Persecution And The Personality
(An Emotional Survival Guide)
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"Nothing ... will be able to separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus"
Father, forgive me for all my sins. I surrender my life to you. Be close to me. Thank you.
This section was added to explore the relationship between personality, persecution and interrogation tactics.
By observing my friends and acquaintances over the years, I have noticed that certain personality types have traits that can be exploited in manipulative situations. This lead me to research the theories behind interrogation methods. So it was not a surprise to discover that investigators are taught to exploit their knowledge of you. One of their first tasks before an interrogation is to try to make these personality and psychological assessments.

Personality Theories
System Personality 1 Personality 2 Personality 3 Personality 4
1 Brain Organization Left Brain Right Brain Left Brain Right Brain
2 Brain Structure Machine Brain Art Brain Play Brain Lizard Brain
3 Personality Types Type A Type B Type C Type D
4 FIRO-B (eI, eC, wA) (eI, eC, eA) (wI, wC, eA) (wI, wC, wA)
5 Hippocrates 4 Humors Choleric Sanguine Phlegmatic Melancholy
6 Jung Personality Types NT SFT STF NF
7 Littauer Powerful Choleric Popular Sanguine Peaceful Phlegmatic Perfect Melancholy
9 Kiersey Temperament Rational (NT) Artisan/Hedonist (SP) Guardian/Traditionalist (SJ) Idealist (NF)
10 DISC Assessment Dominance Influence Steadiness Compliance
11 P-Types Anesthetic Hypomanic Depressive Hyperesthetic
12 Animals (Smalley/Trent) Lion Lion Otter Otter Golden Retriever Golden Retriever Beaver Beaver
13 The Four Species (Judaism) Lulav (Palm)
Aravah (Willow)
Hadas (Myrtle)
Etrog (Citrus fruit)
Torah + Deeds
14 Gingerbread Cookie Head Left Arm Right Arm Feet
15 Mishkan Type Indicator Most Holy - Law Holy - Mercy Holy - Law Most Holy - Mercy
Bible examples Paul Peter, Judas Moses, Abraham Elijah, Jonah
Personality theories try to measure your preferred method of reacting to the world. It does not account for your maturity or spiritual growth.
There are many different personality theories, that divide the personality traits into four or sixteen different types. The most popular is the Myers-Briggs system and the Kiersey system based on it.

These theories have been around since the time of Hippocrates. He defined four personalities based on the fluids in your body (blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile (serum)). They became more scientific with the research of Carl Jung who identified eight personality types. Myers and Briggs expanded on this even further when they identified the judging and perceiving types. This expanded the types to sixteen possible sets.
Kiersey added to the knowledge by observing that these sixteen types can be grouped into four that are similar to hipprocates' observations. Many researchers also describe the classification in four groups.

Personality The Brain Organization
The biological source of personality differences probably come from the different functions of the left and right brain. The left brain governs all analytical, mathematical and linear functions. The right brain is concerned with motives and reasons and other human factors.
I could not help but notice that in God's method of teaching the Israelites by the sanctuary and feast systems, that He used a right brain approach. The method is filled with symbolism. The right brain sees the big picture, the left brain the detail.
God uses the left brain approach when He makes His final actions and dispenses justice and the right brain to deal with humans in mercy.
Justice of God Left Brain Right Brain Mercy of God
Ten Commandments Verbal description, explicit Non-verbal, implicit The sacrifice of Christ
Laws Word symbols Image symbols Sanctuary, Lamb, light, bread, incense, blood
Sabbaths Sequential, orderly, counting Simultaneous, spontaneous Unconditional love, feasts
Christ Action Plan Plan of salvation
Judgments Conclusions based on reason Willing to suspend judgment Mercy and the gift of God
Death is the wages of sin Head Heart No greater love than dying for a friend
CeremoniesDetail Context, assumptions, big picture Patience of the saints and suspension of judgment
Israel chosen Organizes Supports Comforter, Holy Spirit

Personality Basic Structure
Different personalities and coping strategies appear to be dominated by activity in one part of the brain. These theories come from science, evolution and game designers.

Personality Basic Personality Types (Friedman /Rosenman)
This system is based on defining the four extremes.

Personality Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behavior (FIRO-B).
Dimensions > Inclusion Control Affection
Expressed Behavior eI Popularity
Need for
» Recognition
» Belonging
» Participation
eC Leader Need for
» Influence
» Leading,
» Responsibility
eA Love Need for
» Closeness
» Warmth
» Sensitivity
Wanted Behavior wI Observer
wC Follower
wA Be Loved
Torture Isolation Confinement, trivial rules Sensory deprivation, overload
It measures three interpersonal needs (inclusion, control, affection) and two dimensions of these needs (wanted behavior or expressed behavior). These two dimensions measure how much you prefer to express these behaviors or how much you want others to express them. It is a fairly simple system that accurately measures the dimensions of personalities.
If FIRO-B included a fourth interpersonal need, I would call it the need for order or planning. Do we need to express order or do we want others to do all the order and planning. The sanguine just want to have fun, so order can be constricting. However, the melancholy love order.

Personality Hippocrates And The Four Humors.
Body Fluid Characteristic Personality Element Season
1 Phlegm Cold and moist Phlegmatic Water Winter
2 Blood Hot and moist Sanguine Air Spring
3 Yellow Bile Hot and dry Choleric Fire Summer
4 Black Bile Cold and dry Melancholy Earth Autumn
Hippocrates said that health and personality are based on the balance between four body fluids. These fluids correlate to the four basic elements and the seasons. Each personality is based on having more of one fluid. Too much fire or yellow bile makes a person hot and dry or choleric. This is the theory that was believed for centuries and taught by Greek physicians like Galen. Modern theories eventually link to the same four basic sets of personalities.

# Type Personality MBTIPreference
1 Extraverted Sensing Sanguine ESFP SFSFTN
2 Intraverted Sensing Phlegmatic ISFJ SFSFTN
Phlegmatic ISTJ STSTFN
3 Extraverted Intuition Melancholy ENFP NFNFTS
4 Intraverted Intuition Melancholy INFJ NFNFTS
5 Extraverted Thinking Choleric ENTJ NTTNSF
Phlegmatic ESTJ STTSNF
6 Intraverted Thinking Choleric INTP NTTNSF
7 Extraverted Feeling Phlegmatic ESFJ SFFSNT
Melancholy ENFJ NFFNST
8 Intraverted Feeling Sanguine ISFP SFFSNT
Melancholy INFP NFFNST
The failure of this system is its inability to differentiate the sanguine and phlegmatic types. The judging and perceiving traits clarify the differences

Personality Carl Jung Personality Types.
He identified eight personalities that are based on two types in which we have two opposite ways of functioning.

Within these eight possibilities we have an order of preference for using these functions. Before the age of six we experiment with all four functions. But as we age the subordinate functions begin to emerge until we are balanced.

  1. Dominant (Age 6-12). This is the function that we use so frequently that it overshadows the other functions and forms our personality. We also extravert or intravert this function. This personality begins to emerge between ages six to twelve as the dominant function asserts itself.
  2. Auxiliary (Age 12-20). This is the secondary function from the second pair of types that asserts itself between ages twelve to twenty. We also extravert or intravert this function to the opposite of the dominant function. Therefore, if the dominant function is extraverted, this function will be intraverted. A strong auxiliary function is needed to complement the dominant function for proper personality development.
  3. Tertiary (Age 20-35). We begin to use this function more often from age 20 to 25.
  4. Inferior (Age 35-50). Between the age of 35 and 50 we begin to use our fourth function. It may be in conflict with our dominant function. After the age of 50 we are more disciplined in the use of all four functions.

Personality Gingerbread Cookie Personality Test
How you perform various activities give a clue to your personality. The way you drive or the way you eat a gingerbread cookie can reveal your type. According to a 2010 Dunkin Donuts personality test based on the first bite of a gingerbread man cookie this is your personality.

Personality Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
Pair Trait Population Description Measures Dimension FIRO-B
1 I Intravert 25 % Reserved, reclusive, self motivating Our flow of energy. Where we receive stimulation. From interaction with others or from introspection Social. External exposure Inclusion
E Extravert 75 % Expressive, sociable, needs others for motivation
2 S Sensory 75 % Observant, curious, lives in the past How we gather information. By using our five senses or do we rely more on intuition Spiritual/ Feeling. Mercy, Interaction Affection
N Intuitive 25 % Imaginative, introspective, lives in the future
3 T Thinking 50 % Tough, rules and regulations, patterns, standards, critical judgment How we make decisions. How we process information. Mental/ Thinking. Law and Justice. Analysis Control
F Feeling 50 % Friendly, sympathetic, understanding, values
4 J Judging 50 % Systematic, schedules, fixed, plans ahead, organized, plans, orders, need for closure How do we act on the information in the external environment on a daily basis. Our method of problem solving. Physical/ Working. Planning, implement, growth, self actualization -
P Perceiving 50 % Wait and see attitude, adapts, flexible, experiments, alternatives
The mother and daughter team of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers used the work of Carl Jung. Isabel recognized the fourth personality dimension of the "thinking and perceiving" types. This expanded the eight personalities of Jung to sixteen. This system uses a set of four pairs of letters (eight letters) to describe differences in personality.

