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The Sky Is Falling, Chicken Little!
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How can we tell that the end is near? Prophets have been saying this for almost 2000 years. For a time the disciples thought it would be in their day. Evolutionists say it will occur in five billion years when the sun becomes a red giant and engulfs the earth. Some say it is already here.
Most of the signs have been around for years, so how do we know when they will be significant for one unique generation?
When the disciples asked Jesus this question, He gave them a list of supernatural signs: (earthquakes, dark day, sky falling and the powers of the heavens shaken), all bad news. But He gave one specific sign.
The Good News. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end shall come. (Matthew 24: 14)
The devastating signs of the end of the world will be punctuated with very Good News!

Signs Of The End Of The World
I have based my understanding of the significance of the signs on the convergence of the signs. This means that I did not look at any one specific sign. I looked at all the critical signs and powers that are to be in operation just before the end. Then I looked at how global or influential or powerful they were. Finally, I looked at which signs were missing and how easily they could be fulfilled. As a result, my conclusion is that the only missing signs are the preaching of the gospel, the final persecution and the seven last plagues. I have evidence that the Holy Spirit is being poured out to fulfill this last sign, because Joel 2 is now being fulfilled.
So these are the signs and conditions of the world during the end.
ProphecyThe Time Of The End
Dark ages Time of the end
Time Prophecy 2520 years (Babylon Fallen) Babylon Returns
2300 years Judgment
1335 years Church regains power Church #1 Babylon falls 1000 Years
Satan bound
1290 years Church is wounded Church and state unite Church and state Seven Last Plagues Plagues Second Coming
Second Coming
- 1260 years
Church and state
USA Grows
USA #1 USA Europe
EU 10 Kings
The Beast
The Image Now You are here! The Mark
Church- Two witnesses Angel 1 The Three Angel's Message Angel 2 Angel 3 Tribulation
Day (Work while it is still day) Night (No Work)
Seed Growing Latter Rain! Harvest Reaping Fruit Weeds
Feasts Trumpets Yom Kippur Tabernacles
8 Heads Five fallen heads Sixth head Seventh head USA Vatican Eighth Head Satan
Seals Grey Horse 5 Sixth seal Seventh seal
Churches 3 4 5 6 Seventh Church Global Israel United
Trumpets 3 4 5 6 Seventh Trumpet Rescue
Trumpets Interpretation #2 1 2 3 4 5 Sixth Trumpet Seventh Trumpet
Horses Zechariah's Horses Red Horse Red Black Horse Black White Horse Grey Horse Grey Horse
Thunders Thunders Sealed 1 2 3 4 5 Sixth Seventh
Matthew 24 Tribulation 1755 - Lisbon earthquake 1780 - Dark day French Revolution 1798 - Pope Imprisoned 1833 - Stars fall The days of Noah Deceptive miracles Antichrist False Christ Second Coming
Signs Reptiles Evolution Global Climate Change
Date 530 538 1755 1780 1789 1798 1833 1843 1844 1929 1981 1991 2000 2001 Now Sunday laws
Event 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 12 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Fulfilled Prophecy Unfulfilled Prophecy
    The 2300 days (Daniel 8: 14) began in 457 BC and ended in 1844.
    The period known as the "time of the end" formally begins in 1798. It starts at the end of many long prophetic time periods and the rise to power of groups and governments that will be significant in the end. It has the following events:
  1. November 1, 1755 - The great Lisbon earthquake.
  2. May 19, 1780 - The mysterious dark day over Northern America.
  3. 1789 - The French Revolution.
  4. 1798 (Papacy Falls) - The 1260 and 1290 year prophecies end. The Papacy officially loses power ending 1260 years of religious tyranny.
  5. November 13, 1833 - The stars fell in the great Leonid meteor shower that gave life to modern astronomy.
  6. The last super power (The Unites States of America) is rising to prominence and is now in ancient Babylon.
  7. 1844 (Judgment Sealed) - The 1335 year and 2300 year prophecy ends and judgment for the saints begins.
  8. Blue Laws instituted and are not generally enforced.
  9. 1929 (Wound Healed) - The Papacy regains some of its power when the Lateran treaty is signed and the church receives possession of land and political autonomy.
  10. 1945 - The second world war ends and with it goes the power of monarchies. New forms of government are introduced.
  11. 1980's - The Moral Majority comes out in the open, vowing to take over every political office
    "from dog catcher to school administrator to the presidency of the United States".
    By 2000, the gay rights supporters have adopted the same strategy to defeat "anti-gay bigots" at the state level by electing pro-gay law makers.
    Because iniquity [lawlessness] is increased, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24: 12)
  12. 1981 (Babylon Revived) - Babylon the Great is now allied with ancient prophecy as a 2520 year prophecy ends.
    1981-1982 - The secret alliance between the pope and Ronald Reagan to end communism creates the beast named Babylon the Great.
  13. 1989-1991 (The Seventh Head) - The seventh head (USA and the Papacy) defeats the sixth head (communism). The Soviet Union collapses leaving the United States as the only super power for the near future. This occurred because of the union of the USA and the Papacy to defeat communism.
  14. 1991-1992 - The United states of America is officially the only remaining super power. The soviet Union has collapsed and In a symbolic transfer of power, the new Babylon defeats the old Babylon in the Persian Gulf War.
  15. The Catholic Coalition is intent on becoming a political force in the United States by controlling a voting block that represents 25% of the population of the United States.
  16. The European Union uses the same currency.
  17. 2001 (The Lamb Becomes a Dragon) - The Homeland Security Office forms with powers that are similar to the beast power during the dark ages. They have psychologically justified torture as a legal tool as we discovered in May 2004 from the disgraceful treatment of the prisoners of Abu Ghraib.
    A group with this type of power that is controlled by the United States will be used to enforce the mark of the beast.
  18. Current time. The image of the beast is being created. We can see external evidence of it by the recent behavior of the United States in their contempt for law, vilification of non-supporters and use of abhorrent tactics.
    The time of trouble seems to have started.
  19. The Mark of the beast. Europe has already taken the legal and social steps to justify this enforcement of Sunday Laws.
  20. The Seven Last Plagues.
  21. The Second Coming marks the beginning of the millennium.
  22. Millennium

