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Praise God!
"You are the child of the Great and Wonderful Creator!"

Modern Praises To God By Children
A psalm is a song of praise and thanksgiving to God. Here are some songs that the class and the teacher created.
You can create a Psalm to God
Just remember what God has done.
Read Psalm 149 and 150.
Why Why should we praise God?
Because He is the creator, He loves us, He protects us.
For His greatness and His mighty acts. He created the world in seven days. He parted the Red sea, he spoke to a fish that carried Jonah, he rescued Noah. He loves His enemies and He died for them.
Where Where should we praise God?
Everywhere, In church, school, work, in bed, in songs at play.
Who Who should praise God?
Everything that breathes. Everything created. The angels, heaven, rocks, the church and you.
What What should we use to praise God?
Our most creative works, our mouths, hands, feet, mind, prayer, songs, musical instruments, dance and in our speech.
When When should we praise God?
Every moment. Morning, noon, night. When we are happy or sad
Combine two or more of these reasons for each sentence and you have created a praise to God!

By Angela
Praise God for His coming on your harps, all you in heaven.
Praise God everyone with singing for He protects us.
In school and in play, praise God all you little children because He loves us.

By John Michael
Praise the Lord for his mercy endures forever.
He is richer than Gold, much pure gold.
Praise God for He is great!!!
Praise God for He sent His son to die for us on the cross.

By Ryan
Praise God for His gentleness.
Praise God for His love.
We should pray to Him on the road.
We should pray to Him at the store.
Everything and everyone should pray to Him.

By Laverna (Teacher)
To the Creator
Who has hung the world on high?
Who commands the clouds in the sky?
Who can stop the ocean deep from rising up the mountain steep?
Whose words can form a shiny leaf, a petal soft, a rugged hill?
Whose breath can cause life to flow, and robins sing and babies grow.
Who hung the sun so big and bright, the moon that shines and the starry sky.
Who taught the bee the dance to say that "there is food this far away"?
God can! God did!

I Will Remember You
As long as I have breath, I will sing
As long as I can feel the air around me
As long as there are words to say
I will fill the air with songs of praise.

If no one ever loved you Lord and forget the one who loved them most
I will remember you my Lord and magnify the name of God.

As long as I have time, I will pray
As long as space and time exists
If there are ever words to express this love
I will paint the air with a million words and there would still be one more.

If no one ever talked to you or heard that love begins in you
I will talk to you my Lord in words that testify to love.

As long as my heart beats
As long as I can breathe the air
As long as poets write the words that touch the cold heart
I will tell the world about the One I love - the Word of life

If my heart never yearns for you and if nothing ever moves me
If my face never breathes again or spoken words never caress the air
If poets never write with pen, may the artist take a chisel
And take this stone cold broken heart and engrave on its face "I love you, forever"

Everything That Breathes
If cats could praise the Lord today, what do you think that they would say?
When birds sing all day long, what praises to the Lord are in their song?
What words of praise come from their lips, when gazelles escape the lion's grip?
When a brand new baby sees the world, do they praise their gentle Lord?
When trees are bowed by the heavy winds and rise unbroken from the storm,
do they praise the gentle Lord who made their strong unyielding form?

Do praises fill the ocean deep, when fishes wake from their sleep?
As dolphins ride the ocean wave, which song of praise to God do you think they gave?

When heroes get our praise and shouts, while God silently sustains our lives
Do words of awe escape our mouths?
Each morning when we open our eyes, and take a breath and see the skies.
Does the miracle of life cause us to thank the loving God who made these plans?

When everything that breathes on earth, praise their creator with all their heart,
The heavens will rejoice and say that love has won a brand new start!

Yes, everything with breath
Everything that moves
Every tree, every bird, every star above
Everything that finds meaning in the God of love
Even the babies will cry
Even the rocks will sing
Even the beasts will praise His holy name
Every created thing will shout with joy and sing His praise

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Psalm 150: 6 Time: 10 minutes
Print: 2 pages
Updated : October 3, 2002 (Original). February 6, 2004
Credits: Original words of praise from Laverna Patterson and her class at
"I will remember you" - Two verses added February 6, 2004
"Every thing that breathes" - last verse added February 6, 2004