Personality Kiersey Temperament Sorter.
These four sets identified by Myers-Briggs are combined to form sixteen different personality types. David Kiersey grouped these sixteen types into four related sets that correspond to the original theories. They are the rational choleric (NT), the artisan or hedonist sanguine (SP), the guardian phlegmatic (SJ) and the idealist melancholy (NF). I focused on those traits of their personality that might be exploited by interrogation tactics.

Type Myers-
Kiersey % Description
LionStrength. Visionary, practical, productive, strong-willed, independent, decisive, leader
Weakness. Cold, domineering, unemotional self-sufficient, unforgiving, sarcastic, cruel
NT Rational 8% Powerful Choleric. Acts on appearances of honor and reputation, propriety, authoritarian. Ingenious, independent, and strong willed
Knowledge Seeking
1 ENTJ Field Marshall
4% Leaders, need to take charge, likes structure and order, strong willed, focused, likes to prioritize.
2 INTJ Mastermind
<1% Self confident, prepares, practical, strong willed.
3 ENTP Inventor
2% Curious, hates boredom, hates routine, likes to be on top, confident.
4 INTP Architect
<1% Likes to design, seeks knowledge, hates nonsense, impatient with routine details, prefer to work alone and quietly, serious, compliant.
OtterStrength. Outgoing, responsive, warm, friendly, talkative, enthusiastic, compassionate
Weakness. Undisciplined, unproductive, exaggerates, egocentric, unstable
SP Artisans 38% Popular Sanguine. Acts on good-hearted impulse, kindness, Liberal, hedonistic, self-indulgent. Unconventional, bold, and spontaneous
Sensation Seeking
5 ESFP Performer
14% Smooth, witty, fun lovers, gives in easily to the wishes of others.
6 ISFP Composer
5% Fine arts, do not plan and prepare, act on impulse, sensitive to the pain and suffering of others.
7 ESTP Promoter
10% Witty, clever, fun people. Can influence others, manipulators, diplomat, good salesmen.
8 ISTP Operator
9% Concrete, utilitarian, practical, optimistic, generous, loves solitude, cannot be subjected to the rule of others, hates control of their will.
Golden Retriever
Golden RetrieverStrength. Calm, easy-going, dependable, quiet, objective, diplomatic, humorous
Weakness. Selfish, stingy, procrastinator, unmotivated, indecisive, fearful, worrier
SJ Guardians 38% Peaceful Phlegmatic. Acts without self-interest, prudence, knowledge, conservative. Dependable, helpful, and hard-working
Security Seeking
9 ESTJ Supervisor
13% Responsible, orderly, eager to enforce rules and procedures, hates violations, cooperative with leaders, expects obedience.
10 ISTJ Inspector
(Duty Fulfiller)
6% Need to see that all is right and proper, dedicated, loyal. Base their self image on being loyal. Trusts authority, neat, seeks security, not confrontational, pessimistic, conservative and yearn for belonging.
11 ESFJ Provider
(Care Giver)
13% Sociable, social harmony and cooperation. Cares for others in need, conscious of appearances. Hates personal criticism.
12 ISFJ Protector
6% Likes caring for others, safeguards friends and family, assists the downtrodden, shy, thorough, frugal, dependable, hates changing conditions.
BeaverStrength. Analytical, self-disciplined, industrious, organized, aesthetic, sacrificing
Weakness. Moody, self-centered, touchy, negative, unsociable, critical, revengeful
NF Idealists 8% Perfect Melancholy. Acts on principles, righteousness, libertarian. Loving, kindhearted, and authentic
Identity Seeking
13 ENFP Champion
3% Prefers intense emotional experiences, searches for truth, motivators, hates subordination, independent, inspires and manipulates others to their own ends
14 INFP Healer
1% Caring, seeks unity, moral, idealistic, willing to sacrifice, martyrs, finds it difficult to believe in themselves.
15 ENFJ Teacher
3% Enthusiastic, value harmonious relationships, empathetic, social, takes on the concerns of others.
16 INFJ Counselor
1% Private, sensitive, make decisions quickly, thinks in terms of values, values personal integrity.

Personality The Mishkan Personality Types And Their Physical Relationships.
Melancholy (NF) North (Submissive) "Thou Shalt Not" Sanguine (SP)  
WestRoof (Future)   [Cerebral Cortex]   Roof (Present Internal) To Right Brain

To Left Brain
[Right Brain] Law 1 - 4 (Perceiving) [P] Submissive Law 5 - 10
Outer Court
(Feeling) [F] Cross-wiring
Mercy Seat
[T] Cross-wiring
[F] Cross-wiring
Cross-wiring [T] (Thinking)
Pillar Ear
Pillar Eye
(Intuitive) [N]
Pillar Eye
Pillar Ear
(Extrovert) [E]
(Introvert [I])
Pillar Ear
Pillar Eye
Pillar Mouth
(Sensory) [S]
Pillar Eye
Pillar Ear
To Right BrainTo Left Brain
[Left Brain] Law 1 - 4 (Judging) [J] Dominant Law 5 - 10
Choleric (NT)   South (Dominant)     "Thou Shalt"   Phlegmatic (SJ)
The amazing mishkan not only models the personality types but how they are related to each other. In additiion, it indicates a fifth type related to time and a third dimension to each type. Current theories only address the secular human perspective. The lost dimension is the spritual. The Bible teaches us that this dimension has been damaged but everyone has been given a measure of faith to access it. The three dimensions in each type are related to God, self and others (spiritual, mental and social). Since our spiritual dimension is muted, our personality traits seem to be concentrated only in the other two. However, the person who is born again may find this dimension trying to exhert itself and others might feel its calling.

Set TraitCross-Link Description Measures Mishkan Brain
1 IIntravert NIntrospective Our flow of energy Holy Place Parasympathetic
EExtravertSInteraction with others Outer Court Sympathetic System
3Devotee-Interaction with God Most Holy Place Frontal Lobe
2 SSensoryEUse 5 senses How we gather information Holy Place Door Corpus
NIntuitiveI Rely on intuition Most Holy Place Door
3Word of God-Torah, Bible Covenant
3Public Opinion-External Influence Gate Tefillin
3 FFeeling PUse values How we make decisions Mercy Seat Prefrontal Cortex,

Orbitofrontal Cortex
TThinkingJUse rules Ten Commandments, laws
3Will of God-Holy Spirit - Conscience Reasoning (2 Angels)
4PPerceiving FFlexible, adapts How we solve problems North Wall (Submissive) Right Hemisphere
JJudgingTOrganized, plans South Wall (Dominant) Left Hemisphere
3Spiritual-Power of God West Wall (Authority) Rear?
5 DTraditionalQOur memories How we prioritize time (perspective) Outer Court (Past) Cerebral Cortex.
Medium Spiny Neurons
Left Temporal Lobe
GPragmatistC Our immediate concerns Holy Place Roof (Present)
3Inspirational-Our plans, hopes, duties Most Holy Place Roof (Future)
6 CCarnalGSeeking life How we live in time Table Of Shewbread Thalamus, Amygdala,
Limbic System
QInquisitive DSeeking knowledge Menorah
3Spiritual-Seeking God Altar of Incense
Brain Structure. Logically, these traits should naturally come in order as we mature. We are first forced to be introverts before we recognize the concept of "others", We learn to use our five senses before we have the knowledge and experience to rely on intuition. At some point we settle into our preferred method of interaction, completing our personality. The sanctuary mimics the brain structure.

The Personality Continuum. This is the personality dynamics as best as I can illustrate it in two dimensions. The inclusion need or intravert and extravert characteristics are along the axis of the third dimension. People tend to think of the choleric and sanguine as the extraverts and the phlegmatic and melancholy as the intraverts. But there are rare examples of extraverts and intraverts in all categories.
Right Brain
Dopamine (More) More Noradrenaline- Acetylcholine More (More) Oxytocin
Fun, pleasure, vanity Want Advertising Focus Express Love, fear
Social Status Want Conform WantCommon OpinionExpress Reform Express Advocate
Narcissistic, Histrionic Borderline Obsessive-Compulsive, Dependent
B Want More Affection for Self Want Affection Express Express More Affection for Others D
- Artisan (SP) Sanguine (SFP) (19%) Charismatic (FP) Melancholy (NFP) (4%) Idealist (NF) -
OtterPerceiving More inclusion Perceiving Beaver Melancholy
PerceivingFeeling Feeling Judging
ThinkingSensory Intuitive Feeling
Sensory -ExtravertExtravert-Intuitive
-IntravertIntravert- Comforter
IntuitiveIntravert More inclusion IntravertSensory
ExtravertExtravert Phlegmatic
Intuitive Sensory
Thinking Thinking
LionJudging JudgingGolden Retriever
Rational (NT) Choleric (NTJ) (5%) Administrator (TJ)Phlegmatic (STJ) (19%) Guardian (SJ)
A Express More Control of Others Want Control Express Want More Control of Self C
Antisocial, Paranoid Avoidant Schizoid, Schizotypal
(Aggressive) Action Want Conform Want Personal Opinion Express Reform Express Conviction (Passive)
Exclusivity, vanity Want Advertising Focus Express Fear, curiosity
Adrenaline (More) More Noradrenaline- Acetylcholine More (More) Serotonin
Left Brain
It is difficult to express a three dimensional idea in a two dimensional table. However the FIRO-B attributes are a little more complicated.

