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Jacob's Stick (Genesis 30: 37-41): Not A Superstitious Myth!
Biology Riddle: What is a spotted and striped stick in water that makes children who look like it?
Answer: DNA or Jacob's Stick.
Item Jacob's Stick Stick DNA DNA (Genetic Instructions)
1 2 Parents 2 mating animals of opposite sex It is made of two strands aligned in opposite directions (antiparallel)
2 Spots Stick with spots The twisted strands look like a stick with a series of spots stacked on top of each other
3 Stripes Stick with stripes The links between the strands look like stripes
4 Children Children with spots and stripes on their outer appearance The spots and stripes store the information about the outer appearance and other physical characteristics
5 Heat or FireHead On Fire. The animals were "in heat" or strong sexual attraction Pyruvate End (PO4). One end is phosphorous surrounded by four oxygen atoms. Phosphorous is very flammable and oxygen is the fuel that maintains a flame. It is a symbol of a match on fire
Word Origin-Pyruvate Greek (Pyr). Fire or heat. eg pyrotechnics, pyre
6 Water Feet In Water. They mated by the water Hydroxyl End. One end of the DNA strand has H-OH, the same symbol as water H2O or H-O-H
Word Origin-Hydroxyl Greek (Hydr). Water. eg hydraulics, hydroponics
7 Anti-Parallel Feet In Water.
Mouth In water
Water And Fire On Both Ends. Each parent contributes on strand of DNA which is joined together in opposite directions. So the double strand has an hydroxyl and a pyruvate molecule at both ends
Groin on fire.
Head on fire
StickDouble Strand DNA

Star Torah Science: Not So Stupid! Suddenly this story that has been criticized as a great example of the stupid myths in the Bible is now an example of microscopic science. Even Christians believed that this was a story based on regional superstitions that Jacob believed in. Supposedly, God did not correct his erroneous beliefs but "met him where he was". Jacob made the stick around 2020 BC. Moses wrote the story in 1500 BC. Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA in 1953. How did the ancients know the microscopic science underlying reproduction 4000 years before modern scientists? God described the process in symbols that would transcend all languages.

The Rainbow In The Sanctuary (Exodus 26: 1-9)
The rainbow is a symbol of the covenant. It is fitting that its dimensions are found in the sanctuary. Together, the linen and goat's hair layers of the roof represent the origin, appearance and mathematics of the rainbow (see physics proof).
ItemSanctuary Mathematics Rainbow
1 AnglesThe layers of the sanctuary have specific dimensions Rainbows form when light strikes water between the angles of 40-42 °
40°Blue linen layer is 40 cubits long Blue color at the bottom begins at this angle
42°Goat's hair layer is 42 cubits long when the last panel is folded from 44 cubits Red color on top begins at this angle. Above this layer is the ram's skin layer dyed red.
2 30 DaysSun. Goat's hair layer has solar math
30 cubits wide and 11 panels
Rainbow. Formed from the light of the sun
Solar day = 30 days. Solar cycle = 11 years
3 28 DaysMoon. Linen layer has lunar mathematics
28 cubits wide and 10 panels
Moonbow. Formed from the light of the moon
Lunar Month = 28 days. Lunar Cycle = 10 years
4 Arch Both fold over the roof in an arch Rainbow
It forms a semicircular arch in the sky roof
5 Parallel
Both layers are made by joining parallel panels. Linen (10), Goat hair (11) It is a series of colors in parallel rows
6 ColorfulBlue background with red, purple, gold Colorful rainbow against a blue background sky
Sir Isaac Newton described the mathematical angles behind the formation of the rainbow in 1666. Moses in 1500 BC!

The Tefillin (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9): Dead Works Or Modern Science?
Biology Riddle: How is righteousness written in the heart with a square box between the eyes?
Answer: Tefillin And The Holy Spirit, Sella Turcica And Pituitary
The Tefillin are a pair of boxes worn on the forehead (frontal lobe) and arm that contains copies of the SHEMA. More than any other symbol it describes the work of the Holy Spirit in the new covenant as a process that changes certain regions of the brain that control judgment and feeling (cerebral cortex in the frontal lobe).
Any culture that slaughters animals could see these structures in the brain, but how could the Hebrews discern the function of these mass of tissues?
Item Tefillin Tefillin

Brain (Frontal lobe, Pituitary, Sella Turcica)
1 Total 2 Boxes 2 Lobes of the pituitary (anterior and posterior)
Head 4 sections and base Anterior. 5 factories (generates hormones)
Hand 1 section and base Posterior. 2 factories (stores hormones)
2 Contents SHEMA, law Pituitary gland (master gland) controls many functions like a traffic cop and judge
3 ShapeCube Sella Turcica is a cube-shaped bone box protecting the pituitary
4 Base
It is attached between the box and knot Hypothalamus controls hunger and thirst located above sella, runs through the chiasm
5 Straps Straps Optic Nerves from the front to the back
6 Straps Straps pass through brim Optic nerves pass through the hypothalamus
7 Knot Straps tied behind the head Optic Chiasm. Nerve crosses over above the sella turcica and looks like a knot
8 Location Between the eyes Between the eyes at the base of the brain
9 Location On forehead Over the cerebral cortex, the seat of judgment
Between the eyes underneath a structure that looks like a knot is a cube shaped box that will bring righteousness if properly filled. Then all our passions will turn to God. We will hunger and thirst for righteousness and think and do the will of God. All these centers of desire will be turned towards God, not towards lust.
» Forbidden Fruit Or Tree Of Life Fruit? The pituitary gland, guarded by the sella turcica, hanging from a stalk like a fruit is the key to this system. Because this system controls righteousness and evil it can be seen as the structure which mimics the fruit from the two trees. Even the branched, two hemispheres of the brain look like the leafy canopy of a tree with this fruit hanging from a stalk.
This region of the brain controls all our desires (gambling, reward, pleasure, addiction, sex, joy, fear, jealousy and aggression). The tefillin teaches us that filling our mind with the law and loving God will control all these desires in our brain. So in this respect it is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
However, it can be like the tree of life. It is the best illustration of the promise of the New Covenant, actually showing that the Holy Spirit will change our brains but we must daily pour the words of God into our minds.
The Holy Engraver. But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. (Jeremiah 31: 33)
Star Torah Science: Not So Stupid! So this was not an embarassing bad fashion statement after all.
As butchers the ancients must have seen these structures in animals, but how could they know about the function of this specific gland and this region of the brain between the eyes?
We are just discovering the chemisty and biology of these systems. Carl and Gerty Cori won the 1947 Nobel Prize for discovering how pituitary hormones regulate glucose. Other hormones were only isolated around 1976.

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