a cross between the FBI and the CIA.
No Checks and Balances
What is amazing in this process is that the system of checks and balances does not appear to be working in a legal system that I once believed was almost perfect.
The opposition party, the press and the courts will not or cannot function.

A fundamental flaw in the system is that an unjust law can victimize the innocent until it is challenged in the supreme court. This process can take years and is expensive. So only the rich will benefit.

Justices now routinely make decisions based on their personal or religious bias and often their economic bias. Corporations and powerful organizations now benefit.
Real justice is impossible as long as imperfect human beings are in charge.

Update (2005). This agency is now a reality. The National Security Service was created by executive order on June 29, 2005. It is a division of the FBI that is answerable to no one or to the constitution. So the federal police (FBI) can apply tactics to its citizens that it does on "terrorists". The name sounds too much like the Nazi SS. Unfortunately, the powerful are using these agencies to spy on any group that does not believe in some of the policies. People like the Quakers who believe in peace and have no intention of bombing the potted plants on the White House lawn. Hitler used the SS to go after his political opponents.

The premise of this article is that we are being manipulated into exchanging our civil rights for security in one form or another. All people want freedom from terror. Some people want freedom from immorality. Both intend to use the legal system as the weapon that will guarantee them victory.

The question is, will we exchange one form of terrorism for a more deadly one? When we use civil rights to capture our current terrorists are we creating an environment where another kind of terrorism will emerge? We cannot fight this one when we have relinquished our only true weapons. Our freedom.

A Trojan Horse.
The Noose Is Tightening
Patriot Act

Corpus Juris

Hate Speech Laws
Increased Catholic presence

Ownership by a Few


News Media
ICC The Next Dark Ages
Credit System and Networks

Labor Laws

Sunday Laws
  Economic Systems

The next dark ages are being introduced by the careful control of several critical systems.

  1. Economic. They will be used to track and identify and enforce an economic boycott in the end. The European labor laws are now being used to enforce religious Sunday laws.
  2. Media. They are increasingly being owned by a few giant individuals and corporations. So they can censor and manipulate the news and entertainment the public receives. Already, they have been shifting to an introduction of Catholicism in the network dramas through the use of Catholic characters. The vast majority of those who shape our political opinions are Catholic.
  3. Legal. Globally, laws are increasingly trying to stop all Protestant efforts to proselytize, and the penal system has defined a terrorist in such broad categories that they will ultimately include anyone who preaches a nonviolent gospel that will be classified as hatred under the expanded definition of hatred and its potential consequences.

The world is rapidly evolving towards a one world legal system which is modeled after the Inquisition. Many people are not concerned about their eroding civil rights, because of fear of terrorism. And because they falsely assume that these laws do not coddle real criminals and that they will guarantee us peace, justice and safety. With this thinking we captured farmers, cab drivers and barbers and began torturing them in Iraq, even though Iraq never attacked the United States, nor were they involved with Al-Qaeda.

Inquisition laws do not discriminate between the evidence and the innocent or the guilty.
All are guilty. Evidence can be achieved by torture. Evidence no longer leads to an arrest. We will arrest first then find the evidence.

The collapse of a free society is integral to the plans of two separate globalist forces. One wants to be the dominant military, economic and political power. The other wants to dominate all world powers so that it can enforce a global religion. One is the United States of America, the other is the Roman Catholic church.
Think I am wrong?

The crusades were ordered because the "unity of Europe" was threatened. The religious unity.
The Spanish Inquisition was called to unite Spain under the Catholic church.
The Roman Inquisition was called to suppress the Protestant heresy. The church is promoting the belief that heresy is the cause of social revolution. Such a revolution jeopardizes the plans of the political globalists.

So a darker force is behind these new laws. It intends to piggy back its goals on top of the political globalists. The emerging global religion and government will use these laws to justify their tyranny. When they have the legal means by which they will persecute, they will soon invent the crimes that will target the victims. Through the concepts of "public unity", "racism" and "hate speech" these groups are suppressing all religious speech that turns the light on their sinister plans. Because, lurking behind the war cry of obliterating "hate speech" is a tyrant hiding its activities and waiting to suppress all free expression and thought by implementing religious laws in the entire world.

Civil Rights
Civilized laws have always guaranteed certain legal rights. They were based on the fact that the people would not have justice perverted if they could participate in the judicial process. Also, it protected the lone accused against the vast array of forces on the side of the government. Otherwise, the powerless masses could not hope to defend themselves against a state with unlimited funds, time, expertise and power. As a part of the efforts to ensure a fair hearing, several rights have been recognized.

These rights are under attack globally. The proof is that draconian changes to most of these laws have been secretly in place since 1996 before the terrorist attack. The threat of terrorism has simply been used as an excuse to win public support for them. As Kissenger stated in 1992, fear will make us exchange our rights for safety.
The legal systems have been targeted by a group of people who are determined to create a global government for the sole purpose of global dominance and installing a global religion.
The first casualties in this war are the justice system and the media. Because the media does not analyze and report on these issues frequently, the public is not informed about the replacement of their legal system for one that is modeled after the infamous Inquisition.

Habeas Corpus and Indefinite Detention
This is the right that causes those who have someone in custody to produce that prisoner with a statement to justify his detention.

In Britain, a person must be produced and charged within sixty hours of arrest. In America it is twenty four hours. The prosecutor also has the burden of proof. This is important because an innocent person often cannot prove a negative. If the government arrested you for terrorism and required you to prove that you did not meet with Terry Heiss to finalize plans to hijack airplanes, most of you could not do it. Even if the prosecution narrowed the offensive action to a specific date, most of you would still be unable to prove your innocence. Why? Because you do not spend your day establishing an alibi or remembering every detail of your daily actions.
So, the law justly requires that prosecutors must have some reasonable proof on which to arrest you and they must provide all the proof to convict you. They must have evidence.

This thinking is apparently inefficient, makes guilty people go free, coddles criminals and handcuffs the police. But if we allowed people in power to arrest citizens because of their expertise and "gut feelings" we will set up an environment of persecution of the masses by a few powerful self-righteous people.

The trend (even before terrorism) is to suspend Habeas Corpus and arrest someone indefinitely or for long periods while the legal system tries to find evidence against the person. Under reasonable laws, the government had to have a reason and some evidence to support it before an arrest is attempted.
This new trend makes someone subject to the whim of a malicious power and can be used merely to financially ruin someone during the months or years that they are incarcerated. These tactics were used by kings and papists to subdue some groups and is the exact reason why the right has been recognized by civilized governments for centuries.

Trial By Jury
The right to a trial by a jury of your peers is also under attack. Critical thinking is being suspended by labeling ordinary citizens as "simple", stupid and unable to judge the complexity of a case. The right wing has been attacking court systems and promoting replacement systems that rely on special judges to guarantee convictions. New procedures are described as "fairer, simpler and more efficient". Fair to whom? Simpler than what? And more efficient at what? Remember, the Inquisition was fair to the church, simple for the prosecution and more efficient at killing and converting people. The "simple" and "efficient" methods used was to torture people until they said and did what you wanted.
People, justice is not simple. To be completely fair it cannot be "efficient".

Evidence and Burden of Proof
Why is it important that the one who brings the charges, provides the evidence? Why is the concept of innocent until proven guilty so important?
It is because it is too difficult to prove a negative.

Evidence. Most reasonable people would agree that there must be some reason for a person to be charged with a crime. There must be some evidence or basis for the accusation. So the one who makes the accusation is at an advantage, they have some reasonable evidence in hand. This evidence is the thing that prompted the investigation that focused on you as the main suspect.
Mrs Peabody's Pilfered Pie
Pie thief

Burden of Proof. So the concept of burden of proof is not only reasonable it is logical. The person making the charge should be able to prove it. There must be some reason why he selected you as the culprit. It protects people from malicious prosecution. If this were not the standard then your enemies would be able make any accusation against you and prevail.

Here are some things that are impossible to prove.

The Infallible Supernatural Confirmation. I have a stupid granduncle who had a dream that his wife was being unfaithful. That week he met a man in a bar who looked exactly like the man in his dream. He came home and immediately accused his wife of having an affair. Years later, in any arguments they had he would continue to make this absurd accusation.

The Salem witch hunts were based on the same logic, that the supernatural is its own unimpeachable witness.

Double Jeopardy
The concept of double jeopardy guarantees you the security that you will not be charged over and over again for the same crime until the prosecution can get the "right" jury or court to prove that you are guilty.

This is important for several reasons:

Double Jeopardy - Unattached?
Clever law makers are getting around the spirit of this law by allowing the following types of court cases to occur despite the verdict in criminal court. This usually happens in very public, emotional cases.

The French Fashion Police
Fashion crook
The French have found a new weapon in the war against terrorism. It is the scarf and the beanie!

It was with tongue in cheek that I created this ridiculous example to illustrate the concept of extradition. But on December 19, 2003 the French proved that anything ridiculous will be possible. As this web page warns, ridiculous religious laws will be made with terrorism and unity as the justification.

Declaring themselves a secular society, although they are 88% Catholic, the French have banned the Muslim head scarf and the Jewish beanie in public places. "Small" Christian crosses are allowed. Jews can wear a small star of David instead. Most of my Jewish friends want to wear a beanie. They do not wear the star of David.
The Religious Fashion Police in History
Year Actions
637 Muslims captured Caesarea and forced Jews to wear a yellow patch
807 Caliph Harun Al Rashid forced Jews of Baghdad to wear a yellow badge and Christians a blue badge
1008 Egyptian caliph Hakkim forced all Jews to wear a gold calf around their necks
1215 Fourth Lateran Council forced Jews to wear the yellow patch as a "badge of shame"
1268 Austria forces Jews to wear a badge.
1267 Vienna city council forced Jews to wear the Pileum Coronutum, a cone shaped hat
1275 King Edward of England forced Jews over seven to wear a badge
1321 Henry II forced Jews to wear yellow badges
1555 Pope Paul IV forced Jews to wear a special yellow cap in the bull "Cum Nimis Absurdum"
1939 Hitler forces Jews to wear the star of David
199? Taliban forced non-Muslims to wear a badge
2003 France prohibits religious symbols, except a cross
2005 Germany prohibits religious symbols, except a cross
Old data Source: Jewish Virtual Library.
Agreements made to transport the accused from one jurisdiction to another. This includes from one country to another. Under the concept of "Dual Criminality", one assumption is that the laws under which the accused is charged is a criminal offence in both countries. It guarantees that a foreign state cannot ask for the extradition of a citizen for actions that are not criminal within his own country. It even ensures that the foreign state cannot prosecute a citizen for an action that was committed in his own country but which is illegal in the foreign country.

In the dark ages, the papacy regularly asked nations to punish individuals for legal actions done in their own country. If the nation did not comply an interdict would be imposed on the entire country or he would call for all faithful Catholics in the country to rise up against the infidels and execute mob justice.

Extraordinary Rendition
This is a fancy name for kidnapping a foreign national from their country to bring them to justice in a country of your choosing. Under the Patriot Act and the new mandate to fight terrorism at any cost, the government is kidnapping people and taking them to places like Egypt where they can be interrogated and tortured.

"We have 50 percent of the world's wealth, but only 6.3 percent of its population. . . In this situation we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will allow us to maintain this position of disparity. We should cease to talk about the raising of the living standards, human rights, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better."
George Kennan, Director of Policy Planning of the U.S. Department of State, 1948.

Models Of Justice
There are three basic models of justice. They are based on some formal legal system.

  1. Biblical Justice. This is based on the laws that combine civil and religious laws under a single civil penalty system. The government enforces both civil and religious law.
  2. Civil Justice. These are laws based on enforcing only civil laws by the government.
  3. Mob justice. This occurs when the public executes justice when they believe that the legal system will not guarantee them the verdict that they want. Anarchy results when people ignore the law and everyone becomes a law unto himself.

    Media justice. This is a specific form of mob justice. In this, the media attempts to do by persuasion, what a mob does by force. The problem with this is that the system assumes that one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, the media becomes the judge and jury when it decides what the facts of the case determines and ruthlessly sets out to promote these facts.

    In several celebrated cases, the media deliberately broadcast positions or images that represented their opinions without showing all the evidence that contradicts these facts, or without actively retracting errors as vigorously as they promoted the fables.
    In protecting one position, usually that of the prosecution, they seldom correct errors that condemned the accused. This plays into the psychological games of the police who will use any tactic to break someone they have decided is guilty. They will manufacture images where none exists and the police is usually responsible for much of this falsehood.

