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To provide a resource for those who would like to give Bible study lessons so that we can spread the good news by the Spirit and power of God, to every age group, language and people around the world that the Creator God exists, He loves us and He is coming soon.

About Me
February 2013. My name is Laverna Patterson. I claim that God has been showing me spectacular new information to support our beliefs and reach new groups previously thought unreachable. I include the following because when the Bible science becomes well-known I want the church to know what might differ in what I teach.
  • Bible Science. I believe in a 7 day creation 6000 years ago. I do not believe that a water world or undeveloped property existed before the creation. There was nothing. This used to be the traditional Adventist belief. God has shown me amazing new science from the Bible which I believe will no longer be ignored for long.
  • 700+ New Messianic Prophecies. God has shown me hundreds of new Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament and even some in the New Testament and a few in Jewish tradition.
  • Gethsemane And Calvary. In the plan of salvation the events in Gethsemane are more important than the events of Calvary but BOTH were needed to save us. My new insight is in showing who required what and why.
    • Gethsemane (Atonement). The events of Gethsemane were God's idea. Jesus atoned for us with His blood following all the rules of the offering and reconciled us with God.
    • Calvary (Ransom). The events of Calvary were Satan's idea. Jesus paid the ransom that Satan required to free the captives of sin. Jesus still obeyed all the law, but the events of Calvary broke many rules about an acceptable offering. This finding was surprising.
    I used to think that Calvary was more important and that God somehow required it because He had to satisfy His own law (Ten Commandments) because He had to execute justice.
  • Curses. I learned about a second set of laws that are probably dictated by Satan as his terms of ransom. These are the only laws that will not be in the new earth.
    I used to think of the concept of curses as unimportant statements for disaster on our enemies, not laws.
  • Passover Not Easter. The fact that Easter was purely Pagan never stopped me from celebrating the crucifixion at that time because Jesus required us to eat the bread and wine to commemorate His death. However, after God taught me the meaning of the steps of the Passover I realized that this Pagan conquest was also part of the dragon's attempt to change times and laws. Jesus never told us to stop doing the Jewish Passover ritual, He told us to do it to remember Him. The Jewish Passover Seder rituals are a Messianic time prophecy, therefore God would not abolish it in favor of an empty Pagan ritual because the Jewish ritual was a detailed prophecy of the events from the time He left Gethsemane until His resurrection and then prophesying to the time after the Second Coming.
  • Yom Kippur. Learning about Passover, I questioned why we ignored the other feasts especially since they have not been completely fulfilled. God told me "look at what the Jews do". In obeying that I found that the Day of Atonement complements ideas that Adventists teach.
    • The Sealing. It is not only part of New Testament prophecy but was already part of Jewish tradition!
    • The False Second Coming. It teaches that Satan will appear on earth and why.
  • Feast Of Tabernacles. It contains instructions for those at the end time and it is also used in the Bible science proof for advanced Chemistry, therefore I do not think that God intended for us to ignore it.
  • Jewish Tradition. We may have been too quick to label some things as works that the Jews made up, when the Jews have stated that these were traditions passed down from Moses by word of mouth. I ignored traditions made up after Jesus. God will be using these silly things introduced by Moses to crush the arrogance of science.
    • Tefillin (Brain). It models the brain structure that allows the New Covenant to work.
    • Tallit And Tzitzit (DNA). It models DNA telomeres.
    I am not advocating that we wear the tefillin (phylactery) or tzitzit and tallit but I am saying that we should stop describing them as useless works and learn everything we can about them.
  • The Fate Of Israel. Like Adventists I do not believe in the popular teachings about Israel and the state of Israel. I believe that all who are in Jesus inherit all the promises to Israel. The physical Israel is NOT more important and NOT more special than other believers. There will be no millennium on earth where the Jews convert other people. There will be no rebuilt temple with restarted sacrifices which the Messiah will occupy.
    However, I believe that Zechariah 12 teaches that at the end an event will occur that will make a large group of Israel suddenly turn to the Messiah. This event will act as a sign to the world.
Beliefs       Our Beliefs (Traditional Seventh Day Adventist)