Personality Disorders. A personality disorder is a type of mental illness involving a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, or trouble perceiving and relating to situations and to people and to yourself. This leads to significant problems and limitations in relationships and social encounters (Mayo Clinic).
The disorders can be mapped to a basic personality type. This does not necessarily mean that they are limited to those personalities or neurotransmitters. In fact, they may not only be the extremes of a personality type, but may be the result of other personalities being unable to handle personalities that are not their own basic traits. I now discuss them because I noticed that the disorders also seem to be related to a dysfunction in the degree of affection and degree of control of others and self.

God And Personality. An examination of the four personality types and the various Kiersey roles show a division along the roles assigned to members of the Trinity (godhead).

Opposite Personalities Complementary Personalities
Myers-Briggs Undefined % Description Spiritual Gifts Leadership Gifts %
Systems Guardian Religion Guardian (Administrator) Business Property Guardian (Administrator)
NP (Choleric-Melancholy) 7% Choleric TJ (Choleric-Phlegmatic) 24%
Rational ENTP Inventor 2% The planners and designers. They analyze the world and formulate ideas and plans to achieve their goals. The visionaries and global planners and coordinators. They analyze the gifts and will of God and the field to create and fund plans Rational ENTJ Field Marshall 4%
INTP Architect <1% INTJ Mastermind <1%
Idealist ENFP Champion 3%Guardian ESTJ Supervisor 13%
INFP Healer 1% ISTJ Inspector 6%
Systems Promoter Religion Promoter (Missionary) Politics Property Promoter (Entrepreneur)
ST (Sanguine-Phlegmatic) 38% Sanguine TP (Sanguine-Choleric) 22%
Guardian ESTJ Supervisor 13% The salesmen. Public appeals, public servants. They interface with the public as a group. They gather support for ideas. Spread the gospel among different people, groups and cultures. The public face of the church to strangers. It blends the ability of the phlegmatic to be alone and the friendly sanguine Rational ENTP Inventor 2%
ISTJ Inspector 6% INTP Architect <1%
Artisan ESTP Promoter 10% Artisan ESTP Promoter10%
ISTP Operator 9% ISTP Operator 9%
Community Promoter Church Promoter (Pastor) Education People Promoter (Charismatic)
NJ (Melancholy-Choleric) 9% Melancholy FP (Melancholy-Sanguine) 23%
Rational ENTJ Field Marshall 4% Implementers, motivators. They interface with the managing staff and translate plans into action. Local leadership and planners. They implement the global plans at their level Artisan ESFP Performer 14%
INTJ Mastermind <1% ISFP Composer 5%
Idealist ENFJ Teacher 3%Idealist ENFP Champion 3%
INFJ Counselor 1% INFP Healer 1%
Community Guardian Church Guardian (Helps) Social Work People Guardian (Comforter)
SF (Phlegmatic-Sanguine) 38% Phlegmatic FJ (Phlegmatic-Melancholy) 23%
Guardian ESFJ Provider 13% Public assistance and social butterflies. They interface with the public on a daily basis in a direct one on one contact Team leaders, youth group workers, teachers, hospitality, greeters. The public face of the church to members and visitors Guardian ESFJ Provider 13%
ISFJ Protector 6% ISFJ Protector 6 %
Artisan ESFP Performer 14% Idealist ENFJ Teacher 3%
ISFP Composer 5% INFJ Counselor 1 %
The combinations above are my own attempt at organizing the similar types that are not defined by Kiersey. Therefore, they should not be taken as significant findings.
The combination of complementary personalities are a perfect representation of leadership skills over certain assets, people or property in the role of guardian or promoter.
However, I find that the combination of opposite personalities represent a good blend that complements certain church planting and community building spiritual gifts. In the absence of a real spiritual gift, these mental talents and biological gifts can produce some of the benefits. Let us take a look at two groups that could function as a pastor.

Law Enforcement. The interrogator looks for these behavioral traits and further tries to access abnormal personality types. Torture attemps to go against the flow of your personality, targeting your need for inclusion, affection and control. They specifically look for weaknesses that can be exploited. These weaknesses can be based on an abnormal personality or some dominant expression of a normal personality. I would not classify these as personality traits, but certain personalities may tend to exhibit one of these behaviors more easily.
For example, a perfectionist might be more guilt ridden. An extrovert might suffer from this also because they tend to need approval from others. Realizing this, they can be manipulated to feel guilt for not pleasing the other person.

The Exploited Personality. They also try to assess these characteristics because they are looking for weaknesses in the personality that can be manipulated during an interrogation.

Personality Weaknesses Characteristic
1Orderly - Obstinate Frugal, orderly, cold, thinks things through, secretive, stubborn.
2Optimistic Impulsive, inconsistent, undependable, runs away from conflict.
3Greedy, demanding Clings to others, dependent, passive, wants all needs met.
4Anxious, self centeredFearful, hungers for approval or praise to the point of exposing themselves to their fears. Vain and sensitive.
5Guilt ridden All reactions based on their guilt or the guilt of others. Feels the need to be punished.
6Wrecked by success Fails at critical points in life.
7Strange person Unable to distinguish fantasy from reality
8Exception Believes the world owes them, claims privileges that others do not get. Thinks that they have suffered a great injustice. Wants to be treated as the exception.
9Average or normal Many occasionally exhibit some of the other behaviors. More objective about the world.

Marketing and Advertising. While torture attempts to motivate cooperation by creating an environment of fear, advertising elicits cooperation by creating an environment of pleasure and satisfaction. Both use the same psychological principles to gather information to structure the artificial environment. The external environment creates the correct mood through images, smells and sounds and the internal environment stimulates the chemicals that elicit preferred emotions.

Marketing uses the science of psychology and personalities in order to develop methods to motivate potential consumers to buy their products. Advertising companies have been very successful at creating a need where none existed. Not surprisingly, the military uses the media to market its propaganda in the form of advertisement, news, movies and television shows. There is an office in the Pentagon that collaborates with Hollywood on what types of movies and images to produce. In their latest collaboration they are trying to convince the public why torture is necessary and effective and efficient through the television show "24". The head of the office of Homeland Security actually toured the country with producers from the television show to speak to audiences.

A successful motivational, coercive or advertising campaign begins with an analysis of the demographics of the population. Although personality remains the same across the different demographic groups, the unresolved needs along Maslow's hierarchy may be used to motivate behavior if advertisers can create the need.

The Self-Oriented Brain. This is the brain that marketers and advertisers would like to understand so they can motivate them towards a preferred action.

Advertisers and torturers need to reorient their target. The key is to have input on the information people use to form their personal opinions, even if this means separating them from their traditional values, religion and morals. This is best accomplished through ridicule and isolation and sometimes false science. When the majority has conformed, the appeal is now recast as "evolution" and "reason", not current fashion and opinion.

The Battle For The Subliminal Mind.
Since the areas of the brain that are responsible for aggression, fear, sex, hunger, thirst, sleep, reward and pleasure are connected, constant stimulation of one need may in fact be stimulating the other feelings. Advertising propels these feelings by constantly associating these needs. This is why successful advertising seems to be associated with loud music, sexy images, reward and pleasure. Also, entertainment events are associated with nudity, sex, drinking, drugs and risk taking. Advertising attempts to stimulate the same chemicals that are released in addictive behaviors.
The overwhelming onslaught of pictures, their meaning and associations, drugs, peer pressure and cultural messages produce an excess of certain chemicals that influence feelings and emotions. The excess and misdirected chemical responses makes the subconscious have more influence on our decisions than they should because it virtually bypasses all higher reasoning.
New messages, rules, friends Satan "Rules are made to be broken ... right?"
Arrow - Remove Inhibitions Arrow Arrow Altered Response
Morals, conscience, experience Arrow Parasympathetic Subconscious Inhibitions Arrow Learned Response Arrow
Physical Stimulus Arrow Chemical Stimulus Arrow Conscious Decision Arrow Normal Response
Desires, hopes, relationships Arrow SympatheticFeelings, emotions Arrow Desired Response Arrow
Ads, images, drugs, music, MTV, parties, alcohol, violence, sex Arrow Bypass Conscious Decision Arrow Arrow Altered Response
Satan "If it feels good do it"
An Engineered Response
Normal Response. This is usually a negotiation between learned and desired response. A truly spiritual response usually tips the balance in favor of learned response if the learning is based on a good biblical foundation. A purely desired response is giving in to the inner man who is at enmity with God.

Altered Response. This tends to tip the balance in the opposite direction by relying heavily on the desires and by altering the rules-based system of your learning.

