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Chapter Lessons History Israel Controlling Forces
1-3 Chapter 1-3The Seven Churches Map Map of Israel Jesus controls the church
4-6 Chapter 4-6The Seven Seals Church history The curses
7 Chapter 7The Sealing of the church - The Mark of God
8-10 Chapter 8-10The Seven Trumpets Wars and Disasters Jericho
10 Chapter 10Prophecy Unsealed The Advent Awakening -
Chapter 10Seven Thunders The Recreation Of Mankind
11 Chapter 11The Two Witnesses The French Revolution Moses and Aaron
12 Chapter 12Persecution of the church Persecution Israel in slavery The church controls the world
13 Chapter 13The Last world empire United StatesBabylon
Chapter 13The Mark of the Beast Technology The Mark of God
14 Chapter 14Three Angel's Message The Creation Evidence Moses' Last message
15 Chapter 15The Last Exodus Fifty Exodus Journeys Exodus as Prophecy
16 Chapter 16Seven Last Plagues The plagues of Egypt Fall of Jerusalem
17 Chapter 17Whore controls the world Ecumenical movement A furnace of fire
18 Chapter 18Babylon the Great Falls Fall of ancient Babylon Ancient Babylon falls Satan controls the world
19 Chapter 19The Second Coming The First Coming (Birth) Messianic prophecies
20 Chapter 20The Millennium - Ancient Armageddon?
21-22 Chapter 21-22Heaven Canaan Jerusalem
Places Greece, France, Europe, Persia (Iran), Babylon (Iraq), the United States
People The Papacy, Israel, The Christian Church, Businessmen
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Prophecy Messianic New Testament Old Testament Fulfilled Unfulfilled

The Succession Of Empires In History
The great prophecies of Daniel and Revelation start with the conquest of Israel by Babylon and continue on to the end of time. In this prophetic outline, these are the powers predicted to rule the world.
# Empire Prophecy Daniel Revelation
1 Babylon The head of gold and the lion27 13-
2 Medes and Persians The chest of silver, the bear and the ram27,8,11 13-
3 Greece The belly and thighs of brass, the leopard and the goat27,8,11 13-
4 Rome The legs of iron, the terrible beast 27,8,11 12, 13-
Europe The feet of iron and clay, the ten horns27 1317
5 Papal Rome The little horn -7,8,11 12,1317,18
6 Communism The beast from the abyss, ideas of the French Revolution-- 11-
7 United States The lamb with two horns. Helps the persecuted church-11, Help 12,13-
A union of the Papacy and the United States The image to the beast, the king of the north -11 1317,18
8 Satan The Eighth Head. The ruler of Gog and Magog-- 1720
9 Jesus Christ The Second Coming27,8,9,12 11,14,1519-22
Europe in Prophecy
> Origin (476).
Daniel 2: 40-43
Ten nations formed from the breakup of the Roman empire
> Will Not Unite
Daniel 2: 41-43
Attempts to unite will fail
> Revolution (First Fall, 1798) Church loses power in the French revolution. Revelation 13: 3-4, 9-10
> Religion.
Revelation 17
Controlled by the church
> Global alliance Forms a short alliance with Babylon the Great. Revelation 17: 12-14
> Persecutes. Alliance persecutes Revelation 17: 14
> Alliance fails (Second Fall)Europe breaks the alliance and attacks.
Revelation 17: 16-18
The Catholic Church in Prophecy
> Origin (538) Comes from the Roman empire. Revelation 13: 2
> Domination
Rules 1260 years.
Revelation 13: 5-6
> Persecutes Persecutes the church.
Revelation 13: 7-10
> Wounded (First Fall, 1798) Loses power in the French Revolution.
Revelation 13: 3-4, 9-10
> Healed (1929-1989) Rises to power again.
Revelation 13: 3-4
> Europe
Revelation 17
Controls European Governments
> Babylon the Great (1989-) Joins forces with the United States to create the last world empire, Babylon the Great
> Second Fall The Future merges with the United States
The United States in Prophecy
> Origin (1776)
Revelation 13: 11-12
Becomes a nation around the time of the first fall of the Papacy
> Helps the church. Rescues the persecuted church. Revelation 12: 16
> War in Palestine (1989, 2001) Becomes King of the North (Babylon the Great) in Palestine. Daniel 11: 40-45
> Babylon the Great (1989-) Joins forces with the Catholic church to create the last world empire.
> IsraelOccupies Israel. Daniel 11: 40-45
> European alliance Forms a short alliance with Europe (ten kings). Revelation 17: 12-14
> Persecutes. Enforces religion with the approval of the church. Revelation 13: 15
> Occult. Uses occult forces. Revelation 13: 14; and 16: 13-14
> Alliance fails The false church is attacked by Europe. Revelation 17: 16-18
> Collapses Economic, religious and physical destruction. Revelation 18
The history of the world empires merges after the formation of Babylon the Great. These are the events in approximate order.
  • Israel. The war in Palestine escalates and Israel becomes surrounded by her neighbors and occupied by the United States and the church
  • Persecution of Global Israel. The United States is the military power that enforces the religious persecution ordered by the church.
  • European Alliance. Europe joins in this persecution. Both the land of Israel and the true global church are persecuted.
  • The Seven Last Plagues. The plagues fall on the world.
  • Global Economic Collapse. An economic collapse starts in the United States and affects the whole world.
  • Alliance Fails. Europe breaks away from the church and the United States.
  • Second Coming. Babylon the Great collapses

