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As we move away from the purely mathematical and simple relationships of physics and chemistry, we enter the fuzzier and more complicated worlds of biology and botany. Here, the sanctuary model principles still hold, but the objects inside the sanctuary increase in importance.
At some point in my religious lessons from God while doing the lesson on Abraham, I became convinced that we were designed to defeat evil even though the evidence of our weakness and behavior says the opposite. It is now satisfying to see in my scientific lessons from God that our biology proves it.

Science Salvation Is A Biological Miracle
The constant message of the Bible is that salvation and eternal life is achieved by the miracle of God. But He must wait until we are dead. So religion is the science of how God will bring back life to a planet sentenced to death. The story is written in symbols and types and shadows based on the laws of science.

Science The Symbols Of Life And Death

Science The Symbols of Resurrection
The Bible symbolizes death as three phases: sleep, the first death and the second death. It is the second death that is permanent. We can wake up from all other forms of death.
The Ruminant Stomach
Figure 51f
First Death. Stomach 1 and 2. Vomit.
Second Death. Stomach 3 and 4. No resurrection (no regurgitation or vomit)

Science The Body Design
In February to March 2013 I realized that the Mishkan also helped me to understand the personality. In doing so I can see that the overall design of all body systems follow this pattern.

Body Design
Body SystemLeft Side (Dominant) Communications Flow Right Side (Submissive)
Brain (Most Holy Place) Left Hemisphere Corpus Callosum Right Hemisphere
»Nerves Central Nervous System (Brain)Na+/K+ Peripheral Nervous System (Body)
»Peripheral Nerves Somatic System Noradrenaline Na+/K+Acetylcholine Autonomic System
»Autonomic Nerves Sympathetic
Nervous System
Noradrenaline Na+/K+ Acetylcholine Parasympathetic
Nervous System
»Neuron Contract Dendron Na+/K+Axon Relax
Body (Holy Place) Left Side (Heart) Circulatory System Right Side
»Heart Left Arteries Blood Fe++Veins Right
»Lungs Left AlveoliO2/CO2 Alveoli Right
»Kidney Left RAAS Na+/K+ RAAS Right
»Muscle (Myosin) Contract Actin-ATP Ca++ ADPRelax
»Immune System Adaptive Lymphocytes LeukocytesComplement Innate
»DNA Male Pyramidine H+Purine Female
Personality Preferred Reasoning Secondary
»TefillinWord Of God Study, ContemplationPituitary

Science Digestive System
The insight into the DNA replication "Dead Box" has inspired me to believe that the digestive system is also a prophecy about Jesus' final three days in the bowels of the earth having a deeper meaning than we have previously understood.
The Stomach
Figure 51a

After analyzing the function of the digestive system, I have concluded that it only represents what happens to the lagging strand inside the helicase.

Science The Backbone, Breast and Ribcage
The breastplate of the high priest and the design of the rib cage indicate the twelve tribes that will represent the earth.

The twelve pairs of ribs represent the twelve legitimate sons, eight belonged to the wives, four belonged to the concubines. But it is the final configuration in heaven that is represented by the design of the rib cage.

» Separating From Mother (Weaned). When Jesus was separated from His mother, the three hours of darkness begun. At that time He was symbolized as a snake on the cross. A snake is able to eat large animals because its rib cage is only attached to the back bone. Separated from the sternum (mother Israel), and connected only to the backbone (Father YHWH) Jesus was able to conquer the snake in the darkness. As the King of snakes He swallowed up the venomous snake and its sting of death.

Elephant The Unanswerable Question. The physical structure captured both the vow and the future genetic relationships! Jesus actually held Israel in His breast on the cross, next to His heart as the High Priest Who carried the breastplate with the 12 stones on His heart.
Before the twelve tribes were born, God symbolized the birth of a nation through the rib of a man. In His design of the rib cage at the creation God not only symbolized the twelve nations who would be close to His heart, the design actually captured their relationship to Israel 2500 years before they were born and 6000 years before they entered heaven. The rib design should have been eight true ribs and four false ribs to represent the original twelve sons, instead it represented a future eternal configuration.
Law Prophecy. The ribcage would be used as a sign that one of the sons of the concubine would be missing and two grandsons would inherit. It is the prophecy of John 1900 years later that indicates that Dan would be missing.
This is the clearest example of a trend that I have noticed in the biblical science that is written into nature. Our design seems to be based on the final events of the future.
This confirms my growing belief that we were created to defeat evil.