The Chemical Brain. These are my own observations and are not based on any third party scientific studies or theories. I believe that these insights were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Rather than being dominated by the four humors of Hippocrates, the personalities seem to be dominated by one neurotransmitter from the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. The parasympathetic neurotransmitters set the basis for the personality. They are either naturally energized or calm. The sympathetic chemicals are more controlled by personal choices and the personalities are further differentiated by the type of activities they choose to experience. Since the world values the choleric and sanguine personalities, most common opinion and advertising is geared towards choosing these behaviors because they are more fun. As a result, the other two personalities may resort to drug induced personality change to "fit in". In fact, the common concensus is that being shy is a negative trait that should be eliminated or treated with drugs. I resent that. As a shy person I believe that we are wiser, more cautious, more loyal and more creative. Moses was a shy person and there is no prophet greater than Moses.
Stimulus NeurotransmitterResponse
Light, Estrogen, Ritalin, prozac, ecstacy, ketamine, LSD, methamphetamine, tricyclics, antidepressants, MAO-A, SSRIs, cocaine, ecstasy, DOM Parasympathetic Relax, confidence, focus, sleep, satisfaction
Raise SerotoninEffect
Carbohydrates, tryptophan. Omega-3 (Sugar and fat)
Darkness, high protein, endorphins, Melatonin, Progesterone, methamphetamine (long term) Lower Effect OCD, ADHD, depression, suicide, stress, hyperactive, aggression
Love, child birth, breast feeding, Cuddling, Altruism Raise OxytocinEffect Trust, bonding
Nicotine, glucose, choline Raise AcetylcholineEffect Calm
Light, pain, stress, laughter, exercise, chocolate, fat, spicy foods, opiates, phenylethylamine Raise endorphins EndorphinsEffect Feel good, increases pleasure, improves mood, minimize pain
Heroin, alcohol, barbiturates, tranquilizers, meprobamate Raise GABA GABAEffect Tranquilizing effect
Caffeine Lower GABA Effect Stimulating effect
Sex, orgasm, nicotine, methamphetamine, amphetamines, fen-phen, bupropion (wellbutrin®), opiates, ketamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy Sympathetic Alertness, attraction, lust, fear, risk, pleasure, reward, gambling, aggression, sexual desire, novelty
Raise Dopamine Effect
Protein, tyrosine. High fat, endorphins.
ADHD stimulants (Adderall, ritalin)
Alcohol, methamphetamine (long term) Lower Effect Sedative
Work stress, caffeine Raise AdrenalinEffect Fight, flight, action
Stress, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine, ritalin, ecstacy, ketamine, antidepressants, MAO-A, tricyclics, bupropion (wellbutrin®), atomoxetine (strattera®) Raise Norepinephrine
Effect Action, wakefulness, energy
Protein, tyrosine, tyramine (cheese)
Glutamate, caffeine, cocaine, ketamine, PCP Raise GlutamateEffect Stimulating effect
Alcohol Lower Effect Tranquilizing effect
Reward. If the interrogator wants you in a good mood, they will feed you with high fat foods, chocolate and junk food in the hours before interrogation.
Punishment. If they want to punish you, you will be given a diet that enhances depression.
  • Folic Acid. A lack of folic acid in the diet may be linked to depression. Eat oranges, turkey, asparagus, beets, soybeans, green leafy vegetables, spinach.
  • Selenium. Low levels of selenium in the diet can make you grouchy, anxious and depressed. Eat whole grains, tomatoes, eggs, broccoli, tuna, and sunflower seeds
  • Low Fat. Low fat can make you feel grouchy. Foods high in fat increase endorphins which make you feel happy.
  • Low Protein. Protein increases alertness and helps give you more energy.
  • Low Carbohydrates. Decreases serotonin and leads to depression.
Chocolate may improve mood temporarily due to the high levels of sugar, fat, phenylethylamine, and caffeine.
Stimulants: Caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, cocaine
  » Amphetamines: Dexedrine, Ritalin, Cylert, Adderall, Fen-Phen. They are used to suppress appetite and treat ADHD. ADHD is treated with amphetamines, ritalin, strattera®
Antidepressants: MAO inhibiters, tricyclics, SSRI, Bupropion, Atomoxetine
  » MAO Inhibiters: Increase serotonin and noradrenaline. Parnate®, Nardil®, Marplan®
  » Tricyclics: Dulls pain. Increase serotonin and noradrenaline. Imipramine (Tofranil®), clomiprimine (Anafranil®), amitriptyline (Elavil®)
  » SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibiters): Increase serotonin. Fluoxetine (Prozac®), paroxetine (Paxil®), sertraline (Zoloft®), fluvoxamine (Luvox®)
  Hint Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed drugs in the USA.
Tranquilizers: Reduce anxiety and tension but do not cause drowsiness. Librium®, Valium®, Halcion®, Xanax®
Opiates: Pain killers. Morphine, codeine, heroin, methadone, oxycodone.
Psychadelics: Distort perception of sights and sounds.
  » Synthetic: LSD, ecstasy (MDMA), DOM or "STP", PCP.
  » Natural: mescaline, psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
Sedatives: Cause drowsiness. Ethanol, barbiturates (phenobarbital, secobarbital, seconal®), meprobamate (Miltown®, Equanil®)
Marijuana: Acts as a sedative, opiate, psychadelic and improves appetite

The Hypnotic Sales Pitch
Imagine catering a dinner designed to manufacture these chemicals in the body from the environment and foods we eat.
Trust. The speaker and speech are selected based on fame, good looks or expertise.
The oxytocin air freshener stimulates trust.
The red color in the room stimulates impulse buying.
Agreeable Mood. The colors, background music and images are all designed to create the right moods to bypass your internal alarm systems and quickly bring you towards a decision of their own choosing. Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids make you relaxed, positive and more agreeable.
Urgency. The images, messages and music convey a sense of urgency about being left behind, being old fashioned or missing a good deal.
Lower Inhibitions. Alcohol, entertainment (sex, nudity).

The inevitable crash from this high intensity life style is fixed with another cocktail of misapplied neurotransmitter stimulants. Nicoteine, caffeine, alcohol, sleeping pills, opiates, antidepressants and amphetamines are used to produce the calming effects of serotonin.
God says we should come to Him and an understanding based on reason, not feeling and emotion.
Come now let us reason together ... (Isaiah 1: 18)
Advertising uses the back door of stimulating emotion because they have stumbled across these principles that Christians ignore.

Biochemical Torture
By using food, drugs, coercive messages and actions, torturers can manipulate these internal chemical systems to create the perfect biochemical environment that will maximize your terror and achieve their results. The desired result could simply be more terror or a change in your response. A diet that is high in complex carbohydrates will increase serotonin levels. Torturers would prefer to keep this level low. So they may feed you high fat, high sugar junk foods.

The Power of Knowledge. God helped me to organize this information by putting the theories in my mind to research. If advertisers and psychologists have not put together this knowledge completely then why should I help them to assist torturers? The answer comes with the first lesson that God taught me about the mind and body decades ago. Once you know what is happening you can easily defeat it with your mind. There are other neurotransmitters for the higher brain powers that are not known, these can override any primitive response instantly.
I used to wonder why men seemed so much more attractive at regular intervals. After a few years I decided to chart these feelings and discovered that they were related to my menstrual cycle. After that, the next time it happened and I remembered why, the feelings and response disappeared instantly and they have never bothered me since. I make a conscious choice of how to feel.
So, if you are in a coercive situation remember that your body may also be fighting against your mind. Fight your way through the feelings through knowledge. Higher reasoning demands that you consider the consequences and remember your principles and remember God.

Overcoming Addictions. All addictions come from the same chemicals and the same location in the brain. This can be good or bad. The temptations of society bundle these addictions and capitalize on this central pleasure centre of the brain. So bars and entertainment spots are full of smoke, drugs, food, loud music, flashing lights, gambling, sex and alcohol for a reason.
We can use this centralized design also in order to defeat addictions.

God's Remedy for Psychological Healing.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
God -
BestAcquisitions -
RespectContributionRecognition -
FriendshipFamilyIntimacyChurch -
SecurityHealthFinancesShelterEmployment -
BreatheBody TemperatureWaterFoodSleepWaste Disposal
One other interpersonal theory is useful in understanding how torture can be designed to fit your temperament.
Maslow identified five basic physical needs for survival. The last three higher order needs are the components of the personality. The personality affects the lower order physical needs in terms of importance, quantity and quality sought and the recipients of these valued items. Different personalities may seek more or less for themselves and for others. The need of self transcendence leads us to seek more of these basic and higher order needs for others.
Torturers exploit these basic physical needs to heighten the psychological terror. Because, if a need is not met it can be used as a motivator to coerce cooperation and behavior.

The Temptation of Christ
Satan exploited the first three basic needs while trying to achieve his own twisted need for self esteem and self actualization. Like all torturers he is a pathetic creature.

They know that everyone has these basic needs and they tend to exploit the most basic needs first. Then the next step is to assess your need for inclusion, control and affection in order to launch a psychological attack on your higher order needs. They manipulate your social and self esteem needs to trick you into false confessions.
Modern, traditional torture tends to exploit all levels up to self esteem. But the call to defend against new types of religious war means that they are exploring ways to exploit the higher needs. At the last moment they will resort to the medieval system of pure brute terror.

