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"You are the beloved child of the Creator"
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Welcome to our web site for children!
We hope that you will enjoy our Bible stories, games, science lessons and crafts. Everything on this site is done for the praise of God! I hope you will love Him more after exploring all the good things that He has done.

Bible Stories
Bible Stories Adam and Eve Noah's Ark The Exodus
Daniel in the Lion's Den In the Fiery Furnace Jonah and the Big Fish
The Baby Jesus The life of Jesus Heaven
Great Children The Boy Jesus David and Goliath Good King Josiah
Samuel Joseph Naaman and the slave
Faithful Moses Abraham King David
Deborah Ruth Queen Esther
Job Joshua

Learn about the great things that God has done.

Creation Science
Good science is an understanding of the record of the creation.
See what marvelous things God did when He created your world.
Creator Day Activity
God made the containers
Sunday Physics Chemistry
Monday Geography Atmosphere
Tuesday Ecosystems Trees
God Filled the Containers Wednesday Sun, Moon and Stars Constellations
Thursday Fish and Birds Insects
Friday Adam and Eve The Human Body
God Rested Saturday Food and Nutrition
Vitamins Water
Drugs Smoking
Since you are a wonderful creation, care for your mind and body.
The Second Day of Creation

Crafts Suggestions Pop-up Cards Creation Book
Paper crafts Paper Plate Paper Bag Puppets
Quilts Mission to the World Creation Exodus
Noah's Ark Noah's Ark Wedding Noah's Ark Special Delivery
I Love You Bear Hug Hearts and Stars
Poetry Our children created Psalms or Songs of praise for God. Follow our rules and create your own words of praise

Use crafts to help your school and church projects.

It is our intent not to show or imply gross acts of needless violence. We will try to show the difficult battles, triumphs and defeats of life as gently as possible.

I hope to show that with God we are winners every time - no matter how things turn out in the world.

Description Skills Age Images of Violence
Battle of Armageddon ArchangelHelp the archangel, Michael, to defeat the dragon, Lucifer in this battle between good and evil. Strategy 7+ Strike at Satan and his army.
Mission Possible frogTry to change the world through the love of God and by forming a community of believers. Leave no one behind. Strategy 5+ None
In the Belly of the big fish JonahYou have 7 chances to save Jonah from the belly of the big fish. If you don't Jonah will be lunch! Spelling 7+ If you lose, there is a picture of Jonah in the fish.
Scrambled Unscramble these pictures from your favorite bible stories. Strategy 8+ None
Concentration snakeSee how fast you can find matching pairs. Memory, matching 6+ None
Matched Pairs flashlightFind the matching pairs - match pictures and words. English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese words only. Memory, matching, spelling 6+ None
Eye Witness eyeMake friends - we will show you how. But try to remember who they are because you will be called to witness! Memory, matching 7+ None
Odd ball sunsunGuess which picture is different. Matching 6+ None
The Three Angel's Message frogGod has a message of hope for the world. But the enemy is trying to stop the message. Only you can help. Try to send the message of the three angels before the frogs defeat you. Strategy 7+ None
The Pearl pearlJust when you thought you had lost - you will win if you find the pearl of great price. Sometimes we get more than we have hoped for. Strategy 8+ None
Armor of God breast plateGather all the weapons of defense that God has given us, and go out into world. Live life as a Christian. Strategy 8+ Picture of a sword
Fruits of the Spirit fruitTake all the fruits of the Spirit that God has given us, and go out into world and demonstrate the love of God. Strategy 8+ None
Earthquake earthquake Live life, find the hidden treasure, make money ... until the earthquake!!! It is the end of the world! And the end of the game. Strategy 8+ None
Treasure hunt treasure Hunt for hidden treasure. Avoid the black hole. Jump over rocks. Look out for hidden snakes! Strategy 8+ None
For younger children
Match Maker cow It is the biggest wedding day in history! Every creature is getting married. Help Noah find one bride and one groom for the ark. Matching 4 None
On the farm The animals need to get in the barn before night. They are hiding so you have to find them by their sound. Matching 4 None
Little Odd ball sunsunGuess which picture is different. Matching 4+ None
Educational Games for Teachers and Sabbath Schools.
Allows you to use your own pictures.
Match Game Birds Match pairs of items and test your skill of color, number and alphabet recognition. Fun for older children. Educational for younger children Strategy 4+ None
Frank N. Stein: Plastic Surgeon eye Mix and match faces from many creatures. You can even add your own. Memory skills 4+ None
Dr. Jack Hill and Mr. Hyde
Mad Scientists
Panda What is a pandenguin?
Find out as you create and name these new animals.
Match the top half of one animal with the bottom half of the other and see the weird animals and names that result!
Phonics skills 4+ Animal pictures are split in two
Concentration Brain Guess a word by the sound of all pictures. A game board for group contests that has three games (Concentration, Jeopardy and the Feud). Strategy 6+ None
Puzzles Mazes, hidden objects and coloring puzzles Strategy 6+ None

The Love of God
God loves little children. He has told adults that if they want to go to heaven that they should become like little children! imaging that!

So the next time you go digging for worms, or jumping in a mud puddle or baking a cake on the living room floor - invite your parents to join. They might learn something about God.
And you could be their teacher!

One day when He was talking to the adults, the disciples told the children to go away. But Jesus said , "let the children come to me because heaven is full of children".
You are greatly loved.

A Message to Parents
It is my commitment to provide a safe, interesting and integrated learning environment for children to have fun, read, learn the Bible and other classroom material.

This is a Christian site dedicated to presenting our loving and interesting God to children. You will notice a strong bias towards creation. Before you tell your child that this is a myth, please read the discussion on creation in the adult section and see our amazing proofs about a unified model of particle physics and the Periodic Table of chemistry in the Bible.
Internet Safety
The internet can sometimes be a wonderful place to get information and have fun. But 8 out of every 10 Web sites are there to hurt children. So before you use the Internet, learn these safety rules with your parents.
  • ball Always be polite.
  • ball Ask your parents to spend time with you while on line so that you can show them some of the wonderful things you have found.
  • ball Review our website with your parents. Words can be as dangerous as pictures.
  • ball Only use the Internet when your parents tell you that you can, and only for as long as you are allowed.
  • ball Do not send pictures of yourself or your family to anyone unless you have permission from your parents.
  • ball Do not give out personal information like your name, address, telephone number or school name to anyone unless you have permission from your parents.
  • ball Do not respond to any e-mail messages you get if they are strange, unkind or upsetting to you, and tell your parents or teachers right away.
  • ball Stop right away if you see or read something on a Web site that upsets you and tell your parents or teachers about it.
  • ball Never meet with someone that you have met on the Internet unless your parents go with you or you have their permission to go alone.
  • ball If your parents give you permission to meet someone alone that you have met on the internet, you have 3 choices:
    1. Have their heads examined!
    2. Get new parents.
    3. Choose one of the first two choices.
  • ball Do not break copyright rules by taking words, pictures or sound from someone else's Web site without their permission.

Thank You
Thank you for coming to our web site. Please come back again and invite your friends.

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.   Ephesians 6: 1 Time: 20 minutes
Print: 5 pages
Copyright     Updated : February 28, 2004
Author: Laverna Patterson
Images are the original drawings of Laverna Patterson and are the property of Teachinghearts.
The safety rules were slightly modified from a list found at another web site.