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War in Iraq
Asian disaster New Pope New Orleans Iraqi Civil War
April 10, 2008. Today many dreams merged and began to come through 90%
January 10, 2009. Between December 21 and January 10 other dreams merged and fulfilled
21 April 2010. Oil supplies vanish and Gulf states oil spill
February 2, 2011. The remainder of the merged dreams are fulfilling
March 2011. Japan's Nuclear Crisis March 2011. Japan's Youth In Danger
March 2012. Mexican Earthquake  
Not Fulfilled Gulf States Disaster St. Louis Tampa
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Thailand   Monaco or French Riviera. Tyre
Taj Mahal? Chicago Asteroid Threat Trouble from Outer Space -
Last Dream or Vision
(11 Jan, 2009)
2011. Green Fields 10/17. Clean Right Ear 6/26. Embassy Row 3/17. Seeds (1/11). 2010. Mount Zion. 2009. Bus Stop (9/30).
2008. Rebuild Israel (8/11). My Home (7/20). Spiritual Gifts (7/17). Springs of Water (5/16). Back to School (8/18). Camp meeting (2/21). The Gift. Mexican earthquake (1/7). A Son. Children's Rapture (6/23). Dragon Slayer (5/20)
I am still here, still penniless and still waiting for God. "Here is the patience of the saints".
The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He will make them know His covenant. My eyes are continually toward the Lord, for He will pluck my feet out of the net. Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, for I wait for You. Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles. (Psalm 25: 14-15, 21-22)

Tribes Status: (Joseph - My Reproach Is Being Removed as of 7 May 2011)... May 10, 2017
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Who at any time serves as a soldier at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat the fruit of it? Or who tends a flock and does not use the milk of the flock? (1 Corinthians 9: 7)

My Real Life Death! AND Attacked By A Pitbull
The 3 Years
When I west into a coma from Mar 11 to June 30, 2014. I was healthy. It was 3 years after the Time of the end.
It from (Nov 2016 - May 10, 2017) realized that God has orchestrated all of this, on April 25, 2017. I got it!
11 May 2015, Mother's day, was the last day I remember going to bed. I never woke up!
Between that night until the morning of May 15 I was at home walking but in bed and "not under the weather". I was healthy!
I was admitted at around 10:00 AM on 15 May 2014. My sister tried to help me to the bathroom, realized that I burnng up and when she looked in my eyes they were yellow. My liver and kidney wer failing rapidly. The hospital was 15 minutes away. By the time I reached I was unable to move and unconscious soon after.
I was diagnosed overnight with Legionnaires pneumonia. Nothing worked and I was swelling up like the "Michelin tire man". I was sent to hospice to die 2 weeks later, was kept on the life support in hospice for two more days because. I Was finally disconnected from life support Friday evening. For the next two days they kept asking if she had made the funeral arrangements. My sister pleaded while the hospital waited for the funeral arrangements. The next morning (Sunday June 1) they found evidence that my kidneys were working. I wet my bed. It was not supposed to happen.
My sister was notificed of this unusual sign by an observant nurse. So my sister pleaded for more time and they would not, Insisting that this "sign" meant nothing. 5 minutes, 1 hour or 2 more days I was going to die. What are the funeral arrangements?
With the help of a nurse, my sister kidnapped me. They took my bed and wheeled it out of hospice into the Emergency department. Because of this my bill shows two admissions to the emergency room.
There was no room in the hospital so they kept me in a corridor for one day while they ran more tests. 11 or 12 doctors had reviewed my case and said that there was no hope, no more treatment and send me to the house of death - Hospice.

I woke up on June 2 with a lot of my memory gone and completely paralyzed. I could my head left to right slightly. I could only move the last joint on my finger tips and toe tips. But I felt all the pain but could not move.
I have never recovered the memories of those two weeks since Mother's day.
I knew who I was. I did not have time to think about what I was doing but I was locked into trying to figure out where I was. This was not a dream or a vision or reality. It was a foggy confusion. My room mate had her TV on and the news did not make sense. What was ISIS? How could the fall apart in 3 week?
The news was full of firey explosions in the middle east and I wondered how long I had been in a coma because the world was vastly different. I tried to see my hands to see how wrinkled it was to try to estimate how long I had been here. I ruled out the notion that I was dead and rising from the dead and somehow confined. Because this was not the Second Coming. But this looked like a hospital. By I could not understand why I was being restrained. My whole body, and hands were covered by the blanket and sheets.
That day I recognized my sister. The first thing I said to her was "Where am I?" The second thing I asked was "Who is paying for this?" The third thing I asked was "How long have I been here". Then I asked "Why can't I move"?
She turned around, said "wait a minute", pretended to shuffle things on the hospital food trolley and went outside.
They did not know that I was paralyzed and for the next two weeks I never got my question answered and was never told what drugs I was on. As of 12 June 2016 I still do not know whaich drugs they tried on me. I cannot afford to get my medical records. Around 2 weeks later the head of the rehab department said that they thing I have "polyneuropathy"
I started searching through my memory from the moment I woke up. I remembered who I was. I did not recognize the woman who was living with us for the last 2 years. With prompting by my sister i remembered her name and her husband and daughter I started remembering other people.
I confused Bible verses, but knew that I was mixing them up but did not know how to unmix them. With every failed memory all I needed was either a brief explanation of who they were or with just a reading of the words of the Bible. However, I forgot the software that I was using to make the Bible Science movies but I NEVER forgot ANY of my Bible Science. I did not eat any food or water since i have been in the hostital and probably the 3 days at home. I ate frozen lemon ice for about the last 2 days in Special Care unit.
I went to rehab in the middle of June (13?) and almost lost my life the first night because of a DVT (blood clot) in my right leg. After 2 weeks in rehab (1 week of bed rest and 1 week of therapy) I could walk 50 feet with a walker and was discharged (kicked out) on June 30 with a wheel chair and a prognosis of independence with additional physical therapy in six months.
On my own (with God) I taught myself to walk by first teaching my brain how to recognize my lower body (a thing that the therapists claim they cannot do). I thought of a new exercise to train my brain. It worked in a week. I was walking unaided in two weeks on July 11.
Bible Science helped me to understand how my brain was designed. Faith in God helped me to see that if God wanted me to finish this task that I would walk again. So when I woke up totally paralyzed and nobody was giving me an explanation why I knew not only that I WOULD walk but that I MUST. I could only move my head slightly from side to side and the last joints of my fingers and toes. They were all surprised that I was still alive and I now guess they were working on a theory that I was brain damaged. Treated like Zero. I was accustomed to it. So I started wiggling my fingers that I needed to type and wiggling my toes that I needed to walk and spread this Word. In a week I could bend my second joint and push a cup. The rest is history and the miraculous intervention of YHWH.

Besides the 14 year history of God teaching me Messianic prophecies and then this Bible science in 2008 and homelessness since October 2006 because I had to use all my time and resources, you now know all you need to know that is relevant. I have no husband, no children, no money, no home no retirement, no job, no prospect of a job because people think I must be nuts. All mu belongings fits in 4 suitcases the biggest two are filled with Bible science teaching materials, One is for clothes the other is for my books and computers and food for my journey to my new homeless residence with strangers who will help me while I finish this project.
I have 4 college degrees. Originally a chemistry major, in the last month before graduation I decided on a BS in Biochemistry (1982). BS computer information science (1993). MS Management Information Systems (1996) and MS Telecommunications Management (1998). Physics was my worst class ever in college. When I graduated, the smallest atomic particle was the electron, proton and neutron. There were hints that there may be smaller ones. I swore NEVER to even spell the word physics again. Chemistry was my love. When I was learning Bible Science, I called what I now believe is Plasma "Virtual elements". When I graduated from college there were 3 states of matter, not 4. So it is with great amusement that I find myself in this wonderful predicament of learning particle physics by using the Bible to drive my search with God as my Teacher who said among other things "empty spaces mean something". Thank God I remembered the "right hand rule" and this weird thing called inertia and searched for meaning in "empty spaces" Like Zero, they have tremendous meaning All of my education have served me well in tackling all the links I need to understand the full complexity of the Bible science. My sister bought me a new computer in 2011. I learned animation software with a $100 Christmas gift at the end of 2013. Another friend bought me a new computer in January 2015 to manage the load that the Bible science project requires. With birthday gifts and gifts to buy software since August 2014 I have been able to fund this project. My sister feeds and shelters her "mentally ill" sister. I am still homeless and penniless, creating with nothing but the teaching of God and the kindness of my sister, 3 faithful friends and a few strangers who have found my work and embraced it as the fruit of a sound mind. Soon I will be heard

On 28 January 2015 while waking my sister's dog Teddy. a bijon Fise, we had just left or driveway and a pitbull across the street burst through the locked gate and attacked us. I fell on the ground and shielded Teddy with my body and fought for him. I thought the chain on the gate was locked because I looked a it and it was double chained. But the reckless owner said that he had just wrapped the chains around it so people would think it was locked but it was not padlocked. SO the pitbull merely had to push at the gate once and escaped like butter. The brown dog came out but the black dog stayed behind barking. I was lying on the street, the pitbull diving between my thighs to bite the dogs head while his butt was in my face. Once he turned around less than a hand breath from my face, angry that I had disrupted his attack.
I was screaming and no one dared to come out and help us. I thought someone else was also screaming until I realized that it was me. The traffic on both sides of the street had stopped. The schoolbus driver had called the police but they did not want to get in the middle of a pitbull fight. I had my hand under his jaw, pulling his neck and at one point I though that I am probably going to lose some fingers but I could not let him kill my dog.
Finally, one drive pulled his car next to my head making a lot of noice and the pit but was still trying to bite the dog, The driver had a strap got out of car but stayed behind the car door and held up the strap. The dog saw this and ran awsy. I took my bleeding dog and ran in doors.
Teddy had about 18 stitches, but he did not grab hold on Teddy. The dog owner promised to pay and has not. His dog was killed by animal control

Judging A Message
How do you tell whether or not a message is from God? Do you judge the message or the messenger?
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (1 John 4: 1)
I also had to judge what was happening to me and in doing that I saw even more clearly what and how far reaching the biblical tests are.

Everything is About Jesus. In summary, it is my experience that the Holy Spirit has been teaching me because after seven years nothing magnifies Satan. Everything magnifies Christ. The spirit of prophecy not only reveals the future to me, the vast majority of the time He reveals Jesus in the past to me by explaining the prophecies about Jesus. So the concept of "spirit of Prophecy", "magnifying the law and prophets" and "Glorifying Jesus" is also demonstrated in that Spirit revealing the past prophecies about Jesus, most of which are contained in the laws.

Judging the Messenger
Although God says that we should have standards on selecting our leaders, He has set no additional standards for judging messengers except for judging the message. It is a sin to ignore them until you have examined what they say about Jesus and the law. In fact, because of the bizarre things He asks his messengers to do, you cannot judge them on normal standards of what is appropriate. You cannot judge them on what they say about others. Only on what they say about Jesus and the law.
It is a priviledge that God should shower me with such great honor and that He would bet the farm that I will not abandon Him no matter what He allows to happen to me and no matter how many times He disappoints me personally. I am blessed.
A Warning. Messengers only appear when something major is about to occur.

For the Jews seek a sign and the Greeks seek wisdom ... (1 Corinthians 1: 22)
The signs that I bring are those that point to Jesus through the wisdom and genius of the law.

I started this website in 2001. Then I started having dreams in January 2003.
I have never had dreams before. People always said that everyone has dreams and I just did not remember mine. Well, I have never had any dreams that I did not remember.
My mind has always been a blank. I attributed it to my sleep disorder.
I used to think that when I had so much responsibility that it caused my hair to start falling out in clumps that maybe I would finally have a dream out of "the multitude of business". But nothing happened. At one stage I deliberately ate late at night thinking that it should give me nightmares. But nothing happened for 46 years. When I complained to my grandmother that I do not have dreams, she said, "Then you will see visions".

Now I am having dreams in vivid color and they are about the Second Coming and natural disasters.

Now that the English version of the website is complete, I have finally received two dreams - about the second coming. I also received a vision as a eight or nine year old that I had ignored for the past 36 years because I thought that it was a one time abberation that was peculiar to children.

The Prophecy
It will come about after this that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.
Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.
(Joel 2: 28-29)

For purposes of this document I am defining a vision as an event that happens when I am awake and a dream as one that occurs when I am asleep. This document is also not written in chronological order.

Since I have written this first section I have also had many more dreams and visions and another type of waking vision that has the images internal (in my mind) instead of external.
So far, as of 2005, the pattern has been that the visions are about destruction in the world and the wars of Babylon the Great and the dreams have been about God's efforts for the church. In 2005, God also allowed me to learn the meaning of two sealed prophecies. He walked me through the first and He told me to finish the second in a dream. Apparently, He had taught me everything I needed to know.

Fulfilled Vision 1: The Deck of Cards (1966)
I was about eight years old. It was around 1966. I was not a church goer but I did go to Sunday School whenever someone was giving classes at the local community center. Of course they did not study bible prophecy but I used to read the bible on my own after that, and I remember reading Revelation. I was not frightened. In fact, I thought that I understood Revelation 12: 1-6. I did not know that Daniel existed.

It was a Saturday afternoon when I saw this vision. The sky was a clear blue and I was sitting on the vernadah (porch) watching the clouds. I no longer remember the details or why I interpreted it the way I did, but something about what I saw made me believe that I was watching a war. A war at the end of time. I do not know if I thought this because of conversations in the beginning or because of horses and tanks in the sky. I also saw what looked like giant metal bugs. Even then I knew they were vehicles but the top was shaped like a bug. But since I am older I have identified them as tanks. The horses and tanks were engaged in battle and moving across the sky in a cloud of dust from left to right (west to east). Since I cannot remember what was said or what they were doing other than the fighting, I will not mention them anymore. But I did conclude that I was watching a war at the end of time.
But the images that stuck clearly in my mind were the cards that appeared in the next scene.

The clouds were churning in one direction on my right where the fighting was now occurring, and I saw a deck of cards stacked up on the left, tilted down to the earth. Then the cards were flying across the sky from left to right, one card at a time. Based on the orientation of our house and where I was sitting, the cards and the war scenes moved from west to east. The faces were tilted down so that I could see them from below. I distinctly remember seeing the face cards because of the colors, but I believe that other cards were there.
Since then, I have always labelled it as "a war at the end of the world with a deck of cards".
That is what I called it for 36 years. I also referred to it as "an ancient and modern war at the end of time" because the horses were fighting the tanks.
Many times during this period as I learned more I would think about this vision and wonder what had happened to me. I dismissed it because I could make no logical or symbolic connection with the deck of cards and a war.

On April 11, 2003 the Bush administration unveiled a deck of cards as a list of the most wanted terrorists. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been a combination of ancient and modern warfare. Horses and tanks were used.

I had already stopped working to finish this web site. So this experience did not prompt me to drop everything and do this web site, it certainly increased my confidence in the fact that perhaps God was leading me to do this. What overwhelms me is that He has been preparing me for at least 36 years. So it does not matter whether or not my friends believe me or support me. What I do know is that if I abandon what I am doing, I could not go to the judgment and tell God that I did not believe that this was His desire.

So I believed that the end of the world is associated with a war in which there is a deck of cards.
Even then, because I thought that playing cards was associated with drunks and sinners I wondered what was God doing with a deck of cards?
I used to think about this and laugh about the thought processes of children. But I did try to see if this was common in children but I could find no information. This was not an ordinary childhood dream or fantasy. It was like watching color television in three dimensions and I was physically there.
For 36 years I thought that this was a meaningless experience that had to do with childhood fantasy, until the second war in Iraq and the president distributed a deck of cards hit list on April 11, 2003. Saddam Hussein was the Ace of Spades. Even as the Afghanistan war was being fought and the reporters mentioned the odd nature of that war it triggered my memory. An ancient and modern war. Men on horseback and tanks. But I still did not connect the dots until the deck of cards.

Fortunately, I had paid attention to other clues and I started this web site based on those incidents. The weird deck of cards incidence only confirmed my experience.

Fulfilled Vision 2: The Mud People (~1966)
Although I catalogued this as a weird experience, I resisted calling this a vision, until two other weird day dreams from my early teens came back as dreams in August 2006. This was because in 2003 when I was forced to look at all my "weird" childhood experiences I looked at five incidences and I was able to rationalize away four of them, except for the deck of cards. A building from one of these experiences appeared in my third dream and after that I kept an open mind about these other experiences. I thought that the book, "Alice in Wonderland" was the source of this odd experience, even though I could not determine how I got a copy of the book before I was eleven years old. That is when I could go to the public library by myself on public transportation.

I had no dolls or toys to play with, so I decided that I would create a tiny village out of mud. So I went to the little garden we had in front of the house that was next to a pipe. The small plants would be my forest and I would put the mud people into this garden forest. I rolled up balls for heads and stuck them on rolled up cylinders for feet. After I created these things I was suddenly sucked into their world. It was more than just imaginary play. I was somehow in a forest with people who were dirty, "mud people" and I was also dirty. We we running and hiding in the forest because the king's men were after us and they wanted to kill us. I remember sitting at a rough table, I thought it was round and there was something sitting on the table. As we sat there we saw the king's men bending under the bushes and coming after us. I believe we escaped and somehow I was back in my own world. Although I knew that this could not possibly be real, the incidence was so real that the next day, and many days after I went out to that place in the garden looking for them. I wanted to play with them. Every trace of my previous creation was gone. Months later I would still go back to that spot, wondering how I could have made up something so real.

I thought that I initiated the process by creating the little mud people and that the vision actually started after I was "sucked into" their world. But I could not explain how everything disappeared the next day and I am forced to consider that the vision started much earlier when I created the people and the whole incidence was a vision.
This vision was fulfilled during the period of October 1, 2006 to November 10, 2006 after I became homeless and went to live in my tent. The "mud people" were the hikers, who are usually dirty. In August, after accepting the fact that this was also a vision I thought it had to do with the persecution in the future. I thought that it means that I would be alive when it happens. In fact, even though it was fulfilled in November, that incident could be just a sign that what I experience will be experienced by the church and that I will be alive when the final persecution comes. It is the same principle under which God made Jeremiah walk barefoot and naked for 3.5 years as a sign to Israel that their generation would be taken naked into captivity. This means that when we are persecuted we will have no time to prepare, or dispose of our possessions. We will be running without adequate food, clothes or shelter. I had no sleeping bag, my tent leaked on three sides, I had no proper shoes, my pants tore and exposed my behind, no coat and not enough food and winter was approaching. This is why we need to practise the rituals of the feast of Tabernacles. It teaches us how to build a shelter from the elements of nature while we are on an exodus under the care of God. This shelter is also designed to help us see the signs of the coming of God and to receive the latter rain.

I left later than planned and by the time I reached Harper's Ferry on Yom Kippur it was almost dark and I had to stay at a motel. On September 3, I started hiking across the Susquehana bridge to the stairs that led to the trail. Soon after starting across the bridge, the sole of my left shoe fell off. Just before I finished crossing the bridge, the sole of the right shoe fell off. This was not good. I was homeless. I had about $300 and I could not afford to buy hiking shoes. I was forced to continue the rest of the hike in slippers. I could also only walk about one to two miles per day because of my injured back. This was much less that the five miles that I had hoped for. (Normal people walk 12 to 20 miles per day). I was forced to camp in Harper's Ferry National Park. Camping there is illegal and I did not know that because I forgot to check my hiker's guide book. On the second day I was still hiking up a steep cliff that was in the park when I paused to rest. A day hiker saw me and asked if I was OK. I said yes, but I think that I may run out of water. He offered some and I took it. But I assured him that I was ok, I just had to rest my back. He reported me to the park rangers and two hours later, one came by and told me that camping was illegal. He wrote up a report and said that I had better not have another infraction. After he left, I thought that this was somehow familiar. I immediately thought of the vision and determined if I ever see him again and others I will definately consider that perhaps the vision is being fulfilled. But I determined to make sure that I did not cause any more problems.
About three weeks later I was at Key's Gap, about seven miles south. Since it was at a road crossing I wanted to phone home to make sure that my sister and friends knew that I was still alive, I was not on a suicidal trek and that God had not answered my prayers yet. I found no public phone and it took me almost a week to determine what to do. Everytime I went to the gas station near by I could not get up enough courage to ask someone if I could pay to use their cell phone. Around the fifth day I was visited by a neighbor who asked if I was OK. He brought his dogs. I said that I was fine and that I would be leaving in two days. The next day another man visited and asked if I was OK. It was then that I decided to ask if I was trespassing on private property. I was! I had carefully read my map, determined the distance and placed my tent "far away" from any possible private border. The owner allowed me to use his phone and I thought that we had cleared up the problem. But the next day as I was leaving, I sat on a rock near a fire ring. I placed my back pack on the ring. I was waiting for my tent and other gear to dry. I also prayed to God to give me a fair hearing in heaven. To consider my case. Give me the gifts to finish His work and give me some credentials to show my disbelieving friends and family. Then I could turn right towards the road and go home. Otherwise I would turn left and keep Hiking. I also gave heaven 15 minutes to answer me. After 15 minutes I said, "I forgot how precise you all are, I want an answer in 15 minutes of earth time!". About ten minutes later as I looked to my right I saw two park rangers ducking under the banches, coming after me. One was the park ranger that I previously met. The other was from the National Park Service! I wanted to laugh. I wanted to panic. But all that I could think about was what was so important about this journey and period in my life that God put it in a vision almost forty years ago? This vision was about me. All other visions and dreams are about destruction and the work for the church.
The rangers asked me about my plans. It was then that I decided that the righteous should not suffer more than forty days so I told them that I will be hiking south for another week then I will return and go home. But I wanted to stay in the park for forty days. At that point I also wondered if I had mistaken the round fire ring for a table, but I decided to look for a picnic table. That is not seen on the trail. However, when I reached the David Lesser shelter the next day, there was a picnic table!

One of the images I also had as a child was a two story grey stone building with a triangular "A-frame" roof and stairs in front leading to the second floor. I cannot remember which vision it was related to but I do remember that it was associated with persecution and that I could find food on the second floor. I always thought that it was a general store.
When I hiked to the Blackburn trail center the next week, I met the kindest atheist/new-ager person. He was a stone worker who was there to repair the walls. When I left the place he carried my backpack for me for 1.5 miles then waited until I caught up. On Sabbath he walked 8 miles to where I was to get water for me! He was concerned that I was not drinking enough and that the water source at the David Lesser shelter was so far and steep that I would be tempted not to get it. He saw that I had no shoes and found a pair lying around at the center and gave them to me. He also realized that I had no sleeping bag because He went outside his comfort zone to question me and notice what I was lacking. Except for three people, my church showed no such care. They distanced themselves from my suffering saying it was "my fault" and "I had put myself in that position".
The Blackburn building looked like a two story building from the front. The lower half was grey stone building. The front has stairs leading to the top. The only difference between it and my vision was an enclosed porch on three sides and the triangular profile of the roof was on the side not the front. I do not know if this is the building but it was close. And they gave hikers a free meal on the second floor.
Update: 16 February 2010. Today I realized that what he had done for me was similar to the assistance of Simon of Cyrene. The events also occurred in the exact sequence predicted by the prophecy about the afflictions of the righteous.

Fulfilled Dream 1: The Glass Roof (January 2004)
I never had another dream or vision until January 2004 in the week after the tenth. I did have two significant communications from God but never a dream or vision from 1966 to 2004. I also started having knowledge dumped into my head from about January 2000 which has continued.

I had tried to buy my four unit apartment building in January 2002 and I had been working on the website for a year while I still kept my job. So I had paid for lead paint and other construction inspections. Since I was under the impression that I had a deadline and I could not get anyone to give me even ten minutes of help, I had to make a decision to stop working, give up the dream of purchasing this house and work on the web site. Giving up this dream was a disappointment because I no longer had anyway of paying for a future retirement. I had been working on the web site for a year now and since I had no help, I used the down payment money to support myself while I stop working so that I could finish the web site. As a part of the purchasing process I had received an inspection report and it said that I would need a new roof. This information appeared in the dream.

I had this dream in early January 2004. In the dream my apartment building was being sold and at first I was a little sad because I had tried to buy the building two years before.
So in my dream I remembered that the building needed a new roof and I suddenly knew where I could find a roof. So I said that I would help the new owners by fixing the roof.
Suddenly I was in a field in the country and there was a triangular "A-Frame" roof lying in a field of grain near the building. It was a glass roof with rotting timbers. I got some white paint and putty and a broom and I started cleaning up this roof starting from the front to back (or left to right). I was repairing and painting the timber frame and removing cobwebs and dust. I kept asking for help but nobody would help me.

I remember constantly shouting for help and I was all alone.
"Come and help me". "Come and help me!" Nobody came. "Come and help me!" "Won't someone help me!"

As I painted and cleaned I noticed that the front of the roof started looking like the bow of a boat. As I looked down the length of the structure, my view was unobstructed and I noticed that the other end of the roof looked like the back of a boat. I wondered why I had not noticed that before. When it was lying in the field it was just a simple triangular "A" frame roof made from glass.

Finally, I had only a few minutes left and when I looked to my right to the back of the boat I saw all the work that remained to be done. I had barely made a dent and what I did was crude. But I did not give up. I put down the paint brush. I started picking up the paint and putty with my hands, desperately applying them with both of my hands. By that time, the roof had started taking on the shape of a boat with a roof. There was a distinct bow and stern that I could see through the glass.

Then time ran out and all of a sudden I was at a partition between the work I had done and another room. That partition had not been there before because I was always able to see the back. When I opened it, the structure beyond this point was totally finished in a strange looking wood that looked like marble. The fixtures had rounded edges and the material was light beige with spots of a darker beige. It looked like marble stone, but it was wood. I had the sensation or the knowledge that it was wood.

Then suddenly the glass roof boat was in a field of mountains and a sloping flat area that was all white like ice. The boat was launched with my imperfect parts in the front and the beautiful finished structure behind.
In front of it was an oriental girl riding a bicycle. I am not sure if she was towing the boat or riding in front of it. I was standing above as I saw it slide down the slope of ice.

I should continue building the website even though there are imperfections. God will finish it or is finishing it Himself.

Since the roof was glass it is also a Feast of Tabernacles imagery. Therefore, it was a dream about the Second Coming and the work that needed to be done to prepare for it. God will finish His own work.
It was obvious that the dream had two symbolisms of the Second Coming. First, the boat reminded me of Noah building the Ark and begging the world to escape destruction. Second, the transparent feast of tabernacles roof is a preparation for living with God. So the dream combines two great exodus symbols.

For my first dream in my entire life this was very comforting because I was distressed at having to do this website alone. Even though I am headed for homelessness in a few months, I was more concerned about the lack of interest in my friends and family.
And, with the exception of five people who edited a total of less than 200 pages two years ago and a Dutch woman who fixed the main page, no one had given me any help even when I needed only ten to fifteen minutes of their time.
This web site has thousands of pages.

Additional Comments
I was finally glad to experience my first dream. Even though I had come to terms with my predicament, I was happy that God would confirm my work with this dream. The thought of Joel 2 being fulfilled did not enter my mind. Even with the spectacular gift of knowledge that I was experiencing. Even then I was debating what that gift was. Was it wisdom or knowledge? I could not find anyone to listen to me or help me find out what was happening to me.
So I believed that the dream was personal affirmation that I needed. And that is what I thought that I had received. So, I did not record the date of this dream. I just knew that it was during the week after my birthday.
So I was not prepared to experience another dream.

Update (December 7, 2005). It is almost two years later, I was researching gem stones to update the children's science page and I found a stone called "palm wood". The wood in my dream looked exactly like this, with the honey color background. I had never seen anything like it before. I was frightened and elated at the same time and I quickly got off the Internet instead of researching further. I had previously thought that it was impossible to have wood look like this, so I thought that it must be some kind of heaven grown wood. So I researched it the next day because all that night I wanted to know if this gem stone was related to wood.
Palm wood is a gemstone made from petrified palm trees! My dream was correct. It looked like stone but it was wood. When I was writing down the dream I wanted to describe the spots as leopard spots but when I looked at those, they were different. Leopard spots have a white center inside the spot. The marble wood in my dream were just small spots. So my curiosity is peaked. Is there any reason why God used this particular wood in my dream? The same wood was used in a later dream about a carpenter who finished my house. I would be even more amazed if I discovered that this is the "gopher wood" used by Noah.

So I researched some more and I found out that no one knows what gopher wood is. But I discovered that the date palm was the only large tree native to southern Mesopotamia. I got excited by that. That is the correct species. However, the writer may have been making this assumption based on conditions after the flood. The same writer also said that this wood was not of much value as a building material so Noah must have imported cypress or cedar from other places This is also an assumption based on current conditions. I remember that Ellen White talked about the wood from the garden of Eden or heaven being as hard as marble.
Update (December 28, 2009). I have reached the point where the ark is being launched in the frigid cold.
Update The Blizzard of 2010 (February 6 and 10, 2010). Washington DC has experienced 2 blizzards in 5 day accumulating 3 feet of snow. Seven states are under blizzard conditions and 17 under winter snow warnings breaking 100 year old records in some places for most snow in one season. Florida is cold. Overnight Chicago had a 4.3 earthquake along the New Madrid fault. I believe that this is the cold, frigid time when the website is launched.
Update Noah's Ark Found by Chinese Christians (April 27, 2010). The news reported that the Chinese Christians are 99.9% certain that they have found the ark in Turkey. Whether it is the genuine ark or not, the fact is that this story occurred on the day after I had clear evidence that I had transitioned to the phase of my experience between Gad and Joseph. This was my ark being led by a Chinese girl after I was resurrected.

Fulfilled Dream 2: The Fire (2004)
I had this dream on February 11, 2004. It was my second dream. After this I decided to publish my dreams.

I used to work as a computer programmer in a hospital over ten years ago. The girl at the end of the last dream appeared in the beginning of this dream. We used to work at the hospital together. We never kept in touch but she is a devout Christian.

The Korean girl came to me for help. She was preparing for a wedding and they were having a crisis. They needed my arts and crafts skills. I helped at all sorts of jobs, I remember sewing the dress and filling tiny bags with scented flowers.

Then I was in a computer room looking at the tape backup machine. I was scolding Evan, this sixteen year old boy that I knew. His destructive behavior had damaged the machine. While we were in the room thick grey and black smoke started pouring out of the ventilation system. When we turned to run, we could see a ball of red hot flames through the glass doors in one direction. Evan said, "not that way" and he ran in one direction and I ran in another. That is the last time I saw him in the dream.

Somehow I had the feeling that I was in a church and a hospital all rolled up into one building. At the end of the dream, the front of the building, with the Roman columns, looked like one of the buildings on one of my college campuses.
I ran through several rooms trying to trip the alarms because I did not hear them. I shouted to the people in each room that a fire was coming and no one would believe me. Everybody laughed or ignored me.

I remember running through a kitchen and I tried to pull the fire alarm but it would not work. I pulled it off the wall and tried to trigger it or fix it, but I could not. The people in the kitchen would not believe me and they laughed. Two of them were friends that I knew. When I saw them I said to myself, "these are my friends, surely they will listen to me". But they did not.

I ran into a dining room and there were the people from the wedding in the earlier part of the dream. Some were lying on the floor and the table, sleeping. I tried to lift the bride off the floor. I tried to wake up others. One person got up but he looked either drunk or sleepy and he went back to sleep. Nobody would wake up or move so I left them.

Everywhere I went I tried to fix the alarm system and get people to leave and nobody would pay attention. Finally, just before I exited the building I heard the alarms and saw the flicker of flames far above my head. I had the sensation that God triggered the alarm. I felt that I could neither turn back or look back. I had to keep running forward as fast as possible. I do not know if anyone else got out of the building.

I ran out the center back, turned right and then turned right again to run down the left side of the building. I ran by the side of the building from the back towards the front on a narrow road. The burning building was to my right and a precipice to the left. I saw the tall columns in the front of the building - they were burned black. The building was completely burned black from the front to the middle and the rest was engulfed in flames from the middle to the back.

There was a fire engine approaching me but I could not get out of the way and I could not turn back or look back. The burning building was on the right and the precipice on the left. I hoped that they would see me and stop before they ran over me. I kept running forward.

Before they ran over me, I was suddenly taken up in the air above the fire engine as it drove by below me. This sensation was even more real than a daydream or waking imagination of floating. I felt that I was actually weightless and floating. It is a reality that I cannot recapture in my conscious thoughts.

God is coming. He will wake up the people.
I am puzzled about the meaning of the oriental people, but this is the second time in which they appeared and one of them is a girl I know named Kim. She was in both dreams as the woman on the bicycle and connected to the wedding. She is a devout Christian from South Korea who worked with me at the hospital.

Additional Comments
With this second dream, I am willing to entertain the thought that Joel 2 is being fulfilled. It also confirms my suspicions that the supernatural way in which I received knowledge (wisdom) about some of the information in the bible lesson studies was possibly a part of a new work by God. I am still getting used to the way dreams operate.

(April 2008)
Now that I know what this dream refers to I must tell you one impression that I have consistently had that I thought that I should not write because I did not know where it came from. I experienced the structure as the back of the Washington Adventist Hospital glued to the new front of the chemistry building at CUC. So the narrow road that I ran by is the road in the back that leads to the loading docks and emergency room. To the left, the precipice leads to the Sligo creek which runs behind the hospital.
21 May 2010. The chemistry building now makes sense. It is my discovery of the periodic table in the sanctuary.
» April 14-May 25 2011 (Florida Hospital South). I took my Grandmother to the hospital on April 17 because she was not waking up after being discharged the night before.

Dream 3: The Rapture (2004)
This dream went on for most of the night. I was exhausted when I woke up. I was definately more aware. At one point I remember saying that "I will not remember all of this when I wake up".

I do not remember how the dream started. I do not remember most of it. But this is what I remember. It was apparently the day of the Second Coming. I was being raptured and it was a slow process. I commented about how slowly we were ascending. I thought that it would be faster.
Although it was the last day, I did not see any of the glorious signs in the sky. My task appeared to be focused on returning to the earth to ask several people why they were not being raptured. As the day got later, I noticed that I was rising faster. I assumed that I was trying to catch up with those who had gone before. I did not see any angels. But I talked to them and they talked back. I was aware of their presence. At one point, because I did not see any of the glorious events associated with the Second Coming I said, "Where is Jesus?". I was directed to look up in the sky and I saw the figure of a man with a crown on a throne.

I only remember three encounters and a vague memory of one of my friends being in distress because of the loss of a family member. I cannot remember any more except that I thought it was her child.

The Two Sisters
The two women in the kitchen who appeared in the second dream showed up in this dream as brides maids sitting in a waiting room. They were lost. I asked them why they were not being raptured and they wanted to know how I floated up in the air. At first I thought it was a ridiculous question because when I started floating up, it was as natural an ability as walking. So it seemed that it was as silly a question as asking "How do you walk?" I told them that I do it at will. When I want to rise up, I would just start going up because I wanted to do so. They could not do the same thing.

I told them that I had a dream about them and I did not know what to do. I asked a mutual friend about them and was told that they are still active in church. We even thought that in my dream they probably represented all my friends and that the dream was not a personal appeal to them in particular. So I did not contact them after the second dream. I thought that there was nothing wrong for them.

She said that she wished that I had told her because there was something wrong.

A group waiting for a resurrection
I saw a friend standing in front of a row house with her family members surrounding her. There were two grave plots in front of the house and they were waiting beside it.
I heard her say, "I do not understand it, she was such a good woman."
I had the sense that she was waiting for a very old relative.
Then a small emerald green coffin came out of one of the graves and flew up to the sky.

My Family
One group I visited was my sister. She was playing volley ball while my other sister was in the kitchen. As I hovered above her, I asked her why she was lost. I know she heard me, but they all refused to acknowledge my presence.
The doorbell rang and there were her two dead grand aunts. They were fraternal twin sisters. I knew that they were dead, so they must have come up in the resurrection. But they also ignored me. So I concluded that they were lost also and this was the second resurrection. Therefore the dream was a mixture of the events of both resurrections.
Just before I left the doorbell rang again and there was her dead father. He was not a good man. I concluded that this was a meeting of the lost.

The End
This dream had a strange ending. It was late in the afternoon. I came down near a highway and there was a disabled car with a shattered windshield. The driver got out and said, "Look, there is a Seventh Day Adventist church". I turned around and saw a grey stone building that looked like a house. There was a name in big black letters that said "BESU". The rest of the sign said, "Seventh Day Adventist Book and Health Food Center".