Religion. To torture the religious they will corrupt your morals with X-Rated videos, music or behavior. And they will violate your body by subjecting you to forced nudity and rape. They exploit special needs by denying or deliberately corrupting the need for special diet or special time for worship or access.
Ironically, self transcendence leads us to seek more of the good for others and less for ourselves. Therefore, the best way to torture the religious is to torture others and try to blame it on you. This will be your greatest test as victims look to you for a solution to their problem or the cause of it. The most heart breaking victims will be children, especially your own.
How easy or trivial the choice will seem to stop the rape of your child by simply worshipping your God on another day? Is a belief more important than a physical tragedy? Could you remember that the issues are much greater and much older than your current tragedy? You must remember Who is your greatest love and fall in love again.

The key to religious exploitation is taking advantage of false beliefs and ideas we have had about authority and submission. Most of this is blind submission to obvious degenerate and exploitative behavior. Their behavior will also be excused by you. Question everything like Job and realize that what you feel has value especially when your motive is pleasing God out of love, not fear.
In such extreme situations it is imperative that we forget our cautious attitude to God and approach God without fear. Because all their methods will be based on exacerbating physical, mental and social fear in order to cause spiritual fear. Only you can eliminate your spiritual fear. This is your weapon.
Basic Need General Method Religious Method
Physiological Removal or threatening of a basic item for immediate survival. Attack the five senses
1 Breathe Simulated drowning in water, urine or toilet waste. Covering head in plastic bag. Sitting on chest
2 Regulate body temperature Extremes of heat and cold. Exposure. Covering in cold water. Inadequate clothing or shoes. Standing in the snow. Tied to hot surfaces. Cigarette burns Burning at the stake
3 Sleep Sleep deprivation. Bright lights for 24 hours per day. Excessive noise.
4 Water Lack of water, dirty water Alcohol, unclean foods, forbidden food
5 Food Starvation, plain, disgusting, old, contaminated food. Vermin filled food. Forced cannibalism.
6 Dispose of waste No waste facilities. Forced to live in urine and feces. Space not cleaned. Vermin infested. Standing in open cesspools or living next to it Urine and feces on religious property
7 Eliminate Pain Cause pain, discomfort. Aggravate old wounds. Beating, punching, kicking, electrocution, noise
8 Five Senses See. Hooding. Constant light or dark. No color. Confusing colors or designs. Warm colors.
Hear. Noise bombing. Loud noise or white noise. No sound or contact for long periods.
Smell. Bad smells, bad air, urine, feces. Choking, hot air. Difficult breathing.
Feel. Heat and cold, hard, rough and sharp. Acid burns, cuts, beating. Isolation. Fear.
Taste. Bad taste and texture. Bland.
Balance. Hanging upside down. Beating ear drums, spinning and rocking. May cause nausea.
Sensory Deprivation. No color, white noise (monotonous tone), no odors, bland taste, isolation
Sensory Overload. Many warm colors. Loud continuous noise. Strong odors. Sharp, spicy taste
Safety Removal or threat to means of acquiring safety and security. Gender is an important factor in this evaluation as culture determines the acquisition and distribution of the factors that satisfy this need
1 Person (Body) Pain, beating, rape, threats, mind games, Russian roulette, terrorizing with dogs or wild animals
2 Shelter Mortgage discrimination, foreclosures, seizing property.
Imprisonment. Sensory deprivation. Plain, no color, hard, uncomfortable, confining, exposure, vermin infestation
Threats to tax status
3 Employment Loss of job, denial of opportunities. No protection for religious needs Sabbath
4 Security Loss of job, home, property, family. Imprisonment, no access to lawyers Threat against church
5 Finances Seizing property, bank accounts, valuable personal items. Forced bankruptcy. Forced expenses
6 Mental Maximize fears, phobias, aversions (religious, cultural, personal)
Social (Love and Belonging) Removal or threat to close relationships by terrorizing loved ones, ruining your reputation. Psychological operations. Threats of exposure of real or manufactured secret behavior
1 Friendship Solitary confinement, isolation Reeducation
2 Family Separation. No communication. Disturbing rumors. Lies Remove children
3 Sex Isolation. Rape, sodomy. Filming and distributing your degradation. Exposure to X-Rated movies or behavior. Castration Forced to watch,read, participate
4 Church Exposing past behavior or distributing lies. Media propaganda
Self Esteem Removal of any access to items, activity, information or communication that establishes your value to yourself or others. This is best done when a leader is incarcerated with their former subordinates
1 Respect Public nudity. Degrading conditions and treatment. Cursing, bullying, shouting, laughing, ridiculing. Expose humiliation to former subordinates Attack beliefs
2 Contribution No activities, boredom -
3 Recognition Menial tasks, degrading assignments and conditions, ridiculing Ridiculing beliefs
Self Actualization Removal of opportunities or threats to opportunities
1 Pursue Goals Absolute control. No access to books, opportunities, indefinite detention Role reversal
Self Transcendence Removal or threatening of your religious practice, existence, reputation and social structure
1 Authority Humiliating former leaders. Demonstrating omnipotence. Taunting, "Where is your God?"
2 Submission Forcing submissive behavior to your captives. Rape and prostitution of yourself and others
3 Guilt Blaming you for their actions on your friends and family. Telling you that you enjoyed your rape
4 Rewards Relabelling occasional indulgences as "blessings". Fake conversions. Fake friendships

The next method of exploitation is to find a way to blame us for their treatment of others and making us believe that we can be the blessing or savior of our church.

The Methods of Interrogation
Interrogators and investigators have long known the powers of the mind and how deprivations of certain kinds for a certain length of time can lead to psychological breakdown. You eventually believe anything, you eventually say anything in order to survive at that moment. Truth or consequences are irrelevant, the current moment is the only reality.

As you read the following tactics and how they are meant to tear you down psychologically, remember that these are just the "civilized" methods. When the Spirit of God gives up men and women and no longer appeal to their conscience, while at the same moment demonic spirits fill in the vacuum left by God what type of evil will we experience?

The following was taken from a 1998 article by Mr. Steve Wright of the Omega Foundation, An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control in a subsection on "Interrogation, Torture Techniques and Technologies" he describes several methods and their psychological impacts. I have added information on spiritual defense.

One manual discusses using intense fear, deep exhaustion, solitary confinement, unbearable anxiety, standing to attention for long periods of time, sleep and food deprivation, stripping suspects naked and keeping them blindfolded in dark interrogation rooms with no windows and no toilet. All for the purpose of inducing rapid nervous breakdown through a process of sensory deprivation, high physical and psychological stress and terror.

General Method Effects Examples Defense
Monopolisation of Perception Fixes attention upon immediate predicament. Fosters introspection. Eliminates stimuli competing with those controlled by captor. Frustrates all action not consistent with compliance. Physical isolation. Darkness or bright light. Barren environment. Restricted movement. Monotonous food. Focus on the love of Jesus for both you and your captor. Sing.
Threats Cultivates anxiety and despair. Threats of death. Threats of non return. Threats of endless interrogation and isolation. Threats against family. Vague threats. Mysterious changes of treatment. Perfect love removes all fear
Occasional indulgences Provides positive motivation for compliance. Hinders adjustment to deprivation. Occasional favors. Fluctuations of interrogators' attitudes. Promises. Rewards for partial compliance. Tantalizing. Practice self-denial if you can. If not, remember that this is a plot to frustrate you.
Isolation Deprives victim of all social support of his ability to resist. Develops and intense concern with self. Makes victim dependent upon interrogator. Complete solitary confinement. Complete isolation. Semi-isolation. Group isolation. Jesus is with you. You are not alone.
Induced Debility Exhaustion Weakens mental and physical ability to resist. Semi-starvation. Exposure. Exploitation of wounds. Induced illness. Sleep deprivation. Prolonged constraint. Prolonged interrogation. Forced writing. Over-exertion. Stress positions Focus on the joys ahead
Demonstrating omnipotence Suggests futility of resistance. Confrontation. Pretending co-operation taken for granted. Demonstrating complete control over victim's fate. God is in control
Degradation, Humiliation Makes cost of resistance more damaging to self esteem than capitulation. Reduces prisoner to 'animal level' concerns. Personal hygiene prevented. Filthy infested surrounds. Demeaning punishments. Insults and taunts. Denial of privacy. Detainees were urinated upon. Rape of all kinds. Chile used rape by German Shepherds during the period of the 'disappeared'. Jesus defines who you are.
Enforcing Trivial Demands Develops habits of compliance Forced writing. Enforcement of minute rules. Obey your adversary quickly. You are pleasing God not them.
Sensory Deprivation Visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic deprivation Hooded before interrogation. White noise in the background. Periods of immobilization. Wear loose overalls several sizes too big. Focus on the promises of God. Design your mansion in heaven.
Chemicals. Mimics sensory deprivation Deprives brain of oxygen and nutrients and changes the metabolism Hooded before interrogation. Days of sleep deprivation. Little or no food or drink.
Psychological torture Produces intense fear.

Stupid people minimize the horror of psychological torture. When this is the type of fear that will drive people permanently insane
Russian roulette; firing blanks, blindfold; the use of stockings and surgical masks by the assailants; forcing men to stare at a white perforated wall in a small cubicle. Awakened immediately after you have fallen asleep. Do not be afraid. God has conquered death.
Physical torture Pain Beaten, bribed, kicked, burned, suffocated, spalled, ears drummed, torturous exercises for days, terrorized by dogs. Attempted drowning or suffocation. Electrocuted. Focus on your Lord during the crucifixion. Do not feel forsaken.
In the war on terror, all these methods are being used. And since most of this is hidden, we do not know what else is being done. We have even developed other names for some of these techniques.