    Media justice unfairly promotes one position and recklessly contaminates public opinion in the process. The police hire public relations firms and promote their case in the public instead of protecting the rights and privacy of the accused and the victims. As part of this promotion they deliberately tell lies or make associations that are negative. The media always becomes the puppet of the police as reporters try to be the next Perry Mason and Paul Drake. The accused is usually denied fair treatment.

Under any of these systems there are two models for determining the process by which justice is delivered.

  1. The Law as a Weapon. The procedures are used against the accused. It is based on the goal of not allowing the guilty to go free. The biggest problem is the corruption of this system by the powerful and the vast number of the innocent who are destroyed.
  2. The Law as a Shield. The procedures are used to protect the accused. It is based on the goal of not allowing an innocent to suffer. The biggest complaint is that the victims and their family suffer emotionally under this system. While there are many cases of the guilty being freed, this system works.
    In countries where this principle operates, the police have begun to use the media as the weapon to convict the accused before the trial. There should be an automatic gag order on the prosecution and defense in all cases.

Death Penalty Crimes
#CrimeText Public
1Other GodsExodus 22: 20No
2IdolatryDeuteronomy 7: 4No
2WitchcraftExodus 22: 18No
3False prophetDeuteronomy 12: 10Yes
4Work on the SabbathExodus 35: 2No
5Disobedient to ParentsExodus 21: 15, 17Yes
6MurderGenesis 9: 5-6No
6Dangerous animal not controlledExodus 21: 28-29Yes
7AdulteryLeviticus 20: 10No
7IncestLeviticus 20: 11-12, 14, 17No
7HomosexualityLeviticus 20: 13No
7BestialityLeviticus 20: 15-16No
7RapeDeuteronomy 22: 25No
8Kidnapping for SlaveryExodus 21: 16No
The death penalty was applied to crimes related to the ten commandments. Specifically it was applied to the first eight commandments that involved physical evidence and physical action. A false witness in a death penalty crime will receive death (Deut 19: 15-21). They were not applied to crimes of conscience which could not be measured or witnessed first hand. These are the last two commandments that outlawed lying and covetousness.
Biblical Justice
Many people want to go to a model of biblical justice. Biblical justice is based on a form of government called a theocracy. Since God is omnipotent, just and merciful, He would ensure that no miscarriage of justice occurred. Under the theocracy, God had more direct communication with people. You could expect an immediate answer from God. Error was impossible if they relied on God.

Because justice was guaranteed, and God was physically present, the punishment was more severe. The death penalty was applied to many crimes, because the crimes were committed against God by a person who had direct evidence of the existence of God. But even under this system it was very difficult to prove guilt and very difficult to apply the death penalty.

Two Witnesses. Two witnesses were needed to bring a charge. (Numbers 35: 20). When you think about this, it is very difficult in most criminal cases because crimes are generally not committed in front of an audience. Therefore, many guilty people must have escaped immediate justice. But since God became the guarantor of justice, we know that the guilty will not go free and that the "hidden sins" would be revealed. The problem was that often, God took many years to dispense justice. Why? Mercy was more important. The redemption of a sinner was a process not a single event. Vengeance was second place to mercy.

Cities of Refuge. God established seven cities throughout Israel. If a person who is guilty of accidental murder can run to these cities he would be safe there. The presumption is that only God could examine motives and even with the presence of two witnesses it is possible for an injustice to occur. Therefore, if God helped you to escape, He was in effect voting for pardon. Other crimes were not protected under this loophole because it is very difficult to "accidentally" commit rape, adultery, incest, idolatry and all the other crimes. All these crimes involved a deliberate act.
Alcohol intoxication would not be a defence because you are responsible for actions because of an object that is known to be dangerous that you continue to associate with.

Death Penalty. Death penalty was applied to crimes against God or against the physical body of another human being.
Since the law required two eye witnesses to convict you, how often do you think that these crimes were punished? Most of these are carried out in secret.

Adultery is a private act. Even if one of the parties accuses the other, neither would be convicted because the only two witnesses will not confirm each others statements.
In the case of disobedience to parents, how often do you think that two parents would turn over their child for punishment under the law?
In the case of the only crime that may be a public act, the owner of a dangerous animal is first given a warning. And there must be witnesses that he was warned.
Biblical justice seems to protect criminals.

Christ also leaned towards mercy. In the story of the woman who was caught in adultery (John 8: 1-11) it was clear that He preferred forgiveness.

But since Israel rejected the theocracy, none has been or will be established by God on earth until the coming of Christ. Therefore biblical justice can no longer be applied fairly. However, the bible predicts two global attempts to establish a theocracy by a religion that claims to have a representative of God on earth who can dispense justice through his infallible connections. The church ruled Europe in the dark ages and it will attempt to rule the whole world again at the end of time.
We have experienced the success of this experiment in the Dark Ages. Hundreds of millions of innocent people died or were tortured and irreparably ruined. Do not let it happen again.

Modern Civil Justice
There are two basic systems of modern justice. One is the Inquisition, the other is like the United States Constitution. Both make different basic assumptions about what is crime, the rights of the accused and the power of the prosecution. Systems like the Constitution came because of the excesses of the Inquisition. They assumed that power does corrupt and that the people needed a court which would be fair, impartial, immune from bribes and include the people.

The United States Constitution : The Law as a Shield
The constitution is more concerned with protecting the innocent than it is with punishing the guilty. The architects of the constitution came from an era when despots ruled and the people were at the mercy of their power and influence. Therefore, the law guaranteed that the people would be protected from those in power and that the excesses of the past, like the Inquisition, would not be repeated. These are the assumptions made under this law:

The Inquisition : The Law as a Weapon
Success at what cost?
For those advocating the success of this model in administering justice, it is worth noting that the only success that the Inquisition had was to kill millions of innocent people, destroy dissent and establish the Catholic church. And what were these crimes that disrupted the fabric of the whole family of humanity?
  • Being Protestant, Jewish, Moslem. Being anything except Catholic.
  • Worshipping on the Saturday Sabbath.
  • Smiling or laughing at the ridiculous claims about the power of Mary.
  • Not going to mass.
  • Not obeying the pope on anything that he says, whether or not he is speaking infallibly.
  • Eating fish on Fridays.
  • Not performing idolatrous acts on her feast days.
  • I suppose murder, rape, theft and robbery are included, unless you get a special indulgence to commit this act against the enemies of the church-state.
    Oh yes, the church granted indulgences to anyone who went on a crusade to kill or convert a heretic. This indulgence granted them immediate access to heaven on death, no matter what crimes they committed in the past, present or future. Do you think that murder, rape and theft decreased?

    Why would a church allow this? Because the prize was not the murderer or the rapist or a vile pedophile. It was global control of conscience.
The Inquisition was called to stop the spread of heresy. Many thought that heresy was disruptive to society and that the efforts of the church to restore social order was a good motive. This effort to "restore social order" does not imply that there was unrest, demonstrations or anarchy. However, the loss of people to other beliefs could not be tolerated by the church.

So the Inquisitor was appointed by the church and then the accused was handed over to the state for punishment.
Under this system of law, the following procedures and assumptions were allowed.

Therefore, on the assumption of guilt, the system was solely designed to make the accused confess. They were not even allowed the chance to attempt to prove that they were innocent.
A guilty verdict was guaranteed every time.

Canon Law
Canon laws are the laws of the Roman Catholic Church. They are unique in that they claim jurisdiction over civil and religious affairs. In this respect they model the Biblical Justice system. However, there is one flaw. We are not a theocracy. The claims of infallibility by the pope are meant to assure the faithful that biblical justice can be applied because of this special relationship with God. But if this assumption is false, we have unleashed a tyrannical demigod on the world.

To administer this system of justice, the church aims to form a one world government. In it there will be a single economic, political, religious and legal system.
One sign of this success is the creation of the world court. A world court has finally been established in which the Vatican has long hoped for this organization where

"those who are responsible for violations of the most heinous crimes which offend the conscience of the human family . . . will fall under the jurisdiction of this Court".

Because all the laws of the church cannot be reformed, if the church has its way heresy will be one of the heinous crimes that will be punished under this court.
So certain "crimes" will be seen as

Canon Law 751 - Heresy and Apostasy. Heresy is the obstinate denial or doubt, after baptism, of a truth which must be believed by divine and catholic faith. Apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith. Schism is the withdrawal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or from communion with the members of the Church subject to him.
Canon Law 1372 - No Appeals. A person who appeals from an act of the Roman Pontiff to an Ecumenical Council or to the College of Bishops, is to be punished with a censure.
Canon Law 1369 - Inciting Public Hatred for the Church. A person is to be punished with a just penalty, who, at a public event or assembly, or in a published writing, or by otherwise using the means of social communication, utters blasphemy, or gravely harms public morals, or rails at or excites hatred of or contempt for religion or the Church.
Canon Law 1373 - Inciting Public Hatred or Disobedience for the Church. A person who publicly incites his or her subjects to hatred or animosity against the Apostolic See or the Ordinary because of some act of ecclesiastical authority or ministry, or who provokes the subjects to disobedience against them, is to be punished by interdict or other just penalties.
Canon Laws on Education. A Catholic education must be provided by civil government.
Canon Law 793 -
  1. Parents, and those who take their place, have both the obligation and the right to educate their children. Catholic parents have also the duty and the right to choose those means and institutes which, in their local circumstances, can best promote the catholic education of their children.
  2. Parents have moreover the right to avail themselves of that assistance from civil society which they need to provide a catholic education for their children.
Canon Law 798 - Parents are to send their children to those schools which will provide for their catholic education. If they cannot do this, they are bound to ensure the proper catholic education of their children outside the school.

Canon Law 799 - Christ's faithful are to strive to secure that in the civil society the laws which regulate the formation of the young, also provide a religious and moral education in the schools that is in accord with the conscience of the parents.
Canon Law 797 - Catholic Education. This laws sounds exactly like the School Voucher Bill arguments.
Parents must have a real freedom in their choice of schools. For this reason Christ's faithful must be watchful that the civil society acknowledges this freedom of parents and, in accordance with the requirements of distributive justice, even provides them with assistance.

These laws sound a lot like the hate speech rhetoric and legislation and the attempts to get the government to finance religion through school choice and charitable choice programs.

Towards A Modern Inquisition
The Legal Noose Is Tightening
  The Constitution
Common Law (The World)
"hate speech" laws
Patriot Act

(United States)
ICC The Next Dark Ages
  Magna Charta
Corpus Juris

(European Union)
Three sections of the world are establishing laws and court systems based on the Inquisition. You think their noble goal is suppression of terrorism, public safety and harmony or prosecuting "real" criminals. But the prophecies warn us about the return of the dark ages through the same powers that ruled over the ancient persecutions.

  1. The United States. Established the Patriot Act in 2001. However, the provisions of that law were hidden in many other laws in 1996. The Clinton administration must have been secretly preparing for a legal war on terrorism.
  2. European Union. Established the Corpus Juris system in 1998 to prosecute financial crimes. However, the architects of the law intend it to be the model for all European Union law. It appears that within the member states, the national laws are conforming to this model.
    In England, David Blunkett, the politician who is trying to change British law to conform to this model also tried to get a law that makes it illegal to "incite religious hatred" in their new terrorism laws. Here we see the attempt to make a criminal offense of words not actions.

    The Canadian version of this law (Bill C-250) is now being used to makes it illegal to read certain parts of the Bible. If a homosexual feels uncomfortable because of your words you can be sent to jail for five years.

    Even in the United States we allow the KKK to have public demonstrations, own internet sites and say whatever they want. What does religious speech have to do with terrorism? Nothing, unless you make the great leap backwards into thinking that religious interpretation that is not Vatican inspired causes social revolution.
  3. The World. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has been established to prosecute the most heinous crimes. But they use methods of the Inquisition and appear to be going beyond the bounds of the "most heinous crimes" to include "mental crimes" and environmental crimes. Some countries are accusing others of destroying the global environment by driving SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles)! It appears to be a forum where countries can take revenge against others.

Hidden in all these is the ultimate agenda of the church. They are already establishing the precedent that religious proselytizing, spreading a non-catholic gospel or heresy is a mental crime that is disruptive to human society. Therefore, in all these laws we see veiled reference to these two broad concepts.

  1. Mental harm
  2. Disrupting society or having the potential to do so.

Both can be punished because of our words, not our actions.

Efficient Justice? So court proceedings can be swift and efficient and can guarantee conviction of those we know are guilty under these conditions.

  1. If we are omnipotent.
  2. If we are infallible through special contact with the omnipotent God.
  3. Lacking omnipotence and exuding with self-righteousness, if we set up a judicial system which is modeled after the inquisition we can obtain efficient prosecutions. But justice will not be possible.

