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Form Follows Function. All Bible Science Models Look and Function Like Nature's Model

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All bible science models match the physical structure, mathematics and function of their natural counterparts. DNA structure and function can be seen in many parts of the Bible. Some of these proofs are in other lessons. This proof is focused on DNA in the sanctuary.

Torah The Torah Pattern, Design And Laws.
The design was described by Moses during the exodus around 1500 BC.
As for you, son of man, describe the temple to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities; and let them measure the plan. If they are ashamed of all that they have done, make known to them the design of the house, its structure, its exits, its entrances, all its designs, all its statutes, and all its laws. And write it in their sight, so that they may observe its whole design and all its statutes and do them. (Ezekiel 43: 10-11 NASB)

Torah Moses' Human Genome Project: DNA in The Sanctuary
Y Organization X Short Arm
6 6 Boards 6
Most Holy Place
(10 Chromosomes)
14Column     Column     Column     Column 14Centromere
Holy Place
(Cell Body)
(14 Chromosomes)
Long Arm
Eastern Door
Column     Column     Column     Column     ColumnTelomere?
Gene Sanctuary
Just as the Mishkan models the hydrogen atom in physics, it models one specific scenario in biology. It models a structure with the "X" and Y" chromosome. This is either a fertilized egg or a male. Since Adam was the model, I choose the theory that it first models the male. However, looking at it as a fertilized male egg helps.
The sanctuary is also a pattern of the cell and the human genome. These are the smallest units of life. Like the periodic table, we count the number of structural elements (boards and columns) to establish the pattern. This led to the conclusion that humans have 24 pairs of genes but one pair was different.

DNA Genes.
This is the general organization of the genes. Genes are organized in pairs that are joined at a constriction in the middle (centromere). This creates a short and a long arm beyond the centromere.

DNA Nuclear Genes: The Biological Strong Force
Fundamentally, all genes are responsible for body structure, but if the model is similar between all sciences then 8 of these must be more important than the rest. Since the 8 boards on the west side represent the strong force of physics and are most of the life chemicals of chemistry, I assume they serve a similar function in the DNA.

Particle Physics And DNA.

Approximate Chromosome Location
Gene Organization
This represents the general sections and approximate locations in which the genes may belong but not their physical order.

DNA Epigenes: The Biological Weak Force

Codons And Amino Acid Structure In Protein
Base Pyrimidine Purine
U (T) C A G
AU Isoleucine [I]
Methionine [M]
Start α
GU Valine [V] -C-CH-CH3 -CH3 α
UU Phenylalanine [F] -C-CH2-[C6H5]   Leucineα
CU Leucine [L] -C-CH2-CH-CH3-CH3
CC Proline [P] Only Cyclic Amino Acid
GC Alanine [A] -C-CH3
GG Glycine [G] -C-H
UG Cysteine [C]
Tryptophan [W]
UA Tyrosine [Y]
Stop Ω
AC Threonine [T] -C-CH-OH -CH3
UC Serine [S] Serine -C-CH2-OH
AG Serine Arginine
CG Arginine [R]   -C-CH2-CH2-CH2-NH-C-NH2-NH2
CA Histidine [H]
-C-[CH2 -CH -NH+ =CH-NH -CH=]
Glutamine [Q]
-C-CH2-CH2-C=O -NH2
AA Asparagine [N]
-C--CH2-C=O -NH2
Lysine [K]
GA Aspartic Acid [D]
Glutamic Acid [E] (Glutamate)
Start Acid (2) Basic (3) Polar(7) Non-Polar (8) Stop
-ve +ve 0 Charge
Hydrophilic Hydrophobic
Polar (H+ bond) Nonpolar
♥ Essential ♡ Essential for Babies
Hydroxyl Sulfur Aromatic [] Ring
F Most Holy Place Ω
NonPolar Polar
The position of each board is a theory in this diagram.
» Neutral (Essential). West Wall
» Polar. South Wall
» Polar (Acid-Base). North wall
» Start-Stop. Columns
The genes code for 20 amino acids and a stop and start sequence.
Amino Acid Structure. +H3N-CRH-COO- [R = Side Chain]
Amino Group -CR- Carboxylic Group [R = Side Chain]
» 2 Stop and Start Signals. These are the two separate boards with the opposite functions.
» 20 Amino Acids. These are the 20 boards on the north or south side and in the Most Holy Place.
Theory Theory. Six or eight of the twenty amino acids have a greater importance.
Below is what we know so far.
» Most Holy Place (20 Boards) - Amino Acids. The nucleus encodes 20 standard amino acids and the structures in the Most Holy Place show their organization.