Signs The Most Important Sign (Gospel Preached). This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end shall come. (Matthew 24: 14)
This is the only sign which indicates that the end is near. The other signs only indicate that we are approaching the end of time. The bible seems to suggest that there will be one year of preaching the Gospel effectively, followed by one year of plagues. I am confident that the gospel preached by persuasion and not by force can occur in one to four years.
» The Latter Rain. The great outpouring of the Holy Spirit will provide the supernatural gifts that we will need to appeal to the world. Simultaneously, the Holy Spirit will be softening the hearts of the people so that they will be curious and they will obey.
» Social Signs. The remaining signs in the secular world can be summed up by the attempts of the wicked to follow the lusts and ideas of their own minds in an attempt to ignore and demolish the commandments and will of God and force the righteous to follow them.

Signs Political Signs (Influential Powers). Only two to four powers are important in the end.

Signs Social Signs. God says that the increase in the immoral social climate can be traced to one event.

Signs Environmental Signs and Natural Disasters. The weather seems to have become psychopathic since 1989. Sooner or later, the signs will shift from those of atmospheric origin to signs of cosmic origins, or threats from objects in space.

Signs Religious Signs. Corrupt religion will eventually dominate, but corrupted hearts will continue in evil.

Signs Inflitration And Attack On Sabbath-Keeping Groups.
For years people have speculated that we have been infiltrated by the Jesuits or some branch of the Catholic church, intent on bring us into their fold or tearing us apart by actions that are based on planned military tactics.
Besides the Pope calling for all governments to legally recognize Sunday as a day of rest, the attack on the covenant of God involves attacking major Sabbath churches so that a splintered and fractured church has no collective power. There were two major Sabbath churches. One suddenly ceased to exist in 1995.