Additional Comments
In this dream I was able to tell that I was dreaming and understand what was happening as the events unfolded.
I did not see a resurrection. I saw the rapture. But I was able to see two types of lost people. Those who would come up in the second resurrection and the living who realized that they were lost at the Second Coming. The group at the second coming responded to my questions. The group from the Second resurrection did not. I did see three dead family members who had no use for God while they were alive. Therefore, I was able to see the response of two groups of people who were lost. One group was sorrowful, the other decided to have a party and ignore any communication with the saved. Unfortunately, this party group was my family.

The green coffin was a strange symbol. I later concluded that the group was the church waiting for the resurrection. One plot was the righteous and the other the wicked. The emerald green is the color of the throne of God. The coffin represented the resurrection of the righteous dead who were raptured to the throne of God.
The disappointment of my friend at the loss of the "good woman" might represent the loss of people in the church that we were expecting to go to heaven.

I do not know what the "BESU" building represents. But that stone building looks familiar, like something from my imagination as a child. A "Deja Vous". It makes me wonder if I only had one vision as a child and probably the only reason why I remembered the first vision was because all the elements were so out of place. If the deck of cards is not the only vision, and this stone building was also part of an earlier vision, then I had three visions as a child because I had at least one other "weird" experience. All I remember about the third vision is that the next day when I went out to play with them, I wondered where the miniature village in the woods with the moving miniature people in the garden had disappeared to. When I could not find them, I wondered how could I have made up such a realistic event. Especially when I first thought that what I was seeing was impossible. I think I saw a group of people living in the woods because they were running away from a wicked king who wanted to kill them. They were dirty and they were sitting around a rough table. When I was older I blamed it on the book "Alice in Wonderland". But I am not sure if I saw this before or after I read the book. But while the book might explain my knowledge of running from persecution, it cannot explain the fact that what I saw was real and that even at that young age I thought that what I was experiencing was impossible. Nevertheless, I apparently could not deny the experience so for a long time after, I kept going back to that spot in the garden, wondering where they were.

Update: 5 August 2009. Today I finally realize that I have been in my resurrection/rapture phase for 7 months. It is amazing that I entitled this vision "Rapture". Around February/March I tried to free myself from my burdens and my sisters shamefully ignored me. Today, I am even more impressed that God recorded their behavior in a dream. It also means that what I suspect is true. My friends have been lamenting my mental demise. I am the "good woman" who has lost it. Since I tried to get a response on the science information in December 2008 everyone has abandoned me. Even the two people who claimed to have read are apparently lying to me, because they have not called to discuss this exciting information nor have they told anyone. Neither have they told me about obvious errors that I made in the facts. I left errors in to see if people were really reading and interested.
But I am rejoicing. When my loved ones treat me like a lunatic and I am forced to examine myself every day to see if they are right, I am comforted that God gave me dreams to guide me, just like He did with Jesus. So to my friends I say this. Don't feel too bad. I now think of what you did in the same way that Jesus thought about Peter. I know you love me in some sort of way. You now have to work out why you did not seek to see if this was from God. Because, from where I am sitting, every one of you first tried to find reasons not to believe.
God will send me away from you to other people. I personally prefer it that way. It is too painful for me to look you in the eye. If I can withstand the constant rejection, shunning and ignoring by loved ones, surely it must be easier from people where I expect such behavior. I will go to the Jews to show them that Jesus is their Messiah.
So I want you to pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, realize that you are no different from Adam, Eve, Peter and all the disciples that you are in fact a member of the church of Laodicea. But it is still the church that God loves. Remember that. Next time, whenever you make decisions you cannot think about what other people will think or your personal opinions. Also remember that your testimony is valuable. So do not let shame cause you to hide yourself. Believe it or not, God gave you those experiences because everyone else would have behaved that way. Don't let anyone tell you that they would have behaved differently. You must help people to recognize what makes them fail to do the will of God and how easy it can be even in the best of circumstances. You need to be fearless. You have to read and evaluate only by Isaiah 8: 20. It means you MUST read and search the scriptures.

My Last Confession. If you asked any member of my family about my supernatural experiences they will all tell you about the time I challenged Satan and won. I was about eight years old or younger. The only thing that happened was that I could not speak properly for about a month. I stammered terribly for about two weeks afterwards and I had to sit down with myself and teach myself how to speak again. That took about another two weeks. I was not dumb because I was afraid. I just could not speak. In fact, fear is the last word that could be used to describe my attitude. But I will say one thing about myself. I appeared to have a mature knowledge about God and the character of God, even though I was not taught these things. At an early age, I rejected all the superstitious behavior of everyone. I did not believe in ghosts even though every Jamaican believed in them. I don't know why. If I did not understand something, I instinctively knew that it was wrong and I always said, "I will wait until I am old enough to understand. When I am seventeen, I will think about this subject again". I remember when an adult gave me beer at about seven years old. I tasted it, spit it out and said, "Adults are stupid". From that time on, I never took what they said as pure truth. I never believed in Santa Claus or flying reindeer, or ghosts. I should have believed in ghosts, but I did not. Even when I heard about the ghosts that chased my mother when she was pregnant with me, or the ghost in white that walked through a solid locked door, went over to my crib and stood there looking at me for a long time. I always said that there must be another explanation, so I will wait until I am seventeen. But for some reason I believed in God. Totally. And I reasoned what His character must be. I did not know how to read yet.

I did not like the incident because I could not explain my behavior to myself. So I blamed myself or thought that I must have been the cause, some how. My step grandmother was involved in the occult arts. We called her "Aunt Sis". She hated my mother because she thought that her son could have done better. He was just interested in a pretty girl and was willing to be with her even though she was pregnant with the child of another man, me. So she was always mean to my mother, ignored me and was always visiting the witch doctor (hobea man) for more spells and potions. Every night she would read the Psalms with a candle and she was casting spells, touching the flames and muttering words. God bless her, because of her I read the bible because she was always reading it. However, she was reading the bible to do evil. I did not know any of this, and was not afraid of anything. I was too young and this behavior was hidden. My mother did not read the bible. But she would go to a man of God who would give her more potions and bottles of stuff to bury around the house to protect herself.
One night I started to do unexplainable things. I would light a candle and put it on the window by the front door outside the house. Then I would bring it inside and put it back out again. I don't think I was even praying or anything because I did not know much about these things. All I knew is that I wanted to do this and I had to. This is why I blame myself because I thought that I was being stubborn and playing with the candle. At some point my mother became aware of this candle. This is where I think I must have been responding from fear of her. I only say this because I can think of no rational explanation for my behavior or my great need to do what I was doing.
Anyway, I got them all to sit around the table with the candle and I started repeatedly saying "Aunt Sis is too bad. Aunt Sis is too wicked." They claim that I went into a trance. I couldn't tell. I think I even pointed out spots in the garden to dig up and there were buried bottles of stuff there. Even though I did not know God or religious rituals, I reasoned in my mind that If God was the creator, a stupid candle or buried bottle is foolishness to Him. So I blamed myself. I started stammering by that night. The next morning, I woke up unable to speak clearly. Of course she hated me more after that. But I did not care. She never showed me any affection. I remember her holding her two grand daughters as she told me that "you are just like you mother". As she was cursing me, all I could remember thinking was, "I wonder what that hug thing is". Don't feel sorry for me. Remember that I always had this unexplainable knowledge about God and His character and I instinctively got everything I needed from this invisible Person.

It was only in 2001, as God showed me why He used certain symbols with Nebuchadnezzar that I understood that God does use symbols that are familiar to people in order to reach them. Even though healing could be done at a distance, Paul used a handkerchief, Elisha used a rod because the people who needed help needed something tangible to help their faith. Maybe my mother needed that to release her fears. I certainly did not. I just had faith without these "interfering stuff".
To this day, I try to say that I must have been afraid of my mother even though I was not afraid. But I cannot explain my inability to speak. I was not that afraid.
Perhaps this incident made me keep the vision in the sky to myself. As that was occurring, a man rode by on a bicycle and he was not looking up in the sky, so I assumed that he did not see this great war that spread across the whole sky. So I kept my mouth shut.

Update: 22 May 2010. This dream is about my transition from the death phase to the resurrection phase. Although some were alive, all the people I met were in the land of the dead.

Fulfilled Dream 4: The Awesome Signs in the Dark Skies (August 7, 2004)
After five months of having no dreams I had a short dream on the morning of August 7, 2004. This week,God has once again shared some knowledge with me. He caused me to see the shape of the cross in Daniel 9: 27 and also in the sanctuary. I then really understood the meaning of the symbol of Moses and the snake. Fortunately, in a Bible study that Friday night someone reminded me that the snake was bronze.

It was total darkness on the earth. I was outside one night when I noticed a strange pattern of lights in the sky caused by shooting stars. I also noticed that it was occurring within a defined space. It was oval on top and straight on the sides but I do not remember if it was oval or square at the bottom. I called other people to look and we noticed that the stars were actually writing a message in the sky. Part of the first message said "shall not work". I cannot remember the second message and I do not remember what else came with the words of the first message. I just know that that was just a part of the message.
I concluded that it was the fourth commandment.

We went inside and discussed this strange development. Then I called everyone to come back out because another image was appearing in the sky. This time it was a bronze or copper colored Christ on a cross in profile.

We went inside even more excited and discussed what was happening to the world. Then I called everyone to come back out because another image was appearing in the sky. This time the clouds were obscuring the image. I brushed away the clouds with my hand. When it cleared there was an angel with a trumpet. He was standing to the extreme right of the sky facing the left. I interpret this as standing in the east.

We went inside to discuss what this means for the church. I noticed someone from the General Conference so I concluded that I must have been with some leaders from the church. As we discussed the implications there was a woman there who tried to dissuade us from linking or mentioning the Catholic Church in any of this. She tried to pass off this connection as a silly thing. So I stood up and made a very passionate speech to the group. I said that we were at war. A spiritual war, which has all the tactics and strategies of a conventional war. Therefore, we must expose the work of the enemy and tell the public what we know and put the evidence in front of the people before they occur. Then we will be better witnesses when the events happen. One person that I know sat down and really listened to me. I do not know what he did, but his interest was genuine.

The first image was clearly part of the fourth commandment. After I thought about it, it reminded me of Ellen White. She had a vision in which she saw God write the law in the sky with a "pen of fire" and He highlighted the fourth commandment. My pen of fire was the stars.

After thinking about the second image, I concluded that it was not the Second Coming. In fact, I believe it is the false Second Coming. The copper color reminded me of the bronze snake that Moses lifted up. If this were the real Christ, I expect the symbolism to be gold or white color. It also means that God will allow the expected Catholic vision of Blessed Faustina with a cross in the sky to occur.

The angel with the trumpet may be the final stages of the seventh trumpet. I called this angel Gabriel. However, there was nothing in the dream that mentioned his name.

Therefore, this dream gives me a sequence of events. It means that when the law of God is revealed, we must not only point out the importance of the Sabbath we must also point out the coming delusion that God will allow in a very short time.

All three symbols could also represent the termination of each of the three angel's message.

  1. Worship the creator and the reference to the Sabbath commandment.
  2. Babylon has fallen. The ultimate evidence of the fall is the coming of Satan to claim the kingdom of Babylon.
  3. Do not receive the plagues. This angel with the trumpet could be the one announcing the plagues or the seventh plague.

I am also aware of the fact that all that week God took steps to make sure that I understood the symbolism that correctly interprets the copper Christ on the copper cross as the appearance of the false Christ. It was very easy to immediately assume that it was the real Christ.

The Woman in our Church. There is also the influence of another woman on the leaders in our church. Her mission is to prevent us from teaching what we know about prophecy. A woman is symbolic of a church. So a force that is sympathetic to Catholic beliefs is attempting to influence our leaders. It is probably the same group that ripped the Worldwide church of God apart by infiltrating its leaders.
But their plan will fail. Unlike the WCG, Adventist lay people have a wide number of independent leaders. Adventist websites are sprouting everywhere, like autumn leaves. It will take more than controlling our leaders to control this message.

The Leader. The man who listened to me is the only person that I personally know along with his family who is in a leadership position at the General Conference. You should know who you are. I have said two or three incoherent sentences to you. But I have had a real conversation with your other family members. We may be headed for a crisis in leadership and you may need to stand up.

Fulfilled Dream 5: Trapped Underground (November 20, 2004)
Another Sabbath morning dream. Apparently, there was a significant disaster that had destroyed a wide area. This included several buildings and parking structures. My home was next to this rubble and the dream begins several months after the disaster.
I was also getting accustomed to the fact that dreams can switch scenes and that I can appear in a scene with built in knowledge. After waking up from earlier dreams I used to wonder how I knew certain things when I had not been explicitly told them in the dream.

As I was lying in my bedroom I heard cries for help. I looked out my window to the rubble beside my house and I saw a group of oriental men, women and children trapped in the darkness underground. Initial rescue efforts must have missed them. They had been living underground for months. The man spoke to me. They were able to find food and water by crawling around underneath the collapsed buildings.
I ran to the living room and told my grandmother and she pointed to the phone and continued with her conversation. She did not act as if there was anything important or urgent.
Several times I dialled the emergency number 911 and could not get the phone to ring. So I went outside with the phone to see if I could get a better reception. My sisters and the neighborhood were outside having a wild party. Nobody could hear me in the noise and nobody cared.
As I kept dialling I finally got a response. However, she said that I had dialled 811 not 911. She could not help me but she would connect me to 911. I shouted to the people to be quiet so that I could hear. But unfortunately, as I listened it was clear that I was not connected. The call had been terminated.
I ran down the street to get away from the noise, but the phone would not work. As I reached the corner I saw my stepmother and two other sisters with their children, including a girl child that I did not recognize. I hugged them and then I asked if they had a cellular phone and one of my sisters (P.) said yes. But when I told her why I needed the phone, she took it back and refused to help me. I was so distressed that I ran down the road crying. She ran after me, sorry for what she did.
It was my utter grief that woke me up. But just as I was waking up I saw a van that appeared to be a news crew.

This is my third dream about appeals for help which are ignored. But all have different symbolism. This continues a series in the same theme. I call for help from the world and there is none. Then I call my friends and they do not help. They ridicule. Finally, in this dream even my family does not help and they even try to obstruct my efforts.
I am now even more intrigued by the continued appearance of an oriental group who need help. They were not Chinese or Korean, they were darker. They were not people that I knew. Is God planning a significant work in the 10/40 window? If the dreams are accurate, then nobody, including the church, fulfills their responsibility and God does the work Himself at the last moment.
I am also disturbed at the lost state of my family.

Additional Comment
Now that I have a series of three dreams about the same topic, I believe that I have received them chronologically backwards. Both the work of God and the response of the people appear more developed in the first dream. The people used the finished work in the first dream. They asked for help but were asleep in the second. They were just trapped and hopeless in the third.
God finished the work in the first dream, I was only vaguely aware that He might have triggered the alarm in the second. I could not find Him in the third. There was only this strange sensation that the van might help. But there was no sounding of an alarm. There was only despair.

Since God has also taught me how He combines multiple elements in a dream I wonder if the great disaster and people trapped might be a reference to the terrible tragedy in Asia on December 26, 2004.
If so, and if the dreams are backwards then maybe we will be threatened by balls of fire next and encased in ice by a very severe winter later. But I still believe that the primary purpose of the dreams is the preparation for the work of God.

In January 2005, the branch of the family that tried to obstruct me did call my house trying to find out information about my website. I have not spoken to some of them in 15 years. I smell an intervention coming. This is probably the obstruction that I dreamed about. Incidentally, it is now April 2006, and I realize that after ganging up to call me with their pretended interest none of them have called back or emailed about the site even though they promised to do so and it was the sole topic of our conversation. And they were the ones who steered the conversation to this topic. But my sister seemed to be sorry at the end.

» April 14-May 25 2011 (Florida Hospital South). On April 14, about a month after the Japanese earthquake on March 11, my grandmother became ill and I had to call 911 while she was lying on the sofa with blood trickling out of her catheter.

Fulfilled Dream 6: White Clothes (December 2, 2004)
I was asked to help with an Indian wedding by serving the food. I did not like the clothes that I was wearing and asked an Indian girl if I could wear white clothes. She gave me a dirty white sari (selwar). It smelled and had stains and it was frayed at the ends. It was too late to find new clothes so I served the food in the dirty clothes.
When I was done, I took some soap and bleach and washed them. I cut off the strings of thread hanging from the frayed dress and repaired it. When it dried it was such a brilliant white that it was shining. It also had a faint blue glow. I gave this dress back to the girl.

The symbols are again of the Second Coming. I help people to prepare for a wedding. I help by serving the food or the word of God. My clothes are washed white by the righteousness of Christ. I notice that I must wash my clothes. This does not mean that I am getting my own righteousness. But Revelation describes the righteous as those who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb.
The people are Indian not Oriental. But they are from the continent of Asia. Again these foreign lands and people invade my dreams. I keep thinking that again this is the website. I am serving the food of God as best as I can but it is still less than a perfect state. However, I am able to achieve the perfection needed so that I could give it back. The one area in which I lack perfection is in the translation. Therefore, I will probably be able to fix the translations for this website and give it to the Asian people.

It is enough to say that this was fulfilled between August 2011 and January 2012. No more details will be forthcoming because I do not want to talk about the behavior of two women. I am truly grateful to one for believing me and her bad reaction to my disappointing her does not make me think less of her. But I cannot proceed with this work by doing something illegal or immoral, nor can I put up with vascillating people, no matter how desperate I am. I am in the "fixing to give back" phase. On 1 April 2012 I really got the "dirty" in the sari, but this is the final chaos before I get my heart's desire.

Fulfilled Dream 7: The Construction Project (February 4, 2005)
God had "laid it on my heart" to rewrite all the lessons and sections that I had not written. It started a two month process of revelation. The first was Daniel 12. I read it, and I was not any wiser. Then I remembered when Israel crossed the Jordan. The river did not part until the priests stepped into the water with the ark. So I started with verse one and began writing. As soon as I started writing I immediately understood the rest.

I went to a builder to purchase a home. When I went to the lot I noticed that it was a place at the center of a cross road. It was a "T" intersection. My house was at the center of the road running east to west. In front of it was a road running north to south that ended in my street. My sister bought a home on that road. One problem was that the lots were narrow and it would only allow a one car garage. I needed to fit two cars so I changed the design to fit two cars parking in tandem. As I was contemplating this I noticed that the first floor of the building was already constructed. It was white and had no roof. The garage was attached on its right side and it had a roof. I went into the garage and the real estate agent had a clipboard with a checklist of things to do, she was still asking for my design instructions while she was helping a man to build the interior of the garage! He was a carpenter who was working on the cabinets. He was polishing them. I thought that it was such beautiful work for a mere garage. She held the clipboard in one hand and was doing something with the other. It looked like she was putting on plaster or paint with her bare right hand. But the white walls looked neat. The garage was finished with beautiful cabinets like the ones on the boat in my first dream. But they were only cabinets from the floor to the waist. There were no upper cabinets. She told me that I could move in even though there was no roof.

I walked through a door into the kitchen and it was finished. The beautiful upper and lower cabinets were a different kind of cherry wood, there was a floor but no roof. I looked beyond that to the great room. The room seemed to be bigger than it should be for the size of the lot. There seemed to be no wall on the east side. There was a stairway leading up to the second floor, but there was no second floor or roof. Then I noticed something odd about the floor. It was made of rough outdoor material. Apparently, I had not finished giving my specifications. In fact the only specification that I had made was to fit two cars in the garage. The floor was made of loose plant material, rough bark stripped from trees and a transparent loose weave material that reminds me of something that comes from a coconut tree. This material from the coconut tree made the floor transparent so that I could see the basement below. There were people there walking around in a circle. I think that it was counter-clockwise, but I am not sure. I recognized one Indian girl. (She happened to visit my house unexpectedly later that same day for the first time!). The floor also had a perfect round hole about the size of my fist. Around the edges of the floor were stones of different colors placed with no apparent design. I believe that I was more upset about the mismatched stones than the strips of plant material. When I stepped on the stones I knew that I had to replace them. They were plastic and they caved in when I walked on them.

The symbols are again of the work being done for the Second Coming using the Feast of Tabernacles images. But there were differences. I was no longer asking for help. and there was a man helping me. He was a finishing carpenter who had built the cabinets. He probably built the house also. I had no help in none of my previous dreams, except for what appeared to be God taking over at the end. It almost seems as if God is also saying that the work is complete when I replace the stones. I can occupy the building. I had felt compelled to change some of the lessons since December 2004. This series of editing will be done by the end of February 2005. So I expect a change after this time. At the end of March 2005, it will be 3.5 years since we have been on the internet.

In a strange way, I believe that I was both myself and the real estate agent.
The plastic stones that I wanted to replace were obviously the final editing work that I had been doing for the past month. This would be later confirmed as the Spirit led me to understand the greater meaning of the Great Tree in Daniel 4 and other information about Jesus. Such as, the Mother's milk, and the law of the bridegroom.
The roofless building was built for the feast of tabernacles. However, the floor also met the specifications for a tabernacles roof for the people in the basement.
The single car garage that actually fit two cars is symbolic of the two-in-one relationship in a marriage. Marriage also represents the Second Coming. It is significant that the carpenter had finished this room. Jesus has completed the preparation of a place for us. It is time for Him to come.
A Home. In my Father's house are many mansions: if not, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also. (John 14: 2-3)
Since I was so busy, it took me over two weeks to write down this dream. So it was just today that I realized the full implication of the fact that the man working quietly in the background was a carpenter! God has been my helper.

Now that I have a series of dreams, I notice one other pattern besides the presence of a group from Asia. At some point, In all of them I am above watching the people below. Does this mean that I will die before the Second Coming? I do not mean that I go to heaven and watch from above, but that I am no longer here. And will this strange text come through. "Blessed are those who die in the Lord from this point ... because their works follow them". (Revelation 14: 3)

Audience. One other theme that I noticed since the fifth dream was the audience. From the first to the sixth dream they all rejected my pleas for help. In the seventh, I called myself to help me. And I responded. And God openly helped me. After this, in my "day-dream-visions" people appear to listen because there is no other option. They can no longer deny their external circumstances.

Fulfilled Dream ?: Homeless in Florida (Before December 2004)
This dream occurred some time in 2004, but I am writing what I remembered on April 11, 2008. In the earlier stages, I had thrown away several dreams if I could not remember them accurately or if I had information and I could not account for how I received it. This included the following dream that I thought I had written down after the 2004 tsunami when I realized that another dream that did not make sense was fulfilled.

I was homeless in Orlando, Florida. I do not know why I thought it was Orlando. I was living in a tiny three sided shelter on the street at a busy intersection (three solid sides one open side). Someone was living in a booth to the left of me. For some reason I thought that it was my grandmother. This may account for why I thought that this occurred in Orlando. The insides seemed colorful in a busy mismatched way. There was a long curtain against one wall and I was lying in a cot at the back of the shelter. The front had no wall and I was exposed to all the people walking by.
Suddenly, I was walking along the bank of a canal and I believe that someone I know named Heather G. was with me. I can only remember her walking on the bank of the river but she may have been in the next building with me. At the end of the canal I entered a building. I have forgotten almost everything about it. The only images I had were of a waiting area with a room to the left that was black like the insides of a theatre. I could only see a black chair at the end of a row. Then I believe I went down some stairs. Later on I seemed to be at a loading dock that had two street signs pointing left and right. There was a name, but I forgot it. I went to the left and opened the door and it ended on what seemed like a balcony with rails. I looked down on a lush green hillside and I saw the red roofs of some beautiful buildings. I thought that it must be paradise.

The booth that I was in is a feast of Tabernacles image.

» 2008 (Florida Hospital East). My grandmother's visit to this hospital showed all the architecture of the dream. The next hospital also had some of this decor but not to the dramatic effect as this one. Both visits were during Passover.

» April 14-May 25 2011 (Florida Hospital South). The empty circular conference room next to her room was kept dark at night because it was part of a light show and it only had one black chair in it.

Dream 8: Going Home (September 4, 2005)
This was also a day of many visions and new experiences in my visions.

I forgot many of the details. I was lost in a neighborhood that I initially thought was my home. Every place that I turned, every street that I walked down did not lead to home. Even places that I thought were familiar did not lead to my home or family. As night approached I thought of one place that was almost family, that was the church. So I searched for a Seventh Day Adventist church. I eventually found one and told them that I was lost in this place that looked like my home but was not home. I described my home, my address and my street. They said this is the wrong place. They knew where my home was. It was forty miles away. I asked if we could find someone who was going my way who could take me home when church was over.

This was a very hopeful dream. The Seventh Day Adventist church knew the way to heaven. This counterfeit place where I was lost is the earth. I do not belong here. Heaven, or my home was forty miles away. It is the first indication of a timeline that I have ever had. The number forty is significant. Before they ended a significant test the righteous had to experience forty series of events. Israel wandered in the desert for forty years. Christ fasted for forty days and nights. Noah and Moses also had a period of forty days. But the key is that even though it was forty periods of trial, God was actively with them. I have forty miles to reach home and I will get there with the Seventh Day Adventist church and with God actively and openly in control of my life.

Update (March 2006)
I failed to mention this before but it has been bothering me for months as I tried to make sense of how my childhood is related to this dream. I have never had dreams before, but I remember this as "a weird experience" that I had when I was about 13 years old. I would probably call it a vision now. But then I characterized it as "a daydream with extreme emotions" because it was in my head. It was the exact same information. It happened as I was walking home from Church one Saturday afternoon.
I had recently come to live with my grandmother because my stepfather said that I was no longer welcome in his house. I was met at the gate and told that I could not come in. My mother had to hand me my clothes over the fence through her tears. I thought that this knowledge of being home but not being welcome was the source of this daydream. Even though it had a life of its own and was not normal, I could still find an explanation for it. The daydream was the exact same dream that I had. The only new or forgotten detail was the reference to "forty miles".

Fulfilled Dream 9: The Athletes (October 12, 2005)
Ever since February, I have assumed that I was finally complete. Again. There has been no more instruction. There has been the urge to explain more. So I wrote lessons on Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the minor prophets. I also wrote an article on the source of legends and investigated more Catholic eschatology. But I have been waiting to see how God would do the translations. I even postponed my "retirement" from this project because I was waiting for God. By September I started packing up to prepare for my homelessness. I have no financial resources that will last after April 2006.

As usual, I forgot part of this dream. I was preparing for a race with other athletes. When I was younger I used to be an athlete. But now that I am woefully unhealthy (fat) I thought that it was hilarious that I would volunteer to enter a race, ignoring my physical limitations and expect that I had a chance to win. Before the race, the athletes entered what looked like a basketball court that was on a balcony. As we stood there I looked over the rails and the place appeared cloudy. Then I saw Jesus standing in front of a white temple with tall columns and steps. He was wearing a shimmering gold robe. His hair was shoulder length, white and wooly and He was wearing a crown. The wooly hair looks like how a black person's hair looks just before it needs a perm. It is thick and puffy but only slightly wavy. The other athletes seemed to either be unable to see Him or recognize him. But I ran up to Him and hugged Him. I said, "Where have You been? I missed you". Then He appeared to scold me. He either said that I still have not explained everything or why have I not finished explaining the creation? There is more work to be done. Then He explained what I had missed. This is the part of the dream that I have forgotten. It seems to have something to do with the creation. He told me that I should stop looking to others for help. Do not blame them. Look at myself. Look at what I have. Then the dream seemed to repeat itself. This time, when I ran up to Jesus I was not told to do more.

I was really beginning to be irritated with my "friends". I may even have been on the verge of hating some of them because I could not understand why they could not do the minimum. Why did they refuse to even hear what I have to say. Why did they assume the most negative attitude from the beginning and then try to support that. I feel ashamed of myself when I am with them, because I cannot understand why. So I assume that the worst thoughts about me must be running through their brains. So I am overly self conscious and I want to avoid them at all costs.
I have not forgotten that God has been my helper and friend. But I appear to be grieving like David grieved for Absolam. I think God is telling me to get over it. First, because He is my helper. The only one that I need. Second, they are my friends and His children. This resentment is not to be harbored. I seem to also expect the worst from God for myself and my personal needs.

The Unfinished Work. I prayed and I did not receive any miraculous download of answers. So I went through each lesson to see what I was not sure about.
As I read Daniel 7: 12, a light bulb turned on and I recognized that the "appointed time" might be the same year that Babylon would return. Serendipity also led me to remember that I had not explained the woman with the ephah in Zechariah 5. Both prophecies are about Babylon the Great. But neither involved the creation.
So I turned to the one prophecy that I did not understand, which I had previously thought might be related to the creation. This was probably because it was connected to the first Angel's message and that is when the first creation connection popped into my head. It was a subject that I actively avoided thinking about because it was the only sealed prophecy that did not list the contents. The contents of the other sealed prophecy were written, but they could not be understood until the end of time. I was waiting for God to explain it even though I thought that no one would believe me.

Since the Holy Spirit was still ignoring my requests to help me (no miraculous downloads), and He was acting as if I already knew the answer I proceeded to use the methods that the Holy Spirit does. I proceeded to study all the things that He taught me. For some reason my mind turned to Psalm 29 and it made all the difference. I still do not know if that is it by November 8. But I feel that I have made a strong case for what the seven thunders might have addressed. By Wednesday November 9, I had the outline written and the supporting texts and I was confident that as a theological paper I had made a very sound argument. But I prayed to God that night and I said that "I wished that I could find a reference to each thunder in the Bible". Because I was sure people would say that I am "adding to the words of God". Then the next night my mind reminded me to look at my list of Bible references to "thunder". I had researched all the others except the verses in Revelation because I thought that I knew them. There were seven references. Could it be? As I read each of them, they all related to the subject that I believed that each thunder must address. I had my biblical references and they were in order. So it appears that they were written down and scattered among the rest of the prophecies. That is how they were sealed.
The process of understanding this prophecy was fascinating. My mind led me to everything without wasting any energy on anything irrelevant. But it was still not a miraculous download of information that left me in awe like previous instruction. But I still did not have to use my smart brain "to figure it out". I was led to everything I needed by following His ways. I used only my Bible, a concordance, Prayer and referenced all the things that He personally taught me. And He pointed me to Psalm 29. And I believed that this was the will of God. And once again my assumption proved true. My dreams appear to be about the church and God's final efforts to reach it.

Another Fulfillment (15 July 2008). I think I received my "do it again" instructions when the dream appeared to "repeat itself". On March 5, I thought that "it was finished" and I would receive no more instructions. But on May 15-16, I realized that I had to do the lesson on Job, but without His download of information only His promptings. I had to do the lesson from my own experience. As I was doing this I realized that the athletes were training for the olympics in China. This week the Americans were having their trials to see who made the team. They must be the athletes in my dream. I was also an athlete training for a different kind of race that mattered. No wonder I was confident that I would win, even though I was woefully fat. When I saw us training on a balcony, it must be that I would complete this phase of the prophecy during my resurrection phase. And today He made me expound on "The Gift and Price of Salvation". So I had not explained the creation and I did it with the lesson on the seven thunders. And I also had not finished explaining everything which I have now done with Job. So all the confusion and anomalies and lost memories were supposed to happen. Awesome! And His instructions about looking to Him and not others is even more timely today. And like Job I must actively pray more earnestly for my friends because my captivity is soon over. That is why the dream instructs me not to be angry with them. So I will bless those who curse me and pray for those who despitefully use me with even more fervor. I have never prayed for their hurt or sorrow or revenge, but for their good and that they will not feel too ashamed that they cannot approach me. But knowing this, I will pray for them with more understanding even though I desperately want to hide from them.

Something to Do With The Creation ... (9 August 2009). I am laughing at the awesome way in which this is turning out. Because, out of the blue since 21 December 2008 He has been showing me proof that the Bible contains scientific proof that will help to prove that He is the creator. The periodic table in the sanctuary is a most awesome proof of what happened on the 7 days of creation. I started compiling information on particle physics since November 2008, because I had an intense curiosity and no one with internet access would help me with research. It was difficult without the internet, but I periodically had slow access and I took advantage of it when I could.

The Dream Repeats Itself ... (19 May 2012). The summer olympics is coming again 27 July to 12 August 2012 in London. The architecture in my dream looks like the old cathedrals of England. It is almost 3.5 years since these science revelations have been given and 7 years since this dream. The work will be formally given to God next Sunday (Pentecost). By the time the olympics comes I will truly have finished explaining the creation. I have been able to show that the Periodic Table explains the order of creation with additional details. The sanctuary is a model of the Periodic Table and particle physics. It shows the elusive "god particle" and explains many mysteries of science.

Fulfilled Dream 10: The Old Woman (December 8, 2005)
It is possible that this dream is my unconscious attempt to find a solution to my financial problems. But it is so symbolic and I have never had a dream that was not prophetic.

There was an old woman who lived in a skyscraper in a northern American city. I thought it was New York. The building was old but very strong and sturdy. The rooms were large with high ceilings but the walls and furniture needed to be replaced and updated. The walls had a popcorn texture and drab paint. The furniture and appliances were from the 1950's. The building seems to be occupied by other old people who were waiting to die. I was in the penthouse apartment of the old woman who owned the building. Because I had been very kind to her she invited me to her home. She had no heirs or relatives and she wanted to leave her vast fortune to me. She was worth hundreds of billions of dollars. She owned this building and a profitable amusement park in the south. It was bigger than disney world. She wanted me to take over that corporation also. This was an attractive offer because when I met her on the street I was virtually homeless. However, I did not feel that I had a right to her property. She invited me to look around the apartment. I felt that I was intruding and did not want to go throughout her house, especially when I wanted to change its interior. It was then that I had the sense that she was not dying, but that she would die only when I agreed to take over. It was like a changing of the guards. The house was mine to change as I wanted. I was still not happy about this.

Her bedroom was huge, there were two large beds arranged in tandem. I saw two other bedrooms on the left side of the house. One was a boy's room. In the back was a honeymoon or bridal suite. It was dark inside. The woman had either preserved her bridal suite as it was on the day of her honeymoon or she was still waiting for her honeymoon. I went back through the huge rooms and there were three rooms with tables and chairs. I guess there was a breakfast room, lunch room and dinner room. It seemed as if this house had a room for each phase of life. I wondered what the rent was for such a huge apartment in New York. I only went in one other room on the right side of the house because I felt as if I was intruding. The woman kept animals in this room. There was a lamb, a goat and a pig. Some how the animals got loose and they went out the door and fell into a raging river that was running on the right side of the building. The lamb drowned but the other two animals survived. I began weeping over the lamb and I was full of sorrow.

It was at this point that I told myself that this must be a dream. This fact did not comfort me. I was still crying over the cute little lamb. I did not care if the other animals had died, but not the lamb. Then I heard a voice saying, "Do not worry, the lamb is supposed to die". I was still unhappy. I went back to the room where the animals had been and I saw two rats. One was fat and the other was skinny. I opened the sliding glass door and they ran out. I closed it, trapping them in the cold outside, on the balcony. They would die of exposure. I did not feel like going through the rest of the house. I began feeling sorry for the other old people living in the building because I knew that if another owner took possession that they would be driven out of this prime real estate. But I would take care of them. God had tested me over and over again on that point in the real world and I had passed.

I did not know what to do with the profitable amusement business. Should I sell it or change it into a business that reflected my moral values. It would be an up hill battle. I would be closing the park on Friday evening to Saturday, perhaps their most profitable day. I also thought that it would be wrong to sell an immoral business and let the immorality continue. After all, if this was a business that sold illegal drugs I would close it, not sell it. The responsibility seemed enormous. The woman reminded me that I had the skills. I saw myself in the corporate headquarters dressed in my rags, facing a whole group of well dressed people of another color. I probably did not look capable or credible to them. This would be an enormous war. I wondered how she ran the business. It seemed as if it no longer reflected her values. She was waiting for me. I had removed the rats in the penthouse, could I change the whole corporation? Did I even want the job?

