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Adam and Eve
Special Delivery Do you feel unimportant? Do you think that there is nothing special about you? Well God made you to be just like Him. To love, to feel joy and to fill the world with kindness.
Genesis 1 and 2
God was full of love, so He said "I will share my love with other people". The universe is big. Let us make make a new planet.
So God planned His new world. And it was a lot of fun. Let us see what He did.

He found a place that was dark and so He decided to make it a bright spot. "let us make the new world here!"

In the beginning it was dark, so God said "If I go to this place there will be light - so let there be light!" And the whole universe came to this dark place and the light from God made it bright.
This was the first day.

On the second day God said, "I need a place above the earth for animals to live in" So he separated the water from the heavens and created the sky.
This was the second day.

The next day He said, now we need a place for people to live on, there is only sea. So he separated the sea from the dry land. Then he created all the trees and flowers and fruits and everything was beautiful. And all the heavenly angels clapped their hands with joy.
This was the third day.

The next day He said, I will create many lights in the sky - for light and beauty and to tell time. So he created the sun, moon and stars.
This was the fourth day.

Then he looked at the sky and the sea and they were empty - so He created the fish and the birds and every thing that flies. There were bees and butterflies. When He created the parrot He splashed all the colors He could on its feathers.
This was the fifth day.

The next day He said, the land is empty, I will fill it with all kinds of animals. He created the giraffe, the lion, turtles, cats, dogs and everything that walks on the earth.
Later that day He said, "Now I am ready to create man and woman and they will rule over the earth". So He created Adam and Eve.
This was the sixth day.

On the seventh day, God rested and had a party. He invited all His creation to spend the time with Him. And when they saw Him, they loved Him.
Very Important Person Your origins are not from apes or a bowl of slime millions of years old. You were created in the likeness of God. You were created from the heart of God. You are very important.

Noah's Ark
The Ark
Peer Pressure Do you ever do what is wrong because every body else does it? Do you feel left out when you are not doing the same thing as everyone else? In this story you will meet some people who followed the crowd for 120 years - just because they did not want to be different from the rest.
Genesis 6 to 9
It was now 1600 years after the creation and there were many people on the earth. But they were bad!! And God was very distressed at all the evil they were doing.
They woke up with evil on their minds. They went to sleep dreaming of evil.
God said to Noah, "I am unhappy about the evil I see. I regret that I made men and women."
So He told Noah to warn the people of the earth that He would destroy the earth if they did not change their evil ways. He also told Noah to build a big boat so that He could rescue some of the animals and anyone who wanted to start over.

Noah obeyed God, and His three sons helped them. As he build the boat - he warned the people.

"What are you doing Noah?" the people asked.
"I am building a boat because it is going to rain."
"Rain? What is rain?". There had never been any rain on the earth before.

So when Noah explained, they laughed and laughed and every day they came by and laughed some more. But they did not stop doing evil. Everyone thought that it was funny to stop by the ark and laugh at Noah.
Soon, it became popular to be unkind to Noah. Soon, people were afraid to listen to what Noah said - just in case they looked stupid.

The scientists stopped by and explained to the people that after doing all their calculations and conducting many brilliant experiments, they concluded that it was impossible for water to fill the sky.
In simple terms, water is too heavy, it could never float up in the sky and stay there.
They also said a lot of other scientific stuff that people did not understand. But people thought it must be true because they were the most intelligent men and women.

Some of the ministers said that God was too kind - he would never destroy the earth.

Others said - "God does not exist. We have never seen Him".

But Noah preached for 120 years - and no one listened, because it was not cool to listen to that old fool named Noah.

"Why my friends would laugh at me and I will feel stupid."

One day Noah finally finished the boat.
And God talked to the animals and told them to go into the boat two by two - one male and one female.
He also made the clean animals go in groups of seven.

When they people saw this they thought it was strange. But there were so many parties and so many fun places to be - they did not want to think about the destruction of the earth.
Besides, the scientists said that this was just an unusual migration for the animals because of an abundance of crop in their area. There is nothing to worry about.
Noah begged and pleaded and the people laughed.
Even the animals were wise. They listened to God. Noah brought enough food to feed everyone for a year.