The Divine Nature

There is One God. He either manifests Himself to us in three different ways, or He is three distinct beings who act as one. Agreeing in everything. Therefore, He may not be a single entity (we do not know) but they are one in that there is no disagreement. The Godhead consists of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But He is one God. How can we define His nature if He is nothing like us or like anything we have seen? Therefore, He speaks to us of His nature in relationships we can understand. A loving family. They were all involved in creation.
Deuteronomy 6: 4; Genesis 1: 1-2; Matthew 3: 16-17.

The Father
Seen as the leader of the Godhead, because of his role. It is the Father who suffered with the Son at the crucifixion. 1 Corinthians 15: 28; Exodus 34: 7; Psalm 36: 9

Jesus Christ
The Creator who came to the Earth as the Son of God in human flesh. He was actually divine and a part of the Godhead. Equal in every respect with the Father.
He is not an angel with an elevated status, nor is He just a good man or just a prophet of God. He is fully and completely God equal to the Father. And He is the one who created the world. He was the Messiah expected by the Jews. He never sinned. He died as a substitute for all sinners. He was resurrected and demonstrated His power to raise others to life. John 1: 1-3; Colossians 1: 19; 2: 9; Hebrews 2: 14; John 14: 9; Hebrews 4: 15; 1 Corinthians 15: 20-23.

The Holy Spirit
Called "the Comforter" by Jesus Christ. He is the third person of the Godhead. The work of the Holy Spirit is to lead us back to God. He convinces us of sin, prays with us and helps us to live a life pleasing to God. He also gives us spiritual gifts to work for God. Revelation 22: 17; John 3: 3-8; 2 Peter 1: 21; Ephesians 4: 11-12; John 14: 26; 15: 26-27. John 16: 13-15.
The Bible
The Bible is the authorized word of God. It was written by men who were directly inspired by God, through visions, personal contact with God, his actions or his prophets. Some books of the Bible are history. Their purpose is to tell what happened (good or bad) not to teach God's requirements in every verse. Just because the Bible described wrong actions, does not mean that God was in favor of them. In fact it shows his patience. 2 Peter 1: 20-21; 2 Timothy 3: 16-17; 1 Corinthians 2: 9-14; 10: 11.

Six thousand years ago God created the earth and all living things in seven literal days, or 168 Hours, through Jesus Christ who was the active agent in the creation. He made the physical world in six days and rested on the seventh day, establishing a spiritual dimension. Genesis 1 and 2; John 1: 1-14; Hebrews 1: 1-2; Hebrews 11: 3.

Everyone is saved through Jesus Christ. Even those who have never heard about Christ. Those who do not know Christ are judged by what God naturally teaches each one of us about what is good. However, to be saved one must accept the gift of God if you have the opportunity to hear about God's sacrifice. It will not be forced upon us. Romans 5: 15-21.

God did not create evil or the evil one. He created Lucifer who eventually turned to evil. But because free choice exists, the possibility for the emergence of evil always existed. Lucifer, sometimes called Satan was an angel with the highest position who wanted to become God. With his rebellion he influenced about a third of the angels. Because of his maliciousness and his hatred towards the human race, he came to this world to gain leadership over it.

Now Adam was given the task of leadership of the Earth, but because he sinned, he forfeited his rights to Satan. His sin caused his children to inherit this birthright of death.

Christ purchased us back with his sinless life and his death and caused us all to have the chance of eternal life. But until the final resolution, Satan had vowed to destroy everything and everyone he possibly can. Ezekiel 28: 12-18; Isaiah 14: 12-14; Romans 5: 12-14.

We are all born "in sin". We are born under the penalty of sin - subject to death. Sin is going against God and what he stands for. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins. Romans 1: 19-32; 5: 12-14. Genesis 3.