Therefore, under the banner of efficient justice, many democratic nations are moving to a body of law that models the inquisition. The surprising thing is that these laws exist side-by-side with the most enlightened thinking of modern man. For example, the constitution forbids torture, yet those who hold defendants based on the Patriot Act allow torture. Therefore, there is no comfort in the stated aims of a law. What matters is the procedures and the judicial staff that are set in place to administer the law. In the right kind of atmosphere anything is possible, regardless of the law. And somehow, these laws and procedures from the dark ages are allowed to be applied while we are under the illusion that we are maintaining the civility and fairness of principles like the great United States Constitution.

The United States Patriot Act
The Supreme Court Rules
On June 28, 2004 the supreme court made a decision about the status of prisoners held as enemy combatants indefinitely without a lawyer or charges or trial or any due process.

The court ruled that although United States citizens can be held as enemy combatants, and they can be held indefinitely without charges, they and foreign detainees must eventually have access to a lawyer and the court.

That still leaves so much room for delay and foot dragging and abuse. But, we have the correct legal situation to fulfill prophecy. We can be held indefinitely as enemies of the state, but will have access to a court where we must defend our faith.
But be on your guard; for they will deliver you to the courts, and you will be flogged in the synagogues, and you will stand before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them. (Mark 13: 9)
So the Patriot Act system remains, but the prisoners have a right to present evidence in court.

Justices Scalia, Rehnquist and Thomas sided with the government. Now we know what the church wants!
As of November 2005, it appears that the Supreme Court intends to reverse these decisions and allow the President to do whatever he wants to those he thinks deserve no justice. Recent Supreme court appointments are of people who agree with him. So the majority who made the 5:4 ruling is now in the minority. So the president gets a second bite at the apple while the status of the people at risk has remained unchanged during this time. This sounds like double jeopardy.
The provisions of the Patriot Act were already signed into law by the 104th congress in 1996. Why? And why was there not a public debate and a loud outcry? Do you think the media has been bullied into submission? If there was a sexual scandal linked to this then maybe they would have gotten of their big, fat "sit upons" to report the threat to our liberties.

Despite the fact that the constitution provides such wonderful protection, the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism ( U.S.A. Patriot Act) exists.
It is assumed that under a two-tiered system of justice, only the guilty terrorist will disappear into the void of unsupported government accusations and the good citizen will rise above the scum of close examination on the wings of the mighty constitution. It is assumed that the constitution protects the guilty and the Patriot Act closes these loop holes. The original law itself has these provisions which are against the constitution.

Patriot II (The Domestic Security Enhancement Act)
Aah, The Inhumanity!
It bothers me that you do not care.

It bothers me that you care more about your next paycheck, cable television, DVD, cell phones, car taxes, a vacation, a new car and stock prices.

It bothers me that you are willing to trade the possibility of terror avoided for the reality of terror inflicted on an innocent.

It bothers God too.

That is why this generation must suffer the economic punishment of Revelation 18.

On January 10, 2003, John Ashcroft sent a draft of the law called "The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003" (DSEA). It has been suspended as a result of the bad publicity. But its provisions are being carried out in Guantanamo Bay and are probably privately being entered into law just as the provisions in the Patriot act were quietly entered into law in 1996. Here are some of the provisions:

It is the Inquisition. No lawyer, no contact with family, no charge, no evidence, torture, stealing assets and indefinite detention or banishment after leaving you destitute.

Ouija Board Justice. In the military tribunal, guilt is not by an absolute majority. Burden of proof is now on the accused! The defendant does not have a right to see a lawyer and does not for years. Tortured testimony can be taken. The defense does not have the right to cross examine. The defense is severely handicapped. But if the tribunal of military officers (not a jury of your peers) finds you not guilty you can still be held indefinitely!
How? How? How is this possible?
If the almighty government in their wisdom thinks you are a threat or will be a threat then they can keep you even if they have no evidence in a court that is stacked in their favor.
And all of this can be requested by another government. Witnesses, officers of the court and the government can lie without any fear of accountability.
It is a justice system that has nothing to do with justice but everything to do with efficiently removing a targeted group.
They are persecution laws.

** Update **. It seems that the provisions of the Patriot Act II is being developed in the dark and misty dungeons of secrecy. And they will be thrust upon us. In June 2005, the government is not only seeking to make the laws permanent, it is trying to add more restrictions. The media has no coverage on the issue or what is at stake. They cut off testimony on the abuses. They simply relay the message that the Patriot act is protecting our country. By June 7 the FBI has been granted the ability to search without warrants. They do not even have to go to a secret court to convince a judge. Any person in the FBI can issue a "National Security Letter" that begins this process. Imagine if such a person has a vendetta against a person or a church! Justice is now in the hands of private citizens and one church. Guess which church is deep in the pockets of the FBI and CIA, with many members in top positions?

The FBI is watching groups such as the Quakers, ACLU, environmentalists, PETA and any group that advocates peace. In fact they are watching groups that do not agree with their business policies. This has nothing to do with security. It is a political vendetta. Already absolute power has absolutely corrupted. Or the absolutely corrupted have taken absolute power.
Imagine thinking that an organization that call themselves "The Society of Friends", that opposed slavery and love peace can be investigated. This is not about terrorism. This is about silencing groups that will oppose inhumane and barbaric behavior. Even Peacefully. It is investigating the ACLU because this organization protects the Bill of Rights and challenges any encroachment on them.
One famous man used such high ideals to call the frightened and prejudiced. He also set up gulags and tortured. Then they murdered. Then they murdered. Then they murdered.

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland."
Adolf Hitler, proposing the creation of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.

Creating The Police State: Local Spying
The government is experimenting with mobilizing and managing the citizens. In this effort, two organizations have emerged.

Courage: Into the Mouth of the Lion
John Ashcroft, December 6, 2001.

To those who scare peace loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists - for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve. They give ammunition to American enemies.

King Darius made a law that no one should make a petition to any God for a certain period of time. The penalty was death. Daniel would daily go to his window and pray towards Jerusalem in public. This was his normal practice. When the law was passed he did not close the window and pray in private or leave the window open and pray from further within the house so that he could not be seen.
He maintained his loyalty. He gave God his best. He stepped into the mouth of the lion.
He did not find a compromise between his love for God and his fear of an unjust law.

Neither can I.

It is ironic that we are being criticized for defending the constitution. Ashcroft implies that the Patriot Act cannot be criticized. It is as if we are giving away top secret information. He implies that but for our meddling and belly aching, that somehow the Muslims could not articulate the huge discrepancy between our constitution and our actions. His comment unfairly characterizes those who defend the wisdom of the constitution in the following manner:
The Phantom of Liberty Past
It seems that while Mr. Ashcroft was waxing eloquent about "phantoms of liberty lost", that the spooks (Gonzalez and Carr) came to his hospital bed while he was on pain medication. He was having surgery for a problem with his pancreas in March 2004. The president wanted him to agree to the secret domestic spying program and his deputy who was left in charge would not agree to this.
So the spooks trotted off to Ashcroft's death bed on their little goat feet and tried to convince him to agree. To his credit he said no. While lying on his back, his backbone kicked in. Finally, it appears that Ashcroft recognizes that only God is good and humans are a degenerate species who should not even be given the authority to wipe their own behinds.

Needless to say, the fairy tale does not end there. James Comey (Ashcroft's assistant), Jack Goldsmith and Patrick Philbin later resigned. In 2005, James Robertson, a judge on the FISA court also resigned in protest. Both Ashcroft and his deputy and that crowd were not invited back to King George's tea party in the next administration. And they never got the cheap gold watch and the shiny medal and the promotion. They got the boot.
This is an update to what I wrote three years ago. While Ashcroft may have had his idealism tarnished. I would just like to say that there are real, honest people who still reflect the character of God.

Lost liberty is not a phantom, Mr. Ashcroft. It is a real tragedy.

Consider Adam and Eve. The only way one can reconcile what happened in Eden with the actions of God is to realize that liberty and freedom of conscience was more important than the billions of innocent unborn. God did not intervene with one final appeal when Eve held the forbidden fruit in her hand. God did not sterilize her to prevent billions of unborn innocents from suffering.
He threw us into the mouth of the lion.
The only reasonable answer is that liberty of conscience was worth the cost. He would repair the damage.

I know that I must face God some day. I would like to do it with clean hands, a clear conscience and the courage to speak up about evil. The bible repeatedly warns that morality cannot be achieved by force because persecution is the final option. To prevent this concentration of power, God forbid the family of kings and priests to perform the same work. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

One shameful fact of my church is that although they did not actively participate in some social injustice they did nothing to prevent it or express their displeasure. They accommodated it. It took the government to force my church to admit black patients in their hospitals. They were content with living with segregation, even if it meant that they were sending people to their deaths by denying treatment. They never found a nonviolent or noncoercive way to voice their objection because that would cause them physical pain. Or loss of membership. We do not want to make waves. I wonder whose church they were protecting? In my gospel, you absorb pain, but you do not inflict pain or watch it being inflicted. Now we proudly claim that Soujourner Truth was a member of the church. But we probably did not support her or her underground railroad. The Quakers have an honorable legacy that Jesus is proud of. I am proud of them.
When we behave like Christ, we will get into trouble even when we do not seek trouble. It cannot be avoided. Just having a different point of view invites mocking and derision. The gospel requires us to turn the other cheek and to give our coat also when someone takes our shirt. This does not mean hiding in the corner, hoping that we can pass by undetected. We are being backed into a corner. One of passive compliance and the other of moral courage. I choose the path of moral courage and passive resistance by my freedom of verbal expression. When they justified torture they crossed the line. When they raped children to coerce parents they erased the line. And I say, not in my name will anyone torture, rape, terrorize, steal, oppress or enforce Christianity under the label of freedom and security.

The Unconstitutional Power Grab
I am inserting this paragraph under the umbrella of American laws because the power abuses that have occurred since I wrote this have been simply breathtaking. In the dead of night Republican lawmakers are inserting laws which were never debated and which give enormous powers into the final copy of a legislation between the time the final draft was debated and the corrections printed the next day for the final vote. This is a tactic from the inquisition that was used in fifteenth century France. The president is spying on American citizens, we have secret prisons around the world where we are torturing people, raping children to force parents to talk and creating a mockery of decent human behavior. Like the Nazi German doctors, military doctors are now participating in the torture by assessing the best psychological weaknesses to attack and by medically inducing consciousness so that the prisoners are conscious for longer periods of torture. It is a nightmare.
Even after God asked me to write about the effect of personality and interrogation techniques in 2001, and to investigate laws in 2003 and the role of the media, I still did not think that such a breakdown in decency could occur so quickly under relatively calm circumstances. I thought that the strange and urgent compulsion to investigate and write these things was fascinating and informative. I never thought that I would be living the nightmare.
It was as if a horde of bandits had been waiting for generations to rape the constitution and they are now in the throes of an orgy and a feeding frenzy. Now all their waste is being dumped on us. They foul the air with their lying lips and from the other end they crap on the rest of us who are living down stream and down wind.

Over 150 years ago, Adventists said that the constitution would be changed. But because of the contempt for the law and the process by which a law is made and challenged, it appears that the change and implementation comes before the challenge in court. And this effectively subjects the citizens to a period of a reign of terror until someone challenges it in a court. And we only hope that court is filled with decent men. Well, the court has also been stacked with despots. We now have a solid Catholic majority on the supreme court, ready to implement canon law. These congressmen are even writing draconian laws that include the provision that the courts have no authority to challenge the law. Is our country being run by monarchs who think that they have a divine right to rule? Welcome to our brave new world.

Speaking about roving wire taps in a April 2004 Buffalo interview, the president said "nothing has changed, you need a court order for a wire tap ... when you think about the patriot act, the constitutional guarantees are in place ... We value the constitution". That was a lie, because the man is a disgraceful liar. They had been illegally wiretapping for three years and last week they claimed that the constitution and the patriot act gave them the power.
The law that allows domestic wire taps is very liberal. You can get the court order retroactively, so time is not an issue. In all the years that it has existed the secret FISA court has only denied four of the over sixty thousand requests. The only reason that they broke the law is because they want to wire tap their political and industrial enemies without leaving a record. And they want to do whatever they want because they are lawless. They waste precious resources and man power infiltrating environmentalist groups with little old women. They abandoned Osama in Afghanistan to grab the oil in Iraq. They are not fighting terrorism. They are grabbing wealth and power.
I am now inclined to think that any future "terrorist" attack will be orchestrated by them to keep us living in fear and secure their power.