One day Noah and His family and all the animals went into the ark and the angel of the Lord locked the door.
For seven days nothing happened.
People really laughed at Noah. "See, it has been seven days and that foolish old man is locked in the boat. I wonder if the lion ate him"?

After seven days, something strange appeared in the sky - it was a puffy white cloud. It soon turned grey and dark. They had never seen anything like this before. They ran to their scientists and ministers.
They had no answers - they were also afraid.

Soon, a great meteor smashed the earth and the land broke up. Water came rushing from under the earth and water rained from the sky.
The people banged on the door of the ark but it was too late. Too late!

It rained for forty days and forty nights.

After many days Noah sent out a bird - but it came back because it found no place to rest. A week later he sent out the bird again - but it came back also. Finally, after he had sent a dove for the third time it came back with an olive branch in its mouth.
So Noah knew that the land was dry. He and his family and all the animals left the ark after living there for 370 days.

And God put a rainbow in the sky. "This is my promise that I will never destroy the earth again by a flood".
Wisdom All these people lost their lives because they were not wise. After the animals started coming into the ark by themselves they had enough evidence that something unusual was happening. But they were too afraid to be different. They were too afraid to look stupid in front of their friends.
The ant was wise. Even the pig was wise. But in trying not to look stupid, the people were very foolish.

The Exodus - The Great Escape!
Disobedience Pharaoh disobeyed God and caused the destruction of his nation. How many chances do you waste before you start doing the right thing?
Exodus 7-12
It was 430 years after the children of Israel had moved to Egypt to escape a great famine. Joseph was dead and the Egyptians were no longer grateful to the Israelites for saving them. In fact they made them their slaves and treated them badly.

The children of Israel cried to God day and night because of the cruel Egyptians. They had to build the city of Ramses from straw and clay.
One day Pharaoh ordered all baby boys to be killed but Moses was saved by a miracle from God and he grew up to deliver Israel from slavery.

God sent Moses to Pharaoh with this message - "let My people go!". But Pharaoh said "who are you that I should let Israel go?", and he disobeyed God.
So God performed a miracle so that Pharaoh could see that He was more powerful than other gods. Moses threw his walking stick on the ground and it became a snake. Pharaoh became afraid and he called his wisemen and magicians. So they threw their sticks on a ground - and they became snakes too! But Moses' snake ate all the other snakes and Pharaoh became afraid - but he did not listen to God.

The next day Moses told Pharaoh to let Israel go, but Pharaoh refused. So Moses touched the Nile river with his stick and it turned into blood. Everything died in the river and after some days Pharaoh promised to let Israel go if Moses would remove the plague.

But when Moses removed the blood from the Nile Pharaoh broke his promise - so Moses touched the Nile and frogs came out of the river. They were every where. They were in the houses, in the bed, in the stove, in the food - it was disgusting! Pharaoh promised to let Israel go if the frogs went away. But he broke his promise as soon as God removed the frogs.

So Moses asked God to send other plagues.
He sent flies from the dust - but Pharaoh still disobeyed.
He sent disease on the animals - but Pharaoh still disobeyed.
He sent sores on the people - but Pharaoh would not listen.
He sent hail which destroyed all the crops - but Pharaoh still refused to obey God.
All this time, the plagues only fell where the Egyptians lived - the children of Israel had no plagues. I would have obeyed God - wouldn't you?
Next God sent darkness but Pharaoh still disobeyed.

Finally, God told Pharaoh that he would kill all the first born children. He told the Children of Israel to prepare a special sacrifice called the Passover lamb and to put the blood over the door posts and they were to prepare to leave Egypt.

That night, all the first born children were killed - but the Israelites were saved. The next morning Pharaoh told them to leave Egypt.

So the children of Israel left Egypt and they traveled towards the Red Sea. And God protected them during the day with a pillar of clouds. At night He became a pillar of fire so that they had light to see.

After three days Pharaoh was sorry that he had let Israel go. Free labor could not be replaced. So he came after them with his army. The Israelites were afraid and they rushed towards the sea - but they were trapped. Pharaoh was coming from one side and the sea was on the other side.