The woman is the church that needs updating, cleaning and a return to her moral values. The old woman in the north was the owner with the authority. The headquarters was full of old fossils waiting to die. But they must be cherished and cared for. The business in the south must also be the church that had gotten out of its business and away from its values. The fact that it is an amusement park means that it must be an attractive business to both the church and the world. We do not need to be ashamed of the gospel or apologetic.
The beds in tandem reminded me of the cars in tandem in my seventh dream. The banished rats reminded me of the scapegoat. Fat Satan and his evil followers, must be removed from the church.
The fat and thin rat also remind me of the fat and thin cows. Does this mean that evil has one more year when they will get what they want, and after that it is famine for them. This means that evil will still increase in power in 2006 and by 2007 there will be a reversal for them. Unfortunately, their reversal could mean persecution for the world.
In this dream I am also on top and the church is below or down south. I am on top by being both in a penthouse and being in the north. This symbol of being in the penthouse may mean that God is willing to continue working with me and place me in charge of the work He has given me to do. He will provide the finances. In fact, the riches are already mine if I will accept it.

» April 14-May 25 2011 (Florida Hospital South). She is in the penthouse on the top floor and we kept moving from room to room. Even the entire floor moved from the 8th to this 14th floor where we could see the lakes outside the hospital from all the 3 rooms that she has occupied. All this occurred during Passover. She was also in the penthouse floor which used to be called the Walt Disney Pavilion because it was the former children's ward.
I was not very descriptive about the group of people waiting in front of me while I stood on the stage of an outdoor pavilion. However they were dressed in business suits, normal dress and white coats and could have belonged to any business.

Dream 11: The Pit Bulls (April 8, 2006)
Another Sabbath morning dream. It appears that most of my dreams are on Saturday morning. As usual, I do not remember the dreams and it is so frustrating. This is actually the twelfth dream but I had forgotten so much of one and it seemed to be personal so I did not write it down. I should have known better because I have never had a personal dream. But in December 2004 I had my fifth or sixth dream. I had a Sabbath morning dream in which I was visiting my sister who lived in an apartment building which seemed to be carved into a mountain and appeared like a mountain. But there was a huge disaster and around the base of the apartment building mountain were piles and piles of coffins and mail boxes. I was climbing the stacks of debris to see if my sister was safe because the only things that appeared to survive were on top of the mountain.
Of course this is the dead people and homes washed away in the tsunami and earthquake of December 26, 2004. I have now come to realize that everytime I see my dear sister who I am trying to save it is a symbol of all my loved ones, my church.

I was building again. I knew I built some attachment to a house but I cannot remember more. Then probably because of the success of it, my carpenter and I were asked to build a three sided addition to a church. It was actually my church because I actually saw my pastor. It seemed as if the building was an extension for the youth. The carpenter built the building in one day. It was made of bricks and had glass panels in the sloping sides of the ceilings and glass all the way across the ridge at the top.
Then the dream switched scenes to something that seems unrelated. I was walking down a road with my sister in a forest with gigantic green trees. We passed by a chain-linked fenced house which had the front gates opened. On the front steps two pit bulldogs were sitting. They were barking at us. She was walking in front of me. As we passed the gate the larger dog rushed out and ran by me and jumped up and lunged at her neck. He wounded her slightly but I had some "Tea Tree Oil" in a bag and I used it on her wounds. But before I healed her, I swatted the dog and then stepped on its head and crushed his face into the ground so that I suffocated him. The other dog did not move but it kept on barking.

Once again it is the church that God is building. One thing that is fascinating was the behavior of the dogs towards me. In the previous dream I thought that the two rats were afraid of me. In this one I was tempted to think the same thing, but it was something more or something else. They seemed to ignore me. But I killed one.
This points to two things that I am doing. I am building something the church needs and I am also challenging the evil forces. They are ignoring me because they think that I am insignificant. This is probably good for me. So I am not only lighting a candle, I am also cursing the darkness or at least I am exposing it.
I am now convinced that both must be done because in one vision in which the darkness was engulfing the world, it was not a benign thing that was simply defeated by light. It was a living darkness. It was malevolent. It has a life and a purpose and it was determined to pursue the people and challenge the light.

» April 14-May 25 2011 (Florida Hospital South). While in the hospital, my grandmother's permanent catheter was removed because they suspected that it was infected. She had a temporary cath placed on the left side of her neck in the jugular vein just like the dog bit the left side of my sister's neck. These two tubes are about 6 inches (13 cm) long and they stick up out of her neck in a "V" shape reaching up to her ears. It looked wicked!

Dream 12: Stampede (May 6, 2006)
This is the third dream in a row with evil animals.

As usual I cannot remember most of the dream but this is all that I can recollect.
There was a stampede on a road. There was a wooden fence on their right side and the white cows were running to the left of the fence towards to the right side of my field of vision (east). I was standing behind the fence urging them on.
Then I ran to safety up a tree, because behind them was another group of stampeding animals and I did not think that I could run to the safety of the building in time. They were black, viscious, hairy cows with horns. The closest thing that they looked like were buffalos but they were thinner and taller. They were as tall as horses. Although there was a fence between me and the road I felt that I had to get to safety in the tree. They were chasing the cows. Then one of them turned to run after me. I was not afraid because animals with hooves and cloven feet cannot climb trees. But this one did. It behaved like a human. It climbed the tree and tried to come after me. This was unexpected. I was afraid. Somehow I got out of the tree and ran towards a building. It ran after me. I believe that I escaped. But the dream was scary. The fear woke me up.

In the first two dreams the evil animals seemed afraid of me and I defeated them. But they grew more bold and viscious until they came after me.

This is not good. Evil has now become so bold and powerful it is no longer hiding in the shadows.
This dream has some elements of an incidence in my childhood. When I was about four years old I was at a neighbor's house and her bull ran after me. I still have a scar on my nose as a result of that encounter. Perhaps Satan tried to kill me then because of what I did at the age of 3½. He must have realized that the Holy Spirit was with me then. I do not know if I will tell that story yet, I use it to show my little sister how much I loved her and was willing to suffer for her. Black mail.

I do not know if this means anything but I was above watching again. But because the Satanic animal was able to attack me I am going to assume the "being above" does not mean that I am dead. Unless it is my work and reputation that he attacks when I die. Otherwise being above means some sort of leadership or watchman role.

Update: December 30, 2008. Sometime at the end of November 2008 I had an evil supernatural encounter. It was the second one.
» The first occurred in the Summer of 2007 at my sister's house. Late at night while I was lying in the bed and I was alone in the house with the 2 dogs, I felt something heavy sit on the edge of the bed. After my sister returned from Jamaica, I let her and the dogs sit on the bed to estimate how heavy the object was. Whatever it is was heavier than her. I felt the edge of the bed as it was depressed. She thought it was a ghost because she believes in it. I knew better. The remarkable thing is that I was not afraid. I just wandered why I was so important.
» Then Satan attacked me with ants for three days and nights September 1-3, 2008.
» Then at the end of November 2008 I woke up around 3:00AM. I was listening to the news for a while, then during the commercial I turned away from the light with my back to the television. Then I felt something jump on my bed and walk behind me from my foot to the middle of my back, then turn around and jump off the bed. I felt the bed spring up and down as it came on and off and I felt the depression as it walked. I experienced it as a big panther-like cat, not a dog or bull. My grandmother has no pets. Then it jumped on the bed a second time and repeated its actions. By this time I pinched myself to see if I could be dreaming. I heard the television set and I saw the room as normal in the glow of the light. Then it jumped on my bed a third time. This time I said, "God I am tired of him, I am not afraid of him, I hate him, make him stop!". And it stopped.
» Goats Climbing Trees (18 May 2012). Today someone sent me some pictures of Moroccan goats. I don't know why he did. I do not know him. Goats climb the argan trees. I finally looked them up on the internet 20 June 2012. Perhaps this is why Satan is pictured as a goat. He likes to climb impossible things to be on top - like Mount Zion.
» (14 August 2012). The olympics just finished and I also finished updating my Noah's ark project after several months of intense work and delays. I have explained the creation and I know that God is pleased with this work. So I decided to read through this page because today I was contacted by an atheist who had read this and the Bible science. At this point I suddenly realized the timetable. Less than a month before I received the science information and within a week of the atheists celebrating their machine at CERN Satan decided to harass me. Now I know that he knew nothing about the science to come in 3 weeks but why was he bothering me now. Could it be that he was aware of something important happenning in the spiritual realm and he thought that something important was coming? By now he knew that I was important to God because of the Messianic prophecies but what had shaken him tonight? Did I visibly have an extra legion of guardian angels assigned to me because I was following the urges in me to study physics which I hated?

Dream 13: The Exodus and Reunion (May 18, 2006)
I am finally certain that I have been having other visions as a child, but because they were rare and they were not external visions like the deck of cards, I assumed that they were just unusual, emotional day dreams that were related to my life experience and the despair that I felt. I also believed that I initiated these "day dreams" by what I was thinking or seeing. However, they did have a life of their own independent of me after that. But because I believe that I was the initial cause I was reluctant to openly call them visions also. The adult day dream visions were never initiated by me or my surroundings.
I believe that I must have had this day dream vision when I was between 14 and 15. This is when my life really turned upside down and I moved about eleven times in three to four years. Each time we became poorer and I was eventually separated from my sisters.
I should have known that there was something odd about this day dream because parts of it were not logical. All my ordinary day dreams were logical. But I would never have accepted a call from God as the explanation. Even now I find it difficult to accept that as an explanation.

Day Dream (Phase 1)

I was sitting on the porch of our new shack, looking across the road at our old shack where my cousins lived. At this new location we did not even have our own shower or outhouse or electricity. We had to use the neighbor's outhouse and I had to bathe in the dark. Our house did not have a roof or floor. It was tiny with just four concrete walls and a porch. My grandmother used it for her sewing business. We put six sheets of used zinc on top, patched the holes with tar and used cinder blocks to hold down the roof. Then we built another shack next to it out of particle board. It was at this point that I was separated from my sisters. Conditions had deteoriated. They went to live with their paternal grandmother in a nicer house and I stayed with our maternal grandmother. The grass was greener on the other side. As I looked at the old house that was enclosed by a fence made of old, rusty sheets of zinc I had this day dream.

A community of people lived inside a fenced enclosure until the sudden appearance of a volcano. The threat increased and so the government had to remove them from the area. But there was no place found for all of them in the country where they were living. The neighbor next door in another fenced community said that he could take some of them but he did not have enough room for all of them. So some people took their houses and loaded it up on wheels and moved there. As for the rest, the government moved them on ships to a remote uninhabited island in the Pacific ocean. They had to leave their homes behind and rebuild everything.

Dream (Phase 2)
The second half of this series occurred as the dream that I had this morning. It was many years later, the volcano had not erupted and the people could go back to their property. So the government went back to the remote island and brought those people back. Everyone wanted to return and their old homes were still there. The others who had found a home next door decided to move with their homes back to their original location. So the whole community was reunited after many years.

This is definitely a symbol of the two groups of the church getting back together. I mean the Jews and the Gentiles getting back together as one nation of Israel. This is prophesied in the Old Testament.
From the background you can see why I said this could have been a normal event triggered by my surroundings. However, the day dream did take over and create itself independent of me. So, because of the followup dream years later I will classify the experience as a vision.

Fulfilled Dream 14: Dragon Slayer (Sabbath May 20, 2006)
This was so weird that I am trying to decide how to categorize it. From a rational point of view, the best that I can say is that I had a dream in which I thought that I was awake, but I was actually dreaming about having a vision!

I "woke up" with several bible texts in my head about the promises and care of God for those who trust Him. It cheered me up and I was wondering if they were meant for me in this life or if I had to wait for the next life when I was confident that all His promises would be fulfilled. I still do not know how to relate to His promises and capture them for the here and now because He usually does not answer my prayers for personal needs.
Then suddenly I had a day dream vision in which I was above watching someone in a shining silver armor and struggling to pull something with a rope over her right shoulder. Although I could not see the face, I knew that I was watching myself.
The armor did not seem to fit well and looked more like a hindrance.
Then I had another day dream vision. It was a black and white image of a poor Chinese woman. She was standing at the front door of a shack, her hair was flat on top, parted in the center and stuck out at either end as if she had received a haircut with a dull spoon. But she was grinning from ear to ear.
When that was over and I was back with myself I wondered about these two unrelated visions in a row. I had not received any visions for about two months.
So I concentrated on the first vision and I began to laugh at myself as I remembered how I was struggling to pull this burden. I wondered if I was pulling the boat from my first dream in which a Chinese girl was riding in front.
Then I heard a voice saying, "You need to become one with the armor". It was at this point that I appeared to control some of the events, at least I controlled my decisions. As I wondered how to do that, I said that I need to find a better fitting armor or I need to practise using this armor.

Then, some how, I was at the throne of God, and there were steep steps leading from His throne which was sitting very high up on a mountain. I was running back and forth, clank ... clank .. clank, in my metal armor in front of the floor between the throne and the steps. I tried to go down the steps but it was impossible. I thought that I would certainly trip and have a nasty fall. So I went back to running around with my sword, making no progress with feeling comfortable in the armor. As I watched myself I was trying my best not to laugh. What did I think I was going to do? I can visualize using the armor of God as a defensive weapon, but I seem to be preparing for an offensive attack. I can barely walk one block without needing to sit down! What am I doing running around with a sword?
I do not know what God was doing, I assumed it was His voice. All I could see was a giant person sitting in a white robe. All I saw were feet and knees.
Then I heard the voice saying again, "You need to become one with the armor".
Then, I was certainly no longer in control of the events. Suddenly the armor started to get smaller and tighter and it began to fuse with my flesh. My first thought was "how am I going to go to the bathroom?" The flexible parts had the appearance of chain mail or a knitted sweater, only the breast plate appeared to be smooth. From head to foot I was a creature made from flesh and metal. It looked like it hurt but she seemed comfortable. The sword in my right hand was gold. It would appear and disappear at will. At first I thought that it was like a light saber in Star Wars. But it was a solid sword that seemed to be somehow sheathed in my inner arm. I looked at my wrist to see if it came shooting out of some contraption like Spider Man's web, but there was nothing. So I looked up my arm to see how the sword was attached and still allow my elbow to bend. And I could not see how it was done. So I said to myself, "You can't even figure out how you are going to go to the bathroom, just be grateful that the sword appears when you want it". So I ran back and forth across the floor in front of the throne and up and down the stairs. I was one with my armor. And I was thin and athletic!
I must also add that at the point when I began practising in front of the throne there were three versions of myself in this story. There was the person who thought that she was awake having a vision. There was the practical me who I heard but never saw and who had the bible verses and advice and there was the fearless me in the armor. The brains and thoughts of the practical and fearless me seemed to be one. She heard what I said or thought.

Dragon Slayer
Suddenly I was in an endless, barren field of tall, dry grass about 10 inches high (25 cm). The sky was darkened by a black mist and flying across the field from the east, filling up the whole sky was a great dragon. Its belly was light yellow, the sides and top appeared to be dark red, but the top was black. As soon as I saw him flying around as if he owned the world I became angry and I pointed my sword straight up and leaped up into the air with great force until I pierced his belly near the center. Then, in the same motion, I ripped him open by sliding the sword from his belly to his mouth and split his bottom jaw. (Even after I woke up and was recounting the vision, I could still physically feel the resistance of His jaw as the sword cut through). I had jumped miles into the air. Then we both fell to the earth. As we were falling I said, "Oh no, I am going to be covered with blood and guts and stomach acid". But a ball of fire came out of his body instead.
I was watching myself fall under this massive cloud of fire and smoke and dust and I thought that I was crushed. Then I saw myself emerge from the billowing clouds and fire near the head of the dragon. Then I (the practical one watching from the side) said, "The righteous can live in the consuming fire". So I must have heard myself say this and I ran back into the fire, remembering that David cut off the head of Goliath. So I leaped on his back and started hacking at his neck with the sword. Then He swung his big black tail towards me and I remembered from one of the trumpets in Revelation that their tails could sting. So I stood up and waited for his tail to come towards me. I remembered that the total force of two opposing forces in collision is equal to the sum of both forces! The third me who thought she was awake having a vision said, "Huh!! Physics??" when she heard this.
So I swung my sword as hard as I could over my right shoulder then swung it back to collide with him and I cut off his tail in one blow. Then I cut off his head with the sword.
I, the one having the vision, sat in awe looking at myself, wondering if I watched too many cartoons as a child. I already knew that I was brave, but this was something else.
Then I fell asleep and woke up again, for real this time. This is why I believe that there was a fourth, the real me who was asleep all the time. But that third me and her environment were so real that there is nothing that I could have done to determine what was reality.
Fearless Me #1 Practical Me #2
Me #3 having a vision about #1 and #2
Me #4 possibly dreaming about #3
Who was the real me? #3 or #4?
I was confused as to why I was waking up again, because the last thing that I remembered was trying to guess why these visions seemed to be mixed with bursts of reality. This had never happened before. Another theory that I came up with is that there was not a fourth me, but that is what it feels like coming out of a trance. I have no clue. What is so, so, so amazing is how real everything is. My only clues that this is not normal is the out of place events and if my behavior is different. So pinching myself is now officially not a test of reality. In fact, an out of proportion sensory system is a clue. While I was having the vision or the dream I pinched myself, looked around the room and at the television to see if everything was normal and it was.

We must not be afraid to confront evil. If we do not, then it will take over completely until everyone is afraid to go out in the open. Between the previous dream about the buffalos and this one the evil animal had grown into a dragon who moved over the surface of the earth as if he ruled it.
When I had the dream this week with the stampeding herd I was helpless up in the tree as the creature tried to attack me. I was just wearing a white robe and I stood there helpless wishing that I had something to fight back. But all I could do was run to safety. This time I fought back. In fact, I was the aggressor. I defeated the dragon with courage and the word of God. I was actually using the scriptures to remind me of the power that I had and what to do next. The fearless me did not have a shield, I assumed that the me on the sidelines had the shield of faith because the word of God came from her to me.
Our battle is not with flesh and blood. To fight Satan and his horde of humans it is a struggle of truth about God. I think I have been fighting this battle alone. And I think that I will win because I have the testimony and the promises of God as my sword. In my eyes the thing that seems to set me apart from my peers, seems to be that I continue to believe God no matter how much he disappoints or confirms me. And I never stray from the path that seems to be His will no matter how difficult the path seems. I do not use disappointment and hardship as clues from God to take another path. I use His original stated will. That is the determination of the warrior that I saw in the armor.

At first I would have accepted this as a series of regular day dream visions in which I had no control over some parts and I could control the parts between the visions. Except that at the end I "fell asleep" and "woke up" again.
This appears to be a continuation of the promise in 1 Peter 5: 10. God is showing me how He is strengthening me. I cannot become one with my armor without His help. But I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.
As a computer programmer and team player I was looking at the work of God as a team effort. I remembered a text that says, "and when you are converted, strengthen your brethren". So I was really looking at this as a community effort because that is how it is in John 17. I still look forward to that day, but first we must each win our battles with the Lord and be fitted with the armor of God before we can slay dragons. As for the Chinese woman, the symbol of China is a dragon. Maybe I will slay the Chinese dragon.

What am I destined to do? Have I done it already? I do not know. Three weeks ago, I made the decision not to be afraid anymore and to cut off anything that hindered me and to continue waiting for God alone because my friends were not helping to strengthen me. After five years not a single person will fast and pray with me for the latter rain. Do they really want Jesus to come?
The next step is for God to establish me. How will that occur? It will be Pentecost on Sunday June 4. That is the 50th day since the Sabbath after passover. It will also be the beginning of the 50th month since I stopped working to do this website. It is also the scheduled day for my fasting and praying on the first Sunday of every month. Will He establish me then? For the previous two Pentecosts I have been waiting. Will this year be different?

Science. I seem to have also armed myself with science. On the previous dream I went up a tree because "animals with hooves cannot climb trees". But in this vision I seem to rely on a whole lot of science. What is all that about? I will not dismiss it as irrelevant because in at least two lessons God had revealed how He uses scientific laws in the Plan of Salvation. But as I quoted the law about two opposing forces in collision, I began to wonder if I was awake or asleep or what because my mind had clearly been building a story without me.

Peter. In late August 2006 I was reminded of the experience of Peter. When the angel freed Peter from prison and he walked to the home of some of the brethren he was not sure if he was awake or having a vision.
I also read in Daniel that he had "visions in his head". I call mine "internal visions" versus the external visions.

Disemboweled and Decapitated (Update: January 10, 2008). Because of what I was taught about the 12 tribes, I learned the importance of these symbols of being beheaded and disemboweled and having the tail cut off. I shudder to think what sort of responsibility God will give me, but I appear to be destined to to spill the guts of Satan instead of eating his forbidden fruit. The last daughters of Eve must succeed where she had failed.

The Missing Shield (Update: July 9, 2008). I came across several bible verses that indicate that God is our shield. So He was protecting me.

The Union of the Church (Update: September 7-8, 2008). Today, Christ revealed the mystery of God in Ephesians 3: 8-10. I know why the Jews and Gentiles were separated to be united again. Knowing this, I now recognize that Satan will try to move heaven and earth to prevent this reconciliation. But since God chose to reveal this mystery to me today at the conclusion of all the miraculous information about the Messiah in the Old Testament that was hidden for 4000 years, I believe that the forces to begin this union have been set in motion by 8 September 2008 and it is too late for Satan to stop it. Knowing the irony of God, whatever that event is, it must be a spiteful act encouraged by Satan just as he encouraged Judas to sell Christ.
Starting at sunset on September 1-3, for three days and nights I was being bitten by ants. They came out in forces mostly at night around 2:00 AM. By the second night I know that it would only last one more night. By the day of the third we discovered them in the kitchen. The weird thing is that they only came in my room and only ate my food in the cupboard! At first I thought that they took my two food bags because the plastic bag was thinner so that they could bite through the bag. But there was food in other thin bags that were untouched.
The biting ants reminded me of the pinch as the armor tightened around my body. By September 7 I knew that God wanted me to explain the mystery of Ephesians 3. But I prayed that He would give me the answer the next day after a good night's sleep. He woke me up by 2:00 AM to explain. As I wrote the explanation in the lesson on the Jews returning to Christ, this vision came to mind and I actually quoted the laws from the vision to explain. Because of the nature of the revelation, I am assuming that Satan only learned it this morning also. So for 2000 years he has been flying around as if he is king of the world. Suddenly he knows what will be his death blow. Now he knows that he will cause it. Therefore he must have started the chain of events.
So the tightening of the armor, the disembowelment and the crashing to the earth has occurred. So now I think that I am at the point where I have cut off his tail. I have given all the arguments to do away with false prophecies. Now I must cut off his head. Even I know what that means.

The Quoting of Physics (Update: December 21, 2008). In the previous entry I thought that I was at the point where I cut off His tail because I had begun to quote science with the information of the principles of algebra. But I actually started quoting physics on December 21.
This is such a remarkable turn of events that I cannot believe it myself. I have now reached the stage where I am quoting science in my battle against Satan. I had assumed that this would mostly include my work on creation and evolution. But that is not the complete story. Here is what happened.

On 15 July 2008, three days before a dream on spiritual gifts I heard a command to go and study physics. Because of the amount of work I had to do and the lack of access to the internet I was at a loss as to how to begin this. But I knew from other similar commands that He would put me in contact with what I needed at the perfect time. During Thanksgiving I had access to the internet, but because physics is so over my head, I decided to just make a list of the branches of physics but then refresh my math skills before I tackled physics. This effort became unfruitful and I only returned home with a list of topics. Then in the middle of December, one of my supporters living in Italy (Jeremy L.) e-mailed me and said, "Have you learned physics yet". So he had obviously been reading this convoluted life story. I took it as a sign to abandon the math project and just delve into physics. So on December 21 I went on the internet to study optics. I chose this as the first to study because God is light and it was the first thing that He created. In reading about the rainbow I discovered what He wanted me to know. For the first time I saw a modern scientific law being symbolized in the sanctuary. So the sanctuary was now a place that not only reflected what man saw in nature, the sanctuary was a place where these laws originated. There was no reasonable explanation for what I discovered, because the angle of refraction of sunlight that causes the rainbow (42 to 40 degrees) was only discovered in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton. Unexpectedly, I got another opportunity to go to my sister's house for two days (December 24-26) where I had good internet access. I created a new lesson (Science in the Sanctuary) in which I included this information and all the other information from biology that God revealed to me over the past two years.
Late December 24 to Christmas day He revealed how the periodic table of elements was reflected in the outer structure of the sanctuary! It happened so fast I cannot tell you what happened. All I knew is that it was in my head that the periodic table is in the sanctuary. Over a year ago that had popped in my head and I looked at it from every angle and did not see how. Today the thing would not leave my brain. So I said, "Show me!" Immediately the answer was in my head. It took the whole day to write it up.
By 11:00PM He showed my how the DNA replication was reflected in what happened on the cross. Because of what He had taught me about Jacob's stick and the spotted goat 2 weeks earlier, I had written down, "Genetics by Looking" as a possible scientific law. Because I was leaving by 9:00 AM I decided to clean up the file and remove the list of topics under each branch of science that I had no information about. As I came to this item God kept quoting 2 Corinthians 3: 18 to me "By beholding we become changed". So I said this sounds like the same looking at the serpent to be healed and looking at the striped goat to inherit its characteristics. Since my degree is in biochemistry I said, "This is not possible. You cannot inherit genetic characteristics by looking at something". Then my mind said, "DNA Replication". So I researched it and there was my answer! I did not have enough time to do the drawings and other explanations but I put out a preliminary version of the file with that information in it.

So God taught me to write what He needs to convince the Jews and He is now teaching me what He needs to be available to the public to finish the first angel's message and appeal to atheists and scientists. He will do the miracles to back up His claim. However, what He has done with this information is to place the bible on a whole new level above every book written so that even if He proves that the miracles done in the bible are possible, scientists will have to respect the Bible not as a book of miracles where God acts outside of normal science but it is a book that teaches basic science. Therefore all human and moral laws are mathematically related to scientific laws. There is no separation between the two.
To be given the honor of writing both proofs to both groups of people (Jews and scientists) is an honor I do not know how to repay to God. Why did He choose to magnify me with this great honor? I appear to be giving both the message of Moses and Elijah. Will I be the one to physically deliver it? I cannot believe this. There is one prophecy in the bible that seems to suggest that a woman will be given a great honor, not related to being the mother of the Messiah. God gave me these as a sign (Isaiah 54 and Jeremiah 31: 22).

(December 21-January 10)

» "Dream Acting" (June 1, 2009). Today, I finally understood the timing and the weird nature of this dream. After learning about the prophecies behind sleep disorders I realized that the weird nature of this dream-vision is defined by a condition called "REM Without Atonia". Here the body is not paralyzed as in normal sleep but it moves so that it acts out the scenes that you are dreaming. So I thought that I was dreaming about being awake while having a dream in which I was having a vision because when this dream was fulfilled that is what would occur! In the death or sleep phase of my ordeal I would be acting out this particular dream.
» "Struggling in the Frigid Cold" (December 28, 2009). An unusually cold winter is gripping the world. Britain said it is the worst winter in 100 years. In the USA it is the worst in 25 years. Last year at this time we had record cold and it made me think that perhaps this vision was being fulfilled but I thought that the resurrection phase had not happened. Now this year the events are repeated again and a personal experience on December 21, 2009 has forced me to reenact this vision. I made a decision to use the $20 monthly that I am given to buy vegetarian food as bus fare. At $4.50 per day I can make the weekly trips to the library while my grandmother is in dialysis and be home when she gets back. I needed to reliably get to the internet once per week and I realized that I cannot and should not depend on people who do not take me seriously and probably believe that they are indulging my madness. Then the cold snap hit and I am forced to walk in sandals and summer clothes with the website on a data stick in my bag. The library had closed and relocated to a new place on December 21 in a shopping mall called Highland lakes where there is a Noah's Art furniture place across the street. Here I have this play on words again.
So I believe that the next step is to be called up to God to be officially called so that the spiritual rapture will end my resurrection phase.
» Trained for Battle. As I learned about the 10 special songs this week and read 2 Samuel 22 (Psalm 18) which is about the resurrection I was impressed with how this Psalm is mirroring my life and my dreams. In verses 30-36 describes what God showed me in this vision. He is my shield and He trains me for battle so that I can run up on a troop. Verse 17 seems to describe when I was taken up out of the frigid cold to stand before Him and the rest accurately describes my feelings. I am only worried about the "destruction of my enemies". So I am praying that they will not be severely punished beyond the shame that they should have, which cannot be fixed.
» Battling Satan. I joined Facebook and Twitter on February 13-14, 2012. I had joined Youtube 6 months earlier. I updated all pages to link to these social media sites and in the process placed religious "Ads" on every page. Then on March 7 I made a series of Ads in response to the Atheist billboards which have been infecting Florida for about 3 years. This must be part of cutting off the of the dragon's tail. A tail is a false prophet. These Atheists are being the mouthpiece of Satan, selling his message. On 9 April 2012 I realized that I received this science 150 years after Darwin wrote his book "Origin of the Species" in 1859. Then the words of the fifth trumpet and the scenery in my dream came to mind again.
Five Prophetic Months (150 Years) Of Darkness From Hell (1859-2008/9). Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him. He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit. Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power.
They have tails like scorpions, and stings; and in their tails is their power to hurt men for five months. They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon.
(Revelation 9: 10-11)

Dream 14a: Internal Vision: White Horse (June 23, 2006. 9:00 AM)
After the last dream I assumed that the animal dreams were over because the dragon is the ultimate representation of Satan. So I could not think of another logical continuation of this sequence. I did not have a dream but I had a short internal vision. It began when my mind started singing a song on its own. I listened to a few notes so that I could recognize the song. When I realized that it was a religious song I was actually pleased with my subconscious that it was praising God all on its own. Once again, I was forced to think that I was filled with or possesed with the Holy Spirit who had a mind of His own and was rebuilding me from the inside out. Maybe He can do something about my hair when He reaches the outside.
I saw a beautiful white horse facing towards my right (east). Behind it was a brilliant white light illuminating the horse. It did not have a rider or any equipment. As I looked closer at the horse, my mind looked at it in pieces. First I looked at the feet and then the tail and back end. It looked like a horse with a beautiful bushy tail. Then my mind looked at his front and it seemed to be extra lumpy at first. When I looked closer I could tell that it had massive muscles in that section of his body. Looking at that part of the body I realized that it was a bull from the front, middle until it merged into the horse's rear end. Then I looked at the neck and head. It has a mane, but it was not a horse's mane with long straight hair that fell flat. It was white, wavy hair, full and beautiful. It was the mane of a lion. As I looked at the face I could see that it was the merging of a lion and a horse. As I examined the horse I looked into the light and I thought I saw an army on horses. I instinctively knew that this was my horse and I should wear my armor and get on the horse. Because he had no equipment like a saddle or reins, I realized that my arms will be free for battle and that the horse will go where I wanted it to go just like my sword came at will.
I was able to get more out of this because of a decision I made. The Holy Spirit led me to a bible text where the prophet said that he "peered into the vision". So I decided that the next time I experienced it I would hang on to the image and look at it to see if I could gather more details. The extra information that I got out of this was the army that was concealed by the bright light.
The white horse reminds me of the first seal which represented the early church under the power of the Holy Spirit. The bull is an animal used as an offering, particularly in the feast of Tabernacles ceremony and cleansing people from death. Like the bull, the lion is a part of the cherubim but it has two meanings. First is Christ, the lion of the tribe of Judah and it also represents the king of the beasts. But it was also used to represent Babylon.
So there is a definite theme for the last days here. The latter rain, the coming tabernacles and Babylon the Great which is attempting to usurp the role of Christ.
These last two episodes appeared to take images from the seven trumpets. So I read them again. The evil army had horses with heads like lions spewing brimstone. They had tails like serpents. There were also locusts with tails like scorpions that could sting.
I realized that everything that Satan does is a corruption of something from heaven.
My beautiful white horse was not one of these evil creatures.

Dream 15: The Rapture of Children (June 23, 2006. 10:00-4:00 PM)
I was tired and although it was early morning I wanted to go to sleep. I had just had a vision and I was too tired to write it down. I wish I had. Because I forgot the name of the song that the Holy Spirit was singing. I know it was a song that I heard last Sabbath and I criticized its obvious attempts to merge a love song with God thrown in some places. Right now it seemed to be an appropriate song for the bride whose husband is Jesus Christ. So I listened all day Sabbath to hear it. "I wonder what God was thinking when he created you". Those were the only words that were running through my mind. I have to learn the rest of the song.
The day before I was awake at 1:00 AM doing the work of God until about 12:30 AM. Almost 24 hours. I woke up three hours later and started working again at 4:00 AM. So five hours later I was pooped. So I wanted to go to sleep so that I could wake up and do some cleaning before the Sabbath began.
There is not much to tell about the dream. It seemed to be the day of the first resurrection. There was no destruction yet and I came to the conclusion that the psychological effect of what was happening was a terrible stress on the wicked. This time the focus of the dream was on the children. I was with the angels. I could not see them but I could see the results of what they were doing. They were taking young children from their lost parents. At first the children had the initial separation anxiety because their parents were crying. But as they floated in the air they seemed to be having fun with this new ability. The touch of the angels seemed to soothe them. So they adjusted quickly.
I also realized why the ascension was slow in the beginning. The psychological effect was devastating on the wicked as they saw those whom they had mistreated. It was like the slow walk of the bride down the aisle so that everyone could see every detail of her glorious and triumphant entrance. Second, it was for the righteous to get over the shock as we transitioned from one situation to the opposite and to enjoy the world from a new perspective as we floated up. This would be our last chance to see the old earth in this shape. No matter how humble and how recently terrifying, it was our home.
I heard some of the righteous say that they wanted to go and watch the resurrection which was happening. It was a sad and glorious time. But I had work to do that seemed to be centered around one apartment building.
In many places there was confusion, screaming and crying and cursing. I remember one particular encounter. The angels and I met a man in a staircase. He had a very young baby boy in his arms. A tiny little baby who was asleep. I will never forget him. I felt sorry for the man and he did not scream and curse like the others. He seemed to realize that he was responsible for his fate. I told him that I would take care of this baby and raise him as my own son.
I also thought I saw a friend from my last resurrection dream who had been crying. Nothing had changed. There was devastating loss in that family. It bothers me.
This seemed to be a continuation of my third dream. I had forgotten most of the scenes from that dream. God appears to be filling me in. He also seemed to be answering my criticism of the slow ascension in the old dream. The last dream also appears to be a continuation of my first dream. We seem to have another pattern appearing here.
Just in case my critics think that I believe that I will be given such a job on the resurrection. I want to remind them that prophecies are symbolic. I believe that I am experiencing the emotions and decisions on that day.

Dream 16: The Latter Rain (July 12, 2006. 2:15 AM)
This followed an incredible five days of revelation of symbols related to Christ. This allowed me to update the three angel's message and have further insight into the Passover, the SHMA and the important symbols of Judaism. Again I marvel at the way my mind is organizing itself around the Torah and the symbols of Judaism. It would be a good thing if I had studied these symbols and figured out what they meant. But that is not how it happens. My mind begins with a text that I study, I suddenly see the relationship to other things. Soon, on my own, I deduce the relationship between symbols, sometimes rejecting prevailing theory about what it means because my mind tells me to do so. Afterwards when I study what Israel does I see that I have explained it in ways that combine how they view events. I was simply in awe after so much information. I have 50 days until my complete financial ruin. But God seems unconcerned with what I have to do to prepare to leave. I concluded that God must be planning to help me in a spectacular way so perhaps it triggered my first self-induced dream. I was still writing at 2: 15 AM and just simply collapsed from exhaustion.
I don't remember some of it and I cannot tell the dream without giving names. But God called me and rewarded me by giving me some very powerful gifts. Then it seems that He asked me to choose people to help me. This is the point at which I know that I did not engineer this. I did not see the people that I would have chosen, except for one person whom I had to give a lecture about priorities. There were four people in the group that I would never have thought of asking because of the response of two and I have lost touch of the other two but I know that they would not take me seriously either. But because of the dream I think God is telling me that I can go ahead and ask these four men to help at the right time.
One item of interest is that we were floating above the people doing great miracles. I have constantly had this element of being above in many of my dreams but I was not sure if it meant that I would be established in the eyes of others or that the work will stand own its own after I am gone.
The latter rain is next. This is the fourth thunder. This means the Jewish nation will soon accept evidence of the Messiah. I strongly believe that this website is designed to appeal to them and to teach Christians the rich depths of their religion. With the destruction of Lebanon beginning in July 12, this completes all the signs of the third thunder. This means that the Adventist church will soon be shaken from its basement to its roof.