The Unity Chair
More Stupid Laws from the Minds of Stupid People. We now have a scenario where anyone can surreptitiously insert any stupid unconstitutional law into a bill that is being voted on and it suddenly becomes the law. Someone could decide that every American needs to show their patriotism by owning a chair painted in red, write and blue. We have the freedom to put the stars anywhere we wish. But regulations require fifty.
The country has three weeks to comply and miraculously some company who owns a chair manufacturing company just happens to sell a state approved chair. By the fourth week, the police could be inspecting homes and arresting people all over the country. People could languish in jail until someone challenges the law. If the federal and state appeals court and the supreme court are stacked with men who believe in the "chair for public good" then we are doomed to sit in another chair. Four men could turn the country upside down if congress is as idiotic as this one.
The powers granted under the patriot act are unconstitutional and immoral and we are still plagued by them after four years. Most of the people arrested, tortured and languishing in jail because of it have never been found guilty of any of the original charges even under the military tribunal system that rubber stamps their evil deeds. Most of the supposed confessions are to lesser offenses and were made under torture. They deport people who had one arrest for marijuana possession in the 1960's and count that as a triumph for the power of the patriot act. Under these metrics, they would count it a victory if they could convict you of spitting on the sidewalk and cutting off the labels on your sofa if they could not prove that you were manufacturing nuclear weapons.
When I made up the French Fashion police scenario I thought that was ridiculous, then two years later the French started banning hats! So, maybe there is a unity chair in your future?

The European Union: Corpus Juris
An Example of European Laws

» No evidence is required for an arrest.
» You can be held for 116 days without a charge.
» There is no trial by jury.
» The first trial is before one judge.
» Either side can request a new trial.
» The second trial is before three judges.
» You can make a final appeal to the Hague.
People love this kind of system when they "want something done". Judges are very powerful.

It is like the Patriot Act of the European Union and it became law in 1998. This is a plan originally prepared by the European Union commission at the request of the European Parliament, to handle fraud against the budget. The details were written in a secret meeting in Spain, Ireland and finally in Rome. Most Catholic countries are modeled after this law. Countries that would have been affected were not informed so that they could make an impact.
"I wonder why", she said stupidly?

This model European criminal code will later to be extended to all types of crime. Here are the provisions that are modeled after the inquisition that was very successful at theft and murder.

It rapes the Magna Charta and the laws of many Protestant nations who are joining the European Union. In England, the Criminal Justice Bill is designed to make British law conform with the principles of Corpus Juris. Most other European Catholic states model that law.

The International Criminal Court
The statute authorizing the creation of the court was adopted at an international conference in Rome on July 17, 1998. Rome, meddling again?
"I wonder why?", she asked stupidly.
These laws are modeled after Corpus Juris. The mission of this court which originally convened in Rome is to prosecute the most serious crimes. It was probably started to curb leaders of sovereign nations who are guilty or are in the process of committing these crimes.
But it seems to be going beyond this mission to the prosecution of crimes that should be left to the individual nations. And some provisions under each category are too broad.

Again, like the Corpus Juris, we see Rome at the center of these laws. Read the prophecies and ask yourself why?
The tribunal came into force on July 1, 2002. This court was established to prosecute certain crimes.

Torture. Although the laws do not allow torture, there seems to be an exception. Torture, "except that torture shall not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to, lawful sanctions."

So if the torture happens because of the "lawful sanctions" it is allowed!
Here is an example of the summary of the law specifically forbidding one thing while the administrative rules permit it.

War Crimes Tribunal . If the procedures of the War Crimes Tribunal is a model for the future, then international law is in trouble. Remember that this court was set up to prosecute the must heinous, public crimes that had a great effect on large groups of people. You have the impression that evidence and witnesses should not be a problem. But the tribunal did the following:

As you can see, even though this is a court that should be overwhelmed with evidence, it is not set up to administer justice even though it has all the advantages. It is set up to showcase a predetermined public conviction. The presumption about the cases tried in this court is that the behavior was so widespread and public that there should not be a lack of evidence or witnesses. Yet, if these legal entities have to resort to these tactics to prove their case then any of the following is true:

  1. They have no evidence to support their claims.
  2. The court is a formality for imposing punishment on those that it has already determined guilty.

Other International Regulations
United Nations: Religious Freedom. Sometimes the lofty laws of the United Nations appear to represent the most noble aspirations. However, subsequent additions will make the law ambiguous so that it can support a future one world religious control.
For example, Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

'Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance'.

But it also says the following:

"no one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his freedom to have a religion or belief of his choice."

The church is interpreting proselytizing as this type of coercion. The French called it "mind control".

Banking Regulations.
It started as a noble effort to rid the world of drug and weapons trafficking by targeting money laundering. At first it targeted cash transactions over $10,000 and required the bank to submit a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR). Now, all banks must develop a profile of all depositors so that they can determine suspicious transactions of any amount. This profile determines how much income and expenses you should have monthly. Any amount greater than these are "suspicious activity".

The "Know Your Customer" (KYC) regulations are becoming law around the world. It was initiated on April 28, 1989 in Paris by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD), as a five year plan to be completed between 1999-2004 to introduce KYC to the world.

The summary on a report, "Minimum Security Devices and Procedures and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance" states the following:

As proposed, the regulation would require each nonmember bank to develop a program designed to determine the identity of its customers; determine its customers' source of funds; determine the normal and expected transactions of its customers; monitor account activity for transactions that are inconsistent with those normal and expected transactions; and report any transactions of its customers that are determined to be suspicious, in accordance with the FDIC's existing suspicious activity reporting regulation. By requiring insured nonmember banks to determine the identity of their customers, as well as to obtain knowledge regarding the legitimate activities of their customers, the proposed regulation will reduce the likelihood that insured nonmember banks will become unwitting participants in illicit activities conducted or attempted by their customers. It will also level the playing field between institutions that already have adopted formal "Know Your Customer" programs, and those that have not.

Monthly Profile
Source Rich Middle Poor
Job 1 500,000 8,900 200
Job 2 0 0 350
Job 3 0 0 700
Interest 10,000 80 1
Dividends 20,00020 0
Savings 00 0
Income outside this structure is suspicious
Total 530,000 9,000 1,251
Mortgage /Rent 35,000 1,500 650
Food 5,000 1,000 300
Electricity 2,00090 30
Phone 1,000 120 50
Gas 200 70 30
Water 400 100 0
Car 2,500 1,000 0
Transportation 400 200 100
Insurance 300 200 0
Cable 200 80 0
Education 500 0 0
Clothes 5,000 500 20
Entertainment 3,000 400 0
Donations 1,000 500 50
Cash 5,000 100 10
Other 1,000 140 0
Total 59,500 6,000 1,240
Savings 470,500 3,000 11
Think about how easy it is to develop your profile without your knowledge
Your financial habits are predictable. So it is not difficult to develop a profile from your historical records because your monthly transactions do not vary a lot. Even cost of living increases can be anticipated. This profile becomes the "normal and expected" transactions.
Since there are a limited number of utility companies, the identification of the recipients of most of your expenses are known. All businesses are required to list all the types of goods and services they offer. This will help to trace your clothing and transportation expenses. Therefore, it is the charitable donations, cash withdrawals and money sent to individuals that will be tracked. Since religious and non-profit organizations that accept donations are required to register, they can trace your donated check to the organization that received it. This gives them the ability to identify members and supporters.

The Terrorist Profile. A normal, innocent person has only certain income and expenses tracked. But a clever terrorist could disguise himself as a legitimate business. As an employer he could dispense money to his operatives. As a recipient of money they generally disguise themselves as charities, but there is no reason why they could not disguise themselves as a high end service provider and sell property or services that does not exist. However, when they are caught, all users are assumed to be part of their conspiracy. The very smart terrorist would try to operate a real business with the fake one.

How Does it Affect Prophecy? The ultimate effect is that it can be used to identify the religion that you support. Therefore, they will know who to target in the economic boycott. You will not be able to buy or sell unless you are cleared from this list.

This identification will be made through cancelled checks, credit card or debit card donations to the church. This has certain advantages at tax time. If you decide to avoid it by giving cash donations and giving up your tax benefits then you will still get in trouble. Your bank must report cash withdrawals over $10,000 whether or not they are in lump sum or structured. Structured means that you withdraw several smaller amounts, but the total withdrawn is over the $10,000 limit. You still have to explain where you spent the money.

The Prophecy of a Global Church State Tribunal
Notice that Rome is behind both the ICC and the Corpus Juris system. A closer examination may prove that they are also behind the Patriot Act.

I believe that prophecies in Revelation teach certain things and enjoins me to warn the world not to participate in certain actions. In these prophecies the following are predicted.

I believe that this power is the Roman Catholic Church and I believe that it is trying to stop any publication of this interpretation of prophecy and the spread of Protestant beliefs. It can do this effectively by labeling every negative public expression as racism just to silence the voice of one.

In the eighties, many Adventists students of prophecy surmised what might happen to the judicial process in the United States when the prophecy that we will become a nation that enforces global religion comes true.
I remember reading about the calling of a constitutional convention to change the law. This must be endorsed by a number of states and voted on by the people and that at a minimum the process would take several years. The belief was that we could see it coming.

Well, it is 2003 and we are legally in that place without a change in the constitution and we did not see September 11. It took six weeks!

The self-righteous simply have to declare the church a terrorist group or a group that supports terrorism. Under this designation we would be subject to this treatment.

Under the trend in Canada and the European Union, they simply need to relabel our work as hate crime which causes a disturbance to society that may lead to terrorist behavior. The Canon law and the laws of the ICC already include language that could describe this as a crime against humanity.

Establishing The One World Government
The United States is on a mission to achieve global political and military dominance. The Roman Catholic church is on a bigger mission to achieve global political and religious dominance. The church has targeted the European Union as the political machine that will drive its globalist dreams.
But the two will collide and emerge as a force that will enforce global religious dogma through the military power of the United States.

If the prophecy is to be fulfilled, the church must gain global influence and power. It appears to be following a specific strategy. First, they regained dominion over the Catholic nations of Europe. Then they will engulf the Protestant nations and finally the rest of the world.
Parallel with these political efforts is a plan to change laws, take over the communications systems and public educational system of the nations.

Strategy to Create a Global Church State
Rivals Systems Targeted History
Political Educational Legal Religious
Europe European Union Operates public school Corpus Juris State religion European Union started as an economic community in 1951 among Catholic states.
South America Majority population Operates public schools - Protestants register It uses the majority position to hinder Protestantism. The same tactic is used in the former Soviet Union.
Communism Solidarity - Corpus Juris Favored status and registration Used one rival (United States) against another and communism was defeated in 1989-1991.
It hopes to swallow up the former communist states into the European Union.
United States Majority of elected representatives School Voucher Patriot Act Ecumenism Through majority of members in the supreme court, house, senate, the Christian political organizations it is changing the country legally
Islam Treaty to govern Jerusalem - - - They probably hope to establish their domain in the rest of the world through a promised event of the global appearance of Mary that causes a paradigm shift in reality.
Canada Catholic majority - Hate crimes law (C-250) -
World United Nations Catholic ICC Catholic