So Moses stretched his stick over the sea and a great wind parted the sea. The wind blew all night. And God placed the pillar of fire between the Egyptian army and the Israelites so that they could have time to cross the sea.

And Pharaoh was still disobedient after seeing the great power of God.

So the Israelites crossed over the sea. But when Pharaoh tried to cross, the sea covered them and the entire army was drowned.

Wasn't Pharaoh disobedient? How many chances should God have given him? What greater miracle could God have done to make Pharaoh respect Him?
Most sensible people would have obeyed after the first miracle. But Pharaoh was stupid!
Trust The people of Israel obeyed God even when it seemed foolish and they lived!

The Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus
Gift A long time before the earth was created - before you and I were born - God made a plan to save us when we disobeyed by becoming the gift of life. 2000 years ago He came into the world as Jesus Christ. This king of the universe, this creator of the world would be born to poor parents in a barn.
Luke 1-2
One day, God sent the angel Gabriel to a place called Nazareth. He appeared to a young girl named Mary and said - "Hello Mary, you are special, and the Lord is with you. Do not be afraid because God is pleased with you".
"You shall have a son and you shall call His name Jesus".

So Mary said, "that is impossible since I am not married".

And Gabriel answered, "He will be the son of God because the power of the Holy Spirit will make this happen, because nothing is impossible with God". "Even your cousin Elizabeth is pregnant because of the miracle of God and she is very old".

And Mary said, "I am a willing servant of God, may His will be fulfilled".

After this, Mary went to Judah to visit Elizabeth. And when Elizabeth's baby heard her voice, he jumped for Joy in her womb. And Elizabeth said, "you are more blessed than other women and your child Jesus is also blessed".

And Mary said, "My soul praises God and I am happy because He has done great things for me. From now on everyone will call me blessed".

Now Mary the mother of Jesus was about 9 months pregnant when Augustus Caesar told the world to register themselves so that they could be taxed.
Mary had to go all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem and it was time to have her baby. But when they arrived, there was no room in the inn for them to stay. So the inn keeper allowed them to stay in the barn with the smelly animals.
While she was there, she gave birth to her son Jesus and she wrapped Him in strips of cloth and placed Him in the feeding trough of the animals.

At the same time, there were shepherds in the field watching over their flocks that night. Suddenly an angel appeared before them and they were afraid.
And the angel said "Look, do not be afraid because I am bringing good news of great joy to all people. For today, the savior was born in the city of David. His name is Christ the Lord. And you will find Him wrapped in strips of cloth lying in a manger.

Suddenly, the skies were full of angels singing,
"Glory to God in heaven, and peace on earth to all mankind".
Forgive God saves us by forgiving us - but we must obey him. Do not be stubborn like Pharaoh. Listen to Him and accept His free gift - Jesus Christ.

The Life Of Jesus
Service Jesus came to earth to be a servant of God. While He was here He taught others about the love of God. He never tried to be powerful or to rule others - He only tried to be kind to them. No job was to dirty or too inferior. No person was worth more than another. He did everything He could that would teach people about the loving God.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
The great life of Jesus began when He was born in a barn. On that night, He was visited by a choir of angels and shepherds and He was surrounded by animals in the stable.

Soon King Herod heard about the birth of a new king in Israel from the wise men. He wanted them to tell him where they found the baby. But they did not trust Herod so they secretly went back to their own land.
So Herod tried to find the baby Jesus another way. He ordered all young males under three years old to be killed.

But God sent the angel to warn Joseph to escape to Egypt. And Jesus was saved. He grew up in Egypt and then returned to Israel before He was twelve.

One day when He was twelve, He visited Jerusalem with His mother. While He was in the temple, He taught the people about God and everyone was awed by the incredible words spoken by such a young boy.
While Jesus was in the temple, His mother left to go back to Nazareth. After 2 days they realized that Jesus was not with them so they went back to Jerusalem.
When she found Him Mary said, "Did you not know that we were looking for you?".
And Jesus replied, "Why were you looking for me? Don't you know that I would be in my Father's house?"

So Jesus grew up in the house of Joseph and He became a carpenter like His step father. But He read the books of the Old Testament and He prayed to His father God every day and He was obedient to His father.

