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The plagues are the second set of events that I recognized that appeared to mimic a future prophecy. The first is the crucifixion.

I had written the information about the crucifixion patterns and was thinking about how God sent Israel messages about the approaching fulfillment of prophecy by repeating mini cycles of the prophecy. I thought that since our time was the final battle for control that these little fulfillments might occur again.

So in early August 2003, as I kept hearing about the unprecedented heat wave in Europe, I marveled at how recent events seemed to be following the pattern of the seven last plagues. Diseases, fish kills, and heat. I am sure that if you picked any year in recent history you could come up with a similar pattern. So I left it alone as being statistically insignificant unless I saw any unusual darkness.
The great North East blackout happened the next day!

The reason why the first four events got my interest was that it came with the same "pay attention" feeling that I had the previous year.

In the previous year I was writing about what might cause the great fear predicted in Luke 21: 26. I concluded that disease, war, suicide bombers and four commercial aircraft used as bullets could not sustain the fear of biblical proportions that would trigger a nation like the United States to enforce religion. So, I prayed for an answer and immediately the talking head on CNN was announcing the impending collision of a huge asteroid with earth in nineteen years. This turned out to be false, but at the moment I understood the potential effect of such a global threat.
So, after the European heatwave this year, I said that I would pay attention if I saw unusual darkness anywhere.

Here is the sequence of plagues and the odd events that have paralleled them. They are odd because they are a cluster of unusual events that rarely occur.

Remember that these are not fulfillments of the prophecy. They are events that are very similar and are designed to influence our thoughts so that we turn to the real prophecies that are about to be fulfilled.
The real Seven last plagues of Revelation 16 occur in one year. The following sequence of events have been occurring in the past year (2003) in the same sequence as the plagues.

The first four plagues fall on the people of the world. So they can occur anywhere.
The last three fall on the beast (the final world power of the United States and the Catholic church). So I expected some activity in Washington D.C. and Rome.
First Plague
Judgment from the Earth
(Verse 2)
Sores are a judgment from the earth because we are made from the dust of the earth.
The SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak was a new disease that affected the world from November 2002 to August 2003. It was particularly hard on Canada and the Asian Pacific countries. The management of the disease reminds us of the political and economic pressures to manage publicity. At the time I wondered if the spread of the real plague might be exacerbated by the attempts of governments to save their economies and caused by scientists who deny God. It would be poetic justice. Science causes the disease to occur and government and corporate greed causes it to spread faster.
But SARS did not look like the description of the plagues.
Then in June 2003, another new disease struck the midwest. The monkey pox virus caused some alarm. The sores of this disease looks like the description of the plagues. This new disease was transmitted by pets.
    Influenza. The flu kills 36,000 people annually in the United States so why is SARS or Monkey Pox significant as the probable signs?
    It is because they are new diseases that are spread by contact or the air and they have the potential of being more deadly than the flu. It was the fear and the potential disaster that is important. As the mock cycle escalates in the future this fear will be accompanied by substantial deaths or substantial fear.
Second Plague
Blood in the Sea
Fish die
(Verse 3)
The red tide phenomenon killed 250,000 salmon in July, it was also reported in the Philippines. There were other mysterious fish kills off the coast of Africa. In China, the phenomenon first appeared in 1998 and has killed about 400 tons of fish each year. It affects areas in the northern Bohai Sea, East China Sea and the South China Sea near the mouth of the Pearl River.

Third Plague
Blood in the River
Judgment from the Source of Fresh Water
(Verse 4-7)
Red tide hit early in the Estero bay of Florida in August.

Prayers Not Heard. A second part of this plague is that prayers are not heard. After the initial success in the defeat of Iraq no weapons of mass destruction appeared. By the summer, with total access to the country the embarrassing absence of these weapons caused churches across America to pray that the weapons would be found so that we could justify the war for the reasons that we started the war. None were found by the time this mock cycle was completed.

Fourth Plague
Judgment from the Sun
(Verse 8)
(June-August 2003). The hottest summer in 500 years affects Europe. In 1757 record temperatures also reached Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. This heat wave in Europe killed twenty thousand across the region including 5,000 in France this summer. Later reports estimate the total French deaths as 14,000.

You could even say that Washington and London was beginning to suffer a little heat for the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Poor Tony Blair faced an unprecedented hearing to explain his actions.
*** It was at this point that I said that if there was any unusual darkness anywhere, then I would pay attention. Because the previous four events are not so unusual that they could not occur in a cluster.

Fifth Plague
Darkness on the Throne of the Beast
(Verse 10)
(August 14). The fulfillment could be an eclipse, a major power failure or any other regional darkness. Fear and confusion, a gross global immoral event and an inability to provide leadership could reflect a darkness of the mind and the spirit. But on August 14, a real darkness occurred.
  • New York and Canada. On August 14, a power failure in the north east United States and Canada.
  • Washington D.C. On August 26, a storm in the Washington D.C. area caused a long blackout as power lines failed. I lost power for two days. I wondered if Italy would experience darkness or if the mock cycle will end with its fuzzy finger pointed at the United States only.
  • London . London experienced a blackout on August 28.
  • Italy. Italy experienced their massive blackout on September 28. I was impressed!

The United Nations, Washington D.C., London and the Vatican were affected.

Therefore because Washington D.C. and the Vatican were affected, we have "darkness on the throne of the beast" in both countries that form the beast and in a third country that could be interpreted as being one of the horns of the lamb. The lamb is the gentle country that emerged in the eighteenth century during the fall of the papacy. It would rescue people from persecution and later turn into the global dragon as it is corrupted by a revived papacy.

    The Lamb with two horns.
    The role of Britain as a partner with the United States in Iraq is worth looking at as a possible interpretation of the second horn of the lamb beast in Revelation 13. The country was founded by England and was a part of the government before the revolution. This is not unlike the prophecy of the two horns of the ram that represented the Medo-Persian empire. The meaning of the two horns of the lamb has been a subject of debate. In past prophecies a horn has been a government, country or great leader. It was not a principle. But since democratic governments were not formed like old governments with family successions, a horn could be the system by which a leader is elected. Here are some interpretations:
    • United States principles of government, democracy and republicanism.
    • United States two party system of election.
    • United States foundations of government, Protestantism and republicanism. These protected it from the problems of Europe. It is embodied in the principles of separation of church and state.
    • United States principles of government by the people (voting) and the formal representatives in government.
    • United States and Canada. Since these two powers emerged at the correct time in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. If Canada makes a partnership with the United States that meets the actions of Revelation 13, then Canada would fit. However, because Canada was not instrumental in either the fall of Iraq or Communism it does not and cannot fulfill the prophecy any more.
    • United States and Great Britain. It was the government that formed the United States. It helped to defeat Babylon in both wars against Iraq and it was the only true partner in the second war.

If there is a fuzzy pattern for the United States and not Washington DC only, then the southern and western United States are scheduled for a power failure also. Maybe the rolling blackouts in California last year was their turn.
But the prophecies are specifically for "darkness on the throne" of the beast. This means the seat of government.
Sixth Plague
Euphrates dries up
Great Military or Support Loss
(Verse 12-15)
September 7, 2003. This has been interpreted as the end of support for the beast power. In the real event, after years of besieging Babylon, Cyrus dried up the Euphrates and entered Babylon under the gates of the riverbed and conquered the city that night.
Therefore, it could be interpreted as the loss of military protection and support. A great surprise, that undermines the safety of the city that ultimately leads to a great loss.
No Help
Daniel 11: 45, predicts that the last global power shall "come to his end and no one will help him" when they go to war in the middle east. This appears to fulfill the prophecy.
But I believe that it is only a shadow of things to come. It is just a mock fulfillment from which the United States will recover. Because according to Revelation 13 "all the world will wonder after the beast".

At some point in the future, the real fulfillment will happen when the Papacy has publicly assumed its role in the Middle East. And Jerusalem is under their control also.

The real fulfillment precedes the final persecution.

United States
President Bush spoke to the nation before he asked congress for 87 billion dollars and military help from other nations in dealing with the escalating cost of the war in Iraq. These are the same nations that were belittled, defamed, ridiculed and shamed for not promoting the war. So far, it is unclear why the European nations should help to bear this cost. His support and his funds appear to be "drying up". Britain has the same problems.

Knowing the image of the president, this had to be a very bitter pill to swallow. When I saw what was happening in his speech, I knew that this was the fulfillment for which I was looking. I also knew that the people he wanted to help would not do so until they felt that the Americans had publicly paid for their arrogance.

Despite their "moral objection" to the war, it appears that greed might lure them into cooperation. They now want to profit from the war by participating in the lucrative contracts for the rebuilding efforts. So much for integrity. It is unclear why the American taxpayer should reward them with their money. No wonder God will destroy all world governments.
However, they must be nice to each other for Revelation 17: 11-18 to be fulfilled. This mock fulfillment must eventually dissolve into friendship between the powers.

If the pattern exists then the Vatican could experience this loss of critical support. Whatever the event, it will be unusual and memorable. Here are some possibilities.
  • The pedophile scandal seems like one possibility, if the news media make the leadership accountable for the immoral management of the priests and their negligence of the moral and civil duty to report the crimes.
  • Another possibility is the role of Italy in deliberately supplying false information to nudge the United States into a second war with Iraq. 1
    Britain has already paid for this in negative publicity, Italy has not.
  • A third possibility is the death of the pope who was the most influential in catapulting the church into the powerful prophetic position that it now occupies. A new pope may require a little time to establish the same trust.
Any event that removes our support and protection fits this prophecy. The destruction of the dikes in Holland could be such an event for the Dutch.

This is what actually happened.
On November 12, 2003, bombings in Iraq killed nineteen Italians. It is the equivalent of a loss of ninety three American lives in a single attack. This was the worst single loss of Italian forces since World War 2. And it caused a national day of mourning. It was also the worst single loss of life for the military forces since the war began. This event appears to meet the requirements of the mock sixth plague.

Seventh Plague
Disaster from the air and an Earthquake

(Verse 17-21)
September 18, 2003. As I am writing this a category five hurricane is about to land in the United States within the next three days (September 17-18). When it hit it was a category two with wind speeds of 100 mph. The last one in the Washington D.C. area was hurricane Agnes in 1972. Again, this storm caused a power failure in the Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and North Carolina area that affected over four million people and caused $2 billion in damages. I was without electricity for five days. 75% of Maryland lost power and it took about ten days to restore service everywhere. Total damages were three billion dollars.

Another fulfillment could be asteroid, meteor strike, airline disaster or volcanic eruption. An event like September 11 is a good candidate.

Earthquake (December 9, 2003) (Verse 18). This plague is actually another judgment from the earth. It almost links the seventh plague back to the first in a cyclical event.
On December 9, 2003 the Washington DC had a rare earthquake that was felt in Maryland and New York. It originated in Virginia. The last time an earthquake of similar magnitude occurred was in 1886.

There were many strong earthquakes from September 21 to December.
December 5. 6.7 earthquake in Russia.
December 9. 4.5 rare earthquake in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.
December 10. 6.8 Earthquake in Taiwan.
December 22. 6.5 Earthquake in California
December 25 - 27. 6.5, 6.8, 7.3, 6.7 Four strong earthquakes near Loyalty Islands.
December 26. 6.5 Earthquake in Costa Rica and Panama
December 26. 6.7 Earthquake in Bam, Iran kills 41,000 and destroys 90% of the 2000 year old city.
December 29. 6.0 Earthquake in Japan.
January 1. 6.5 Earthquake in Bali and Lambok Indonesia
January 1. 5.7 Earthquake in Mexico

I expected Italy to have a major disaster from the air, such as an airplane tragedy, volcanic eruption, storm or space debris.

Update. An Unsuccessful Attack by Al-Qaeda?: On December 27, 2003 I read a news report from the New York Times which stated that there was credible evidence that Al-Qaeda was prepared to crash an hijacked plane into the Vatican on Christmas Day.
Since it never really happened, I will not count this as the mock seventh plague. However, if there is any possibility that this is accurate then I must once again marvel at the fact that the one failure on September 11 was the plane headed for the White House. As the headquarters of the last world empire, it was saved. If this story is true, the Vatican was also saved.

Update. Letter Bombs: An Italian separatist group has been mailing letter bombs to the Italian leader and officials of the European Union. It reminds me of the random terrorist attacks by the Washington D.C. snipers.

In early September, I was prepared to look for the cycle only in the United States. But because the Vatican experienced the power failure also, I expected these last two events this year.

Previous Cycles
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in the United States
Plague2000 20012002 2003 2004200520062007Final
Sores and disease Mad Cow disease Mad Cow diseaseAnthraxSARS, monkey pox Bird flu kills hundreds of millions of birdsMumpsFlu spreadsBees dyingDisease with sores
Blood in the sea Millions of fish in the Gulf of Oman Red tide in Naples FloridaRed tide and black waterRed tide Red tideRed tidePiratesDead fish from heatRed tide, floods
Blood in rivers and springs Red spring in Spain Red Rain in India
Red tide
Red tide. Record flooding in EuropeRed tide Poisoned water in DCFlooding, mudslidesRecord rain and floodRecord floodsRed tide, floods
Heat South east Europe to Middle East Heat wave. Drought of the century. $4 billion damage Heat waveUnited States, Southern India heat waveEuropean heat wave Greece, Romania, Balkans, Australia Drought and famineSouth Asia, United States, EuropeEurope and worst drought worldwideHeat wave, famine
2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 1998, 2002, 2001 and 1997 are the hottest years on record since record keeping began in the 1880's. Seven of the worlds eight warmest years have occurred since 2001 and ten of the warmest years have occurred since 1997. The worst drought in 500 years
Darkness - --Blackout (New York, London, Washington D.C., Rome) Abu GhraibNew OrleansMissouri, QueensEclipseEclipse or Blackout
Great Military or Strategic Loss Strange presidential elections Pedophile priests scandal. Inspectors, Germany, France and the world do not support warNo help to rebuild Iraq

19 Italian soldiers killed
NATO refuses to helpNew OrleansIraq civil warrove, Gonzaes, BhuttoDaniel 11: 45 fulfilled
Disaster from the air Bombing of the USS Cole on October 12 September 11. New York, Washington D.C. airline terrorism Washington D.C. sniper (October)September 18, Hurricane Isabel 6 hurricanes in 6 weeksHurricane KatrinaAnbar, AfghanistanWild firesAsteroid threat
Earth quake - USA changed. Middle East warOctober 31 - Earthquake in ItalyEarthquake. December 9 in VA, DC, MD. It was felt in NY December 26. South east Asia, 221,000 dead87,000 dead in Pakistan earthquake.
(Political) Hamas wins
If there were patterns in earlier years, they were fuzzier. This was how the crucifixion pattern happened until it got clearer and progressively worse.
The single consistent fact is that during the Rosh Hashannah to tabernacles period (September - November), the Washington D.C. area has been experiencing some memorable fearful events from the sky.
I chose the Washington sniper incident over the 75,000 miles near miss by an Asteroid in June because the time was wrong, and we were not affected. Since I live in the area, I distinctly remember the fear of being outside because of bullets flying through the air.

Heat Wave. As of 2003: 1998, 2002, 2003, 2001 and 1997 are the five hottest years on record since record keeping began in the 1880's. The years after that have broken these records.
More research needs to be done to see when the cycles might have begun. If I had to guess I would say that the events might have started early in 2001 after the government passed the laws to financially support the church. Even at that point I remember saying that "we have entered a new reality and anything could happen". So I started production efforts for this WEB site that month. And then came September 11. It clearly fits the mock seventh plague.
The problem is that earlier events will be fuzzier and might last for more than a year and the preliminary events listed for the years 2000 to 2002 are not in sequence. Only the seventh plague was clear.

So 2003 appears to be the first year when all the memorable events happened in sequence. And it happened to all the groups that are the final powers. It will be interesting to see what happens in 2004. The events should be even more memorable and even more devastating or focused only on the final powers.

