Salvation Mathematics
(The Use of Numbers in Bible Symbolism)

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Numbers are used in prophecy for time and cycles and sets of actions. The meaning of these numbers can only be discovered through their use by God in Israel. Therefore, the sanctuary, feast and legal systems will be used to determine how God uses numbers.
Other use of numbers in the bible may only reflect the facts of what has happened. There is no special meaning that can be attached to them and it does not shed light on the symbolic meaning of the number.

The Use Of Numbers At Creation
What is the source of the meanings of these numbers. It appears to begin with creation.
Summary Of The Numbers
Day Created Seven Multiples of 10SquaredMultiply
x7 x7+1x10 x100 x1000 N2 N2+1 123456 7 8 12
1 Light and Dark 78 101001000 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 12
2 Sky, Sea 14 15 202002000 45 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 24
3 Sea, earth, trees 2122 303003000 910 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 36
3.5 24.525.5 353503500 12.2513.25 3.5 7 10.5 14 17.5 21 24.528 42
4 Sun, moon, stars 2829 404004000 1617 4 8 12 16 20 24 2832 48
5 Fish and birds 35 36 505005000 2526 5 10 15 20 25 30 3540 60
6 Man, Animals 42 43 606006000 3637 6 12 18 24 30 36 4248 72
7 Sabbath, time 49 50 707007000 4950 7 14 21 28 35 42 4956 84
28 1 lunar month 196 197280280028,000 784785 28 56 84 112 140 168 196 204 336
30 1 solar month 210 211300300030,000 900901 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 360
1212 solar months 84 85120120012000 144 145 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 144
It is clear that the numbers that consistently appear in prophecy are related to the first, fourth, sixth and seventh period and the multiples of ten.

The most prevalent number in prophecy is the number seven. Its use is clearly related to time and a complete number of a set. This usage first appears in the creation. Therefore, we will see if there is any relation to creation and the prophetic use of numbers. The only clear concept we can come away with is the following.

The Meaning of Numbers

Solar and Lunar Time
Have you ever been frustrated with what appears to be two parallel time sequences that cause us to constantly readjust our calendars? Well, there appears to be four kinds of time operating in the bible and the sanctuary reflects all of them.

  1. Day and night. As long as the earth remains this kind of time will exist.
  2. Eternal. When the old earth is destroyed, a new kind of time emerges. God is the source of light and we will periodically celebrate lunar time and Sabbath. The time is a perpetual jubilee and a perpetual lunar time in which solar day and night does not exist.

Goat's Hair Covering (30 by 42 (44))
34 5 -o- 1 2 34 5 6
3 Linen Covering (28 by 40) | |
34 5 -o- 1 2 34 5 | |
3 Most Holy Place | | Holy Place | |
2 2 | | | |
1 1 | | | |
Representation of Time
The 4 cubits are 4 weeks or 4 quarters of the year.

Time of the Righteous.
The 28 cubits is 28 days.
The 40 cubits is 40 periods of time.
10 panels in groups of 5. God's people get 2 periods to face the destruction of the curse of the covenant. We see this in the two destruction experience of these groups.
  • Israel. Destruction by Babylon and Rome.
  • Church. The fall of the Papacy and Babylon.
  • World. The flood and the Second Coming.
Time of the Wicked.
The 30 cubits is 30 days.
The 42 cubits is 42 periods of time. It is shortened from a length of 44.
11 panels in groups of 6 and 5. 6 is man's time, the last 5 is God's time when they face the covenant.

Sanctuary Time. At the creation, God stretched a canopy over our space and within this container He created the planets and defined day and night time with its conflicting solar and lunar scale.
In the sanctuary, God stretched two canopies over the structure, each had dimensions that reflect solar and lunar time.

The fact that one covering overlaps the other covering, demonstrates the overlapping nature of the solar and lunar time. When the difference of both is compared, we see that solar time is two units longer than lunar time. 2/30 is equal to 1/15 which is 6.66%. Again, we find the mysterious number 666. Solar time is 6.66% greater than lunar time.

The Separation in the Curtain.
What does the separation between the two sets of curtains represent? There are at least two possibilities.

Time No Longer.
Revelation says that there will be "time no longer" during the sounding of the seventh trumpet. This corresponds with the period known as the "time of the end" which involves God's movement to the Most Holy place. Notice that the arrangement of curtains over the most Holy place was equal. Five panels for each set of covering. Does this represent the fact that the prophetic solar and lunar time have converged?