When he became a young man, His family went to a wedding and they soon ran out of grape juice (unfermented wine). So Mary asked Jesus to help. He told them to fill 12 jars with water and after He prayed the water became grape juice. This was His first miracle.

When He was about 30, He came to His cousin - John the Baptist and asked to be baptized. As he came out of the water, the Spirit of God came down on Him in the form of a dove. At the same time a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved son. I am very pleased with Him. Listen to Him".

Immediately Jesus went to the barren mountain where He was tempted by the devil and He passed every test - because He had learned to be a good child.

After this, Jesus found twelve disciples and they went walking all around the country preaching and teaching everyone about God. He preached to the old and young, rich and poor, righteous and sinners.
He also performed many miracles. He healed the blind, paralyzed, deaf, crippled and He even raised the dead. He even had control over nature. He spoke to a storm and it immediately stopped. He spoke to the fish and they swam into the fishermen's net. After He prayed, five loaves of bread and two fishes were able to feed 5000 people with many bags of left over crumbs.

Although He was very popular, the priests and leaders hated Him. And despite all the signs and miracles that He performed - they plotted to kill Him.
Finally, during the passover celebration - Jesus was crucified on a cross between two thieves. But since He was God - he was resurrected again.
Unselfish Jesus did not think that we were too evil to deserve His help. He gave up all the luxury of heaven to come to earth as a poor baby and a rejected adult. And He risked His life to save ours.

Daniel In The Lion's Den
Faithful Daniel did not change the way he worshipped God even though his life was in danger. He refused to be disobedient or to worship God in secret.
Daniel 6
Daniel was a good man who loved God very much. Every day he would talk to his best friend God. Three times each day, he would open his window and face Jerusalem and pray to God about the people of Israel. The people of Israel were held captive by the Persians and Daniel wanted to go back home to Israel.

Although he was a slave, Daniel was trusted by the King of Persia and the King of Babylon who ruled before him. He became second in power in the kingdom of the Medes and Persians. This made the other politicians jealous and they plotted and tried to find a way to get rid of Daniel. But they could not find anything wrong with Daniel. Daniel was honest and there was nothing wrong with the way he served the King or lived his life.
The only thing that they saw was Daniel's devotion to God. Maybe if they could find a way to let Daniel choose between his God or the King - then they could get rid of him.

So they went to king Darius and tried to flatter him.
"O king, you are such a great king - leader of the whole world. No one is more powerful than you. The whole nation wants to honor you. If you would make a law that the whole nation should consult only you and that they should not consult any other man or any god for thirty days - then we could honor you. And anyone who does not obey would be killed by the lions. "

So the king passed a law and it was sent to the whole nation that no one should pray to any god for 30 days except the king. If they disobeyed then they would be thrown into the Lion's den.
Daniel heard the law but he prayed to God as he always did. He did not hide. He opened his window and prayed to God. And he was arrested. It would have been easy for Daniel to worship God in secret, or close the window or move out of the way so that he could not be seen through the window.

The king was very sad. Daniel was his friend. But he could not change the law. So they threw Daniel into the den of hungry lion's and the king did not sleep the whole night.

In the morning he went to the pit and called out to Daniel. Out of the darkness of the pit came a voice that answered.
"O king, live forever! My God was able to save me. He shut the mouths of the lions so that I was not harmed"
When Daniel was lifted from the den, the evil politicians who plotted his death were thrown into the den of lions and they were eaten.

And the king sent another message to the whole nation. "The God of Daniel is the true God, worship Him."
Courage Daniel's love for God gave him the courage to do the right thing. Daniel was not afraid of death. He was more concerned about showing the world his wonderful God. And because of his faithfulness, the whole known world was able to hear about the only true God.

In The Furnace Of Fire
In the furnace
Obedient Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were faithful to God even though everyone else was disobedient. They did not follow the crowd. They honored God.
Daniel 1
In the days of King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon the Israelites were slaves in the kingdom. The king had a dream about an enormous statue with a head of gold and the other parts made of silver, bronze, iron and clay. He learned that his kingdom would be superior to all the other kingdoms that would follow him.

So he became proud and he built a statue that was gold from head to toe. He wanted the kingdom of gold to last forever. He refused to believe that his kingdom would be conquered.

