Exodus (Shemot)
The First Generation Escapes Slavery

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In the lesson on Abraham, we show how the life of individuals follow the laws of the Plan of Salvation. In this series of lessons on the Torah, we show how the experience of the Hebrews models the Plan of Salvation.
In the previous lesson, God finds a people for Himself whom He intends to be priests to the nations. In this lesson, He takes these people out of slavery to the Promised Land.
For this reason, the entire lesson is Messianic, because Jesus began an exodus that took the world out of slavery to sin into the Promised Land.

Exodus A Nation of Slaves: The Deliverer Leads The Great Escape
We are a nation of leper priests captured into slavery, and we are being rescued by the High Priest. In the great escape, the forces of evil will not give up very easily, neither will the children of God cooperate.

Passover (Chapter 12).
This first Passover is a prophecy of the final Passover.
GlobalWine 1 Kadeish Urchatz (Wash) Karpas (Salt Water) Yachatz GlobalWine 2 Maggid (Telling The Story)
Lamb Slain Foot Washing Bitter Tears Broken Lifting Up Jesus Until He Returns
Global Nisan 10...Nisan 14 Nisan 14 Nisan 15 16 21 23 -
- - Monday Sukka Thursday Night Friday Night - Morning Sun Friday Twilight Sabbath Resurrection  

Last Supper Gethsemane Wine 1Trial DarknessWine 23 Hrs Wine 3 Grave Wine
A Mini Version Of The Events Broken Bread
Bitter Herbs
Cross Chewed Blood Water 4 Dead -
Foot WashingPores Open Beaten Firstborn SpitNo water Swallowed
SelectedThe Lord's Passover Eating The Seder "That Night" Real Seder
Lamb Goat Wavesheaf Lamb Lamb Remove Leaven (Sin) No Sin Feast Of Unleavened Bread
Day of Atonement And Feast of Tabernacles
Slaves ExodusPursued by Satan The Sea PartsDry LandIn The SeaVictory!
Lust For MeatGathered Quail "That Day" "That Night" Next Day Plague1 Month
Global The Legal Terms From
The Foundation Of The Earth
Blood Sacrifice Burnt Offering Survives The Fiery Trials Eat Often
Day Follows Night Sun Night Covenant Broken New Priests - Nation
GlobalWine Seder From The "Foundation Of The World" Wine Israel's Final National Seder

Exodus The Fugitives: The Slave Mentality
The next set of events are a series of wonderful actions by God to introduce Himself to His people. He brought food and water by a miracle and introduced them to the Sabbath of rest. Then He came personally with a covenant.
However, the story is tainted by the response of the people. They reacted with fear and ingratitude and wanted to return to their slavery. They were rebelling on the same basis by which their parents fell. The season of miracles did not impress them. They were still slaves to the lusts of their flesh and the lusts of their eyes. They wanted food and they wanted it now!

Crucifixion The Everlasting Covenant (Chapter 20).

Laws The Authors of The Plan of Salvation
Now we can finally address a very important concept. How will God help us to approach Him while we were slaves of Satan, in enmity with God and distrusting and fearful of God? It was all written in the Plan of Salvation, a document that was forged with Adam and Eve and we ratified it on Mount Sinai, by acting like our ancestors.

So God became one of us in the form of Jesus Christ so that He could be our intercessor. He came with His hands stretched out on a tree in the form of the cross so that we could hide behind Him. He paid the ransom required by Satan and satisfied the obligations of punishment under the law.
All of these actions and so much more is our gift from God. He took our shame and gave us life. He has always had His hands stretched out in invitation to us to come to Him.

Exodus The Beloved Lord and Master
Since we will not approach God and since we ran away from God when He approached us in His glorious form, the rescue plan needed another approach. So the Plan of Salvation involves the beloved Master putting on the disguise of a Son of man and a slave and coming to the earth. We will not run away if He looks like us.
These laws govern how we should treat Christ while He is one of us and our rights under the slave kingdom run by Satan.

Exodus Building The Free Nation of Israel
The church or the nation of Israel is supposed to be a nation of priests. The garments of the priest are their righteous covering given by Jesus Christ. The sanctuary is a symbol of the nation of priests who are a living temple, the final temple. This sequence of events is a prophecy about building the spiritual nation of Israel until the Second Coming.