Time Cycles in History
God defines His activities in terms of the lunar time (multiples of seven and the jubilee). He defines the activities of the people on earth in terms of solar time. The prophetic designation called "time" is a 360 year period.
God takes actions for His temple in 490 year cycles. The activity of powers who challenge the people of God occurs in 360 year cycles.
Coincidentally, the two cycles converged in 1798 with the wounding of the papacy at the end of seven times. The times of the Gentiles ended at exactly 66 jubilees.
The emergence of the Messiah appears in the Jubilee cycle. The birth of the man who would be Messiah, who would conquer all Gentile kingdoms happened after two times.

The Covenant And The Temple Periods: The 490 Year Cycles
The Exodus marked the beginning of years for the Israelites and the start of the Jubilee cycle. This outline is meant to show the pattern of events that occurred close to each cycle of 490 years (ten jubilees). All are about 490 years apart, except for the second period which has about 65 extra years. The time of the kings cannot be dated accurately.
Historical records indicate that the year 27/28 and 408/407 were probably sabbathical years. So 34 AD is another sabbathical year. It is appropriate that a new beginning started this year. If these dates are correct, then the exodus occurred in 1500 BC.
Jubilees DateTemple Event
00 1502 BC? Portable Temple Exodus. Jubilee counting begins. Portable temple used.
110 1012 BC? First Temple Solomon's temple is dedicated exactly 490 years after the exodus.
220 457 BC Second Temple

Third decree by Artaxerxes starts the 490 year prophecy of Daniel. New temple construction begun.
330 34 AD Stephen stoned - ends the 490 year prophecy of Daniel. The second temple is destroyed in 70 AD.
The Messiah temple is destroyed in 31 AD and rejected in 34 AD
440 524 AD Heavenly Temple Church starts ruling states
550 1014 AD Great church persecutions
6 60 1504 AD Reformation begins rest from false doctrines
7 66 1798 AD Pope imprisoned at about 66 jubilees
70 1994 AD The United States takes its place as the final world empire
Between the third and the fourth time period God came looking for His fruit as specified by the law. This is the time Christ appeared.

The Times Of The Gentiles: The 360 Year Cycles
The prophetic times of the gentiles are calculated as solar months. The times of the Gentiles begins with the apostasy of Israel and the rejection by God according to the terms of the curse in Leviticus 26. After this time the Gentiles trampled on the sanctuary and the people.

360 Years Modern Time Kingdom Duration Curse
00 721 BC Assyria 1 time Sudden terror and fear
1360 361 BC Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece 2 ½ times Wild Animals
2720 1 BC Pagan Rome Captured by enemies
31080 359 AD
3 ½1260 539 AD Papal Rome 3 ½ times Sword, disease
41440 719 AD
51800 1079 AD
62160 1439 AD
72520 1799 AD French RevolutionFalse church destroyed
8+ 45 1844 AD God takes His kingdom 3 ½ times? 1844, God judges the righteous favorably
10½- Millennium Blessings
Wicked Judged Second Resurrection.
Satan is released for a short time.
A time in prophecy is equivalent to 360 years. When Leviticus 26 says that the church would be punished seven times, we can see seven empires and ideas that challenged God and we can also see that this lasted seven prophetic times or 2520 years.

Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome, Papal Rome and the communist ideas born in the French Revolution are seven kingdoms that conquered the church of God.
Interestingly, the papacy lasted for half of this period. Exactly three and a half times. This 1260 year time period is the subject of many prophecies. After this time of punishment was over, God would act and He would be challenged by the last power, Babylon the Great.

According to Daniel 12, those who wait 45 years after they have finished shattering the power of the holy people will be blessed. Daniel 2 and 7 support the idea that Christ takes formal and legal possession of the kingdom before He comes back to the world. This chart supports the idea that the rival gentile kingdoms will rule for seven times before God takes possession. Practically, this rule of God is not recognized on earth by the powers. So we find the wounded power regaining control and making alliances with the whole world to defeat God. At the end, Satan openly joins in the struggle. It is not a coincidence that the millennium plus the amount of time that has elapsed since the 1798 is about 3 ½ times.

The Overlapping Time Cycles
Just as the two coverings that symbolized time overlapped in the sanctuary, let us see how history and the actions of God overlap in time.

Sanctuary Outer Court Holy Place Separation Most Holy
Millennium 3500 years - - - - - 4000 4200 - 5000 - 6000 -
Dates 1500 BC 1012 721 BC 605 539 457 361 197BC 1BC 34AD 70 539 750 1079 1439 1798 1844
History Exodus Israel Assyria Babylon Persia Greece Rome Papal Rome 1798 No time
360 Years No Gentiles
in Israel
Time of the Gentiles (Seven Times or 2520 years).
1 time 1 time 1 ½ times 3 ½ times
490 Years 10 Jubilees 10 Jubilees 20 Jubilees 26 Jubilees 1798 Gospel
Given Ten commandments
The Covenant is broken
The Curse is applied
God keeps
The New Covenant
Israel 10 tribes Judah (Last 2 tribes rebel)
The final Curse is applied
Christ Crucifixion Christians called Remnant
Obeys Rebellion Obedience Rebellion Faithful
Temple Mishkan First Temple Second Temple Heavenly temple Cleansed
Some placements and dates are approximate

