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These are just some interesting comparisons to modern technology, showing how God's interaction seems to apply modern knowledge.

Science Battery and Capacitor
In 1831 Michael Faraday showed the relation between magnetism and electricity. But 3300 years before, Moses built a model of a capacitor and battery.
The Most Holy Place is designed like a battery and a capacitor. The design of the sanctuary shows a battery with layers of metal (silver, gold, copper and bronze). All the posts, boards and columns used to construct the sanctuary have a base of one metal and a post of another.
» Capacitor. They are used in electric circuits and store energy. The effect is greatest between wide, flat, parallel, narrowly separated conductors. The different types of layers in the sanctuary in this order (wool, linen and gold plated boards) have opposite charges with a dielectric in between and function as a capacitor. All are wide, flat and have parallel lines. The walls have parallel lines.
» Coated With Metal. A good battery is coated with metal because it is a good conductor. The sanctuary was coated with gold inside and outside, leaving a space at the eastern door to prevent arcing.
» Conductors. The people are seen as salt (NaCl) in Bible symbols and as carbon in my scientfic evaluation because they are seen as the number "6" in Bible symbols. All these are the ingredients for making a battery.

» The Circuit. The priest closes the circuit by transporting the electrons from one terminal (Outer Court) to another (Sanctuary). They can be seen as transporters of the carbon compound or the porphyrin or heme complex, transporting coal, blood, prayers, oxygen or H+ to the Most Holy Place until a large electrical potential is built up. Then on the Day of Atonement, this energy is discharged.
» Wool and Linen Garments. There is a prohibition about wearing wool and linen garments in the sanctuary because it will cause sweating. Atheists laugh at this stupidity. The Jews do not know why they do it, but they obey. The priests were supposed to wear an electrically neutral linen fabric that would not cause sweating. Sweat is a mixture of NaCl and water. Therefore, the prohibition has scientific merit. Do not become a lightning rod in the huge capacitor that is the sanctuary, or you will be electrocuted. Do not come into the sanctuary before God with evidence of your own works. Righteousness is only achieved by the works of God.
» Electron Transport Chain. In other lessons we will see how the process of glycolysis and the Krebs cycle charges this battery system.
Theory Theory: Portable Battery. Could we make a portable battery with helium and hydrogen forming the core of a magnetic field which generates the current?
Theory Theory: Battery Design. The sanctuary shows the design of a capacitor/battery that emits light not heat. The design eliminates any conditions that can generate heat in the core. The specifics may include two compartments lined with electrically neutral material, conducting rods, a 360:1 frequency or gradient of a conductor between both compartments and eliminates or separates salt or water or both.
Theory Theory: The Shekinah Glory. The presence of God is indicated by a bright light. Visitors from heaven and Adam and Eve also had a covering of light. Moses reflected this light from His face after forty days with God on Mount Sinai. Is there a scientific answer for this phenomenon?
The second law of thermodynamics states that objects are proceeding towards a state of entropy or disorganization rather than organization. Now we can theorize why.
The human body is described as the temple of God which should be emitting light to the world. Emitting heat or sweat is forbidden. So the bible describes the perfect human body as one that emits light, not heat. It is sin that has created this inefficient system that produces heat. In the new earth, all cellular reactions which produce heat will produce light instead. So entropy is only a temporary state while sin exists.

» Faraday Cage (Microwave Oven). The sanctuary is a perfect example of a Faraday cage. It is an enclosed space made of conducting metal or a mesh of conducting material. It takes advantage of the fact that electrical charges exist on the external surface of an object while the internal section is insulated. Two sanctuary roof layers (linen and goat hair) represent the charges on the external surface. The sanctuary walls are covered in gold plating and the screen used in the doors and ceiling are a layer of conducting material. These materials block out external static electrical fields, electromagnetic radiation or wavelengths larger than any holes. It can protect against lightning strikes.
So when the prophecies talk about being sheltered in the sanctuary before Christ comes like lightning, the spiritual law now becomes a model of scientific laws.

Elephant The Unanswerable Question. The capacitor was discovered in 1745 (Leyden Jar) by Ewald Gerog Von Kleist. Later, several were connected to create a battery. Yet 3500 years ago, Moses built a system that is a blueprint for a super capacitor.

In the people world, it seems intuitive that we are attracted to those with our interests. But in the atomic world, opposite forces attract. So in this world Christ says that with the right action sinners will be attracted to Him because we are all electrons and He is the nucleus.
» Processional Circuit. For the flow of people to stream north at the crucifixion, their circuit must be counter-clockwise. The people walked around the altar during the feasts, making the loop of current. So Christ became a magnet at the crucifixion, drawing all people to Him.
At the end of time, the current must stream south, signalling a clockwise circuit. This predicts a polar shift.

Science Communications: Crystal Radio Set.
This is a simple radio receiver that needs no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a long wire antenna. These are the minimum requirements for this radio.

The ultimate radio set was Jesus Christ on the cross as the High Priest communicating with God for us.
Experiments show that rusty objects can act as detectors. His detector was the rusty iron nails in His hands and feet.