The Sixth Plague
Although some events are fuzzy, I have noticed that the events of the 2003 sixth plague tend to be related to the conflict in Iraq. The real sixth plague will also have military connections and will include the withdrawal of European support from both the United States and the papacy (Revelation 17).
Year: 2001
In 2001, we can clearly see the events of the seventh plague. Rome and the United States both experienced disastrous aviation incidents.
  • Rome. Two aircraft collided in Milan and one crashed into a building. 118 people were killed. This was the worst aviation disaster in Italian history.
  • United States. Terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners, crashing two into the World Trade Center towers in New York. One crashed in the Pentagon. The fourth which was headed for the white house crashed in Pennsylvania when passengers attacked the hijackers.
    2,995 people were killed. 2,752 in New York. 40 in Pennsylvania, 184 in Washington D.C. and 19 hijackers.
    This single event launched the United States into a path that is rapidly fulfilling prophecy. It forced them to enter a region that they would have preferred to keep out of.
Year: 2002
In 2002, we can clearly see the events of the sixth and seventh plague. The Anthrax scare severely damaged the United States postal system.
  • Rome. The Catholic church pedophile priest scandal tarnished the reputation of the church. It temporarily eroded their prestige and support.
    Volcanic eruption on Mount Etna affected Italy during October to December with record setting activity that has not been experienced in 350 years..
  • United States. The weapons inspectors, France and Germany and the rest of the world would not agree to war on Iraq.
    Washington D.C. was held in fear for three weeks as two snipers terrorized the city killing men, women and children.

Year: 2003
The mock fifth plague was experienced. There was unusual record setting darkness in several major cities.
This year may also have focused on a mock fourth plague.
The cycles also escalated this year when the pattern was complete and in order for the United States. Britain and the United Nations emerged as possible political entities that may be crucial for prophecy at the end.
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2003
#Plague United States Rome Britain United Nations
1Sores and disease Rare SARS, 8,000 infected in 25 countries at its peak. Rare Monkey pox.
2Blood in the sea July. Red tide killed 250,000 salmon
3Blood in rivers and springs Red tide
4Heat Rare European heat wave. July - August. It killed over 20,000
5Darkness Rare Blackout August 14 in Northeast USA and Canada. In D.C. at the end of August Rare Blackout September 28 Rare Blackout August 28 Rare Blackout August 14
6Military and support loss Rare September 7. No help to rebuild Iraq. Russia, Canada, China, France, Germany opposed war. Rare November 12. Loss of 19 Soldiers. Greatest since World War 2 No help to rebuild Iraq.
Rare Blair faced legal hearings and lack of support from the people
August 19. Truck bomb destroys headquarters in Baghdad killing 17 and wounding 100. It prompted their move out of Iraq
7Disaster from the air Rare September 18, Hurricane Isabel in VA, MD, NC and D.C. Letter bombs. Two sent to the Italian prime minister - -
Earthquake Rare Rare earthquake on December 9 in VA, DC, MD - - The Virginia earthquake on December 9 was felt in New York.
Rare Rare Events and Broken Records.
1 SARS is a new disease that jumped species. Monkey pox is rare and it jumped species.
4 European heat wave broke records set in 1757. It killed over 20,000. 7,000 died in Italy. 14,000 in France.
5 August 14 power failure broke records in November 9, 1965.
6 President Bush's request for military and economic assistance was rare, unexpected an outside the realm of possibilities.
7 Hurricane Isabel was the first in the region since Agnes in 1972. It caused the largest blackout on record for the region.
The rare earthquake in D.C. beat a record set in 1886.

The item that is significant in all of the last four incidences was that they were all record setting. Some events had not had a similar incident of this magnitude in thirty to seventy years.

If you think of embassies as the territory of a nation on foreign soil, then the embassies of Britain and Italy have suffered suicide bombings in November of this year. However, I will not count them as mock seventh plagues because the attacks were technically not launched through the air. But an explosion is an air borne disaster. I will be content with leaving it as a fuzzy event for this year or wait for matching events until the new cycle for 2004 begins.

If these events happen every year, we can expect certain things to occur based on the pattern that we saw during the crucifixion.

  • Escalation. The events will get progressively worse. They should at least be less fuzzy. In the pattern we have experienced so far, the seventh plague has always been a tangible event. The following year, the sixth and seventh were the focus. Then the next year (2003), the fifth, sixth and seventh were bold events. The important countries of the end began to be included in that cycle.
    The United States stood out as being a target of these cycles. In particular, Washington D.C., the seat of the beast, has been singled out.
  • Synchronization. Similar events occur near the same time. Events such as the blackout may eventually be caused by one event such as a solar flare.
  • Punishment Origin. The events will be increasingly related to the punishment of the beast. For example, since God causes the disaster from the air in the seventh plague, the mock plague may be from natural disasters rather than terrorist weapons.
  • Variation. God uses different sets of events.
  • The Curse. Since the events are related to the curses, I expect war, floods, droughts, disease, famine, hail, insects, animal attacks and earthquakes to escalate. And, strange as it may seem, I expect cannibalism stories to emerge. Why? This is an event under the seventh curse.

    Mad Cow Disease is caused by cannibalism. The normally vegetarian animals are no longer fed corn, grass and other grain. They are fed with animal byproducts created by "rendering". This is a process that mixes chicken manure, feathers, sawdust, whole dead pigs, goats, cats, dogs, flea collars, fur, rats, sheep, deer, road kill, expired meat and left over animal parts.
    In response to the crisis, the USA directed that cows should not be fed with parts of other cows. But they can be fed with all the other dead animals.

Year: 2004 (The Year of Our Moral Decline)
So I boldly make the same claim for 2004. I expect to see a cycle of seven events like the plagues. We might even see other events that are from the other curses.
Although other prophecies only had one mock cycle, I expect this one to be repetitive because it follows the symbolism that occurred with Christ at the crucifixion. That was the only pattern that was repetitive.
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2004
#Plague United States Rome United Nations
1Sores and disease Influenza epidemic started early December. Hundreds of millions of birds killed because of the bird flu.
2Blood in the sea Red tide toxins discovered by December 27 shuts down the shrimp and crab industries.
Between March 10 and April 23 it kills 107 dolphins near St. Jospeh's Bay Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.
May: Red tide off east coast of China. It has killed about 400 tons of fish each year since it was discovered in 1998
3Blood in rivers and springs Poisoned water. February 2004, high levels of lead found in the Washington D.C. water supply. Levels above 700 ppb have been found. The suggested safe limit by the environmental protection agency is 15 ppb.
4Heat Heatwave in Greece, Romania and the Balkans. Australia has the hottest temperatures in 100 years.
Globally it was the fourth hottest year recorded since records were kept.
5Darkness Moral and spiritual darkness of Abu Ghraib - Allowed exemptions
6Loss of support June 29. NATO refuses to give help and support as Iraq is handed over to a civilian government.
Spain withdraws troops. Poland is signaling that it will withdraw
Italy is sending signals that it will pull its troops from Iraq United Nations Security Council refuses to give another extension to exempt us from war crimes.
7Disaster from the air Six hurricanes in six weeks. Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Gaston, Ivan, Jeanne. Mt St. Helens eruption threat started September 22 Mt. Etna erupts September 8 and opens a new fissure Locust invasions; Africa, India, Greece, Egypt, Australia.
Cicadas in the United States
Earthquake November 2. The elections showed the moral divide. California earthquake swarm. Seventy minor earthquakes in one day. (September 18). 6.0 earthquake in California September 28. - Shocked at the United States elections.
The unprecedented natural disasters in Japan.
In Asia, a 9.3 earthquake and tsunamis kill 221,000

The Trend of a Prominent Plague
Plague Year Focus
1 Disease - Will it be H2N2 or H5N1?
2 Sea 2004 Hurricanes, tsunami
3 Fresh water 2004 Washington D.C. water contamination. Global drought
4 Heat 2003 European heat wave
5 Darkness 2003 Power outages
6 Great loss 2002 Iraq war support
7 Air disaster,
2001 September 11
After several years of warnings and near misses, will 2005-2006 be the year we have a global pandemic? It would complete the trend of the reverse order of the plagues.
But, looking at the trend since 2001, it appears that in reverse order, a new plague was the focus for that year. So I expect the fourth plague to be prominent in 2004 and the third plague to be a prominent event in 2005. This would be a great contamination of the world's fresh water supply in 2005 and probably heat related event in 2004.
*** Update ***. Washington D.C. appears to be suffering a contamination of their water supply in 2004. Sometimes I scare myself. I have even been afraid to write this information because I could be suspected of terrorism if most of the events are not caused by natural events or government neglect.
On March 20, 2004 reports surfaced of a 100 million gallon toxic waste that was dumped by PG&E without being contained. The pool is rising out of the ground and is threatening the Colorado river, a major water supply.

If a series of mock plagues occurs again, I may dress up myself like a nut with a "The end is near" sign. (:-).

Since plagues four to seven were record setting events, I wonder how they will be in 2004. God might use a different set of events or make them more devastating. So far, these events seem to be confined to great losses in the animal kingdom with diseases that are jumping species.

Disease: Influenza Epidemic. So far, the early appearance of the H3N2 Fujian strain of the flu is causing some alarm. By December 19 it had reached epidemic proportions in the United States and Holland. The government is preparing for a flu pandemic. The progression and control of this disease demonstrates how quickly an airborne virus can spread and how overwhelmed our medical system will be. The vaccine is not effective and there is no time to make another batch before the season is over.

There have been at least three influenza pandemics. In 1917, the first killed 25 million world wide including 500,000 in the United States. In a normal year only 36,000 are killed in the United States.
Last year, SARS taught us what it takes to isolate someone with a communicable disease. We realized that the system cannot handle thousands of isolation cases. Countries half way across the world are at the mercy of the next load of airline passengers or the trade winds.

This year, the flu is teaching us that we can never be prepared for even the common diseases. When a careless scientist was infected with SARS, we also learned that human error in deadly virus labs can expose us to deadly diseases.
Many people are finally realizing that there is no cure for even the common viruses. Suppose we are overwhelmed by a new virus that is as contagious as the flu and as deadly as Ebola? That will be the reality of the real plague.

Disease: Bird Flu. Surfaced in Asia in 2003 and later in Delaware and it finally jumped species to humans and other animals. Bird flu apparently started because of a misguided program by the Chinese government and scientists to vaccinate birds. Because they vaccinated birds with a human antiviral medicine, Amantadine, the flu is now resistant to that cheap drug and is stronger. I was fascinated by that because my strong belief is that the real plague may come because of massive vaccination attempts gone awry. God is demonstrating vulnerabilities. God has certainly demonstrated to me that the incredible events that invade my thoughts are possible. An asteroid event, the loss of the oil reserves and the role of scientists in being the initial cause of the disease and famine plagues.
By the end of 2004, the United nations started issuing warnings that a bird flu pandemic is imminent. It could kill hundreds of millions of people. Since it is a new virus that mutates rapidly, we have no immunity and the disease is 70% fatal in days. And, thanks to the Chinese, the best and cheapest vaccine that we have are now useless.
A Prophecy Being Fulfilled
The 100 year old Adventist Prophecy is coming through.

At the end, the United States will be the world super power that enforces its will on nations. Starting with a Protestant grab for power, the government will be controlled by the Protestants and Catholics together. Together, they will unite church and State. Using public funds to support the church and finally, using government laws to enforce religious values. This will conclude with the enforcement of worship on Sundays. Then the government and the people will support persecution, torture and death to enforce their will around the world.

Disease: Mad Cow. December 23, 2003 the first case of Mad Cow Disease was found in the United States. 90% of our exported beef was cancelled. The United States acted quickly to urge the trading partners to resume orders and it instituted stricter standards.
Again, I am impressed at the power of economic decisions to minimize threats. This is why Revelation 18 specifically points to a worldwide economic punishment of businessmen. Therefore, a faulty decision based on economic concerns must be at the heart of some of the final problems. At least we know that businesses will cooperate in the persecution of the church. It must be for the sake of the god almighty dollar.

Loss of Support: This appears to be mimicking the final loss of support when all the allies withdraw their support. Last year the individual players each lost their own support systems. This year they are all withdrawing from the United States.

Disaster From the Air: . Who will forget the unusual hurricane season in Japan, the Philippines and the United States. Japan has ten typhoons and many earthquakes. Hurricane Ivan actually reformed in the gulf after it had gone north into New York. Hurricane Jeanne made a complete circle and headed for Florida after the experts declared that it had turned east and was heading out to sea. Four landed at hurricane strength, the other two caused flooding.

Blood Moon: We had two total lunar eclipses. May 4, visible in South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. October 28, visible in America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

A Great Earthquake: We had two events that meet the interpretation of an earthquake.

  • Political. The earth shifted to the right in America, causing grief around the world. The great moral divide and the influence of the religious conservatives is now apparent to the blind. In prophetic symbolism, an earthquake is a great political change. Especially a moral change. The French Revolution was described as a great earthquake in Revelation 11.
    The religious right now control the white house, the senate, the house of representatives, state legislatures, and soon the supreme court. There is a rumor that John Ashcroft will be appointed to the supreme court. He is responsible for government funding churches in the faith based initiative. He is also the champion of the Patriot Act.
    This election ensures that for the foreseeable future, both political parties must address the issues of religion and values. This is a prophetic situation.
    Atlantic Ocean Tsunami
    The Great Lisbon Earthquake. In 1755, this earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Portugal killed 70,000 people. It was felt in the Caribbean. A similar earthquake could affect the eastern United States.

    Cumbre Vieja Volcano. A slow collapse of the volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma was started by an eruption in 1949. The total collapse of the western flank will cause a tsunami that would reach the American Continents and the Caribbean in ten hours.
  • Natural (Asian Earthquake and Tsunamis). On Sunday, December 26, a 9.3 earthquake near the coast of Sumatra spawned several tidal waves with water 30 feet to 60 feet high and surging six miles inland. It affected twelve countries from Asia to west Africa and killed over 150,000 people. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Burma, Bangladesh, Somalia and Kenya. It moved the whole island of Sumatra 100 feet and affected the rotation of the earth. 8 cm shift at the pole.
    Coastal areas are gone. Whole islands have been washed away in the Maldives. Every building on Phi Phi Island in Thailand was washed away. Coastal villages in Somalia are gone. Millions of people were displaced and millions are homeless. Tsunamis were unexpected in this region.

    Killer waves washed away most of the popular tourist spots at the height of the tourist season. As a main culprit in the child sex industry, Thailand, Indonesia and many of the countries in that region may have seen the punishment recommended by Jesus.
    It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble. (Luke 17: 2)

Summary: This year, the symbols were more national and used prophetic symbols. The actions out of Washington created a national impact. The entire population were involved in the issues of the symbols. I realize that the real plagues will not come upon an ignorant population. God will make issues known to them so that they cannot make the excuses of Nazi Germany civilians in the final judgment. This year I saw how most of the dirt of a secretive and controlling administration were aired by their own friends. Hidden secrets were revealed. Yet the population made excuses.

It is also apparent that Daniel 12: 1 may be coming through. This trend of disaster started in the 1990's the same time Babylon the Great was growing openly. They have escalated significantly in late 2004. According to the prophecy, at the time of the problems in the middle East, there shall be "a time of trouble, such as never occurred".

Year: 2005 (A Year of Reckoning and Failure of Government)
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2005
#Plague United States Rome Britain United Nations
World Judged The world failed its poor. The great earthquake affected the whole planet
1Sores and disease October 2004. Warning about a bird flu pandemic and vaccine supplier vulnerabilities which reduced amount available to the USA by half.
Rare Accidental release of H2N2 pandemic strain by scientists.
Rare 56,000 cases of mumps in Britain among those who were vaccinated, average age was 21.
Rare 25,000 cases of whooping cough (pertussus) in the USA. One thought to be eradicated
2Blood in the sea Rare December 26, 2004 Earthquake and tsunami that killed a quarter million and left 5 million homeless.
Red tide from Maine to Massachusetts is the worst in thirty years.
3Blood in the rivers and springs January. Record rain and snow causing flooding, mudslides and avalanches in California. 225,000 salmon missing from the Columbia river. Fish kills in the Shenandoah river.
Rare India had a record 37 inches (95 cm) of rain in one day, killing over 1000 and causing floods and landslides.
Rare August. Torrential rains, floods and mud slides in Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany
4Heat Rare Worst drought in 500 years persists in USA. Heat wave in Australia, Italy, United States. Famine caused by drought and locusts in Niger threatens 2.5 million.
Rare Fires in Portugal, exacerbated by their worst drought in history.
Drought in South America is drying up the Amazon river, Central Africa, middle USA, France, Spain and Portugal.
Government of Babylon Judged The United States Government failed in Iraq and at home. Iraq is now the worst center of terrorism. Al Qaeda is forcing the Shi'a into a civil war. The performance of Homeland Security and FEMA to a predicted disaster was abominable
5Darkness The massive sandstorm cloud the size of the USA could be interpreted by the Muslims as the "black wind" sign
Rare New Orleans, Los Angeles (September 12) - Downing Street memo Oil for food scandal
6Loss of support.
Great Loss
• Uzbekistan asked the USA to leave their air base.
• Constitution causes loss of freedom in Iraq.
• New Orleans.
Civil War. Al-Qaeda in Iraq declares war on Shi'a
Pope John Paul II Will remove troops. The new ambassador from the USA is determined to wreck the United Nations as he "reforms it" in the image of the USA
7Disaster from the air Rare Hurricane Katrina. 1836 dead. 6600 missing. One million homeless, lawlessness, chaos. 320 million trees destroyed. $130 billion damages - Rare July 7, first suicide bomb in the West Rare Five major airplane disasters in 20 days
California (September)
Administration in trouble because of slow response.
Hamas wins the Palestinian elections
Rare European Union rejected by France and the Netherlands Rare 7.6, South Asia (October 8). 87,000 dead.
2 million homeless
Rare Rare Events and Broken Records.
1 Record breaking, catastrophic natural disasters

Science Failures
1997 - H5N1 avian flu detected
2003 - Created resistant Bird Flu
2004 - Released deadly H2N2
2005 - Inadequate technology

Inadequate Systems.
2003 - SARS (Isolation problems)
2003 - Insufficient staff, facilities
2004 - Lost half production capacity
2005 - Professional errors
2005 - Inadequate facilities (hospitals, isolation wards, equipment)

2004 - Bird Flu pandemic warning
Remember our criteria. We use the Jewish year. We are not taking our prophecy from every wind of the headlines. They must be record events or very unusual. They are not the fulfillment of prophecy. They are just a sign that resembles the fulfillment which are meant to wake us up. This season is turning out to be very brutal.