The Structure Of Revelation And The Revelation of Jesus
The Revelation of Jesus Christ was written by the apostle John while he was exiled on the Isle of Patmos. It is a book that is about Jesus Christ. Therefore it is the Gospel, or the Good news about Christ. It tells how Jesus will complete the covenent through the Gospel and in what order. It begins with prophecies from the time of Christ and it uses the language and symbolism of all the earlier prophets like Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Joel. He deals with all outstanding, unfulfilled prophecy and enlarges on the events at the end of time.

The series of visions are presented in the order of the feasts. It begins with the Passover Lamb and ends with the feast of Tabernacles. They show the actions of God that trigger each phase of history or each new vision. However, the individual visions that occur during each feast are structured according to the sanctuary, the covenant and the curses. They reveal Christ from His role as the Lamb of God through the King of Kings.
Passover Wavesheaf Pentecost Trumpets Day of Atonement Tabernacles
1-3 4-5 6-7 8-11 10 12-13 14-15 16-19 14, 20-22
Lamb Church Accepted Seals Sealing Judgment Remnant called Satan builds an empire Warning God destroys it God rescues
Revelation of Jesus Symbols The Feasts Chapters Comments
God Keeps the Covenant
Jesus Lamb Jesus The Passover Lamb 1 Christ is the Passover Lamb and speaks words of love and encouragement to His church. He is accepted as the wavesheaf who is worthy to open the book of the covenant.
Shepherd Seven Churches The churches (priests) in the Outer Court 2 - 3
Priest, King The Most Holy Place Jesus is accepted as the Wavesheaf 4 - 5
The Holy Spirit
and Pentecost
Covenant Keeper Seven Seals
The Covenant Applied
The fourth curse 6 The Pentecost era. The Holy Spirit comes to earth to seal the people of God. This is the blessing promised in the covenant. A new heart. Those who are not sealed suffer the punishment of the fourth curse and they are unprepared for the judgment.
The sealing of the church in the 2000 year Pentecost 7
Judge Seven Trumpets The Feast of Trumpets.
The world is called to judgment
8 - 11
The Day of Atonement.
The church is judged favorably
The legal case against the wicked. 11
The Response to the Holy Spirit and the Covenant
The Righteous in the World.

The Sins of
The Wicked
Faithful Human
(Son of Man)
The Church The persecution of the righteous
(Christ and the church)
12 The same period viewed as a spiritual battle of the church and God with the forces of Satan. God's reaction - He rewards the church.
The Leader of Israel Remnant The persecution of the remnant 13
Census Taker 666 The creation of a false sanctuary.
The numbering of the wicked.
144,000 The numbering of the righteous.
The final warning. The harvest at the feast of Tabernacles
The Reward of the Righteous and the Wicked
Judgment and
(Hiding Place)
Seven Last plagues The church is ready to cross over the sea of glass 15 The physical and spiritual worlds meet and executive judgment is given. God punishes the wicked.
The false sanctuary is destroyed. 16
Babylon falls Fall of Babylon. Plagues 5, 6 and 7 17 - 18
Bridegroom The seventh plague, Second Coming 19
Executioner Millennium and hell Fall of Satan 20
God King The New Creation Victory of the Church 21 - 22 God creates a new home for His faithful children.