Finally, the day of dedication for the image came. And there was a musical band with many instruments on the plains of Dura. The king ordered that when every one heard the music that they should bow down before the image. If anyone disobeyed then they would be thrown in a furnace of fire.

Now, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were three Hebrew boys who were faithful to God. And according to the first two commandments of God they could not serve another God or bow down to any statue. So when the music sounded everyone bowed down, but Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego remained standing.

The king was furious and he told the boys to bow down or they would be thrown into the fire. But Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said that no matter what the king said, they could not worship the image. And that their God had the power to save them. But if He did not save them then they would die as faithful men.

The king became more angry and ordered the furnace to be made ten times hotter.

When the furnace was ready, they were tied up and the guards threw them into the fire. But it was so hot that the heat near the door killed the guards. After a while the king looked through the door of the furnace and he saw four men walking around. The ropes that tied them were gone. The king was puzzled. So he said
"Did we not throw three men into the fire? Where did the fourth man come from? He looks like the Son of God!"

So the king ordered them to come out. And neither their clothes, nor their hair nor any part of them was burned. Neither did they smell like smoke.

And the king made a law that anyone who showed any disrespect to the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would be killed. Because there is no other god that is greater or more powerful. No other god who can deliver his people like this.
Witness When we obey God, despite the problems that it will bring God will be with us in our time of trouble.

Running Away
Giving Up When every thing goes wrong it seems that giving up is the best solution. Sometimes running away is our way of giving up. Jonah ran away from God, but God ran away with Jonah. He would not let him go.
Jonah 1 to 4
Jonah had a big problem.
He was running away from God - but God was following Him. Every where Jonah went - God was waiting. God wanted Jonah to help save the city of Nineveh from destruction. They were wicked and disobedient. But Jonah was afraid that he would look foolish. He knew that God would be kind. That He would forgive them. Then Jonah would look like a big fool for prophesying all that gloom and doom.

So Jonah said, "No thank you God. As soon as I am done you will forgive them and you won't destroy them. Then I will look like a stupid old fool and everyone will laugh at me".
So Jonah ran away to Tarsish on a ship.

While he was on the ship the skies became dark and a terrible storm came on the sea. It tossed the little ship back and forth and up and down. The people on the ship were terrified. There had never been a storm quite like this before. They threw everything heavy overboard - but still the ship was in danger of sinking. Soon they guessed that God had sent the storm, and that He was angry with someone on the ship and they tossed coins to see who was guilty - and Jonah was selected.
So Jonah confessed that he was running away from God and they decided to throw him into the sea.
So into the sea went Jonah with a great big splash!
Immediately the storm stopped and the sea became calm.

Now Jonah had another big problem. And it did not look friendly. I had a great big mouth that you could park a car in and big teeth the size of a chair. And it had bad breath, and slimy skin and it smelled bad.
And it was swimming towards Jonah.
Everywhere that Jonah went the fish followed - until finally he swallowed with a great big gulp and in went Jonah. He went past the teeth. He slid down the tongue like a roller coaster and landed with a splash in the belly of the fish. He was covered in seaweed and slime. It was cold and dark and he was very unhappy.

For three days and nights Jonah lived in the belly of the fish and He prayed to God. He was very sorry for being disobedient.

Now, being much wiser than Jonah - the fish heard the voice of God and he obeyed God. He followed the boat in the storm and waited to rescue Jonah just as soon as he fell into the sea. He made sure that he did not close his great big mouth until Jonah was far past his big teeth and then he swam all the way to Nineveh.
Near the beach he took a deep breath and spit Jonah as far as he could all the way into the air and close to the sea shore. Jonah screamed as he went flying in the air - but he landed with a great big splash in the shallow water and he swam all the way to the shore.

So Jonah saw the evil in the way he thought about other people and He went to Nineveh to preach. And the King of Nineveh was deeply distressed at hurting God so he and his whole country turned back to God and said that they were sorry.

Afterwards Jonah got up and left Nineveh. He went a safe distance from the city and waited for God to send hail and fire to destroy the city. But it did not happen and Jonah got very angry.

