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This is an entry in a series of Torah science lessons which tend to show how a religious symbol can be understood even better by looking at the microscopic and detail findings of modern science. Previous claims to the bible not contradicting science were based on man reporting what he saw with his two eyes in nature in the macroscopic world.
These articles are not based on observations in the macroscopic world but on modern findings based on the investigations of the microscopic, sub-cellular and biochemical knowledge of the modern world. So, although they are not like the stunning proofs of Torah science in physics and chemistry, they are candidates for Torah science.

Atom The Science Pattern Design And Laws
Discovered by ... between

Science The Eye And The Blind Spot
In every case we have been trying to demonstrate that the symbolic meaning of color is maintained throughout the design of the body by the designer. Here is a perfect example.

Elephant The Unanswerable Question. There was no hocus-pocus, nothing totally symbolic. He was not tricked. What God did to pass over sinners was a totally scientific act!
He was invited to a macabre feast by Satan and forced to judge sinners and formally choose a representative from earth at a time of Satan's choosing. God came to the feast and in a brilliant move, He stood directly in the blind spot, thwarting Satan's efforts. Absolutely Brilliant!
God said, "Show me what you have. Show me a sinner." All He saw was Christ.
Theory Theory: Unusual Eclipse. The design of the throne and its wheels is a picture of galaxies within galaxies. The eyes on the wheels might be the stars such as the Sun. The three hours of darkness during the full moon at the crucifixion was not caused by any processes that we know. The physical cause of this darkness may be related to the fact that when God winked, one of the eyes on the wheels at His throne was closed. Can we find a retractable structure on the surface of the Sun or between the Sun and the earth that can cover its light? Is the crucifixion blind spot one giant sun spot?

Science The Biological Clock: Circadian And Intradian Rhythms
Table 54a - Biological Rhythms and Life Schedules
TimeActivityFulfillment Custody StageDate
14:30Best CoordinationFollow the man carrying water to the upper room Disciples Prepare Passover Awake Nisan 13
Thursday Evening
15:30Fastest Reaction TimePassover quickly prepared
17:30Greatest Cardiovascular Efficiency And Muscle StrengthArranging the upper room. Washing the disciples' feet
18:00Food Meal (Dinner)Passover Seder Nisan 14
Thursday Night
18:30Highest Blood PressureThe disciples in the upper roomJudas
19:00Highest Body TemperatureThe disciples express their devotion and loyalty
21:00Melatonin StartsJudas leaves to go and betray ChristPriests Plot and
Trial of Jesus
22:30Bowel Movement SuppressedJesus is leaving for Gethsemane, full of sorrow
2:00Deepest SleepThe disciples fell asleep three times and could not stay awake. The law (blue light) intensified the effects of the melatonin as Jesus submitted to its demands in Gethsemane. He agreed to die (sleep) for everyone. So His stage of the sleep cycle begins Nisan 14
Friday Night
5:00Lowest Body TemperatureLukewarm Peter denies Him.
The disciples were cold. All abandoned Him
Light Sleep
6:45Sharpest Rise in Blood PressureCock Crow Cock crow (6:30AM).
The people pressure Peter. He is now ashamed
Nisan 14
Friday Morning
7:00Food Meal (Breakfast)Condemned: He was eaten up by the priests
7:30Melatonin StopsThe trial by the priests ends
8:30Bowel MovementHe was moved from the Sanhedrin to the palace of the rulersRomans
9:00Highest TestosteroneAggressive and angry mob shouted for BarabbasDeep
 Sleep Sleep Walking (Carrying the Cross to Golgotha)
10:00High AlertnessIn great pain, He was nailed to the cross
 Sleep Sleep Talking (His Words on the way and on the cross)
12:00Food Meal (Lunch)In the dark, He was being eaten alive by the crowdDeep
Three Hours Darkness
 Sleep Night Terrors (Abandoned On the Cross) during the darkness
14:30Best CoordinationThis must be when God passed over us
 Sleep Bed Wetting (Blood and Water From His Side)
 Sleep Sleep Disorders (Sleep Apnea). Unable to breathe
 Sleep REM Sleep Disorders (Narcolepsy). Cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations Dream
 Sleep REM Without Atonia (Acts Out Dreams) Every prophetic dream fulfilled
15:00Bowel MovementEarthquake at His death
15:00Wet DreamResurrection of the dead
15:30Fastest Reaction TimeHe must be buried quicklyDisciples Nisan 14
Friday Evening
 Sleep REM Sleep Disorders (Sleep Attack)
17:30Greatest Cardiovascular Efficiency And Muscle StrengthThis refers to the efforts to bury Him before sunset as they moved quickly, carried His body with haste to the tomb and partially embalmed Him
18:00Food Meal (Dinner)Buried: He was eaten up by the earth
18:30Highest Blood PressureThe disciples are hiding because of fear
2:00Deepest SleepDead (Mid point between death and resurrection)SheolNisan 15
14:30Best CoordinationThis must be when Satan lost all claim to His body
17:30Greatest Muscle StrengthHeave Ho! Satan was tossed out of heaven for good. He can no longer represent the earth.
18:30Highest Blood PressureResurrection at sunset, remained in the grave AngelsNisan 16
6:45Sharpest Rise in Blood PressureStone rolled away and He came out of the grave
Food Infradian Rhythm. Meal times were inserted into the schedule. All other times are of scientific origin
Superimposed on Jesus' sleep cycle is the normal circadian rhythm activities of the rest of the world.