Fulfilled Dream 17: The Birth of a Son (August 15, 2006. 4:00 AM)
In dream fifteen I adopted a son on the day of resurrection. He was a tiny, limp little baby. I did not see that as being more significant until I compared that event to this one. As usual I do not remember most of this and I remember enough parts to be confused.

I was walking down a road with lots of tall trees on both sides. I was walking with my sisters and my mother was ahead. As we came to a curve my mother disappeared and when I ran over I realized that she had fallen into a big river or lake. I panicked because I could not swim and neither could she. I looked for where she had fallen but there were no ripples on the surface of the water. There was only little slips of pink paper on the banks. I went down the steep slope next to a retaining wall that was next to the water. At the bottom, while I was on the banks looking into the water I thought that the water was odd. It was not flat and it was not a water fall, yet it sloped down and I could see into the water from the side as if I were looking at it from the glass enclosure of an aquarium, but without the glass. It was a water mountain. Then I saw my mother. She was wearing a salmon pink blouse but I could not see the bottom half. She was calmly walking through the water on the bottom of the sea as if she could breathe water.
The rest of the dream became fuzzy, but we visited a Jewish family that she worked for. I saw the husband but I cannot remember seeing the wife. She and my mother were like two halves of one conjoined baby. I had just witnessed my mother's resurrection.

Then I was sitting by myself on the only chair in a big house. I was in an empty white room with high ceilings and white marble walls. Suddenly I gave birth to a son. He was a vigorous, healthy and tall baby. He was not limp and fragile and sleepy like other new babies. I knew that he was mine and that I had given birth to him. But I had not been pregnant and did not feel any birth pains. He was just there as if he teleported from my womb. I also did not know how I could have become pregnant and who the father could have been. As I pondered this amazing event, it dawned on me that this was heaven or some time between. I was not prepared for this surprise baby. So I was playing with him. Just then he urinated on me, smiling. It made me realize that I need to find supplies for my happy, naked little baby boy. He was not a toy. But where do I go? Who can help me? I am in a brand new place and I do not know the rules. The rules of pregnancy and birth were gone. How about shopping and diapers? So I went outside searching for help and everywhere I went I was showing my little baby.
Update (6 May 2008). I wanted to mention two more details. I think it would have been more correct for me to say that water came out of my baby than to say that he peed. I did not see liquid coming out of his pee-pee. It did not pop up and spray me in the face or chest like in the movies. While he was in the standing position liquid poured out of him straight down to my lap.
His position was also important. He was a vigorous baby because His body was muscular, he was standing on my legs with his feet pointed straight down on his tippy toes and his arms were stretched out to the sides, not to the front towards me, and he was smiling at me. He was basically standing in the position of a crucified baby.

When we buried our mother in 1999, we dressed her in a pink suit and the coffin was slightly pink. This must be her resurrection from the deep. I now understand that the death of my mother was necessary for me to give birth to this baby because I would not have done what I did if she had been alive. I suppose if God had passed by before me in thunder and lightning, then made my fleece wet and dry and done a few more dog and pony shows then I might have entertained the thought of running headlong towards a cliff and jumping over it into a bottomless abyss for His sake. But not while mummy was alive.
So I both adopted a son and gave birth to another on the day of resurrection. It is the two branches of the church, Israel and the Gentiles. It appears that Israel will be the most vigorous. I never expected that. But the last church is called Laodicea for a reason. It is almost in as much apostasy as Israel was at the crucifixion. It is the birth of the church. It reminds me of this verse in Isaiah.
The Birth of Global Israel. Before she travailed she brought forth. Before her pain came she gave birth to a boy. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Can a land be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once? As soon as Zion travailed, she also brought forth her sons. "Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?", says the Lord. "Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?", says your God. (Isaiah 66: 7-9)
I must also be prepared for the birth of Israel as prophesied in Zechariah 12 but I do not know how to do it alone. But I am not worried. God will show me. I was worried after the buffalo attacked me but He told me the solution in another dream. To repel the attack of Satan, we must put on the armor of God and make an offensive attack.

(April 2008). I experienced this road as the section of Carroll Avenue before the Washington Adventist hospital between the bridge over Sligo Creek and the nursing home/rehab center. My mother fell off where the nursing home is located.
(May 2008). The added information about the position of the baby and the Jewish friends that I knew tells me that I must introduce the crucified baby Jesus to the Jewish nation. The prophetic symbols actually describe Him as a baby who was weaned from His mother when He was crucified and then He was rejected by His Father. This baby has living water pouring out of his belly and it is falling on me.
I have no clue how to accomplish this except to keep on doing what I am doing. The irony of the situation is that we now appear to have a reverse of the condition on the day of the crucifixion. As His own people rejected Him, Jesus turned to the Gentiles. Now, as my own church, friends and family reject me, I may find my best audience among the Jews. It seems totally far fetched and unbelievable, a big NOT!
» Update: 15 September 2011. My sister moved to a new place, north of her apartment. I spent the week in my sister's new house so that I could let the workmen in who were tiling the floor. I brought a single chair to sit on and slept on comforters. On this day, after I had cleaned the off-white tile floors, I sat in the empty living room-dining room that ran the length of the house. As I gazed at the white walls and high ceiling I remembered this dream and wondered if this was the final fulfillment. Outside, in fornt of the house was the older community. It looks like a little country road with fence and greenery along the edge of the road, just like the place where I ran with my naked baby to show the world.

Dream 18: Working for God (September 2006)
I have forgotten most of this, but since it seems to involve just two of my friends I decided to tell them only. It was the last days. It was dark like midnight. The place was gloomy. It seems like this was the time of trouble and we had to work under hard conditions. Evil had taken over the world so that even our "safe area" was gloomy. There were tall, white double gates to a safe area and they were slowly closing. Our mission appeared to be to get as many people as possible into the safe zone. My friends and I would look at the gate and decide if we had more time to get into our car and go out into the darkness and rescue more people before the gates closed and we were locked out. Even though the place was a safe area it was also dark. At the end we made it and one friend was six months pregnant.

The gates represent the closing of probation. The safe area was the safe place in the sanctuary of God on earth while the seven last plagues are falling. Outside was the rest of the world. My pregnant friend could mean that these things will happen when she is six months pregnant or that she has a church within her if she will go out and spread the gospel.

Fulfilled Dream 19: In Trouble (December 3, 2006)
At this point in my life I am homeless. I came back from the trail three weeks ago to wait for God. I have been moving from the house of one friend to another.

The dream appears to be set in my old college at CUC. I was living in or visiting the girl's dormitory. I had taken a shower at the public bathroom and was on my way back to my room when I ran into a friend who went to CUC during my years there. She and her two boys were living in the dorm with her sister. She was pregnant with a daughter. Her husband had left her for another woman. I talked with her for a while then I went to go back to my room. I got lost some how and walked through a door that led to the outside, behind the building. I tried to find my way back in but I could not and I did not want to walk to the front because I was not properly dressed. The people outside would not help me although I knew that they knew how I could get in. The outside was commercialized, it did not look like the dorm. I stepped on some cobble stones and a woman said that I was stepping on some wet cement. So I stepped to the left and she insulted me. Apparently I was still stepping on her wet cement. From there on it got depressing. On campus they had built a huge multi story building that seemed to be based on commercial ventures. The floors spiralled like a ziggurut. There was a bank in the building, but not a bank that I could use. There was a drag race course on one level, at the corner of one floor was a gay bar and restaurant. Everything about the college seemed to support the modern decadent life style instead of the gospel.

Here I have another pregnant friend. God's people seemed to be in trouble within the church itself. There we could find a safe haven, but nearby was the world, ready to take over.
As for my friend, I do not know if her husband will die or if they will break up. I doubt if she will get pregnant again, but maybe she too will begin to believe me and she will also have a church within her if she cooperates with the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel. Carol, this dream is about you.

Reading this again it seems like my life since July/August 2011 when I moved in the high rise with my sister. Except for the "Carol" detail the SDA institution seems to fit my experience, but I cannot give details. But for the first time since 2000 I saw her picture with her 2 sons on Facebook last week (4 March 2012).

Dream 20: Laundry Coins (January 9, 2007. 6:00).
Nothing that I know seems to be related to the dream. I seem to have gotten another dream near my birthday.

I was preaching and teaching somewhere. We were studying the book of Matthew. I told them to read Leviticus 26 because the blessings and curses can help us to understand Matthew. So I guess we must have been studying Matthew 24. Then I was doing laundry. The machine was designed with a rectangular bin that you stuffed and slid back inside. I filled it with white clothes. I was told that it cost $15 to do a load of laundry. I looked at the sign but it actually said 717 + 717 . That is $14.34. I only had four coins that were equal to $1.00. I thought that it was four quarters but when I looked at the coins there were two silver coins that looked like the size of quarters, and there were two huge gold coins. On the back was an eagle. One the front, the left two thirds was smooth and without design, but the right third had a woman in a long gown, her head had a crown with the rays of the sun. There was an object in her left hand but I do not know what it is.

I do not know. Numbers in the bible usually point to time periods. Is it Tishri 17? That is during the feast of Tabernacles. Noah's Ark rested on Mt. Ararat on this date, maybe this is the time for my rest. If it is a western date then it is July 17. All symbols should conform to Judaism, but there could be exceptions. The repetition means that its coming is swift. The woman on the coin reminds me of the woman of Revelation 12 and the angel clothed in the sun from Revelation 18. Either one is a very good symbol for the church. Doing laundry and gold coins is also a good symbol of righteousness. The eagle is a symbol of death and wrath or final affliction. The difference between 14.34 and 15.00 is 66.

Fulfillment. The ongoing events at the 7-11 seems to fulfill this. Their address in 1500 and lots of other little signs from two other dreams are converging.

Dream 21: The Gift (February 18, 2007)
Still homeless. And now officially out of money. I received the security deposit from my apartment and I have been living off that. Since I do not plan to be a beggar, I do not plan to stay at my current location beyond the reasonable time of a normal house guest. I am still waiting for God and His gifts. I need so many things because I have had to give away or throw away everything I owned. I have no shoes, only a pair of slippers and about 4 sets of old, mismatched, raggedy clothes. My unruly hair needs to be arrested and convicted and burned at the stake or used to burn steak. I think it is criminal to spend money on my hair when I cannot afford to eat. I now have to go back to a diet of water, beans and spinach and raw oats every day. That is how I ate for the last two years. The previous three years were not much better. 600 calories per day and I never lost weight. Laodicea is fat, useless and poor.

As usual, I do not remember everything except for two gifts. I received a round gift box about 12 inches wide and 8 inches high. Inside were gifts for me that I could share with my friends. But it was a box within a box, at least five series of boxes. I do not know how many boxes there were. The third or fourth box was full of dresses, mostly light pink. There were many dresses, much more than could fit in a box of that size. In fact, we had not finished taking out all the dresses and we had already filled a trunk full. The contents of the trunk were much more than could possibly fit inside the box, but they did.
I also remember the final box. It was a tiny round box about one inch wide and two inches high. I opened it and it was empty, but on the inside of the lid was written the word "fear". Then I heard that my gift is "no fear".

It could mean that He is planning to give me both physical and spiritual gifts. Courage is one of the spiritual gifts. It was also the charge and warning given to all the prophets. Do not be afraid of the people, fear only God. At this point in time it is something that I need. But I already knew that I had this gift. It is needed to have great faith. If I did not have faith or if I had been afraid I would not have done any of the things that I have done the past five years. I would have acted in my own best interest. I have no fear. I just have questions. Why me? Why so long? Why so hard? Why was so much required? Why am I alone?
There are over 6.6 billion people in the world, why me? Why is there no help?
I feel like Noah, Paul, Job, Deborah and Jeremiah all rolled up into one. (I also look like it!)

Fulfilled Dream 22: Camp Meeting (February 21, 2007)
There is nothing in my current experience that is related to this dream. I just finished 40 days of camping in the mountains of Virginia about 2 months ago and I have never been to an evangelistic camp meeting except for Pathfinder events.

It seemed as if we were at a camp meeting somewhere in Virginia. I was taking care of some animals when I came across a plot to rob and terrorize the people. I heard some men saying that we were an easy target and they and their gang would mix and mingle with the crowd until it was time to act. So I did not know who to trust. So I went to find a phone to call 911. I ran inside a building that seemed to be a girl's dorm and I saw a woman that I know named Brenda. I told her what was happening and she had a phone so she hid behind a bed and called 911. I decided to find another phone and call 911 myself since they may want to talk to me personally. I borrowed a phone and went outside. There were tens of thousands of people walking around. I called emergency (911) and told them my story. The operator asked for an address. I told her that I did not know the street address. She said that she needed an address to send the police. I looked at brochures and programs and asked many people and found out that the name of the street was "Knox" or "Knocks". The operator said that she needed an address with the street number. I walked outside the gate of the property but I saw nothing, our address was incomplete. I remember about three ones and a seven. On the right side was a Lutheran church but its address was encrypted. It was in the form of four pagan symbols written in a square. On the top right was a sun symbol and on the bottom left was something with butterfly wings. The house on the left side seemed to be a private house. It also had the Pagan symbols as the address number. So I said to the operator, "You can't miss the place. It is a campground on Knox road with hundreds of thousands of people outside. It is an Adventist church with a Lutheran church beside it. There should only be one of those. She said that she needed a street number. Frustrated, I walked inside to ask more people if they knew the address. People were seated in chairs arranged like the pews of a church. Other people were walking around on the outside. Some deacons were moving from back to front and collecting the offering. I realized that the robbery was in progress. The deacons were actually the robbers. The people seated seemed to be aware of what was occurring but they could not alert anyone. I saw several people from my old church, including 2 brothers that I worked with. The people walking around seems to be oblivious. Maybe they were also robbers. I walked outside and informed the police operator what was happening. She said that she needed a complete street address.
By this point I knew that I was dreaming. I decided not to be aggressive. I wondered if the police were stonewalling or if telephone systems in dreamland operated differently. I knew that she should be able to tell my location within 2 feet. I knew that there was probably only one Adventist church beside a Lutheran church on this road. I knew that the blind could see tens of thousands of people outdoors. The organizers of the event probably had to notify the local authorities for such a massive influx of people in the rural area.
I was frustrated, there was nothing more that I could do. Then I heard voices on the other end of the phone. It seemed as if the police had walked into her office. They probably forgot to mute the call so I heard every word. I heard someone basically say, "that's what they get for putting themselves outside the protection of the law". I seemed as if this stonewalling and deliberate decision to not help was planned all along. In fact they may have planned this robbery and terrorization.

So far, my dreams are still about the church. At first this seems like a bad thing. But it was actually a good thing for me to hear. We were being persecuted because we stood up for something and stood against something the government wanted. The Pagan symbols were eerie. It was probably at that point that I realized that I was dreaming. So I decided to play along and play nice and clueless so that I could see what I could learn.

Dream 23: Back to School (August 18, 2007)
I am still a homeless beggar and God is still giving me instructions about the Messiah. It is this constant attention by God that makes me still believe that I am doing His will despite what is happening around me. I have just completed an incredible period of learning about the campsites of the 12 sons and how they fulfilled the last week of the life of Jesus. I realized during this process that my life seemed to have this strange pattern of events also. About a month ago I had been judged a serpent by two people who were supposed to love me. But thank God for the experience. It was while they were cursing at me that the situation seemed very familiar. So I knew that it was time for my "death and burial", then everything will be fine.
But I give credit to my God for teaching me that He also experienced what I am going through and how He overcame.

This is another Sabbath day dream. I had it early in the morning just before the dogs woke me up at 7: 45 AM.
I was standing in front of a door that had a name written on it in bold letters. No other door had a name on it. It was the door to my dorm room. I assumed it was the name of my roommate. It did not bother me that neither I nor the other residents had their names on their door. There was a mailbox next to my door and my key opened my box and it could also open all the other boxes. I thought that that must be a mistake. Inside my box was a plastic bag filled with rolls of money. I thought that it belonged to my roommate. Then I saw my sister, Sandra. She lived in the dorm too and she was going to school. We decided to be room mates and went about trying to find out how to do this. I wondered why she left her big house to live in a dorm room and go to school. I wondered what I was doing back in school and how was I paying for this and who had entrolled me? School was the last place I wanted to be again. This time I was apparently working for a PhD.
Somehow we found out that I did not have a roommate. The bold word on the door was actually two words. They were my title/name. I was apparently the resident assistant in charge of this section. So that means the money was also mine. I still did not realize that I was dreaming. I was preoccupied with trying to determine how I got here and who was responsible.
I cheered up and looked forward to this new challenge. Already my mind was filled with ideas about how to help the people under my care to succeed. I went to visit one of my classes and I was filled with a kind of confidence that was remarkable. I stood in front of the class and gave an excellent presentation. But it seemed that I was more the professor instead of the graduate student. I went back to my dorm and saw an old friend Laurie W. I cried when I saw her. She was in the dorm also. I went to a balcony and looked down at the library and I saw another old acquaintance Alex G. He was picking up papers from off the floor. We smiled at each other.

A Clown. Then I went outside and I was walking under a walkway with arched columns. The school was built on top of a lush green mountain. Then a tall, fat blond haired man walked by me. He was wearing red pants and a yellow shirt. He seemed to have a blue cap and there was a faint blue checkerboard pattern on his pant legs.
He suddenly fell to the ground, a victim of a heart attack. I knelt down and began pounding on his chest. Then I said, "You don't know CPR. Aren't you supposed to breathe into his mouth?" I was now in distress. How could I help him. I have never owned a cellular phone. Then I looked in my left hand and saw what appeared to be an earpiece. So I put it in my ear. Then my mind said, "I wish this was a phone, but where is the keypad so that I can dial. I need to dial 911!" Suddenly a voice responded through the earpiece, "this is 911". This strange phone responded to requests from my mind. I described my situation, she asked where I was but I did not know exactly where. So I walked up seven steps to the street level and called out the identify of the names on the businesses that I saw. None of these businesses were familiar to me. I went back to the man and found a group of men waiting for me. They said that the ambulance had come and taken him away and that I had saved his life. I never heard any sirens.

God hears me and is responding. My reproach has been removed by heaven! Earth may not realize it yet, just as Stephen realized that God approved of Him as they were about to stone him to death. Everyone treated me with respect. I was given keys to everything and put in charge as head of household. The heart attack victim was most likely the church of Laodicea. The good news is that they seem to have the colors of God. They just need more information about the law. The events seem to indicate a gift of healing, teaching and intercession or communication.
I could not help but compare the similitary between the last two dreams. The church was clueless about their danger and now they were dying and in need of resuscitation. Heaven heard me, listened to me, provided a means of communication and responded before I knew it. They gave generously and made arrangements for my needs.
In the previous dream the beast was obstructive and unresponsive. They stole and terrorized.
Update (April 20, 2008). Once again my dream is scientifically accurate. Last month I learned that the American Medical Association is reconsidering its CPR recommendations. A group has discovered that they save more lives simply by doing chest compressions alone and that the assisted breathing is not necessary.
Update (August 15, 2009). Today my sister called. We made up. She is selling her big house to move into a one bedroom apartment. Unbelievable! The circumstances that made this happen are so incredible. Just a week ago I had determined that I was past the point where she was ignoring me and my pleas in another dream. Now that dream is merging with this. I cannot go into any more details because it would put too many people to shame. Last week I also updated the lesson on sin, to talk about what forgiveness looks like. I concluded that expressions of regret and forgiveness for certain types of wrongs can only be undone if you "walk a mile in my shoes". She has been bitten by the pit bulls and the dogs are barking at her. She is hurting. But I can heal her with my own experience.

Fulfillment. The science in the bible is the fulfillment. The college town is the week of January 11 when I saw Princeton and College Park 7-11. That dream has more to be fulfilled.

Fulfilled Dream 24: The Youth of Japan (December, 2007)
I keep dreaming about the people from different nations in Asia. I have not had many dreams this year because of an extraordinary amount of revelations about Jesus.

I got on a public bus in Japan and the bus was moving. I was standing in front by the fare box going down a four lane street in the middle of a modern city. Suddenly, a young boy dashed across the street in front of the bus as he held a young girl with his left hand. Further down the road other teenagers did this, coming within inches of the vehicles and choosing to play this game with larger vehicles. I was told that the kids think that it is fun to play "chicken" with moving vehicles.
When I got off the bus I went into a skyscraper that was geometrical and made with bluish glass. Inside the building the internal walls between the rooms were glass and they were built about 12 inches apart, but they were open all the way up to the sky so that the sunlight can bathe the inner walls.

I do not know. The youth of Japan are in danger. We need to build a structure that brings the light to Japan?

Harvest is Ready?
About three weeks later I had a quick vision about a smooth straight road. On either side were fields of tall green grass. It looked like the leaves of a sugar cane field. Along the side of the road, the Chinese-looking workers were wearing white. They were dressed in the traditional cone shaped, straw hats of rice paddy workers. They all turned around to look at me as I walked down the center of the road.

Fulfillment. This is the science in the Bible fulfillment. The building with the hole down the center full of light is the model of the atom and the earth. The pairs of boys and girls may be the electron pairs and the highways are the orbits.

» Update March 25. The nuclear meltdown and core breach after the earthquake and tsunami puts the youth in Japan at risk. It is interesting that I recognized this as having something to do with atoms, but I could not figure out what the deadly game was and why the young people were most at risk. I also do not know what is the big bus full of people. If I take it as a nuclear process then it could be the big neutrinos which knock out the electrons (boy-girl pair). It means that neutrinos or whatever they are, are able to take in one or more particles.
» Update April 1. Today the news reports stated that workers inside the reactor saw blue light flashing from the reactor. This is definitely my blue glass building with the hole down the enter that lets light through. Even the internal walls around the hole were blue glass.
World Autism Awareness Day.. Every nation approved this designation and over 1000 iconic buildings turned blue to recognize the day. I learned about this on April 2. So we not only have blue lights but blue buildings all connected to children in danger.

Dream 25: Springs of Water (May 16, 2008)
I now recognize that the dreams are primarily about me. Right now I am in my "death phase" and I am looking for signs of the resurrection, including powerful gifts.

As usual, I do not remember most of this dream. The dream seemed to last a long time and I think I might have awakened several times and then the dream continued. But I cannot be certain.
I was confined with others and I believe I escaped. I was walking down a trail in a forest and I found some springs of fresh water. Two springs were right next to each other and there was a third spring near by. The water seemed to be spurting from a short white spigot coming out of the ground. My only problem was trying to find something to catch the water. I believe the springs gushed water periodically like a geyser. But it appeared to come when I put my hand over it.
Then I appeared to be in a tiled room, like a shower with an oriental woman on the right. She was hung up or suspended on something. She was vomiting a shiny sapphire blue liquid. I thought it was phlegm. As I was helping her some of it splashed on my lips then I started to vomit a sapphire blue liquid, but it was not phlegm. Both streams poured out continuously out of our mouths.

I am dreaming about the resurrection signs.

Dream 26: The Fugitive (May 28, 2008)
Background. None.

This dream was set in Takoma Park on the Campus of Columbia Union College and Sligo Church. It appeared to be in an earlier time because some buildings were missing. I was walking along the road between the Campus Center (Wilkerson) and the ball field going from Flower Avenue to the houses in the back. But what is now filled with private homes was only woods. To the left of the Campus center there was only one building. There was no boy's dorm, religion building or church. There was a building that seemed like a private house but it may have been the church.
I was walking on this short side street (Division Street?) in the dark towards the back road when a prisoner in dark blue coveralls came running towards me in fear of something. He was a black man wearing the type of coveralls worn by auto repair men and I believe he had chains on his wrists. He ran past me and disappeared into the bushes. I decided to turn right towards Carroll Avenue thinking that I would avoid him. But every time I looked to the left I saw him pop out of the bushes and then run back to hide. I saw him about four times. I finally made it to the other building to knock on the door and warn them that an escaped convict was loose. There was a light on the porch. As I approached I saw a police vehicle that looked like the old style ambulances coming down what must be Carroll Avenue. It was full of light. Several officers poured out of the car and I was able to tell them in great detail what I had seen and where he was.

Interpretation. It is the same dream of the church in danger and I have knowledge to help them. The missing boy's dorm, religion department and church says a lot about the type of danger that they are in.
As I think about this man, I have no reason to believe that he may not also be the church in need of help.

Dream 27-28: Spiritual Gifts (July 17-18, 2008)
Background. About three days before I had these dreams I heard a command to "Go learn physics". It reminded me of a command to "Go read the Mishnah". All my books were gone, I have no money and I have no access to the internet. But I immediately thought that this was related to a proposal I had given to God and I wondered ...
Around 5 April 2006, I suddenly felt the urge to make a plan for finishing the work on a global scale. So, using what I knew in prophecy and the powers of God from the Bible I made a plan to finish the Gospel in one year, putting the enemies of God to shame and made a schedule for visiting each nation. It is all written in a file that was created in April 2006. And I submitted it as a written proposal to God. Perhaps He will honor my plans and most likely He stirred up these plans.

The reason I mention this is that I only used examples of the power of God in the Bible to theorize about the spiritual gift. I tried to think about other possible gifts but I could not and did not. Now, over the last two days I have been having dreams about my spiritual gifts and some of them are so wild I do not know how to describe them. I have had symbolic and vague associations to my gifts in other dreams, but the last dreams were more concrete representations of what I will do with the awesome power of God. I had challenged God to "wow" me with abilities that I could not conceive of and on the second day He impressed me. As usual I forgot many things. Both dreams were given between 5:00 and 7:00 AM. I would wake up about 1:00 AM and talk to God. Then by 3:00 I turned on the news to get information on local or international news. Then I would fall asleep again.

Interpretation. Perhaps God will make my plans come through because I was so faithful in doing His work. Psalm 20 is appropriate for me in my resurrection phase.
May He grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your counsel! We will sing for joy over your victory, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners. May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.
They have bowed down and fallen, but we have risen and stood upright.
(Psalm 20: 4-5, 8)

Fulfillment. The information from the science in the bible discoveries actually fulfilled some of these abilities. I was able to understand electronic information, the structure of the DAN, the earth and magnification. I believe the awesome gift that I could not remember was related to the ability to change the path of the earth.

Dream 29: My Home (July 20, 2008)
Background. Ever since I was a little girl, I was constantly drawing my dream home. So deliberately jeapordizing my future and becoming homeless was not easy for me. God asked the person from whom its was the hardest. Yet God required it of me. To my credit, I spent about five minutes mourning over the loss and just did what He wanted. I never resisted.
I also loved babies so much I thought that I would be happy if I had them four at a time as long as I could guarantee that they were identical. So when He asked me to be single, I obeyed but I planned a way to mourn my lost children and honor them when I reached menopause. I never knew them, but I loved them from afar and gave them names in alphabetical order of birth. So I planned to take a box of eggs, write their names on it and bury it in the mountains. I would no longer think of my body as their grave or that they were flushed down the toilet or thrown away in the garbage. Potential life is precious to God and it would be precious to me also. I placed value on every child that I could have had and could have introduced to God. But I was grateful. I felt luckier than Abraham. He was asked to kill a real son that he had met and played with. I was asked to give up children that I only dreamed about.
About two months before I became homeless I started daydreaming about the perfect place to live and the perfect conditions to have in preparation for the persecution and it triggered my research into organic farming. Then my friend suddenly received what I had been dreaming even in the place where I dreamed it would be. Unexpectedly, she had another son in her old age the previous year. And I became homeless. My official home was a tent that leaked in four corners, no sleeping bag, a bag of nuts and raisins, no shoes and a backpack.

I was working again for a salary but I was disappointed. I did not want to start over because I could not make up for lost time and resources. I would have preferred death. I was working with a man from either my first computer job or my last job. His face was fuzzy but I could see his body. It was either Spencer from my last job or someone from my first job whose wool sweaters I darned. Spencer thought that I could read his mind. I sort of could. I met spencer around 2000 when my gifts were taking me over and I could do the weirdest things. I knew what He wanted and what he was thinking before he opened his mouth.
Then he told me about a place where they were selling plots of land very cheaply and we could build our own homes. The land cost under $1200 and each plot was prepared, flat with its own septic system. I thought it was a joke. Land costs about $100,000. So we went to visit the site, somewhere in the mountains. The plots were staked out and they were rectangular with the shortest side in the front and back. The new property owners were also helping each other to build their homes. They were building simple stick frame homes. Because I wanted to plant a large garden and the land was so cheap I went to see if I could buy two lots. I was worried that I would be taking away someone else's opportunity but the land owner told me to take three lots. These three seemed to have made my land a square. I did not have the money, but at these prices I could pay for it with my next paycheck. I also wanted to know if I could tap into a well so that I did not need public water. I also wanted to build a reinforced concrete, solar home with steel framing. I wanted a stone fence with decorative iron work on top around the boundaries of the property. It seemed unfair that the others would help me to build this type of house so I built it myself, but I helped the others to build theirs since the community was based on providing this kind of assistance. The property owner even provided the materials we needed cheaply.
I was so skeptical that anything good could happen to me or that someone would give away so much that I started questioning if this was a scam. So I looked in the fine print of the contract to see if there was something wrong. I wondered if the property was built over a chemical waste site or a garbage dump. Then I wondered if the man intended to perform some weird experiment with us and finally I wondered if he owned the land and all he was trying to do was take our money and run. But the land was so cheap I took the risk because I could not find anything wrong.
By the time I woke up, I had planted the garden, dug the well, built the fence, completed the bare walls of the basement and the first floor but the second floor and roof were not completed yet.

Interpretation. Wow! A triple inheritance. Even the bible symbols stop at a double inheritance. It is as if the Father, Son and Holy Spirit each decided to wrap His own personal gift for me. All my dreams are about to come through and I am about to receive my inheritance, and it was a triple inheritance from the great Landlord. The region looked like the ideal place where I planned to symbolically bury my children. Because He showed me that we would have children in the new earth I knew that my children were not lost to me forever and because they would not be born in this world, I would never lose them forever.

Dream 30: Rebuilding Israel (August 11, 2008)
Background. This dream seems to incorporate some of my day dreams. It seems to be a continuation of the last dream. In the last dream I get my home and in this I get my children.

I had graduated from college with many engineering, agricultural and biblical degrees. A recruiter from Israel came and asked me to come and help Israel, he was totally impressed with my abilities. What I did not realize is that he had also fallen in love with me.
We needed to make Israel independent and even prepared for when the United States will turn against them. I needed to build a nation that was energy independent, have access to clean water, locally grown food and housing. When I arrived, I immediately decided to go and live in the desert, in the Negev in the wilderness of Kadesh far from the Egyptian border. We set up solar array farms on top of newly constructed concrete buildings. We also planted coconut and mango trees to provide shade and fruit. Then we tried to reclaim the sand by planting cover crops between the trees and ploughing it into the sand until we has built up three inches of top soil. We drilled for ground water and also set up two desalination plants on the Mediterranean ocean and piped water into the desert. Soon, the desert slowly turned green with fruits and vegetables. At some point in the dream we found oil, but I instructed them to leave it for making products that are based in petroleum so we concentrated on building solar energy and slowly converting the transportation system to battery operated vehicles. I built my house there and started building well planned communities with mass transportation. During the building of the house we got married. I had twelve sons all under five because of three pregnancies with identical quadruplets. When the oldest sons were five, I escorted a visitor to the train station down the hill. But when I returned I seemed to get lost, wandering around strange neighborhoods that I did not recognize. The place was full of trees, the desert was gone. One thing I remember is walking across a field that had huge stores of water hidden underground in round storage tanks, each the size of a baseball field. I wondered who had built them. It was when I crossed over these hidden stores of water that I was on a road and came to a shop/cafe. There I saw someone that I knew from my church, whose last name happened to be Lord. He was knocking on the red door of the shop. He was able to take me back home. The whole incident seemed to take about seven years. We had reclaimed the desert in the south of Israel and made the nation independent of foreigners. My husband and his family accepted Christ and they were surprised that I embraced all the Jewish traditions.

Interpretation. I think this website is meant to help restore Israel to God and this is what the dream is about. In the last dreams I keep dreaming about sets of three. I also keep giving birth to an important child. Now it is three sets of four sons - twelve sons. The three pregnancies might be three years. Each child might represent one season.

Fulfilled Dream 31: Another House (February 19, 2009)
Background. This is a daytime dream between 12 and 3:00 PM.

I was in a new housing development to buy a home. I purchased one with the number 4 as the address. From the outside it seemed that I had purchased a very narrow town house, but it was also a single house with a fenced in yard. Four front doors were next to each other like mail boxes and the distance between them was no wider than a door. The fifth door was on the right at right angles to the others. I only saw three rooms on the first floor. The first seemed to be a formal living room. I forgot what the other room was but behind it was a bedroom with high walls and narrow windows. It seemed to be inclined on an angle. I went upstairs and opened a door. There were three bedrooms upstairs but the door I opened led to an unfinished roof. The floor was made of a mesh material, on top were clay tiles on most of this and green plants were growing up between the mesh and tiles. There were several dark blue cube tanks (lapis Lazuli color) in several places. I knew they contained water. The roof seemed to be bigger than the size of the house.

Interpretation. It is obviously a symbol of the five chances. The fact that I am in room number four means that this is the final stage before the wrath of God. The unfinished second floor is an obvious symbol that keeps repeating itself.

» April 14-May 25 2011 (Florida Hospital South). The "L" shaped arrangement of her room and the conference center and the other rooms looked like a mirror image of this dream. They were on the right side and in the dream everything was on the left. She was in the fourth room next to the fifth door, the conference room that was set at 90 degrees to the other doors.

Fulfilled Dream 32: Bus Stop (August 30, 2009)
Background. This is definately a dream that I have had at least twice before. But the details were so foggy and confusing that whatever I wrote would not make sense. In the others I remember being at a rest stop on a train and a bus. I was lost and in some sort of danger.

We stopped at a rest stop during a long bus ride. I left the station to take a walk before it was time to leave. Somehow I seemed to be on the campus of a university that was located in a hilly area, full of trees. It reminded me of the city-country setting on a road at my old college campus, FDU in Rutherford. I was trying to make it back to the bus station but I seemed to be lost. As I was trying to make my way through a woody lawn to a road and sidewalk, I almost got hit in the head by a golf ball. Then I realized that people were walking around with golf clubs swinging and hitting balls everywhere with no warning or sense of danger. To avoid getting hit, I was levitated above their heads and in this position I turned left to the sidewalk and began walking on air uphill along the road. I passed a two or three story building on my left and turned to look at it. The top floor was full of people and I recognized it as the bus station and went inside.

Interpretation. It seems to combine the idea of being on a college campus with the dream about being lost in a familiar place and lost at a train or bus station. In my resurrection phase I may be "going to college". So far that has meant the Bible science discoveries.

» April 14-May 25 2011 (Florida Hospital South). I do not know if this was a fulfillment but while I was on the 14th floor I could see the bus, Lynx 125 which would take me to Lynx bus 50 at the Lynx central station. I wanted to plan a trip to go to a Lego store to buy pieces to build a model of the sanctuary and the periodic table. Perhaps this dream is telling me that it is important.
I am in my resurrection phase, elevated. In this room I am above the trees. The golf balls I have avoided may be the reproach on my name because I am going to rise above it. The acceptance by a scientist and a journalist is the first positive events towards the recognition of the Mishkan model of chemistry and physics.

Fulfilled Dream ??: Satan (I record it in 2008? and would NOT believe)

The stage was set. I saw God on a throne, facing east. The horse of humans was on the left. The messegers were on His right hand, from the past to the present. I was next in line, next to God.
It was the message of Eiijah. I was tell the whole earth to they the hearts back to God, before He comes. This is the LAST message.
I am convined the men finally got in right. Barak and all the men fought along with Deborah. So will the pastors in the LAST day, with POWER!
I was the one facing Satan. It was the same dream that I has in "Dream 14: Dream Slayer" 2006. I had that dream a month later. I had an "Internal Vision" on June 23, 2006.

Spirtrual Warfare. Bible Science the key.
The all world will understand what is happening.
And when I tell my story, the devil will be unmasked!
I is not a story about vision and dreams, but it is MY story.