When I got angry and set out to prove that there was science in the Bible, color combination rules, the rib cage, the structure of clean animals and the ruminant stomach were the only system of science that I had learned so far that reflected religious laws. On the day I learned about the ribcage (19 November 2007), He also said that the Periodic table was in the Bible and never explained until 21 December 2008. So I looked at many models of the Periodic table and could not see the connection. It would take one year before He approached me again. During that time He also told me to "learn particle physics". However, by March 2008 He had removed all access to the internet and I had to fight to learn the little I knew. Between March 2008 and December 2010, I would have only a total of about 130 hours on the internet, with only about 40% of that time available for research. Quark was the horrid creature on Star Trek.

Science The Hyoid Bone And The Voice Box
The hyoid bone is a small U-shaped bone of the throat which is attached to several throat muscles by two small "horns".
These structures are represented by prayer at the altar of incense.
The altar has four horns. A penitent person would go to the altar and grasp the horns while pleading to God. Since we have only two hands it is only possible to grasp two horns. This is where the symbols merge. With our voice in prayer, we are grasping on the horns of this bone to make the sounds that ascend to God. And since God guarantees that He will be present when two or more people are gathered in His name, we have an image of two people each grasping two horns of the altar raising their voices in prayer to God. The Holy Spirit is that second person who pleads with God for us in a voice that makes "groans that are too deep for words" (Romans 8: 26-27).

Science The Bones and Skeleton
The skeletal system has the following functions that reflect the function of God.

Elephant The Unanswerable Question. We can use any body system and make any analogy to fit our ideas about the goodness and power of God even if it involves new information about systems unknown by the ancients. This does not make it any more scientifically remarkable than making an obvious analogy about blindness versus sight. The claim that "life is in the blood" can easily be seen by what happens when a cut causes blood to drain out of the body.
What makes this information about the bones an evidence of another level is the specific claim by the Bible that somehow genetic life is in the bones. The production of red blood cells as the oxygen carrier and stem cells gives us a whole new perspective.
Theory Theory. Is it possible that the bones of the ribs are a better source of stem cells than other bones?
The seed and bones represent life. The Bible does not claim that any bone represents life, in three cases it specifically points to the ribs as representing nations. Adam's rib was used to create the woman, the mother of all nations. In Daniel's prophecy the bear had three ribs in its mouth, representing the Persian conquest of three nations. In the sanctuary the ribcage over the heart represents the beloved 12 tribes.

Science Skeleton
The vertebrae seem to represent a time table that appears in the prophecy of the image of Daniel 2 and repeated in the life of Christ.

Science Cardiopulmonary System and Respiration
Blood Cannot be Eaten. For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one's life. because the life of every creature is its blood. That is why I have said to the Israelites, "You must not eat the blood of any creature, because the life of every creature is its blood; anyone who eats it must be cut off." (Leviticus 17: 11, 14)
Blood, water and air are used to represent how God will give life. Blood is the work of Christ. Water and air are the work of the Holy Spirit.
Right HeartLeft Heart
Lungs Vein
Vena Cava
AtriumBlood Atrium
ValveValveValve ValveValve
VentricleVentricle Blood
Figure 51d
This system processes blood and air and therefore is the prototype of how God gives life.

» Eating blood. If we combine what we know about what passes through the helicase and the digestive system with the cardiopulmonary system we realize that the helicase is meant to cause death by chewing up and spitting out everything that it eats. But the heart and lungs are meant to bring life to the dead. Therefore if we pass blood (life) through the helicase (bowels) we will only be killing life. So if you eat blood you will be causing death.

» Blood Transfusions. So I believe that eating blood by mouth is not only symbolically wrong, it must also be practically unhealthy. But blood transfusions transfer blood from vessel to vessel. It does not symbolically or practically involve the digestive system. In fact, transfusions may be consistent with the symbols by giving the gift of life.
» Anaerobic Respiration. This produces alcohol, vinegar and lactic acid and wastes energy. This explains why these substances are associated with pain and evil.

Hemoglobin and Porphyrin
Porphyrin Ring
Figure 51e
Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrier in the blood. The function of hemoglobin appears to represent the work of the high priest. They were both responsible for causing the death of Christ and bringing life to the world.