It was very hot and Jonah was tired and God made a tree grow very quickly to give Jonah shade. But soon God made the tree shrivel and die and Jonah became sad. He cried for the loss of the tree.
So God asked "How could you be angry because I caused a tree that was alive for less than a day to die - yet you were angry at me for wanting people to live?"
Hope The only solution for giving up is hope. And the only thing worth hoping in is the love, mercy and goodness of God.

Heaven - Living in God's House
Rescued! Are you sometimes unhappy with this world. Do you hate war, death, disease, poverty and hunger? Do you wish that this will all go away? Well one day God will rescue us from all this trouble and there will be no more unhappiness.
Revelation 19 to 22
One day God will come back to earth. He will protect us from the seven last plagues then He will come with billions of mighty angels to rescue all those who love him.

On that day, all those who are dead who loved God will come back to life. We will all receive new, perfect bodies. Then we will all rise up and float in the air and meet God in the skies. Then we will go back through outer space to heaven.

On our way we will pass planets and suns and meteors. We will see things that we have never seen before. Colors that we have never seen. We will travel at super fast speeds on our journey to heaven.

When we get to heaven billions more people will be waiting for us. All the people who live on other planets who were never allowed to speak to us will be there waiting for us. We will have a great party, with lots of new foods that we have never dreamed of. We will see new animals, hear new sounds. We will not be afraid.

For 1000 years we will learn about God. You can sit on His lap, play with His beard. You can brush His hair. You can ask all sort of questions. He will never get tired. You can play jump rope with God. You can bake a cake with God. You can even lick the bowl. I am sure that God will lick it too. You can hold God's hand and go walking along the river of life - just the two of you.
We will travel, play with lions and tigers. We will meet old friends. You will meet your great great great great great grand parents even Adam and Eve.
We will do many things we can only dream of now.
Did you ever want to learn to play the piano?
Would you like to sing with a voice that can sound like a whole choir?
Would you like to study atoms or butterflies?
We can do all of this.

After 1000 years, we will come back to earth. This time we will bring a floating city called the New Jerusalem. It is 375 miles long, 375 miles wide and 375 miles high. It is made of twelve kinds of precious jewels, with gates of pearl and streets of gold.
It will land on earth in the exact spot as the old Jerusalem in Israel. God will recreate the rest of the earth. He will remove the large seas and we will have enough land to build our own houses.
What will your house look like? Will it have a stream running through it? Will it be under water? Will it float? Will it be in a great tree? Will the floors be gold? Will the door knobs be huge diamonds?

God will relocate heaven to earth and He will live here with us forever.
And we will love each other. There will be no more wars or crying or pain - only love.
Are you in trouble? Do not give up. There is a brighter day - tomorrow.

Love - God's Greatest Action
Teacher's Resource
Teacher's corner Games (Odd ball, Scrambled)
Arts and Crafts - quilt
Love Love is the greatest action. With love we can overcome fear, extend forgiveness, and end hatred. Because of love, God is kind to us even though we are unkind to Him.
John 3: 16
The first row reminds us of God's friendship to us.
The first square has two hearts of friendship. They are Jesus and me - it tells of our friendship to Christ. "Be" his friend.
The second reminds us that Jesus "bears" our sins.
The third reminds us of God's gift to us - the baby Jesus.

The second row reminds us of what God does for us.
The stripe pattern of the first square says that "With His stripes we are healed". The language of His love is written in the marks on His back.
The second says, I am the center of God's love. I am important to God.
The third reminds us that He heals the broken hearted.

The third row reminds us of our love for others.
The first square reminds us to give your heart to God.
In the second, the dots remind us of drops of water. Pour out your love as God pours out His love on us.
The third reminds us of love for our family. We are part of the family of God. The three hearts are the father, son and Holy spirit. It also reminds us of father, mother and me,

The twelve buttons around the edge remind us of the foundations of the church. The twelve disciples and the twelve sons of Jacob.

The four buttons in the center reminds us of the four points of the compass - the whole world.

We should go out to the whole world and spread the gospel of love.

Are you Loved? You are loved in many ways. First, God loves you with all His heart. You are a part of the family of God. He is your friend. He is your Father and Mother. Second, your friends and family love you.

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