Science Applied Mathematics: Computer Science

» Call By Reference (Salvation by Faith - Change Me Directly). This is a direct transfer of values.
In call by reference, a program passes the address or location of the value to be changed using a proxy symbol to store the address. These symbols are our rituals that mimic how we are participating in the actual program. At the end our values are changed directly by the function in charge of that change.
» Call By Value (Salvation by Works - I Will Decide If I Want The Change). This is an indirect transfer of values.
In call by value a program passes a proxy variable with a value assigned by the caller to a function that does not directly change the intended target because it does not know the address. Changing its value requires that the caller makes sure that the new value is passed on to the target.
Anyone who knows programming recognizes that call by reference is more efficient than call by value. In addition, call by value may not change its intended target.

Elephant The Unanswerable Question. If I have explained the concept well in the lesson on numbers, you have to admit that the substitutory and symbolic elements in the Plan of Salvation is a blue print for the principles of applied mathematics in computer programming.
The blood of bulls and goats cannot wash away sin. God said so. Therefore religion is not a bunch of superstitious actions designed to enslave mankind. The Bible is not a book that was written by superstitious men and believed by crackpots. The religion of YHWH is a well thought out, logical expression of a brilliant scientific mind Who bases everything on irrevocable laws.
Law Set Theory Law. God is guaranteed to be present if a particular set of people are present in a group.
For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst. (Matthew 18: 20)
Set theory also allowed God to treat the Gentiles differently without breaking His laws. So, by allowing the two groups to be one, the Gentiles must be treated like friends and brothers, not enemies.

Pagan Counterfeit Religion: Numerology. This appears to be a subjective art. Partly based on the calendar and from the usage in several religions and on mathematical calculations that are based on the reasoning of the psychic.

Science Salvation Algebra
"Scientific" minds scoff at what appears to be religious superstition. Animal sacrifice, eating bread and wine are seen as barbaric in their practice and in what they symbolize. But God is only using pure math to demonstrate the principle of variable substitution and applied math to make it occur. Algebra and computer programming perfectly describe what God is doing by establishing these systems.
God was going to substitute Himself for us during the penalty phase of sin. But since that only takes care of the debt we owe, not who we have become, He puts us through a program that will change us. In this program we are equipped with the variables that are a symbol of the substitution. Anyone who is familiar with passing a variable to a function would greatly appreciate the purely scientifically-based genius of this plan.
Theory Theory of Symbols. Religious symbols are universal constants.
Theory Theory of Rituals. Religious rituals are algebraic variables that are called by reference not by value. God calls everyone by reference through a program called the Plan of Salvation using a function called Messiah to change the global variable called man.

Salvation Algebra
1Curses for Sin
Bread + Wine =Body + Blood
2Wages for Sin
Baptism (Immersed + Raised) =Death
(Buried + Resurrected)
3Substitute for Sin
Adam's Seed
(All Sinned)
=Christ's Seed
(All Righteous)
4Reconciling The Church
Christ (sinners) + Jews =Christ (earth) + Heaven
Symbolic action appears to be a legal substitute for those who are hid in Christ, the real example
Algebra is the branch of mathematics that represents the relationships in a problem with the use of a simple symbolic notation to make an equation. This equation accurately captures all variables and relationships and can be used to symbolize and assess changes in the relationship with perfect accuracy.
Computer programs are based on rules of algebra. With these programs one can input values for the symbols then the program processes these values and produces real world action. For example, by pressing the "On" button for a sophisticated security system it will immediately activate the external cameras, record the events and notify you if part of the system has not been secured. Once the secure system is breached it can turn on the exterior lights, sound the alarm and telephone the police and any other person who should be notified. This is what the black box system called a program will do with just one simple input.
With God, simple inputs also trigger major response and the simple substitute seems to be legally acceptable with the universe because it is connected to an entire system that guarantees a righteous outcome.

The Plan of Salvation Program
Israel = Plan_of_Salvation (Sinner)
Out Output = Program Out Input
Israel = Plan_of_Salvation (Sinner)
God has a program called the Plan of Salvation. In it God inputs sinners and outputs the righteous children of Israel.

Christ was input into this program as a sinner and emerged as Israel, the Father of the righteous nations. When He constructed this system, He designed a way to pay the penalty of sin. Let us look inside this program which has these major components.
life = no
paid = curses (Sinner)
wages = death (Sinner)
cleansed = Holy_Spirit (Sinner)
life = yes

Through the process of substitution, Christ demonstrated several processes that are called mysteries.

In the same way that algebra is able to say that (a = b + c) in an abstract or symbolic way, God is able to say that taking the communion, the bread and wine, is equivalent to eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ. The symbolic representation becomes just a true and reliable as the reality. So if you can understand how powerful equations are, then you can understand how powerful religious symbols are, even grasping an idea of their purpose.
Why did God choose this system? Although separation from God naturally causes death, it is because Satan is the author of these curses and horrific application of the wages of sin. Since God cannot submit Himself to sin by performing such acts as cannibalism and requiring us to do the same. The principalities and powers in heaven approved a way for God to submit Himself to the ravages of Satan, while still paying the price that Satan demanded.