Science The Eyes: Initiating Sleep
The eyes sets up the system of biological clocks.
A circadian rhythm is approximately a 24 hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological or behavioural processes of living things that is linked to the light-dark cycle. The ultradian rhythms have multiple cycles within the day. They affect the timing of sleep, wake, body temperature, thirst, and appetite. So, the information of the time of the day as relayed by the eyes travels to the master clock in the brain which synchronizes the other clocks by releasing melatonin.
Light Process Retina (Eye) Process Pineal gland Process Melatonin

» Infradian Rhythm. These have periods longer than a day. This final phase of Christ's life came at the end of another important biological cycle. His mother would be clean 33 days after His birth. He was crucified (cut off) at the age of 33, then the church (the woman) was clean. Here are the final rhythms.

Science Sleeping In The Bowels
Awake N1 N2 N3 N4 Gives REM
2-5% 45-55% 10-20% 20-25%
5 45 10-20 22 Minutes
Sleeping and dreaming, mathematics and religion are the only processes where symbolic language is important. God uses dreams to communicate with us because we are asleep.

We have been put to sleep because sin brought the darkness of night and He intends to recreate us according to the same pattern that He created us. Not only are we asleep, we are the seed inside our father as he sleeps, while God is attempting to make the woman from his rib. The whole Plan of Salvation is to rescue this man and woman (church) from this death sleep. This explains some of God's reaction to us. We are blinded because our eyes are closed in sleep. He has to speak to us in "dark sentences" because only symbolic language is used in sleep. He refuses to wake us up, because a fruitful awakening depends on the stage of sleep that we are in.

Jesus says that death is sleep. He also describes the entire period from the betrayal at the Passover supper until His resurrection as death. Specifically three days and nights "buried in the bowels". Since the bible equates death to sleep, let us look at the stages of sleep to determine what occurred in all the stages of His death. These stages are measured in terms of the brain wave activity.
Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 Cycle 5
Seder Gethsemane Trial Crucified Resurrected

» Five Cycles. The average person goes through five of these cycles every 90-110 minutes. This reminds us of the five cycles of curses or warnings that we get before God acts to wake us up.
In one lesson, we show what happened to Jesus during the last three days. We clearly proved that He went through four cycles of the same set of experiences before He died where each cycle progressively became worse. We also showed a fifth cycle after the resurrection where the outcome improved according to this pattern.

Theory Theory. The weekly cycle is represented by the seven periods in the table, each beginning with group 1A. Lithium effects biological clock genes. Perhaps the elements in this group are associated with the regulation of clocks.

Elephant The Unanswerable Question. Christ described His final three and a half days as a time spent as death in the "bowels of the earth" and death as "sleep". Many prophecies described the night terrors, and the cannibalism during this time. Yet, how could He orchestrate the behavior of all His enemies and nature to perfectly fit the biological rhythms and the function of each section of the digestive system?