A Historical Comparison Of The Visions
The sequence of fulfillment in history.
- Passover Pentecost Feast of Trumpets Feast of Tabernacles
Beast Heads 7 Churches Seven Seals Seven Trumpets Seven Plagues History
13, 17 1-3 4-6 8-10, 18 16 7, 12-15, 20-22
1Babylon Israel Patriarchs and Prophets Traditional feasts Fifth Curse First temple destroyed
2Medo-Persia Israel Patriarchs and Prophets Traditional feasts Curses Cyrus
3Greece Maccabean revolt
4Rome Jesus Christ Passover Crucifixion Fifth Curse Second temple Satan JudgedCrucifixion
1Ephesus 1White horse: Pure early church Pentecost Trumpet Blessings Apostles Martyrs
2Smyrna 2Red horse: Roman persecutions Summer drought First curse Roman
3Pergamos 3Black horse: Apostasy
5Papacy 4Thyatira 4Pale horse: Papal persecutionsFeast of Trumpets Trumpet Papal
5Sardis 5Martyrs ask for revenge 1French Revolution Second curse
6Philadelphia 6Earthquake,
dark sun, blood moon,
stars fall

1755 Lisbon earthquake
1780 dark day, blood moon
1833 meteor shower
Signs in the heavens asteroid

Sky rolls up
Seven Thunders




2 Papacy falls Third curse Reformation
7 Laodicea 3Atheism begins
4First Angel's MessageJudgment Yom Kippur Righteous Judged Judgment
5 Second Angel's MessageAtheism spreads Sealing 144,000
7 United States
and Papacy
6Third Angel's Message Babylon the Great persecutes Fourth curse Martyrs Mark of the beast
Jerusalem surrounded
7 The Gospel is finished with the Holy SpiritIsrael converts
Babylon the Great falls. Fifth curse Sealing ends.

Protected in the sanctuary
2Blood sea
3Blood river
8 SatanSatan 5Darkness
6Euphrates dries
7Silence in heaven 7Hail, Earthquake Second Coming
God Israel Covenant keepers Feast of Tabernacles Blessings First Resurrection
SatanSatan bound Millennium Saints in Heaven Saints Judge Wicked Judgment
The Third Coming Second Resurrection
Satan released Judgment Judgment of the Wicked Hell Fire Hell fire
New Heaven and Earth

A Symbolic Comparison Of The Visions
Summary of the Prophecies
Source of Symbols Prophecies of Revelation
Genesis 1 Exodus 36-37Leviticus 23Leviticus 26 1-3 144-6 8-10 1613, 17
Creation Sanctuary Feasts Curses Churches 3 Angel's MessageSeals TrumpetsPlagues7 Headed Beast
Source > Creation Agriculture Covenant Blessings Creation Curses Sanctuary, Curse #5Curse #3
1Earth, light and dark Earth and stone altarPassover
Barley harvest
Covenant renewalEphesus 1 Angel in the heavensWhite horse. Bow, crown Hail, fire, blood Sores Babylon
2Sky, Sea Laver, bronze sea Unleavened bread1War. No peace.
Sudden terror
Smyrna Red horse, war Burning mountain in the sea Bloody sea Medo-Persia
3Sea, Earth, rivers, springs and Trees Table of shewbread, food and drink offeringWave sheaf2No produce, no rainPergamos Worship the creator of springs and waters. Black horse, famine Bitter water Bloody river Greece
4Sun, Moon and Stars Menorah
Altar of incense
Wheat harvest
3Wild animals, reduced population, no childrenThyatira 2 Angel brings light to the earth Grey horse, death, sword, famine, disease, wild beasts Darkened sun, moon, stars Heat
Altar condemns
5Fish and birds Ark of the covenantTrumpets4Famine, disease, swordSardis Babylon is fallen. Full of unclean spirits and hateful birds.Righteous under the altar ask for justice. More martyrs.Smoke from the abyssDarkness on the thronePapacy
6Breath of life. Animals and Man made in the "image" of God River of life from the throneYom Kippur5Sanctuary destroyedPhiladelphia 3 Do not worship the beast and his image Sun dark, blood moon, earthquake destruction Angels at the Euphrates Dry Euphrates river Communism
7Sabbath rest Shekinah gloryTabernacles
Fruit harvest
ExileLaodicea Do not receive his mark.Silence Gospel finishedAir disaster U.S.A. and Papacy
8New beginning New JerusalemShemini AtzeretBlessingsPriests in heaven 144,000 rescued Second Coming Satan