Baptism by immersion (complete submersion under the water) is the only form that truly symbolizes death, burial and resurrection. Baptism must follow repentance and instruction. It is not required for salvation. It is a public demonstration of our allegiance to God. Acts 8: 36-38; Acts 2: 38; Acts 8: 12; 18: 8; Matthew 28: 18-20.

The Law
The Law is a description of God's moral character. It is embodied in two great principles. "Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength and mind" and the second is "Love your neighbor as yourself".
The actions of a Lawful person is also codified in the ten commandments. The first four define love for God and the last six define love for other humans.
Jesus magnified the Law by declaring that the motives behind your actions are also important, but he never did away with any of the laws in the ten commandments. Instead he magnified it by extending its meaning to include our motives. Under the new covenant, God promises to write the law into our hearts. Exodus 20: 1-17; Matthew 5: 17-20; Hebrews 8: 10; Ephesians 2: 8-10.

The Sabbath
The Sabbath is the seventh day, Saturday. It has never changed. It is celebrated from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. It is the memorial of creation for all people, not for the Jews only. Exodus 20: 8-11; Genesis 2: 1-3; Hebrews 4: 1-11; Leviticus 23: 32; Mark 2: 27.

The Second Coming
Jesus Christ is coming again visibly, one time, to claim His people. The righteous dead will be resurrected and along with the righteous living given immortal bodies and taken to live with God. The wicked who are alive will be killed. It will not be secret. These are real future events and heaven is a real place. He will come a third time to bring the new Jerusalem to earth and to finally deal with all the wicked after He resurrects them. John 14: 1-3; Matthew 24: 27; Acts 1: 9-11; 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18.

The Millennium
During the millennium the people of God will have rest in Heaven. We will also be "judging the world". We will join the rest of the universe in affirming the fair judgments of God as we review the records of those who are lost.

On earth no one will be alive except Satan, who will be left to think about the destruction that he has caused. He is confined to a devastated earth which will be a constant reminder of his destructive actions.

At the end of the millennium, the New Jerusalem will come to earth, the wicked will be raised and the final phase of the judgment will be completed. It is at this time that the battle of Armageddon will occur, when the wicked, seeing that they have no other options will try to take the city. Fire from God will annihilate them and destroy them completely. Revelation 20: 1-15; 1 Corinthians 6: 2-3; Ezekiel 28: 18-19; 2 Peter 3: 10-13.

Judgment is not bad. In fact, in the judgment God stands with his people and defends us. Those who are found guilty at the judgment are guilty because they chose to be judged on their own terms, by their own works. They chose to stand alone. In the judgment they will be given what they wanted - to stand alone without God or without his influence for good on the conscience. Those who have never had the opportunity to learn about God are also defended by God. They will be judged by what their consciences teaches them is good. The law will be the basis of judgment. James 2: 8-12.

Faith and Works
Nothing you do will qualify you for heaven. Salvation is a free gift of God which we accept by Faith (believing God). Then God works through you to change your life. Works (what you do) is evidence that God is working in you. It is the fruit or result of your salvation, not the cause of it. Romans 3: 25-26; 8: 1-4; John 3: 16; Titus 3: 3-7; 2 Peter 1: 3-4; Hebrews 8: 7-12.

The place called hell does not currently exist. No one has been burning or will forever burn in hell. At the end of time, after the resurrection of the wicked, final judgment will occur and they will undergo the second death in the fire. This fire will be on earth and will destroy them totally. Then the fire will go out. God is not, and will not be torturing people forever. 2 Peter 3: 10-13; Malachi 4: 1.

The Body
The body is a physical structure that comes to life because God has given it breath. The combination of body and breath is a soul. Without this combination, none of the parts are conscious or capable of living. Genesis 2: 7. The soul can die. Ezekiel 18: 20. Therefore, the soul is any living body.