Disease: Already, the disease drama is playing itself out. In the first week of October 2004, we learned that the British government closed one supplier of the flu vaccine for the United States because of contamination of their process. The available vaccine has been cut in half. Medicine from Canada no longer had the status of third world medicines. Canadian flu vaccines ... good, all other cheap Canadian medicines ... bad.

Somewhere on this web site I speculated that when the real plagues start it will be traced to errors in manufacturing the vaccine. This will be after a forced vaccination ordered by the government. The theory was that the real plagues will expose the ineptitude of government and science and modern gods as part of their punishment. So for two years God has been demonstrating the pitfalls in our system. The manufacturing process, inventory, distribution and delivery system will fail us. He also showed us that reckless science can create a mutation through the bird flu inoculation fiasco. And reckless science could accidentally release a deadly virus, not only by accidentally distributing it but by sending it through the mail!

If the prominent plague trend continues, will diseases be the focus this year? Will biological terrorism consume our talks in 2005? One point of interest is that in October, the Food and Drug Administration approved VeriChip for implant in humans. In my periods of greatest distrust I wonder if they will issue these when they call for a forced inoculation for smallpox.
H2N2 Flu Accident : In April 2005 we learned about a serious mistake. The deadly avian flu from the 1957 pandemic was accidentally sent to over 5000 labs in 18 countries. They discovered the mistake six months later because a cautious lab in Canada went beyond the protocol. And I thought Canada has third world medicine? Again, I repeat, God is demonstrating vulnerabilities in another way. Science is going to fail us.
H5N1 Flu : Migratory birds have carried the disease to Russia, and Europe is now threatened. By October 8, infections in Romania and Western Turkey were reported. Greece was infected by October 17. H5N1 has reached Europe. 120 million birds are dead. Human to human transfer was finally confirmed in Indonesia.

The 1918 Flu Pandemic: The 1918 pandemic that killed about 50-100 million was only 2% fatal. H5N1 is 55% fatal. Of the 120 known infections, 66 died. It is also different because it attacks the young and the healthy more than others! The enhanced capability of their immune system is used by the virus in their attack. In 1918, the disease killed mostly young people between 20 and 40 years old. Symptoms included bleeding from the nose, eyes and ears. In an effort to protect the war effort, the government of the Wilson administration lied to the people about the disease. 675,000 Americans died. Many more died because they believed the lies and did not take the appropriate precautions.

In the summer of 2005, the American media began to lie about our preparedness for H5N1. They gave the impression that a vaccine is being developed and that Tamiflu can cure it. The truth is that an effective vaccine cannot be prepared until the pandemic version of the virus appears. After that, it might take over six months to manufacture the virus using our 1950's technology. We will also not be able to create enough vaccines. We have a logistical, capability and a production gap. During that time, the virus can kill 55% of its victims every week.
In addition, at least one patient had a version of the virus that was resistant to Tamiflu. By November 1, H5N1 was detected in over sixteen countries, including Europe, South America and Canada.
After the Katrina debacle, the media started to present some of the truth. By November 1, the speech by the president was actually a truthful assessment of our status. I did not find any of the pertinent facts to be misleading or palliative. However, I am not sure that we have enough time to throw money at the production problem, so that we can have a real solution. I suspect that H5N1 is probably in the United States and they are waiting for the best time to release that information. If this pandemic will be the disease that God will use to put the weak and innocent to sleep before the great persecution, then all of our determination and effort will be useless. And I repeat that I have the weird feeling that there will be a massive inoculation effort prior to the seven last plagues that will ultimately contribute to the real first plague.
Hurricane Katrina
#Plague New Orleans
1Sores and disease Large sores and other diseases from the cesspool
2Blood in the sea Flooding from the sea with the storm surge
3Blood in the rivers and springs Flooding of 80% of the city from the lake and rivers with the broken levees
4Heat High heat and humidity. Over 90 degrees
Famine and drought Over 70,000 people without food and water in the Superdome and Convention center for five days.
Cannibalism There were rumors of cannibalism. Alligators ate people.
5Darkness Moonless night. Power outage for over one month
6Loss of support.
Great Loss
The lack of support from the government and FEMA contributed to the loss of the city of New Orleans.
7Disaster from the air Hurricane Katrina
Earthquake Events shook up the Bush Administration
Exile One million homeless scattered across 24 states
This was a single disaster that created all the signs of the plagues. The disaster happened during a moonless night, in a period of high heat and humidity.
We are also beginning to see synchronization, one event causes many signs. We even had animal attacks from alligators, large black flies covering the city and stories of cannibalism. Economic disaster from the loss of oil infrastructure and the key ports used for agriculture.
This is a warning. New Orleans is a small example of what is coming to the earth. Chaos, despair, lawlessness. The estimated cost of rebuilding is over $300 billion.
God emptied New Orleans of its poor and gave the nation and the city a warning. It is interesting that the decadent French Quarter was spared, while the innocent seem to be punished. The local government is using this opportunity to rebuild the city into a bigger den of sin by building gambling hotels. No one will be spared in their final destruction.

Death from the Sea: The December 26 tsunami killed nearly a quarter of a million people.
Death from Fresh Water: The record setting snow and rainfalls in California between January and February caused major damage. Europe is plagued by drought and flooding. The drought is causing the Amazon River to dry up. Other water supplies around the nation are being threatened by toxic spills. Even breast milk is contaminated with a substance from Jet fuel which has contaminated our water supply, and there are no tests or filters for it.

Heat or Famine: In July a heat wave started in the United states and in Europe. Major fires are literally burning down Portugal after their worst drought in history. Famine in Niger threatens 2.5 million.
Darkness: On July 14, a massive sand storm the size of the continental United States, which was generated in the Sahara desert and traveled ten days, arrived in the United States. While it caused haze and not darkness, it could be interpreted as the "black wind" sign of a Muslim prophecy about their version of the battle of Armageddon.
Hurricane Katrina will bring darkness to New Orleans for three months. By December, 40% of the city was still without electricity.
On September 12, Los Angeles had a power outage.

Loss of Support or Great Loss: We had several unexpected and great losses.
» The American Occupation. One possible event would be the loss of support for the occupation by the Iraqi government and the Shi'a clerics. It is been reported that the Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, a long time supporter and calming influence, has told the people that they are allowed to fight against the occupation. On September 14 Al-Qaeda in Iraq declared war on the Shi'a. That day, twelve bombs killed 177 people. Groups of people, mostly Shi'a and Kurd, have been found murdered in the previous months. So the civil war is probably official.
» Military Losses. Britain and other nations announced that they will remove their troops in a year. The 8000 British troops are significant because they have been our top supporters.
» On July 30, it was reported that Uzbekistan has asked the United States to leave the strategic Karshi-Khanabad air base "K2".
» United States base closings are happening in the United states and in Europe. A record 62 major military bases and 775 smaller installations are being closed. In Europe, American forces are being reduced from 100,000 to 50,000. And 239 installations are being consolidated into 16 major communities. Forces in South Korea will also be reduced by 12,500 people. These are major economic losses to the civilian communities that have been built around these facilities.
» Civil Liberties. By August 22, the new Iraqi government creates an Islamic constitution that reverses previous civil rights by instituting Sharia law with no solution to the great divisions among the three major groups. Iraq has lost the civil liberties that were given under Sadam Hussein. Before this constitution, Iraq granted more freedom to its citizens and other religions than any other Muslim country.
At the same time America was losing more of its civil liberties as the objectionable features of the Patriot act were made permanent without any public debate.
» Economic The United Nations reported that poverty has worsened in the last ten years despite global economic growth. The gap between rich and poor widened because the economic benefits of the great economy went to the rich. 45% of the global population, 2.8 billion people live on less than $2 per day.
» New Orleans. The loss of New Orleans caused by a natural event and government neglect and lack of support.
Government Failures
• The Levee system failed
• The Superdome shelter failed
• 30% of oil production placed in a vulnerable location
• 33 states are connected to the Port of New Orleans by the river system
• A city built below sea level, surrounded by the sea.

Evacuation and Relocation.
• No plan for the poor

Air Disaster: We have had a variety of unusual events.
» Accidents. There were five major airplane disasters in 20 days. On August 25, this prompted French passengers to refuse to reboard their plane when it returned because of a technical problem.
    • August 3. Air France plane in Toronto in bad weather. All saved. Plane burned.
    • August 6. Italy. 16 dead when plane crashes at sea.
    • August 14. Greece. 121 dead after plane may have lost oxygen and crashed into a mountain.
    • August 16. Venezuela 160 killed. Many were French citizens from Martinique.
    • August 23. Bad weather in Peru causes plane to crash in swamp. 48 killed.
    • September 5. A plane crashed in a residential area of Sumatra killing 147.
    • October 22. Nigeria. 118 dead.
    • December 6. A plane crashed in a residential area of Iran killing 116.
    • December 8. In Chicago, a plane slides off the runway in bad weather killing 1.
    • December 10. The third plane crash in Nigeria since October kills 107.
    • December 19. Miami. A sea plane explodes on take off, 20 dead.
All of this is unusual. There is usually never a passenger plane disaster for years.

» Terrorism
. The first suicide bombing in a western nation occurred when four Al-Qaeda bombed the British three trains and one bus on July 7 and made another attempt on July 21.
» Nature. The most active hurricane season. It broke every record. Hurricane Katrina brought disaster of biblical proportions to the Gulf Coast states and to the United States. It is the worst natural disaster in American history. Americans are left to suffer under the same conditions that the people of Iraq have been forced to endure for almost three years.
Hurricane Damrey hit the coast of China September 26. China had other mass evacuations this month because of other hurricanes.
» Financial. Two airlines (Delta and Northwest) filed for bankruptcy on September 14. Over half of our airlines are now in bankruptcy.

Earthquake: The American section of the ring of fire has become very active. There was a volcano in Mexico. Several strong earthquakes in one week occurred near California, Chile and Alaska. Smaller earthquakes have stirred the New Madrid fault and Jamaica. In June, scientists reversed their opinion that the New Madrid fault is virtually inactive. The sudden activity in that region since about April 2005, have confirmed my minor visions in early 2004, September 2004 and January 2005 that the region will have an earthquake that affects a triangle which includes Missouri, Tampa and the Strategic Petroleum Reserves.
One possible political earthquake around this time would be an active civil war in Iraq.
» Taiwan October 2. An earthquake struck Taiwan as the eye of typhoon Longwang was passing over. People could not decide whether to stay in their shaking homes or run out into the fury of the typhoon.
» Guatemala October 7. An earthquake struck off the coast of Guatemala. This happened at the same time mudslides caused by Hurricane Stan were burying whole villages in southern Mexico and central America. Over 1400 were killed.
» South Asia October 8. A magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck Pakistan, India and Afghanistan killing over 87,000 and leaving two million homeless. It was the strongest earthquake in that region in over 100 years.
» China and Iran November.
» East Africa December 5. 6.8 magnitude in the Congo

Political Earthquake:
» Bush Fails. The shameful response to hurricane Katrina visibly weakened the Bush Administration.
» European Union Rejected. France and the Netherlands rejected the constitution and Britain cancelled their vote. The political union is in jeopardy. This fulfills prophecy which says that the former territory of ancient Rome will never unite again.
» Iran Becomes Powerful. Iran grows more powerful as a direct result of the failed actions of the United States.
» Hamas Wins by a Landslide. The event that does affect the real fulfillment of prophecy was the landslide election of Hamas on January 25. This jeopardizes the peace agreement. We now have a scenario where the most violent enemies of Israel are in power in the West Bank, Gaza and Iran. We are on our way to the fulfillment of Zechariah 12 and Daniel 12: 1.
A Strange Prediction
I have been tracking these patterns for four years. I now believe that the president's life will converge with Nebuchadnezzar. Therefore, he will become insane or mentally ill or mentally incapacitated. The question is, will they be able to hide it as they did with Ronald Reagan?
His life may also converge with Beltshazzar, the drunken king who was defeated by Persia.

Summary: Now that the convergence is complete, anything could happen. God could change the dynamics by introducing a global religious threat or a threat of global extinction. So, I would watch for a religious revival. Then I would look for natural disasters, anything that can go wrong will go wrong in politics, military and in nature. Although I believe that this could be future, religious values will be encoded into law. At a minimum, I expect the appointment of lawmakers who will ensure that this will happen. But I expect some major event will propel the government and nation into a sharp right turn. An event that will give them the moral imperative to enforce religion.
What is different between now and all preceding time is that all of this could occur in one week.

As I learned about the signs in the Muslim prophecies, I am impressed with the fact that this year appears to fulfill their signs. This will cause them to interpret current conditions as their Armageddon and this will negatively affect their attitude towards Israel and the West. This will shift more converts from the moderate to the extreme.

Another Emerging Trend
The pattern in 2005 allows me to categorize the disasters as a coming devastation of several industries and basic services.
The Effect on Industries and Services
#Plague Industry Emerging Problems Future Problems
1Sores and disease Medical, Pharmaceutical H5N1 (The bird flu) Pandemic
2Blood in the sea Fishing, Transport Red tide, rough seas Loss of industries, food contamination
3Blood in the rivers and springs Fresh Water Drought and toxic waste Drought
4Heat Farming Global warming, genetically modified seeds Global famine
5Darkness Energy Shrinking Oil supplies and damaged infrastructure Loss of Energy, high costs
6Loss of support.
Great Loss
Iraq, Middle East Christian religious terror
7Disaster from the air Airline, Space Crashes, hurricanes Meteor strikes
Earthquake Infrastructures Large earthquakes Earthquakes in unexpected places
Political Earthquake Unfriendly governments Merging and arming War
I am mentioning this because I believe the bird flu could be the global threat mentioned by a prophet. This influenza pandemic will not be the first of the seven last plagues. But Ellen White, a prophet seemed to predict that God will allow a pandemic to sweep the world before the great persecution. It will kill many young and old. This is because they will not be able to survive the horror that is to come.
One strange description of the bird flu is how it appears to kill the young and healthy most because of the initial aggressive response of their healthy bodies.