The Art Of War: Conquering The Enemies
Once the Vatican achieved the status of a country in the Lateran Treaty of 1929, it set about implementing a plan to subdue the entire world using economics as a bait. It is exercising this plan with the skill of a military power.
With the hope of a revived Roman Empire reflected in a full European Union, the church saw two real threats to its goal. The communist Soviet Union and the United States. It launched its attack on the Soviet Union by teaming with the United States. Now they must go after the United States and also complete their assault on Protestantism. I will demonstrate how they are accomplishing this by using the well known war strategies of Sun Tzu.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Situation# Strategy Meaning
Superior Position1a Cross the sea under camouflage Secret plans are best concealed in the open. Extreme public exposure contains extreme secrecy. Hide in plain sight.
Strategy Free speech. Set legal precedent that "hate speech" is terrorism, by prosecuting the most abhorrent groups. Chances are that no one else will defend free speech because of fear of association. Then stop all religious speech on the same grounds.
Strategy Media control and influence. Contrary to all other eras, many popular dramas now have religious characters. They are Catholic characters that are being used to sell the Catholic propaganda. They hide the reality of Catholic control among immoral programs.
Many news personalities who shape our opinion are Catholic. Especially the political pundits.
1b Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao Better to attack a dispersed force than a concentrated one
Strategy Ecumenical movement. Attack Protestant churches because they are scattered and independent.
Strategy Internet censorship. Control or own ISPs and Servers and remove objectionable Protestant material if the ridiculous "Support of Terrorism through Hate speech" designation fails.
1c Kill with a borrowed knife Use your ally to attack your enemy and preserve your strength.
Strategy The alliance to end Russia. Made an alliance with the United States to conquer communist Russia.
Strategy School Vouchers and Faith Based Initiative. Convince the American government to support your educational programs and institutions. Preserve your own wealth.
Strategy Satanic strategy. He uses the papacy and the United States to initiate his plans for universal domination. (Revelation 13 and 17)
1d Wait at ease for the fatigued enemy Weaken the enemy to gain the upper hand
Strategy The alliance to end Russia. Outspend the Soviet Union in the arms race and ruin their fragile economy.
1e Loot a burning house Exploit your enemy when he falls into a crisis
Strategy The alliance to end Russia. Encourage many simultaneous movements of former communist nations to break away after the crisis in the Soviet Union
1f Make a feint to the east while attacking in the west Smoke and mirrors. Bait and switch. Diversion. Confuse the enemy and attack when they lose control or when you have gained a position of strength.
Strategy Satanic strategy. The UFO phenomenon is being used to make people think about alien creatures as ugly sadists. He will come as a beautiful benefactor.
Quietly monopolize the media while supporting immoral shows. Then control all political and religious views and ban all other opinions.
Confrontation2a Create something out of nothing Make a counterfeit front and then change it to a real danger
Strategy Create Sunday laws as labor laws. Begin religious enforcement when the political climate is right.
2b Advance to Chencang by a hidden path Expose part of your plans and attack somewhere else. Diversion.
Strategy Pretend to be interested in only freedom, love and world peace. Hide the fact that the church wants total religious control over every human being.
2c Watch the fire burning across the river Take advantage of conflict in the enemy alliance. Wait and strike when they destroy themselves
Strategy Europe might be following this strategy as the United States fights the war on terrorism on two fronts.
Strategy The fall of Babylon. Revelation 17: 16 predicts the collapse of the papal alliance with the United States and Europe. This is when God confronts them.
2d Conceal a dagger in a smile Make the enemy trust you and secretly make plans to destroy them. The Trojan horse strategy.
Strategy Ecumenical movement. Lure Protestant churches into a friendly dialogue or peace agreement in order to take them over.
2e Sacrifice plums for peaches Make a sacrifice to salvage what you can if defeat is inevitable.
2f Lead away a goat in passing Turn any negligence by the enemy into your benefit
Strategy Destroy free speech, civil rights and the constitution globally in a "rights for peace" swap.
Attack3a Beat the grass to startle the snake Trick the enemy into revealing his position
The many attempts to get my personal e-mail address, or destroy the reputation of the web site. Virus attacks.
May God give them back ten times what they deserve.
3b Raise a corpse from the dead Exploit and manipulate the weak
3c Lure the tiger out of the mountain Use unfavorable conditions to trap the enemy into a difficult position. Use deception to lure him out.
Strategy Lure the Americans into a difficult situation by taking advantage of their arrogance. Italy gives false information about an Iraqi nuclear threat which allowed the United States and Britain to go to war in Iraq.
3d Let the enemy off in order to snare him Tire the enemy to sap their morale and capture them when they panic. This preserves your assets.
Strategy Require registration for Protestant churches, giving the illusion of freedom of religion. Harass these churches who legally have a lesser status in Catholic and Orthodox majority countries.
3e Cast a brick to attract a gem Use bait to lure the enemy
Strategy The fake intelligence on nuclear capability deliberately given to the Americans by the Italians, it caused the democrats to accept war with Iraq.
3f To catch rebels nab their leader first Capture the leader and the forces will collapse
Strategy Become an indispensable ally to the American president so that he will make efforts to establish Catholic principles in the country. Bush has weekly meetings with the church and tries to meet with a leader on any trips. The charitable choice program will give a minimum of 80 billion dollars over ten years to churches that deserve it. We will support church schools and neglect public schools with the school voucher bill.
Strategy Satanic strategy. Kill Jesus Christ.
Confused Situations4a Take the fire from under the cauldron Exploit the weakest points to cause a collapse
Strategy Compromise Protestant leaders through education, ecumenism and their lust for power.
Strategy Satanic strategy. The early church fell to the papacy after they turned to earthly political alliances to secure their power. They turned away from the Holy Spirit and lost their first love.
4b Fish in troubled waters Exploit his weakened position to win him over to your side
Strategy The Vatican concordat with Yassir Arafat. It gives the Palestinians the hope of a powerful western ally.
Strategy The church is waiting for a global sign that will throw the world into a crisis. It hopes that the world will obey when Mary appears globally or when we are threatened with disaster for disobedience.
4c The cicada sheds its skin Secretly withdraw your main forces while pretending to maintain a front
4d Bolt the door to catch the thief Surround and destroy a weak enemy
Strategy Get public support for hate speech and vulgar speech laws by going after Nazis, racial hate groups, Howard Stern and Janet Jackson's breast. Establish the precedent that Bible doctrine is not immune by protecting homosexual feelings. In the confusion of giving each group what they want religious speech is targeted. Last, define bible prophecy as hate speech and unpatriotic speech and ban its teaching.
Strategy The agreements with former communist nations. The Catholic and Orthodox churches are protected under special status designations. But Protestants must register, or are banned and in some cases are forced by local officials to seek approval from the church to do their work or build churches.
4e Befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbor It is easier to make friends with a distant enemy so that you can attack the one that is closer.
Strategy The Vatican concordat with Arafat. They support the Islamic cause and get to rule Old Jerusalem.
4f Borrow a route to conquer Guo Expand your influence by helping a small state that is under attack by larger one
Strategy The Vatican concordat with Arafat. They get greater influence with the Muslims than the United States.
Gaining Ground5a Replace the beams and pillars with rotten timber Force your enemy to change battle plans frequently. Attack when they collapse in confusion.
Strategy Ecumenical movement. Convince Protestants to put away doctrinal differences. Replace the law and the Bible with mutual communion and a rejection of the pillars of the movement. "Solar scriptura", the bible and the bible only. Replace it with human ideas of tolerance and acceptance where everyone does what is right in their own eyes and condemn those that try to obey the bible.
Strategy Satanic strategy. Corrupt the gospel with eastern and new age philosophies
5b Point at the mulberry only to curse the locust Win loyalty and respect with an uncompromising stand
Strategy Link Protestant doctrine with racism. Point to the worst of society as you associate it with Protestantism and gain a reputation for compassionate speech.
5c Feigning foolishness Pretend to be foolish and plot secretly, then strike at the right moment
5d Remove the ladder after the ascent. or Cross the river and destroy the bridge. Lure your enemies into a death trap, then cut off their support.
Strategy Make countries commit to the European Union by entangling their financial, political, military and social systems. Then make it extremely difficult to leave or to act unilaterally. Introduce more objectionable laws when it is safe.
Strategy Ecumenical movement. Churches committed share resources and pastors. It will be impossible to go back and rebuild their organization at full strength.
Strategy Conservative Protestants work for the establishment of religion but detest the ICC and potential military and political compromise of America. They will learn too late.
5e Putting fake blossoms on the tree Use deception to appear more powerful and attractive
Strategy Satanic strategy. Make idolatry, disobedience and immorality appear more rewarding and attractive.
5f Host and guest reversed Enter the decision making body of your ally and slowly extend your influence. Then put them under your control.
Strategy Undermine U.S.A. government. Fill political, legal and influential government positions with your own members then form a formidable alliance when the time is right.
Strategy Ecumenical movement. Join Protestant political movements and leadership conferences and bodies. Introduce your agenda and take them over.
Desperate Situations6a Beauty trap Take advantage of the enemy leader's weakness and demoralize the troops or get the leader to work for you. Entrapment and bribery.
6b Empty city ploy Confuse the enemy by appearing defenseless
6c Sow discord in the enemy's camp Use double agents. Make the enemies spies work for you.
Strategy Jesuit inspired theology. Infiltrate theological schools, pulpits and undermine the reliance on the Bible. Support ridiculous moral positions to sow confusion in the church.
6d Inflict injury on oneself to win the enemy's trust Trick the enemy into believing you then sow discord.
Strategy Jesuit oath. The end justifies the means. Infiltrate Protestant churches and even curse the pope to gain their confidence and conquer them.
6e Interlocking stratagems Weaken the enemy and bring him into a difficult position of his own fault.
Strategy Lure the Americans into a difficult situation by taking advantage of their arrogance. Make them fight on two fronts and weaken them economically so that the European Union emerges on top.
6f When retreat is the best option Retreat when the enemy is too strong. Live to fight another day.

Sticks and Stones and Words

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.
While words can hurt emotionally, there is an acceptable way to end them. Do not buy their products. Turn off the television. Do not visit the web sites. Teach your children your values. Close the door to the bible worker who comes to your home. Do not invite them to your party.

But free expression should not be legislated. I heard that Canada got its laws that are now targeting religious speech because the moral right wanted to silence the offensive speech of the worst liberals. Now their opposite intention has been realized.
No speech is protected when any person's speech is silenced.

Unfortunately, this method of upheaval is what is prophesied will occur as the moral majority tries to take back God for America. The forces of evil will turn the very laws that they are trying to use to ensure the survival of Christian values against Christians.

We should be confident enough to know that God will succeed in the worst circumstances. Jesus lived in a time when the Roman rulers were vicious pedophiles and practiced orgies.

The Art of War: Silencing Free Expression
Free Choice Menu

• Christianity
• Sunday worship
• Daily mass
• Mary

The last world tyrant would like to silence free expression also. The pope does not define freedom as the individual right to choose what they want if it is between consenting adults. Freedom, in popedom is the freedom from doing wrong, it is not the freedom to choose right or wrong as God gave it to Adam and Eve. The "wrong" and the "right" will be what the church decides and gives you the "freedom" to choose. So it intends to eliminate all "wrong" choices. That includes Protestantism, Sabbath worship and birth control. It intends to enforce "correct" choices. This includes Sunday worship, mass and the rosary. They are accomplishing this task through a variety of means.

Religious Expression. In this war, the ultimate prize is to silence certain religious speech. Amidst the forest of contemporary causes, only one speech is the real target. In this fight for love, tolerance, acceptance, hate speech and homosexual rights is the secret strategy to stop all religious discourse. When this bears fruit, then everyone will be expected to conform to the new ways of thinking.

Only when the monopoly takes over will we recognize that it was not just hate, intolerance, rejection, hate speech that was suppressed and was being promoted as necessary for the good of the world. All these controversial rights are just red herrings. Religious speech is the real target.

A Conspiracy of Silence. We saw how easy it was to suppress the peace movement in the Iraq war by the liberal use of the term "treason". The government was allowed to use falsified secret information. The normal checks and balances were subverted by the efforts of the government, the news media, appeals to God and the blank stare of the American public. Now we do not want to pay for destroying a country we had no right to enter because we have too many financial problems at home. We got to this place because we could not wait for the process of justice and because we silenced free expression. This intimidation and silencing of dissenting opinions leads to a dangerous state of consensus called group think.

The Exposure of Janet Jackson. The enemies of free expression pounced on this opportunity. Miss Jackson handed them her breasts, in prime time in front of our children. The fall out resulted in the termination of Howard Stern. A man whom the radio was willing to use to earn huge profits for them until they were ready to close the conservative net. Such people were used as smoke screens to bolster the argument of a liberal media. However, the owners and powers behind these networks who hire these filthy mouths were conservatives!

Now, I believe that she was wrong and she got what she deserved. She stepped out of the bounds of what we agreed would be allowed during certain hours. She pushed the envelope and got snagged.
But they used the censure of inappropriate behavior to establish systems that will be used against the innocent. It was a Patriot Act level response.
Good people are not too unhappy to see the Howard Sterns and their foul mouths gagged shut. He might have been an early casualty of this censorship war because he had started to criticize the Bush Administration. He never cared about our young children or the kind of society he might be creating. Maybe now he sees that the world is bigger than one person. Now he can see that he was just as dogmatic in his righteousness as the people who are now taking over.

So we cheered instead of looking at what we might have lost. We are happy at his misfortune. We never think that it may one day become our misfortune when the morality police decide that there is something wrong about our speech.

But this is the legacy for the future.