Parallel Images Of The Sanctuary And The Creation
The comparison is not meant to demonstrate similar events at the same time, but to show that all the prophecies follow a similar structure based on the order in the creation and the sanctuary.
For example, the plagues are poured on a part of creation, the effect was on a related part of the sanctuary, and it was applied as a curse to the people. The reason the creation and sanctuary are intimately connected is because both are creation events and, the sanctuary is also a judgment system. The outcome from this is either life or death (creation or destruction).
# Creation Sanctuary Curse of the 7 Plagues Wicked Christ 3 Angels' Message 7 Trumpets
1 Earth Altar of Sacrifice Sores Disease Pestilence Killed 1 Worship the creator of heaven, earth, seas and springs Hail, fire, blood
2 Sea Laver
Bronze sea
Blood of the dead Famine Famine Blood and water Burning mountain
3 Fresh water, rivers and springsDrink offering Blood to drink Drought Wine of the wrath of God, dregs Sour wine to drink. Bitter waters
Altar No mercy Not hear prayers, rejection Smoke of their torment goes up Prayed for us 2 Babylon falls - gives wine of immorality to the nations
4 Sun, moon, stars Lamp Heat, fire The law of God revealed They do not repent. Fire and brimstone Sun was darkened Earth lightened with the glory of the angel Sun, moon, stars
Up Nonliving Holy People Disobedience Physical Warning -
DownBreath of life Most Holy Leaders and governments Hostility Spiritual Punishment 3 woes
5 Flying creatures, Fish, birds, sea monster Ark - God on a throne between 2 angels Darkness on the throne Loss of spiritual support Unite with unclean spirits like frogs On a cross between 2 thieves 3 Place of demons. Prison unclean spirits and birds Smoke and king from the abyss darkens the air
6 Man, beasts River of life Euphrates River dries up, frogs Loss of political support Cannibalism. Hostile - prepare to fight God in Armageddon Forsaken by God and friends All nations drink the wine of immorality 4 Angels of death from the Euphrates
7 Sabbath God Mystery finished Hail, earthquake Cities and sanctuary destroyed. No rest day or night It is finished! Earthquake Worshipped beast, no commandments or faith in Jesus It is done
Result Redemption Judgment Land desolate Exiled to Sheol Substitute The wicked are cursed Wrath of God
Source Exodus 36-40; Revelation 22:1 Revelation 16 Leviticus 26: 14-39 Revelation 14: 9-11; Revelation 18; Revelation 17: 16-18 John 19; Luke 23; Matthew 27; Mark 15 Revelation 14: 6-12; Revelation 18 Revelation 8,9; Revelation 11: 15-19

Structure Of Prophecy
VisionStructure Of Revelation
# Text Phrase Prophecy Prelude Interlude Comment Sanctuary
1 1:10 I heard The seven churches 1:1 - 1:9 None Chapter 1 - 3 A message and reward for the nation of priests
2 6:1 I saw, I heard The Seven Seals 4:1 - 5:14 Chapter 7 The lamb opens the seals on the book. The covenant is opened
4:1 After these things Throne in heaven and the open door and a closed book. The curses are unleashed. Chapter 4 and 5 are a prelude to chapter 6 The Most Holy Place is opened. Judgment begins. Curses sent.
7:1 I saw The sealing The sealing is an interlude between the sixth and seventh seal The church is sealed and the book is opened. The righteous are identified
3 8:2 I saw The seven trumpets None 10 - 11:14 The world is judged A call to judgment
10:1 I saw The open book and the judgment of the church This is an interlude in the seven trumpets The church is judged The final reading of the covenant to the people
4 12-13 A change The persecution of the church by the dragon None 14 The dragon is punished for persecuting the church. The people and sanctuary of God are attacked. False worship is enforced.
14:1 I looked The three angel's message 144,000 and the fall of Babylon The 144000, the gospel and the fall of Babylon A message to avoid false worship. The prophet warns the world.
5 16 I saw Seven Last plagues 15 17 Plagues are written in chapter 16 The curses are applied
15:1 I saw The victorious saints Prelude to the seven last plagues Declare that God is righteous The righteous are rewarded. The blessings are applied.
17:1 Then The judgment of the harlot Reason why the harlot is judged. She persecuted and she corrupted the ministry. God is justified The enemies of God are rewarded. Enlargement: The sixth plague
6 19:1 After these things The Second Coming 18 20 The Second Coming The harvest. Enlargement: The seventh plague
18:1 After these things The angel's message Details about the fall of Babylon The punishment of Babylon The last three plagues
20:1 I saw Armageddon Satan chained Judgment The millennium and the two resurrections The hostility to God
20:11 I saw White throne judgment Armageddon and the punishment of Satan The second death and the lake of fire Evil is destroyed
7 21:1 I saw Heaven None 22:8 The saints rewarded The blessings applied