Year: 2006
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2006
#Plague United States Rome Britain United Nations
1Sores and disease Flu pandemic? Flu spreads to Russia, Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey, Africa, Middle East.
10,000 people in Hong Kong get the dengue fever. Legionnaire's disease kills 17 in a Canadian nursing home.
Rare Mumps. 70,000 cases in England and 6,584 cases in the United States. 365 cases in Iowa between January and March among vaccinated adults, average age was 21. Normally 5 cases are seen per year.
2Blood in the sea Pirates from Somalia. Several capsized passenger ferry boats in the Middle East. Extremely high tides. Rising sea levels are covering up the Maldives Islands
3Blood in the rivers and springs Toxic benzene in the Songhua river. Floods and mud slides from record rainfall in California.
Rare Record rainfall in seventy years floods New England states in May.
Rare Record rainfall in 300 years floods federal buildings, DC, VA, MD, PA and NY in June.
4Heat Rare Hottest year on record. Heat wave in South Asia, United States, Europe.
Forest Fires (United States). Worst year since 1960's.
5Darkness Missouri, California, Queens - London Total eclipse, March 29
6Loss of support.
Great Loss
Civil war in Iraq. Al Qaeda controls Anbar province. Taliban regaining Afghanistan - - Lebanon
7Disaster from the air Rare Supernova 2006GY, the brightest ever recorded, seen September 18 - - -
Earthquake Republicans lost - - -

Disease. Bird flu is the talk of the planet. In November 2005 it seemed to suddenly jump to many countries. Governments are stocking up on Tamiflu although it does not prevent or cure the disease. In fact some evidence shows that it had no effect on one child and might have killed others. Is this the agent that will cause the scientific embarrassment? Despite all their precautions and false assurances, when it does occur millions will die.
Mumps Outbreak. 70,000 in England infected the same year, mostly among the unvaccinated. 6584 infected in 40 states in 2006 mostly among the vaccinated, possibly because of bad vaccines that gave no protection.

Rough Seas. High winds, high tides and rough seas continue to plague Europe. Italy is a victim.

Contaminated Water. In November 2005, a fifty mile wide toxic spill of benzene was released into the Songhua river after an explosion at a plant in Jilin, China. Ten days later, it left nine million without water in the city of Harbin 300 miles away as the toxic plume moved down the river. Weeks later it is expected to affect Russian cities along the river.

Extreme Heat Causes Blackout. One plague precipitates the next! 2006 was the hottest on record. Heat is cooking electrical wires causing blackouts all over the world. Lack of water reduced the crops, now extreme heat is cooking the remaining fruit on the trees.

Supernova 2006GY. The brightest ever recorded was spotted on September 18, 2006. It is located 240 million light years from earth in the constellation Perseus. It brightened slowly for about 70 days, peaked at a brightness equal to that of 50 billion suns and began a slow decline.

Lebanon. Last year we lost a whole city. This year the world loses a whole country in an unexpected war.
Iraq Civil War. 14,000 people dead in six months of sectarian violence can no longer be hidden.
Political Earthquake. While we had some great earthquakes during December, the most significant was the political earthquake in November. The Republican administration of George Bush lost both the house and senate. However, while that might seem like an opportunity for the reversal of the religious trend, the significant losses in freedoms, the rewriting of the constitution by one arrogant man and the new domestic spy organization important for future prophecy will still exist.

Year: 2007
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2007
#Plague United States Rome Britain United Nations
1Sores and disease Rare Bees are dying off 60-80% of colonies probably due to transgenic crops. Famine for global food
2Blood in the seaJune: 47 tons of dead fish in the sea of Azov because of high air temperatures
3Blood in the rivers and springs June 21. A lake disappears in Chile.
The Great Lakes are disappearing in the last 8 years, either because of global warming or a drain hole.
Rare Record flooding in England, China, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and midwest USA. 25 million displaced in south Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh)
4Heat Rare Heatwave in Europe and worst drought worldwide.
Rare Record fires in Greece. Forest fires in Italy.
Rare Record drought and fires in the north west USA burning over 5 million acres by July.
Rare Drought in major USA cities (Atlanta).
5Darkness Total lunar eclipse August 28 - - -
6Loss of support.
Great Loss
HAMAS defeats Fatah in Gaza
Karl Rove, Bush's brain resigns August 31
Alberto Gonzales, attorney general resigns (August 27-September 16)
Benazir Bhutto assassinated
- Tony Blair resigns -
7Disaster from the air California Burning. Record wild fires, drought - - -
Earthquake Benazir Bhutto assassinated (December 27) - Lisbon Treaty -
» Pakistan. A country with nuclear weapons becomes more unstable as Al Qaeda gains more power.
At the end of the year, MRSA is emerging as a threat. It killed more people than AIDS.

» The Disappearing Honey Bee. For decades all pollinating animals have been disappearing. 75% of all plants depend on pollinators for reproduction. In 2006, bees had to be exported to the United States for the first time in 80 years. Bees are the premier pollinators for one third of our food supply representing over 100 fruits, nuts, vegetables and cotton (apples, blueberries, pears, peaches, almond, cotton).
Since November 2006 a disease now named Colony Collapse Disorder is killing entire colonies around the world. But the mystery is that no dead carcasses are left behind, the bee simply disappears. Their disappearnace means famine and expensive food supply if pollination has to be done by hand.

Year: 2008 (Financial)
This year may best be seen as the year of financial plagues.
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2008
#Plague United States United Nations Financial
1Sores and disease Rare After declaring that measles were eradicated in 2000 an outbreak has occurredBad loans, risks
2Blood in the sea Rare Salmon Die Off ("Disappearing Salmon"). Salmon population went into an unprecedented collapse. From a 16 million peak to 1 million because of damns built over 25 years and despite $8 billion spent in salmon recovery
Rare Jelly Fish Invasion. All over the world, swimmers are being stung by a growing population of jellyfish.
Typhoon (June 23). In the Philippines capsizes ferry killing 762+
Banks bleeding
3Blood in the rivers and springs Fish kills in Florida lakes. Thousands killed by lack of oxygen and unknown reasons.
Rare 500 Year Flood. Record flooding in the mid west USA states. 18 inches of rain in 10 days. Corn prices up 80%. Millions of acres of corn and soybean lost
Foreclosure sharks
4Heat -Higher mortgage
Famine Rare (April) Food shortages and riots in developing countries such as North Africa, Egypt, Philippines, Bangladesh and Haiti because of high prices caused by use of corn for biofuel. Caused collapse of Haitian government April 8. Food shortages occurring because of high prices, natural disasters, unstable dollarForeclosures. Home owners cannot refinance
5Darkness July 1. Solar eclipse (China, Russia) - Homes lost
6Loss of Resources.
Great Loss
Taliban returning in Afghanistan Swat valley.
Bank failures. Record mortgage foreclosures
Israel war in Gaza for 3 weeks Bank loans dry up
7Disaster from the air Rare As of May 30 most active and deadly tornado season. 1022 tornadoes. 100 dead.
Rare June 24. Lightning started over 800 forest fires in California. 1700+ fires were burning by July 4, burning 500,000 acres or 770 square miles. This is early in the season.
September 1. Hurricane Gustav
Rare (May 3). 134,000+ killed, 2 million homeless by category 3 cyclone Nargis and 12 foot (366 cm) storm surges in Myanmar.
Rare (May 1) Volcano erupts in Chaiten, Chile after 9000 years dormant
Rare Haiti had 4 hurricanes in 3 weeks
The hurricane might have triggered the collapse of AIG, releasing news about the economic crisis that they have been trying to keep secret during the elections
Earthquake Rare (September) United States financial earthquake.
Earthquake storm. 600 quakes in 10 days off the coast of Oregon (April)
Rare Barack Obama, a black man is elected president of the USA by a landslide.
Republicans lose elections
Rare Torah Science is revealed during Hanukkah (Dec 21-Jan)
Foreign markets lost $3 trillion in value in 2 days because of USA crisis.
May 12. 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan province China. 80,000+ dead. 5 million homeless
Collapse of major institutions.
Stock market zig zag
USA Tornadoes
Year Total Deaths
2004 1722 ?
2005 220 38
2006 510 67
2007 600 81
2008 (Aug 20) 1875 121+
Unusual Causes of Famine and Food Shortages. As the spectre of an unusual famine looms over the world, the president tries to pimp transgenic agriculture as a solution. I fear that their jumping at the chance to help the global food crisis is an attempt to force countries to use this technology with their "farm aid" Trojan horses. The current problem is caused by high prices not lack of food. In Bangladesh rats ate the crops and in Burma the cyclone destroyed the harvest. In Australia, drought destroyed 90% of the rice harvest. My gut feeling is that these crops will be the source of the final famine in the world and they will desolate the soil to the extent that even our saved natural seeds will be unable to grow.

China Earthquake (May 12). There are reports of an invasion of frogs and a lake that disappeared days before the earthquake. Disappearing lakes seem to be a sign of an earthquake or volcano.

Hurricane Gustav (September 1) and Ike (September 14). Gustav strikes New Orleans on the beginning of the Republican national convention. Christians prayed for a great rain on August 28 to flood out the final day of the Democratic national convention, instead the opposite occurred.
Ike strikes Texas causing an estimated $16 billion in damages
Faye flooded Florida, making landfall six times. Some areas are still flooded on October 9.
Hanna hit Carolina and the northern states.
It might have been hurricane Ike that sparked AIG's downfall.

Darkness. We now know that while the public had been kept in the dark, financial managers and government experts were scrambling to prevent more business collapses. The atmosphere must have been one of gloom and doom, especially since an election was approaching. It was obvious that someone tried to help the economy because crude oil prices kept falling from $140 to under $90 even as four hurricanes marched through the gulf. Crude prices only increased when the financial problems of AIG were revealed. By then, lowering oil prices could not help the economy. So the oil giants opted for more profit.
Watching what was occurring with crude prices made me a believer in a financial conspiracy and demonstrated the power a few people have to manipulate the world economy.

Earthquake Financial Earthquake. Starting about 14 months ago, it is called a "once in a century event" and a "financial tsunami" that struck September 14.

  • 11 October 2007. The DJIA hit a peak of 14,198.10.
  • March 10-16, 2008. Bear-Stearns investment bank collapses overnight. From a high of $171.51 on 12 January 2007, J. P Morgan offered to by the fifth largest investment bank for $2 per share on March 16. Prices were $62.30 on March 10, $30 on March 14. It was eventually bought for $10 per share on May 29.
  • July 11. IndyMac, the third largest bank failure with 90-300 banks at risk of failing in the next 3 years. Some even estimate that as much as 1000 banks may fail.
  • September 8. Government takes over mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • September 14. Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment firm, filed for bankruptcy. It was the largest failure in American history. Merrill Lynch, the largest brokerage firm, was sold to Bank of America after Wall Street executives huddled over the weekend to try to save the two financial giants. American International Group (AIG), the largest insurance company in the world, is restructuring its debt and Washington Mutual bank (WaMu), the biggest savings institution, failed this week. They all lost between 36-45% of their value in a day.
    The federal government rescued some of these institutions. It forced the sale of Bear-Stearns to J.P. Morgan, took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but it did not help Lehman brothers when no other buyers emerged.
  • September 16. Money stopped flowing around the world.
  • September 17. Barclay's bank decided to rescue Lehman Brothers and the Federal Reserve reversed its policy of no more bail outs and loaned $85 billion to AIG for 80% of its stocks because its downfall would have great world wide repercussions.
  • September 18. All global central banks pumped $180 billion liquidity into the system so that banks can lend again.
  • September 19: Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Government will buy all bad mortgage debt from banks and will form a new agency (TARP) to manage this. Estimated cost is $700 billion.
  • September 26.With over $300 billion in assets, Washington Mutual (WaMu) became the largest bank failure in American history, ten times larger than previous failures. They were bought by J. P. Morgan.
  • September 29. When congress first voted on a bill, it did not pass. Stock markets dropped 777.68 points in one day, closing at 10,365.45 and hitting a low of 6,443.27 on 6 March 2009. It was the biggest point drop. They quickly passed the bill the next time. Wachovia was bought by Citigroup for 2.1 billion, then Wells Fargo made a $15 billion offer on October 3. Stock values fell 6.8% and lost $1.1 trillion in assets as the house refused to pass the $700 billion to bail out the banks.
  • October 2. When the senate voted on the bill, the 3 page document became 450 pages because another $150 billion of pork was added without any spending cuts.
    With a gun to our heads, they raised the national debt ceiling to $11.3 trillion. FDIC insured limit is now $250,000. We also piled on every tax break for the rich and every stupid pet project because the bill had to be passed.
  • October 6. Global stock markets fell sharply. German central banks had to bail out other banks. Britain had to guarantee deposits because there was a run on banks to transfer money to Irish banks which insured deposits. Stock exchanges fell sharply in Paris (-9%), Germany DAX (-7.1%), London FTSE (-7.9%). The USA stock exchanges have fallen about 30% in one year from a high of 14,000+ on 9 October 2007 to under 9900. It has been a wild two weeks. This fits the exact time table of the financial collapse in Revelation 18. It occurs in one prophetic hour (2 weeks).
  • October 7. Britain has a $90 billion plan to nationalize banks. Iceland is facing bankruptcy. Dow Jones is 9447.11 (down 14% in one week). Nikkei -10%, Indonesia -15% before trading was stopped. Russia stopped trading.
  • October 8. Bank shares dropped 40% in one week. Britain nationalized banks. All central banks made an unprecedented move. They coordinated to lower interest rate half percent to 1.5% Cenrtal banks in USA, Canada, Europe (England, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland) and Asian cnetral banks (China, Taiwan, South Korea). Another $37.8 billion was loaned to AIG. Dow Jones -189.01 points, Hong Kong (-8%), Nikkei -952 (9.4%), the worst fall in 21 years, FTSE dropped 5%. Russia -14% in the first 90 minutes before trading stopped.
  • October 9. USA taking ownership stakes in banks to encourage lending. Britain has now offered $1 trillion rescue package. In two weeks checking and savings accounts went up to $185 billion (normally $5 billion) as investors took out money from stocks. The dow dropped to its lowest point, 8579.19 after a record high of 14,184.93 on 9 October 2007, at 39.52% drop. For the period, stocks fell over 1800 points or 18.2% and lost $2.4 trillion in value.
  • October 10 (Crash). "Crash" is an official term which indicates a 20% drop in a short time. After six straight day of falling, the stock markets have crashed and the world is in a recession. The events are worse than the 1929 crash.
  • October 13 (Rebound). Stocks rebounded 936.42, the largest point jump in history, as world governments took more action over the weekend to nationalize banks and pour more money into the industry. As the stock market rebounded it fluctuated wildly by hundreds of points, with the highs and lows resembling the pattern on the Richter scale. It reached a low of 7800 on October 16 before rebounding at the end of the day.
  • November 10 (More Bailout). The automobile industry is requesting a bailout and AIG will receive another $27 billion on top of its current $122.8 billion, receiving a total of $150 billion.
  • November 12 (Bailout Bait and Switch). Today the treasury secretary announced that none of the bailout money will go to buying back bad mortages, instead they will buy ownership shares in the banks and other financial institutions. Although the bailout plan was sold to the public as a plan to help homeowners, the law does not state that they have to and the banks have been using the money to expand and buy other banks. The rules were changed for American express to now become a commercial bank. This reversal indicates that they never planned to all along and this is just corporate welfare for greedy pigs in the banking and credit card industries. The law gave him great power and he is helping his banking buddies. This is outrageous.
  • November 20 (Silent Bailout). Since September the Federal Reserve has loaned $2 trillion to banks and businesses but the amount, businesses and terms are secret.
  • November 23 (CitiGroup). They will receive another $20 billion in addition to $25 billion they already received.
  • November 25 (Silent Bailout). We now know that the government has loaned over $7.4+ to bail out businesses. And the government announced another $800 billion to bailout out consumer credit services (banks, car loans and student loans).
  • December 11. The FBI arrested Bernie Madoff for running the largest global Ponzi scheme in history.

Maximum Hopelessness. For maximum emotional effect, the financial plague should come after a major financial disaster, just when we may be rebounding and on the cusp of hopeful optimism. It must be optimism fueled by wishful thinking.
Maximum Shock. The financial downfall must come at the height of our optimism and expectant joy.
Total Federal Bailout by October 9
$ Billion Institution Partner
29 Bear-Stearns J. P. Morgan
200 Freddie Mac Government
Fannie Mae
122.8 AIG Government
400 Banks (Credit) Government
102 Home Owners (FHA Loans) Government
˜700 All bad debt Government
1.9? Washington Mutual J. P. Morgan
˜1,553.8 Total Government Bailout
˜150 Pork Government
In December 2011 we learned of a secret $7.7 trillion dollar bailout by the Fedreal reserve in 2008

Resources Drying Up. The wording of the sixth plague is interesting. Liquid resources "dry up" in the sixth plague and the earthquake occurs in the seventh. It is interesting that the financial system uses these concepts to describe itself. Now we can positively say that in the last plague, the sixth plague occurs when banks cannot lend money because their resources have dried up. And that the global central banks will also be in trouble so that they cannot bail out anyone. We may even see another cycle of this in which the banks lend "paper money" to stop another financial crisis, never revealing that they have no real money. So by the time of the plagues they cannot continue the charade.

