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This is an entry in a series of Torah science lessons which tend to show how a religious symbol can be understood better by looking at the microscopic and detail findings of modern science.
So, although they are not like the stunning proofs of Torah science in physics and chemistry, they are candidates for Torah science.

Science The Religious Laws
Many Bible symbols involve pregnancy and childbirth. In this article we will look at the issues to try to understand.

Atom The Science Pattern Design And Laws
Most women are not conscious of the day they ovulate and many due dates are simply an estimate. People were certain that pregnancy was connected to semen and the menstrual period and that it took about nine months. But it was not until recently that we concluded that a full term pregnancy took 38-40 weeks and an overdue birth ends at 42 weeks. Amniotic fluid is replaced every three to four hours. Yet the Bible has these two time periods written into the sanctuary, the laws and the covenants. In addition, salvation is described as a new birth of the "fruit of the womb" where the righteous emerge at 40 periods of time and the wicked at 42. When the time is defined as months or years it is "between three and four years" or 40 and 42 months. In reality what is measured is the period in which the endometrium grows. The events also mimic the name and blessings of the children of Israel in their birth order. You must understand the prophecy of the twelve tribes to understand the associations that are made.

Unexpectedly, this information points out that God begins counting your life even before fertilization occurs.

Science The Reproductive System: The Miracle Of Birth
Table 52.1   The Pregnancy Milestones
WeeksOrgan DevelopmentTribes Christ
1-Last menstrual period (LMP) Seed of the Woman Seed of God
2-One ovary is growing and ripening to an egg. Estrogen increases. Endometrium grows
31Ovulation. Estrogen increases
Pregnant. The fertilized egg travels for 3-7 days down the fallopian tube Reuben
Beginning of Strength
Unattached. It floats freely in the uterus for a few days (3 days) Simeon
Attached to Uterus. It implants into the wall causing slight bleeding. Progesterone increases Levi
42A ball of cells with three layers. Placenta formingJudas-Priest conspiracy
53Spinal column, brain, heart. Morning sickness
64Praise the Lord. Heart beats. Eyes, ears, mouth, arm and leg buds JudahCirculatory System.
Judgment In the Garden of Gethsemane
Risk of miscarriage and rejection of the baby begins.
25% of conceptions do not survive until 20 weeks
Miscarriage: Asher (Death), Gad (Contraction), Naphtali (Expelled).
97Fetus. Tail disappears. Bones cartilage forming. Umbilical cord and placenta growing. Lips
1210Breathing movements, peristalsis, kidneys. Placenta fully formed Issachar
Movement through the Bowels.
Trials and crucifixion
1311Intestines, growing in the umbilical cord, now move to abdomen
1412Reflexes operate, facial muscles attached. Baby smiles, frowns, wrinkles brow. Palate.Risk of miscarriage very low now
1614Placenta fully formed and functional Zebulun
Roman custody
1614Sensitive to light. Sucking motions.
Amniotic fluid regenerates every 3-4 hours.
Mother can now feel the movements (Quickening)
John takes Mary
(Jesus Weaned)
1614Genitals are well formed enough to distinguish gender Dinah
1715Taste buds develop (sweet and bitter)
Drinks Vinegar
1816Ears stand out. Baby might hear Obeys SHEMA
1917Vernix covers skin Body Wrapped
2119Baby can swallow In the grave
2220Completely covered by lanugo downy hair which holds vernix in place Protected
2321Uterus complete with lifetime supply of eggs. Testes descending. Rapid eye movement New Life
2422Weight gain begins, liver functions. Sleep-wake cycle regularHe awakes
2523Baby responds to familiar sounds (eg your voice) with movementHe hears God
2624Lungs produce surfactant and can inflate normally He breathes
2826Eyes openEyes open
2927Fat, organs mature, muscles. 300 bones fully developed. Movements now restricted. Baby produces red blood cells Gets up. Still in the tomb
3028Smiles, cries real tears as early as 26 weeks, hair, brain grows rapidlyTears of joy
3230Baby practices breathing Prays
3331Iris responds to light Dawn Is Breaking
3331Stores iron in the liver. Testicles finish descending
3432Developing immunity
3533Enough surfactant for lungs to work on their own
3634Baby in birth position. Gains weight quickly
3735Cortisone produced by baby will help in breathing
3836The vernix covering the skin is dissolving
3937Lungs are the last organ to reach maturity. Antibodies
4038Optimal time for birth Benjamin
(Son of the right hand)
Angels came
4240 Mucus plug removedStone removed
41-4239-40Birth. Placenta begins to break down Guards Fall
Birth: Asher (Placenta dies), Gad (Contraction), Naphtali (Expelled) Resurrection

Jesus The Messianic Prophecy
Although we show this as the birth of Christ from the world, the same steps apply to the development of the perfect church for 2000 years until the birth at the end of time.
The order of development of the baby mimics the events of the Plan of Salvation in the order of the birth of the sons of Jacob. If we focus on the major accomplishments at the beginning and the end we can see a pattern.

God is The Creator Of The Universes. Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb, "I, the Lord, am the maker of all things, stretching out the heavens by Myself and spreading out the earth all alone. Causing the omens of boasters to fail, making fools out of diviners, causing wise men to draw back and turning their knowledge into foolishness. Confirming the word of His servant and performing the purpose of His messengers." (Isaiah 44: 24-26) Time: 30 Minutes
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