NOT the other show from "The Investigators".
I will publish a list of reports and last of reporters. Satan will have to shut his lying mouth.
The Incarceration
I could NOT believe IT. My "friends" locked up as loony btween March 11- appox Mar 30.
Some time between March 15-17, 2017 Jesus showed it, and I started laughing. My "friends" have incarcerated my with a cause. And of today (April 16, 2017) I am stiil locked up because I am "Loony". They say I have HBP (blood pressure) "and she was acting Loony".
John ??? The investigators The counselors
The (Jan 10) key (My birthday)


  1. First. Nov 16, 2016 Corn Moon
  2. Second. May 11, 2017

This is one of the two visions I never recorded. For this one it was too fantastic. It was definitely a continuation of the last dream or a replay from another point of view. I had this vision around 2008/9. I tried to scrub it from my memory because if I talked about it people would say "Who do you think you are". So let me say this. The dreams and visions are always about what I will do. In this case something I said might make it appear that this is the last event but it is only a record of what I did and I do not know what those after me did. No, I did not see Ellen White but she could have been there. I did not try to recognize anyone I will just describe the company I was with. I was just focused on the threat.
THE VISION In the last vision I was being trained by God then I was transported to a barren land/field with dead grass. There I attacked the dragon I was alone in a deserted field where I fought him in some quantum event where I was split up into at least 4 people. There was one obedient and fearless fighter, one had the word of God as an encouragement, one was amazed and astonished and with my practical personality gave her some good advice. The last one was probably me, holding us all together. There I did the work of David against Goliath. In this scene there were some additions.

1. SANCTUARY. The world stage was set up like a sanctuary on 3 sides.
2. ELIJAH CONTEST. There was an audience watching the battle.
3. DEBORAH. A woman defeated the enemy. In that case the men were afraid and heaven (the stars) fought for her. I cannot say the men were afraid in this vision. I think they were just pleased to give Lucifer a humiliating defeat from a girl.
It appears that heaven is waiting for a fat old girl with a bad back, knees and feet.
4. DAVID AND GOLIATH. A small one defeats the mighty again.
The Scene was set on a pavement with terra cotta tiles. It was laid out like the sanctuary.
WEST. God was seated on His throne.
SOUTH. A single line of prophets and those called by God were on His right hand. It was a long line. They were dressed in glowing white robes, shining. I was the last. I could not tell race or gender but they were of different heights. Some were like giants near the end of the line.
NORTH. All the people of the world were in the north to witness this contest. The were standing on the left hand of God. Now the north is the place of curses, death and wrath while the south is for the blessings. We must flee from Babylon in the north and head south.
EAST. A large red dragon came on the stage from the open space in the east.

I was initially dressed in white shining robe. But God sent me out on stage and as I walked a gold armor covered me. My previous armor was silver. I had a sword and I had God instructing me what to do.
It was not a fair fight. He was a giant but that is all he had. He was big and slow. I had the weapon of God on my side. I was fast, mobile, extremely acrobatic, strong and deadly and in addition I had a unique gift. I could manipulate time.
I could make time accelerate for me. While he was slow and I was lightning fast I could land blows at will without being touched. I think I toyed with him - taunted him. I think the line of saints on te right were very approving, reveling in the kind of defeat he got.
And I think I remember God saying "Laverna, finish him off!" Too much taunting I suppose. It truly was a battle of Elijah. Choose whom you will serve.
I mentioned a "WOW" gift before that God showed me and took away. This was not that gift, but it was marvelous.
This ability to manipulate time is also science just like the ability to clone myself and to be linked just as scientists are discovering with quantum physics. I saw all these things before I knew that physicists have seen it and are baffled - one particle split in several and time being reversed/bending. Whatever this future last "WOW" gift is, we will talk about it forever.

Scientists also think that time can be reversed. They are right and they are wrong. It is appointed men once to die and after this the judgment. There s no reset. There is no do over. However, I will explain soon what the sanctuary teaches about time at the end. Only the remnant generation will have an appearance of a reset. It is not a reversal of what we have done or what Satan has done. It is a reversal of the unfairness against God for the remnant. Like the antediluvians nobody will be able to say that they did not know there is a God and who He is. God appeared to have a disadvantage for 6000 years. However, the advantage of bringing the evidence at this point in time is that everything we will accuse God of not trying has been done or allowed. This time God acts in His own defense and He will not be run over any more.

The End Time Prophets
"But as for you, go your way to the end, then you shall rest and rise again for your allotted portion at the end of the age." (Daniel 12: 13)
After a period when his visions will be obscure, Daniel will become very important at the end of time. What does Daniel add that John does not?
The message of several prophets will become important at the end of time because our situation is similar to what they have experienced. And their victory strategy will help us to win our battles.

  1. Abraham. He did not know where he was going when he started walking.
    By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise: For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God. (Hebrews 11: 8-10)
  2. Moses. He led the people from the land of sin and slavery to the promised land. At the end, a final warning will prepare the world for the promised land of the New Jerusalem. Like the third angel's message, he warns the people to avoid the plagues and he persuades Israel to accept the Mark of God so that death passes over them.

  3. Elijah. There will be a message that turns the world back to God. Back from idolatry to true worship. Evil will become so powerful, that it will be able to duplicate the miracle of fire from Heaven that was used the first time. But the Elijah message will overcome this deception through the fire of the Holy Spirit in the Latter Rain.

  4. Daniel. He became a prophet after the exile. He was a vegetarian. He represents those on whom the Spirit of God will be poured out after Babylon the Great has come. The prophecies of Daniel will become very important at the end of time. This could be from two perspectives.
  5. Jeremiah. He was the prophet before the destruction by Babylon. He was also sent to Babylon. His experience was the same as the people who would unseal the book of Daniel. Because they would give the first message about Babylon and the coming of judgment and suffer ridicule. Jeremiah 15: 15-21 and Jeremiah 20: 7-18.
  6. Ezekiel. His experience is duplicated in Revelation 10-11 and 13, 16, 18.

#Visions, Dreams and
Day-Dream Visions
Audience Second Coming Symbols Evangelism
TabernaclesWeddingRapture Preparation Warning 10/40 Disaster
Visions (Vivid External Images when I am Awake)
1The Deck of Cards Me A war at the end of time -
Dreams (During Sleep)
1Glass Roof and Ark World Glass roofNoNo Repair Ark No China No
2Ball of Fire Friends NoBride, GuestsYes Wedding dress Yes Korea Fire ball
3Rapture Church NoBride's MaidsYes Pleading Appeal No Yes
4Dark Skies Leaders NoNoAngel Speech Yes No No
5Trapped Underground Family NoNoNo Pleading No Other Earthquake
6White Clothes My church NoYesNo Food, white robes Yes India No
7Construction Project Me No roofNoNo Replace Stones No India No
8Going Home Me HomeNoNo Church No No No
9The Athlete Me TempleNoNo Race No No No
10The Old Woman Me PenthouseBridal suiteNo Change business No No No
11The Pit Bulls Me -NoNo Run Dogs No No
12Stampede Me TreeNoNo Leave Babylon Bulls No No
13Exodus Me PropertyNoNo Unite church - Israel No
14Dragon Slayer Me ThroneNoNo Armor of God Dragon China No
15Children's Rapture Church SongNoAngel No No No Regret
Day-Dream Visions (When I am Awake. Internal Single Image or Moving Images)
1Lighting a Candle World Christ and angelsNo Lighting Candles Naked Buddhist Darkness
2The Dark and Light World No NoChrist Running Run No Darkness
1Oil Me Swirling pool of dark liquid disappears Resource
2St. Louis Arch Me Broken Destruction
3Obelisk Me Angry skies above a structure that looks like the washington monument Darkness
4Jacksonville Me Buildings moved by a great wave in the earth and water Earthquake
5North Korea? Me A single isolated sky scraper beside a huge tornado Tornado
6Dark City Me A city in darkness on the edge of water. New Orleans "thumb". Darkness
7Burning Mountain Me Iraq in violent trouble (June 2004) War
8Crumbling Mountain Me Iraq falls apart (June 2005) Civil War
9Black Pyramid Me Las Vegas -
10West Coast Me San Francisco Fireballs
There were so many of these visions after hurricane Katrina that I have suspended this list. I started again in December
11Washington D.C. Me Panic at the Washington Monument under smoky or cloudy, churning skies Fireballs?

The Gift of Knowledge (2001 - Present)
The Gift of Knowledge
This is some of the information revealed to me through the gift.
> The Curses
> The Seven last Plagues
> Christ and the Curses
> The Colors
> Numbers
> Calculating 666 (Jewish)
> The Cross in Daniel 9: 27
> The Unclean Woman
> The Cross in the Sanctuary
> The breast and thigh offerings
> The Split Hoof of the sacrifice
> Time Cycles in the Curtains
> God's Patterns
> Latter Rain
> Daniel 12 (1/22/2005)
> The Great Tree (2/20/2005)
> Mother's Milk (2/20/2005)
> Shepherd of the Church (2/2005)
> The law as prophecy
> Feast order of Revelation (2004)
> The curses in the seals
> Relationship of the Seals and the Sealing
> The Seven Thunders (11-12-2005)
> The SHMA and 3 Angels (7-10-06)
> The Tzitzit and the 5 symbols (7-11)
> Christ in the Seder (7-12-06)
> The 12 Tribes (May-July 2007)
> Abraham (11-2008)
> Science in the Bible (12-21-2008)
All the incidences of direct knowledge transfer appear to the centered on Christ. The visions and dreams are of future events or Laodicea.
When I stopped working, all I thought that I would be doing was editing the english language and then use the free language translators. 90% of the work had been completed. I also needed to do the seven last plagues, the seven trumpets and the children's games. When I was home full time, I suddenly became full of knowledge about prophetic symbols and I started writing about old testament prophecies. It was a strange three weeks. My head was knitting facts together. This was unexpected. But it was this obsessive behavior at work again.

Around the time that I thought that I should do a web site, I started having early menopause symptoms. Memory loss and hot flashes around my head and neck. About a year later I had what I can only describe as periodic obsessive compulsive thoughts. Persistent thoughts. I would get the urge to do something or study something and the desire would not go away until I had completed the task. All the thoughts and tasks had something to do with the bible. My first task was to build a replica of the sanctuary. I bought a hand saw and at night I would be sitting in my bed sawing this plywood and getting saw dust all over my bed. Wondering if the saw would slip and cut my leg. All the time I was wondering why I was suddenly so interested in this. And why could I not stop building this thing. Later, after I stopped working to devote my time to the web site, I would feel like studying something. One topic was the curses.
All this is important because I would learn that God would not simply pour information into me. I had to study. But He told me what to read.
The subjects that came in my mind were strange. They would either come as a word or as a question. Such as "Why is God in the fire?" I learned to use the concordance to study these topics or my mind would not be at peace.
I wondered when this stupid menopause would be over.
Until one day I went to Wednesday night prayer meeting and the pastor went off on one of his tangents and he talked about "Why is God in the fire?" That perked me up. Because not only was the topic and subject weird but he had just asked the same question that I had been obsessively studying for the past week because my mind had said the same thing "Why is God in the fire?". I was not doing or thinking about anything that was related to that topic or those words. Nor did I have an interest in the topic or knew that there was a topic or something to be interested about. I dismissed it as a coincidence. A weird one. But a coincidence, because the pastor could not be experiencing menopause. He was a male.
Within the next three months it happened three times again. A weird topic, unrelated to the lessons which I felt compelled to study in the week or two before and here was the pastor rambling on about the same thing.
I therefore concluded that I was not in a menopausal haze. The pastor could not read my mind. Therefore, the same Mind must be directing both of us. After this, I felt free to write about whatever knowledge was seeping into my brain. And I also write about my efforts to understand them.

Daniel and Revelation
So this was how God gave me information to put in the web site. He would get my mind studying what I needed about three months before. Generally, this was background information or history or a topic I need to read in the bible. He would then give me a direct transfer of knowledge to understand the Bible topics. I had no idea what it was related to or why it was important. Then, if my brain does not make the connection and I pray, my mind will suddenly be filled with the answer. Or, He would come into my head and explain things that I had no idea needed explaining or was of interest. For example, when He taught me about the sacrificial system in August to September of 2004, I was given a Jewish Bible by someone who thought it would help. I immediately noticed two things. The first is that my thoughts had been organizing themselves in the same way as this book. The next was that, for the first time I saw a reference to the "five series of curses". I had never seen this before. It was the Holy Spirit who asked me to study the curses and to see that there were five sets. Later, He made me understand Revelation 16 suddenly and two days later He made me understand that Christ suffered repetitive cycles of this curse.
Finally this Jewish Bible had a picture of a cow's stomach and I said to myself, "what an interesting picture of a Cow's stomach". Then I left it alone as unimportant. Within a week God was teaching me about the symbols of the resurrection and the significance of being buried in the "bowels of the earth". Then I was reminded about the picture that I saw and I searched for it and looked at the information and understood how it represented the resurrection.

This is what I mean by studying things or coming in contact with information that I needed when I did not know that I would need them. This was the way it was for the studies on the seven last plagues, the colors of God, the unclean woman and the curse of the crucifixion.
One moment I was clueless, I would pray and the next moment I understood. I would have tons of information literally downloaded to my brain in seconds. The first time it happened with the seven last plagues I was fascinated. Two days later, He helped me to understand the symbolism of Jesus on the cross in the darkness, between two cursing thieves.

Finally, In July 2004 I heard a voice in my head say, "It is time for you to understand". Then I felt compelled to open my bible. It fell to John 16. Then I felt compelled to turn to the old testament. It fell to Ezekiel. All that day God showed me that He had called me. Then He helped me understand the rest of the symbolism about Christ and the animal sacrifices. The breast and thigh offerings, the cross, the split hooves of the clean animals and the symbolism of chewing the cud and Daniel 9: 27.

It is July 10, 2006 and I have 50 days left until I am out on the streets. I had promised myself that I would start my packing finally because I could not think of anything left to do for this website. Several days before I woke up with the understanding that the command from my fourteenth dream to "become one with the armor" meant that I should now study these lessons as a student so that as a teacher I would know them by heart. So I decided to give up to eight hours per day to study and then do as much packing and sorting as I could in ten hours. During this time my mind kept going to the word SHMA just as it did with the curses. I thought that it was only Deuteronomy 6: 4 so I read it. My mind was still restless for days. So I researched it to see what the Jews had to say about it. To my amazement, the SHMA consists of three major statements of faith. One of those is the text of the blessings and curses. As soon as I saw this I looked at the three statements and wondered why these three were selected. I updated the glossary to define the SHMA and in doing so I wrote out two of them. As I wrote the one on the tassels of the clothes the phrase about "being a whore" jumped at me. I realized that the SHMA is the equivalent of the Three Angel's message and that my mind had been organizing itself to learn the basis of the SHMA which is the eternal Gospel.

More Revelations. The revelations have been continuing, it is now July 23. I had a deeper explanation of five important symbols of Judaism and a wonderful explanation of the Passover seder which I put in the lessons on "the Feasts". That lesson and the lesson on Christ gives a picture of what happened in the crucifixion from the point of view of God. It is truly remarkable information that does not benefit Satan. It harms Satan's kingdom.
Everytime I believe that I am finished and I create my last ZIP for people to download, He arrives with more information. He is totally unconcerned about human schedules, times, hairstyles and wardrobe. He lives in His own world where He is God. So I just give up and obey and live in the present, because tomorrow is not my own.

Day Dream Visions
Besides the gift of knowledge and the visions and dreams, one other thing has been happening. But these are very fuzzy events. They are very brief intense images that interrupt my thoughts as profoundly as the gift of knowledge consumes my thoughts.

The Burning Mountain (2003). On the day sovereignity was handed over to Iraq by the Coalition Provisional Authority, at the hour it was happening, I had an intense image of great darkness and a tall mountain that was burning. A mountain is symbolic of a government. It was about 3:00AM, later the news reported the secret handing over of power before the scheduled date. And I knew from my visions what I had confirmed by the patterns of written prophecy. Iraq will have no peace.

The Crumbling Mountain (Civil War in Iraq). Late in June 2005 I had an image of a landslide, with dirt filling an underpass. It did not look like recent images of the landslides in New York and California. But I was not sure if they had influenced me. The next day, I just had images of dirt falling down a slope, without any reference to any object or place. Just dirt falling and falling. About one week later, I saw falling dirt and this time there were trees and other objects tumbling down the slope. But there were no land marks. The next day I had an image of the top of a mountain. Part of the peak was still there because it looked like solid rock, but the entire mountain was unstable. It was eaten up and eroded with huge gouges. The peak looked familiar. The next day, I saw a mountain that looked exactly like the burning mountain that I had seen a year before. The peak was the same as the crumbling mountain. But it was not burning and I did not see any signs of erosion. It was intact.
One could say that the last image of an intact mountain shows that it will be made whole again, but I do not think so. I assume it was intact so that I could recognize it, not that the erosion and crumbling had been reversed. I later learned that this day was the anniversary of the handover of power to Iraq. That was the anniversary of the day I had the image of the burning mountain a year ago. That cannot be a coincidence! So, I assume that the burning mountain, which I thought was Iraq, is the same mountain that I had been seeing. Only, this time it was falling apart. Iraq has truly been burning this year. The violence and suicide bombings have escalated. Their infrasturcture has deteoriated. Unemployment, electricity, water and sewage are a daily problem. If these little visions are of Iraq, then this is not good. Iraq is or will soon be falling apart.
** Update (Iraq Crumbling)**. On July 19, I heard on a progressive radio show that Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani told the Shi'a that they could go ahead and fight against the occupation. For two years he had been a voice of peace telling them to not retaliate after so many bombings. It looks like there will be civil war. The mountain is crumbling.
In Novemeber, it came to light that the Shia were also capturing and torturing Sunni. The violence has increased and the clergy has told people to defend themselves.
** Update (America Crumbling) **. In September to November there was a series of public opinion reversals for the Bush administration. Babylon the Great is also crumbling. Attacks against the United States military have increased from 150 to 770 incidents per day. So, I have looked at the end of the vision with an intact mountain and concluded that this could also point to the fate of Babylon the Great. Although they are crumbling and seriously eroded, they will bounce back so they they can complete the rest of the prophecy. They must have the ability to bully the world. Either they will fight back like wounded animals or God will give them the global opportunity of fear that they need to gather the world together for the final persecution.
** Update (Civil Unrest) February 22, 2006 **. After the bombing of the 1200 year old golden mosque in Samarra the Shia and Sunni are openly fighting. One report claimed that there has been an ongoing or soft civil war that we were trying to deny. The Sunni would do insurgent violence and bombings in the day and the Shia, with the help of the newly trained army of Shia would slaughter the Sunni at night. About 50 bodies come to the morgue each day as a result of this violence. That is 27,000 people in eighteen months. An internal refugee crisis is also emerging in which there is ethnic cleansing and people are being expelled from their homes.
** Update (Anarchy) June 5, 2006 **. Even in the south, places like Basra that are supposed to be peaceful have declared a state of emergency. There is open anarchy. Sunnis dressed as police kidnap people in daylight and kill the Shia. There is a growing refugee crisis as 17,000 families are displaced in just 4 months. The violence is no longer just insurgents fighting American troops. It is sectarian violence or civil war.
** Update July 11, 2007 **. A mountain with the top cut off was burning like a river of fire. The burning river flowed out on all sides and spread in all directions. People were running away form the burning river in every direction.

The Broken Monument in St. Louis.
All my drawings are not meant to reflect all the buildings, landmarks and other objects. Even the relative heights of objects may be incorrect. They are meant to reflect things that I remember, shapes, colors, view point and the relative locations with respect to each other.
In September 2004, I had another intense image of a landmark in the United States that was broken in the middle. The top had come off at about the center, leaving part of the supporting structure. I told my sister and someone else but I refuse to tell anyone else where and what it is because if it happens I could be accused of terrorism. People are already whispering that I am going insane. I even had to ask her what city this famous monument was in because I was not sure. I also do not know when this will occur and as you can see, I have seen events over thirty years before they occurred. I eventually looked for pictures of this structure on the web. I noticed the brown buildings that are on one end, just as my vision! I was looking at it from one end with a line of trees on that end and the brown buildings on the other end. Will an earthquake topple this structure? Or will a terrorist weapon? Nothing else seemed to be destroyed.
Update (March 2005). I changed my mind after having more of these experiences and seeing places that I had never seen before! I will no longer be afraid to say what I see. The monument was the arch in St. Louis.
I am also amazed that in spite of all the wrong information I had about this structure, that my vision got it right. I thought that it straddled a river, its location on a lawn in my vision was confusing to me. I also got the brown buildings, lawn and the trees right.
Update (March 2006). Earlier this month I learned that the state of Missouri is trying to pass a law to make Christianity the official religion. If that is so then this act may be seen as the first outward sign of the coming Sunday law and the imposition of religion.
By the end of the month I appeared to have a moment of supernatural insight. Babylon the Great appears to be structured like the city of ancient Babylon. Both have an important river running through the middle of the land. The 1811 earthquakes caused the Mississippi river to flow backwards. Suppose the Mississippi river "dries up" as a result of the disaster that causes the arch to fall? This would be a sign of the coming real fulfillment of "the drying up of the Euphrates". This disaster would devastate our economy.
See a map of The United States. The Mississippi river runs down the middle from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It divides the Catholic half from the Protestant half.
See a map of Ancient Babylon. The Euphrates runs through the center.
Update (11 August 2009). Today, God made me redo Revelation 11 again in the 12 tribes order in the lesson on the Journey of the faithful. Just one week earlier I had discovered that I was almost 8 months into my "resurrection" phase. I have been waiting for the gifts and earthquake symbol. I realized that the gifts might not come yet because Jesus was still not believed in the resurrection phase. So I wondered what about the earthquake sign. Today, from that lesson I realized that the earthquake can occur after the physical resurrection and before the resurrection/rapture to heaven. Today a PBS documentary "Monumental Reflextions" was about the 630 foot arch. It is the tallest in the USA and the tallest minimalist monument in the world. Completed in 1965. The arms face north to south. This means that the opening on the river is in the east. The commentators said that it would last 1000 years.
I wonder why all these things happened today. I fear that as part of my reproach being removed, my writings will not only be publicly recognized as worthy of reading, and I will not only have gifts, but one of my destruction prophecies might come through. So I am afraid that the earthquake that I have been expecting to the north of my location will be this earthquake that breakes the arch.

The Wave under the Skyscrapers (Jacksonville, Florida) .
Jacksonville Jacksonville
On Friday February 4, 2005 I had another one of these intense images. I had already had another dream that morning and I was in this "knowledge zone". God was instructing me as I was rewriting several lessons. It bolsters my theory that I have these flashes of knowledge during the times that I have periods of Bible instruction from God. The one on September 4 occurred after two weeks of instructions about the offerings and laws.
This time there was some motion or passage of time, not just a still picture. I saw a place with a few widely dispersed skyscrapers. One was a wedge shaped, black and white building. It was broader at the base and curved up, ending in a rectangular shape. On the left was a tall, round, silver grey building and a short building on the right. Then the water/earth moved like a giant wave underneath the buildings. The buildings moved up and down like a ship on a rough sea but they did not topple over. I felt that the earth also moved even though I saw only water move. But the movement was so exaggerated and impossible that no building could have stood up.

I did not recognize the city. Since the tall buildings were widely separated, I believed that it must be a newer city. I guessed that the most likely place was somewhere in Asia. So I made plans to look for pictures of the Asian skyline after I had completed my editing tasks. Then two days later on Sunday the sixth, I was watching the news on CNN. It was superbowl Sunday and they were doing a feature on Tampa, Florida. I saw the buildings! Although it was from a different angle I recognized the black and white building and the silver cylindrical building. About five minutes later I saw another view of the city and it was closer to the perspective that I saw. In my day-dream-visions I had seen a place that I had never seen before. This impressed me so much that I was no longer afraid to name the places that I saw and the destruction that was associated with them. Even if it means a visit from the department of Homeland Security. Because of this experience I named the arch in St. Louis. You must understand that I started writing these down because I was convinced that they were from God but I did not know what they meant or what I should do with them and the people at church did not want to listen to me anymore. It could be because I told them that their precious president would lose the war and Iraq would collapse into three parts.
Since it was superbowl week I wonder If I had seen those buildings in previews. But I had not. I would have remembered that distinctive building. I hate sports and would not lower myself to feed this false god.
I have tried to independently verify the name and location of these two buildings but I cannot find a picture of them in Tampa. I know that I heard the news story right on that superbowl Sunday. They were showing Tampa, not the home town of the two teams. However, I will keep searching for those two buildings and I will keep my options open.

Update (March 2005). I am taking a wild guess and I could be wrong. But, I believe that I might have seen the effect of an earthquake in the Gulf states. I will not dismiss it because of other similar insights that came through.
In a flash of knowledge, I once saw the people of Thailand running through the hills away from a tsunami. The Friday night before it happened (December 24), I was telling a friend that I believe that God is going to punish Thailand for child prostitution. I remember telling her that we have to be strong, because the good and the bad will be punished.

In a moment of defiance I once said to God, that I would only believe the strange knowledge that had just come into my head if the pattern continued "and I saw any unusual darkness in the world". The 2003 North east blackout, the London and Italian blackouts occurred within the next three weeks!
I was not deliberately being disobedient. But these experiences came with no fanfare, no formal introduction, no explanation and no instruction manual. I was battling the perception from my church and friends that they were "concerned about my mental health". I had to feel my way around until the Holy Spirit made me read Jeremiah 15:15-21, Ezekiel 2 and John 16. I heard a voice in my head telling me where to turn. This was near the end of July 2004. I will call this the date of my formal call. By that time I became resigned to the fact that perhaps my life is a little different from the normal.

In a flash of knowledge I also saw the global loss of our oil supply like "the plug pulled on the drain of a bathtub". I said it was impossible. Then within a short time a whole lake disappeared overnight in Missouri as if "someone pulled the drain on a bathtub". Showing me that it is possible. Therefore, putting all this together, I assume it is an earthquake in the Gulf states that will cause the loss of our Strategic Petroleum Reserves. The Middle East oil fields will probably also be lost by a great catastrophe.
Later, when I looked at a map in April, I realized that Missouri was near the Gulf states, not near Washington State. Duh! I had outsmarted myself. I thought that the description of St. Louis as "the gateway to the west" meant that it was in the west somewhere near the end of their journey. So I could not see how an earthquake in my mental West Coast version of St. Louis would affect a city on the east coast without destroying the whole country. So my mind kept saying "Look at a map".
One of the largest earthquakes occurred there in 1811. So, perhaps an earthquake along the New Madrid fault breaks the arch in St. Louis, spills the oil from the petroleum reserves and the effects are felt in Jacksonville? That sounds like a working theory. I do not know how to combine these separate images or even if I should.
» Liquefaction. Besides being bombarded by waves, one phenomenon that could be described as the earth behaving like waves is liquefaction. This process occurring under the buildings could symbolize a great earthquake and the earth moving in Jacksonville like liquified waves.

Update (June 2005). I learned that the New Madrid fault suddenly became active again around April. Scientists believe that it was affected by the Asian earthquake. In June they also reported that they have changed their opinion about the importance of this fault. In the 1990's they had declared the fault insignificant. Now they believe that a major eruption is sooner rather than later. Fortunately for me, since last year I had been telling my family and friends who will listen that I believe that there will be a significant earthquake in the region of Missouri. I also wish that God will be clearer and that my testing will be over.

Update (January 21, 2006). I finally found the city. It is Jacksonville, not Tampa. That probably explains why, for many months, I thought the city of Tampa was in the North of Florida near the pan handle. When I first went searching for independent verification, I was suprised to find Tampa in the middle of the state, not in the pan handle. I must have seen a map as they were talking about the game. I could have sworn that I heard the CNN reporter say "Tampa". Anyway, I decided to look at the superbowl and look at the two cities of the teams and the city where the game was being played. I could not find Tampa as one of those cities for either 2004 or 2005. I wondered if I had written down the year incorrectly. Time flies so swiftly when you are not working. I knew two things for certain. The game was connected to Florida and it occurred in February. I remembered that because I thought that the superbowl was always held on the last Sunday in January.
The game was superbowl XXXIX (39) between the Patriots and the Eagles in Jacksonville Florida on February 6, 2005.
The wedge shaped building has the word "MODIS" written on top and it seems to be a favorite image for the Jacksonville skyline. It appears blue and white in the daylight pictures that I have seen. I assume the blue color is due to the reflection of the sky. The color of the building in the CNN picture was black and white and my vision was black and white color. So perhaps whatever happens occurs when the sky is overcast or dark because the color of the building seems to reflect the color of the sky.
The buildings and Jacksonville are on the edge of the Atlantic ocean on the east coast of northern Florida. There is a round or curved dark grey building on the left side. There is a bridge on the right that may account for the top of the low white structure that I saw. It is a prime target for a hurricane or tidal wave.
So why is God sending judgments on Jacksonville? I sent out feelers to find out anything about the place. The only thing that I learned is that it is a naval port. Since that would not make God angry I will assume that if that is part of the reason, then the place is probably being used as a secret prison to hold people off shore or to service such activities. And maybe the place is just immoral and does not need the help of the federal government to incur the wrath of God. In any case I will avoid the place and the surrounding areas.
Update (March 2006). I discovered that Jacksonville was our "Guantanamo Bay". The navy may be torturing prisoners there. Therefore, my description of the buildings moving on the waves "like a ship on a rough sea" may also have been a prophetic insight that tried to point me to the naval connection. And my assumption was right. They were running an immoral prison!
Update (July 2007). I think that this could mean that there is an earthquake and flood of water and these are two buildings that survive.
Update (July 2008). Today I learned that this is the largest city in Florida.

Update (14 March 2011). Since many of the visions are now coming through along with the dreams I have had a chance to see how realistic the visions are and how interconnected the dreams are. So I went and reexamined all the things that I though must be "symbolic" and I think that I found two events that might be related to this one.
A tsunami does not affect one town, so that even if Jacksonville is the epicenter of the disaster or notable for the events there, the tragedy must extend along the eastern border of the North American continent.
» Sister in A Skyscraper. I thought that my sister safe on top of a mountain of coffins and mailboxes was symbolic of people searching for their loved ones after the 2004 tsunami and the only people who were safe were the ones on high ground. Oterwise she was not connected to Thailand and she did not live in a skyscraper and we never expected her to do so. Now she lives in a skyscraper in Miami on the the beach. So this means that the flood reaches the southern tip of the USA and probably goes into the Caribbean. It probably reaches up into the New England states and may go as far inland as Orlando.
» Mother Under Water. Although we lived in NJ my mother is buried in Florida. Her grave could possibly be flooded by a tsunami which overwhelms and contaminates the Florida fresh water aquifer with salt water.
» Update (23 May 2012). This week a lots of unfulfilled things from various dreams are happenning again. My sister went to Jacksonville for a business trip so I asked her to take a picture of the buildings if she came near them. She actually saw them from the airport. The building is now called the "Wells Fargo Center" since May 2011-April 2012. It was formerly the "Modis" building. The round grey building is not really round, but it tapers into a obelisk - not as dramatic as the Washington monument. It is the Bank of America tower. It may be related to the vision with the black tower with the pyramid on top. Let us hope that what I saw has to do with the banking crisis and not a natural disaster - but I doubt it.

Other Places. I saw these three events in March 2005.
Obelisk » 1. Dark Clouds (New Pope and/or Washington Monument).
In March 2005, I saw a structure like the big pencil (the Washington Monument) from an unusual angle. I was lying at the base looking up and the fast moving clouds swirling around the peak were grey with patches of light coming through. I wondered if the angry clouds represented a terror attack with some sort of gas. At the selection of the pope on April 19. I saw a similar structure in St. Peter's Square. Although the angle was not the same, the clouds in the eerie sky were exactly the same.
In December 2005 I concluded that perhaps my unusual point of view was from the casket in St. Peter's square. And that my vision covered an important period that started with the death of one pope and the coronation of another. And that these events are significant, perhaps disastrous for the church. I still have not ruled out a similar event at the Washington monument where a strange looking sky causes people to be lying at the base of the monument. What I may learn from this is that the perspective in my vision is important.

» Washington (2006). As of January 10, 2006, I saw four visions that may be related to Washington D.C. The last time this kind of confluence of images occurred was in the month before hurricane Katrina. After that I decided to assume to if I saw a flurry of visions about a place that I originally had a vision, then I would assume that the event is near. I still do not know if this is right. I am also glad that I did not rule out Washington. It will be interesting to see if, or how the two events are linked other than an obelisk, death and a weird sky.

This weekend of January 10, 2006 was full of revelations. On Sunday morning I had an insight into the seven stars of Revelation 1: 20. I went to a funeral about three hours later and I remarked to a friend that I do not know why God is showing me more stuff. What could that mean?
I also has another episode of God spoiling the ending of a show for me that weekend. I do not know if it was a new episode, but I saw "Law and Order: SVU" one night. I never intentionally watch the show because I find that its crimes are too dark for me.
Children were shot at a school and one boy died. Because I was not really paying attention to the show I did not realize that the dead boy was black. But as soon as his tearful mother came to the hospital to inquire about her son I had a funny feeling. When his father came a few minutes later, my mind said "he did it". Within the next few minutes I found out that the child was an African American foster child adopted by a white couple the previous year. My mind said "they did it for the insurance". Until the last three to five minutes of the show, even after the trial was over, there were no hints or clues that this was a possibility. But that was the solution.

Update (January 21, 2006). I looked at a map of the city because I realize that I did not know the city that I have lived near by for over 25 years. I did not like the fact that the Washington Monument was next to the white house. Did not like it one bit! I looked at the streets to see where I could have been standing in the vision with the fireball. It is at least four lanes wide, did not seem to have any parking on the sides, was straight and ended in the horizon. That usually means that it terminates at a body of water. Constitution Avenue, fourteenth street and seventeenth street fit these parameters, but I do not know how wide they are or if they have curved posts. But I cannot rule out streets that cross over the river and enter the city from Maryland and Virginia. I also notice that the National Airport is south of the Washington Monument, on the Potomac river. An exploding airplane might cause some of what I saw. It must be an air disaster that causes significant damage or a significant response if it was worthy of a vision.
Update (8 November 2007. Looking at a map again, I concluded that I was looking in the north to south direction, probably south west. Therefore the fireball could not be the sun since it sets in the west.
February 2011. I finally examined a better map again to see which direction I was looking. If it was the east or west then the fireball could be the sun or full moon at sunrise or sunset. The directions was definitely south to south west and the fireball could have been from the Pentagon or the airport or anything in that arc. The street was definitely 15Th and the bridge was the 14th street bridge. The cherry blossoms must have been in the Tidal Basin.

Update (March 2006).

Update (March 27, 2006). I visited the area today to try to find the street with the view of the fireball. I decided to look at fourteenth street near the bridge. Because of my horrible back pain, I could only choose one place to look. At first I was disappointed because the street lamps near the Washington Monument were straight. But as I went over the hump in the street and looked downhill near the holocaust museums I saw curved street lamps. I could not really tell if this was my view because I was too low and the bridge obstructed my view. In my vision I was in the middle of the street at an elevated height. At an elevated height I think this is the vision I saw. The hump, the lamps, the wide, empty streets and the horizon were the same.
I did not walk down Constitution avenue near the tidal basin because it did not appear to have any buildings on the left side as I faced the river. But I saw aeroplanes flying over the Washington Monument from the direction of the bridge. This is the direction where I believe the fireball was. I walked around the monument and I believe my view of the people running was somewhere on the lawn near the entrance on Jefferson Drive.
Update (April 2, 2006). This week is the anniversary of the death of the pope so I was subjected to a lot of media documentaries. For the first time I saw the entire phallic symbol that is in St. Peter's Square. Because of the way the top looks and some sort of dark decorative section near the base I know that this is not the image in my vision. But because of what happened in the skies of Italy after I saw this symbol and God allowed me see it as a possible answer by making me see just enough to see the similarity, I will maintain the idea that the events are linked. I also have this strange need to look at the similarity in architecture between Washington and the Vatican to see that God symbolically links us with Rome. DC is a government within two states that is really not a state, but requires the rights of a state. The Vatican is a church within a state that is also demanding the rights of a state.
Update (April 16, 2008). This week many of my dreams were fulfilled on April 10. I took this as a sign that my reproach will soon be removed. Then I realized that it was cherry blossom season and the pope would be visiting Washington DC. It is the first papal visit to the white house in 29 years and the second papal visit ever to the white house. So I began looking for clues that this might be a fulfillment. It would go a long way in giving me some credibility because I have written this down and talked about it for years. On April 15, at about 11:30 AM CNN report on security for events showed some of the scenes that I saw such as people in boats on the Anacostia river, a bridge from an aerial view. The streets were emptied for the parade and He arrived at Andrews AFB not National airport. On April 16, just before the speech I saw the tip of the Washington monument from my view, but this was in daylight not darkness. It is also the pope's 81st birthday and I wonder if my call to get "a birthday present" that triggered a series of dreams must also be taken as a sign. This is also the anniversary of the massacre at Virginia Tech. What is missing is the fireball and the panic at the Washington Monument and a more direct connection to Washington National. He is here for six days.