All of this points to a strategy leading up to the total global economic collapse in the plagues. Because it starts in the United States and affects the world, the American economy must remain a significant player at the end of time. It must rebound from these downturns. But our remedies for these problems are driving us towards this final strategy. These events are driving the rich towards gold and precious metals, setting them up for the events in the final financial collapse. The gold which is hoarded by the rich will be useless. By October 6 the rest of the global markets began to fall despite the USA congress and senate approving the bailout. It seems that all the worlds banks want a similar government rescue plan at the expense of tax payers. So the entire world is now sucked into this precarious deal that will guarantee their ruin. But they really do not have any other options. They are following the signs of Balaam's donkey.

  • Open Field (1920-2008). In the beginning we have more options from which we can choose. Some of these options divert us from the path we should take. As problems arise we use up these resources and we also get immune to the consequences, believing that there will always be another open field. The period after the stock market crash of 1920's was our open field.
  • Narrow Path and Burden. Eventually, our choices are limited because other sound businesses are made weaker by previous policies and previous bailouts.
    » Banks Nationalized. The world has been on this narrow path since April 2008. Governments have taken on the burden of debt to solve the crisis. Governments are nationalizing banks. I believe that the hasty decisions we made in September to manage public fear and perception will come back to haunt us. There is no turning back and we have less room to maneuver. There is a call for a global regulatory structure to handle capital markets.
    We created bigger deficits and more businesses that are "too big to fail". People are saddled with debt, are faced with huge cost of living increases, and have their equity wiped out as the middle class transferred its wealth to the upper class. What we have is a population soaked with debt and uncertainty and another financial deluge will wipe them out. Businesses are also on an unstable foundation. But since their tentacles reach everywhere their collapse will be even more devastating.
    » International Laws. There are calls for global financial laws. The pope recommends a "world political authority" to govern the global economy. This and the nationalization of banks will make it easier for the economic trials in the mark of the beast to be administered. In a papal encyclical released in July called "Charity in Truth", Benedict called for a "world political authority" to manage the global economy. The European Union was started as an economic entity. Look at what it has morphed into now.. Such an entity could more easily implement the economic stranglehold that is a part of the tactics of the mark of the beast persecution.
  • Bound (Sixth Plague to The Second Coming). At the end we have run out of options and the only thing left is to carve us up in the slaughter. By the time the economic plague comes, the Federal Reserve will be unable to finance a rescue and it takes one final disaster to make the entire system collapse. The failure of AIG, which insures insurers and other banks, shows us that even institutions like the FDIC that guarantees deposits up to $100,000 will fail because the money that they rely on to meet their obligations is also at risk because it is tied up in stocks that we assume are not risky or in loans which cannot be paid back or in credit we assume will always be available and affordable.

Year: 2009 (Financial)
By April the global financial meltdown is still the big issue plaguing the world. The financial crisis has produced high unemployment, record foreclusures, deep recession and contraction in the world economy. The economic crisis has exposed several high profile Ponzi schemes and frauds by financial managers. Bernie Madoff stole over $50 billion and Alan Stanford stole or mismanaged about $70 billion as financial management firms directed clients to these funds while promising "asset management, risk management and asset verification" services in pretty reports.
The Taliban has claimed the eastern portion of Afghanistan in the Swat valley and Pakistan seems to have ceded the territory. By June Iran faced an internal revolution after election fraud was suspected.
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2009
#Plague United States Europe United Nations
1Sores and disease Food borne illnesses. Salmonella poisoned food. Mexican H1N1 Swine/bird flu outbreak spread to 10 countries in a week (April 16), spread worldwide by July.
Bat Extinction. White Nose Syndrome had been killing bats since 2006.
2Blood in the sea Piracy near the horn of Africa and countries fight back
3Blood in the rivers and springs Rare Record flooding in the midwest USA
Rare Iranian youth flooded the streets after a June 12 election fraud and again on December 27.
Rare 20 acres of fish kill in Everglades National Forest, Florida
4Heat Rare Pacific north west heat wave. Hottest July on record with temperatures never seen before at 25º above normal
Rare Drought in Kenya. There is no rain for over a year. Worst in 10 years.
5Darkness September 23. Thick Red haze of dust in Sydney, Australia British and Irish blasphemy laws Rare July 22. Longest total solar eclipse of the century over Asia (6:39 minutes).
Sun farthest from earth, moon closest. Next similar one is in 2132.
November 10: Power blackout in Brazil
6Loss of support.
Great Loss
Bat extinction - -
7Disaster from the air September 18: A "train of torrential rains" for one week floods 7 states (Atlanta, Georgia) causing $500,000,000 in damages
December 25. Al Qaeda almost blew up a plane over Detroit in the USA
Rare December-January a 100+ year record winter freezes Florida. Southern states were colder than the north and south pole.
- Rare August. Typhoon Morakot. 1 million evacuated, 700+ dead. Record flooding in Taiwan in 50 years.
Rare September 8. 80 year record rain and flood in Istanbul, Turkey.
Rare September 26-27. Tropical storm Ketsana. Worst flood in 40 years, kills 300+, 450,000 homeless, dumps a month's rain in 12 hours up to 60 inches (91 cm) in one day, flooding Manila, in the Philippines.
Mount Mayon volcano in the Philippines (December)
Rare December-January a record winter with temperatures and precipitation not seen in over 100 years.
Earthquake September 25. President Obama reveals a secret uranium enrichment site in Qom, Iran - September 29. 8.3 earthquake and tsunami in Samoa and Tonga. 12 feet waves 0.5 miles inland. 176+ dead.
September 30. 7.9 earthquake in Sumatra. 1600+ dead
Rare 7.0 earthquake in Haiti (Jan 12, 2010) 316,000 dead

» Religious Laws. French president Sarkozy is extending his religious dress symbols law from beyond the schools to the public. Now there is a push for Muslim women to remove their scarves. Ireland introduced blasphemy laws that forbid criticizing or offending another religion. Jews cannot say that Jesus is not the Messiah! Britain requires churches to marry and hire homosexuals.
» Blackout (November 10). A power blackout in Brazil caused by storm which affected hydroelectric dam and power lines affected 60 million people in 18 of 26 states.

» Pandemic Fears (2009 H1N1). The United Nations declared a flu pandemic on June 11. A new strain of swine flu has emerged. It is part bird, swine and human flu. This means that the feared bird flu mutation might have occurred. Bird to animal and bird to human transmission was evident. But human to human transmission was very difficult. The bird flu seems to have mated with the swine flu and human flu virus so that it is now easily spread from human to human.
It is very interesting that after all the hoopla and speculation about when human to human transmission of the bird flu occurs that the media has been silent not only about if this is what has occurred but they will not even deny that it is, if only to set the record straight. But there is this dead silence and deliberate avoidance of the issue, probably because they want to tell the public that they have a vaccine. Even if a vaccine is made, it is still impossible to make enough. I also have to wonder how can they test the effects of the vaccine on anyone, especially pregnant women, within a month of making the vaccine? I submit that you cannot be highly certain that there is no effect on a pregnant woman until the child is born and probably know the cognitive effects until the child is 5 years old. If testing is inadequate, there is a Homeland Security law (HR 5710) that protects manufacturers from law suits.
One day this arrogance will kill us.
From this we learn that as the disease progresses rapidly people will ask for the impossible and bend or break rules by disparging them as "Red Tape", making heroes of those with common sense who can "cut through the tape".

  • Speed up Delivery. The technology is slow and the production factories are in other countries. "Speed up" is not an option. It takes 9 months to make a vaccine. New production methods will be approved in 2011. You might be the victim of fake drug companies bottling dirty water. If the disease is severe enough access may be a problem because production countries might want to save their own citizens first.
  • Compassionate Use. This sounds so comforting, but calling it "Russian Roulette" would be more applicable. Untested experimental drugs are used. Greedy companies have no incentives to be careful because the law now protects them from problems with their drugs in national emergencies.
  • Rationed Care. Health services facilities are discussing how to give limited resources to those that they think will survive.
  • Testing. This time we may be able to assume that the history of testing and use of previous influenza vaccines could substitute for the lack of testing of this new strain. The truth is that they may be able to say that a vaccine is effective, but they cannot say that it is safe. Except to say that based on the history of vaccine use in general, the risk that it is unsafe is highly unlikely.
    So if a new virus with no history appears you will understand the dangers and trade-offs we face in terms of adequate testing, limited production and inadequate supplies. Then they will try to sell you on the safety of the vaccination technology in general, because they cannot sell you on the similarity of a specific family of viruses. In the end we will have a virus that is so virulent we will have to bypass all our fears and safeguards and we will make big mistakes. Big Pharma will swoop in like a vulture to capitalize on our mysery and will be the direct cause of the disaster to come.

» Animal Infection (2009 H1N1). In October-November a rare phenomenon occurred. Hundreds of different types of animals are being infected by humans. Cats, ferrets, dogs and pigs.

» New Technology: Cell Culture. Vaccine is grown in cells. Production time is not much shorter than chicken eggs but much more can be manufactured at once. We will not really have the same history of seasonal flu vaccine safety.

» New Technology: Universal Vaccine. Vaccine that targets a different part of the virus where is inserts into the host. This section is similar in viruses whereas current technology targets the unique shape of the head of the virus, making each vaccine specific to one virus. If errors occur with this technology it will pose a greater threat more quickly because it could potentially target everything, including life saving structures.

In His mercy, God is helping us to confront these issues. We will survive swine flu but we are supposed to learn from it.

» Philippine Typhoons. By November 1 the Phillipines had four typhoons in 30 days. The first three killed 900+ people and more than 90,000 are homeless.

» Bat Extinction. Colony Collapse disorder is threatening the bee population worldwide. Now another threat to our food chain has emerged. The little brown bats are dying off and may face extinction because of a new fungal infection in North America. The "white nose syndrome" killed over 1 million bats in 3 years, accounting for the deaths of up to 95-100% of colonies in each cave. The disease started in 2006 in New England and has spread south to 9 other states and may affect other bat species.
While bees are our pollinators, bats are our natural pesticides, each eating 1000 insects per night. One million bats can kill 694 tons of insects in one summer (CBS evening news September 7).
» Fish Feminization. Male fish in fresh waters all across the United States are showing female characteristics. 100% of some species in the Potomac river are affected. The cause is due to water pollution and will lead to collapse of the colonies as breeding is compromised.

Year: 2010 (Earthquakes)
This unique year began with signs from the seventh plague. It has been declared the worst year for natural disasters.
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2010
#Plague United States Europe United Nations
1Sores and disease H1N1 pandemic fears
2Blood in the sea Rare Worst Environmental Disaster in USA and Largest Spill in History. April 21-August. Deep Sea Horizon oil rig exploded spilling 2,500,000 gallons of oil per day in the Gulf of Mexico for a total of 172 million gallons as of July. Causing environmental disaster along the coast. It is threatening to destroy the gulf and the fragile wetlands of the Mississippi delta. Giant plumes ten miles long are floating under the water
3Blood in the rivers and springs Rare May 3. A 1000 year event. Record rainfall over the weekend in TN, MS and KY filled Columbia river 12 feet above flood stage and drowned Nashville. There were floods in other major cities around the world. Rio de Janiero (April 7)
4Heat Rare As of May, this has been the hottest year on record (56º) and April has been the hottest month (58.1º)
Rare Thousands died in Russia
5Darkness December 21. Total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. Last occurred in 1638 next in 2094 - July 11. Total solar eclipse, southern hemisphere
6Loss of support.
Great Loss
August 31. USA ends combat operations in Iraq.
Wikileaks. Embarassing secret information
- -
7Disaster from the air 8 September. 2 small asteroids miss earth
Rare December 19-27. Rain and mud on the west coast. Blizzard in the east.
Volcano Rare Pakistan Monsoon rain floods 62000 square miles, 17000 people killed.
December 19. Blizzard in Europe
Earthquake Rare 3.6 in D.C. - Rare Many great earthquakes in major cities around the world

» Bad Winter. It was the worst winter worldwide in decades.
» Ocean Storms and Rough Seas.
» Hot Summer. It has been the hottest year on record as of July, with June being the hottest. Moscow had record heat (111 degrees), floods and wild fire in Russia.
» Rains and Floods. There were many floods in major cities around the world.
» Worst Flood in Pakistan. The same weather system that caused the Russian heat created the floods of Pakistan. The combined disasters killed 17,000 people. Monsoon rains flooded 20% of the country including the Swat Valley and Kashmir along the Indus river and its tributaries and farms washing away two years of crops (August 1). 20 million affected, 8 million homeless, over 1600 dead, 17 million acres of farmland destroyed. The United Nations calls it the worst humanitarian disaster ever. It is larger than the 2005 Asian tsumami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the 2010 Haitian earthquake combined. Heavy monsoon rains also caused a plane crash July 30 that killed 152. Water borne diseases like cholera began in the third week (August 14) and there are several more weeks of rains due for the season.
» China Floods. Over 2050 died in floods and mudslides in Gansu province, China during rains in August. 250,000 evacuate Dandong China after the worst flooding in decades on 23 August.
Poland also suffered floods in August.
» Largest Egg Recall. 550 million eggs tainted with salmonella were shipped from two factories and were recalled as of August 19.
» Fires. Russia has historic heat and fires made worse by drought. One third of the crops are gone and thousands of people died in June and July and more are expected. There is an average of over 300 more deaths per day than normal.
» Diseases. Dengue fever in Florida and Rabies epidemic in Bali. A new strain of drug resistant bacteria began in India and Pakistan and has now been spread to the west due to medical tourism. This is now easily able to infect other microorganism because it is caused by a gene that gives it immunity.
» Monarch Butterfly Population. Reduced 50% because of the bad winter. I am very concerned that the bees, butterflies and bats seem to be dusappearing. All of this points to an impending crisis in the food chain.
» Pedophile Priests. The revelation of a series of pedophile priest around the world threatens the Catholic church.
» EyJafjallajokull, Iceland Volcano (April 15). Dormant since 1821, it first erupted on March 21, and the eruption on April 15 spewed ash which closed air travel to Europe for one week, costing $1 billion.
» Sumatra Volcano (August 29). A volcano that has been dormant for 400 years has begun to erupt.
» Bed Bug Infestation. A plague of bed bugs has been sweeping across the United States in even the most expensive homes and hotels.
» Catastrophic Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico (April 21). 205,000,000 gallons (4.9 million barrels) have leaked and no one knows how to stop it. That is the latest estimate surpassing previous estimates that 25,000 and 210,000 gallons per day are leaking. One possible method named "bottom kill" with take three months to implement. Previous methods have failed ("top kill", "junk shot"). It is larger than the 1989 Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Alaska. The disaster threatens the wild life, the wetlands and the fishing industries which account for 41% of the sea food. By April 20, the EPA told BP to stop using their dispersant. It is ineffective and toxic. The toxicity was discovered with the Exxon-Valdez oil spill 20 years ago. All efforts to stop the leak have failed. The only known method of drilling a relief well will take months.
» Financial Earthquake. Greek debt crisis. Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are in financial trouble.
» Earthquake. The year will be best remembered for the series of deadly earthquakes which affected populated areas and large cities.