New Definition of Torture. Apparently, the Geneva convention is fuzzy and confusing. So our new definition of what is torture and what is not, has nothing to do with pain. Whatever does not cause organ failure or death is not torture.
Silly me! I thought torture is whatever causes constant physical, mental or emotional pain.
So by definition, if you are not killed by whatever they do to you then they have not committed torture. People, are you listening? Do you see what is happening? The final inquisition is here and the inquisitors general are running the country! What is interesting about this is that the most vocal elements of the religious community have wrapped up war, torture and patriotism into the American flag as a gift from God. Therefore it is unamerican and ungodly to criticize their position. I criticize loudly. I condemn it vigorously. And because I am allowed to judge those who claim to be part of the body of Christ, I say shame on you. You and your gutter gods! You never knew YHWH.
Go and read the Seventh Day Adventist prophecies. They predicted this over 150 years ago. Read a book called "the Great Controversy" by Ellen G. White.
USALong Time Standing Forced to stand for long periods. Often hooded and with electrodes attached. Donald Rumsfeld is reported to have asked why they cannot stand longer than forty hours. He needs a lesson in biology and a more important one in decency and humanity.
USAAttention Slap and
Attention Grab
Beating and threatening
USAWater Boarding Hung upside down, face in cellophane and water poured on your face. This is drowning or suffocating
USAPalestinian Hanging A stress position in which one is hanged by the wrists and pulled out of the sockets. People have died from this (Mandel Al Jamadi)
USACold Cell Naked in a 10º to 5ºC cell with cold, freezing water thrown on you
Medieval Torture Methods Death Burning at the stake, the rack, drawn and quartered, iron maiden, the pear, Judas cradle, hanging, eaten by animals, buried alive. Amputation, beheading.
Rape, burns, exposure, water torture, degradation, strappade (Hanging or suspending by weights), terrorized by wild animals, finger nails and toe nails removed, peeled skin.
New Methods Electrical shocks, tazers, chemical weapons (Phosphorous melts skin down to the bone).
Death We will do worse things than any other previous generation.
Four years after I wrote this, I still marvel at the fact the Holy Spirit guided me into this. He was the one to tell me to make the connection between your personality and torture. I found no literature on the subject, so I used my education and personal observations to guide my thinking. I am even more amazed that our country is doing this. I did not expect it so quickly. Just like the Nazi Germany doctors, our military doctors are being used to identify psychological weaknesses so that interrogators can exploit it and then to medically revive them so that they can be conscious for more and longer periods of torture.
The Image to the Beast
In July 2008, lawyers for a Canadian boy of Afghani descent told the people that their government was lying about this child who was arrested at 15, tortured and not been tried after six years. As the boy cried in despair, aware that nobody believed him and nobody was there to help him, he said something that was shocking to me. "I have no eyes, I have no legs". The extent of his psychological and emotional torture had confused him so much that he thought that he was blind and lame!
These are the conditions under which we are willing to take testimony from people and these are methods that we call "not really torture". Imbecile! Your mind is a putrid grave.

I even heard one Christian say, "they are not doing real torture". How stupid can one be? Unless she sees the bed of nails and the other Medieval torture devices then all this physical and psychological suffering is simply "college fraternity pranks" as the war criminal Rumsfeld calls it. We are using both modern and medieval torture techniques and devices. But when the goal is death, and not the "noble goal" of gathering information about "the guy with his finger on the trigger of the nuclear bomb" then the other deadly methods will be used. And at that point, the same god-fearing Christian woman will find a reason to excuse this behavior also because at her core she only loves herself and her kind.

People have now been found with their skin removed, finger nails removed, beaten to death, homosexual rape, rape with foreign objects and rape simulations, terrorized by dogs and lions, children are raped. Contractors do drive by shootings at innocent civilians as if they are in the middle of a video game. It was a contractor who raped a child in prison. He was an eleven year old boy. Others raped some young girls under twelve years old. On video, American soldiers were raping Iraqi women and we forced an Iraqi father and son to have sex with each other. How much more evidence do we need to show that we are barbaric and the final inquisition will soon be upon us because we are learning to find excuses for this behavior. In fact, the persecution is upon us. It just has not reached your group yet.

In September 2006, the new army manual forbids these "enhanced interrogation" methods but the CIA is exempt from these rules.

The Interrogation Of The Church. Remember that in all situations, God is trying to reconcile people to himself, so no matter how hopeless a person seems, your response could trigger his or her repentance and salvation. The trick is to focus on God, focus on the spiritual needs of your enemy. Do not focus on yourself because, you see, all the methods are designed to have you focus on yourself, your immediate predicament and your escape.

The Descent of a Nation
The road to despotism is paved with the lives of the innocent and the guilty - and it starts with leaders who believe that they have the capacity to always act civilized - and gets its approval from people paralyzed by hate and fear.

Men who believe that their cause is just. That God is only on their side. Leaders who exploit fear or who are guided by fear. Nations that are seduced into seeing temporary evil as a good solution. Nations that eventually lose the capacity to love.
Nations that will eventually be condemned by the court of human history - and who have already been condemned by God.
I wrote this before Abu Ghraib, before Guantanamo Bay, before the Patriot Act and military tribunals, at what I believed was the request of the Holy Spirit.
Never in my wildest Armageddon scenario would I believe that we (our generation) would be guilty of torturing and raping children under normal war conditions. And, that religious leaders would turn a blind eye because "extraordinary actions are needed in extraordinary times".
Remember in all things that God "will not give you more than you can bear", so smile with confidence. God thinks you are a really brave person. Read the tale of the martyrs, they died singing, they died with joy, they kept their eyes on Jesus. Use your mind creatively, focus on Jesus and his death on the cross, His love for you, His love for your captors and His generous gift to mankind.
I could tell you to focus on a time when this will be our war stories, when we will laugh at the arrogance of those who think they are omnipotent and in full control, to look at the reward of the wicked. But I have the feeling it will not be about our stories but it will be about His.

Now that the anti-terrorism act is law, indefinite detentions may be done. Torture is openly allowed in the name of national security. This brings up the possibility of more false confessions.

During this period they try to extract "confessions" and incriminating evidence. Most people will give false confessions to end the brutal psychological treatment.
It is therefore frightening that the government has turned to a special justice system for "terrorists" in which these tactics are allowed - but the accused is subject to indefinite detention, has no rights to a lawyer (or anyone that can help their fragile mental state) and the rules of a military court proceedings are different.

It is equally alarming that the United States has applied for, and received, a "special exemption" from the United Nations for immunity from war crimes. What alarms me is that I did not think that it was possible. There are no civilized laws or group of people to protect you.

The road to despotism is paved with the lives of the innocent and the guilty - and it starts with leaders who believe that they have the capacity to always act civilized - and gets its approval from people paralyzed by hate and fear. Men who believe that their cause is just. That God is only on their side. Leaders who exploit fear or who are guided by fear. Nations that are seduced into seeing temporary evil as a good solution. Nations that eventually lose the capacity to love.
Nations that will eventually be condemned by the court of human history - and who have already been condemned by God.

The Interrogation Environment
Any good interrogation environment first establishes control, then tries to secretly assess personality. All acts of torture or coercion are meant to exploit this advantage in order to gain what is needed.

Interrogation Objectives. The interrogators have several goals and a precise order in which these are carried out.

  1. Control the environment.
    Christians The religious detainee must realize that God is there with them. So do not be afraid.
  2. Obtain knowledge about you and your activities.
    Christians The religious detainee must realize that no matter what horrible secrets they know about you, you are forgiven. So do not speak to them. Under the new laws you have no right to an attorney and you are guilty. Nothing you say will be helpful to you. Anything you say gives them an idea about your fears and weaknesses.
  3. Assess your personality, strengths and weaknesses.
    Christians The religious detainee must realize that Christ is their strength, there will be justice and God is watching. Apathy, silence and disinterest is your only weapon. Do not be baited by arguments designed to make you respond based on the things about which you are passionate or on arguments that you think you can win. You cannot win. So if they want to say that the earth is flat, let them.
  4. Match the appropriate investigator to your personality.
    Christians The religious detainee must realize that no one is your friend. A fake interest in your religion, family and hobbies is just a pretense.
  5. Create an interrogation plan suited towards your personality and religion. Later, they may change to coercive methods if they believe that milder methods will not work.
    Christians The religious detainee must realize that they will torture you, no matter what. There is nothing you can do to stop it. They will make you feel guilty by telling you that you could have stopped it, but do not believe anything they say. Assume that every time they open their mouth a lie falls out.
  6. Develop a relationship between you and the interrogator. You create emotional bonds because your freedom or needs in captivity depends on this person. They hope that you will get to the state where you do not want to disappoint this person.
    Christians This is the role that the religious detainee must keep separate. God is your friend, these people are not. Since I wrote this article four years ago, I found evidence this year that the government has contracted with a company to find methods to deal with religious detainees. They will probably concentrate on methods that evoke guilt and shame. Rape, sexual situations, homosexual torture, guilt, unclean foods and public shame.
  7. Get you to a breaking point and "help" you to find a way out through submission.
    Christians The religious detainee must submit to God only.
  8. Confession, conversion, cooperation.
    Christians The religious detainee must not convert.