Death is a result of sin. At birth a body is given life from God. At death this life is taken away. A soul is not a "spiritual" thing that lives consciously apart from the body. A soul is a body with the life given by God in it. Death is called a sleep in the Bible. While we are dead we cannot communicate with the living or praise God because we are not conscious. Any attempt to communicate with the dead is forbidden by God because we will be contacting evil spirits who are trying to mislead us. Romans 6: 23; Leviticus 19: 31; 20: 6, 27; Deuteronomy 18: 9-12; Isaiah 8: 19-20.

Only God is immortal. We are not gods, nor are we evolving to become gods or into something divine. Eternal Life is a gift God gives to us by working to keep us alive. 1 Timothy 6: 15-16; John 15: 6.

Free Choice
We do not believe in the Calvinist view of predestination. John 3: 16. Revelation 22: 17.
We also do not believe that people will be saved if they chose to reject God.

Our prophetic interpretations are historicist, post-tribulation visible rapture with a millennium reign in heaven. There is no secret rapture.

Armageddon occurs after the second resurrection. It is a battle between God and the people that He has just condemned in the final judgment. It is not a human battle fought in the middle east between opposing human empires.

The earth is destroyed and recreated, then Christ lives on this earth with the saints. There is no second chance during a millennial reign of Christ on earth. There is no millennial reign of Christ on earth. During the millennium, only Satan lives on the devastated earth while the saints are in heaven.

The Jews are on the same level as Christians with God. No one is treated by a different set of rules. Everyone who has faith is an Israelite and an heir of the promise. Galatians 3: 29
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Seventh Day Adventist Our basic beliefs - Forever Protestant Christian.
Please note that this is not an official web site of the church. It was neither requested by, founded by, funded by, approved by nor disapproved by the church. In fact, it would be fair to say that they have not been given an opportunity to approve of this work. It is an effort that merges all the training and experience and gifts that I have with the knowledge gained in Bible study. The process was accelerated after I asked the pastor for permission to use some of his Bible study lessons. While I will make every effort to have my peers review the information please note that I am solely responsible for the views, information, contents and opinions expressed here.

Contributing Writers

Laverna Patterson. Computer Programmer and WEB site creator. Thanks to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Especially, the gift of knowledge which was centered around an understanding of Christ. Because of the miraculous way in which I am receiving this information, I know that the latter rain has started. Also through my education in Biochemistry, Computer Systems and Telecommunications and a recent six month long hike on the Appalachian Trail, I find myself in a unique position to tackle some of these issues. I see that my work is both a documentation of the prophetic trends, to expose the activities of the final powers and to make bible studies available to all people. This can start a revolution of laymen with studies and information on portable computers. Or individuals studying at home with the Holy Spirit as their teacher. This is my goal.

Additional Credit.
References. There is a reference page that attempts to give the source of other information.
Editors. The editors were only responsible for grammar and spelling, not for content. The content of the pages were changed as much as 50% after the initial editing. Therefore any errors are not a reflection of their competency.

Foreign Languages. Since the translations are done by machine and I do not know if I will have assistance in editing these files, I tried not to quote directly, because the unedited translations may not be correct. But this has caused a problem of giving adequate credit. I handled this by adding the source at the bottom with a reference to the topic discussed. I also added the information in my references page.
The Children.

The Children helped to write the Praise poems, game design and the Children's prophecy page. They each specialized in one part of the image of Daniel.

Angela - 9 years old - Babylon (Head of Gold)
Andrew - 9 years old - The Resurrection
Shanthi - 7 years old - Medo-Persia (Breast and arms of Silver)
JMO - 8 years old - Greece (Belly and Thighs of Brass)
Tanya - 10 years old - Rome (Legs of Iron)
Donald - 5 years old - Europe (Feet of Iron and Clay)
Kevin - 8 years old - Second Coming (The Stone)

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February 2005. Through a dream the Holy Spirit indicates that God will complete this work. I should no longer seek help. So thanks to all who helped.

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This could be your opportunity to spread the Love of God to the last generation while sitting at home.
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