    » Haiti Earthquake. First in 200 years, a rare 7.0 earthquake lasting 33 seconds devastates the capital city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti. It collapsed the presidential palace, U.N. headquarters, all government buildings, schools, hospitals in the densely populated city of 3 million people which is only designed for 40,000. Surrounding cities are 80-90% destroyed. 316,000+ dead 1.5 million homeless.
    One year after the earthquake 1 million are still homeless, only 10% of the pledges given and 5% of rubble cleared, 15% temporary housing, no fresh water.
    » Haiti Cholera. The disease breaks out in Haiti in October and reached the capital city of Port-Au-Prince where over a million refugees live in tents. 1000 people were dead by November 17. By December 7, 2000 were dead and 200,000 were infected. 3000 dead by December 31.
    The spread was accelerated when tropical storm Tomas landed on the island. Doctors estimate that thousands will be dead when the disease peaks next year. The disease has spread to the Dominican Republic and by November 13 at least to one patient in the United States who had visited Haiti.
» D.C. Earthquake (16 July 2010) 5:04 AM. Since earthquakes were first recorded in the D.C. area in 1974, this has been the strongest. The 3.6 earthquake was centered in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
» Ecological Disaster (5 October 2010). 264 million gallons of toxic red sludge escaped from a dam in Hungary threatening the Danube and Black sea.
» Honey Bee Die Off. One third of USA colonies have died in the last four years. Scientist found a probable cause - a parasite and a new virus. The virus kills only when the parasite is present.
» Bumble Bee Die Off. At the end of 2010 scientists reported that four abundant species of bumble bees in the United States have declined by 96% by some mysterious reason that is not related to the honey bee die off.
It appears that species that are important for fertilization of flowering fruit and nut plants are suddenly disappearing at an alarming rate. Fruit bats, honey bees and bumble bees and monarch butterflies are disappearing.
» Wikileaks. An embarassing stream of secret documents is being leaked by an Australian, Julian Assange. The information puts soldiers at risk and is embarassing for our diplomats. Assange claims noble goals such as "truth" but he is really trying to embarass the US government over points of behavior on which all the major and minor powers are guilty.
However, what is interesting is that the first two leaks were embarassing for the army and then the diplomatic community. He promised that the third leak would expose the secrets of major banks and that is when the international efforts went into gear to stop him. All of a sudden the USA decides it can try him for treason and the Swedish government put out an international warrant on charges of rape. The international manhunt exposes several persecuting tactics.
  • False Criminal Charges. Between the first and second leak, two women accused him of rape. They claim that at first the encounter was consensual then it was not. This is such a lame attempt to smear him.
  • Economic Strangulation. His web host, Amazon.com, threw him off the website and financial institutions stopped processing the website's payments. Paypal, Visa, Mastecard and PostFinance (SwissPost).
  • Arrest. He was arrested and is being held in solitary confinement until other charges can be brought.
  • Spying. The question that remains is why did the authorities allow him to go unchecked for all this time and the answer is obvious. They were using the time to spy on his activities with the full cooperation of his web host. They probably know who visited the site and downloaded information, where backup sites are located. They may have been spying on Assange and his associates who believe that they are world class hackers and invulnerable to this level of scrutiny.
» Australian Flood. Floods in the north east since December 23? have covered an area the size of France and Germany combined, driving out 200,000 and costing $1 billion. A flash flood on January 11 killed 22 with 70 missing and washing away many homes, 20,000 homes in Brisbane threatened. The flooding spread to the south east by January 17 as another river overflowed its banks.
The farming and coal industries have sustained a $3 billion loss by this time. It is the worst weather in 100 years.
» Weather. December 19-27. Blizzard shuts down airports in Europe. 5 days of rain in California equals annual rainfall. It caused mudslides. Same system causes record blizzard in the east. 32 incles of snow, 80 mph wind, thunder, lightning, 5 feet drifts and many airline cancellations.
By January 12 there were three major winter storms in three weeks in the United States. On January 12 after a weather bomb every state except Florida had snow or ice, including Hawaii!
» Mass Kills (December 31). Around midnight 5000 blackbirds fell out of the sky in Beebe, Arkansas while about 500 dead blackbirds and starlings have been found dead nearby in Louisiana. There were dead birds in Sweden and doves in Italy.
100,000 fish have been found dead in the Arkansas river. The reasons are still unknown as of January 4. By January 6 there were reports of millions of dead fish in the Chesapeake bay, blamed on the cold weather. A record number of manatee deaths were also reported in Florida because of the cold.

Year: 2011 (Revolutions and Earthquakes)
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2011
#Plague United States Europe United Nations
1Sores and disease Whooping cough
2Blood in the sea -
3Blood in the rivers and springs- -Arab revolutions
4Heat Drought and heat in the middle of the USA -Drought and famine in the horn of Africa
5Darkness -
6Loss of support. Great loss August 6. First US bond rating downgraded to AA+ by S&P because of th $14.3 debt ceiling and $1+ trillion budget deficit European Debt Crisis. Greece, Portugal, Italy default. Greek and Italian prime ministers resignArab Spring. Middle eastern dictators fall
US forces leave Iraq by December 31
7Earthquake August 23. 5.8 hit Virginia and DC cracking the top of the Washington Monument. Strongest in 67 years, it was felt from Georgia to Toronto

» Cold Weather (January). On January 12 every state except Florida had snow, this even includes Hawaii. There were 5 major snow storms across the country in one month.
» Brazil (January 13). Floods and mudslides in Brazil caused by a month's rain falling in a day kill over 750+ people with 400+ missing. 14,000 driven from their homes. Over forty years ago floods killed 785.
» Sri Lanka (January 13). Floods affect 1 million people.
» Mississippi River (May). Record snow melted combined with record rainfall caused record flooding along the Mississippi river.
» Earthquake (6.3). February 21. Christchurch, New Zealand. 145 dead, 200+ missing.
» Earthquake (9.0). Largest earthquake in Honshu, Japan's recorded history with a tsunami 23 feet (7m) high and 1 mile (1.4Km) in land hit Japan at 2:46 PM on March 11 near the town of Sendai. Nuclear plant failed, many fires. This follows a 7.2 quake on March 8 and dozens of aftershocks over 6.0. Whole towns have been swept away. 18,000+ people are dead and damages are estimated at $235 billion.
The earthquake created a moved the main island 8 feet, shifted the planet 4 inches and created a 200x100 mile rift on the ocean floor.
Tsunami. Tsunami warnings were issued for 20 countries, including western USA, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. A 4.5 earthquake hit Hawaii that morning. An oil refinery is on fire and a skyscraper (Tokyo Tower) was bent.
Nuclear Meltdown. Four nuclear reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant have been damaged and their cooling systems have failed even though they had multiple backup systems. Two reactors are in partial meltdown. The nuclear reactor #1 exploded March 12, releasing radioactive material (Cesium and water). Nuclear reactor #3 exploded on March 14 and a third, reactor #4 exploded on March 15 leaking dangerous levels of radiation. It is believed that the explosion in #2 breached the radioactive fuel containment.
For a country which spends millions on developing robots that look and move like humans but otherwise do useless things one wonders where are the clunky robots who can go inside the reactor an take picture, put out fires and do all the tasks that it is impossible for humans to do?
By April 4 it was reported that radiation levels in the sea near Fukushima are 7.5 million times the safe level.
» Fish Kill (Redondo Beach, California) March 8. Millions of dead sardines washed up on the beach. This may have been a sign of the earthquake.
» Earthquake Swarm (Arkansas). They have experienced 800 quakes since September 2010. The biggest was 4.7. Scientists believe that it could be due to the natural gas new drilling technique called "fracking".
» Earthquake Swarm (Oklahoma). The town of Jones, Oklahoma has experiened 65 tremors since October 2010 The state which averaged 3 tremors per year now average 1000/year in 2010, some not felt. The biggest 4.2.
On November 5, Oklahoma had a 5.6 quake.
» Dust Storm (Texas). The severe drought has triggered huge dust storms especially in Lubbock, Texas where a 75mph, 1.5 mile high and 250 mile wide red dust storm hit on October 17. The eerie scenes were like the 1930's dust bowl.
» Asteroid 2055 YU55 (November 8). This asteroid, the size of an aircraft carrier, passed 200,000 miles from earth at 300,000 mph.

» Middle East (January Uprisings). Revolution and rioting in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon threaten to destabilize all of the countries of North Africa and the Middle East (Syria, Jordan and Lebanon). Sudan voted to split between north and south. Mubarak resigned on February 12 after 28 days of demonstration and Tunisia's leader fell earlier. Algeria, Libya and Bahrain joined in the uprisings by February 13. All these revolts are in the former French colonies and territories.
» Treasures of Egypt. Although the Egyptians formed a human chain to protect the antiquities, at least 12 valuable pieces were looted with thousands more needed to be checked.

  • Saudi Arabia. March 10-11 Shiite's protest in the east but are supressed by police.
  • Lebanon. February 28 - Demonstrators vote against the system which has divided them because there is no real government.
  • Oman. February 27 - March 1 - Protesters burn buildings and troops are deployed on the third day of demonstration.
  • Morocco. February 20. Bloggers call for a protest on Feb 20 to demonstrate for reforms. March 9. King Mohammed VI announces that he will revise the constitution by June and then call for a vote.
  • Libya. February 16 - 200 protestors in Benghazi protesting for human rights. At least 20 are killed the next day. March 12 Arab league calls for a no-fly zone. March 17 UN votes for a no-fly vote with the strong support of Britain and France March 19 - Operation "Odyssey Dawn". 112 Tomohawk cruise missiles launched by USA ships as French and British fighter jets institute a no-fly zone.
    On March 30 a missile killed one son and three grandchildren of Qaddafi (Khaddafi) but he escaped.
    On August 22 Tripoli fell to the rebels and Khaddafi's compound was taken on August 23.
    October 20. After 42 years as dictator, Mohamar Ghadaffi was killed by rebels in his home town of Sirte. He was found hiding in a drainage pipe after the drone strike and was shot with his own golden gun by a rebel. Another son was also killed in the same incident. The NATO invasion that was supposed to take weeks took 7 months and officially came to an end on October 22.
  • Iraq. February 16 - protestors demand jobs, better services and an end to corruption. February 27 Prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki gives his cabinet 100 days to respond to demands for better services.
  • Bahrain. February 14 - mostly Shiite anti-government protests suppressed by Saudi Arabian troops on March 14, propping up a Sunni monarcy ruling over a 70% Shiite majority with limited opportunities.
  • Algeria. Early January - food riots across the country. February 12 - rioters rally in the capital and plan another for the 19th. February 19 - Police supress an organized rally.
  • Iran. February 14 - The largest demonstration since 2009 erupts in Tehran. By March 1 security forces had stifled the uprising.
  • Yemen. February 11 - demand resignation President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled this impoverished nation for 32 years.
  • Kuwait. February 6 - The interior minister resigns after calls for protests. Nomads and non-citizens demand the benefits of citizenship.
  • Syria. February 4-5 - An on-line "Days of rage" campaign fizzles when nobody shows up to demonstrate for the resignation of President Bashar Ashad March 15 - Pro-democracy protests begin again with extreme violence that has continued into a little civil war with over 8000 dead by March 2012 and 30,000 refugees.
  • Jordan. January 28 - Protestors demand the dismissal of prime minister Samir Rifai. February 1 - The king dismissed the government and will form a new cabinet. March 15 - King Abdullah II announces a three month period to draft new election laws.
  • Egypt. January 25 demonstration against President Hosni Mubarak. Protestors reject his concessions and continue to demonstrate in Tahrir Square until he resigns February 11. March 8 - Muslims attack Christians and burn a church
    » (18 November 2011). Egypt began a second revolution in one year. The first revolt was suspended because the military leader who was given power on February 11, promised elections in November and a civil government within 6 months. So over 100,000 converged on Tahrir Square again. Thousands were injured.
  • Tunisia. December 10, 2010 - Mohamed Bouazizi a fruit vendor sets himself on fire after being beaten by corrupt government inspectors. He dies January 4. January 14 - Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali flees to Saudi Arabia. February 27 - The prime minister resigns
  • Pakistan (May 1). An American Seal team raided his compound and executed Osama Bin Laden then buried him at sea.
  • Al Qaeda. Several of their top leaders were killed this year. Osama bin Laden was shot (May 2) in a covert US special forces assault in Abbottabad, Pakistan and buried at sea. Anwal al-Awlaki (September 30) in a drone strike in Yemen along with Samir Khan, their webmaster. His 16 year old son was killed in another drone strike on October 14.
» Iraq War Ends (December 15-31). From a high of 155,000 troops with 1.5 million men serving, the US forces in Iraq will be reduced to 5,000 at the end of December 2011, officially ending the war in Iraq. Closing ceremonies on December 15 saw all but 5000 troops remaining on only 5 of 500 bases. All military troops will leave by 31st. Cost $801.9 billion. 4,487 dead. 32,000 injured. Estimated 106,348 - 654,965 civilians dead.

» Debt Crisis (December 14). The Vatican has been making a request to the UN and EU to take over the "Holy Basin" in Jerusalem. This is the west wall, temple mount, Mount Zion and David's tomb. They are objecting to the increasing Jewish presence in Jerusalem.

» Debt Crisis. USA's $1 trillion dollar budget deficit and and outstanding debt caused S&P to downgrade them to AA+ while Moody's and Fitch maintained the AAA rating. Meanwhile Europe has its own debt crisis as Greece and Portugal's credit have been downgraded to junk status by Moody's. Greece has been bailed out twice in the year with over 120 billion euros. In the middle of this growing European monetary crisis, German chancellor Angela Merkel tried to get the Europen Central Bank (ECB) to accept defaulted bonds a collateral for loans. They have not learned from the USA housing crisis debacle, proving that there is one standard for the average individual and none for businesses and governments.
In November 2011, Greece was bailed out again and the Prime minister resigned. By November 8, the Italian prime minister announced that he would resign ahead of Italy's coming debt crisis. He resigned on November 12.
» The Occupy Movement. All across the world, beginning on Wall Street citizens have been staging a sit-in to protest, bank fees, bank bailouts in which the banks are now profiting from our loans to them but they are not respecting their part of the deal. The media characterized them as a movement without any clear purpose, and wall street ignored them. So by November 15, New York police moved to clear out the protesters.
» 2008 Bank Bailout. Bloomberg News reported on a secret meeting between Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke and hedgefund chiefs 29 November 2011 which brokered a deal which made the Federal Reserve became a piggy bank for the banks, lending them $7.7 trillion dollars at very low interest rates (0.01%) as of March 2009. This secret deal which bypassed congress only came to light in December 2011 and netted the banks a $13 billion profit. $460 billion, 63% of the dept was borrowed by these top six banks. JPMorgan ($48), Bank of America ($86 B), Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) and Morgan Stanley ($107 B).

» Drought And Famine. 30,000 Somali children died in 90 days because of drought and the infections plaguing the refugee camps. 600,000 more children are at risk. Severe drought has hit the horn of Africa and the United States, particularly Texas. High temperature records have been shattered all across the United States.

Year: 2012 (Scandal In The Vatican)
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2012
#Plague United States Europe United Nations
1Sores and disease Whooping cough, ebola, west Nile virus outbreak
2Blood in the sea Shark attacks
3Blood in the rivers and springs Flooding in south and central
Texas loses 301 million trees
VatileaksBlood Rain. In Sri Lanka for 2 months
4Heat 5000 record high temperatures by March 22nd. Tornadoes.
Worst and largest drought area in USA history
5Darkness July 30. Largest blackout in the world in India affects 600 million
6Loss of support. Great loss Mississippi River. The river is drying up
Aug 29. Hurricane Isaac floods New Orleans surpassing Katrina rainfall
US ambassador killed in Libya
-August. 100,000 refugees flee Syria
September. 31 Muslim countries riot at american embassies over anti-Islam film. US ambassador to Libya killed on September 11
7Disaster From The AirOctober 29-30. Hurricane Sandy strikes north east coast of USA -
Earthquake - Pope announces resignation in February 2013 -
» Disease. 41,880 cases. Worst whooping cough epidemic in 50 years from ineffective vaccines and drug-resistance.
» Heat. It has been the hottest spring since 1895 with temperatures 5 degrees above normal.
» Drought. The 2011 drought killed 301 million trees in Texas.
» War. Over 20,000 killed in growing Syrian civil war as of July
» River Dries Up (Loss of Support). The Euphrates river dries up in the sixth plague. The severe drought has lowered the Mississippi river impacting shipping and commerce vital to the nation. The river carries 60 percent of the nation's grain, 22 percent of the oil and gas and 20 percent of the coal.
» Hurricane Isaac (August 29). A slow moving hurricane floods New Orleans' Placquemines parish more than Katrina.
» Eurozone Imposing A Six-Day Work Week On Greece (September 4). The big three creditors ("troika"), the European commission, European Central Bank, and International Monetary Fund are demanding that the government in Athens introduce a six-day working week in all sectors as part of the stiff terms for the country's second bailout. In addition, the minimum daily rest will be set to 11 hours. The constitution guarantees one day off. The church did not want the constitution to guarantee any one day in seven. So they pushed for that day to be Sunday only and no other day, appealing to the demise of the European family if the family cannot have the same day off.
So now that an economic crisis has placed Greece under the boot of Germany and these bankers we find a scenario under which the Revelation persecution laws could be invoked. Babylon the Great becomes a debtor nation according to scriptures. Maybe this is one of the harsh measures that will be used.
» USA Ambassador Killed (11 September 2012). Anti-American demonstrations spread over 31 Muslim countries because of a film about Mohammed. The USA ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans were killed during an attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
» The Scapegoat Appears On Yom Kippur (26 September 2012). In possibly a sign of the end, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the United States general assembly on Yom Kippur. Earlier today, the Iranians fired a missile in the Strait of Hormuz, threatening to shut down oil shipping in the Gulf if Israel attacks their nuclear facilities. They also threatened to launch a pre-emptive strike against Israel.
While supporters of Israel look at this as disrespect to Israel on their holiest day, I can only see it as an ironic sign. Sadly, Ahmadinejad is fulfilling the role of the scapegoat on Yom Kippur. We know its end. It will be banished in the wilderness where it will be thrown off a cliff and die of a broken neck. So let the scapegoat put on a show, calling for the elimination of Israel. He has been judged. His words have gone to heaven in a challenge that heaven will answer.
At the crucifixion two people were symbols of the scapegoat, Barabbas and Judas. Both were chosen above Jesus. The people chose Barabbas and the priests chose Judas. History does not tell us the end of Barabbas, a man of violence. However, we know Judas' end. Ahmadinenejad should fear the wrath of YHWH, not Israel.