Structure of Daniel
Chapter Prophecy
2 The metal man
4 The great tree
7 The four unclean animals
8 The sanctuary animals
9 The 2300 days and the Messiah
11-12 The detail history of the 2300 days
The different prophecies of Daniel can be easily identified because they occur several years apart. But the prophecies of revelation are more difficult to separate into their different visions because the entire prophecy was given at one time. But Revelation is structured after a pattern of a series of seven events. We can use this pattern to see if there are other divisions within the prophecy.
To find these separate themes, several items can be analyzed.

  1. The Series of seven (churches, seals, trumpets, plagues).
  2. A Change in symbols and topic (Revelation 12, 13)
  3. The language structure. Look for phrases such as:
  4. Interlude and prelude. They can be long introductions to a new prophecy or explanations. Revelation (15:1, 17:1)
    What is clear is that the series of seven seem to show the events in history and the interludes show the same event applied to the saints. They may not occur at the same time. For example, the seven trumpets show the partial judgments of the earth until the final judgment in the seventh trumpet, but the interlude shows the judgment of the church. They are treated differently at an appointed time.
  5. Fasts. Revelation is structured in the order of the feasts.
  6. Chapter divisions - (Daniel)

The Order Of The Visions
The next difficulty lies in determining if the separate visions come in order or parallel other visions. This is a matter of investigating what occurs in each vision. Some of this is obvious by looking at the table above.
Visions 5 - 7 repeats and enlarges the last part of vision 4 concerning the events at the end of the persecution. It is not in order because in chapter 17, the angels gives the reason why the judgments of chapter 15 and 16 were given. So chapter 17 goes back in time before the events of the two previous chapters. This is the simplest example of one of the problems in the visions - knowing when the prophecy jumps back or forward in time to give an explanation or background to the events it has just explained or is about to explain. Usually, such transitions are seen as interludes.
Finally, the mystery is unraveled by seeing the prophesy as written in the order of the accomplishments of the feast. In it we must recognize the dual nature of these fulfillments. The feasts are portrayed as a separate order of events in time, yet they are parallel. The reason is that the church experiences the fulfillment for them over a series of events, but Jesus Christ is fulfilling them in parallel. The events will converge and conclude after the Second Coming.

The Order and Alignment of the Visions of Revelation
Vision # The Major Visions Comment
1 2 3 4 5-7
Prophecy Church Seal Trumpet Dragon Last Days
Feasts Passover Shavu'ot Trumpet Yom Kippur Tabernacles
Previous events #1-#2 #1-#3 #1-#2 12 17: 1-8 Events before the time of the end
Babylon grows #3 #4 #3 13:1-11 17: 9-18 The last empire emerges
Persecution #4-#5 #5 #4-#6 13: 12-18 17: 13-14 The 1260 year persecution. Reformation
Judgment #6-#7 #6 #7; 11 14: 1-5 17 The seventh trumpet
Last Message - 7: 1-17 10: 6-7 14: 6-12 18: 1-4 The three angel's message. The sealing
Fall of Babylon - - 11:15-17 14: 8 17: 16-17;
18: 5-24
The collapse of the global tyrant
Punishment - - 11: 18 14: 9-12 16 Plague or wrath of God
Saints Rewarded - 7: 4-17 11: 18 14: 13 15 The blessings of the covenant
Second Coming - #7 11: 19 14: 14-16 19 He destroys His enemies and rescues His church
Hell - - - 14: 17-20 20 The millennium, Armageddon and the lake of fire
Heaven - - - - 21-22 The righteous live with God

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God. (Romans 8: 28) Time: 40 minutes
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