Signs Prophetic Signs. The remaining major prophecies are the persecution based on our refusal to disobey God, the spread of the Gospel and the Second Coming. Right now, the powers that will persecute are consolidating their capabilities. Therefore, the events that we will see on this earth that are related to the prophecies are related to the church controlling Europe and the United States and expanding its worldwide influence.

Unfulfilled Prophecy
What is happening now? Almost everything is fulfilled. The public debate will shift to religious issues. The trend will be the control of government by the church. Amazingly, with this veneer of religion, there will be the strong influence of the immoral and the occult. Everyone will be ruled by their own passions, but it will be the Christians who will succeed in influencing the government. Especially as it relates to international concerns.
The United States will increasingly grow into its dragon phase, telling the world what to do under threat of punishment. This type of force will extend into religious affairs.
We should look for the following events.

Signs Babylon The Great. The concept of Babylon began at the Tower of Babel and terminated in King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon who ruled the known world. The end of times appears to be a copy of the end of the first prototypes of Babylon.

The Special Weapons And Tactics Of Satan
God starts great movements and Satan hijacks them and overturns their mandate so that practically nothing of their original purpose remains.
Unfortunately, the message is so murky and so owned by its evil advocates that it is difficult to wade in and separate the good from the bad, because the vitriolic narrative will not let us make those distinctions.
In every movement atheism directly asserts itself from the inception establishing a basis for the existence of the movement. It usually labels itself as freedom, compassion, tolerant, reasonable and right. Some of these movements would be tolerable if they would allow the godly message to be heard instead of ridiculed. Abstinence, creation science investigation are all curse words that show that the mastermind behind this hijacking is Satan.

Every divinely inspired measure has been met with a counter move. In our era, the media is Satan's propaganda tool to spread his message. Even neglecting the Gospel, the religious media is an embarassment to the principles of God, offering salvation and favor like snake oil salesmen. Look at the television shows and movies and advertisements offered through the media and ask yourself what principles of God do they promote?
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! (Isaiah 5: 20-21)
The answer is that they not only promote evil, they ridicule the principles of good. The media loves everything except God and fat people. With fat people they call it "concern for health". With God they call it rational common sense.
The media is creating and generating the demand for behavior that is offensive to God and deadly addictive and infectious for our morals. For every show that you watch ask yourself how do they attack God personally and what morals they are openly teaching? We can no longer even ask what good morals they teach.