The Art of War: Creating Crimes of Conscience
They will invent the crime to fit the law. Here is the global plan for the future. They will make certain religious actions illegal under the nebulous social conscience statutes. These actions are designed to restrict Protestant activity by applying restriction of trade techniques so that they can form a monopoly. They do the following, often with the reason that they are fighting terrorism or protecting the family:

Restriction of Trade
Activity Strategy Examples
Production Stop the preaching of the gospel that the church considers to be heresy. Use national and international law to define these efforts as criminal activity and dangerous to society
Customers Make agreements that restrict access to customers Make ecumenical agreements to stop "sheep stealing" or converting members of another congregation.
Supply and Demand Take steps to end interest in the organization or access to it
  • Infiltrate and stop evangelistic efforts from within
  • Apply the "cult" label
  • Make laws to monitor and restrict their activity
Competition Neutralize threats Stop the preaching of prophecy which identifies the goals and aims of the church
Legal Define activity as illegal or create laws to regulate the competition Make national and international law to define these efforts as criminal activity. Make operations difficult in a country.
  • Laws defining the church as the state religion
  • Laws giving the church favored status
  • Require other churches to register
Propaganda (Advertising) Apply negative social labels Label such speech and information as antisocial and negatively associate it with other traditional hate speech
Distribution Channels Take over distribution channels
  • Public education
  • News organizations
  • Television shows
  • Political influence to create laws
  • Use legal means to close other channels
Take steps to stop all methods of distribution through legal action or business deals
  • Deny permits for evangelism crusades
  • Close or censor Internet sites
  • Stop door to door evangelism
  • Stop the building of churches
  • Ban symbols of other religions

The War of Words. Use propaganda to float the idea of world peace and brotherhood. Link the success or failure of these efforts to disagreements, old feuds and negative speech. Get Protestants to lower barriers in pursuit of this dream. Make it unpopular not to adopt this new thinking. Daniel 8: 25 talks about this strategy of the last power. "By peace he shall destroy many".

Social Revolution. It is the belief of the church that heretics cause revolution and disrupt the social order. Therefore, their crimes are both against the religious and civil governments. Therefore, telling people to leave the church is causing social revolution and should be illegal.

Therefore, when the nebulous "Crimes of Aggression" are defined they might include broad language that will make Protestant evangelism illegal.
How is this aggression?
We will be attempting to change the beliefs and moral structure of an entire culture and creating the conditions for a social revolution. It does not matter if this is peaceful, or if the violence is only on the part of those who are losing members. For example, in South America, violence has increased against Protestants because of evangelistic efforts. This violence could be attributed to us because we created the conditions of a social revolution, even though we did not commit any acts of violence.

Freedom of Expression. Freedom of expression is being undermined in the Corpus Juris system. In England, any negative religious expression is forbidden under the proposed changes to the law. This joins Catholic countries like Canada in making religious communication illegal by making the leap in thinking that this speech incites violence and are therefore terrorist in nature. They have redefined the meaning of the words "terrorism" and "hate speech" and broadened it to include the words of every group that they plan to censure.

Racism and Xenophobia.
Label such speech and information as antisocial and negatively associate it with other traditional hate speech that is abhorrent. Since they are inferring that such beliefs encourage terrorism, that buzz word automatically causes people to suppress all rational evaluation. What ultimately occurs is that the speech is associated with other speech of the same label and the group is then unfairly associated with other negative groups. Just because I believe in free speech and a pornographer or pedophile believe in it does not mean that I support them or their actions. We support the same goals of free speech for everyone for vastly different reasons. The righteous would like to support free speech only for the righteous. As for the definition of righteousness, they will know it when they see it or make a law defining it.

Look at one law proposed for England. It incorrectly defines my aversion to a belief as an aversion to an individual. The church has an aversion to heretics to the point of advocating mass murder, but it does not call that racist or xenophobic. This technicality will not matter when they take over the world.

The new plans define racism and xenophobia as aversion to individuals based on "race, colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin. The offences covered by this proposal include public incitement to violence or hatred for racist or xenophobic reasons, and directing, supporting or participating in the activities of a racist or xenophobic group. For these conducts, a "minimum maximum" penalty of two years is proposed. The public dissemination of racist material by any means, including the Internet, must also be regarded as a criminal offence. 3

Once a belief has been defined as hatred, the law does not require that the individual takes actions to deny the hated group of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Instead it immediately declares that it "incites violence" and is therefore punishable.
It is therefore a crime of the conscience and a crime of possibilities. I have a right to hatred but not to violence. I have a right to hate sin, hate oppressors and oppression. In the real world a crime is a crime of action. Welcome to the Bizzaro world where the thought police rule! We are living on Orwell's farm. Communism is not the enemy. Religion is. Or at least imposed religion and imposed ways of thinking.
Let us look at three important provisions that will stop all religious speech.

  1. Inciting Hatred Or violence. The very nature of the prophecy is not positive for the church. God instructs us to tell people to leave that corrupt religious system. If that is hatred then God asks me to say it. But do I support force or violence? No. The bible instructs us to walk away if people are not responsive.

    The fact that we do not support burning church buildings or killing people or denying their freedom is not considered. The law assumes that any negative speech causes violence. Negative speech does not automatically mean violent speech or hate speech. Negative speech hurts but it cannot kill. People who hate kill. It is impossible and illogical to force concensus or agreement by regulating what can be discussed. And who has the right to decide what we should agree on? The church thinks it does. I think it does not. I disagree.
  2. Being Involved In A Racist Or Xenophobic Group. Once a belief is labeled as hate speech, the group who teaches this can be labeled as a hate group or terrorist group. Under the current law, my church could be labeled a racist group and every member everywhere could be charged with belonging to a terrorist group. Just because we say that prophecy identifies the Roman Catholic church as the whore of Revelation who controls the kings of the world.
  3. Public Dissemination Of Racist Material (Internet). All our publications, Internet sites, evangelistic crusades could be banned and we can be jailed for five years.
    Why? Not because we fired a single shot, or failed to help the poor of all races, gender, religions or sexual orientation. Not because we burned churches. Only because we made a statement that we honestly believe comes from God.

Sunday, The Family Friendly Day .
The enforcement of the false Sabbath has been interpreted by Adventists to be the Mark of the beast. It is therefore interesting that Europe has created Sunday laws as labor laws. It is illegal for a business owner to give Saturday off instead of Sunday. Sunday is the only day allowed to be given as a day of rest.
All European nations must be in compliance by August 2003.
The rhetoric links Sundays with support of families and social order. Giving any other day off, even if the employer and employee agree, is considered to be perverse and immoral!
Again we find ugly words being used to describe religious beliefs that do not interfere with other people's rights.
With rhetoric like that it appears that these are not labor laws but the enforcement of religious laws against people who have a different belief. The church has no respect for any other religion. It has no respect for freedom of conscience and openly says so.

The Crime Of Teaching The Protestant Heresies
Criminal Charge Canon Law Patriot Act Corpus Juris ICCCurrent Examples
Disrupting families and society 1375 Terrorist label Terrorism Crimes of Aggression.
Article 7(h). Crimes against humanity. Persecution against any identifiable group.
Heretics cause social revolution. We deprive people of their fundamental rights if we preach a doctrine that sends them to hell.
- Sunday laws - Sunday laws are introduced as labor laws and are strictly enforced in Europe.
Inciting hatred 1373 LLEA Racism Causing mental harm Prophetic Interpretation about the role of the Catholic church. Canada bans these internet sites.
Causing mental harm 1369 No ICC War crimes Article 6(b). Genocide. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group Churches branded as sects. So countries like France call conversion efforts religious mind control.
Birth control medication Humanae Vitae No ICC War crimes Article 6(d). Genocide. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group The Vatican has convinced the United States not to support clinics that distribute birth control medicine in poor nations
The Corpus Juris system openly denies freedom of expression by calling a broad category of speech expression terrorism. As of 2003, the Patriot Act does not do this. However, under the power to declare certain groups terrorist, we have a loop hole through which we can censor any group.

Notice that the Corpus Juris system includes the ICC rules as a catch-all law to make certain actions illegal that sovereign nations may not agree with. Since the nature of crimes that the ICC is supposed to investigate were so outrageous, people assume that they will not run afoul of the law. But soon British citizens will find that it is unlawful to take a birth control pill.

Catholic Policy

"Nothing is possible unless one will commands and all others obey."
Adolph Hitler.

Why is the church after so much power? And why is it sealing up all avenues of dissent? It is not simply a thirst for power. It is a conviction that the Pope has the attention of God and that this is the will of God for all people. And through the Pope God can subdue all powers and make them conform to His will, for their own good.
Relevant Canon Laws
Law Content
749 Infallible
747 Right to evangelize
755 Must unite all Christians
1401 He has the exclusive right to judge all religious and moral matters
753 Only the pope and his successors have the right to preach and teach about matters of the Christian faith. submission of intellect and will (conscience) is required even if you do not have the faith.

History Lesson: Bolting the Door through Civil Law
On the night of the Huguenot massacres, the government and the church secretly met to make laws to justify what they were about to do. The Edict of Nantes was repealed. Protestants had lost their civil rights.
The history of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre should be a warning.

The Hook: Blackmail and Terrorism. The priest confessor used by Louis XIV would not absolve him from his sins unless he removed Protestantism from the land. Instead, he was threatened with hell and eternal damnation.
Louis XIV in turn threatened the Duke of Savoy with military invasion if he did not exterminate the Protestants from the Piedmont Valley.

Secret Plans. As soon as they had the king on their side, they immediately sent letters to disseminate a plan. They coordinated well. The Protestants were clueless.

The Bait: False Ecumenism. The week before the St. Bartholomew's day massacre, all Protestants were hailing the new cooperation of both churches and the king was Protestant. The government was on their side. Church leaders had just conducted and approved of his marriage to one of their own. Protestants saw the shining path of a brand new future ahead.

Peace and safety? No! Sudden destruction? Yes!

Starting that night and within two days 100,000 were dead and their leaders were consigned to a slow death as galley slaves.

The Trap: Political Trojan Horses. With the cooperation of the political leaders, they had already ordered troops to surround or close access to the villages so that the Protestants could not escape. They had agreed upon a signal of a ringing bell to simultaneously begin the slaughter. They had made plans for the slaughter at the administrative level and communicated them to the lowest levels. In the previous years, Catholics had pretended to be Protestants and systematically started to gain positions as the political leaders of Protestant cities. So why was there a preoccupation with passing law in the dead of night? In their warped minds do they believe that it is just if it is lawful? Yes.

Reusing a Successful Military Strategy. We see the same pattern happening now. In Europe the church is obsessed with having the new European constitution acknowledge the "Christian roots" of Europe. They are equally obsessed with having civil law reflect Catholic doctrine. They also are requiring Protestant churches to register so they can know which groups are operating. They have taken over schools, political offices, courts and key media positions.

This is because the acknowledgement of Christian heritage means that the state is acknowledging the authority of the church over their existence. Consequently, they can demand that the states promote religious laws and perform civil executions based on these laws.

Churches must register so that they can be controlled if they gain too much ground and so that they can be banned at the right moment. When the global terror occurs, they are in a position to use this organized infrastructure and power to their advantage.

The Benefits of Burning Heretics at the Stake
Just in case you believe that these are past beliefs, remember that Malachi Martin wrote his book in 1990. Also, look at the following discussion on a Catholic history forum hosted by the Eternal World Television network.

I do not think that current Catholics should feel guilty or continue to bear the shame of the past. They did not commit the atrocities. But I think we should all learn from the errors of the past. However, if they justify the actions, or pretend to be sorry just to gain the upper hand or are not vigilant about the belief systems that fueled this behavior then they are in danger of unleashing these horrors on the world again. It was therefore disconcerting to find the following information being promoted by the leadership of the church. Do not dismiss this as the ideas of a fringe element.

Is it possible that current professionals could advocate torture? Look at this interchange at the Catholic (Eternal World Television Network) EWTN History Forum. The entries have been deleted, but were preserved by another web site (1).
Dr. Warren H. Carroll, Ph.D is the original moderator at the site.
The discussions begin with a statement on May 13, 2002 and continued until August 2002. The original writer scorns religious freedom and advocates the benefits of burning heretics. Dr. Carroll agreed with his statements and those of others for the following reasons:

Dr. Carroll then made this response to those who were concerned about the rhetoric.

The implication is that when it is safe they will restart the murders. Thank God there are people in the church with some wisdom.

After several Catholics expressed their horror over the comments, and Dr. Carroll appeared to be saying that he does not advocate burning heretics now, Matthew Bunson took over and he blatantly states that no apology is needed and that the actions of the church in the Inquisition were right and legal. because:

  1. Temporal rulers have the right to administer capital punishment.
  2. The states were catholic, therefore they derived their authority from the catholic church.
  3. The heretic fomented social revolution.
    A heretic was both a proliferator of doctrinal error and a social revolutionary. To be a heretic meant one was dedicated to overthrowing both the Church and the temporal order.
  4. The church killed no one. They just determined if the accused was a heretic and turned the person over to the government for punishment. The civil punishment for heresy was death.