» "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy (29-30 October 2012). A category 1 storm with winds of 90 mph brought great devastation to New Jersey, New York and many states from North Carolina to Connecticut in the North east USA because of a confluence of rare events. It created a giant Nor'easter 1000 miles long with the lowest recorded pressure in the Atlantic bringing waves 13-25 feet high. It is the second costliest USA hurricaine at over $52.4 billion. Updated figures show that so far the cost to New Jersey is $36.8 billion and New York is $42 billion.

  1. Late hurricane
  2. High pressure ridge of air centered around Greenland that blocks the hurricane's normal out-to-sea path and forces it toward land.
  3. Early Winter Storm Wintry cold front from the west.
  4. Blast of artic air from the north. Caused several feet of snow in the Appalacian, especially in West Virginia.
  5. Full moon caused high tides - immense waves thrashed by a huge hurricane plus massive gale force wind
10 million without power. 25% of cell towers destroyed in several states. Flooded tunnels caused the worst disaster for the New York subway system in its 108 year history. 111 homes burned down in Queens and several New Jersey coastal towns flooded including Atlantic City, ground zero for the arrival of the storm. All backup generators failed and 10-12 feet of water flooded a NY city hospital forcing the evacuation of patients.
» Cost. Storms cost S112 billion in the USA, the second costliest.

» Blood Rain. It rained blood red color for 2 months in Sri Lanka starting in November. Scientists are still not sure what caused the red rain in 2001 in Kerala province, India and again in 2012 in Sri Lanka. Yellow, green, and black rain was also reported. Neither a meteorite explosion nor spores seem to be an answer.
  • Sri Lanka. Red rains fell from 15 November 2012 to 27 December 2012 in eastern and north-central provinces.
  • Kerala, India. Colored rain has been reported several times in this province since 1896. The latest were 2001 and in June 2012. Heavy down pours of red-colored rain fell on the region from 25 July to 23 September 2001. Then in June 2012.

Year: 2013 (Middle East Tensions)
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2013
#Plague United States Europe Nations
1Sores and disease Whooping cough worst seen in decades. Bird Flu crosses species
2Blood in the sea March 2013. Red tide off coast of Tampa kills 174 manatees since January, more than any other year. Nov 2012 red tide on Australia Bondi beach The Japanese nuclear spill continues to contaminate the ocean at higher levels
3Blood in the rivers and springs - --
4Heat - -world's hottest year. China has the worst heat wave in 140 years
5Darkness - Venezuela
6Loss of support. Great loss The USA has no help from the nations, even Britain, in the Syrian Civil war - -
7Disaster From The Air - - November 8. Phillipines. Super typhoon Haiyan. 235 MPH gusts. Strongest to make landfall on earth at 190 mph sustained for 48 hrs, 15-25 ft waves, 10,000 dead
Earthquake -
» Antibiotic Apocalypse. Drug-resistant strains of E. Coli, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and whooping cough emerge as antibiotics are gradually losing their effectiveness due to rapidly evolving resistance to antibiotics which is irreversible. In the future there will be no more cures for common infections.
» Pope Benedict XVI Resigns (February 28).
» Bird Flu. In 2012 it killed 162 baby harbor seals off the coast of New England. H3N8 has mutated and crossed species. In 2013 a virulent strain emerged in China (H7N9).
» Locust Plagues. Billions of 17-year cicadas emerge in the north east USA. Half of Madagascar covered with locusts. Swarms descend on Egypt and Israel.
» Syria Civil War. Over 100,000 killed as of June 2013 and over 2 million refugees by September. The USA escalates war by promising support for the rebels on 13 June because of the use of chemical weapons (sarin).
Assad launched another gas attack against his people, killing 635 on August 21. The USA is contemplating a military response without the assistance of the nations.
» Cannibalism. Abu Sakkar, a Syrian rebel commander, hopes to strike fear by resorting to cannibalism. He is eating the heart of his slain enemy.
» Egyptian Unrest. Egypt is on the verge of a civil war which the military hoped to stop by staging a coup on July 3, ousting president Morsy who is supported by the Muslim brotherhood.
» Darkness. Venezuela's power grid had been brought down by hackers and continuous bouts of darkness have plagued the entire country.
» Meteors And Asteroids. A serious of hits and near misses in a short period (February 15 - March 9). On February 15 an 11 ton meteor strikes Chelyabinsk Russia. 725 injured, buildings damaged
» Philippines. Two category 5 typhoons and a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in two months.


Year: 2014 ()
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2014
#Plague United States Europe Nations
1Sores and disease Worst ebola outbreak in the world affects Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Senegal and even the USA. 6,574 infected, 3,091 dead as of Sept 29. It had a mortality rate of 90% but is now between 50-70%.
Enetrovirus D68 affects children across the USA
2Blood in the sea Red tide in the Gulf coast. Wave if extreme violence by ISIS/ISIL
3Blood in the rivers and springs - --
4Heat - - Polar icecaps have melted faster than expected
5Darkness - ??
6Loss of support. Great loss ?? - ISIS captured large areas of Northern Iraq and Syria. World now decides to strike back
7Disaster From The Air 2 space ship explosions for NASA/USA - ?
Earthquake -
» Ebola Outbreak. The worst ebola outbreak in west Africa. Deaths and infections occuring in USA and Spain.
» ISIS/ISIL. Terror group takes Syria and most of northWest Iraq.
» Syrian Civil War. 3 years since the war began 200,000 killed, 9 million displaced, 3 million in refugee camps, 18% are children.
» Lybian Civil War. War may have begun in Lybia.
» Global Slavery. A 32 billion industry, 800,000 sold per year globally, 82% are girls, 100k in USA sold at Atlanta airport which is a hub to buy slaves.
» Earthquakes. Over 750 earthquakes have hit Nevada between July and Nov 8, A large quake is expected
» Darkness. One transmission line from India blacks out most of Bangladesh on November 1-2.
» Science Failures.

Year: 2015 (Hell Is Breaking Loose)
I am posting an update in January 2016 and I noticed that I have been unable to keep track of the news since 2014. I now live in a place without television news and internet news is flooded with too many conspiracies. I like to see news from the perspective of the Media and government in what they THINK the public should hear and it is too often just an American perspective and not even a report of Hurricanes in other places. After the regular news, then I go hunting for signs of the end in specific news for specific items.
There have been 3 supernatural attempts on my life. I cannot believe that I am saying this, The first attack in May-June 2104 was a dual attack, first to destroy my memory and kill me in the process. A fourth attempt was made to wipe out my memory in August 2015. The other two attacks were just to kill me in a vicious manner. I generally do not pay attempt to Satan and his antics but this haas made me realize that Satan is in a panic. The increasing disasters and attention to it from all fronts are all attempts to panic and stampede the herd of humanity. As soon as I get a grip on all the news from 2014-2015 I will update with the information I think is important for prophecy. Then I will remove this odd ddendum I placed here. So far, the biggest news for me of the coming end is the attack on the SDA church. I see the attack on me as part of that.
The Warning Cycles of Plagues in 2015
#Plague United States Europe Nations
1Sores and disease Ebola
2Blood in the sea ??
3Blood in the rivers and springs - --
4Heat - - Heat wave in India kill 1000+ in May
5Darkness - ??
6Loss of support. Great loss ??? - -
7Disaster From The Air - - ??
Earthquake -
» Drought. Brazil and western USA
» .

Approximate Timing of the Events
# Period Event
1 November-December Disease
2 February Sea
3 March-May (Sivan) River
4 June-August Heat
5 August Darkness
6 September Resources dry up
7 September - November (Rosh Hashannah) Air borne disaster
Collapse, earthquake

The Year Of The Last Mock Cycle
After following these trends for eight years, I realize that if the plagues follow the Hebrew calendar, then they follow the natural cycles of the seasons. God allows these natural events to go out of control. Again the division occurs with the first four plagues causes by natural events and the last three involves human events (the three woes) and more serious natural events.
I wrote this scenario in 2003. This is what I expect in the year before the real seven plagues. I expect the sixth plague to be a reversal of fortunes for the United States in the Middle East so that Daniel 11: 45 will be fulfilled. We are already experiencing the mock fulfillments of this event.

The mock seventh plague might be the news of an impending large asteroid impact that causes all the world to cease hostilities and look to the United States for technological help and the Vatican for spiritual help.

The Timeline. So, in the last mock cycle, the event that triggers global fear may be an approaching doomsday asteroid that will fulfill Luke 21: 26 or the shifting heavens could originate from an internal cause as the earth changes its position with respect to the heavens by a physical Pole Shift. The first event will propel the globalist plans and implement the draconian laws which will start the final persecution and the real seven last plagues. That event might be the seventh in a new series and it should occur around the September - November time frame (Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur and tabernacles).
Why that period?
Since we expect the real Second Coming (the real seventh plague) to be associated with the feast of tabernacles, we expect the mock cycles to occur around this time. So the seventh cycle occurs around this time and the first cycle after.

The following is based on an assumption about an event in Luke 21: 26 and on how God will humiliate the modern "gods" of this earth. Pretend that it is fiction. The rest is a reasonable assumption about how each group will react. I also placed the conquest of Jerusalem and the fear from the heavens in the year preceding the last. It could be longer.

The Last Mock Plagues
#Plague Target United States Rome World
1Sores and diseaseEarth Pregnant Females. There will be no more pregnancies in the final year.
Disease. Disease among the animals and the humans points to a problem in the food supply. Efforts are made to cover up.
A biological terror threat causes mass inoculations.
Money Pharmaceutical and health care stocks soar.
2Blood in the seaSea The red tide phenomena and other natural events devastate the fishing industries. People turn to unhealthy farm raised fish and animals fed with rendered food.
Money Stock prices rise for the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries as their technologies are used to maintain the food supply.
3Blood in the rivers and springsFresh Water Pfisteria and other toxic algae devastate fish in the wild.
Carnivorous Birds. The number of vultures increase.
Money Fish farming industries stocks soar until disease hits.
Money Bottled water and soft drink industries stock rise.
Gospel Evangelistic efforts are successful as the series of events appears to justify the biblical prophecies. People question the activities of the church and the United States. This causes more animosity towards the church of God. The fortunes of the government ebb and flow as people alternate between fear, reality and prophecy.

The fullness of the Gentiles has come in (Romans 11: 25). The partial hardening of Israel is over.

Money People invest heavily in the stock market as stock prices reach record highs.
4Heat Sun Global warming affects the whole world. Violent disasters.
Money Energy stock prices soar as air conditioners are in demand.
Money Bottled water and soft drink industries stock soar.
Private gardens raided as food supplies dwindle.
5Darkness Government Massive solar flare affects satellites and electrical systems.
Money Solar energy and alternative fuel stocks soar after several years of blackouts over major cities and peak oil fears.
6Loss of support Military Tank War in the Middle east goes badly (Daniel 11: 45) Evangelism efforts cause loss of members
Jerusalem becomes a source of trouble that irritates the nations. (Zechariah 12)
Key event Jerusalem is occupied (Daniel 11: 45; Zechariah 12: 2, 9; 14: 2). This is a critical sign.
The nations come to fight against Israel. The Muslim nations gather to fight Israel. The United Nations act against the Jews.
Claiming neutrality and in a gesture of peace, the church takes over Jerusalem.
The USA and the church will be in Jerusalem.
Gospel The latter rain falls. The Spirit of God falls on the earth. The partial hardening of Israel is over. (Romans 14: 25) Jews accept the Christ Messiah as one nation at a time when they are surrounded by the nations (Zechariah 12: 9-10). After this the whole church, the true Israel by faith, passes through the time of trouble and then God fights for us in the real seven last plagues.
7Disaster from the air Heaven

Money The stock market reaches a record high, anticipating a middle east peace with the open involvement of the church.
However, the next events of the mock seventh plague triggers the climate of fear (Luke 21: 26) and economic reversals that start the final persecution.

A Paradigm Shift in Reality.
Asteroid Large Asteroid Threat. Rumors are confirmed. Private astronomers, the Vatican Observatory and NASA report an asteroid that is larger than six miles (10 Km) wide approaching from the direction of the sun. It is the largest of a constellation of asteroids. The impact of smaller asteroids on the leading edge causes tsunamis and rising global panic.

Church Many people rush to church and hunger for understanding of the prophecies. At this time the latter rain falls. Thousands of teachers and prophets spread over the globe. The work is accomplished in weeks.

USA The world immediately turns to the United States for technological help and the Vatican for spiritual guidance. The wicked and the partially converted try to sit on the fence. The Vatican proposes an apparently harmless solution - a show of unity under the Christian God and his mother. The public agrees because the problems appear to be divine retribution.
The news organizations fan the flames by only reporting the government position. They accuse the true church of unpatriotic and terrorist behavior. They encourage the public to identify them and "talk sense" to their neighbors. Catholic based prime time dramas begin to use their characters to further reinforce Catholic apocalyptic doctrine.
Satan The false Christ appears.
Religious persecution The Homeland Security Agency tries to implement religious policy and persecution begins by an Executive Order.
A global state of emergency is declared and Executive Order 11051 is implemented.

Money Technological, space and defense industry stocks soar as the industries are contracted to find a solution.
Oil Fields Dry Up or Disappear?
Earthquake Earthquake. A massive earthquake occurs. Probably in the Middle East, Iraq and Alaska. The oil fields are drained. There is a cluster of many devastating earthquakes. Maybe California falls into the sea. (I keep trying to toss California and MTV into the sea!) The effect of lost trade from California is devastating.

Global Oil Supply. There is only a 20 year reserve of oil supply left in the world. Production will no longer satisfy demand after 2024. A massive earthquake in Iraq could split the ground under the reservoirs of liquid oil causing the reservoirs of oil to retreat. The loss of water even causes the extraction of tar sand reserves to be almost impossible. The loss of energy reserves is devastating and all sectors of industry panic as the drying up of the source of energy becomes a reality. A similar event in Alaska destroys those oil reserves. Broken pipelines from Alaska interrupts the flow of supply and long lines at gas stations emerge.
The sudden loss of oil could also precede the earthquake and serve as a sign of the massive forces at war under the earth.

Strategic Petroleum Reserves. Another earthquake strikes the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana and Texas. The natural reservoirs that hold the Strategic Petroleum Reserves are drained. Millions of gallons of oil contaminate the coast line in the South Eastern United States, Central America and the Caribbean.
Money Gas prices soar. Again.
Migration Flight of the Monarchs. The righteous flee for their lives.
Three Angels Angel 2 The second angel's message is complete. Babylon has fallen. The messengers of God urge people to leave Babylon so that they do not receive the plagues which are about to fall. Revelation 14: 8 and 18: 1-4.

Angel 3 The third angel's message is repeated with great urgency. The world is warned not to receive the mark of the beast which is being proposed. Revelation 14: 9-11. The conversion of the nation of Israel becomes a sign that makes people turn to their bibles. The warning that the seven last plagues will fall on the earth brings a charge of bioterrorism.

The Real Plagues and the Fall of Babylon
#Plague Target United States Rome World
1Sores and disease Earth Plague Disease
A new disease that is characterized by putrid sores strikes the earth. It may not kill immediately but it causes extreme suffering before it kills. The progression of the disease is magnified because of political decisions to protect economic interests until the scientists at the Centers for Disease Control can analyze it. The media deliberately under report the problem and urge people to continue buying. The absence of athletes at the end of several sports seasons, the disappearance of several media personnel and news anchors causes information to leak to the public.
The disease may be linked to an unpredictable side effect caused by genetic engineering of plants and the government imposed inoculations the previous year. It spreads because the food supply is contaminated. Economic pressures cause the media and the government to stifle these warnings until it is too late.