Egyptian Uprising: Update (February 2011). In this month the fulfillment of many dreams and visions were completed. Most parts of this vision were also completed except that it happened in Egypt, not Washington DC. However, because I still believe that it is ultimately connected to DC, I believe that the Egyptian uprising is a sign of that fulfillment and it also explains one puzzling symbol.

Fukushima Fukushima
Notice the white color, the short white square boxes and the low hills in the background
Fulfilled » 2. Tornado. (March 2005). I saw one huge rectangular skyscraper towering over a city. The other buildings may have been smaller skyscrapers or normal buildings. I only saw the tops. I thought I saw low hills in the back, but the image went away too quickly. They may have been hills or other buildings. And there may have been other skyscrapers to the left or right out of my view. So I cannot say that it is a place with one skyscraper. But I can say that it has a skyscraper that is isolated. But to the left of the building was a huge tornado.
Update. I think I saw the city. On June 10, 2005 I watched the "Newshour" progam and there was a news feature on North Korea and their nuclear weapons. It showed a single tall building with hills in the background that I recognized.
Update: July 16, 2006. I am guessing. Looking at all the symbols in my dreams of the intentions of God in oriental countries, North Korea is the most antagonistic towards God. This is a whirlwind from the west, not a mushroom cloud. Therefore, from out of the west which is most likely China, God will send trouble that will conquer North Korea.

Update: March 14, 2011 (Japanese Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima). I believe this is what I saw. There is a video of the first explosion on March 12 in which the cloud went up and after a few seconds it went to the left of the tall white tower. That image is what I saw. There are also low hills in the background shorter rectangular cube shaped white buildings, and there are other white towers but there are widely spaced. If you look closer at my imagr you will notice faint parallel lines going up the tower. I put them in to remind myself that I thought that I saw vertical lines, but I did not see horizontal line or a window shape. I wondered why such a tall building had no windows, because even if the perspective was far away the windows should not appear white like the building. If the white was caused by curtains I should have also seen horizontal lines. The real towers are triangular at the top but sometimes from a distance they appear more square in some pictures. In fact there is one tower that always looks more square than the others. I will search for pictures that look like my hand drawn image.
I never saw an earthquake or suspected one. So this means that the nuclear problem will be the focus.
When I thought that I saw a North Korean nuclear facility on PBS it may be file footage of Japan or all these facilities are designed to look alike. News channels often use file footage of similar events/places without saying that this is not the actual place that they are talking about. It is interesting that even if it was a mistake, that the information from the "Newshour" program led me to a nuclear facility right next door to North Korea.
I also had this vision at the same time as Hurricane Katrina's vision and the Washington monument/obelisk vision.

Fulfilled » 3. Dark City of New Orleans. (March 2005). I saw a city at the edge of a water with a peninsula jutting out of the bottom right like a thumb on the left hand with the palm down. A cube shaped sky scraper and many other tall buildings were on the peninsula and the land above. The place was in darkness. I still have not identified it. I doubt that I will. It was so dark. The outstanding thing that I remember was how black the city looked.

Update (August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina). It was New Orleans. The incredible hurricane Katrina almost appears to have fulfilled most of my "day dream visions". It affected the oil supply, flooded the gulf states as far as Tampa. Two weeks before, I even had another single image "vision" of a stadium that had a section of seats roped off because it was damaged. As soon as I learned that they were going to use the superdome as a shelter I started to worry. And the structure which was supposed to survive 200 mph winds has roof damage which caused rain to pour in on the seats below.
Although I finally learned that these little visions were significant when I saw places from my visions that I had never seen before, this was the first time that something actually came through that a third party could verify. I even warned three friends on Sunday that the superdome would be damaged.
However, this is not the total fulfillment of all these mini visions. The Arch is still standing and I had the terrible feeling that all our oil would disappear. I also believe that an earthquake will damage the central and gulf states. Katrina is simply an early warning, it was also a signal to me that these insights are real. Therefore, I have started to formally record what happens every day. I have merely been adding them to the list when I decide to update the page. Consequently, I forget some of the single image visions that are not particularly frightening or that I believe that I cannot identify. The damaged stadium shows that I can identify them as part of a larger warning at a time when I recognize another potential fulfillment.
The view in my vision was chosen because the path of the storm went over the thumb. The city was dark for several reasons.

Here are the other images that I now know are related. Most were given in the month before Katrina. And about a week before the disaster, my mind kept repeating this verse constantly.
Surely, the Lord does nothing unless He reveals it to his servants, the prophets.

Mirroring The Fall of Iraq
As I saw the disintegration of conditions in the city of New Orleans after the hurricane, I could not help but see that within this city is a warning to the United States and a mini cycle of plagues. This will be the level of desperation of the entire country. This is what Iraq has been experiencing for almost three years and we had no pity and took no responsibility as a nation. Desperation, thousands dead, gangs running loose, fires, heat, wild animals, abandoned dogs forming packs, snakes, alligators, hunger, thirst, floods, gunshots, sewage on the street, no electricity, no clean water, fear, suicide, looting and violence. After August of 2004, I knew for certain that we were condemned as a nation to this experience because we had failed a great test as a nation that year. So I began telling friends that we will soon be crying in our soup. The three people who even pretended real interest asked me what they must do. This is my advice.

The Destruction of Cities
Top Ten Sin Cities
# City Infamy
1Pattaya, Thailand "Sexual Disneyland"
2New Orleans, Louisiana Drinking, Mardi Gras
3Las Vegas, Nevada Gambling, prostitution
4Amsterdam, Holland Red Light District, Cannabis Cup, Seksmuseum
5Gatecrasher, England Sheffield Festival
6Goa, India Decadence
7Gold Coast, Australia Sex, alcohol, nude car washes
8Ios, Greece Drinking, partying
9Monaco, France Gambling, nudity
10Koh Phangan Island, Thailand Drinking, Full moon parties
These cities are proud of their services

Cities in My Visions
# City Problem
1New Orleans, Louisiana Sin City
2Las Vegas, Nevada Sin City
3Monaco, French Riviera Sin City
4St Louis, Missouri Unknown
5Jacksonville, Florida Unknown
6Chicago, Illinois Unknown
7San Francisco, California Unknown
8Washington, D.C. Government
Now that I have confidence in all these mini visions I will list what I know even if the vision tells me nothing except the identity of a place. I now expect that I will get more information as I need it. I concluded that since it is impossible for me to identify a location after it has been destroyed that God is giving me information to identify a place that will experience great destruction. Now that I have a series, I realize that many of these are places that boldly identify themselves as "sin cities" and the areas around them. New Orleans was number two on the list with Las Vegas number three, and I have to wonder what goes on in New Orleans and Las Vegas that makes them worse than Amsterdam.

» The Global Oil Supply (Summer 2002). This was actually my first mini vision, if not one of the first. I saw a swirling pool of dark liquid that I knew was oil. Then this liquid was sucked into the earth like water down a bathtub drain. I also immediately know that the whole global oil supply would be taken away so that one day you will not be able to buy a drop of oil, not because of the price, but because there is not a single drop to be found in the earth. This does not mean that the oil will supernaturally vanish, but it means that it will no longer be easily accessible.

The damage to the oil rigs in the Gulf is following the same pattern of warnings that the coming global pandemic warnings are telling us. First, pipelines and oil platforms are damaged. Then refinaries and strategic ports that affect the delivery systems. We are probably headed for serious supply problems in the third round. This could bring about national Sunday laws because it would restrict driving by regulating the opening of businesses.
Finally, the earthquakes and disasters that remove the oil supply will occur in many parts of the world.
Vision Update: August 12: 2006. 4:00 AM. On a very dark night or on a dark cavern, a sea of oil shining in a little light.

» Vision Update: The Texas Gulf Oil Spill. The Deep Water Horizon oil rig exploded in the night on 21 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. 210,000 gallons of crude (5000 Barrels) oil began leaking from the well on the sea floor and could not be capped by robots. It is estimated that another plan would take months to stop the leak. On May 21 reports indicated that over 100,000 barrels per day are leaking Is this the oil I saw underground in the darkness? This event comes at the same time other little visions or events that seem to look like the visions seem to be occurring at the same time. They are also occuring at a very important time in my experience, when I will finally be taken seriously. The cost could be $1 billion.
It took two visions to complete the picture. There is the oil spill at night, but there is also the sucking of the oil from underneath. Maybe that is how they will plug the leak because all other efforts will fail.
Large Mushroom Cloud Pools of Oil. There are large floating pools of oil under water. These may be the underground caverns of oil that I saw.
This vision will not be over until there is a global loss of oil.
» Circle of Orange Dirt. Below, I mentioned a vision about a volcano surrounded by orange-brown dirt that I did not identify as lava.

» The Black Pyramid in Las Vagas (Summer 2005). I believe that I actually became unconscious and conscious for this. It was not a single image, but all I can remember is a single image. I saw a black pyramid in a desert. I knew it was a modern building because of the windows. I dismissed it because I did not know that such a building existed and I thought that nobody would build such a large structure totally in black. But I saw the building about a week later on the news. It was the Luxor in Las Vegas. I do not know what happened to the building. But something happened to either the building or the surrounding area. If I use the example of Hurricane Katrina, whatever buildings I see will be important to the disaster.
The city of Las Vegas throws a monkey wrench into my plans to search for the landmarks that I see. It has gaudy copies of famous landmarks from every place.
Update: May 2006. The government plans to test a 700 ton conventional weapon in the desert in June 2006. It will send up a mushroom cloud thousands of kilometers in the air, and cause a 3.5 earthquake. Unfortunately, the dust that it disturbs may be radioactive because the site has been used to test nuclear bombs. So, I wonder if this is the trouble that I saw while I was standing in the sands of the desert outside the Luxor hotel? The test is also supposed to be in preparation for bombing the underground nuclear facilities in Iran. I wonder if that event will cause the hole in the earth that sucks up the oil like a drain in a bathtub?

» Monaco and the French Riviera. Tyre (2005). I saw a city with spectacular old style Roman or Greek architecture. It was carved into the face of a rock and was next to the sea. The place must have been located either on the east west or the south side of the land to which it was attached. There was a beautiful beach, at the far end, either north or west, a portion of the land curved out and towards me and formed what is probably a cove. Except for looking misty, nothing happened to this place. As far as I can tell this has the same look as Monaco. And since the visions are now showing a pattern that appears to target sin cities and gambling places I will assume that this is the place that I saw unless other information contradicts it. I am also certain that when I have completed my learning phase that God will make these clearer.
Update: August 15, 2006. I think that this is Lebanon. The city is Tyre. It is at the point where the land sticks out to the left. Now I need to see if it has buildings built into a cliff face. This means that all my visions and dreams are about the church and Israel, then the king of the north and his fall. Katrina was a fall of the king of the north not specifically the fall of a sin city. I saw the place one last time in June, 2006. I was lying in the grass on a sandy cliff, looking down on the beach and the land that stuck out in the north of my position. This confirms my belief that I see the place in the month before the fulfillment. So I cannot understand the Washington visions, except that I asked for a gift and He gave me a premature look.
So I need to figure out what the deserts outside or within view of the Luxor hotel in Nevada mean to the government.

» The Black Sky Scrapers. (August 30, 2005). Twin towers I do not know where this place is, but two sky scrapers broke and fell over to the right, to the east? At least I think there were two identical towers, it could have been one. The building was tall, black with light colored structural material along the height like a spine and possibly smaller lines outlining the floors and windows like a frame. They were narrow, rectangular buildings with a triangular shaped roof.

» The Global Asteroid or Meteor Threat (June 2002). This was another moment of knowledge that was confirmed with a news story. I was praying and asking what will turn the tide to global religious control. I was unconvinced that sporadic disasters would accomplish this. Then the news media issued a report about an asteroid coming in about twenty years. Later reports said that it would miss the earth. But the event made me understand the answer to my prayer. A threat to the earth will cause global fear that will make the majority turn to religion. So when "the powers of the heaven are shaken" then we will see a paradigm shift in the world.

Mission: Spread the Gospel

Lighting A Candle. Darkness On Sunday February 20, 2005 I had another of these experiences but it was not just one image. It was longer. This was the first time these images were longer. I was standing in total darkness and I could not see anything in front of me. I had a big fat candle and I lit it. It was then that I noticed that I was in a treeless, flat, barren place. In front of me, to the left and right were rows and rows of people as far as the eye could see. They were all naked and bald, sitting with their heads bowed and their feet folded. The light from the candle showed the tops of their heads and thighs. I started going down one row to give them some light. but I soon became frustrated and distressed at the futility of this action because as soon as I left one place to go to another, it would fall into darkness again. It was then that I noticed that they all had tiny "tea" candles. So I went back to my starting point and I lit a candle, telling them to light those around them. Then I went back down the row with the darkness ahead of me. But as I looked back I noticed a beautiful sight. As the little candles came to life, tiny points of light started spreading behind me in all directions like twinkling stars. I felt happy. This is my most favorite vision to date.

Interpretation. It is the spread of the gospel. This was not an ordinary day dream and it was not like my childhood "vision". This vision was inside my mind and head. My childhood vision was a spectacular event with the objects visible, outside and just as real as any physical object. Since I was awake I started looking at what I was thinking and doing before this started that could have triggered it. Then I looked at the experience itself to see If I was directing or orchestrating the scenes. I tried to see if there was any way that I could call it a normal daydream while trying to grasp what made it so different. Although I believe the people represented the state of the world, I could not help but notice that they looked Buddhist.

Update: March 2011. This perfectly describes my situation. Looking ahead of me there is total darkness because people will not respond to me or give me feedback. Then I received information that people are teaching what I have been saying. A few have even asked permission to teach my lesson on the 12 tribes. At least one person has written a book and one has stolen my lessons and removed my name and logo and placed his name on it. What is hard to take is the ingratitude. I beat my self up wondering if it makes sense because "crazy and mentally ill" is the label that I have and people distance themselves as if I am contagious. People are willing to take these arguments and claim them as their brilliant insights and refuse to associate with me because the concensus is that I am a crazy nut.
I do not care for credit, but when this information is taken as your own wisdom, you are taking away my testimony that through a supernatural act, God has been dispensing this information. You are also leaving a sister imprisoned in the pit by not acknowledging that you have read what I have written and it makes marvelous sense and it could not have emerged from a crazy mind.
I also realize that the subject experts that we have who make a living as evangelists in niche areas are not interested because it threatens their business. It makes me wonder when will we realize that Jesus Christ is the head and we are not running our pious for-profit businesses to bless us and our stories, but to magnify the name of God.
From the beginning I have given this away freely, I just ask that you do not profit from it or divorce the information from the source - the Holy Spirit. It is imperitave that we understand that God is a real person with real gifts and plans for the entire church. From my perspective none of you really believe that anymore and you need to be reminded what real faith is and what genuine faith can accomplish.

The Dark and The Light. About five minutes later, as I was trying to determine if it was possible that this could be a day dream I had another one. I was running on a road going east. I had just stopped and turned to my left to look back and there was darkness moving towards me from the west like an amorphous cloud. It was not completely dark where I was standing. As I looked into the darkness people were running away from it just like the people running out of Hiroshima or from the dust cloud at the World Trade Center. I motioned with my left hand for them to come, then I turned back to my right and started running and in front of me there was a huge tornado of light. The opening at the widest end at the top was turned towards us. It was a spinning vortex that was getting wider and wider and churning. It was the Second Coming. It was brilliant white in the center and I could see angels' wings. The churning sound was loud like a great wind or a powerful train. The light and dark were rushing towards each other and the people were trying to escape the darkness.

Interpretation. The only thing that I can say about this is that because I was in the process of anyalzing the previous experience, that these images were not in my mind. The only thing that could be called earthly is that the picture of the vortex looks like a drawing of the Second Coming that I have seen. But my day dreams never had such vivid sounds and my daydreams do not continue uninterrupted by my own thoughts. The difference was that in my daydreams, I decide what I want to do then I do it. These had a life of their own. But what are they?

Visions Waiting for More Clarification
Here are a list of items that are tentatively identified or not yet classified. My head was filled with a storm of images, mostly of people in water in the days after the hurricane. Remember that all of these images did not come as a natural result of the thought processes I was having just before they occurred, nor was I reading or listening to anything remotely related to the contents. Nor was I interested in anything that was a part of the vision. They came out of the blue, interrupted my thoughts and left.

» The Taj Mahal? (August 30, 2005). I just saw a spectacular white building that looked like the Taj Mahal. I did not see the roof or the sides. In front of it was a white roof of a much lower building. I only saw a sloping roof not the structure below it. The height of this roof reached about as far as the foot of the door of the white building so that it would not obscure the building.
On September 6 I was standing in the doorway of a white building, looking up. I saw the round ball style roofs. It could also be Russian architecture, but it looks more like the Taj Mahal.
November 2008. When the terrorist attack occurred in Mumbai I looked at the news footage when I had an opportunity to see cable television. At first I could not tell if the tall tower or the palace building were the Taj hotel or the Oberoi. Over a week later I discovered that both were the Taj hotel. The tower was not what I saw and the palace looked too ornate and the opean glassy, watery field in from was missing. However, the information that the terrorists walked in the lobby and shot up the place fit the pattern that I see things from the perspective of the destroyer when the place is in perfect condition. Some time later I saw vacation pictures of some visitors in front of the monument. It had the little white structure. So the place must be a popular site to pose for pictures. What I concluded after seeing this and a piazza area in front of the palace hotel and a view from the ocean that what I saw was the two buildings merged into one. From another similar vision, I am concluding that church, state and businesses are merging in the rest of the world to fulfill prophecy.

» Giant Rocks. (August 31, 2005). I saw huge, grey, smooth, oval boulders standing upright and lined up in a row. I saw a human standing next to one. If I had to guess, I would say it was about ten times taller than the person. I also remember having this vision years ago.

» The Teapot Building. (August 31, 2005). There was a tall, grey building. A very thin, curved rod jutted out of the top left. This feature was so thin, it seemed like a deficient architectural detail. I finally found a picture of a building in Chicago with that feature. However, this feature was actually a lamp post, far away in front of the building. But the perspective of the street light against this building created this illusion.

» Balls of Fire. (September 1, 2005). I saw balls of fire in front of a soft white cloud. Later that day I saw many more balls of fire streaking towards a layer of clouds below. Then, from an aerial view on the next day, I saw many fire balls falling on a city. This city was on the west coast of the land mass, the sea was to the left of my view and the city on the right. There was an inward curve at the shore. The section that I saw did not have a lot of tall buildings. I remember two near the coast. The fire fell on the city in the view that I saw and south of it. I did not see what was south, but I know the fire fell there. My best guess is San Francisco or Los Angeles.
On September 3, I had a picture of a masonry or marble off-white building on the left and the road dipped sharply and suddenly that I actually experienced vertigo. I still experience this vertigo everytime I think about it. San Francisco roads have this feature. What is amazing is that when I try to remember scenes from televison shows with San Francisco streets I do not feel this vertigo, but every time I remember the vision, I experience it. Awesome!
Three times I had the same vision of a street which dipped down and ended at the sea. One of the smooth giant rocks from an earlier vision rolled by on the sea.

(December 9, 2005). More images of huge rocks falling from the sky, this time they were below the clouds and closer to the earth.
(March 22, 2006). I still experience vertigo when I think about or talk about this vision. This is so strange and awesome to me.

Fulfilled Teapot » The Boiling Teapot. (September 4, 2005. 11:43 PM). I saw a silvery metal kettle boiling. It was sitting in a white ceramic bowl which had a line of blue design around the bowl. Water was also boiling in the bowl. Both were sitting on top of a frosty globe.
Interpretation. Trouble on top of trouble is coming to the earth from above. So far trouble has been coming out of the first heavens, or atmosphere. We might be transitioning into the phase where trouble comes from the second heavens, or outerspace. I also find it very interesting that I thought of a teapot to describe an earlier vision. I find this vision, although highly symbolic to be more important than any of the visions that I have had in the past two years.

Fulfilled » The Leopard and the Owl. (September 6, 2005). I was walking on a porch, a white leopard or a spotted cat was sitting on the half wall that ran along the edge of the porch. I saw the back of the animal sitting on the ledge of the half wall next to a supporting column. It was spotted, in a reclining position with its head up, the ears stuck up and the body sloped gently to the left. I walked around the animal, down the porch steps, so that I could see it from the front. It was now a spotted, white owl! The ears stuck up, the body sloped off the right. Leopard and owl
Interpretation. This is another highly symbolic vision. The best interpretation I can give is based on the symbols and future prophetic events. It points to the coming strong delusion. Something that we know is dangerous, will present itself as a source of wisdom. And it has access to our homes. A great deception.

» The Military Planes. (September 12, 2005). I was walking through a town. That is all I remember. Then I was at an airport with military planes. They were small, grey with noses pointing down and a bubble top. I would guess that they were fighter planes, but I know nothing about planes. Suddenly, one of the planes exploded and it seemed that the whole place exploded.

» The Metal Shower. The next week, I was in either a desert or a bare, flat location. Suddenly a shower of shiny, silver, reflective material came from the sky. I do not know if it is related to the exploding planes.

» The Wild West Town. In early September of 2005, I had three separate visions of a small cowboy town. In the first, I was standing in the middle of the main street looking down the row of buildings. In the second, I was standing in an alley looking across the street at a building that looked like a general store. In the third, I was standing on the porch of one of the buildings looking down the main street at one side of the street.
27 April 2010 (Juarez, Mexico). Now that I know that these little scenes are related to a certain phase of my life. This might be related to a new report that I saw this week. The residents of the town of Juarez are being driven out by the drug cartel. It looks like a ghost town with the uildings shot up. They even burned the Catholic church on Good Friday.
Places in my visions
The map is a collage of many images from many visions. One item that may be inaccurate is the black pool of oil in the gulf of Mexico. I am not sure where that will occur. It features the following.
» The "thumb" of New Orleans.
» The Washington Monument and the fireball.
» The black pyramid of Las Vegas.
» The Arch in St. Louis.
» Jacksonville and the two skyscrapers.
» The earthquake rings of Mexico.

» The American Continent (September 6, 2005). I saw a pretty, three dimensional relief map of the continent that was in spectacular rainbow colors. The map was standing up as if it was suspended. I saw only North America (mostly out of view), Central America was the focus and the top of South America. That section seemed to be under water.

Fulfilled Mexican Earthquake (January 7, 2007. 6:00 AM). Central America was the focus. I only had time to remember the border of the upper right quadrant of the circle. I used that to estimate the size. I saw the concentric rings of a shockwave that was centered on the west coast of Mexico. The outer ring on the left did not cross the Baha Peninsula. The outer right side was near the border of the eastern shore. I saw no borders of any countries just the land as seen from above. When I drew an approximate circle on my map the entire circle seemed to fit in Mexico only. And the epicenter appeared to be close to the shore of the area between Acapulco and Ixtapa.
Further research showed that the west cost of Mexico is a region with high seismic activity. However, based on what has been fulfilled already I will say that this will be a great disaster.
Update. I only saw concentric rings over a land, so this might be an indication that Mexico is the epicenter of something deadly, like the swine flu. The day they were announcing this I wondered if what I saw was the epicenter of a deadly plague. But I said to God, I thought it was an earthquake and because I said it might be an earthquake because of your fuzzy visions you have to make an earthquake happen. About 10 minutes later the breaking news story said that there was an earthquake in Mexico city about 10 minutes ago and the people are beginning to feel like it is the end of the world because they are simultaneously having a plague and an earthquake! So I conclude that Mexico is the epicenter of something important. I am concerned because it is forcing the possible mass innoculation of the entire world with a drug that was hastily made and tested and also causing the consumption of drugs like Tamiflu.
Fulfilled Update: FUlfilled 20 March 2012 (7.4 Earthquake). The earthquake hit and the epicenter map looks like my map.

» The Volcano Crater. There was a huge hole in the earth. Around it was a mound of dirt and people the size of ants. The dirt was an orange brown color. It was not grey or black like the mouth of normal volcanoes.
15 April 2010. Could this be the volcano in iceland that shut down global travel and cost the airlines $1 billion?
21 April 2010. As I watched the underwater pictures of the plumes of oil bubbling up like a dust cloud and on top, the oil is a reddish brown color with the little boats surrounded by miles of oil, I wonder if this is it. I though oil was always black.

Fulfilled » Half a Face (October 31, 2005). It was about 4AM and I was awake. I saw the left side of the face of a chubby, white man. I saw a chubby face not a chubby man. I did not see his body. As he turned I saw that he had no face on his right side. The right side was not missing. An oval structure was there, but it was not sculpted into a face.
Later that morning the supreme court nominee, Samuel Alito, was announced. It sort of looked like him, but I am bad with faces.
This symbolism has the same design as the leopard and the owl. A deceptive force.

» UN Statue (November 12, 2005) 6: 25AM. A huge iron statue with folded arms that looked like the image from Daniel 2 was standing on the street at the front right corner of the United Nations building. It was as tall as the building and standing with its back to the building looking down the street. But it was totally grey in color.
Babylon and Rome are in the United nations.

» French Revolutionary Army (December 8, 2005). I was sitting on a folding metal chair in the first row along the left side of a dirt road between the road and a field of corn. There was a field of mature stalks of corn, about five to six feet tall on the other side. I did not see the corn, I just saw the large green leaves of a healthy crop. It was graduation. There was a tree in front and the speaker was standing in front of the podium under the tree. The row of chairs was about four or five chairs wide. There were people to the left and right of me and they were all dressed as soldiers from the French Revolution. I was not. I looked behind me and there were rows of soldiers as far as the eye could see sitting in chairs behind me.
I can only guess what this means. I have always had the opinion that our times was a continuation of the fall of Babylon, the fall of the Roman empire and the period of the French revolution. The dirt road was the same road on which I was running away from the cloud of darkness towards the light. But there was no mature corn fields in that vision. The corn fields might represent the harvest that is ready. It reminded me of the endless rows of people who needed light in another vision that I had on the same day. The graduates might be the army that is waiting to harvest or destroy the field. I was the only one who was not dressed as a soldier with weapons. The only good news is that I was sitting in the front row.

» The Cross in the Clouds. (February 20, 2006). I saw a glowing, shining pure white cross. It was gold around the edges and filled with a soft white light. It was sitting on the milkiest white clouds that I have ever seen. They were not fluffy white clouds like cotton balls. They looked soft and shiny and pure white, but they looked solid like pure fresh cream. Absolutely beautiful. In the distance I saw a golden light shining and approaching. I knew it was the second coming.
Meaning. In February I was working on a new lesson on "the heavens". This vision might have prompted me to look at the symbolism of the Milky way and the constellations along its path. It begins in Orion and ends at Crux.

» The Cross and the Tree. (August 31, 2006). Early in the morning I had an image of a big bug, as big as an old turtle falling to the ground. This made no sense to me, so I was wondering if it was possible for me to have wayward images bombard my mind. Is it possible that they had been meaningless all along? I may be in this depressed mood because this will be the worst 30 days of my life.
Within a minute I had another vision that was totally symbolic. It was dark grey outside, I was walking down a road. To my left was a field of trees. They were all dead and leafless. On at least one tree I saw a black cross hanging upside down by a chain from one of the limbs. I could not look on the other trees to see if they had the same thing before the vision went away.
It is a symbol of the Antichrist and pure evil. The wicked are the dead trees. The field is the world. The black upside down cross is the Antichrist. Darkness has come on the earth. The road is the same road in many of my visions.

Fulfilled » Fulfilled Visions. (August 2013). I appear to be having another round of fulfillments which gives clarity to the odd events above. I have been working on a series of 3D cartoon movies which will explain the Bible science. I bought the software last year and finally started learning it around January-February and have been making the props for my movie. It is in making the props that I have occassion to put odd combination of things together. At one point, in making a prop to explain the tefellin with brain structure, I thought that what I was doing somehow seemed familiar and this was the first time I realized that I was drawing images from my dream.

The Black hole and the Worms (February 23, 2007)
When I woke up my face was away from the window and towards the closet door. When I opened my eyes I saw a black hole, but it was a square shape. Around the hole were ghostly white mass of slithering and wiggling worms. I did not know what I was seeing. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I saw them again. I thought that maybe something was wrong with my eyes. So I closed one eye and then the other. I still saw them. I got up, and pinched myself to make sure that I was not dreaming. When I turned towards the diffused light from the window I did not see it, but when I move to a darker wall, there they were again. The words, "where their worm does not die" came to my mind. I don't know if I thought of those words or if they were also part of what seems to now be a vision.
I also remembered that sometimes when I am looking at an image from the television that was relatively still, if I looked away to a blank wall, the same still image appeared in a black and white negative after a few seconds and then faded in a few seconds. But I had just woken up, the television was not on, I was not watching it. And I had never seen anything like this image before. And it was lasting a long time. Also, the television images never moved, the worms moved constantly.
Fulfilled . » Large Hadron Collider (LHC). (17 May 2012. 10:30-11:00 AM). Today I was making an ad mocking the irony of the search for the God particle using the LHC. So I went to find a picture of what this thing looked like and that was what I saw in a vision. A circle like an eye with worms coming out of it. What is amazing is the fact that I also used the term "black hole" and called it a "Square" hole. So what I saw was through my eyes at this moment looking at a cropped picture of the LHC in the vision.
I would really love to know when they started publicizing the threat about the LHC opening a black hole because I swear that I first heard about the LHC project probably around 2009. I found a 14 May 2007 New Yorker article on the subject.

God and Me (July 19, 2007)
Years ago, as I tried to sum up the relationship between God and I, an image came to my mind. God was sitting on a throne in the far left facing the east right. A never ending line of people came to Him from the right to receive what they needed. I was sitting on His right in the south under a tree. I looked at Him and the line but I could not join the line. Whenever I tried to join the line it was suddenly time for everyone to take a break. All services stopped until I went back under my tree. So for years I would sit under that tree wishing that I could get in line and receive some of God's favor. But He just ignored me. Although it was my day dream, I could never make up a happy ending for it. After several years, I discovered that I could sit by the throne and help Him give gifts and favors to others but there was nothing left for me. And I was not allowed to receive anything.
Today I thought about this image because I am so desperate. I analyzed it with what I now knew. God was in the west, facing east. I was sitting in the south under one branch of the Tree of Life. I was sitting on His right hand! That was a positive symbol! Then these words came to my mind. "To be on the right hand means that you are available for His use". Jesus is on the right hand of God. Then I remembered a Psalm where David saw the Lord on his right hand. So I realized that God can make Himself a dependable helper for humans.
So I thought about my image again and I tried to make myself walk behind Him so that I would be in the north on His left and He would be on my right. But I could not do it! I was awake, this was my controllable day dream but I could not go where I wanted to be symbolically. Suddenly, my daydream started changing on its own. While sitting on the throne, God turned Himself around so that He was facing west! Now He was on my right hand. I could not place Him on my right hand with my own efforts. When He is ready, He will place Himself on my right hand. So I will just sit in the south under my tree and wait.

Walking in the Light (February 9, 2008)
This was a day dream in which I "peered into the vision" by deciding to take an action when presented with a choice and then watched what happened.
It began when I was standing in the south and I was looking at an ugly person who was facing east. From the head up he looked like a man with receding hair. His forehead was high and protruding, skull sort of flat, nose protruding and turned slightly up, long scraggly black hair around the sides and back but very bald on top. He was ugly. But at the bottom he was dressed like a woman. Odd creature. He was facing the east standing spell bound looking at a bright light coming from the east.
I saw the light bathing his face and this is where I made a decision to follow the light because I thought light was good. He never moved. So I turned right and started walking. There was a source of light in the distance that I saw. But as I walked the light seemed to recede and I did not seem to be getting any closer. It seemed like a fruitless effort. But I reasoned that "this is light, it must be good". So I kept walking even though it seemed pointless. After a while it became distressing but I kept walking. Suddenly I was bathed in light, in a soft white glow as if I was in the middle of a frosty blub. The light was no longer the clear, transparent way we experience light. It was a pure, shiny white. In addition, the light seemed to be coming from particles streaming by me. After I learned about the theory of light as particles, I always see it as short, straight lines against a dark background. But this was different. The background was a frosty white or cloudy. The particles of light were short, different lengths and squiggly. None of them were straight, they were mostly like uneven cork screws with some more twisty than others and within one some parts were more twisty than others.
It was fascinating but I kept on walking. Suddenly I came to the edge of something. Between me and the light was a dark, barren broken place. This time, as I kept walking the light ahead did not retreat. To the right of me was someone in black in a long hooded gown standing there. But the skin was a glowing white light. I wondered if this represented the millennium or the persecution. The glowing person may be the righteous church in this period of darkness. I kept walking. Then I was suddenly in a beautiful white, layered gown, soft, glowing. My hair was black, long and styled so that it was piled high on top of my head. Then I saw stairs and I climbed up them into the cloudy white light.

Planting Seeds (January 11, 2009)
It was another disappointing wait for my gifts. By following the signs that He threw at me, I decided to wait Sunday morning at 6:10 for my gifts. Within an hour I was praying like the shameless woman at the table. I imagined Jesus sitting at the southern end of a table and I was on the ground at His right side, begging shamelessly to help me. I remembered the story of this Gentile woman so I said, "Even the dogs get left overs". So He threw me a bone about 4 inches long. Exasperated, I got up and said, "I know a place where my bones can live" and walked north.
He followed me. I was a half step ahead and to His right. By this time I realized that my day-dream had turned into a vision. As we walked I realized that I seem to be getting pregnant. When we reached Ezekiel's valley of dry bones I threw my bone on the pile. I realized that my pregnant belly was a pouch of seeds with slits on both sides. So He said "plant the seeds". The valley was like a circular bowl, so we walked around the perimeter and I threw seeds to my left with both hands as we walked counter clock wise. When I threw the seeds, He blew on them and they scattered further. When we completed the circle I went up and down across the bowl and sowed seeds from south to north, then I went across and we sowed seeds from east to west. We continued dividing the circle along the lines of a pie and kept sowing seeds. When we were done, we sat in the south west corner. It was dark, close to dawn. Then He said, "Let us wait for the rain". Soon a small dark cloud appeared in the east and it got lighter as it reached us and it watered the bones and the seeds. Then He said,"Let us wait for the sun". Soon the sun appeared and lightened the earth. Immediately the bones came to life, dressed in drab grey clothing in the style of ancient Israel. By now I could see that the bowl was on top of the earth. As the people climbed out of the bowl they went down across the whole surface of the earth from north to south. Behind them, the dark grey earth turned green as they proceeded down. As these left the bowl, the Lord and I walked throughout the bowl looking for any bones that might be left over. We were not willing for the smallest to be lost.

Ladder. Later that day I had a quick black and white vision of a ladder from earth reaching the clouds of heaven.

Road. After that I had another black and whie vision of a road running straight down the middle. At the end was a ball of light. On either side of the road was high rise buildings. The people on the street were separating themselves. Some went into the building on the right, the others went on the left.

Interpretation. It is obvious. We are waiting for the latter rain and the earth to be lightened with His glory. I have already planted the seeds for Israel and for the scientists. I cannot think of anything else that I can do by myself. Now I must wait for God and the greening of the earth.