Notice the subtle promotion of a lie. It seeks to prove that we are violent people who want to overthrow the government. They subdue the government. They change the laws and the proceed to suppress all peaceful religious opposition. And try to blame us for a future violent social revolution. This is strange because it claims that our argument that churches should not be involved in politics is an immoral position. Now it is trying to accuse us of plotting to overthrow the very government that it claims we are immoral for not trying to take over?

Legal and "By the Book". Why is the church so obsessed with changing laws?
Matthew Bunson, August 2002 who replaced Dr. Carroll on the EWTN History forum.

Lastly, the inquisitions were not only not bad, but were good. Why? Because they were an advancement over the mob violence and vigilante justice that proceeded them. Everything was usually by the book, carried out by the due 'controlling legal authorities'. If a man was executed, you can at least be sure that the accusations against him were true.

Persecuted By The Law
All legal persecutions in free societies occur when a distinction is made between different groups of people that seek to impose a lesser legal status on one group.

The Nazi Strategy
The Nazi Business of Death
  Control Communications
Legal Systems Nuremberg laws

Protective custody law
No radios

No newspapers

Entertainment industry villifies Jews
The News Media
No civil rights Death
ID and passport
Wear star of David


Concentration Camps
  Businesses taken

Labor Laws

Transportation Laws

Slave work camps

Cannot buy or sell
Identification and
Economic Systems
The Future Beast Strategy
  1. The Common Enemy. Terrorists who plan to conquer the government and install immorality.
  2. Legal. Patriot Act, Corpus Juris and many other new global laws.
  3. Communications Controlled. I make a good argument that this has already occurred.
  4. Opposition. The media and new laws are censoring religious speech.
  5. Identification and Containment. Our current identification and economic systems.
  6. The Crime. Hate speech. Not obeying religious laws.
  7. Death. This is what is prophesied.
  Control Communications
Legal Systems
Patriot Act
Executive Orders

Corpus Juris
Hate Speech Laws
Ownership by a Few

Government influence

The News Media
ICC Death
National Identification

Sports Arenas

Military bases

Navy Ships
  IRS - 501(c)3
Credit Networks

Labor Laws

Sunday Laws

Know Your Customer

Cannot buy or sell
Identification and
Economic Systems

"What good fortune for governments that people do not think."
Adolph Hitler.

In any successful military campaign we can see the strategies of Sun Tzu. The Nazis followed a strategy that is similar to the tactics being used today. Since the 1990's, we have already created the legal and social infrastructure that is needed for our future persecution.

  1. The Common Enemy or Threat. Rallied around a lie. The Jews were the enemy who were trying to cause the fall of Germany. The fact that the Jews were hated around the world proves that they could not have that kind of power.
  2. Legal. Created laws that punished the Jews.
    • "Protective Custody" law of February 28, 1933 authorized the police to make arrests on suspicion of criminal activity and incarcerated without benefit of legal counsel or trial.
    • Nuremberg laws (1935). Jews lose citizenship and basic rights.
    • Nazis persecute those opposed to their political views (1935).
    • Jews lose the right to vote. (1936)
  3. Opposition. Dissent stifled. They killed, arrested, censored and publicly ruined those who disagreed from the beginning.
    The Nazi leader Goering said the following about propaganda.
    "Why of course the people don't want war, that is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along."
    "All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."
  4. Communications Controlled. Media Propaganda. Used the movie theatres, radios, public rallies and systems to remove sympathy for the Jews and enforce the arguments against the "enemy". The censorship imposed did not allow the emergence of an effective opposition.
    • Jews cannot attend concerts and other forms of entertainment. (1938)
    • Jewish children can only attend Jewish schools (1938).
    • Jews cannot own radios (1939).
    • Jews cannot use public telephones (1941)
    • Jews cannot attend school, subscribe to newspapers, own electrical equipment like typewriters (1942)
    • Jews cannot use public transportation or own bicycles (1942)
  5. Economic. The Jews were systematically robbed of their businesses, ability to work and their possessions. They could only sell at extremely low cost or their possessions were legally taken. They could not buy food at the high prices. Even in death they removed gold fillings from their teeth.
    • Jews can no longer lead businesses (1938).
    • Jews must close and sell their own businesses and turn over the proceeds to the government (1938)
    • Jews must give up driver's license and car registrations (1938)
    • Jews cannot attend concerts and other forms of entertainment. (1938)
    • Curfews (1938)
    • Forced into ghettos (1940)
    • Concentration camps (1940)
    • Jews cannot use public transportation or own bicycles (1942)
    • German businesses work in the ghettos. Jews must sell their possessions at very low costs to buy high priced foods.
    • "Extermination through work". Jews are used as forced labor for German businesses. The work camps were usually located near businesses.
  6. Identification and Containment. Concentration camps and Ghettos.
    • Curfews (1938)
    • Jews must carry ID cards and passports marked with a "J". (1938)
    • Must wear the yellow star of David (1939).
    • Forced into ghettos (1940)
    • Concentration camps (1940)
  7. The Crime. Jews are plotting to overthrow the government and contaminate the race.
  8. Death. They killed the Jews by direct and indirect means.
    • Death infrastructure. They secretly constructed these locations.

      For years conspiracy theorists have been claiming that they plan to use abandoned military bases and sports stadiums to hold large groups. They are doing this in Guantanamo Bay.
      It makes you wonder why states spend billions of dollars for corporate welfare to construct sports stadiums when we know that the government treasury will not recoup the cost.
    • Containment. Jews could not leave the Ghettos.
    • Exploitation and Starvation. They engineered an impossible situation and "let nature take its course".
      They reduced the food rations to 184 calories per day and starved the people in the Ghettos. This is the equivalent of three pieces of life saver candy or one cup of milk. They provided no public utilities, so they froze to death or died of diseases during the winter.
    • Trick. They encouraged those who wanted to work to go away on a train ride. The victims were taken to death camps, or sealed into the transportation vans and killed with carbon monoxide gas, or forced into slave labor where their average life expectancy was months.
    • Extermination. Firing squads and gas chambers which used Zyklon-B, a cyanide product, carbon monoxide and exhaust fumes piped into a sealed vehicle.

The Concentration Camp System
Camps were organized for various reasons.

Nazi Concentration Camps
Country Camps Purpose
Poland Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno (Kulmhof), Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdnek, Stutthof Extermination
Dzierzazna and Litzmannstadt Children
Auschwitz/Birkenau - Oswiecim-Brzezinka (51), Belzec (1), Bierznow, Biesiadka, Gross-Rosen (Rogoznica) (77), Huta-Komarowska, Janowska, Krakow, Kulmhof - Chelmno, Lublin, Lwow (Lemberg), Czwartaki, Lemberg, Majdanek (3), Mielec, Pawiak, Plaszow, Poniatowa, Pustkow, Radogosz, Radom, Schmolz, Schokken, Sobibor, Stutthof (40), Treblinka, Wieliczka, Zabiwoko, Zakopane Work
Germany Bergen-Belsen, B�rgermoor, Buchenwald, Dachau, Dieburg, Esterwegen, Flossenburg, Gundelsheim, Neuengamme, Papenburg, Ravensbruck, Sachsenhausen, Sachsenburg Extermination
There were at least 565 work camps and teams Work
Austria Mauthausen Extermination
Belgium Breendonck Extermination
Czechoslovakia Theresienstadt Extermination
Estonia Vivara Extermination
Finland Kangasjarvi, Koveri Extermination
France Argeles, Aurigny, Brens, Drancy, Gurs, Les Milles, Le Vernet, Natzweiler-Struthof, Noé, Récébédou, Rieucros, Rivesaltes,Suresnes, Thill Extermination
Natzweiler-Struthof (70 camps) Work
Morocco and Algeria: Abadla, Ain el Ourak, Bechar, Berguent, Bogari, Bouarfa, Djelfa, Kenadsa, Meridja, Missour, Tendrara Work
Holland Amersfoort, Ommen, Vught, Westerbork Extermination
Italy Bolzano, Fossoli, Risiera di San Sabba Extermination
Lattvia Riga, Riga-Kaiserwald, Dundaga, Eleje-Meitenes, Jungfernhof, Lenta, Spilwe Extermination
Lithuania Kaunas, Aleksotaskowno, Palemonas, Pravieniskès, Volary Extermination
Norway Baerum, Berg, Bredtvet, Falstadt, Tromsdalen, Ulven Extermination
Russia Akmétchetka, Balanowka, Bar, Bisjumujsje, Bogdanovka, "Citadelle", Czwartaki, Daugavpils, Domanievka, Edineti, Kielbasin (or Kelbassino), Khorol, Klooga, Lemberg, Mezjapark, Ponary, Rawa-Russkaja, Salapils, Strazdumujsje, Yanowski, Vertugen Extermination
Yugoslavia Banjica, Brocice, Chabatz, Danica, Dakovo, Gornja reka, Gradiska, Jadovno, Jasenovac, Jastrebarsko, Kragujevac, Krapje, Kruscica, Lepoglava, Loborgrad, Sajmite, Sisak, Slano, Slavonska-Pozega, Stara-Gradiska, Tasmajdan, Zemun Extermination

The United States has used civilian detention camps. These were used to house Japanese Americans during World War II. Plans were made to confine millions of African Americans in the turbulent sixties. Presently, there are other plans for us according to conspiracy theorists. Some facilities, such as Guantanamo Bay, are located off the soil of the United States in an attempt to circumvent the law. With the exposure of the tortures at Abu Ghraib, this conspiracy has proven true.

The Slavery System
As usual, established churches, businessmen, bankers and politicians prove that they can rise to the top of the pond like the rest of the scum when it comes to sound moral judgment. Money. Money. Money. They all fought for slavery because it affected their purses.

  1. The Common Enemy or Threat. Abolitionists who wanted to take away their property and cause economic ruin.
  2. Legal.
    • Fugitive Slave Act of 1793. Required all escaped slaves to be returned to their masters.
    • Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Required residents and government of free states to return runaway slaves under penalty, removing the right of slaves to go to court, and giving bonuses or promotion to officers for capturing slaves.
    • Missouri Compromise (1820). States were determined to be free or slave states when they joined the union
    • 1842. The owner of a fugitive slave may recover him under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793
    • 1842. District of Columbia 10pm "colored curfew." At 10: PM, all "colored" people out without a pass were liable to arrest, fine and flogging.
    • Dred Scott Decision 1857/03/06. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney ruling that in effect calls the Missouri Compromise of 1820 unconstitutional. The fugitive slave Dred Scott brought suit in 1848 to claim freedom on the ground that he resided in free territory, but the court rules that his residence in Minnesota Territory does not make him free, that a black may not bring suit in a federal court, and that Congress never had the authority to ban slavery in the territories,
    • Gag Rule. (May 18, 1836) Congress ignored abolition petitions signed by over two million people. Congressmen who supported slavery prohibited the consideration, referral and printing of these petitions.
  3. Communications Controlled. 1841, Maryland passed a law requiring a penalty of ten to twenty years imprisonment for any free black having any materials relating to abolition in his possession. So it was a crime to possess a copy of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" which was written in response to arguments for slavery.
  4. The Crime. Being or supporting blacks.
  5. Opposition. Rich businessmen and financial institutions used their influence to prevent the legal system from ending slavery.
  6. Identification and Containment. Nature made identification easy. With a permanent black color tattooed on their body the Negro could be identified anywhere and anytime.
    Containment in plantations and by checking permission passes outside the plantation served to keep the Negro in his place.
  7. Death. Unlike the Jews, Negroes were valuable property who were to be breeded like livestock and controlled. So they suffered centuries of abuse. Here they were sold, traded, separated from their children, beaten, uneducated, overworked and poorly fed. Death was not economically feasible.

The Power of One Man
There is an Adventist prophecy about the changing of the United States Constitution to support religious views. Since the formal process for changing the constitution is so long, many thought that we could see these issues on the horizon. But we were wrong. The prophecy has come through for some issues and we were oblivious. We changed the constitution by making laws that are unconstitutional. This is because laws are being debated in secret and the media has chosen to ignore the issues and impose a dampening effect on the public through their silence. This is also possible because of how laws are made and through the power of one man.

