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Dr. Frank N. Stein: Plastic Surgeon All Ages

FaceHairEyeCheek NoseChinMouth
LeftMiddleRight LeftRight LeftRight NoseChinMouth

The eyes, nose and mouth of the "Crazy Faces" list will be mixed with the other parts of the faces selected for the "Game face" list.
Crazy Faces
Doctor Stein ran out of body parts.
So he is taking the eyes, nose and mouth from other faces to mix with yours.

Custom Faces
You can create your own faces or use digital pictures of real faces and replace our custom files. You can use this program only if you use appropriate material. Please use only conservative images that are suitable for young children, or that will not offend the Christian God.
InstructionsBody Part File Name Image Size
(Width x Height)
You have a maximum of five faces. You can change any amount.
  • Assign a number from one to five to each face.
  • For each face make ten files with the names listed on the right.
    Replace the "?" in the name with the number assigned to the person.
Make the background transparent for a better picture.
1Hair (Left) usr2sshairl?.gif 40 x 120
2Hair (Top) usr2sshairm?.gif 160 x 40
3Hair (Right) usr2sshairr?.gif 40 x 120
4Cheek (Left) usr2sscheekl?.gif 40 x 120
5Cheek (Right) usr2sscheekr?.gif 40 x 120
6Chin usr2sschin?.gif 80 x 40

If you plan to do the crazy faces only, just make a file for the eyes, nose and mouth.
7Eye (Left) usr2sseyel?.gif 80 x 40
8Eye (Right) usr2sseyer?.gif 80 x 40
9Nose usr2ssnose?.gif 80 x 80
10Mouth usr2ssmouth?.gif 80 x 40

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