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"You are the child of the Great Creator"
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Shoe Box Sanctuary
You can create an easier version with a shoe box. They are 12 inches long, 7 inches wide and 4 inches high.

Shoebox Furniture.
Print a picture of the furniture given in that section below and lay them flat or glue them on a tab so that they stand upright. Our craft page has a three dimensional folded box of the Ark of the Covenant.

Wooden Sanctuary Materials
The instructions are from a pattern in Heaven. They were given to Moses by God and are in Exodus 37 - 40.
This project was made to scale by substituting a cubit for an inch. All measurements are in inches but only finished sizes are given. Add a seam allowance for all fabrics that can unravel and to all clothes.

Section Quantity Size (inches) Materials Sanctuary
Walls (North, South) 2 10 x 30 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch Plywood
Wall (West) 1 10 x 9
Base 1 12 x 36 Wood
Bars 8 30 1/8 inch Wooden dowels. Must fit through the opening of the screw eye
4 9
Furniture Poles1010
Rings 217 ¼ inch eye
½ inch length
Screw Eye Screw eye
Pillars (Columns) 9 10 x ½ diameter Wooden dowels or use 9 Roman or Greek cake pillars for the sanctuary columns
Fence Posts 60 6 x ¼ diameter Sanctuary View from the East Gate

Curtains and Coverings
Curtains and Coverings Fabric Materials and Equipment
  1. Most Holy Place Curtain.
  2. Holy Place Curtain.
  3. Blue Linen inner Cover..
  4. Goat Skin Cover.
  5. Red Ram Skin Cover.
  6. Porpoise Skin outer Cover.
  7. Blue Linen Gate.
  8. White Linen Fence.
The curtains to the sanctuary, the inner covering and the gate are made of sheer material with three colors. We used blue material with red and purple colors.
Curtains and Roof
Cost : $100.00 (2003 USA dollars)
Teacher's corner Fabric (45 inch width)
• 1 yard Sheep skin
• 1¼ yards Sheer blue
• Red felt (30 x 50)
• Beige Vinyl (30 x 50)
• 1½ yards White linen
• ¼ inch braid ( ½ yard) (scallop design).
• ½ yard, ½ inch gold ribbon for belt

• Plywood (20 x 45)
• Wood for base (36 x 12) e.g. Shelf
• 217 Screw Eyes (½ inch long; ¼ inch eye)
• 9 square bases and 9 caps for pillars
   Use round knobs or plugs for caps.
• 9, ½ Dowels 10 inches long for pillars
    Note: Length is 10 inches after the cap and base are glued
• 8, 30 inch x 1/8 inch dowels for bars
• 4, 9 inch x 1/8 inch dowels for bars
• 4, 10 inch x ¼ inch dowels (ark and altar)
• 6, 5 inch x ¼ inch dowels (other furniture)
• 60, ¼ Dowels 6 inches long (fence posts)
• Panel cap for sockets. or substitute
   • 4, ½ square dowels 30 inches long
   • 2, ½ square dowels 9 inches long

Baking Clay.
Buy the correct color or paint white clay.
• Blue for commandments
• Brown for shew bread
• White for manna and angels

Miniature Figures
• 1 inch toy animals
• 3 to 5 inch people
• One or two 12 inch "Ken" dolls (priest)
• Pots, dish, covered bowl, pans, garden tools (rake, shovel)
• 2 ceramic praying angels.
• 3 inch bowl or champagne glass.