Executive Orders: The State Of Emergency
Executive Orders
Order Government Seizure Authorization
10990 Transportation, highway, seaports
10995 Communications media
10997 Electric power, fuels, minerals
10998 Food supplies, farms, lands and equipment
10999 Transportation, personal vehicles
11000 Mobilizes citizens into work brigades, even splitting up families
11001 Health, education and welfare
11002 Postmaster general implements national registration
11003 Airports and aircraft
11004 Housing and financial institutions. Relocate populations.
11005 Railroads and inland waterways
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
11051 Replaced the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Allows FEMA to execute all the above executive orders during increased international tensions, or financial crisis. It also allows them to seize the property of a foreign country or national.
12148 Gives FEMA powers in natural disasters, insurrection, social unrest or financial crisis.
11049 Gives emergency preparedness function to several agencies.
11921 Allows FEMA to develop plans to control production, distribution, energy, wages, credit and money flow.
13010 Turns the presidency over to the military
These powers extend to all assets: personal, private, public, commercial, government and foreign.
The executive order is a powerful tool in the arsenal of one man, the president of the United States. With the stroke of a pen, the president can sign into law any of his wishes that the legislative branches in the House and Senate would not pass. The faith based initiative was passed by executive order on December 12, 2002. By ignoring the fact that in supporting "food and shelter and not bible", the law allows the church to divert money that it once used for "food and shelter" so that more money is available for "the bible". Therefore the government is directly supporting religion. If one particular organization gets a disproportionate amount for its programs, the government will be supporting one religion over another.

A series of executive orders were created for the federal government to take over critical systems in a time of national emergency. This eliminates the red tape of the law, congress and the senate. I maintain that all this national and international preparation is overkill. Even without the spectre of such extreme emergencies, the swift action of the government after September 11 demonstrates that it can take days or weeks for the prophecies to be fulfilled.

Executive order 11921, which was issued by president Carter, also provides that when the president declares a state of emergency, congress cannot interfere for six months.
While it protects government officials and institutions, it also prevents dissident groups from gaining access to public opinion or global influence.

None of these laws are evil. But it does demonstrate that our constitutional rights can vanish overnight with just the right real or manufactured crisis. And, this power can be given to officials that we did not elect. I wonder which religious institution has the majority of their personnel in these positions?
I do not know. I know some. I do not want to know anymore. Even when I take the position that I do not want to know this information, it eventually assaults me in the face because these people usually end up declaring their affiliation somehow.
I already found out that possibly over 90% of the media personnel who dominate our political thinking through their political news analysis shows are Catholic. The supreme court has a Catholic majority. So does congress. Let us hope that they are not as vulnerable as Louis XIV.

IRS: The State Controlled 501(c)(3) Church
The first amendment says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Death of Protestantism
Sooner or later, when it becomes expedient, Protestant churches in the United States will suddenly find the most restrictive interpretation of the tax codes.

Sooner or later, when it becomes expedient, Protestant churches in Europe, South America and the former Soviet Union will find their status as legally registered churches will be revoked.

Sooner or later, Protestantism will face extinction.
The church will suddenly face closures, financial hardships and ridicule.

Death by a thousand technicalities.

It is then that the God fearing right wing Christians will wake up.
Immorality without control is self destruction.
But, morality by legislation breeds tyranny.

But the Papal system says:

No man has a right to choose his own religion.

The vast majority of churches have organized as 501c3 entities for several reasons. While it grants tax exempt status, 501(c)(3) organizations sacrifice their free speech because they cannot do the following:

  1. Political Activity. They may not support or oppose candidates for public office.
  2. Legislative Influence. They may not influence legislation.
  3. Public Policy. They may not speak openly against anything that is inconsistent with public policy.
    That prohibition appears to be true. The courts can regulate conduct or actions when it has a compelling interest to do so. Such compelling interest may be a reflection of the social and political climate. This was the reasoning in the case of Bob Jones University Vs United States. Their tax exempt status was revoked because they had a policy that forbid interracial dating.

    However, there are sites that claim to list guidelines about prohibited topics. Many seem so ridiculous that I will not list them and possibly perpetuate a falsehood. The pattern seems to be that your message must be "politically correct". It cannot assault the hearer's sense of mental well-being, self esteem or sexual orientation. This includes criticism of other religions and exposing conspiracies.

    Update (November 2005). Earlier this month we learned that the IRS has been sent to a church in California because the pastor said that perhaps their support of the war may have been wrong.
    Contrast that to the fact that during the 2004 elections the president openly complained to the pope that the United States bishops needed to do more to promote his candidacy. Many churches all across America were telling people how to vote by passing out flyers, saying "vote your conscience" while demonizing the candidate they hated. One pastor told all democrats or anyone who did not support the president to leave. Before the war churches were advocating this war because "it was the will of God" and good citizens should "support the government".
    In Indiana one teacher, who had served for twenty years, was dismissed for answering a question about the peace movement. She had to sign documents that stated that she would no longer mention peace in her class room. She was still fired and later she learned that the reason for her termination was categorized among the same reason for terminating child molesters. I do not know what the categories were but I suspect it may be something like, "distributing offensive materials to minors". What was the offensive material? She said, "being for peace does not mean that you are unpatriotic".
    Another teacher was dismissed because she gave students information on how to support the candidate of their choice.
    None of the pro-war religious speech was penalized, while a pastor who probably examined the moral issue of torture, who saw the suffering of Iraq and heard all the puffed up lies started to publicly express his regret.

The outcome of this is the following:

  1. Government and Politics. You have the duty to warn about any government or organization that is identified by the prophecy. But this may violate the prohibition against political activity.
  2. Persecution or Immoral Legislation. You should have the right to warn against laws that are immoral or dangerous. You certainly have a duty to tell your members to disobey an unjust law.
  3. Popular Culture. You automatically give up your free speech and the right to condemn any immoral activity.
  4. Politically Correct. You cannot preach the gospel if it offends another group.

The Future Criminals

Current Status
What is the current status of the legal systems that are important to prophecy? What is most distressing is the open efforts to ban the preaching of the requirements of God. Sooner or later they will ban interpretations of prophecy. I am almost tempted to say that the one good thing about the religious right taking over American politics is that fundamentalist free speech will be protected. Then I look at who is behind all the Protestant political groups and how some big leaders appear to have been hypnotized by Rome, and I wonder ... if ...

It cannot be alleged that any of us advocates, promotes or incites violence. Neither can it be claimed that we advocate, promote or incite discrimination. Nor can it be said that we advocate hatred. But, under the new definition and criteria they are trying to make the case that we are inciting or promoting hatred because our speech is negative. They have created a legal trap that pushes us into a corner.

I have no problems with laws that punish physical violence against any person for any reason. I have a problem with laws that regulate my thoughts and my right to express them. Especially when these laws are based on some nebulous idea about what could happen even though we do not advocate violence or discrimination. The United States does not currently regulate speech. However, through the FCC and the media the voice of the popular culture is attempting to do that.

Strange Bedfellows
Here is an interesting dilemma. Many "liberal" organizations and immoral businesses might be our refuge of last resort. It might be the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) which will be the only voice left with the courage to investigate and fight for you. If web sites are forced to remove you, it might be those who trade in the sex industries who may be willing to host your site. Of course the right wing will pounce on this development and milk it for all it is worth. Guilt by association.

Some of this seems unsavory. So you have to carefully choose your associated sinner of choice. No wonder Jesus was the friend of tax collectors, drunks and prostitutes. Thank God He left us an example. Never be afraid to associate with the true victims, even while they are still in the grip of immorality. Never be afraid to associate with anyone who is willing to fight for everyone.
While there should be no merger between you and a web host that trafficks in child exploitation, a case can be made for radical organizations dedicated to protecting prostitutes. While their ultimate goal is to free women from this nightmare, they have had to approach this problem with accepting their careers while making safety and education the first priority.

While the ACLU defends "immoral" causes, in the end they are not dedicated to promoting an immoral cause as much as they are dedicated to freedom of expression for all. It is this quality that will allow the organization to speak up for you, even if you are a "god zealot" dedicated to their destruction.

The Bad News Prophet As Terrorist
In ancient Israel, corrupt kings would beat, imprison and kill the prophets who would not prophecy what they wanted to hear.
In the last days a similar persecution might happen because God will once again give dreams and prophecies. Several legal charges can be brought against a prophet in addition to the social stigma associated with their words.


Death has a tendency to encourage a depressing view of war. Donald Rumsfeld.

A Comparison Of Legal Systems in 2003
Civil SystemsBarbaric Inquisition-Based Systems
Rights ConstitutionMagna Charta Patriot Act Corpus Juris International
Criminal Court
Habeas Corpus 24 hours60 hours Suspend No No No
Arrest Warrant, evidence Warrant, evidence Suspicion, no evidence Suspicion, no evidence Secret evidence and witnesses No evidence, accusation
Detention Habeas Corpus Habeas Corpus Indefinite Indefinite Indefinite Indefinite
Trial by Jury Yes Yes No No No No
Double Jeopardy Civil suits No No Yes- Yes
Burden of Proof Prosecutor Prosecutor The rules of secrecy, claims of national security, denial of access to favorable witnesses, torture, denial of lawyers, make it impossible to start a defence and works on a basis of guilt.
Evidence can be obtained by torture.
Innocent Yes Yes No
Evidence Yes Yes Torture, gossip
Due Process Yes Yes No No No No
Extradition Dual criminality Dual criminality Yes
Extraordinary Rendition
Yes Yes, kidnapping Yes
Special Prosecutor No No Military Court. FISA European Public Prosecutor Global Prosecutor Inquisitor General
Torture No NoYes Yes "Incidental" torture from "lawful actions" Yes
Witnesses Cross-examine Cross examine Secret. Tortured confessions - Secret Perjury allowed
Police CIA, FBI MI-5, MI-6, Interpol Homeland Security.
Northern Command.
National Security Service
Europol - Inquisitor
Free speech No. FCC,
IRS 501c3
- - No hate speech.
Internet speech.
No hate speech No
Day of Rest Freedom Freedom - Sunday - Sunday only
Hate Freedom - LLEEA Yes Yes Yes
The world is teetering on the abyss. A single fearful event could send us tumbling into the darkness of night where despots ruled and conscience is forbidden. Where people hid their Bibles by baking them into loaves of bread. Where the elite minority who have exclusive access to god can prescribe a bitter pill for what ails our sick society. Where torture, not reason is the weapon of choice for religious conversion. Where union of church and state is the method by which these horrors occur. We are journeying into a nightmare that will become the Inquisition zone.

Many good people in the secular world are recognizing the terrible signs. The difference between them and me is that they have not recognized the importance of the religious angle. And, they mistakenly believe that the pendulum will swing back to the center.
Not this time.
By changing laws and limiting free speech they will be able to progress to their plans of implementing religious laws and enforcing worship. All for the benefit of mankind.

It is clear that we are migrating to a global system of laws that is modeled after the evil systems in the Inquisition. In fact we have migrated. Where the vast majority of the hundreds of millions of victims were innocent. Where we will be told who, what, where and when to worship. And it will be illegal to disobey. And, for the protection and maintenance of a peaceful society, we will be killed.
God help us!

Destination: Animal Farm. My purpose was to show how global laws are being changed to reflect the global community that the prophesied final powers want to rule. Religious pluralism will be sacrificed under the guise of defeating terrorists. Under such ridiculous reasoning, the French and Germans have outlawed hats! Soon they will penalize beliefs, and potential beliefs and thoughts.
Whether or not emergency situations are being created or allowed so that we will surrender our rights is a topic best left to conspiracy theorists. Because, no matter how we get there, prophecy dictates that we will. So my concern is not about the journey or the method of transportation or the engineers. I am concerned that we have all been hijacked on this ride that we think is a marvelous vacation.

And, I just wanted to point out that we are no longer on the journey to this strange universe.
We have arrived.

A farm is taken over by its overworked, mistreated animals. With flaming idealism and stirring slogans, they set out to create a paradise of progress, justice and equality. Thus the stage is set for one of the most telling satiric fables ever penned. A razor-edged fairy tale for grown-ups that records the evolution from revolution against tyranny to a totalitarianism just as terrible. When Animal Farm was first published fifty years ago, Stalinist Russia was seen as its target. Today it is devastatingly clear that wherever and whenever freedom is attacked, under whatever banner, the cutting clarity and savage comedy of George Orwell's masterpiece has a meaning and message still ferociously fresh. 5

To the law and the testimony, if they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.  Isaiah 8: 20
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Author: Laverna Patterson. Editor:
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This was one of the few topics that the Spirit of God urged me to investigate and write about in April 2003. He urged me to "look at the past".
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