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For those who believe, no proof is necessary.
For those who don't believe, no proof is possible
Stuart Chase
Let me introduce you to the impossible. Courtesy of the God of the impossible.
And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. (Mark 10: 27)
A wonderful model of particle physics is in the Torah!
Like counting fairies on the head of a pin, you might think this is impossible.
Prerequesites: You need to understand the structure of the Mishkan.

Atom The Science Pattern Design And Laws

God Answers From His Sanctuary.
Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God? (Psalm 77: 13)
Although the other sciences, especially the Periodic Table are modeled in the sanctuary, truly the revelations about Particle Physics are particularly sweet. I turned to the sanctuary as the model and then just to the documentation of their experiments to begin to understand it. The measurements, sizes, locations, structure, materials all conveyed a correct idea. The atoms looked like their design.
Finally I concluded that chemistry was the Periodic table of the behavior of the electrons not the protons. Physics was primarily the behavior of objects in the nucleus.

Quantum Physics: Mishkan Model of The Particle Physics of Hydrogen.
The sanctuary is also a unified model of the fundamental particles and forces of physics.
Science Natural Science. The Periodic Table is a model. The arrangement of each element is based on a pattern that shows how each element is related to the ones next to it, and to the row and column it occupies. This relationship allows us to make predictions about the property of each element. The Standard Model does not do this. It is a list of sub-atomic particles arranged in two dimensions that displays no pattern or relationship except for the three generations.
Science Spiritual Science. Nature is described by a grand unified theory by its creator. It is called the Mishkan in the Hebrew religion. The Mishkan sanctuary model is superior to the standard model. The same pattern that explains chemistry, displays the relationships between the particles and forces of physics and the physical appearance and function of these forces.
Physicists are convinced that at extremely high energies, the electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces are fused into a single unified field. Others speculate that gravity can also be merged with these fields to create the theory of everything. The sanctuary provides that model. It is a model of a huge light emitting capacitor and battery with magnetic, electrical and gravitational fields and a nucleus.

Unified Field Theories: The Grand Unified Theory and The Theory of Everything.
Model 1: Mishkan Unified Model of Quantum Physics Model 2: Standard Model Of Particle Physics
Mishkan BuildingRoof
- γ   H0 (Attraction)  γ - W-W+ G G
g ⇐Gluon⇓(6+2)⇒ g W-W+
p γ


Up g g g g g g Up γ


p W-W+
Dn  VectorH0 Sea Quarks
Dn W-W+
Up  VectorUp
n Dn Sea Quarks
Vector Dn n
Up H0Vector Up W-W+
Dn Most Holy PlaceVectorDn
e e- Column        Column    Z0     Column        Column e+ e H0H0
(Ve, Vμ, Vt)
(Sea Leptons)

Holy Place
e- e+ W-W+
e- e+
e- e+ W-W+
e- e+
e- e+
e- e+ W-W+
e- e+
e- e+
e- e+ W-W+
e- e+
e- e+
e- e+W-W+
e- e+
Column    Column    Column  Z0   Column    Column W+
MatterSpace (Lattice Grid)AntimatterTimeGravity
Outer Court (Dark Matter?)
Quark Generations Bosons
1 2 3Found?
 2.4 MeV
 1270 MeV
 172.7 GeV
• Mass
• Charge
• Spin
• Name
 4.8 MeV
 104 MeV
 4200 MeV
 <2.2 eV
electron neutrino
 <0.17 GeV
muon neutrino
 <15.5 GeV
tau neutrino
 91.2 GeV
 0Z 0
weak force
 0H 0
Higgs Boson
 .511 MeV
 105.7 MeV
 1777 MeV
 80.4 GeV
weak force
 0 GeV
Lepton Generations
Unstable Matter
Decay to Gen 1 Decays
Forces Feynman Diagram

Force Mediating Particles

» Hydrogen Atom (The First Born). If I assume that the sanctuary is a model of the hydrogen atom, then we can see what each subatomic particle represents. The Standard Model of Physics says that everything (all matter and radiation) in the universe is made up of 12 basic particles. These are six quarks and six leptons. The model also says that four fundamental forces hold these particles together.

Fermions: Subatomic Particles
There are two types of subatomic particles in the atom used to construct the protons, neutrons and electrons in our universe. Among them are three generations of particles. The first is common, up and down quarks, electrons and positrons (electron neutrinos). The second and third generations are very rare and exist only in high energy environments. Other forces are used to bind these particles.