Disease Science Porphyria. These are disorders of the porphyrin which affect the nervous system or skin. It is due to the deficiency of one of the enzymes needed to make heme. Jesus experienced all these at the cross when He became the High Priest carrying the disease called sin.
Triggering Factors
Trigger Christ
Excess Iron 4 Nails
Fasting Hunger, Thrist
Stress Trial, torture
Sun Exposure Hung on cross
Alcohol Wine, vinegar
Smoking Burnt offering
Infection Crucifixion diseases
Sedatives Put to sleep
Birth Control Pills No children

Science Biolchemistry
Biology researchers get excited when they can show a 30% consistency in behavior because the science is so complicated. Here we do not rely on single instances of some similarity, we make our case with multiple parts of a system following religious principles. Starting with the known symbolic meaning of oxygen and water and the statement that the "number of man is 6", and Jesus' description of Himself and eternal life (bread, food, light, honey), I noticed some interesting coincidences. The science actually helped me to understand some weird biblical symbols.
Life Elements Life Transporters (Priests) Death
sun H2O, O2C6H12O6 (Sugar)Fat ATP, NADH H+ DNABlood Gives HemoglobinChlorophyll Gives C CO2 Dark sun
White ? Blue ?Red Green Black
These symbols are consistent across all systems and they tend to have the colors associated with their function.

Energy Producing Aerobic Reactions
This is the process by which food we eat is broken down into the final form that we need to sustain life (H+).
Photosynthesis Glycolysis Krebs CycleETCWaste
sun 12H2O + 6CO2 Gives C6H12O6 (Sugar) + 6O2 + 2 ATP Gives Pyruvate + 6H2O 2 ATP + 10 H+ Gives + 32 ATP 6CO2
Manna From Heaven Breaking The Bread of Heaven Eating the Bread of Heaven Latter
Baptism 3.5 Year Ministry CrucifixionDeath
6CO2 + 12H2OGives C6H12O6 (Sugar) + 6O2 + 6H2O + Energy
Sinners + 12(Spirit Filled Tribes)Gives Sweet New Man + Breath of life + Water of life

It is amazing that each major step mimics the process of Salvation, yet from this perspective the entire process is the Plan of Salvation. Photosynthesis occurred in heaven when Christ committed to becoming human, a carbon compound that must be eaten so that life from heaven is converted to life on earth. On earth, three major events released the life energy that was bottled up in Jesus Christ. The Plan of Salvation used the picture of "eating bread" to show how we get eternal life. Because this bread is symbolically His body, skeptics love to talk about cannibalism in Christianity. Yet the science shows that this process of "eating" is exactly how we get life.

Science Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle)
Figure 42a
|| || 
O O 
The Krebs cycle starts when Pyruvate is now a two carbon molecule (Acetyl CoA) after losing one carbon as carbon dioxide.
CO2 Carbon lost. Christ has left heaven to be born as a baby. It is an irreversible reaction.
There are eight major steps in the Krebs cycle.