The Devourer. Insects devastate crops. Terminator and traitor seeds fail, devastating the agriculture industry. In 2003 the United States was responsible for 66% of the world supply of genetically modified foods. 22% of the global food supply come from these products.
Joel 1:15-18, 12. Fears of global famine causes hoarding and panic.
2Blood in the seaSea Asteroid Tsunamis from the earthquakes, smaller asteroids and rising tide from the churning seas devastate islands and coastal regions. Red tide algae give the water a red color. Many fish die. Pedophiles and their vacation havens are drowned.
Catastrophe Undersea Geysers. Springs and bubbles of red water open up in the sea.
3Blood in the rivers and springsFresh Water Millions of gallons of buried nuclear and chemical waste contaminates the water. Floods destroy the remaining crops and contaminate the fresh water supplies. The bodies of dead animals and people spread disease through the water. Red algae bloom, chemical contaminants and minerals from the earth give the water a red color. The famine worsens.
The people of God start fleeing around the time of Passover because blame is focused on them.
Catastrophe Underground Geysers. Mysterious subterranean activities pollute the ground water. Red water bursts out of the ground as pockets of gas escape. Buried sulfur and carbon dioxide gas emit noxious fumes. Columns of smoke and ash suddenly erupt from new openings in the ground. Micro tremors plague the earth.
4Heat Sun Sun God removes the hydrogen from our Sun and it immediately starts to form a red giant and gives off heat.
The ozone layer is ripped apart. Global heat wave destroys crops. Drought and famine is exacerbated. Fruit trees and animal feed are gone. Joel 1:15-18, 12.
The extreme heat buckles roads, melts street lamps, plastic playgrounds and automobile tires and sparks fires outdoors in forests, playgrounds, roofs, decks and back yards. Hot sand burns half naked sun bathers. Trees shed their leaves removing any shade. The air stinks of burning asphalt and plastic. Sink holes open up swalling houses, people and cars. Underground tanks break open spilling sewer and fuel, contaminating precious underground water.

» Outsourcing the Persecution. Resources are rationed to those approved by the government and the church. Since the government has allowed the church to be in charge of many charitable and disaster relief efforts, it protects its own members. If you wear a rosary with an image of Mary it tacitly signals your religion. Charges of discrimination are declared unfounded. The armies and security forces of private contractors roam the streets and commit mayhem without impunity.
Massive solar flares destroys satellites and energy grids causing power outages and loss of communications. Spy satellites can no longer find people hiding in mountains, caves and wilderness areas.

Money Economic. Government agencies, agriculture, communications, energy, banking and insurance industries fail. Falling stock markets cause a panic worldwide as people lose confidence in technology, pharmaceutical and commodities stocks. A United States and a worldwide economic collapse is inevitable (Revelation 18).
Catastrophe Persecution intensifies and the powers of heaven are shaken. The earth begins to wobble violently, causing the stars to rapidly change location to the observer on earth.
5Darkness Government Satan Spiritual Darkness. The false Christ appears.
Physical Systems Darkness. Widespread power failures due to the effect of the solar flares on the energy grids. An unnatural eclipse occurs.
Celestial Darkness. Within minutes, the sun becomes a black dwarf in preparation for the millennium. An order is made to kill the people of God. They are blamed for the problems. Revelation 17: 14
Catastrophe Polar Shift Darkness. An alternate cause of the celestial darkness. The earth falls down 90º (Isaiah 24: 20) and constant darkness covers the northern hemisphere because of the new orbit. Dust obscures the sun over the entire earth, leaving a faint glow of light in the south.
Solar Energy. Even those with solar electricity will lose power.
Returning to their Christian roots, Europe gives support for two weeks. Revelation 17: 12
6Loss of support Military War Two weeks later the European partners break the alliance and attack the United States and Rome.
Geologists report disturbing news about the disappearing oil supply. It is gone.
Money Total global economic collapse. Revelation 18. Gas prices fall.
Heaven begins the journey to earth.
Catastrophe Streams Dry Up. The flow of rivers and streams are interrupted. The shortage of water is an international crisis. Gold cannot buy food or water. The "haves" are those with food or water. The "have nots" are those without. Trading for these resources is useless. Every man and woman fights for their life, even turning against their own little children. The Darwinian law of "survival of the fittest" takes a hold of the wicked
Wavering in confusion, Europe withdraws support. Revelation 17: 16
7 Disaster from the air
Heaven Catastrophe No Atmosphere. The ozone layer is ripped off the earth.
Rapture The Second Coming. The approaching meteors destroy the earth.
Gospel Earthquake. A massive earthquake occurs in Washington D.C. and Rome. (Revelation 16: 18). It splits the earth. (Isaiah 24: 19-23)
Carnivorous Birds. The population increased drastically during the year. They eat the bodies of humans.
Catastrophe An alternate cause for the destructive forces is explored in science in religion
Months are approximate and reflect the fact that the plagues occur in one year, should end around the time of the feast of tabernacles, and on the pattern that they are now displaying.

Surprise at the Second Coming.
One mystery is not answered by the scenario above. How could people be surprised by the Second Coming as Matthew says? The answer may be found in the events of the Egyptian plagues and in what might have occurred during the fifth plague.
The Egyptians simply refused to believe that there was a God more powerful than theirs. This attitude persisted despite the fact that Moses announced the punishment before they happened, and the punishments stopped when Moses prayed. Atheists, scientists and agnostics might refuse to believe that science cannot solve their problems. They will refuse to believe that God exists.

The false Christ who appears in the fifth plague might persuade many that he will protect them.
So, the righteous will not be surprised, but the wicked will.

The Total Failure of Government, Science and Industry
The misfortunes of the United States are repeated in every country. A series of Executive Orders are implemented to manage the state of emergency, but the script does not go according to their plans.

  • Government.
    "Alas for the day! for the day of the Lord is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come. . . . The seed is rotten under their clods, the garners are laid desolate, the barns are broken down, for the corn is withered. How do the beasts groan! The herds of cattle are perplexed, because they have no pasture; yes, the flocks of sheep are made desolate. (Joel 1: 15-18)

    The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languishes; the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, even all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men." (Joel 1: 12)
    • Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Efforts to avoid a panic and to protect economic interests lead to the fast spreading of the contagious disease. The lack of the disease among the church of God eventually leads to accusations that they are the source of this bioterrorism.
    • Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Despite the circumstantial evidence, people are assured to continue buying and eating from a food supply that they have not totally eliminated as the source of the disease.
    • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Optimistic reports and poor management of the food supply lead to a spread of the mysterious disease that is traced to the food supply.
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). God promises to destroy those who destroy the earth. The EPA has ignored all evidence of the toxic effects of business waste on the people and the environment in favor of business interests. Now the leaking toxic waste contaminates the water supply. The ozone layer is gone and the pollutants in the air poison the earth.
    • United States Geological Survey (USGS). Sensors go wild as the earth suffers from a series of massive earthquakes. Scientists no longer disparage God by claiming that the mountains were formed by earthquakes not by the global flood. While all their predictions fails, the warnings of ordinary prophets of God are reliable.
    • National Weather Service. They have a new mission. They team up with NASA to report on atmospheric weather events and approaching meteor impacts.
    • Federal Reserve and the National Debt . The overwhelming medical and environmental disaster causes many companies to default on loans. Unemployment and disability claims skyrocket. A sudden drop in the collection of tax reserves leaves the government so much in debt for the foreseeable future that they discontinue services and default on foreign loans.
      A loaf of bread costs $1000. Bread not made from genetically engineered grain costs $5000. Record inflation causes the production of money to cease and all citizens are forced to participate in a national credit system. Money in the form of cash is worthless.
    • Military. They can only be mobilized to deal with civil unrest because the approaching problem is beyond their capability. They may also be preparing for war with Europe.
      Executive Order 13010 goes in effect. The presidency is turned over to the military. Too many law makers in congress finally see the light and begin acting like Christians.
    • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Hope in the technological ability of this agency quickly dies as the world recognizes that we have no technical solution for the impending impact. The public had hoped that the new interest in outerspace and the increase in budget in 2004 to explore Mars might have created some useful technology. The $15 billion budget has produced remote controlled toys that dig up dirt to try to prove evolution and to glorify the brilliance of men. It cannot fight a simple rock sent by the Creator God.
      Fear of the Heavens
      There shall be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the seas and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21: 26.)
    • Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA). Executive Order 11051 goes in effect. It allows FEMA to implement all executive orders required to seize all assets and systems and use them for the federal government.
      This department is overwhelmed and turns to religious charities to oversee some of its projects under the Faith Based Initiative. Rationing based on religious affiliation eventually ensues as churches with more government influence take the whole pie.

      Hurricane Katrina. I wrote everything in this section on the total failure of government almost two years before Hurricane Katrina. The shocking display of what occurred as the government collapsed is a warning to us that what I am saying is possible. One other inevitable result of this is that when the next disaster occurs the victims will remember this and disintegrate into a "every man for himself" attitude. Anarchy will result. I guarantee that the sale of guns will increase as ordinary families wonder what they can do to prepare for such an event. I say to Christians, leave the guns in the shops, improve your camping skills, buy a bicycle, plant an organic garden or buy organic seeds and depend on God.
    • State Government. People congregate at shelters to get food, government identification, medical attention and information as the infrastructure fails.
    • Department of Homeland Security (DHS). They use their database to track citizens and to implement the religious policy of the church and the government. They use their identification system along with the rationing stations set up by FEMA to limit buying and selling on an individual basis.
    • Citizen Corp. People organize themselves to carry out the orders of the government. Vigilante groups try to execute justice for God. Common citizens are asked to make sure that their neighbors comply with the new "Unity for Safety of All" religious laws.
      Executive Order 11000 and 11002 goes in effect. All citizens have to register at the post office and the government seizes the workforce. The persecuted saints are immediately enslaved because they are the healthiest group in the population.
    • Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC). The underfunded department cannot guarantee the private pension plans dumped into their laps. In the 1980's companies obtained a change in the law that allowed them to raid the lucrative pension funds and gambled away the future of their workers as they treated these funds as company assets.
    • The Social Security Administration (SSA). The Social Security Administration, Medicare and Medicaid cannot manage their obligations as a record number of children become wards of the state and the poor become ill.
    • The Doomsday Plan. (April 22, 2004). This plan fails because there are no citizens left to vote for a replacement for the over 100 congressmen killed in the Second Coming.
  • Industry.
    • Sports. For the first time in their history, the World Series and the Super bowl are cancelled because too many athletes have the strange new disease.
      Judgment of the Lesser gods
      While the Egyptians were burying all their firstborn whom the Lord had struck down among them. The Lord had also executed judgments on their gods. (Numbers 33: 4 )
    • Entertainment. Production comes to a screeching halt as all those beautiful faces and bodies are covered in sores. Radio becomes more important than television. Air America, it is your time to shine! Stop making fun of religion because the public examples of Christianity are a fraud.
    • Healthcare. Executive Order 11001 goes in effect. The resources are strained to the limit as the spread of the disease is beyond their ability to manage.
    • Pharmaceutical. They are unable to experiment with worthless drugs because allergic reactions cause lethal side effects. The skin boils and peels off. There are no cures for viruses. The industry that can profit the most from this epidemic quickly learns that the medicines it uses to relieve symptoms are lethal.
      » Antibiotic Apocalypse. Common diseases are resistant to drugs and we have no more cures. Greed made the companies stop research and over prescribe oversell medicines for people and animals. The gain in sales for bigger and fatter fish, cows and chickens now seems foolish. Science solving the problem of more resistant bacteria with more potent antiseptics is a disaster. Antiseptic kleenex now seems frivolous.
    • Real Estate. Housing prices plummet as the infrastructure, job markets, insurance and banking industries fail. Palatial mansions in the Hollywood hills and overpriced New York real estate are destroyed by earthquakes, flood and fires. Executive Order 10995 goes in effect to force relocation of the population.
    • Energy and Transportation. Executive Order 11003, 11005, 10997 and 10999 go in effect. The government seizes all utility, energy and transportation systems. Extreme temperatures in previous years have increased the demand for fuel. Now, oil and gas are rationed as the world reserves are depleted. Cracks in the foundation of the earth during the earthquakes cause oil reserves to drain lower into the earth's core. The earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico drains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, leaving the country with no options. All travel is banned except for emergency vehicles and some public transportation. The airline industry is gone.
    • Agriculture. Executive Order 10998 goes in effect. The federal government seizes all farms and food supplies because famine is inevitable.
      Big agricultural industries cannot produce basic crops because of unexpected side effects of genetically engineered foods. Traitor and terminator seed technology render their own seed reserves sterile. A previously unknown side effect limits the number of generations of these seeds.
      Famine causes rationing of food reserves and riots. The systems developed under the "Trusted Traveler Program" and the "TIA" database are used to implement the distribution. The supermarkets are already prepared to implement the restrictions under their existing food stamp payment programs.
    • Defense and Space Technology. They will discover that they can only make pea shooters to aim at the moon. The structure of the incoming asteroid is pure iron and it will not shatter into small pieces that will evaporate harmlessly. (Revelation 19: 15).
    • Media and Communications. Executive Order 10995 goes in effect. All communications media are seized by the federal government. They can only function as the mouth piece of the government. Spewing lies to limit panic. Familiar faces no longer read the news as scores become the first victims of the mysterious plague because they abandoned their duty for economic reasons. But no one can stop the drop in consumer confidence, especially not these new faces. The public has become increasingly skeptical of experts and their advice over the last several months. The common tendency is to ignore their advice and do the opposite. In many cases this leads to disastrous consequences.
      » Communications Apocalypse. The migration from reliable landline technology to wireless causes communications failures early. Disasters quickly wipe out cell towers. Lack of electricity knocks out capabilities to recharge phones. Only the old phones with old landlines will work. When solar flares knock out electrical equipment even the service providers are unable to cope with the escalating nightmare. Emergency response equipment and military systems also fail.
      Global Economic Collapse
      "And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more.
      ... for in one hour such great wealth has been laid waste!
      (Revelation 18: 11, 17)
    • Stock and Bond Market. Less than a year ago the stock market was posting record profits as companies increased profits by exporting more jobs and consolidating. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Dissatisfaction caused many to reevaluate their life and turn to the prophecies to make sense of what is happening in the physical and economic environment. The bond market fails as confidence in the United States dollar is undermined. The country cannot pay its debts.
      The commodities market stumbles as grain, and meat orders cease.
      Since many of the healthy are vegetarian, rumors that the virus is caused by a reaction between antibiotics in the meat supply, genetically engineered grain and the prions or a new virus causes consumption to decrease.
      Pensions and life savings are wiped out.
      The Social Security system cannot make disability payments because their funds had been raided by the government for many years. There is no money. There is a system of using current labor to pay debt for funds that have been robbed. There is now no current labor pool.
      Loss of confidence in all sectors of industry wipes out the value of all stocks in an historic two week period.
    • Banking and Finance and Insurance. The insurance industry fails because of the unprecedented amount of medical and disaster claims. Banking fails as foreign loans default and business and the stock market fails.
  • World Economy.
    • Money Supply. Money production ceases as inflation devalues all currency. Governments implement an electronic payor system that rations food, services and work.
      All who invested in gold as a safe haven will find it useless in the famine.
    • Trade. Trade ceases as the United States is unable to buy foreign goods.
    • Overseas Employment. The United States businesses are unable to buy employment services abroad as the unemployed United States consumer is unable to buy high priced products produced cheaply abroad.
    • Labor. Executive order 1100 forces the church into slave labor because the rest of the population is too sick. The government has a dilemma. We are the most healthy population and the workforce is depleted. However, they want to punish us. The possibility of forced Sabbath labor seems to make them happy.
    • United States National Debt. Income tax revenues shrink rapidly as the majority of the population is on sick leave because of the plague. Social services resources and disability reserves are wiped out. State property tax revenues are not collected as property values collapse and owners default. Countries who own part of our debt suffer as the bond market collapses.
      The bond market fails and the United States defaults on its loans. Deficit spending matters.

In the end, the only industries that survive are the garbage collectors and the undertakers and their clients cannot pay. Bodies are left uncollected in many areas and government incinerators and land fills work day and night for a while. Movie stars and the indigent end up together on the garbage heap. Money, status and special treatment are meaningless when there are no services. Money is meaningless when there is no food or water.
There is no more MTV. Thank God!

Trash collectors finally get some respect.

Long after I organized the information above, I found a list of executive orders. They fit perfectly. Once again I marvel at the way God appears to be directing my research and organizing my information.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. Luke 10:27; Deuteronomy 30:6 Time: 150 minutes
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