    Matter-Antimatter. Quarks and leptons are found in pairs as matter-antimatter. Both are mirror images of each other with opposite charges. It is not modeled in the Standard model but it is in this model.
    The following description includes the structures that belong to the pair of hydrogen and anti-hydrogen.
  1. Quarks (Up and Down). In our model the north wall is antimatter and the south is matter, They are identical but by facing each other they are mirror image in their orientiation and symmetrical with respect to each other. Since the standard model does not recognize antimatter as a part of the hydrogen structure only half belong in our universe.
    » Properties of Quarks. They are found in these groupings of "Up" and "down" quarks.
  2. Leptons (Electrons and Positrons). Mishkan particle physics is principally about the structure of the nucleus and its particles while chemistry seems to be involved with the structure and behavior of particles outside the nucleus.
    The literature is sparse concerning leptons, except that one can only describe the statistical likelihood of where it exists. They create electrons and positrons (matter and antimatter).

    Theory Theory. Since this is a model of hydrogen it should only have one electron, yet this model has 14 pairs of matter/antimatter. Why? There are 14 particles or states and 14 antiparticles that make electrons and positrons. The maximum number of orbits is 14 to match the "F" block which has the most orbitals. So this describes the limits of any orbits for any element, including hydrogen.

    Science Spiritual Science. (Holy Place North and South Wall). Leptons are the 14 boards in the paired walls of the Holy Place. The Holy Place represents the orbits of electrons.
    » Properties of Leptons. The properties match the physical layout and location of these walls.
Bars • Rings • Base

Quark And Lepton Generations
There are three generations of quarks and leptons. The previous discussion only describes the first generation of particles which is 99% of the particles.

Bosons: Four Fundamental Forces Confirmed
They hold the atoms and the universe together. As I analyzed the relationship to the sanctuary, I discovered that it not only represents the properties, God also created a visual picture of the forces. They actually look like their descriptions! So we can use this picture to theorize about how the forces are organized.
In this model, the overall positive charge is on the north wall and the overall negative charge is on the south wall, everything in between is neutral (0) from the west wall to the door.
Strong Force

Bosons: Unconfirmed

Boson: The God Particle And The [The Higgs Boson].
Scientists speculate that there must be a particle that defines mass. They have not found the particle as of 2011. Its discovery is the main goal of the multi-billion Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project at CERN in Geneva.
Since I wrote this, they claimed to have discovered the Higgs Boson. However, I still maintain that they have not found the source of mass but the heavy bases I described. So the article will remain as is but I will call the "God Particle" the real source of Mass and the Higgs Boson as the base on all the boards.

Theory The Mishkan Theory of Mass. There is technically no Higgs Boson or source of mass as we define its attributes. I discovered that mass is more complicated than the Higgs boson. However, the Mishkan model defines what we attribute to "mass" through many "particles". All the properties of mass are modeled by separate objects which are summarized here. We may need to rethink our definition of "mass".

» The Mishkan Mass And Einstein's Law of Mass-Energy Equivalence.
Since form follows function I assumed that the Mishkan modeled the formula that shows mass.

» The Power Axis (Axis of Squares).
G-- --*1
 G-- -*4*
G-- *9 * -
G-* 16*--
G*25 *---
GG36* ----
The region of annihilation takes on a mathematical significance if we assume that the energy of "C" squared is concentrated along this line. This observation must have been made in mathematics but I do not know what it is called. The region along the diagonal represents the multiplication of numbers raised to a power (squares in a 2-D system and cubes in 3-D).
For the numbers 1 to 6 the squares are (1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36).
Cubes are (1, 8, 27, 64, 126, 216). To the 6th power is (1, 64, 729, 4096, 15625, 46656)
If the exponent is 10 it is (1, 1024, 177,147, 4,194,304, 48,828,125, 352,797,056) and 1010 = 10,000,000,000

Science Theory: The Fundamental Particles And Forces.
What is a "Fundamental Particles"? According to scientists, this term means that there are no smaller particles. For purposes of comparing the two models I will continue to call quarks, leptons, Z force, W+/- forces and the strong force "fundamental particles".
However, the Mishan model shows that these objects are constructed from other objects, especially the quarks, leptons and the strong force which have massive bases. The W and Z forces also have subparticles and gravity comes in two "flavors".

Although the Mishkan model has been described by the labels of the Standard model and will be treated as such, yet it is clear that the Mishkan model is simpler and defines more objects.