• Blue, 6-ply embroidery thread
• Needlepoint plastic canvas (8 x 8)
• 16 Sequins (½ x ¼). See colors here.
• 26 gold bells
• 120, ¼ inch rings (70 gold, 50 brass)
• 9 blue, 9 red and 9 purple seed beads (Size "E")
• Gold chain or gold embroidery thread
• Hot melt glue
• Paint: Gold, silver and bronze
• Styrofoam
Additional Information
• Metric Conversion. 1 inch = 2.54 cm
The project is built to scale by substituting cubits for inches. Each cubit is represented as one inch.
  1. Sheer Blue, red, purple. (9 x 10 high). Decorate with angels (stencil or embroidery).
  2. Sheer Blue, red, purple. (9 x 10 high)
  3. Blue, red and purple Linen Cover. Total (28 x 40). Join two curtains each made of 5 panels. We will simulate the panels by sewing a thick line every 4 inches.
    • 50, (1/8) inch gold rings
    • Blue embroidery thread to make loops.
    • Two (28 x 20 wide) fabric. Sew 4 lines every 4 inches to create 5 panels.
    • Join the two panels with loops and rings.
    • Decorate with angels.
    Curtain panels
    View of the layers of curtains from the inside layer to the top layer.
    Their position over the sanctuary walls and poles are also shown. The 50 loops and rings are at the location of the separation of the Holy Place and Most Holy Place.
  4. Cream or beige sheep's skin fabric. Total (30 x 44). Join two curtains. One (30 x 20 wide with 5 panels), the other (30 x 24 wide with 6 panels). Decorate with angels (stencil or embroidery). We will simulate the panels by sewing a thick line every 4 inches.
    • 50, (1/8) inch brass rings
    • Blue embroidery thread to make loops.
    • One (30 x 20 wide) fabric. Sew 4 lines every 4 inches to create 5 panels.
    • One (30 x 24 wide) fabric. Sew 5 lines every 4 inches to create 6 panels.
    • Join the two panels with loops and rings.
  5. Red felt. (30 x 50)
  6. Beige Vinyl. (30 x 50)
  7. Blue Gate: Sheer Blue, red, purple. (5 x 20)
  8. White.
    • North and South Fence. Two (5 x 100).
    • West Fence. One (5 x 50).
    • East Fence. Two (5 x 15). It will be joined with the blue gate in the center.

Fences, Curtains and Pillars
Fences, Curtains and Pillars Dowel and Curtain Assembly Instructions
  1. Cap. Glue a cap on top of the dowel and paint.
  2. Base. Paint before gluing to column.
  3. Column. Glue base on column.
  4. Screw Eye. The sanctuary pillars should have one screw eye or cup screw on the top side of each.
    Open the screw eye so that the ring or the thread from the curtain can slide on.
  5. Sanctuary Curtain. Sew a gold hook or small ring or strong gold loop on the curtain.
    Hang the sanctuary curtain on the pillars.
    The fence fabric is glued on the posts.
Fence and gate
  1. Pillars.
    1. 60 Fence Posts.
      60 dowels ¼ inch x 6 inches. 60 caps and 60 bases.
    2. 9 Sanctuary Pillars.
      9 dowels ½ inch x 10 inches. 9 caps and 9 bases. The height must be 10 inches after the base and cap are added. If you use cake decorating pillars glue a wooden piece on top to hold the screw eye. If the pillar is already 10 inches, glue the screw eye between the post and a flat cardboard cut to match the top.
    Paint Colors
    Pillar AmountWidth Height ColumnCap Base
    Most Holy 4 1 10 GoldGold Silver
    Holy Place 5 1 10 GoldGold Bronze
    Fence 60 ¼ 6 SilverSilver Bronze
  2. White Linen Fence.
    Cut white fabric and finish to the sizes indicated. Then glue the fence pillars on the edges and every 5 inches.
    • North and South. Cut two (5 x 100) and glue twenty columns on each.
    • West. Cut one (5 x 50) and glue ten columns on each.
    • East. Cut two (5 x 15) and glue three columns on each. Glue the blue linen gate between these.
  3. Blue Linen Fence Gate.
    Cut a piece of the blue, purple and red veil. Finished size 5 inches high and 20 inches wide. Glue to east fence.
  4. Holy Place Veil.
    • Cut a piece of the blue, purple and red veil. Finished size 10 inches high and 9 inches wide.
    • Put a screw eye in the top side of the sanctuary pillar. The curtain will be hung from here.
  5. Most Holy Place Veil.
    • Cut a piece of the blue, purple and red veil. Finished size 10 inches high and 9 inches wide.
    • Decorate with angels. Embroider or stencil gold angels.
    • Put a screw eye in the top side of the sanctuary pillar. The curtain will be hung from here.
Fence and Gate
Fence gate
Holy Place
Curtain Holy Place
Most Holy Place
Curtain Most Holy Place