  1. The Preamble (Out Of Slavery). Jesus came to free us from slavery, especially slavery to sin. Yet every offering of the media ia meant to stimulate the areas of our brains which encourage the desire to sin.
  2. No Other God. Even our educational and science programs promote the atheist view, ridiculing Bible as a book of myths and irrational, unscientific nonsense. The nature shows are a steady diet of evolution and the dogma of "survival of the fittest". Although you can lean from them and appreciate their beauty I ask you how does a steady diet of evolution year after year wear down your resistance. If you are not offended or concerned then the next generation will be a casualty even if you think that you are not. Satan works on long time scales, we need to think beyond how strong we think we are personally and look at the long term picture. Nations do not become atheistic, violent and promiscuous overnight. In the void of a dysfunctional church, television and our educational system paved the way.
  3. No Idols. We even have a show called "American Idol". Like the former Roman empire idols are everywhere and we no longer require them to be moral and outstanding citizens. In fact the opposite is true. The more outrageous and offensive the athlete and movie star or sinner is the more popular we make them if they are rich or pretty or successful. During the winter months it is the narcissistic and shallow actors and singers giving themselves awards practically every week decked out in the most expensive clothes. Even most "reality" shows which began with the scripted lives of real people are now mostly about crooks, mobsters, rich people and celebrities. Television is the vomiting bucket for all the odds behaviors, sin and dysfunctional people which Satan is trying to make us emulate.
  4. Name In Vain (Blaspheme). Cursing, strong language, suggestive language, adult humor in children's shows. Everyday the media disrespects God by promoting everything that God is against and marginalizing or destroying what God values.
  5. Sabbath. Television Land is designed to keep us away from church. We fell down the slippery slopes by rushing home from church to feed on our diet of sports because we have changed the definition of Sabbath and lost the meaning of its purpose. Now sports is overlapping with church and only the old people attend church. The weekend is packed with sports and entertainment options on the days people go to church. So on the real Sabbath most personal work gets done.
  6. Honor Parents. Children are taught to be impolite, sassy and engage in mature dress and accessories for their age. They no longer honor God by trying to learn about Him. Instead the cartoons and children's programming promote evolution, atheism and occultism. Our children know Zeus and Gaia not Yahweh. If they heard of YHWH they would think that He is another mythical God useful for entertainment and parlor room seances. Our children worship sex, nudity, alcohol and drugs. They are the products of the children of the sixties. The wonen's liberation has not liberated women from either the drudgery of house work or the indignity of disrespect or classification as brainless, sexual objects.
  7. Kill. They promote blood, violence and torture by the very act of constantly offering these as entertainment thinking that these "realistic" portrayals are necessary to create a great show. Instead, they are desensitizing us to this horror and teaching us things we would not have thought about on our own.
  8. Adultery. The movie stars led the way on adultery and nudity and fornication. A steady diet of soap operas has kept up the assault on marriage. We love the villains and no longer root for the "goody two shoes".
    Handcuffs, whips, chains and dog collars? These things are no longer said in whispers and shame. The physical bonding act that is supposed to mimic the spiritual intimacy between us and God has been sullied by Satan. STDs are manageable so the risk is ignored. Nobody wants to hear the gory facts because the mortal gods of science and money will fix any problems.
  9. Steal. Wall street is our legalized mode of gambling, greed and extortion. While many Christians find it wrong to spend a $1.00 on a lottery ticket that supports education because the tax base has gone, many think it is even prudent and godly to invest God's money so that it can return a profit. Unfortunately, in the race for dollars we ignore the fact that these banks and financial instutions own whore houses, slave business and porn establishments because they give very high rates of return.
  10. Lie. If you have ever watched an American political campaign you will see lying on steroids. If you have ever seen the modern pundits you realize that there are no more Walter Kronkite's remaining. Boldly lying to achieve your goals is the standard.
  11. Covet (Greed). The movies taught us that greed is good and that success means having the most toys and the most money. The economic engine itself is driven on the wheels of desire generated through media ad campaigns. Buy more of this and that and buy it more often and get it before everybody else.

Satan is attacking our principles of morality on every front. Through the eyes and ears he has entertained us with television and raunchy music. Through our diet and evnironment he appears to be even attacking our brains and our ability to make decisons. Having filled us with drugs since the 1960's, we seem to have another brain wasting syndrome spreading alarmingly from infancy. What is causing the high rate of autism and hyperactivity? We are creating a zombie generation of restless and disengaged humans. People for whom religion is either not a strong enough stimulant or too stimulating for their desire to be disengaged from the world.
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. (Ephesians 5: 11-12)
Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.) (Philippians 3: 19)
The good news is that the battle plan of God involves Satan getting trapped by his own schemes. God gave us the media technology to unite the world. Satan hijacked it. In the future God will use these assets to proclaim the Gospel in one brief shining period before Satan has to resort to brutality to end the hemorrage of souls fleeing Babylon and its corruption. So in the end, it is the governments, politicians, business men, financial institutions and media owners who will try to end this because success is inevitably measured by money and profits. And the love of money is the root of all evil.