Climbing Mount Zion (July 14, 2010. 4:26 AM)
A saw an irridiscent stairway, glowing white and at the top of the stair was a figure all in white, glowing, with a crown on His head. This seems to be a continuation of a vision from 2008 about Walking in the Light.
As I walked up the long stairs there seemed to be people in shadows lining the stairs on either side. They were lifting something in the air. I thought it was swords but when I looked closer it was palm branches. I hobbled up the stairs because my body was so worn and aching, but they cheered me on. Part of the way up I came to a landing and after that point I was able to walk with renewed strength. I reached the top and stood before God and He reached out His hands and sat me on His lap, on His left leg.
Then the vision switched to a bubbling, fast flowing, sweet river flowing from the east through a forest.
Then I was back on the mountain and I stood up and turned around and faced the a whole sea of people. As I turned round I was suddenly dressed in a beautiful white gown with a crown on my head. The dress seemed to be heavy on the bottom so that as I turned, the dress did not turn completely but formed a beautiful swirl. Then I recited the SHEMA, all three statements. With each line the people cheered and waved the palm branches.
Then I was back at the river again on the right bank (south). God was behind me and there were others. I knew that I should part the rivers so that we can cross over and I turned to Him, silently asking for the staff or the mantle or something to swat the river. But He said, "speak to the river". So I stretched out my right hand and said, "River, Hold!". And the river parted, piling up on each side, so that we could cross over.
» Washington Monument. I was above watching a grey cloud below and to my left the top of the monument, about an equal distance below the triangular top, was peeking out above the cloud. This also seems to be a continuation of another vision.
» Stream of Water. At 9:55AM I had another vision. There was a transparent glass sitting on a table and out of my mouth came a stream of clear water filling the glass. I instinctively knew that the water was clean.
» Warriors. All of us who had crossed the river were on the other side of the bank (north). We were standing on pebbles and stooped down. We were drinking from the river by scooping up water with our hands. When we stood up I noticed that they were all dressed in silver armour. This seems to be related to another dream, but this time I was not alone.

Interpretation. It is a message to me about the phase that I am in. My reproach has been removed. According to the pattern, I have one more final battle.

30 October 2010. In the middle of September He instructed me to write Genesis through Joshua. It was finished by October 26. I had forgotten this vision until I saw it today and I realized that this vision was about what I should write. It is amazing that He guided me in what to write, not this vision. I was to remove the reproach from the name of God.

Embassy Row (March 17, 2011. about 5:30 and 6:20 AM)

The Dream. I had been dreaming for a while but I cannot remember much except the end. However, I believe that I was inside a very opulent USA embassy. Then I went outside and started walking down the sidewalk from east to west along a street that was a string of embassies. As I passed each embassy I noticed that at the fence of the property line between each embassy was a high pole with a symbol on top that reresented the next embassy. I know that I saw three symbols, I am not sure what the first one was but I believed that it was the USA and it may have been an eagle. I walked by the fence and the next symbol was Islamic, it was the crescent and star. This compound was like a prison. There was bare concrete walls on the front and sides at least 14 feet tall. I did not even see an entrance. The next symbol was a star of David so I expected to see the Israeli embassy next. As I cleared the massive grey concrete wall I was suprised to see property with no walls or fence. The building was a one story ranch style house in white and salmon colors with a covered porch. There was a circular drive way but the building was so close to the street that the driveway was essentially a slightly curved one lane indentation that could hold about two or three cars. there was a tiny semicirclar island in front to give the appearance of a circluar drive.
In front was a deep sink and I immediately went to it and started washing and cleaning up. There were no dirty dishes but there were rags and a little bit of dirt in the sink and I was cleaning up the area. I wondered if Israeli security would consider me a tresspasser but nobody bothered me. It was as if I was where I belonged.

Vision (The Pentagon). At about 6: 20 I had a vision of an aerial view of what I believe was the Pentagon under construction. The roof was parallel strips of wood and the building may have been made of wood. The south end was missing. Inside the middle was a thick grove of very tall trees, more than twice the height of the building. The building was in a forest.

Interpretation. I cannot help but notice the symbol of a laver. The rest is obvious.

Clean Right Ear (June 26, 2011. about 5:00 AM)

The Dream. Someone in a white garment took a white straw and inserted it in my right ear all the way to the roof of my mouth over my tongue. Brown glob came out of the ear. Their mission was to clean my ear. I thought that the straw would continue on out my left ear, but I was told I would need to insert a straw in the left ear to clean it. My left ear was not cleaned. At some point I recognized that I was dreaming. I immediately thought of the SHEMA. When I learned that only my right ear would be cleaned I thought of the ceremony to inaugurate priests.

Interpretation. It seems to be preparation to speak to me more clearly.

Green Fields (October 17, 2011. about 6:35 AM)

The Dream-Vision. I was partially awake. It was a clear, beautiful day. I was dressed in a white robe, alone in a long meadow with green grass above my ankles. On my right was a green hill. Near the top was Jesus, facing me. I ran up to Him and we held hands and walked to the top. I was on His right. At the top was God on His throne. I stood between them. Down below was an enclosed valley, green with happy people dressed in all colors.

Interpretation. I recognized the field as the one in which I stood in dry grass dressed in a silver armor before I defeated the dragon on that field. I recognize the enclosed meadow as the bowl with the dry bones. My victory was complete. The dragon was defeated and now I am wearing my real armor - the white robes. The earth was green and the dry bones lived.
I do not now if this means that this is the phase in which I am now in or if this is still future. In the future, the people come out of the bowl to green the whole earth. I do not know if this is a victory celebration or the moment before they leave the bowl on top of the earth.
This image of a bowl on top of the earth now reminds me of the 2005 vision of a bowl and boiling teapot/goblet on top of the world.

In the Footsteps of Jesus (May - August 2007)
Ungodly Affliction
Defeat Evil
Judgment Death RaisedEast
Go South West
- Dan Asher Naphtali
40 Months? in Florida
Benjamin Camp "My Life" 40
or 400 Months
Manasseh Issachar
Joseph Zebulun
40 Days CampingRaging Waters Cross Kidron
Diversion West Gad Simeon Reuben
Fortunate Raider Hated Afflicted
Godly Affliction
42 Months. Homelessness until the diversion signs
40 Days Camping: Reuben to Benjamin
I had an incredible learning experience. After God taught me about the Passover Seder symbols, I thought that there could not possibly be any more symbols about Christ in the Old Testament. Was I wrong! During this incredible period, every mystery that I did not know was revealed to me within 24 hours of asking. Information that I did not know was significant was revealed to me. It began on May 16 when, unrelated to what I had been doing or feeling or was interested in, I heard the Spirit say, "If the tribe of Judah and the priests in the east were important, don't you think the other tribes were important too?". So I looked at the map of the camp layout but I did not know where to begin. As I looked at Judah I remembered that his father had said that He would be king so I went to Jacob's blessings. And I read the other "blessings". Immediately the name of Issachar became clear. Jesus riding through the people to pay the wages of sin! During the process I realized that the meaning of the names was important so I looked them up. That night I talked to my friend Julie and we marvelled about the meticulous and creative nature of God. She asked what the others meant, I said that I did not know but He is going to tell me. Then she said, "How about the blessings of Moses". So later I looked them up and almost none of them made sense. For the next 3 days He taught me the meaning of the rest of the symbols for the names of the son and the blessings of Israel. But Moses still did not make sense to me. May 20, He began to reveal the meaning of the blessings of Moses. Around 7:40 AM I was standing by the refrigerator when He revealed the meaning of Reuben. I turned around, closing the door, and I saw a beautiful rainbow outside my window! As it went away I realized it was the sprinkler head and this was the last second of the last rainbow. During the week my mind had repeatedly said "Ask the Lord for a sign, make it as high as heaven ...". So I asked to see a rainbow because I rarely see them and I had not seen one in a long time. Here was my rainbow. Three months later He is still showing me information about the tribes. Then He showed me that I have been going through the same sequence of events. As I looked back to find the similar events I was astounded that the words that came in my mind to say and the feelings were prophetic.

The law says that you cannot make a slave work more than six years. He must be paid wages and freed in the seventh year. In the jubilee year, fiftieth year everything must be restored. I am 49 this year. I will be 50 in January, 2008. I have been working on this website since 2001, possibly as early as September 2000. This spring is also 33 years living in this country.
The law also says that if a slave loves you and wants to stay with you then you should pierce his ear at the door. In every possible way this is my seventh year. I expect to be paid and set free. But I do not want to be free from Christ or this work. So I was thinking about piercing my ear as a sign to Him. But I truly do not want to do that. As I was trying to gather my courage to do this and also expose myself to another charge of nuttiness, I remembered a strange birth defect. I was born with a hole in my right ear (preauricular sinus)! It is a tiny hole at the temple of my ear, the size of a normal ear piercing. God had pierced my ear from birth at the door of His temple. Why is that part of the ear called the temple? I was born to serve. How weird is that?
then his master shall bring him to God, then he shall bring him to the door or the doorpost. And his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him permanently. (Exodus 21: 6)
then you shall take an awl and pierce it through his ear into the door, and he shall be your servant forever. Also you shall do likewise to your maidservant. (Deuteronomy 15: 17)

Fulfilled Dreams (April 10, 2008)
On April 10, 2008 many of my dreams merged and were 90% or more fulfilled. I now realize that the dreams were acting just like prophecies. In each dream God used different symbols to present the same information. The dreams were not primarily about the church as I thought, even though they are a pattern of what will eventually happen to the church. The dreams were about me. They were signs for me to recognize where I am and what to do when I see the situation. So far God has used several things as signposts for me to follow.

Florida Hospital
The new section was finished in 2007, but construction began with the largest concrete pour in Florida on June 24, 2006. My dreams about the design of this place occurred before it existed.

Fulfilled Many Dreams Fulfilled (April 10, 2008)
I correctly understood that the dreams were about my efforts to build this website and to gain help from friends, family and the church. Finally, the only person that helped me was me. What I did not understand was that the dreams were also indicating how to recognize when this phase would come to the end. I believe that an official planting begins. The month of 3 May 2008 begins the seventh year since I have stopped working.
On March 5, while I was living at my sisters house in Palm Beach county I heard in my head, "it is finished". I had two more days of work to finish the lesson and I also wanted to edit some of the peripheral files like history and science topics. On March 11, I moved north to Orlando to take care of my grandmother who was now on dialysis. I had come to believe that I was supposed to live in two places in Florida. I believed that the dream about being "Homeless in Florida" would occur at my grandmother's house and the dream about "the construction project" occurred at my sister's house. What had been bothering me was whether or not the sequence mattered. I lived at my sister's first, yet still the dream about her house was second.
The dreams also appeared to be given by someone who could see through walls. Because while everything seemed to be in their correct relative positions, walls sometimes did not seem to be an obstacle and may appear as transparent doors. Also, time was not treated as being a totally linear sequence of events. Nothing was "out of sequence" but time seemed to be a physical construct or the passage of time was so inconsequential that the future objects appeared with the present objects which may be connected by a physical event or object.

Florida Hospital East.
About ten to twelve dreams were fulfilled here. On April 8, at about 5:00 PM I went to the emergency room at Florida Hospital in East Orlando on Lake Underhill road. She was admitted at about 2:00 AM and placed in room 4219 in the new section of the hospital. On the evening of April 9-10, I came to stay in my grandmother's hospital room overnight. It is single occupancy with a sofa to sleep in. You must read the first three dreams to understand what stirred me.
Inner Courtyard Near Chapel
Court yard Trellis Roof
Trees, Water Fountain Red Roof of Trellis



The Purpose of This Week
Finally, I must ask "Was the sole purpose of the dreams to chronicle the efforts to give birth to the website and to mark its official end?" If so it is an important work and it distresses me that I cannot share credit with anyone. I tried my best to get people involved. I really did. I may have even upset some people with my efforts to tell them to take me seriously. Their actions show concern for me and shame. They were ashamed or afraid to tell anyone until they had convincing signs. This is not good enough. Therefore they must once again pass though another time of trial and testing in which they must not consider ridicule, shame and abandonment as an excuse not to act.
But now everyone who has been sitting on the side waiting for the right time to jump in when they will not face ridicule and embarassment will face this rebuke. 1 Corinthians 1: 22. Some seek their own wisdom while others seek a sign, none abided by the guidelines of the bible, but the only sign that will be given to them is the death of Jonah. This is why God gave all these signs in my death phase. It is their last chance to act based on faith which is built on the information in the lessons and on my reputation and their personal knowledge of me.
I must emphasize that I think all these dreams are a pattern of events that will also be fulfilled by the church.
Update: April 29, 2008. There are five hospitals named "Florida Hospital". I learned that we might have taken her to the wrong "Florida Hospital" because of a series of errors and mistakes. These mistakes brought us to the place where she should have been that week.

My Thoughts on Florida Hospital. What can I say about this hospital and Sunbelt Health systems? Four years ago when I came to stay with my grandmother, she had been to Florida Hospital south near her home. I was impressed with the place. Somehow the corporate culture had been internalized by every single worker that I saw, from the house keeper on up. The cateteria was excellent. The people were nice, friendly and helpful. My grandmother was admitted to Florida hospital, east near the end of February 2008 futher away from her home. We came to visit for one day and I would be returning permanently in two to three weeks. I was disappointed that it was not the other hospital. I even saw the new section and the floor but nothing registered. It was returning to the hospital and lying in that exact position on that day with the words of the Holy Spirit speaking to me that set the events in motion

Florida Hospital South (February 2011). Originally it was a mistake that caused us to go to the other hospital in 2006, but if I had not gone there I would not have seen all the symbols of my dreams. These dreams were about 90% fulfilled. Now the rest of the dreams are being fulfilled.

The unresolved symbols are BESU, the clown, my gifts and the reason why I saw certain people.

Trees under Fire (August 29, 2007)
I saw a railroad track running north to south in the center of my field of vision. To the left, in the west was a forest of mature green trees. To the right of the railroad tracks, in the east, were big guns. They had the profile of rifles, but they were larger than cannons and sat on pedestals. The rifle barrels were pointed to the left towards to trees and up into the sky. Some were beginning to shoot at the trees and the sky.
The meaning is obvious. The trees are the people of God, leaders. The guns on the right is the impending violence of the wicked against heaven and against the church. The railroad tracks must signify that a way has been made for the church fleeing from Babylon in the north to the south. The trees are waiting for their arrival.

Visions About People
» The Plague. On Friday May 20, 2005 I had an image of a very prominent political figure covered in the sores of the plagues. He was screaming in pain. It was horrible to look at. The plague appeared to affect the body worse than the arms, legs and face. It looked like a large blister that bloated the body. On top of the blisters were sores or pustules that have the clustered appearance of small pox, but they were larger boils. Other body parts had the sores but not the underlying blister. The effect on the body would prevent normal resting by lying down. And I must say that nobody deserves it better.

» Bald Rice. (September 2, 2005). I saw Condoleezza Rice with a bald head, spots on her scalp and a few grey hairs sticking out, sunken face. But she was not supposed to be old. This is actually better than the view of someone else that I saw months earlier who was full of sores. With her, it could be cancer not condemnation to hell. Colin Powell made himself become a door mat, she has become window dressing for a group of Hoods Robbing and looting the poor people of the United States to give to the rich. I wondered if this was wishful thinking because I was so angry after Katrina. So I tried very hard to envision the worst possible torture or even some discomfort for the others and I could not. I could not image one tiny hair on their heads ruffled.

Fulfilled » Anderson Cooper. (August 14, 2006. 4:14 AM). I saw him dressed in military outfit or a flak jacket with lots of pockets but it was as if I was looking at him through night vision binoculars. It was very dark, his outline was in white like the negative of a black and white photograph. He was lifting an object over his right shoulder to strike something on the ground with great force.
I must add that I was impressed with him during Katrina when he showed his feelings and let the truth slip out. Welcome to the human race Mr. Cooper. I have heard some veteran reporters criticize his emotional involvement. Boo to them. I think that they are unfeeling cowards.
Egyptian Uprising (2 February 2011). He was attacked by a mob. He was fighting for his life as I saw in my vision. In fact he was attacked on more than one occasion and his windshield was broken in the second attack.

Premonitions About People
These are sudden judgments I have placed in my head about people I do not know, have no information about, was not interested in at the time I felt this way. Nothing they said or did prompted this feeling.

President Bush. In January 2000 around the week of the presidential inauguration, he was on the television, and the thought came to my head, "He is jealous and stubborn, he does not like to be upstaged and this will be his downfall".
Benjamin Netanyahu. Years ago, in the eighties or early nineties I saw him being interviewed on television. I believe that he was not a politician then, but he appeared as an expert on Middle East policy in Israel. I was not interested in anything he said, but I was listening to his accent for a while before I watched something else. Then I suddenly had the impression that he was going to be important in Israel. Years later when he became the leader I marvelled at the fact that I had this impression about him and I wondered what it meant. I did not keep up with his career but when he was involved in some scandal, my heart sank and I felt that somehow his presidency did not meet the expectation of my initial impression. Something was unfinished. I was also surprised that he was such a hard liner. I really knew nothing about him except for the expectations in my head. So now in this environment, in 2006, I am not surprised to see him at the head of the hard liner party. Perhaps he will be the leader of Israel when Zechariah 12 is fulfilled. Israel will be a cup that causes reeling to the world and the Muslims will come to fight Israel. But Israel accepts the Messiah. I had no good or bad feelings about him. I just had the feeling that he will be important to Israel.
April 2008. He is supposed to be the next prime minister. I found out that his name means, "Son of the right hand", "gift of God". Since the last church is modeled after Benjamin and the latter rain occurs in that time, I will assume from his name that his leadership will come during a time when these things begin to occur. Given his political leanings he may be the one to get the Muslims so angry that they surround and attack Israel, but it is during this time that the redemption of Israel occurs. So at first he may be seen as bad for Israel in the beginning, but in the end subsequent events caused by the intervention of God will turn things around. Hopefully his leadership will also play a positive role, not that God will work despite his actions.
September 2009. He became Prime Minister around March/April this year and I now realize that my resurrection phase began around this time. Maybe he was just a sign for me.

Sharing The Feelings of God
For several years I knew that I could feel some of the emotions that God feels about people or situations. I have always attributed it to a decision on my part to try to see things as God sees them, not a supernatural linking of minds. I felt that since I was growing up in the Holy Spirit this was a learning process as I learned to love what He loves and hate what He hates.
That is until the day I heard the word "evolution" on a news program. Normally my reaction would be contempt for people who would deliberately push a theory that they don't understand while they ridiculed any theory from creationist even if there was a valid scientific point. I was used to being the under dog, so their misuse of their power did not bother me. God can defend himself, if He wants to do so. But one day I heard the word and within me someone had a burst of rage and anger that was so palpable that it even shocked me. This was when I came to the conclusion that possession is a valid phenomenon that is misused by Satan.
Sometimes afterwards I would have a lesser reaction to other issues that it caused me to look at what was happening to make Him distressed. I finally learned that we must not give in to entertainment and situations that we know will not exist in heaven. Avoid soap operas. Avoid entertainers who make it a badge of honor to desire "bad girl" roles. Do not shop at Wal*Mart. Do not buy shoes from companies that use slave labor. Think about every thing that you do and see and evaluate it in terms of the kingdom. Whose kingdom does it promote? Am I supporting them? What am I doing for the victims?
I wondered if this was a valid experience until I read Ezekiel and I realized that I cannot be an effective witness for God until I can empathize with Him.
So the spirit lifted me up and took me away, and I went embittered in the rage of my spirit, and the hand of the Lord was strong on me. (Ezekiel 3: 14)

My Concern for Other Countries
» Gulf States. I do not know what will happen here, but I believe that an earthquake will occur. I do not know if I should combine the separate images of St. Louis, Jacksonville, New Orleans, the Oil industry disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I know that God gives warnings to a region before the final destruction. I know that this warning is a sample that will resemble the final in many ways. So my instinct is that hurricane Katrina is just a warning. Most of my little visions are about sin cities. I do not know why this region of the country has been chosen. But neglect of the stranger, poor, widows and disregard of the word of God among people who claim to be believers causes just as strong a reaction as those who do all kinds of evil.

» Thailand. Just as I believe that Katrina is a small portion of the devastation that will occur in the Gulf states and middle America, I believe that the December 2004 Asian earthquake is a small portion of the punishment of Thailand. I saw people running up a dirt path, trying to escape water which was rushing up to them. I actually saw the exact same picture in a news report after the earthquake. But what else I saw was a group of refugees standing on a mountain looking below and there was only sea. Thailand was gone! I also had the feeling that the destruction was caused by a large meteor.

» Jamaica. This is not based on any specific vision or dream. But I realize that I must also pay attention to all my feelings and sensations. I get the sinking feeling that Jamaica will be judged. They have had several warnings and near misses and miraculous escapes. Everytime I think about the place I feel afraid, I am even beginning to tremble. I thought that the church was growing on the island so I asked what else is going on there. It appears that Jamaica, especially the north coast, may be trying to become a sin island as part of its tourism. The tragedy of this is that this is not the fault of the average person, but business developers, the rich and the government.

Other Events
I am listing other experiences even though I do not know what their purpose is or why I had them.

Death Premonitions. I would have severe premonitions of death since late 2000, three days to several months before the people died. In one case I thought that two people would die soon. And this husband and wife died six months later. The first time it happened as we were leaving a prayer meeting on a Wednesday night and I wondered why my thoughts had just suddenly wandered to this strange and macabre topic. My mind said plainly, "They are going to die".
The second time it happened we were at a fund raising event at church. When I saw them, my emotions registered severe shock and my mind said, "Why aren't they dead yet?". It was such a strange moment that I followed them out to their car because I was completely befuddled. When I saw them standing beside their car, my mind said, "And that car ...". Within weeks they were killed in that car by a drunk driver.
Most of this was occurring during the time my gift of knowledge was telling me to study strange topics and the premotions appeared to occur around the same time as the knowledge. But understand that I did not know what was happening to me. I thought that it was menopause!
I had four more experiences like this and they all died. I had the last premonition about a church member one Sabbath after the fifth death. As a friend walked by, my mind said, "She is going to die". By this time I knew that my mind was not running amok. So I went home after church in a panic and prayed for her for hours thinking that my prayer could change events. Everyone about whom I had this premonition had died. With all the others I thought that I was having menopause problems. With her I was beginning to believe that it must be connected to my gift of knowledge. The next day she was involved in a car accident. She was in the passenger seat and someone hit the car on that side. She did not die.
I even had the same sinking feeling about the reporter David Bloom when I saw him sitting on a tank.

In August 2005 my father was murdered. About one month before I was driving to an appointment one Sunday morning and I just suddenly started singing the following song. "Oh my papa, to me he was so wonderful". I immediately knew what it meant. This sentiment was not what I thought about my father. About a year or two before, I had gone to a funeral of the father of some members of my church. The grandchildren sang that song as a tribute to their beloved grandfather. At the time I thought that I would forever associate death with that song because I thought that I could never sing such a song about my father and be truthful.

Later on I concluded that when God communicated the knowledge about Christ to my mind that somehow I also became aware of other things that He knows. I do not know what to make of these. I also had vivid images of Thailand being covered in water rushing up to the trees in the hills because it was being punished for child prostitution. Days before the earthquake I had images of a mountain surrounded by coffins and mailboxes and the only people who were alive were at the top.

On April 25, 2006 it happened again. I hate these premonitions, I thought that they were over. I was watching American Idol and I felt that someone there is going to die. Of course I cannot say who. I guess that I should pray for him as earnestly as I prayed for my friend.

Television. I enjoy detective and mystery television shows. As I worked 18 to 21 hours per day on this project, I would try to watch some of my favorite shows to take a mental break. At some point in 2003, I noticed that I seemed to consistently have the ability to predict the identity of the murderer and sometimes their motive. Just like the death premonitions, as soon as the murderer came on screen for the first time I knew that they had done it. Before they spoke their first words my mind said "he did it". Of course this ruined the rest of the story. At first I thought that I may have been watching reruns. Then I thought that it was a symptom of their lack of creativity. The stories were probably getting predictable and boring. When I could no longer deny the fact that I was not watching reruns I assumed that it was related to the gift of knowledge. I then wondered why God would be giving me this useless knowledge. I conclude that it was to wean me away from these shows. He spoiled the endings for me. I grew to think of them as boring and stupid and a waste of time. The net effect was that I spent more time doing this project than taking a break to watch television.
This is consistent with the way the Holy Spirit has been working with me to write the law of God into my heart. He breaks the power of sin by taking away a love or interest in it. Then He points me towards what is important.

A Sense of Smell. On four memorable occasions I had a heightened sense of smell that I can only attribute to the supernatural if it cannot be explained by brain chemistry. The ability reminds me of what we will have during the millennium as we judge the life of the lost. We will be able to experience their thoughts, feelings and environment as we make our decisions. At least that is what I think must happen if we are to make a fair judgment.
I was in my bedroom for all the events. The first two times it happened, I smelled the strong odor of tobacco for hours. There was no one outside my window, the smell was coming from inside the room. I do not smoke and I have never had smokers in the house. The three neighbors do not smoke. It was not coming from the sheets or the curtains, it was just there.
On another occasion, I smelled the most beautiful, expensive perfume. Since I am extremely allergic I stay away from scented products and I do not use perfume. What was amazing was that as quickly as it came the scent disappeared and then reappeared. The television was on but I was not watching it. After a while I noticed that every time the scent appeared, a beautiful woman was on the television screen. It was an old movie. The impossible explanation invaded my mind, so I watched. Everytime she appeared, the scent appeared. Everytime she was not in the scene the scent abruptly disappeared.

It happened again one last time. I smelled terrible bad breath. So I looked at the television. Everytime the actor appeared I smelled the odor. When he was not on the screen the scent vanished. This is a popular show that I regularly watched. I had no reason to believe that this man had bad breath. He later died from cancer in that same year. He was Jerry Orbach from Law and Order.

On September 4, 2005 this ability appeared in some of my visions. I would smell the sewer when I saw a vision of people in the water or when I saw them in real interviews.
This gives new insight into the word "smellyvision".

A Strange Encounter. In July 2005, I remembered a strange encounter that I had in the summer of 2001. It was late July or early August. I used to stay after work to do research on the internet for this website. Many times I would leave after 11:00 PM and catch one of the last trains to my bus. One night, as I got on the number twelve bus at the train station a slender Indian man of medium height came aboard. Since I am extremely unfriendly, he must have volunteered the information because I do not speak to strangers first. He had just arrived at National Airport and had taken the train from the airport to this terminal. He was on this bus to his final destination. He had one bag. He had never been to this country and he was on his way to his relative's home. I thought that was very brave. To arrive at midnight and to travel by two trains and a bus to an unfamiliar place. I wondered why his relatives did not meet him at the train station or the bus station. It is very hard to distinguish addresses late at night.
After the bus left the station, about a mile down the road a thought entered my head as I looked at him.
"Why are you trying to kill me? What have I done to you?"
I was shocked! It was a thought that was so far out in left field. And this young man had been nice and friendly. I have more Indian friends than friends of other races, so it was not prejudice. So I blamed it on this psychiatric, maniacial menopause.
He travelled futher than I did on the bus. But about a week later I saw him get on board the bus about two stops away from mine. I wondered how he found his way. This was one of the least lighted areas. The bus stop was hidden by bushes, th re was no sidewalk and the houses in that area had high edges. I thought that his relatives were extremely callous. If he had called them when he landed, they could have met him at the bus station. Besides, I have never seen an Indian on the bus or living in this neighborhood.

About a month later, when the events of September 11 happened. I searched the faces of those hijackers to see if I recognized any. I did not. But that was a strange, wacky thought. And so far every one of these thoughts have been very rare but they have been significant. So every year, around this time my mind drags out the memory and poses this question to me, "Was he or is he part of a sleeper cell?" I don't want to know. Knowing about the impending destruction of a city is quite a burden by itself. I am afraid that if I know about a terrorist or a terrorist plot the inept government would shoot me first and then ask questions later and wonder why my dead body can't speak.

My Sister. If my brothers and sisters read this page they would put me in a straight jacket. Although I hint that I am having dreams and visions they cannot generate enough interest or concern to ask me to tell them about it in detail. However, I do force one sister to listen because I am always rescuing her in my dreams. It paid off because I was able to tell her what I believe would happen at the superdome in Katrina. On the Sunday before the hurricane struck we were talking about the evacuation plans and I was telling her how much the maps of the weather forecasters looked like the outline of the black city that I saw in my vision. So as they were evacuating to the superdome, I asked her what is the superdome. When she said it was a ball stadium and around the same time I saw a picture of the exterior I said to her. "O my God, they can't go in there. It is going to be damaged. I saw a vision of a stadium with seats roped off because there was damage from above". In the late 1970s I also told her that Russia would disappear but I do not know how. Finally, one day in the late 1990s she was listening to a local radio show in Florida and she heard a woman saying some incredible things and she said to herself, "where have I heard this before?" So when I went to take care of her after cancer surgery she said, "You have got to listen to this woman named Randi Rhodes. She sounds just like you!"
So maybe someone is listening. She tries to avoid or limit her business trips to Nevada and St. Louis. But she will not confide in her friend who has relatives in Jacksonville because, "they will think she is crazy". So I told her that when it happens she should not feel guilty because they would not have responded.
Before Katrina I was telling lots of people many things to see if they would probe and ask more questions. I did not care what they were saying. I researched mental illnesses, took some on-line quizzes, looked at my past and present and concluded that this was the oddest, wisest mental illness that I have ever seen.
After Katrina a friend called all excited because I had told her what I think would happen before it did. In her excitement she called another friend and they both concluded that I should go to the Washington Post and tell them what else is going to happen because I have an obligation to "save a lot of people if I know what God is going to do". I laughed at her. I wanted to say to her, "you did not believe me when I told you, you were just listening politely". But what I said was that I do not know when these things will happen. And who am I? I only own two old dresses and an old pair of shoes. The news papers whould laugh me out of their office because they cannot prove that I had this knowledge before the events. I did not even know what it meant or where it was. I could only describe what the place looks like and what would happen. But if I cannot convince the people who know me the most then how can I convince others without a history and record of accuracy. And if they will not listen how can I establish this history. And, how can I assume that I can establish a history when I cannot guarantee that. Most of Daniel's prophecies were fulfilled thousands of years later. People believed Daniel for other reasons. First, he was one of the most powerful men and second, He proved that he had supernatural knowledge to the leader of the country because of his disturbing dreams. So I can only prove it one person at a time if that person will listen or have a reason to listen and the patience to wait for a fulfillment, if it comes in their lifetime. Until then, I am a screwball!

A Meal and a Name. On Saturday March 26, 2005 something wonderful happened to me. In February I had come across a text in Deuteronomy 14: 23 which says that "You shall eat in the presence of the Lord in the place where He chooses to establish His name." I concluded that the covenant meal was very important. I was later impressed to update the lesson on the plagues to show the meals that God gives the wicked as a punishment is for rejection. It demonstrates that God is saying that He chooses not to be identified with them. In contrast, the righteous receive the name of God on the forehead. The Seal.

Today I was going to my second Bible study with Hyacinth. The topic was the seven last plagues. We studied for four hours. She was the first person to whom I introduced the concept of the meals of the wicked. As I left at 8:12 PM to go home, she asked me to call so that she will know that I have reached home safely. I told her that I would be home in forty minutes. Since I had only eaten a slice of bread, some onions, a vegetarian hotdog and juice all day I was hungry. As I approached a shopping mall, I thought that I would use a coupon for a free sandwich. But my mind said, "You promised Hyacinth that you would be home in forty minutes. You don't want her to worry." So, without hesitating I decided to go home. But I did not look forward to subjecting myself to one of my own meals. At a stop light next to the mall, the thought of stopping entered my mind again. Then my mind said, "Don't worry. Go straight home. I have prepared a meal for you because of what you have done for Me".
The words were shocking. My messages from God were not personal. All the way home these words were repeated in my head in a soft gentle, persistent voice. "Don't stop. Go straight home. I have prepared a meal for you because of what you have done for Me".
So I actually believed that God would feed me that night.

So I started to consider who might be bringing food for me. In January I had told one friend not to bring me food anymore. About twice per year I would get something from her. But she wanted to try out her new recipes on me and come by more often. I told her no.
My godsons had shown up about a month earlier on a Saturday night with three slices of pizza. They had never done that before. Two years ago, their mother used to bring food when I was bed ridden with my back problem. But she just had another baby.
There was a woman from church who came by about every four weeks. But she always called first and always came on a week day. The last time she came, I gently reminded her not to bring any more food.
Finally, Kavi had started to come by almost every Sunday night since the middle of February. But this week she and her children had come by twice during the week because she was home on vacation. So I did not expect her and it was not Sunday. I had also told her that by April 4 I really did not want any more food. So I did not know who would be bringing me food. But I truly believed that I would be receiving an unexpected meal that night.

When I got home I noticed that the screen door was slightly open. This usually means that there was something sitting between the screen door and the front door prevent ng it from being completely closed.
In the door there were two bags of cooked meal! It was from Kavi.

After teaching me the meaning of the symbols, God was symbolically demonstrating to me that He had chosen me. For over a year, after finishing the lessons on the trumpets, I began to suspect that the sealing of the living has been occurring for a while. Today I was sealed. At a minimum, it means that He chooses to identify with me. This coincided with my belief that I have held since my dream on February 4. It is that God had taken over since about February and that we have entered a different spiritual reality in which He is now gathering the righteous Himself. Even if I thought that everything that I had experienced was "all in my head". The physical reality of a meal that I was supernaturally told to expect is personal confirmation. I have been waiting on 1 Peter 5: 10 to be fulfilled.
After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.
He has confirmed me. I cried all night. When I wasn't on the phone telling about this wonderful God who loved me, I was crying.

The School of the Prophets
Because of Jeremiah 15: 15-21, I concluded that I was enrolled in the school of the prophets. And I was being taught by the Holy Spirit. Israel had these schools and I used to wonder why the prophets had to go to school if a prophecy took over to such an extent that events were practically dictated to you. That is why I was shocked when I could not remember parts of my visions and dreams. I never thought that this would happpen. So having such an institution helped the emerging prophet so that they would not go through the agony that I experienced on top of the agony of abandonment.
So this was not information that you shared with people who thought you were crazy for reasons that you could not identify. They would say "now she thinks she is a prophet". But I was being ostracized even before I started talking about my first dream so that I knew that although they would pounce on my dreams as proof of what they suspected, they had an underlying reason to avoid me before this. What they were actually doing was looking for proof to back up their beliefs.
I suspect that hurricane Katrina was a major test and that when I graduate the information that I receive will be much clearer. Hopefully, it will be as spectacular as what I experienced as a child.

In the days after Katrina, after I decided to accept my gift, I suddenly received a great increase in the number of these visions. It was difficult to close my eyes. Most were related to the people in the water and the scenes from the tragedy. In my normal days, my senses were never overwhelmed with pictures. I rarely thought with pictures. It was a forced attempt. I thought with words and ideas.
I had also decided to learn about major landmarks and structures over the world. I realized that this would probably end the supernatural effect of seeing places that I have never seen before. I worried that this might increase the possibility of suggestibility as I contaminated my memory. In recognizing the trend toward judging sin cities, I worried that I could not distinguish my own thoughts from the real visions. So I hated the fact that the San Francisco area became part of my visions.
However, in addition to the increase in the number of images, the quality of the visions changed. They remained with me longer. I began to experience the smells, emotions and physical reactions related to the event in the vision. So far, I am not afraid but it is very intense. I now know why Daniel trembled and fainted and had such a debilitating physical response.