2520 Years
721 BC 605 539 457 361 197 BC 1 BC Crucifixion 34 AD 70 539 750 1079 1439 1798 1844 1981
Assyria Babylon Medo-Persia Greece Rome Papal Rome Curse


No time
the Great
Arrow 40 jubilees of Roman occupation 4 Jubilees 36 Jubilees
Time of the Gentiles (Seven Times or 2520 years).
Jews Conquered (3½ Times) Christians Conquered
1 time 1 time 1 ½ times 3 ½ times
2520 years of curses 2300 years remain 1260 years remain
Jews 490 years remain for the Jews Crucifixion Gentiles 1810 years remain for the Gentiles Remnant
Assyria Babylon Babylon lost power for Seven Times or 2520 years. It returns as Babylon the Great Babylon
2520 is (12 x 7 x 3 x 10). This is total people, total time, punishment time and total from God.
The 2520 years times of the Gentiles can be counted several ways.

Both time cycles converged in 1798. Seven times and 66 jubilees had been completed. Just as there was a distinct division between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place, there appears to be a clear distinction in time between the separation of the acts of God.

Millennial Week
Assuming that the earth will last for seven thousand years, these are the events that occurred during the millennial week. The error is about 200 years. This is based on the chronology that I developed. It differs from Ussher's chronology by about 215 years.

The millennial week can also be seen as a parallel to the days of creation. During this time of the undoing of creation, the primordial abyss and the dragon who lives there slowly retakes possession of the earth until he is trapped in the abyss on the millennial Sabbath. During this week God makes a way for His possession to escape the abyss.
Period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Millennium)
Creation Dark Light Heaven, earth Trees Sun, moon Fish, birds Beasts Man finished Sabbath
Abyss Night, day Sea removed Seed given More light Animals created Man created Rest given
Abyss Returns > Darkness Sea returns Gentiles Dragon Beast rules sheep Beast Killed Dragon in
the Abyss
Salvation comes > Sin Flood Abraham Jesus Dove (Holy Spirit) Glorification Saints in Heaven

Long Prophetic Time Periods
Some time periods are discovered in prophecy. Others are part of a covenant agreement. Some are discovered by analyzing both after comparing history to the covenant periods of forty and forty two and Sabbaths.
Time Source Text Duration Comment
1000 Prophecy Revelation 20: 3 Second to Third Coming Millennium of rest
6000 Covenant Leviticus 26: 34-35 Sin to Second Coming Analysis of the covenant in Leviticus 26 with Revelation 16 and 20. If the millennium period is part of the final curse, then the earth must have broken the Sabbaths for six thousand years.
2520 Prophecy Daniel 4: 16 539 BC-1981 A prophecy with a dual fulfillment. In the long fulfillment, it is the same maximum time given to evil governments. It is the second of two prophecies given to Babylon, not to Israel.
2520 Prophecy Luke 21: 24 721 BC-1844 Times of the Gentiles. We assume that it might be seven times because of the historical events.
2300 Prophecy Daniel 8: 13-14 457 BC-1844 This may have been the remaining time from the time given to the Gentiles. This prophecy is special because its major events can be traced as the prophecy proceeded.
> 490 Prophecy Daniel 9: 24-25 457-34 AD The Messiah comes
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Number Meaning Example
1 God, unity God is one
3 The length of time God is on trial or tested See also, 40, 42, 5. Jesus in the bowels
Judgment. The length of time the wicked is on trial or tested Years of drought
4 God's people's time X 10
5 Judgment. The number of times we are tested Curses
6 Man's total time 666
7 God's time Sabbath
8 7 + 1. The beginning of a new cycle of seven Eighth day. Day of circumcision
10Complete righteousness Commandments. 7 x 10 (Age)
12People of God 12 tribes and 12 disciples
24People of God in heaven 24 Elders
40The length of time for the righteous to be tested See 3 and 42. Noah, Moses, Israel
42The length of time for the wicked to be tested See 3, 3½ and 40.
49God's time Sabbath of Sabbaths
5049 + 1. The beginning of a new cycle of 49 (7 x 7) Jubilee, Pentecost
5240 + 12. and 4 x 13. Weeks in a year
X10 Total time given to a person 40, 70
X100 Total time given to a nation 490
X1000 Eternal time 1000 (millennium)
Squared Freedom for the people of God. (Time and place) Jubilee, 144,000
Cubed Heaven (Permanent place for people who are free) Cubed city of the New Jerusalem

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