Mark Walls
  1. Wall. Outside surface.
  2. Screw Eye. Used for the rings. The bars and poles are threaded through these.
  3. Cup Screw. Do not use these as rings.
  4. Bars.
  5. Center Bar.
  6. Board Groove.
  7. Bar Location. (Five blue dotted lines)
  8. Ring Location.
  9. Silver Base Sockets. Use panel caps as sockets. Paint silver.
  10. Board. 1.5 inches wide
  11. Boards 7 and 8. These are glued on the back (inside) of boards 1 and 6 on the west wall.
Bars and Rings
Wall: Bars and rings


Priest High Priest Clothes Ephod
  1. Belt is 18 inches long, 3/8 wide.
  2. Shoulder straps are 5 inches, 3/8 wide. Sew 2 gold rings to the top.
  3. Gold Rings
  4. Gold chain
  5. Blue cord
  6. Onyx stones
  7. Urim and thummin inside the breastplate. The breastplate was attached to the ephod.
PriestHigh PriestClothes
These dolls are not built to the scale of the model. They are four times larger so that the design can be seen.
  • 12 inch male doll. 3 inch shoulder.
    You can buy two separate dolls to dress as the priest and high priest.
  • Beads. 10 of each color (Red, purple and blue). Size "E" (about one eight inch diameter).
  • 26 gold Bells (about one eight inch diameter) or substitute gold beads.
  • 12 Sequins (½ x ¼). Use the colors on the breastplate if possible.
  • 2 Sequins (½ x ¼). Black or dark for the onyx stones on the shoulders.
  • 2 Sequins (½ x ¼). For the Urim and thummin
  • 8 inches of gold Chain
  • Blue embroidery thread
  • 4 gold rings (¼ inch diameter)
  • 18 inches gold ribbon ½ inch wide. or 18 x 1.5 yellow fabric
  1. White Robe. 9 inches long. 6 inches wide at bottom
  2. Shorts. Shorts to the knees.
  3. Belt. 18 long 3/8 wide. Use ribbon or sew fabric. Jesus wears a gold sash. The bible did not say what color this belt was for others.
  4. Cap. Cut a white 4 inch wide circle. Gather the edges to 5 inch circumference. Bind with gold fabric or ribbon. Sew 2 blue 1/8 ribbons or 6-ply embroidery thread in the seam from front to back

    High Priest Only
  5. Robe of the Ephod. 7.5 inches long. 4 inches wide. The sides are not sewn. Cut from one material 15 inches long and 4 inches wide (Remember to add seam allowances). Cut the neck from this one piece. Hem all edges (sides, top, bottom) Alternate sewing a bell then a bead along the bottom.
  6. Ephod. Skirt is 3.5 inches long, 9 inches wide.
  7. Breastplate. 2 x 4 finished size. Then fold in half to 2 x 2 square and sew a gold ring on each end. Glue 12 sequins in 4 rows of three. Add a line of gold fabric paint around each.
    The Urim and Thummim were placed in the breastplate. This was probably between the folds. Glue two stones inside.

Use styrofoam to hold the shape while you glue the cardboard pieces. It will melt with the hot glue and the paint. So do not paint it.