There are some fundamental differences between ordinary criminals versus people targeted for persecution. This changes the goals of an interrogation, but not the psychological methods.

Comparison Criminal Religious Detainees
Characteristic May tell a lie No lying, silence
Goal 1 Confession Conversion
Goal 2 Information on crime Information on others or beliefs
Strengths Innocence Holy Spirit
Weaknesses Fear, guilt Loved ones
Opportunities Alibi, money, lawyer Testimony, witness about God, Bible study
Threats Imprisonment Torture, imprisonment and death

In an atmosphere of religious persecution we have a moral advantage over that of normal detainees. We are not criminals. This is our basic situation:

Phases of Interrogation

  1. Establish Bonds. The theory is that you are less likely to lie to this person and later on in the interrogation, you might feel the need to please this person. Or you may feel stress about their opinion of you.
    Snap out of it!
  2. Establish Normal Behavior. Through the use of body language, they determine how you behave when you are being truthful or deceptive. The interrogators use two basic techniques
    1. Kinesic Interview. Establishes how you act when you are telling the truth.
    2. Neurolinguistic Interview. Establishes how your brain works when you are processing information. What you do when you are thinking versus remembering.
  3. Preliminary Determination of Guilt. By using thinking and memory questions. Observation of body language will tell whether or not you are being deceptive about the nature of the crime. In a normal criminal investigation, it is at this point where a determination is made to continue the questioning. If they believe that you are being deceptive, then the interrogation will continue.

    For cases involving religious persecution, you will move to the next phase no matter what. Because the motive is not confession it is coerced conversion, or justification for extermination.

    » Encircled by the Wolf Pack. At this point they will launch a campaign to isolate you. In high profile cases the media will be used to tarnish you or your group with lies and innuendoes. Various "leaks" will report that you are "not cooperating", given "inconsistent" statements, "being questioned again", "last one" to see the victim, have an "inconclusive" lie detector test, "failed" the test, or "hired a lawyer". These are all things that "only the guilty would do".
    Ask for a lawyer! A lawyer may even be working with them. You have only God.
  4. Direct Accusation. Using a combination of lies and displays of dominance, you will be led to believe that they have information that they do not have. They will lie about the results of a lie detector test, evidence, witnesses against you so that they can continue the interrogation.
  5. Showing The Instruments (The Fear Factor). At some point during the interrogation they will show you and threaten you with the instruments of torture. This is the thing that will give you absolute fear. In the inquisition it was the same process. In the civilized modern world the instruments of coercion are threats of the death penalty and fear of rape in prison and your reputation or loss of anything that is of value to you.
    Religious Arguments
    » The majority cannot be wrong.
    » Errors in the Bible.
    » Translation errors.
    » Leave it to the experts.
    » Contradictions in the Bible.
    » Misquoting scripture.
    » Mixing truth and error.
    » Obscure Bible events.
  6. Theme Development. The prisoner is not allowed to talk other than to confess. They will talk fast, use absurd logic, answer their own question with the answer that they want you to give. During this time the interrogator provides them with an "acceptable" reason for committing the crime that fits with their personality and beliefs. They develop several different stories for the theory of the crime and try to determine, by body language, the story that you are more likely to accept. For cases of religious persecution, they may use logic or scholarly argument or appeal to the intelligence of the majority.

    This is where knowledge of the personality can give them ideas about how to structure their stories. They may emphasize duty to the ISFJ and ESFJ. To the ESFJ who hates criticism, they may base the acceptable story on one that no one can criticize.
    They will give you several alternate reasons for committing the crime or for cooperating. They try to establish which reason is more or less acceptable. They continue this activity for hours until you are at the point of surrender. It may take as little as four to eight hours to break you.

    Notice that the objective is no longer truth - but believing that you are guilty they will attempt to find the story to which you will confess. And why will you confess if you are innocent? Because you are tired. You have been psychologically drained. You have been repeatedly told that you are lying, that no one believes you, that you are guilty, or even that they sympathize with your reasoning and actions. You feel trapped. You want a break, a way out. Your one thought is to do anything to get home, get some rest and deal with this later. And they have crafted just the right story that you will accept. And because you have regressed to an infantile state you will believe and do foolish things.

    To deal with this, believe in your innocence, then remember that these will be the war stories of your life experiences. When we get to heaven, we will be telling these stories. So remember every detail and remember every loving word of encouragement that God has given you.
    You may find yourself actually saying, "If I had more to give, I would gladly give it to God".
  7. Cooperation. The interrogator gives the suspect two options for confession. One will be rejected and the other will be accepted by the prisoner.
  8. Recording The Confession. At the end of all this, they will have a socially acceptable version of your confession. It will be written and signed and may be taped. Nobody sees the torture that preceeded this or that the inconsistencies in the story that they fixed by rehearsing their version of the facts that will match the evidence.

    » The Norfolk Four. In one famous case from a 1997 murder in Virginia, seven navy men were accused and even after the guilty person was found two years later and emphatically stated that he committed the murder alone and that he did not know these seven men and all agreed that the seven men never knew him, the truth made no difference. Four of the seven men had confessed to rape and murder and "nobody innocent does that". The other three cases only fell apart because the person who had implicated them recanted. He lied because the detective would not stop interrogating him until he "named names". However, the police and prosecutors still believed the other three were guilty. One of them even had a solid alibi. He lived in Pennsylvania, he was at work and that evening He went out with his friends because it was his birthday. The DNA never matched any of the seven men. They had passed their lie detector tests. It was physically impossible for the many from Pennsylvania to be guilty yet none of that mattered. He was charged. The DNA matched the eighth person who swore that He did it by himself and did not know any of these other men.
    After the DNA did not match the first man who had made a false confession that did not fit the facts of the case. The police began to suspect a gang rape. So they interrogated his room mate. This man came to believe that he was guilty and he named two other people. His ordeal is interesting because his personality and history seems to have been the key to his responses. He was shy and alone, with few friends.
    After the DNA did not match any of the four men, the detective went fishing for more names. Another man named three more people because they would not stop threatening him relentlessly until they got what they wanted.
    In obtaining the false confessions the police would show them pictures of the crime scene, tell them how the crime occurred and demonstrate on their bodies where the wounds were located. After restating the confession with the new facts, the confession would be repeated until the poor victim got the facts straight to match the evidence. After all, you cannot convict a man who confessed to beating a victim to death when she was stabbed and choked.
    "You are lying. Your stabbed her, you did not beat her with a shoe."
    "Are you an idiot! You stabbed her in the left shoulder, not in her chest."
    "Why are you still lying to me, you forgot to mention that you choked her".
    Years later, the lead interrogating detective was found guilty of extortion. He was reknowned for closing cases. He was trying to take bribes from those he arrested to assist them with their case. This instrument of Satan must have discovered the power he had in the interrogation room and the enabling relationship with the prosecutor and court system that at some point he must have felt like god with the power of life and death.

The strategy will be to try to assess the person and match them with the appropriate investigator.


Coercive Methods
There are many methods to gain compliance. These can be enhanced with the proper environment, psychological torture, deprivation and drugs.

Body Language
The body, especially the face and the eyes, betray a lot about the internal emotions. Interrogators will look at your expressions before, and after a question has been asked. One obvious way to defeat this system is to be silent or to keep your head and eyes down so that they cannot evaluate facial expressions. This may be counter productive, because they might resort to more coercive methods. But if you are innocent and you believe that this is a witch hunt then try to give as little information as possible. Conceal your body language. Do not accept the theory that only the guilty person will be uncooperative.
In the case of religious persecution, it is not a question of guilt. It is a question of annihilation. So, you may have information on the location of friends that they want to capture, and you may not. If the strategy of the group is to answer no questions, then they cannot tell why you are not answering. But if you answer some questions and refuse to answer others, then they will have reason to explore those areas that you are avoiding.

Finally, remember that apathy is their number one enemy. They do not want you to get to this point. If you do not care what happens then you will not give in to their threats.

Body Language - Visual Evaluation
An experienced interrogator can use a lie detector and body language to guess if you are exhibiting deceptive behavior. The speed and number of times you blink your eyes, shaking your foot or leg, crossing or uncrossing your legs, the tilt of your head, the direction (left or right) in which you turn your head when you are thinking of an answer, amount of perspiration and skin temperature fluctuations. All these are indications of deception.

Here is a summary of some body language evaluations:

Body Language - Electronic Evaluation
The old lie detector could read the changes in respiration, heart rate, perspiration and other physical changes that indicate that there is discomfort and possibly deceptive behavior. This machine had to be physically connected to the suspect and evaluated by experts.

In January 2002, a new device that can indicate deception was introduced. It requires no experts and can be in use without your knowledge. It reads the thermal images around your eyes. It is based on an involuntary response when people lie. Usually the muscles around the eyes change slightly, and this causes an increase in blood flow around that area of the face. It is said to be 80% accurate.

