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2016: (April 5) Rebuilding The Temple. The Battle For Hearts and Minds. The Laws of God In Detail. Promises, Promises.
Priests of Israel. Judges of Israel. Kings of Israel.

2015: (November) The Everlasting Covenant.
(June-December) Separating 23 giant Bible science lesson. • Bible ScienceThe Mishkan Pattern).
ChemistryPhysicsBiologyAstrophysicsTheory of EverythingDNA12 Sons (New).
Creation ScienceTefillinJacob's StickDNA ReplicationTzitzitJealous Husband (New).
Ark ScienceAnatomy/PhysiologySleepPregnancyAnimalsBotanyApplied ScienceScience TheoriesProphecy
2012: (November) Love.   The Science Of Sin.   (March) Saving Planet Earth.
2010: (December) YHWH. (September) Genesis. Exodus. Leviticus. Numbers. Deuteronomy. Joshua.
(July) Jesus in the Hebrew Script (January) Tithe.
2009: (October) Torah Readings
2008: (December) Science in The Sanctuary, The Son of Man. (November) Abraham. The Covenant Breaker.
(May) Job. (February) Psalms.
2007: (June) Bible Reading Plan. (May) 12 Tribes of Israel. (April) Elijah. Prayer.
2006: (July) Seder. Five Symbols of Judaism. The SHMA. Elijah Message. (Feb) Heavens.
2005: (November) Health. 7 Thunders. John 3:16 (September) Legends (June) Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Minor Prophets
2001: (October 1) Daniel And Revelation

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