Science Psychology
Taking the brain as a computer database management system we are proposing certain theories based on the sanctuary and the circadian rhythms.
Theory Theory: Brain Structure. The folds and convolutions of the brain may be due to the coiling action that occurs as data is physically located close to primary keys.
Theory Theory: The Purpose of Sleep. Sleep reconstructs the database indices, moving and organizing temporary storage (the catalogue of last waking activities) into permanent storage.
» Temporary Tables (Short-Term Memory). During the waking period, all information is stored temporarily. As experience is accumulated it is loosely stored in a simple tree structure order with some loose connection made with indices in long term memory. Some links are made as we consciously make the associations. Other links are made by the database as it organizes information during sleep. So bright ideas should appear after resting. But during sleep these temporary tables are destroyed as each memory is placed in permament storage and linked to the master index.
Theory Theory: Lack of Sleep. It induces slow reaction and paranoia because we are seeing the effects of cross wiring, unestablished or partially established links and an unorganized rubble of information that the brain cannot organize because it has no efficient way of untangling the mess except by LIFO or FIFO processing. In addition, while the state of paranoia persists in the waking stage, a paranoid database is being built that will be incorporated in permanent memory using its own weird links to information. Therefore, to incorporate new learning into the more efficient library, one must sleep after cramming for an examination. Otherwise, the conscious mind's attempt to search the brain for information is an inefficient process using broken links and multiple tables with redundant unorganized data. Some of this data may not even be indexed but are in flat files in FIFO order. This frustrating, conscious search through an unorganized, conflicting mess of information appears as irritability and a definite slowing in response time.
» Hallucinations. Sleep depravation and drugs can cause hallucinations. If the index search mechanism has a set number of times to search so that it does not get into an infinite loop then hallucinations can occur if the index returned is random or is the closest match to the real result. Drugs could also trigger a "closest match" result or random retrieval.
Theory Theory: Sleep Indexing. The sleep cycles are connected to the specific type of database index building activity.

Theory Theory: Off-Site Storage. Since it is an efficient system designed by God, there must be some risk management and redundancy built in. While the folds of the brain might indicate changes in physical structure to make indexes physically closer to data, risk management requires that identical information should be stored off site at long distances. This information does not have to include all the indices, only the raw data and important primary indexes. It might be stored in another location in the brain or even off-site somewhere else in the body! It might also be stored in different formats so that one will be immune to chemical attacks that target another format. e.g. a virus, prion or toxin may attack a phospholipid link but not a DNA link.
The bible refers to other organs as storing various emotions and wisdom. From a database management perspective this design makes perfect sense. What these organs store is apparently a copy of the minimal information used to reboot the system and the moral compass. It stores how to evaluate data and the unindexed data itself in some chemical form.

Theory Theory: Fat as Storage. I suspect that this information is transported as some form of lipid from the brain and is stored as fat that is processed by the liver and kidney. The fat above the liver may be an important storage area. Even with weight loss, new fat cells are not destroyed. The body knows that it must keep these cells. Why? Is the memory stored in the fat, or in the cell or both?
The type of information stored here may be more related to feelings and emotions.
Jews recognize two types of fat.

Theory Theory: Memory Transportation and Storage. If fat is involved in memory, the system could be compromized in the manufacture, transportation, storage, retrieval and identification of the information. Is fat the problem simply because it clogs up the system or is it a problem because it is not manufactured and stored properly? Several facts point to fat as important for memory, as memory production or memory destruction.

Theory Theory: Parallel Processing. The brain is able to do parallel processing and muti-tasking. The process requires the management of alerts and process identification keys to determine when to launch the next step, what the next steps are, when a process can go to sleep until a trigger awakens them, how much resources to give each process, how to prioritize processes and when a process is finished.
As the brain becomes diseased and symptoms like Alzheimers appear, the ability to remember and to process many concepts is severely eroded. People find that they are able to do one thing at a time and they must consciously find ways to store and retrieve the keys that will trigger memory because the brain has lost access to these temporary keys. So people write more lists and notes. Sometimes you have to return to the place where the memory was made to trigger the lost memory because the active memory space is damaged.
Those with obsessive-compulsive disorders have malfunctions that affect prioritizing and resource allocation.