  1. Citrate (6 Carbons).
      Acetyl Coenzyme-A
    Figure 42b
    || |
    O CoA
    The two carbon chain is released as acetylCoA and reacts with the four carbon oxaloacetate to make the six carbon citrate.
  2. Isocitrate (6 Carbons). Water is removed and immediately added back to citrate! While the water is removed, the two carbons form a double bond.
    This seemingly pointless activity changes the shape of citrate so that it can accomodate the other reactions. In the new shape, the H+ (Hydrogen) and -OH (Hydroxyl) switch places. The next phase of this cycle creates Hydrogen ions and removes carbon dioxide.
    » High Priest. Christ lost water (Spirit) at His death just to gain it back at the resurrection. What He had become was the High Priest for the 12 tribes. In this new role He is able to remove sin forever and give us life.
    » Conversion. The following reactions shows the conversion process, carbon dioxide is released everytime a H+ is formed. Each time the process is assisted by a special molecule that shows a connection to major events in the Plan of Salvation.
  3. a-ketoglutarate (5 Carbons). Energy is released as a H+ and -OH, carbon dioxide is removed.
    CO2 Carbon lost. Christ returns temporarily to heaven after His resurrection to be crowned as High Priest.
  4. -OOC-CH2-CH2-C=O
      Succinyl CoA
    Figure 42c
    Succinyl-CoA (4 Carbons). Acetyl CO-A returns to help the process. H+ and carbon dioxide are lost.
    CO2 Carbon lost. Christ returns permanently to heaven before the Holy Spirit comes.
    Each loss of carbon dioxide appears to represent a new role of Christ and also a member of the Trinity. A study of the lesson on the colors of God might help to resolve this. At each loss, He is reconciling us to a member of the Trinity.
    1. Christ (Son). Christ reconciled us to Himself by becoming a member of the human race.
    2. Christ (Father). Christ reconciled us to the Father by becoming our High Priest during one fateful week.
    3. Christ (Holy Spirit). Christ reconciled us by sending the Holy Spirit to become one with us.
  5. -OOC-CH2-CH2-COO-
    Figure 42d
    Succinate (4 Carbons + Water). This time water and a phosphate group assist the reaction. It gives an H+ atom and frees coenzyme A, creating succinate which is a molecule that is a mirror image on each side. Then the phosphate creates a special molecule used for energy (GTP).
    » Two Streams. The two equal parts might represent the stream of water and blood from His side.
    » Former Rain. The Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples who may now be the phosphate group.
  6. -OOC-C=C-H
    Figure 42e
    | |  
    H COO-
    Fumarate (4 Carbons). A new molecule called FAD (Flavin adenine dinucleotide) removes 2H+ causing the two carbons to form a double bond. Another mirror image molecule is created.
    » Christ and the Holy Spirit. The two equal parts might be the Christ as High Priest and the Holy Spirit as our constant companion.
    » Disciples Called. This could be a symbol of the union of the Holy Spirit as the companion of the church.
  7. -OOC-CH=CH2-COO-
    Figure 42f
    Malate (4 Carbons + Water). Water is added as H+ and -OH to fumarate to form malate.
    » The Holy Spirit in Our Hearts. The unequal portions might be the Holy Spirit in companionship with humans.
    » Latter Rain. The Holy Spirit will be poured out again in the final, massive global effort to win over the hearts and minds of the people.
  8. Oxaloacetate (4 Carbons). H+ is released.
    Figure 42g
    The regenerated oxaloacetate is now ready to react with another acetyl CoA. Oxaloacetate joins with the 2 carbon Pyruvate (acetyl-coenzyme A) to start the process again.
    » H+ Polar Shift. There is also two unequal parts, the difference from the previous is a loss of 2H+. At the end of time, the evidence from chemistry says that H+ will stream from the north to the south.

Every other symbol says that Carbon is evil. It is the atom of man. Therefore, if we apply that to this cycle then we see that God was being judged as a sinner also and He chose to identify with us.

Special Compounds? After studying the patterns in the biochemical compounds I concluded that there is a pattern to these structures that is significant. Are there chemical compounds that are predicted by the sanctuary structure? I do not know of any yet but I will search for the following.
Prophyrin-Based Structure
Figure 43a
Only six elements are common to life. Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur. DNA has phosphorous. Carbon rings can have Oxygen, Sulfur and Nitrogen substituted for the carbon. These three elements and the compounds they form seem to be related to the stages of life.

Science The Tongue And Tastebuds
The Tongue And Taste Belt
There are now five recognized taste sensations: Bitter, Sweet, Sour, Salt amd Umami (savory or meaty). Most scientists now disregard the classic map of the tastebuds because they reject the impression that certain tastes are located in fixed regions.
The truth is that all areas of the tongue can process the five types of senses. So scientists prefer the concept of a taste belt to recognize these regions of higher sensation. The original research on which this map was based actually taught that certain taste sensations have a different threshold before detecting different sensations in specific areas, not that these places are exclusively responsible for recognizing the taste.
When I looked at the map, I realized it followed some very basic rules of the sanctuary design. It made me confirm even more that the north-south rules on movement were meant to match automatic movements like electrical currents. The east-west movements required a system based on more intelligent design. There are two types of receptors.