The Mission Of The Seventh Day Adventist Church
2000 Years Of Preaching and Warning Time Of The End 1844 2008GospelTime of Trouble Rescue
Satan Idolatry Atheism • Evolution Physics Biology Chemistry Occult • Persecution God
Christ Seed Planted and Watered Seed Growing Latter Rain Holy Spirit Fruit Plagues Harvest
Building The Ark Animals Migrate Loading The Ark Flood Safe
Build Ark Bear Leopard Elephant Lamb Ark Load Dove Giraffe Lion Ark Flood Ark Safe
Angel Exodus Pharoah's Army Pillar of Cloud and Fire Red Sea Caanan
Angel Ark
Goat Attacks The Little Horn Attacks Cloud Holy Objects Arrive Cloud Fire -
Sanctuary Taken Down Fabric and roof
Sanctuary building
Shofar Reuben Sanctuary Restored Kohath: Holy Objects
Joseph Dan Israel
Arrow Left Led By Christ
(Priest and King)
Sanctuary Destroyed Church Afflicted Sanctuary
Christ Killed Jews Afflicted Life
Lamb Passover Bread Wine Pentecost (Shavu'ot) Dove Goat Yom Kippur Goat Tabernacles
Jesus Ransoms Us Holy Spirit Washes Us Clean Judged CleanHome
Lepers Under Quarantine Inspected No Quarantine
Prophesy Again. The Advent movement was disappointed in 1844 when Jesus did not return. The Seventh Day Adventist church grew out of that movement with a new understanding of the sanctuary that must be restored and a mission to repeat the warnings of the soon coming of Jesus Christ to the world. The directive to prophesy again was written into the laws and prophesy about the movement of the sanctuary and is discussed in more detail in another lesson.
Let me show you where we are in terms of the mission of this church since 1844 to "prophesy again".

The Hidden Treasures In The Sanctuary
These are the treasures hidden in the sanctuary that God has poured out on the last generations.

Adventist Prophecies
Seventh Day Adventists have several other details about the fulfillment of prophecies that they have held for about 100 years. The current behavior and laws of the United States and the involvement of Protestant churches in launching this power is a unique Adventist belief that people scoffed at. Now it is a reality since 2001.
Adventist Prophecy Prophecy Fulfilled
The United States will be the last world power Beast from the Earth 1991
The United States will become a persecuting tyrant Dragon Speaks 2001
The Catholic church will regain international power Wound Healed 1929, 1991
The Protestant churches will be the first to influence the government Union of church and state 1980, 2000
There will be a union of church and state.
The Catholic church will influence the United States
Babylon the Great
Fulfilled in Europe
There will be a national Sunday law that will be enforced Mark of the Beast Fulfilled in Europe
Spiritualism will be popular Miracles 1970's
Spiritualism will infiltrate the church Miracles 1980's
God will use simple methods to complete the work Zechariah 4: 6 Internet, House to house
The final movements will be rapid Woman in Childbirth e.g. The fall of communism.
Judgment passes from the righteous dead to the living The Sealing I think it has started
Visions and dreams Joel 2 Fulfilling
Learn advanced science to prepare us for the final work Isaiah 29: 14-24 Bible science revealed (2006-?)
God will take control Isaiah 59: 1, 16-17; 63: 1-6 Fulfilling
The church is ridiculed and persecuted Mark of the Beast Not fulfilled
Satan will impersonate Christ The Eighth Head Not fulfilled

Final Movements Will Be Rapid
Technology seems to be the engine that drives all movements affected by prophecy. This is clearly seen in the global reach of the internet and its ability to drive the following activities.

Consolidating Forces: The Making of Armageddon
Two religious groups believe that they are fighting Armageddon or some precursor to that war. Both appear to be making moves to create conditions for a self-fulfilling prophecy. Both believe that they will be victorious.