Science Applied Mathematics: Telecommunications
Figure 20a
Computer and telecommunications are based on a binary language. This binary system creates languages by using a given word size (byte). In computers this is now a 8 bit system, but other word sizes have been used. The sanctuary incorporates this technology in its communications system in the garment of the priest.

Science Applied Mathematics: Database Storage
Theory Theory: Library and Computer Science. Somewhere in this double helix design and the sanctuary is the scientific law about how to store information efficiently. I must research this more. I know that a "tree structure" is used as an efficient way to store and retrieve information in databases but according to God's design the most efficient method is a coiled tree.
Databases are two dimensional spreadsheets. If we could combine the techniques of how the three dimensions of the sanctuary are represented in two dimensions we can store information better. A relational database captures many of these aspects with key fields.

Theory Engineering Theory: Three Dimensional Modeling. In normal plans and designs, three dimensions are represented by several drawings, at least one for each dimension. In the sanctuary, one drawing is used to represent all dimensions by carefully marking the points at which the model should be folded back.
For example, every place where the blue veil is located represents the same simple covering. The doorways merely represent the same location. When the model is being reconstructed all the doors need to be folded together to be in the same place.
This is the cleverest way I have seen of presenting a two-dimensional model partly in three dimensions. I have never seen anything like it except in database keys.

Science Light Therapies.
RedLycopeneWatermelon, tomato, red and pink produce
YellowBeta-CaroteinCarrot, broccoli, spinach
YellowZeaxanthinCorn, spinach, squash
LimoleneCitrus rind
AlliumGarlic, onion
Tangeritin, hesperidinCitrus
GreenLuteinGreen leafy vegetables
QuercetinsApple, pear, grape, garlic
BlueFlavonoidsCitrus, grape, berry, cocoa, onion, broccoli
PhenolicBerries, grape, apple, tomato
PurpleEllagic AcidBush berries, grape
ResveratrolRed grape
God also showed me that He conquered and cured things by adding light to it and a symbol of the union always remained. For example, the rainbow is a symbol that water will never be used to destroy the earth again. The rainbow is a combination of water and light.
I know that shining light behind the knees for a few minutes cures jet lag by resetting the biological clock. New born babies with jaundice are exposed to a "bilirubin light". Destructive radiation is used to treat cancer. The body uses fever to cure infections. Certain patterns of flashing lights can cause brain seizures. Sunlight manufactures Vitamin D, which may be the first stage of God's light cure. So there is an unexplored industry regarding the use of light for things other than an alternative source of energy.

The constant use of one frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum may cure, but it is also destructive and are only short term solutions. In the long term, God uses the entire spectrum to affect a cure. This may be exposure to pure white light, or rotating exposure to the individual colors at varying intensity and duration. All I can say for certain is that He does use the individual colors in order and He starts with the color red.
Theory Theory. So here is my theory about how exposure to each color might work to bring a cure. The color could be applied by light or pigments in colorful fruit. The active ingredient may be the compound that causes the color, or the color is used to identify food with the active ingredient.

So my conclusion is that we can use the individual colors as diagnostic tools, but we need the entire spectrum to cure.
» Phytochemicals. So we should try to categorize apples, strawberries, beet, grapefruit, sulfur compounds, carrot, blueberries according to their roles in attacking a disease. e.g. Grapefruit skin and garlic fight infections, but perhaps they will do it best if we first eat strawberries before and blueberries after, repeating the cycle until you are healthy.
Sunset and Night Sunlight and Daytime Sunset
Red Fruit Salad Vegetable and Bean Soups Green Salads Blue Fruit Salad
Apples, Berries, Tomato, Pomegranate Squash, Carrot, Garlic, Grapefruit Citrus Vegetables Berries Grapes

Theory Theory. Since the olive, cinnamon, grape and pomegranate fruit play such an important role in the sanctuary, we need to study them for possible key compounds in cures. Perhaps, one day we will cure many diseases with light therapy through a process that uses the Vitamin D metabolism pathway. Perhaps each wavelength produces a change in the compound, but the process will be helped if we ingest the proper color nutrients.

Science Other Biblical Cures
The Bible also describes other methods of stopping a plague.

Jesus The Messianic Prophecy
The life and actions of Jesus Christ mirrored these sciences.

The History Of Modern Technology
After the age of enlightment, most practical consumer inventions came around the 1800s.

Science lies within the realm of religion and exists to express the will of the Creator YHWH God.
There is one law for people and atoms made by the same Creator and Lawgiver YHWH.

"Come now, and let us reason together," Says the LORD, "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool. (Isaiah 1: 18)
The Foolishness Of God Is Wisdom. For it is written, "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the cleverness of the clever I will set aside. Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of the age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? (1 Corinthians 1: 19)
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