» Holy Place (28 Boards). I can only guess that there are 28 important compounds that are created by the RNA or by the mitochondria.
» Walls and Doors. Some chemicals may act as gate keepers, containers and support. If we discover the role of the particles in physics using this model, we can guess at how the amino acids, cells and organs like the brain organize different classes of chemicals to work.

DNA Gene Organization. When the genome project was complete in 2001, scientists found that the active genes were a tiny number. They did not understand the function of the 98% they called junk.

Amino Acid Sanctuary Structure
The amino acid structure of the DNA is most likely encoded in the Most Holy Place and the first two boards of the Holy Place. In this form it represents the physics of hydrogen which the electrons have only two particle pairs and the other 13 pairs represent the levels to which the electrons can jump orbits. The 13 other orbits may belong to RNA and other genetic activity outside the nucleus.
In the final structure of the model of science, the 14 boards of the Holy Place become the walls of the Most Holy Place.
The function of each codon might give a clue to where they are located in the Mishkan. The designation is based on their propensity to be in contact with water, a polar solvent.

-20 Codons
T 1 2 3456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 171819 20
 A mRNA PillarT

Messenger RNA

Figure 49d




 G tRNA PillarG

Transfer RNA
U 1 2 3456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 171819 20
-20 Anti-Codons

Codons and Anti-Codons
There are 20 codons and 20 anticodons. Like the 20 walls on the north and south, it suggests that these are used to build the walls of the protein.

Biological Strong Force
2A - 3A4A5A6A7A8A1A
He- H
Ca Sc -ZnGaGeAsSeBrKrK
Sr - InSnSbTeIXeRb
Ba TlPbBiPoAtRnCs
Ra UutFlUupLvUusUuoFr
The elements which make up our biology are in the first three rows of the Periodic Table available by the third day when biological forms (trees) were created.

Genetics: A Strong Defence By Design
God has a backup plan for repairing genes. When humans interfere with this process and disobey laws, disaster occurs while we limp along with trial and error.

The Male Shall Be The Lead
The male derermines the gender of the child. By herself a female could only produce female, but a male can produce both genders. In the first creation, she was created out of him. It was impossible for him to come out of her. He came out of God. God could have made Eve come out of Him, but God set the precedence that establishes the same rules regarding Him. There cannot be two masters, but there is no slavery. Lucifer tried to rule but he ended up creatin a planet of slaves and breaking every rule imaginable. The males X and Y chromosome are not silenced, but one copy of the female gene is always silenced. The male testosterone actively promotes the secondary characteristics of the gender during development and after puberty. As the brain develops, lack of testosterone from the "Y" chromosome defaults to female development in the detus.

Theory DNA Theories

Jesus The Messianic Prophecy
The life and actions of Jesus Christ mirrored these sciences.

The History Of The Science
The mechanism of modern genetics was discovered between 1856 and 1953.

Science lies within the realm of religion and exists to express the will of the Creator YHWH God.
There is one law for people and atoms made by the same Creator and Lawgiver YHWH.

Great Things Revealed By The Creator. Thus says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it, the LORD is His name,
Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.
(Jeremiah 33: 2-3)
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