My Guardian Angels Must be Laughing
The process of arriving at this point has been one of denial. I had one or more visions as a child and a teenager. I also used to have episodes of "Deja Vous". But when they were repeated they were usually years later. Around the year 2000, my "deja vous" episodes suddenly started to appear more frequently. They were days to a month apart and they came often. At one point when I was sitting on a train I actually said, "If this continues I will be able to tell the future". Around the same time I started having these hot flashes around my head and I actually wondered if this was part of a process of wisdom coming with age that had a biological cause. Idiot!
Months later as I was writing the lessons I wondered if I would live to see Joel 2 fulfilled. Would I see the prophets and dreamers? As I looked at all the signs of the end I decided that nothing mattered except the sign of the preaching of the gospel and the latter rain. And I wondered if I would see it.
What was hilarious is that the latter rain had been falling on me while I was looking for evidence of it in other people. During this period weird things were happening and I dismissed them as one time events designed to help me do the work of God so that I could support the pastor. Other experiences I attributed to "side effects" of these miraculous events.
Denial. Denial. Denial.
What does God want with me? My hair looked like a used mop. I owned only two good dresses and one pair of sandals. I was too fat for my winter coats and I lost my one fleece jacket that fit. People would say, "Are you warm enough in that jacket" and I would say, "Thank God for layers of fat!". When I finally lost the jacket I did not know what I would say to them so I stopped going to church at the end of fall. It would be just one more proof to them that this was not God's will. And I had gone to church for two years knowing what they were saying. It was a relief anyway because I could no longer sit in the church chairs because of my back. As for that back pain, someone decided to tell me that it was all in my head, not unkindly. But because they were trying to prove that my head wiring was getting flaky this seemed to be more proof. I have four family members with the same problem so I guess it is all in their heads.
My sister complained that my deodorant "is no longer working" so she made me switch to a new brand. Within a month it caused dozens of lumps to develop under my arms. Six months later I tried the deodorant again and the lumps reappeared within a week. So I had to switch back to the thing that was not working. It took me years to find it because everything else either cause me a chemical burn, itching or smelled bad. I could no longer wear any shoes with any height of heels because they caused a stabbing pain in the bottom of my feet. The soles of my shoes had holes in them. I was getting fatter and fatter on 800 calories per day. Everybody just knew that I had an emergency twinkie under every fold of fat, because "Calories in, calories out" as one wise person said. Exercise was the only healthful thing that I was not doing, because I was going to school and working two jobs. But when I tried to exercise I developed dangerous hives. They were outside and inside blocking my airway. And I never lost ANY weight. In fact, the exercise seemed to reset some internal clock and I immediately gained five pounds. I used to tell people that I believe that I am allergic to exercise. Of course they snickered. The fat girl is making excuses. Years later I discovered that this is possible. You can react to the endorphins produced by your body. If I kept my physical activity under a certain level, one tick above breathing, I would not get hives.
Finally, one year I said to God, "Why do I look like the description of Laodicea? I think it is your fault. What are you trying to do to me?" Why are you trying to make me look bad and smell bad?
So maybe I have been sent to the church of Laodicea to show them how they look before God. Because, however they judge me based on external characteristics, this is how God is judging them. Thank God He is looking at my heart and not my wardrobe.

When I wrote the lesson on the gifts I recognized all the "community building" gifts that I had. I believed that I did not have any of the "guidance" or "proof of God" gifts. Two years later as I was updating the lesson, I realized that I had almost every guidance gift and I had not noticed.
Now that I see the progression of gifts in my life, I pray for the one "proof of God" gift that will allow me to complete the mission that God planted in my mind for this web site. I need the gift of tongues. Maybe my friends will believe me then. And maybe they will think that it is from the devil. No matter what they decide to believe, they must finally acknowledge the supernatural direction in my life. And maybe they will stop laughing. Perhaps they will feel ashamed according to 1 Corinthians 1: 26-31.

It took the miraculous download of information on Revelation 16 and my conclusion that my pastor must be connected to the same mind that was trying to teach me to make me realize that my wisdom and knowledge were not from a biological cause. After hearing my pastor give several unscheduled talks on weird topics that my mind was directing me towards, I concluded that since my pastor was male he could not be suffering from menopause, therefore the source of my information may not be the wacky thoughts of hormones run amok.
The Blue Stone. One of the lessons my pastor is known for is "the Blue Stone". It is the only lesson that still exists on this site that is mostly his research. About fifteen years earlier a guest pastor taught us about God sitting on the blue sapphire stone. Ten years later my mind turned back to that message and repeatedly urged me to look at the blue stone. Since I know the story was connected to mount Sinai I read the story and could not find it. I finally asked someone who was a bible teacher and he said "no such thing exists in the bible, I have read that section and I know it intimately". So I left it alone. Until I met this pastor, God tried several ways to show me the pattern of the exodus and the flood. The information was swimming around in my head but I did not know what to do with it. There was nothing that I could do at that point. But I have since learned that this is how He operates.

Miracle 1: The Disappearing Candle (1974)
I wish that I could tell you that I was studying the bible. I was not. I was reading a romance novel. I was fifteen years old. In my defense I will say that the romance novels that are being sold in Christian book stores today were equivalent to those sold on the secular market during my youth. In these books girls were still virgins when they got married. The books were all about feelings and persistent love amidst all opposition and treachery. They were not about sensual actions. You had the idea that this was not the same with the men, but it was never stated explicitly.

It was a Saturday night. I had just come from a wake next door. We were poor, we had no electricity, we did not even have a toilet or a shower. We had to use the neighbor's out house. I had to bathe at night in the dark behind the house.

I lived with my grandmother and we built the two room house that we were living in. The floors and sides were made from a soft particle board that was made from glue and pressed sugar cane bark. It was not finished on the inside. We could not afford new zinc for a roof so we took used zinc. That meant that we had to use tar to seal the existing holes. The house constantly leaked. I mention this not to make you feel sorry for me but to stress the fact that the house was a fire trap.

That night I used candles to help me read. These were the old candles that dripped constantly.
There were four of us sleeping on a double bed. That is luxury. We have had as much as seven adults and one infant. With so many people in bed I slept with my head towards the foot of the bed. This allowed me to hang my head over the edge of the bed so that I could read. With so many people you cannot share one cover. So, since it was a cold night I took my cover and wrapped my self like a mummy, made a shawl over my head and hopped into bed. I was too lazy to put the candle on a saucer so that the wax would not get into the floor boards. I decided that I would rather spend the extra time digging the wax out of the floor than go outside to the dark kitchen. I put the book on the floor and the candle in the upper right and started reading. I had to melt the bottom of the candle and stick it on the floor so that it would be secure. As I was reading, my hand would periodically slip and the cover that I was holding next to my chin would fall to the floor where the candle was. Common sense told me that this was dangerous and I said that I will never let it happen again.

Suddenly, I woke up with these words in my head,

"You should have been dead. You should have been dead. You should have been dead. "

I immediately suspected that the sheet had fallen on the flames and that I was on fire. So I tried to get up. But I was trapped. I was wrapped up like a mummy and I could not find the opening that I had for my head. I finally calmed down when I did not feel any heat and I slowly followed the edge of the sheet until I could find the opening for my head and then untangled myself.

When I looked on the floor, the book was still open. But the candle was missing. I waited until my grandmother and sisters woke up to see if they had removed it in the night. They had not. I searched the house for a used candle. I looked outside for a discarded candle. I examined the floor and not only was the candle gone, but the wax which should have been soaked in the floor was gone. While my grandmother and sisters could have lied to me, they could not remove the wax in the dark.

That Sunday, I wondered if it was possible for a candle that was melted onto the floor and which had dripping wax to be removed from a porous surface without leaving wax embedded in the crevices. So I experimented. Every place I stuck a candle on the floor, it left a wax impression that was difficult to remove. God had saved my life. He (or my guardian angel) woke me up. And He removed the wax to prove to me that He did it. I never forgot this miracle. And I decided that I would not be like the Israelites and forget God thirty days after the great miracles that He did for them. Over thirty years later, when I need reassurance, I still look back at this event as proof that God cares about me personally.

Miracle 2: Heather and the Sun Prints (1990)
I was in charge of crafts for all age groups in Vacation Bible School. I had a product called "Sun Print". It is a sheet of blue paper that you could place an object on and then expose to the sunlight. The sun would bake away the exposed areas and leave a pattern in the shape of the covered portions. You could use water to wash away the chemicals and stop the exposure. I found that at 7:00 in the evening, the available sunlight was not enough to expose the print. It did not work under normal light and it took more than two hours under special bulbs.
So I limited the number of patterns, then I exposed many sheets of paper.

So that first day I was outside the church following the sun and exposing dozens of sheets of paper. I sealed them in a brown paper envelope to stop the exposure. That same day I was all over our large church getting each room ready for their crafts. I was the teacher in charge of the sun prints crafts.

I was located in the lower chapel in the basement of the church. As the children walked in they were with teenage chaperones. I took out the patterns and asked the children to choose the picture they wanted. Then I looked for my bag of prints - and they were gone! I could not find them. So I prayed. I called Heather, one of the chaperones and told her my dilemma. She asked where I had been and I said all over the church. It was a three story building and I had been everywhere. So I said, " Heather, it is in a brown envelope. Start looking. I prayed". She looked at me as if I was mad, threw her hands up in the air and started walking. Within a minute she was back, holding a brown envelope. "Is this it?"

The lower chapel was in the center of the basement surrounded by a corridor and beyond that were class rooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. She went left out the back of the chapel and then made another left turn along the corridor that was on the right side of the chapel. There she met a woman that she had never seen before. Heather was the pastor's daughter. We know everyone. This woman was holding a brown envelope in her hands and she said to Heather, "Do you know what this is?"
I told her to remember that face because she might have seen a guardian angel.

Miracle 3: The Mystery of the Recreated Books (2000)
I was in charge of crafts for our super Sabbath. God had inspired me to build an ark and to build the sanctuary. So I designed them into children's crafts and did it for children's ministry because I had nothing to do with teaching adults. This time we were making a creation book. We ran out of time, so we did not get to assemble the pages of the book. We decided to do only the visitors books but our children could get theirs the next week. So I packed up all the supplies and went home. The craft was arranged in separate workstations that were responsible for one sheet of the book. The children rotated to each station, wrote their names on the sheet and created the four book pages that were on that one sheet of paper. So each teacher only had a stack of sheets from the book. On Monday I decided to assemble the books. After a while I realized that some parts of the books were missing. And some children were missing all the pages of their books. That Wednesday at prayer meeting I asked one of the parents if she had taken home the books of her two children. She had not. I looked in the room to see if they were still there. This room has no storage facility so there was no place to hide anything.

I searched my car again and because I had been having some trouble with my memory I took steps to write down a list of everything I needed to do.

I repeated the process on Thursday and Friday. I searched my car, emptied the box with the books and went through each pile. Each day I prayed to God to "create my books".
On Sabbath I still had no success, so I went to church with the books that were finished and I brought new material to recreate the missing books. There were lots of stickers and cutting and pasting to do.

I came early and set up the room and put my box of supplies beside my chair. I had one finished book and I was going to read the creation story to the children. The pages were cut down the center so that you could combine the top half of one animal with the bottom half of another animal so that you could create a "new" animal.

I never left the room and no one else came in. In fact none of the teachers knew how to arrange the book. And no one came with a stack of papers that they had accidentally taken. When the children were there I apologized to them. I told them that I had lost their craft but I had a sample of the book and I told them that it would be worth it to create their book again. We would read from the book first and then start the project.

I reached into my box to pick up the sample and I noticed the missing book of one of the children on top. It was properly assembled and only needed the staple in the center. I was puzzled but I could not interrupt the class to search the box. This was the same clear plastic box that I had emptied and searched every day for five days and within the last half hour as I waited for the children.

When we finished reading the book I looked in the box and there were all the books, assembled! They just needed a staple. This was physically impossible.

The craft was organized so that each teacher was in charge of one page of the book. The child would rotate to each station, put their initials on every page and leave them with the teacher and at the end we would assemble the book from all these piles. So at a minimum, what I should have found was piles of similar pages waiting to be sorted and then assembled. And these piles had been missing. I searched every day. This same box. Even though I knew it was useless. So I was hoping that they would miraculously appear. So I would empty the box and search it, going through every piece of paper. It was clear plastic only 18 x 18 x 24 inches. Each page was a different color so that it was easy to tell which section I had. Here is the craft.
Instead, God had "created my books" from nothing. It was like a loaves and fishes miracle.

Miracle 4: The Drying Up of Grandmother (March 26, 2008)
I was about to feed my grandmother lunch. When I got her up I noticed that the back of her dress was wet. I had a decision to make. I can feed her for the next fifteen minutes so that I do not compromise her blood sugar or I can clean her up and feed her in an hour. This is often a challenge because of my back. Fortunately, she hardly ever pees because of dialysis and she rarely does a poopie in the day. After eating I slowly walked her to the bathroom to wash her. She travels at the back breaking speed of ten inches per minute and my back is worn out after five minutes. Nevertheless I sat her on the potty and proceeded to remove her clothes, but they were dry. How could that be? Sometimes she sweats a lot and she does feel damp, but when I got her up I also checked the water proof bedding that she sits on and it also had the tell-tale signs of a water stain. I went back to the bed to check those stains and they were ... gone! God dried her up just as He dried up the Red sea.

God Leads

Request: Draw Pictures (1981)
I was in college and I had just been exposed to computers in 1981. The technology was so ancient that we were using punch cards to write our programs. The personal computers were just about to come on the market but it would be years before I would see one. The point is that at this time, the technology that I was used to was punch cards, terminals and main frames. We used projectors to show black and white pictures on plastic sheets in professional presentations.

With this level of understanding, I was walking to the dorm one day when out of the blue I had the profound thought that I must create color pictures of Daniel and Revelation to show to the world on computers. The personal computers were not image processors at that time they were mainly word processors. I did not have the equipment, knowledge, money or software to do this. I did not own my own computer until the late 1990's. So the request seemed premature.

After 2001, I have drawn hundreds of pictures to support this web site and to illustrate Daniel and Revelation.
Again, I am amazed that God approached me 20 years before I was ready or able to do this. The intervening years were not spent on learning how to draw or in doing anything towards having the ability to fulfill this request. But I always thought about how I would illustrate the symbols.

Update (February 2005). When God revealed the additional meaning of Daniel 4 to me on February 13, 2005, I came back to this page to see when He had asked me to "draw pictures". It was the same year that Babylon the Great was prophesied to return. So it seems that God called a prophet the year Babylon returned.

Request: Remain Single (1985)
This happened around the year 1985. I was about 27 years old and I thought that I had better get married soon if I wanted to have children. Since I was baptized at twelve I had always desired to become a missionary and dedicate my life to God. By this time all my plans to help God had failed. I was barely earning an income above the minimum wage, so I could not even afford to give a generous amount of my income to the mission. I had no skills that could be used in the mission field and I was too shy to teach.

With this situation facing me I approached God in prayer. My intention was to apologize for not being able to do anything more to help other than my tithe and a small offering. I also apologized for breaking a promise that I would do anything to help God, even if it meant that I would be single. I made this promise when I was about thirteen years old. We were listening to mission stories and I heard the adults talking about the wonderful work of the missionaries. Some expressed the desire to be involved in this work but many were too poor and most had too many young children. I decided that if I wanted to become a missionary that I might have to delay having children or give up the desire to have them.

So I was praying a formal request to release me from my vows. It was not because I wanted to have my own way, but because I thought that it had become impossible. But as I prayed, I became convinced that the desire to stay single for the cause of God came before I was thirteen, before I was formally exposed to religion. I remember learning about nuns and thought that I would love to serve only God.
I also remember an encounter in school when I was about eight or nine years old. It was parents day. My mother was talking to my teacher about my future. Then they switched to the subject of me getting married and having children.
For some unknown reason I panicked. And I said to my mother, "Mummy, when I grow up remind me that I am supposed to remain single".
As soon as I said it and for years afterwards I wondered why I said that. I was the one who wanted to have many children. Identical children, four at a time. I have constructed many dream homes with many rooms for many children since I was little because I have been thrown out of so many homes. After college I realized that I would never be able to afford a home so I asked a builder if I could apprentice with him for a few years. I would work for free doing anything. If I could not buy a house, then maybe I can build one. I would buy land and maybe in ten years I will have learned how to build a home. He laughed at me. You are a girl!

So as I was praying and I said that I changed my mind and I take back my vow, I thought about this incidence and other things and I said, "You know God, although I believe that I made a promise to you, I have this strange feeling that You did this to me. You planted this desire to do that. You caused it."

Suddenly God communicated with me. I did not see or hear anything as I normally do. But I experienced some form of communication with God.

Although I could see my living room, I suddenly felt as if I was somewhere else with trillions of people. It is the same feeling that you get when you know that someone is standing behind you without seeing, hearing or smelling them. Imagine that a trillion times over. I also felt as if I was where they were, they were not where I was.
I felt the presence of a large number of people and they were all sad. Trillions of sad people. I felt that they were sad because of what I had just said. But although I experienced this overwhelming sadness, I did not feel any guilt or any pressure to change my mind. I felt free.
Then I "heard" a voice saying, "Please be patient, I want you to remain single for the sake of the church".

So I quickly apologized. I also said that this desire to serve was so overwhelming that He had to give me something to do until He was ready for me to do whatever He wanted. That week I ran into a friend who was involved in Children's ministry. She needed help. I have been involved for years using the gift of arts and crafts. But I always knew that Children's ministry was just a gift to keep me busy until He was ready for me. I also realized that I should not stay in this work long after the age of forty because there is a perception that spinster women are mentally unstable, gay and they fulfill some sort of emotional need for a family by being devoted to children. I knew this at 28 because I found some poor fifty year old single woman crying because of what was said to her. Sometimes Laodicea can be a jackass. They do not want to do the work, yet they criticize someone because of their zeal and devotion.

Eighteen years later, I realized that this web site would not be possible if I had gotten married or if I had children. I would not take the financial risks or time that I did to create this web site. And, in a revelation about Revelation 22, I realize that we will get married and have children when we return to earth. Again, God gives me assurance long after the fact. I do not care about having a husband, or a dream house or children. I want to be a door post or wall flower or potted plant or area rug in His house. As long as I can see Him every day.

Graduate School (1996)
Columbia Union College.
    » 1982. Biochemistry. B.S.
University of MD, University College.
    » 1993. Computer Information Systems. B.S.
    » 1996. Computer Systems Management. M.S.
    » 1998. Telecommunications Management. M.S.
God never paid any more attention to me until I went to graduate school. I would not get impressions, hear voices or experience anything supernatural. If I had to count I would say that I had such experiences about five times in my whole life. While most people I knew claimed to daily have such revelations from God. You just had to pray and keep silent and listen, they said. Well my spiritual ears were as deaf as a door post and as dead as a door nail. I used to laugh about the fact that God took pleasure in not answering my prayers or speaking to me.
I went to school to improve my chances of increasing my salary and to do something useful with my life until God decided to tell me why He wanted me to be single. I was still waiting. So far, everything that I had done could be done with an understanding husband who was also dedicated to the work of God. And my eggs were disappearing. A few years later a man at church asked me if I knew anyone who was single because he knew "a gentleman who needed somebody, but not you, you are too old". I assume he really wanted to say "you are too fat and unkempt".

The coincidences started happening after the second semester. As I looked through their catalog and the programs and my options, I just happened to say to myself that "I wish the curriculum would change so that I could take a particular set of classes". The next semester the university changed the curriculum so that I got what I wanted. Every semester after that I said to my self, that "I wished ... would happen". And the next semester it did! I had never been to a school where the classes were revamped for even one semester. Finally, in my last semester I had one required class that was only offered on Saturday. I could no longer avoid it. So I called the university to see if I could take an alternate class, or take a test to prove that I knew the information. She told me that they had just decided to drop the class as a requirement!

I continued the next semester to start a second MS degree because I felt an overwhelming need to do so. I was not happy because I really wanted to start saving for my retirement. The same thing happened. They started changing the curriculum, adding new classes to match what was going on in my mind. I used to call those years, "from my mouth to God's ear".
Now I realize that changes of that magnitude are usually the result of years of planning, so I came to the conclusion that "before I called, God answered".

Now, God did not make this easy for me. I only got financial help in my last semester. I paid for my last three college degrees with my credit card. The university required payment in full. So for ten years I did not buy any clothes or personal items.
Although some of the required classes for the two masters degrees overlapped, the university did not know how to treat me because it had never had a double masters candidate before. So I was told to take a substitute class. By the time I was finished with telecommunications, I had taken every technical class that they had to offer. I wondered why God wanted me to have this knowledge. He seemed to work hard at keeping me in school and making me learn everything.

So far, the only thing that came out of this knowledge is the page on the news media and persecution technology. I realized that it would be wise to throw away the cellular phone if I am on the run. Does God want us to have this information? Would I be confident enough to write about it if I had not been educated in it? I wrote the creation and evolution page because of a B.S. in biochemistry. On that page I included a argument for the case of creation that came to my mind as a text, "male and female created He them". When I "heard" it (from God) I realized that the existence of male and female was the simplest, practical argument that proved creation.

If all of my life has been directed by God, then I must conclude that I was created or called only to serve the church at this time.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail (1999)
I also had the overwhelming need to hike the Appalachian trail even though I had never been hiking or used a backpack. I decided to do this after I graduated. As it turned out, in my last semester, my mother was terminally ill, my faculty advisor had a stroke in the middle of the semester and the university would not return my calls about the status of my paper and project and my oral defense. So, by the time I began my hike I did not have the time to put on or use the backpack until the hour before I was about to leave the house to go to the beginning of the trail in Stone Mountain, Georgia. As soon as I put it on I fell over backwards. My sister heard the thud, came to my room, looked at me, stepped over my dead body and said "you should know what you are doing". I rolled around like a bug, got up and went to do what my mind told me to do.
The Angel on Clingman's Dome. May 7, 1999. As it turned out I fell only one more time. It was raining hard for seven hours. I had just crossed over the top of Clingman's Dome, the highest mountain in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. All that day I was running through a dead forest with tree trunks stripped of all leaves. They were all standing there like giant lightning rods in the middle of a lightning storm. I was above the clouds, my backpack had a metal frame, there was lightning all around. I was there like a lightning rod, daring the god of thunder to strike me. I was a big target with a metal bull's eye on my back and miles of wooden fingers silently pointing at me. Fat people can run when there is an incentive other than a twinkie.
As I crossed the crest of the mountain, I was in the middle of normal trees. The trail was muddy and the water was running like a little river. There was a steep embankment on my right, and a precipice on my left and just a 12 inch wide flat trail to walk on. Then the unthinkable happened. I fell over forward on my face. My face was in the muddly water. The backpack was heavy on my back. I was oriented downhill. I could not turn right and roll over because of the cliff. I could not turn left because of the abyss. Between a cliff and an abyss, the muddy waters and an elephant on my back was worse than being between a rock and a hard place. The most I could do was arch my back and lift my nose out of the water. I could not remove my backpack because I had no space to work with. I realized that I needed to be flipped either backwards or forwards. Backwards seemed impossible because I would be flipping myself uphill. Forward seems impossible because I would actually have to do a somersault. I could not move my knees so that I could get in a kneeling position because of the weight and the downward slope. Waiting for help might be useless. Sometimes I never see a human being for days and I was wet and cold. I prayed. I could only move my right hand because the left was trapped under the weight of my body. I reached behind me and grabbed the top of the frame and all of a sudden I was standing. I had been flipped backwards, uphill. I shuddered when I looked at the abyss on my left. I did not and could not have done what had been done. God exists and He sometimes goes hiking with silly girls on a rainy day.

Web Site (2000-1)
I did not start the website because of a message from God. I started it because I believed that the time was right. I had been collecting information for years. I had been looking for fulfilled signs. Since the Lateran treaty in 1929, the only thing that I saw was the Protestant political interest in 1982, Hollywood made the occult become popular, the fall of the Soviet Union and this strange coincidence of the United States defeating and controlling Iraq in 1991. That nagged at my brain for ten years. But I never gave myself permission to have a new opinion about bible knowledge. Then in 2000 when the president made laws to support religion then I decided that finally, the end of time could occur in my life time. Among Adventists there is the belief that when this government passed laws to support religion then national ruin will follow. I simply recognized the time. At the time it was passed in early 2001 I made the statement that "we have entered a different reality and anything can happen now". Because this statement was what my mind gave me as I searched for a way to define those times. When September 11 happened the media started using the phrase, "different reality".

By the time September 11 happened, the website was ready to be published. I had even found hidden laws that were similar to the Patriot Act that I questioned. I wondered how these laws were passed without public debate and outcry. I wondered about the "free press". From a military standpoint, I realized that we were farther along in this cosmic war than I had imagined. We had secret persecution laws and we had a press that seems to either be lazy or incompetent or in bed with the government. In early 2003 God "communicated" with me again to research why the media seemed to be abandoning their responsibility.

After I made the decision to do the web site, a series of coincidences happened to propel me towards it. Everything that I thought that I needed to do this was suddenly made available for me. The most interesting was to learn HTML programming. I had some exposure but not enough to attempt a design. I did not even know how to link pages.

One day in early 2001 I was sitting at work and I decided to look at the University of Maryland schedule to see if they offered HTML for the summer or autumn semester. This would mean that I could not start the website until at least 2002. The next day my boss came to us and said that the company had paid for too many students in a web programming class and anyone who wanted to go could take the class for free!
Before the class a design had popped into my head and I have not wavered from that design. So as each topic was introduced I made sure that I knew how to complete this design.

Near the end of the class it occurred to me that I should plan for a multi-lingual version. I had taken French in high school and I thought that it might take me two years of classes to become proficient in French. The thought came in my mind that I did not have two years.
The next day, as I was doing research for the site I came across a product that allowed you to translate web pages into five languages and it only cost $30! I did not believe that this was possible.
This was March 2001. So I worked hard to make a multi-lingual version available by March 2003. I had to stop working to meet this deadline because I had no help.
So I did not stop working because God told me to stop working. I stopped because that was the only way that I could complete my task on time, by myself. In fact, the opportunity came to buy my four unit apartment building. This would immediately solve all my retirement problems. I had even spent $3000 on inspections and I had to abandon all of this to do the website. Two weeks after I stopped working I hurt my back and was bed ridden for months. After this a filling fell out and I had to have root canal that cost $3000. I had no health insurance. One would wonder why God did not make these problems surface before I stopped working so that I could take advantage of my medical insurance and the long term disability insurance that I paid for. Why did He give me that wonderful opportunity for a home and then present me with a choice that was heart breaking. If one was looking for signs from God they would have indicated to buy the house and keep working. But this contradicted the command to finish a version by a certain time.
I deliberately chose to give up everything.

My Testimony
The Evolution of the Website
Many times I thought that I was finished. Then the Holy Spirit introduced a new cycle of requests.
> Most of the lessons were only Daniel and Revelation from my pastor's lesson. The supporting information was mine.
> Holy Spirit helped with information for missing lessons.
> Lessons broken up into separate files.
> Started adding what I knew in new lessons and added to the pastor's lessons.
> At the request of the Holy Spirit in December 2004, I replaced all the lessons with mine and what He taught me. Except for one which still has about 75% of the original contents. Most of which is the Bible texts.
This was written around 2002, before the previous sections.
Why did I do this Web Site? It has taken me almost eighteen months to write the English version. I received about 90% of the Daniel and the Revelation page from my Pastor's Bible study notes. I have since rewritten or added to over ninety five percent of those lessons because of this gift of knowledge. It will soon be 99% original. So far, I have drawn most of the graphics, typed all the other pages word for word using a simple text editor. I have slept only three hours per night (but that is normal for me). I stopped working so that I could edit the pages. I am glad I did, it has taken longer than I expected.

Why did I do this Web Site? I was dissatisfied with what was on the Internet. Many people were misinformed about the technological capability we had. I was acutely aware that many prophecies could be fulfilled with the technology we had.
I realized that all my life God has been training me to learn about much of the issues that I discuss. I am a computer programmer, I am an artist. I have formal education in Biochemistry, computer systems and telecommunication systems.

While in graduate school I saw the world changing rapidly to the form I expected it to be in for the final generation. I was also lured into graduate school by a series of miraculous events. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. God made me take every graduate level telecommunications course the university had. I was not happy, but I went along with the flow. Too many odd coincidences were happening. It would be fair to say that up to that point, God took pleasure in not answering my prayers. So I was fascinated. I went along with the flow and completed the degrees, wondering what God wanted.
I even went hiking on the Appalachian trails for almost six months because my brain would not stop telling me to do this. So I went with the flow. I had never been hiking before. Glad I did. The day I began the hike, I put the back pack on for the first time, fully loaded. I fell over backwards!

I had dedicated myself to missionary service ever since I was twelve years old and I was in my thirties and it did not seem possible. So I just waited and prepared. I am shy, not a talker so I did not know what I could do. Then, God called me around 1985. So I waited for almost sixteen years after God called me. I did the one thing He asked me to do and then I just waited. I involved myself in Children's Ministries while I waited. I had asked God to give me something to do until He was ready to show me what He wanted. The missionary Spirit was strong in me and I could not just sit and do nothing. That week I met an old college friend and she invited me to be a greeter. Although I did well at Children's Ministries, I was always aware that I was here because I pleaded with God to give me something to do until He was ready to show me what He wanted.

I believe He wants me to do this Web site.
Because I obeyed, I was able to make some of the bold decisions it took to do this project.

Recognizing the Time. I was disappointed in the attitude of the leadership towards prophecy. So when we finally got a pastor who wanted to study the Bible and who opened my eyes to the central role of Christ and the sanctuary images, I was elated.

Around 1981, while walking to my dorm, the thought flooded my head to start drawing pictures from Daniel and Revelation so that I could show them on the computer. At that time Personal Computers were unheard of. I was not even good at computer programming. I had to take two computer classes for my Chemistry degree and we were using punched cards.

For years, I had been reading and collecting information on other people's interpretation of prophecy and history and it became clear what I should do by 2001. Learn HTML and do my own web page. I thought that it might cost me at least $12,000 per year at a minimum. But I did not discourage myself by finding out the actual cost. I already had no future.

So I started searching for a class and within two days my employer came to our group and announced that they had extra seats in an HTML class and would we like to go for free! Would I?
This was in March 2001.
During the class, I formulated a design and stuck to it. Or rather, a whole design appeared in my head and I followed it. I also decided to add all the other knowledge that I had learned as separate discussions. I linked them to the prophecies because they were related to prophecy.
I did not foresee a multi-lingual site, but for some reason I prepared for it. Just two years before, graduate school had taught me that language translators were not currently viable.
After the class was over, I thought about what it would take to translate into French, the only language with which I was vaguely familiar. I thought that it might take at least two years to revive my knowledge of French and retype all the pages.

But suddenly the thought popped into my head, "you don't have two years". Not being one to rely on impressions popping in my head, I was not concerned. But it was such a strong thought. Please note that I do not believe that this meant that God would come in two years. I believe it means that I have two years to prepare a multi-lingual version.
The next day I was surfing the Web, looking or more information when I came across a site that said I could see the french version if I went to another link. It said "powered by Systran". The result is, I found that I could purchase software for $30 that would translate web pages into five different languages. $30, I could not believe it. The professors in graduate school had said that such software is not ready. Even if they were, I thought that the cost would be way beyond my reach. I was already thinking that it might cost me most of my disposable income to keep it on the web.

Later on I was told that they are not very accurate. I was not overly concerned because I realize that the bulk of the work was physically typing thousands of pages. If the software could get me within 80% of accuracy, then I could rearrange 20% of the words. The gift of tongues would not make me type faster, but having much of the words would help someone with the gift. I pray for this gift or willing volunteers.

The Work Begins. The first time I took the information home to begin typing, the brand new computer died within seconds after I had saved my research to the hard drive. So I mostly did the typing at work in the evenings. In September 2001, three new computers died in one week. The devil was working hard but I never lost any of my work. By December my home computer kept crashing every day. But I never lost any work. I suffered a back injury and was confined to bed. But the only thing I could do was type.
I would have been discouraged but I remember how God instantly provided everything I needed and answered every objection that I had.

By the way, when I finally went on the Web, It only cost me about $300 per year not $12,000. I formally submitted this site to the search engines in August 2002. By October 1, 2002 I was getting and average of 1300 hits per day on the weekdays and 950 per day on the weekends.

As of October 2002, I have the full translation in Russian, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and partially in Arabic and Japanese on my computer waiting to be cleaned up. I believe that I will meet God's deadline. The translations are of poor quality but I did as I was instructed.

If this is from God, I know that I will start to have problems so pray for me. I know the Spirit of God is working strongly. I cannot tell you how many times my mind has been flooded with the strangest information and the constant request to study a particular topic and then show up at prayer meeting and hear my pastor go off on those same tangents. Amazing! Is the latter rain falling?

Three Years Later (2004). Since I wrote this testimony God has given me direct understanding of several prophecies that are about future events. The second Persian gulf war started in March of 2003. That was my deadline for getting a multi lingual version out. Warts and all.
Since that initial submission, I have had two major changes so that the lessons can be broken up into individual pages and I added many drawings from the visions and I have added my own observations based on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In January 2004 I started having dreams for the first time. I am now praying for the gift of tongues so that I can fix the horrible foreign language interpretations before I run out of money. I am still without help and the longer I am not working and telling people about my "dreams" the more people are beginning to whisper that I am crazy. They have concluded that because I am very smart I am figuring out the meaning of these symbols. They refuse to hear how sudden and unexpected the knowledge comes. Because while God will allow me to read bible text or learn secular facts several months before, my mind is always as blank and uninformed as to their meaning or link. Always, when He teaches me I am usually studying something else that is not related. I am never in the midst of studying and debating what a topic means. Then God suddenly comes in and I hear a command and I immediately understand. The seven last plagues is the only topic which I was studying, praying to God for understanding then my mind was filled with the knowledge in an instant. The other knowledge came unexpectedly while I was studying something else.
Every morning when I pray I go over all the reasons why I could be mentally ill and why I could not. I always conclude that nothing in this probable illness is making me break the commandments of God. Therefore, I must use faith to proceed. The dreams, the knowledge that I am receiving and Hebrews 11 help me to continue. They also called Jesus insane (John 10: 20). His own family called Him insane (Mark 3: 21). They all accused Jesus of working for Satan. They told Paul that his intelligence had driven him crazy. (Acts 26: 24-25). Jeremiah 16: 15 to 17: 1, Jeremiah 20 and Lamentations 3 all mirror my experience. I am in good company.

If I assume that in the last days we will all go through this utter abandonment and bewilderment I can only tell you what helps me.

I became homeless in September 2006. I was actually homeless on Yom Kippur and later spent the feast of tabernacles in my tent with God. The timing was so symbolic that I could not mourn over all my lost possessions. I did not receive the gifts that I had hoped for, but something else happened. A childhood vision came through which confirms that fact that I should be out in the woods ... homeless. I am now spending time from house to house waiting for God. In this condition I am forced to face two fears. The fear of homelesness and depending on others and the fear of abandonment by my heavenly Father. My stepfather had discarded me, my father had not supported me, and God has never answered by personal prayers and He certainly seems to be ignoring me now after He has "used me". But I know better.
» The Worst Day of My Life. The worst day of my life was the first time I ever became homeless and had the feeling of not belonging anywhere. On that day, a Saturday morning, I defended my mother from a viscious assault by her husband. I stood between them as he tried to disfigure her pretty face and got shards of glass in my eye. She sent me to stay at my father's for the day and I discovered that he was leaving to live in America permanently. As I worried about what was happening to my mother, I wondered why my father kept this a secret and why did he have to sneak away and when they planned to tell me. That evening when I went home I was met at the front gate and told that I could not come in and that I could not live there any more. My mother was crying. So I went to live with my grandmother whose cruel husband I hated and who turned out to be a pedophile who apparently was trying to make me his next victim. So in one day I lost my home, my mother and two fathers under the cloud of not being wanted into the clutched of the man I hated the most. He never got a chance to hurt me, but I was not a happy girl. I was full of fears, longing for the day when I had my own home and nobody could throw me away.
... they went around in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill treated ... men of whom the world was not worthy, wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground. (Hebrews 11: 37-38)

Update: (2017) Last update was in 2011! I thought this was the worst day of the life! Ha! I have been to HELL and back since May 2011.

What Have I Learned?
I have learned several things during this experience. I began to wonder why God can be so vague at one time, yet be very direct at another.

My Proof
Prophetic dreams do not mean that someone is a prophet. Nebuchadnezzar was not a prophet. I will only believe that what I have is the gift of knowledge promised in Daniel 12. There are several things worth looking at as proof.

Thanks to Julie, Raj, Kavi, Dilcia, Elise, Sandra and now Hyacinth. Not all of you have read, but you did not avoid me. You brought me water in the desert. And to the children Keith, Kurtis, Rachel and Jeremiah, you remembered my need for spiritual gifts in your prayers. And to the Holy Spirit, it has been an awesome 47 years, I am looking forward to the next phase. I can't wait to meet You in person. You have my permission to tease me mercilessly for the next seven million years about the wacky lengths to which I went to deny what you were doing.
Thanks to Myrna A. and Jeremy L. for editing or translating. Jeremy takes me seriously because he has been reading the lessons and he also has been having dreams. Not as many as I have had but he had a dream about the two towers falling and he told somebody before it happened. He also seems to be given the mission that I originally thought that I was doing before it became a more prophetic mission.

Study to show yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2: 15 Time: 300 minutes
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