Theory Theory: Final Stages of Sleep. This logical sequence of steps would be that after brain reorganization is complete and after REM sleep, then the data can be stored off site and then the last step is to reset the point of last memory stored. Disruptions in sleep will always affect the final stages. If the mechanism is broken, then the body could continually store memory because it has lost the ability to find the pointer to the last memory saved. Improper sleep might contribute to weight gain because the body is not given the time to complete the off site memory storage by resetting the point that was last saved. So it keeps repeating and restoring the same memories and new ones.
Theory Theory: Memory Storage. I believe that I know how memory is stored in the brain by a mechanism that gets more efficient with more data. Therefore, one day we should be able to read the memory of corpses and even uncover the last memories of a murder victim.
Theory Theory: Organ Transplant. Since the body rejects organs as not "self", one problem might be the fact that both the DNA and these memories are truly foreign. Is it possible that liposuction destroys memory, or that transplants might affect our behavior by affecting personality and memories? Does yo-yo dieting affect memory?
Theory Theory: Self as Primary Key. There must be a primary key value that identifies each individual as "self" different from other individuals that is the source of transplant rejections. The DNA appears to be the candidate, yet there must be something more that distinguishes one identical twin from another that is replicated in all cells and is simpler than DNA. God stores several pieces of data about us. Some even before we are born.

Morality and Conscience
» Brain Washing. This phenomenon points to another function that the brain must do after it effeciently organizes raw data in permanent storage. There must be some other master table index that is built that is related to moral thinking and common sense. Because this database requires conscious participation (free will) a person must consciously make those associations that it wants. We consciously make the index and during sleep the database organizes it in addition to making other efficient links it can. If we are not given the time to make those links or other people consciously tell us which links to make then the database will only build those links. So you can wash your moral database by putting nothing in it, putting no value on data or allowing fear and reward to establish those connections.

Theory Theory: Our Moral Core. We all have two moral centers.

Science The Dreamers Of The Last Days.
The Snake Charmer. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
Hypnotized. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.
(Genesis 3: 5,7)
Adam and Eve thought they would be more awake, but they had been hypnotized and had fallen asleep naked, and dreaming a nightmare.

The prophecies also maintain the details and stages of the symbols of death from Eden.
Sleep and darkness are symbols of death. From Daniel we know which stage we are in. The earth is now in a state of REM sleep and dreaming with all the disorders of sleep.
Day Night Light
Physically Awake Sin N1 N2 Ark N3 Crucifixion N41798 REM Spiritual Awakening Second Coming
Satan Hypnagogic Hallucination DrowsyK Complexes Deep Sleep Dreams Hypnopompic Hallucination Satan
Sleep Spindles • Paralysis • Oxygen Consumed •
Disobedient Disobedient Disobedient, Hostile Ignores God and HostileDisobedient and Hostile
Garden of EdenAwareness of God Lost CovenantKnowledge Increases
Personal Knowledge of God Decreasing Written KnowledgePersonal Knowledge of God Increasing
Personal Knowledge Law on StoneLaw in the Heart

According to the law of the blessings and curses, men will go through five phases in their relationship with God. In the beginning, the world had first hand knowledge of God from personal experience and eye witnesses. As personal knowledge and communion with God decreased the earth fell into a state of sleep. Sin was simply categorized as disobedience in this phase because people acknowledged the existence of God.
After the flood, it was the covenant people who kept the true knowledge of God in symbols, rituals, writings and the prophets, while the world was in the deepest phase of sleep. Disobedience became hostility as people tried to fight against a God Whom they believe existed. In our era, we simply ignore the existence of God and are hostile to the concept. So at the end of time, knowledge about God will be restored to the world. Then, men can no longer claim ignorance. Therefore, the fight against God is reclassified as open disobedience with extreme hostility.
» The Sleeper Awakens. It appears that God will wake up the world and give everyone convincing knowledge of Him before the world ends. So, in the last days, the world should experience the symptoms and sleep disorders associated with the final stages of sleep.

Science lies within the realm of religion and exists to express the will of the Creator YHWH God.
There is one law for people and atoms made by the same Creator and Lawgiver YHWH.

"Come now, and let us reason together," Says the LORD, "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool. (Isaiah 1: 18)
God's Ambush. Set up the standard upon the walls of Babylon, make the watch strong, set up the watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for the Lord hath both devised and done that which he spake against the inhabitants of Babylon. (Jeremiah 51: 12)
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