MaterialsFurniture Instructions
Furniture SidesTop Poles Paint
Altar of Sacrifice 4 (5 x 3) 5 x 5 10 Bronze
Laver Not given. About 3 x 3 5 Bronze
Menorah Not given. About 6 inches tall 5 Gold
Table of Shewbread 2 (2 x 1½)
2 (1 x 1½)
2 x 1½ 5 Gold
Altar of Incense 4 (1 x 1½) 1 x 1 5 Gold
Ark of the Covenant 2 (1½ x 1½)
2 (2½ x 1½)
2½ x 1½ 10 Gold
Mercy Seat ¼ inch thick 2½ x 1½ - Gold
General Instructions to Assemble the Sides.
  • Cut the four sides and top to the length listed.
  • Cut a piece of styrofoam the size of the finished furniture
  • Glue the sides to the styrofoam
  • Insert 2 rings on each sides about ½ inch from the top and ¼ inch from the end. Add other pieces of cardboard behind to support the ring if you do not use styrofoam.
  • Glue the top
  • Cut four triangles for horns (½ inch high and ½ inch wide). Fold in half and glue to corners.
  • Glue all seams and rings.
  • Glue braid around the top covering the lower edge of the horn
  • Paint the correct color.
Altar of Sacrifice Sacrifice
  • Top. Cut top and then cut a 3 x 3 square hole in the center. Cover the hole with a 3½ x 3½ plastic needle point canvas and glue to the bottom.
  • Sides. Cut sides and then cut a (1 x 4½ ) hole about ¾ inch from the top. Cover the hole with a 1 ½ x 5 plastic needle point canvas and glue on the inside.
  • Horns. Four horns (¾ inch high and ½ inch wide).
  • Assembly. Follow the general instructions.
  • Fire. Glue sticks in a pyramid with red and yellow leaf shaped felt.
  • Sacrifice. Glue a 1 inch lamb on the fire.
  • Utensils. Pan, rake, hook, shovel.
Laver Laver
  • Bottom. Buy a plastic champagne glass about two inches tall and two inches wide. (used as wedding favors)
  • Rings. Glue a round piece of thick cardboard to the top. Add four screw eyes. Glue to hold.
  • Top. Glue a 2 inch round box on top. (Found with wedding favors)
  • Poles. Cut 2 poles 5 inches and place in rings.
  • Paint. Paint bronze
This can also be made with a square toy table or box at the bottom and a round bowl on top. We made this with a round champagne glass at the bottom and a round box on top. Total finished height is 3 to 4 inches.
Shewbread Shewbread
  • Top. Build up a thick layer the size of the top. Add horns and glue braid around the sides.
  • Legs. Glue four 1½ legs to bottom of table. Use precut wood pieces if possible.
  • Rings. Insert rings into the braid and add 5 inch poles.
  • Bread. Make 12 flat brown circles about ¼ inch wide. Glue two piles of six. Glue to round plates smaller than ¾ and then glue to top of table.
  • Wine. (optional) A tiny glass in the center. Paint top red or fill with red clay.
Menorah Menorah
  • Menorah. Buy a seven branched menorah about five inches tall.
  • Rings. Glue 4 rings to the bottom of the outer branches.
  • Poles. Add two five inch poles to rings
  • Paint. Paint gold .
Altar of Incense Incense
  • Sides and Top. Follow the general instructions
  • Incense. Glue a toy bowl to the top.

Ark of the Covenant
  • Sides and Top. Follow the general instructions but do not add a top.
  • Decoration. Glue a row of braids at the bottom.
  • Mercy. Add the mercy seat on top.
Mercy Seat
  • Top. Build up a thick layer the size of the top. Add horns and glue tiny braid around the sides.
  • Angels. Buy two ceramic praying angels around ½ wide around the base. Create new wings that touch with the clay. Bake and paint gold.
Commandments Items Inside the Ark.
Put all these items inside the ark.
  • Commandments. Use clay to create two tables (1 inch long; ¾ wide). Paint blue.
  • Manna and Pot. Find a toy covered pot about ½ inch. Paint Gold. Use clay to create tiny white circles about ¼ inch glue each to the bottom of the pot.
  • Aaron's Rod with Buds. Glue a tiny silk flower about ½ inch wide to a one inch piece of stick. Choose a good hard piece of wood about ¼ inch wide.

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled nor let it be fearful.   John 14: 27 Time: 30 minutes
Print: 8 pages
This file first created: July 30, 2004. Updated : July 30, 2004
Credits:   Updated : February 23, 2004
Author: Laverna Patterson.   Editor:
These are original designs from Teachinghearts.
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