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  • 100 points for each picture solved.
  • Points for each question are the value of the row selected.
  • Double points for each question answered if there is a star in the cell.
  • Opposing team gets half the points if they correctly answer a question missed.
  • Each column is one topic with five questions. The topic appears in the heading.
  • Each row is worth the points in the left column. The questions get harder.
  • Each team chooses a topic and one of the questions from any row.
    • If the answer is correct show the picture or information behind the tile by clicking on it.
      In the Concentration game, they can guess the answer from the hidden picture.
    • If they answer incorrectly, the opponent gets to guess at half the points.

Solve To Solve the Concentration Picture
Each board has five hidden pictures.
Click on the "Sample" box to see a sample picture.
The picture can be solved according to these rules.
  • The answer is the combination of sounds that make the word.
  • The "+" sign separates sounds in the same word or phrase
  • Arrows in a picture: Use only the sound of the object it points to
  • Arrows in a double picture: Use only the sound of the object that is not crossed out
  • Double Arrows: Use the sound of the action verb
  • Conversation bubble: Make the sound of the noise that the objects makes.
  • If there are more than one of the same thing, use the plural

Create Image
Size (600 wide x 550 high)
Name the image: and place it with the teachinghearts files on your computer.
Create your own titles, topics, questions and answers. Create the pictures for concentration. You can use this program only if you use appropriate material. Please use only conservative images that are suitable for young children, or that will not offend the Christian God.
There are two customization options
  1. Simple. Provides a game board that you can use as a prop. Type in the headings and title of the game in the appropriate boxes.
    • Concentration. Create a concentration picture that matches your question.
      Use the name "dr0igmpicusr.gif". Play.
    • Jeopardy. Check the "Simple" Box and Play.
    • The Feud. Check the "Simple" Box and Play.
  2. Custom File. Edit the file "dre89game1usr.txt". It allows one game of Jeopardy and the Feud with the ability to enter questions and answers is appropriate. It allows up to three concentration games. Create three pictures with any name you want. The picture must be the recommended size.
    • Concentration.
      Create a concentration picture that matches your question. Edit the images list.
      Edit the title list for game 1 to 3. Add Title and column names.
      Edit the question list and the answer list for game 1 to 3.
      Check the "Custom File" Box and Play.
    • Jeopardy. Edit the title list and the answer list for game 1 to 3.
    • The Feud. Edit the title list and the answer list for game 1 to 3.

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Copyright     Updated : February 15, 2004
Author: Laverna Patterson.   Editor:
This is an original game from Teachinghearts.
All images were created by Laverna Patterson and are the property of teachinghearts.