The Muslim prophecies say that major battles will be fought in Afghanistan, Baghdad and Syria. And when Al-Madhi returns every faithful Muslim should join the army led by Al-Madhi who is assisted by someone from Afghanistan who leads a great army. This army goes to fight against Israel and the Christians. The execution of their war has forced America to fight in those places mentioned by their prophecies. In another version of a Middle East prophecy, the final battle will be fought in the holy nation of Iran. Our sword rattling is truly stirring up the pages of their prophecy. And these groups are acting according to their prophetic scripts. But it is unfortunate that the actions of the United States prompted them to also fulfill these prophecies of their own free will.
The religious right believe the opposite. With some tweaking of the prophetic players, they now believe that the Muslims are the forces of Antichrist. They used to believe that Russia and China would start a war in the Middle East and persecute Israel. But the opposite has happened. Now they have recast the role of America so that it is a power that has been called by God to defeat the wicked and bring in the kingdom of God. They are even deliberately trying to turn Russia into an enemy again.
What will actually happen? The nations will march against Israel and surround them. Even though the religious right believe that they must support Israel, somehow, America will stop supporting Israel. I do not know how that will happen. But it will. America will also lose the war. We will never leave the Middle East.

Evangelistic Efforts
If we use money collected or number responding as proofs of success of the evangelistic efforts of God Himself then the great attempts of the prophets of God to articulate the position of God have all been devastating failures. People simply prefer darkness to light. Neither the professed people of God nor the wicked are willing to contemplate the appeals for life from God.

Efforts To Stop The Preaching Of The Message
The gospel message involves several aspects.

We cannot separate the message of love from the message of warning. Unfortunately, those in power are not content at having the messages preached and labeling us as crackpots. No. They are making every effort to stop us through legal, social and business methods. They are changing laws, saturating the public with a particular "peace" message, controlling communications businesses and influencing the governments.
While churches can still cite moral objections for accommodating new legal rights, yet commercial interests and church operations who use government funds cannot cite moral objection for declining to provide immoral services.
Discrimination and Prejudice. Eventually people who want to obey moral laws will be driven out of business for not providing immoral services. Their position will be labeled a discrimination, evoking images of the civil rights movement when people denied services to African Americans by either giving them sub-standard services (separate and unequal) or none at all. A part of this was also the treatment and violence aimed at them. No minority group can now claim that they are being treated this way.
Businesses should be allowed to work under moral principles and let the market forces drive out those they find objectionable. If services are provided, then there must not be unequal treatment to different customers.
At some point it will be impossible to say anything other than

Satan "God is love and all paths lead to the same god."

The Message of the Three Angels
Angel 1 Worship the Creator.
The judgment has started
Angel 2 Babylon (USA and Papacy) has fallen.
She corrupted the nations. Leave her
Angel 3 Avoid the mark of the beast or receive the plagues
Personal Radio TelevisionSatellite Books WEB SitesEmail/ LettersTelephone
Religious Speech (Redefined, Regulated, Ridiculed and Censored)
Laws Message sent Vulgar Speech Hate Speech Message sent Anti-Government Speech
Legal Pressures Social Pressures
Media Censorship Vulgar Speech Hate SpeechSocially Unacceptable Speech Negative Speech Divisive Speech Unpatriotic Speech
Business CensorshipFew Owners Few Opinions Stakeholder Control Business RulesCustomer Complaints Advertiser Threats Cost
Power Pressures Cost Pressures
Door to Door Blocked Message or Denial Of Service (Flooded With Conspiracies)
Rat Infestation
No Warnings
New Doctrines
No Preaching or ProphecyChanged Censored, "Marginalized" Pastors
New Age Doctrines ImmoralityBow To Rome - Ecumenism SundayEvolution
CensorCorruptSold-OutTraitors Bitter EnemiesChurchSchools
The Dying World

With the changing environment and the new socially conscious rhetoric, religious speech walks a fine line between hate speech and unpatriotic speech and will be banned from public dissemination because of the legal and social pressures brought on the companies that carry their message.
How can we preach the full message under these conditions? We cannot.
And when did this censorship take hold of the liberal western cultures? Within the last six years (since 1998).
This means that we must try to be as successful as possible before we are totally shut out. The only option we will have at that point is personal evangelism in private homes and this too is being regulated in places like Canada, China, Middle East and countries of the former Soviet Union. Businesses already ban "soliciting".