So the Plan of salvation, took a nation and made them priests to the world. Then He takes the world and makes them priests to the universe. Since no other nation or planet or creature knows from experience the depth of the love of God, His mercy and character as we do, we deserve to be a planet of priests to the universe, representing the evidence of the merciful character of God.

Arks Of The Covenant
ArkMessengerSignLawBoxDark CoverWaterFireMountain
Seed Adam-Eve Son Promised Savior Eve's WombAnimal Skin BloodSwords Eden
Boat Noah RainbowRighteous Law Boat Black Pitch FloodSacrifice Ararat
Seed Abraham StarsRighteous Faith NightTerror /Dark EuphratesOven/Torch Heaven
Basket Moses Miracles Deliverer BasketBlack Pitch NileBush Sinai
Nation Israel Circumcision
On Stone
ArkPillar Clouds Red Sea
Pillar Sinai
House Moses SanctuaryPorpoise Shekinah
Room Moses Most HolyDark Room
Ark Moses Gold ChestMost Holy
Cube Israelite Hand TefillinShema ScrollsHead Tefillin Black Paint MikvahSpirit Forehead
Brain Human Mind Righteous
Pituitary Sella Turcica Skull CleanseSpirit Frontal Lobe
Body Jesus Law In
Mind and Heart
Human BodyDarkness SpitCross Golgotha
Brain Holy Spirit Human MindWorld of Sin BaptismTrials Zion
City New
Israel Perfect PeopleCity has
Cube Shape
Wicked Surround CityGod Zion
Throughout our history the covenant of life has been delivered in a vessel by an appointed messenger.

RighteousnessIsrael's InheritanceProtection And ShieldInternalized Repair
Believe GodObey GodDry LandWifeChildrenMessengerCovenantWaterFireMountain
FaithLawZionMarriageAdoptionDark Cover (Sin)Written In FleshDNA (Body)Mind (Box)
Selection - ConsecrationLegal ProcessJustificationSanctificationGlorification

Repetition And Enlargement - The Sanctuary Construction
Contribution 125: 1-9 2 35: 4-29 239: 33-42 2 1: 111; 6:9; 12:11Offering
Ark225:10-225 37:1-9 6 40: 3103:15;9:9-1413 11:9Mercy covenant
Table325:23-306 37:10-16 740: 44 1: 11-125 7:16; 21:6Body and blood
Menorah4 25:31-407 37:17-24 8 40: 45 1: 14-1841-3; 4:5Bible
Tabernacle5 26:1-374 36:8-38 540: 23 1: 6-814 15:5Church
Altar of Sacrifice627:1-811 38:1-7 1040: 615 3: 21 7 5:6Jesus
Court Fence7 27:9-1913 38:9-20 1240: 817 3: 2412 11:2Church
Eternal Flame Oil8 27:20-2116Num 8:1-4 8 40: 4, 2518 3: 243 1:14; 5:6Holy Spirit
Priest Garments928:1-4314 39:1-31 1540: 13-1416 3: 7,219 7:13-15Righteous
Ordination Ritual10 29:1-4615Lev 8:1-9:24 1440: 10-1513 2: 20-2487Selected/Sealed
Altar of Incense11 30:1-108 37:25-28 940: 511 3: 810 8:3-5Prayer
Laver1230:17-2112 38:8 1140: 79 2: 6, 102 1:5; 7:14Blood
Holy Spirit
Anointing Oil13 30:22-339 37:29 1340: 9-116 1: 26,286 3:18
Incense1430:34-3810 37:29 9 40: 5 12 3: 811 8:3-5
Craftspeople15 31:1-113 35:30-36:7 139: 11 1: 1-2,2715 14; 18:1-3Gifted church
The Sabbath1631:12-171 35:1-3 4 40: 27 2: 1-216 20Rest from sin
Blessing-32: 29 -- 3 39: 438 2: 317 21-22Eternal Life
Curse For the removal of the curse 14 3: 14-1918 22: 3 (No curse) - No death
The instructions end with the Sabbath and the construction begins with the Sabbath. The dedication is on the new moon (Nisan 1). We do not know if this is a Sabbath but new moons and Sabbath days are the time to come to worship God

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law. (Deuteronomy 29: 29) Time: 150 minutes
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