So, learn to plant your feet firmly on the ground, close your eyes, look straight ahead and say nothing. Wiggle your eyes every once in a while and learn how to blush for no apparent reason. They will not know if you are reacting to a question or not.

You can confuse them by deciding to alternate where you are looking as you answer a question. Or keep your eyes fixed straight ahead and closed, but you may not be able to fool the new lie detector. Their results will be random and inconclusive if you can control your other behaviors.

In a criminal case, this tactic might prolong your interrogation. In a persecution scenario, this might not matter since their intent is to detain you no matter what. And they will lie about the fact that they have a lie detector - so believe nothing they tell you.

Effect on the Personalities. Many of these psychological methods are designed to make you turn inwards. To regress to an earlier stage. People usually progress from a stage of daydreaming to hallucinations. For this reason, the intravert may hold out longer. Since 75% of the population is extrovert and the rarest personality types are all intraverts or those who turn inwards for guidance, it is no accident that these methods are designed to fit the majority. Most methods are based on control.

Therefore, the intravert and rare personality types may be targeted for more severe coercion earlier on in the interrogation. So your personality type should be guarded with just as much diligence as your DNA or back account. It is the key to your mind.

General Method Need Personality Trait Exploited
Monopolisation of Perception Control Choleric will react to the lack of control. The sanguine will be overcome by boredom. ENTJ, ENTP and ISTP will react to the control. ENTP will hate the boredom
ThreatsControl All personalities
Occasional indulgencesAffection Sanguine and melancholy personalities will be trapped in a cycle of hope and despair
IsolationInclusion Extravert will be depressed by the lack of human contact
Induced weakness or exhaustionControl All personalities. Phlegmatic or stubborn will eventually resist. Choleric may resent loss of control, ENTJ, INTP and ISFJ may be the first to react to the chaos and disorder of this tactic.
Demonstrating 'omnipotence'Control Choleric will not like the control forced on them. ENTJ, ENTP and ISTP will react to the control.
Degradation, HumiliationControl All personalities. Extroverts, sanguine and perfectionists may initially react to the perception of others. ISTJ and ESTP are the neat personalities.
Enforcing Trivial DemandsControl Sanguines will be bored. Phlegmatics will eventually become stubborn.
Sensory Deprivation Control All personalities. Extroverts and "sensing" types will be the first to react because they depend on the external environment.
Chemically mimic sensory deprivation Control All personalities
Psychological tortureControl All personalities
Physical tortureControl All personalities

This is not meant to imply that only some personalities suffer. All personalities will eventually be affected by all methods of torture and coercion. But some will become victims more easily than others to some of these methods.

One of the consequences of long hours of questioning while being told repeatedly that you are not telling the truth is false confessions. With children, they will tell any story that they think the adult wants them to say. Often, people get an idea of what the interrogators want by the theme development process. So, you must be certain of the truth before the interrogation starts. Because several hours later, you will be tempted to believe what they say especially if you are a victim of the tragedy that is being investigated. Any mentally healthy, morally upright person can be forced to confess to the most heinous crimes with less than one day of continuous questioning. One father confessed to the rape and murder of his three year old after only 14 hours of interrogation. His six year old son was asked the same question 168 times, "Did your father do anything to your sister?" The family did not have time to grieve their terrible loss, but found themselves mired in gossip, innuendoes, accusations and suspicion.
I have seen almost twelve sailors confess to a murder they did not commit after being questioned less than 24 hours! These are men who were supposed to be trained in resisting enemy interrogation. Yet they crumbled! What about the ordinary person, faced with grief and then terrible accusations. What about a person faced with a threat against their reputation? You are not as strong as you think.
They will convince you that you have committed terrible crimes and "blocked it out of your memory" because you are basically a good person and your mind could not deal with this uncharacteristic act. You will believe this because they will lie about the evidence and your mind will want to believe it because your mind simply wants to find a way to end the torture.
Your best defense will be to give them any information in an initial interview, but when it becomes clear that you are under suspicion and you are not being believed do not speak to them any longer. They will say that "an innocent person would talk" or "you are impeding the investigation" or "an innocent person does not need a lawyer". Ignore them. This is severe mental abuse.

So ...
If you walked in believing in your innocence - do not give up!
If you walked in determined to trust in God - do not give up!
If you walked in worshipping alligators on Tuesdays - do not give up! This is not the time to make a drastic change in beliefs - especially to the beliefs of your captors. God's methods would never involve arrest, torture and forced conversion. Being stupid is better than being evil any day. But being stupid and evil has to be a tragedy begging to happen.

In cases of persecution, you have to make a decision that this type of coercive environment is not the place to change your beliefs. You should only reevaluate your beliefs when you are not under immediate threat of life or death. If your basic desire is to be obedient to God - He will understand. So what, if you cannot defend this or that doctrine at the moment? Do you love God? This is the only question you should be asking.

Manufactured Evidence
Another tactic that can be used is manufactured evidence. It works because the police are assumed to have integrity. The police can currently do that legally to force you into a false confession, but they cannot use the evidence in court. The environment is totally different in religious persecution. But, besides rogue investigators and prosecutors, I believe that this will be used to get false convictions to keep public opinion on their side. If the court now allows evidence obtained by torture, despite the knowledge that such evidence is almost always false, and if the government can keep you incarcerated despite the fact that their own biased military tribunals finds you innocent, then they will manufacture physical evidence. They can lie about documents and evidence and create false reports about laboratory analysis. During interrogation, they can also trick you into giving forensic evidence after the fact to support their theories.

If you allow them to trick you into surrendering forensic evidence, then when they turn around and try to use that false evidence to convince you of forgotten wrong deeds it might create some inner conflict and initial confusion. So let them take this evidence by force. If they confront you with it then at least you know that you are not a criminal with memory problems.
These tactics are not only used against you, but they could be used to make you believe errors about other people. This is valuable for propaganda but also for getting your cooperation.
So, apathy and silence are your best friends. Do not talk, touch, taste, handle or look at anything they produce. Much talking gives them voice samples. Touching places your fingerprints on incriminating objects or documents. Tasting gives your DNA and provides an opportunity to drug you. Looking gives them an opportunity to read brain patterns and eye movements.

False Confessions
People usually try to avoid the punishment and torture or choose to accept the lesser of two evils by agreeing to a lighter punishment. The innocent might do this through a false confession. There are three types of false confessions:

  1. Voluntary Confessions. No external pressure. People do this because of some need for fame and attention.
  2. Coerced - Compliant Confessions. An innocent person confesses to receive a promised reward (lighter sentence, end of the interrogation, avoid public humiliation) or to avoid a penalty (death sentence, more torture).
  3. Coerced - Internalized Confessions. An innocent person believes they are guilty.

Most people would deny that false confessions exist, especially the last two. But research demonstrates that it is possible, and even when faced with contradictory evidence - some grow to believe that they must be guilty and that they are mentally blocking the details of the horrors. Others even fabricate nonexistent details to complete the story.

In one study 69% signed a false confession and 28% believed they were guilty. This study was divided into two separate groups, among one of the groups 100% signed the confession, 65% of them believed that they were guilty and 35% made up elaborate stories surrounding the incident. This experiment did not involve torture and the crime was less serious - but it still demonstrates how quickly people can be led into believing something false - even when they are not being tortured. The psychological methods were the key factor.

People can be induced into false confessions simply to obtain a lesser punishment - if they believe that there is no other way out or to avoid more punishment. They hope with a good night's sleep, a lawyer and time the evidence will prove their innocence.

Forced Recruitment
The same tactics that are used to obtain false confessions are used to coerce recruits. They isolate, befriend, lie and intimidate.

Cults do the same thing. The fact is that you should never make any important decisions in a coercive or highly emotional environment. Because if you comply out of fear or confusion you will become a victim or you will victimize others around you.
Police use several techniques to obtain confessions:

January 2006: A Note from the Author
When I wrote this in early 2001 as part of the initial release, I was fascinated by "the strange compulsions in my head" to study certain topics and then have them linked into a pattern in my mind. I call them "light bulb moments". I found this lesson fascinating. I came to believe that people could use psychological profiles to create the maximum effect for torture by creating a personalized torture regimen. I also knew because of our prophecies that it would happen in this country, the United States in the future. But I did not think that the current American public would so easily accept these things. Nor could I accept that a government that claims to represent the values of the religious right could so openly practice these things with the approval of religious leaders. I knew that it was prophesied. I quit my job and spent all my assets to produce this web site because I believed that it could happen with this generation. Yet I refused to accept that the people I knew would accept such dire behavior based largely on future fear.
So my advice on running and hiding seemed premature and "kooky" as someone described it. I was asked to remove it. But I could not. By that time, the strange forces that were giving me home work to study and write about scientific concepts were now training me in religious knowledge. I know this web page and this advice is from God and I stand by every misspelled word and sentence fragments.

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God.   Romans 8:28
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6: 12
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http://www.biggerhammer.net/manuals/23-10/ch8.htm - tracking and counter tracking military manual
"The Confessions". Frontline. 11 November 2010. Although frontline carried this story, I heard it years before and I believe it was on "American Justice".
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