Western Democracies. Now that communism is dead, western democracies have immediately begun to censor religion. Sweden, Norway, England, Canada and France are some of the countries that now prosecute religious speech. In France you can be jailed for printing a book that "incites hatred".
In Canada you can be jailed for printing offensive advertisement or preaching incorrect things in public and on the internet. In Britain you can be arrested for hate speech because it affects "community cohesion". Churches in Britain must perform homosexual marriages. In other western democracies you can be fined for convincing someone to change their religion.

Satan's Evolving Strategy (The Confusion Of Conspiracies)
Babylon the Great is a place of confusion.
Unfortunately the confusion also lies within the church. We are spending an enormous amount of time and resources on these complex, not provable and unprofitable conspiracy theories while we neglect the simplicity of the real prophecies. Every time we run with alternate theories or endorse those that we do not believe, it creates confusion. Eventually, all these competing ideas sound like "crying wolf" too often. People love conspiracies because they seem to take the place of juicy gossip and no amount of wrong speculation or asinine theories will convince them to stop.
I present these ideas because a false Second Coming can actually take advantage of this. When your world paradigm shifts, unfortunately, then people who are running to look for answers will find these first.

The Succession of Empires
Powers Detail Major Activities Year Prophecies
1 Babylon 70 years Fall of Babylon 539 BC Daniel 2: 38; 7:4
2 Medes and
Cyrus Babylon is captured under the leadership of Cyrus. 539 BC Daniel 7: 5; 8: 3,6
3 Greeks Alexander The first great leader 336 BC Daniel 8: 5; 11: 3
4 Divisions Seleucus, Cassander, Ptolemy and Lysichamus 306 BC Daniel 7: 6; 8: 8; 11: 4
2 Divisions Northern and southern kingdom (Seleucid and Ptolemy) 281 BC Daniel 11: 5, 6
4 Romans Caesar Augustus Caesar defeats Cleopatra and Mark Anthony in the Battle of Actium 31 BC Daniel 11: 17-18
MessiahPassover Lamb - First Coming. Resurrection proven. 31 Daniel 9: 24-27; 11: 22
Dragon Rome persecutes the Messiah and God's people 66 Revelation 2: 10; 12
5 Papacy Church and state Little Horn Persecutes God's people when the government is controlled by the church 538 - 1798 Daniel 7: 21; Revelation 17: 3, 6
Revelation 13, 17
6 Europe Ten Divisions Tries to unite and will be unsuccessful. 768 - Now Daniel 2: 41-43; 7: 24;
Revelation 12: 3; 13:1
7 United States Lamb Rescues God's people 1600+ Revelation 13: 11
Righteous judged 1844+ Day of Atonement.
Daniel 7: 22
Church and state Dragon Uniting with the church to become Babylon the Great 1981+ Revelation 13
Speaks like a dragon 2001 Revelation 13
Persecutes God's people Mark - Revelation 13: 15-18
Seven Last Plagues 1 year Revelation 16
Fall of Babylon Revelation 18
8 Satan Eighth head False Second Coming Revelation 17
9 Kingdom
of God
Messiah King - Second Coming. Righteous resurrected Tabernacles day 1
Millennium Land rests from sin 1000+ Years Revelation 20: 1-3, 7
Messiah Judge - Third Coming. Wicked resurrected Tabernacles day 7.
Revelation 20: 4-5
Judgment The wicked are judged Revelation 20: 11-15
Armageddon Revelation 16: 16; 19: 19; 20: 8-9
Hell Revelation 20: 14-15
New Earth Israel lives with God in peace Forever Revelation 21

Study to show yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2: 15 Time: 200 minutes
Print: 36 pages
Copyright     Updated : December 2010
Author: Laverna Patterson. Editor: Patterson (January 2008)
Read "The Great Controversy" by Ellen White.
We’re eating more than we’re producing. Evan Fraser URL: http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/27/were-eating-more-than-were-producing/