The Nutrient Life Cycles. Several important elements and compounds are regenerated in cyclical processes. These are represented in the three sections of the sanctuary where energy, water, light and food are processed.
Most Holy PlaceHoly PlaceOuter Court
1 6 Boards 14 Boards - Water
Nitrogen, Phosphorous

Figure 45a
- 6 Hydrogen Cycle
Hydrogen Transfer Chain
Bread Carbon Cycle Wine
Kreb's CycleGlycolysis
1 6 Boards 14 Boards
H+ + 6H2O + 32ATPGives 6O2 + C6H12O6 Gives Light + 12H2O + 6CO2
NucleusMitochondriaCell Body
HeavenCloudSunRivers and Springs-SeaEarth
Eternal LifeTree of LifeWater of Life

Nature Nature Observed. Although these processes involve information that was not known to the ancients, I still place them under the category of spiritual lessons observed through nature. They are interesting but they do not rise to the level of an unexplainable knowledge of modern science by primitive men who did not observe it in nature.
Pink Elephant The Unanswerable Question. Yet, I cannot help but see that the sanctuary symbolizes the following reaction.
12H2O (Laver) + 6CO2 (Sinner) + Light (Menorah) Gives C6H12O6 (Bread) + 6O2 (Incense) + 6H2O + Energy (Ark)
A skeptic might still say that any kitchen will demonstrate the same features. Point well taken.
So, to us who have just stumbled out of the outhouse with unwashed hands in the last 180 years, immerse yourself in 1500 BC and appreciate the greatness of the knowledge inspiring this design in symbols that could be communicated to any future generation.

Science Cell Reproduction
Mitosis and meiosis are two types of cell reproduction which undergo the same four basic phases.

Mitosis produces two cells with the same number of DNA as the parent with the same genetic combination as the parents. This is the duplication and division of the nucleus in preparation for cell division. It is used to grow cells or in asexual reproduction.
Prophecy Prophecy. Mitosis is a prophecy about how the righteous and wicked will be separated. The same pattern can be seen in how Christ was treated on the cross and how the church will be treated at the end of time.

Meiosis produces four cells with half the number of DNA as the parent, recombined in new genetic combinations. The purpose is to produce parent cells for sexual reproduction.

At the crucifixion, meiosis separated the people of God into two groups who will be united in marriage at the Second Coming. At the Second Coming, mitosis separates the world into two groups.
Asexual reproduction represents the work of God because that is how Christ was created and that is how the "marriage" between the world and God will function. But there are other DNA processes that testify to what God does.
Elephant The Unanswerable Question. The star-like design of the centrioles made this an exceptional feature. The number of processes that are not easily observed in nature except in social settings also raises the probability that this is not accidental (duplication, central gathering, polarization and separation). Otherwise, although the analogy uses scientific image that the ancients would not have known, it can still be challenged as a comparison of observable social processes.

Science Corrupting Your Sanctuary
The Bible calls our bodies "the temple of God" where the Holy Spirit resides. So our body is a sanctuary. The Bible also said that Satan's body was a perfect sanctuary that he corrupted.
Perfect. ... you had the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created until unrighteousness was found in you.
Violence and Trade. By the abundance of your trade you were internally filled with violence and you sinned, Therefore I cast you as profane from the mountain of God.
Covering Cherub. And I have destroyed you, O covering cherub from the midst of the stones of fire.
Corrupted Sanctuaries. Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty. You corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor. I cast you to the ground. I put you before kings, that they may see you. By the multitude of your iniquities, in the unrighteousness of your trade you profaned your sanctuaries.
Fire from Within. I brought fire from the midst of you. It has consumed you. And I have turned you to ashes on the earth in the eyes of all who see you. All who know you among the people are appalled at you. You have become terrified and you will cease to be forever.
(Ezekiel 28: 12, 15-19).
Suppose we look at this story as not only an indictment of his moral character, but as a corruption of his genetic material. Satan was created perfect, then he corrupted his "sanctuaries" and was "internally filled with violence".
We know that he is a created being who had the highest possible position of any created beings, yet he wanted to become God. Was he stupid? How did he believe that he could become God if he tweaked his physical structure?

Science Homunculus
Figure 51c
The brain has a map of the surface of the body on the parietal lobe. The map is based on the number and density of sensory and motor nerve connections and not on the physical proportions of the body part. So the hands and tongue appear to be larger than most body parts. The conventional map is divided into two sides. The left is the motor nerves and the right is the map of the sensory nerves. The map seems to reflect the future of the covenant people.

Jesus The Messianic Prophecy
The church is symbolized as the body of Christ and Christ is the head of the body.

Science lies within the realm of religion and exists to express the will of the Creator YHWH God.
There is one law for people and atoms made by the same Creator and Lawgiver YHWH.

"Come now, and let us reason together," Says the LORD, "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool. (Isaiah 1: 18)
The Foolishness Of God Is Wisdom. For it is written, "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the cleverness of the clever I will set aside. Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of the age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? (1 Corinthians 1: 19)
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