» Strong Force Mass. For the past 4 years every thing that I read said that the gluons/strong force has no mass. On 15 August 2012 I watched a two part Youtube video called "A Crash Course in Particle Physics (2 of 2)". Beginning at the 8:46 second portion of the video, Dr David Evans of the University of Birmingham said "the strong force is responsible for 98% of nuclear mass".
This is certainly the "volume mass" which I described. It is a result of the strong force exherting its influence along the space called the Most Holy Place. But I cannot reconcile why all references say that the gluon has no mass with this statement. Anyway it agrees with my assessment and I was confident enough to have said they were wrong while seeing why they are baffled. But I am still at a loss as to why they cannot make the short leap from pure energy, which the strong force obviously is, to mass using Einstein's equation as the explanation.

Science The Electroweak Force. I first learned about the photons and the weak forces as four separate forces. Recently, I came across the concept of electroweak forces. Scientists are beginning to think it is the same force. Years later, a different definition said that they merge at higher energies.
These forces are different, separate and distinct at our energies, but it may be possible to merge with plasma. but they are probably still separate manifestations. I would even venture to say that the magnetic portion of the electromagnetic force is not a component of the force. It is a component of the fermions. The photons are simply strongly attracted to them.
In the atoms of the Periodic Table, the 50 rings represent the magnetic field created by each element. The electric force (blue cord) is a separate entity.
So at high energies the photon becomes the 50 rings, the W- and W+ force becomes the blue cord as opposite electric flows and Z0 force becomes the W0 force.

Particle-Wave Interaction.
Sir Isaac Newton showed the particle nature of light. Then Thomas Young's double-slit experiment showed the wave nature of light. The final conclusion was that light is both a particle and a wave!
This is demonstrated in the Mishkan as follows.

Quantum Physics: The Mishkan Aufbau Principle (Numbers 29: 12-34)
Particle Physics Aufbau Model
123 45 678 Plasma
x213 57 91113 -
RowCol☞ 2 61014--- -
→(ρ) Bull 0 1 111117
→(ℓ) - 0 1 234567 Matter
113g Fill Seq Fill Seq-Merging
γ Fermions
212ug Fill Seq Fill Seq γ
311dW- Fill Seq Fill Seqγ Excited
410uW+e- Fill Seq Fill Seqγ
5 9dGe+ Fill Seq Fill Seq γ » Radioactive
68uG Z0 Fill Seq γ»
77d W0 Z0 γ»Plasma
↑(n)↑(q) H HHHHφMass Bosons
H Z0 W0 γ ♣ ♠ φ Locations to be verified
When applied to physics, this model appears to show the building up principle for the subatomic particles of the hydrogen atom. In this model these are the definitions.

A pair of particle and antiparticle is made each time at the end.

Science Symmetry.

Science Singularity.
Several questions converged in one month.

The Compass: The Coordinate System.
It is discussed under mathematics in the Theory of Everything article. It shows how the quantum numbers are generated from an object I call the compass. The Compass might explain certain phenomonenon at microscopic or subatomic levels which contradict observations in the macroscopic world.
There is never any contradiction.
We may simply be at a current limitation in recognizing the "opposite pair unions" that exists in all creation. Processes at the DNA pair relationship level appears to have no similarity to the physical processes at the macro-level. What I call "Opposite Pair/mirror image twins unions/marriages" may be what is being observed as quantum entanglement. So the question is what sustains this union?
Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Matthew 19: 6)
The answer is God. This rule applies to breaking marriages and breaking atoms in nuclear explosions. It also applies in joining things together that should not be. This applies to marriages, splicing or modifying DNA. merging plants or animals of different species, We have done these things and it is creating chaos.
So have we reached a point where we have discovered what God is actualy doing or have we discovered another non-sentient particle/boson which is executing the rules of God? If so, can we access it and tear it apart, ignoring the rules and warnings about all the things that we should not do?

Compass: Quantum Entanglement And The Aspect Experiment.
Alain Aspect and his colleagues created two photons from the same quantum event and observed them speeding into opposite directions. After they had traveled some distance with the speed of light, the researchers changed the polarization (direction) for only one of them. As a result, the other photon adopted the opposite polarization, even though the two were far apart. They changed the direction of one photon and the other that was too far away to communicate instantly also turned instantly! The transfer of state between Photon A and Photon B must have taken place at a speed of at least 10,000 times the speed of light, possibly even instantaneously, regardless of distance. Relativity theory tells us that no information can travel faster than light. What kind of interaction between the two photons could account for this? The phenomenon gave rise to question to explain how this is possible using hypothetical theories.

What is causing this entanglement that appears to have communication or bonds that are faster than the speed of movement or impervious to the distance? The Mishkan shows a closed system with boundaries.

Science Creating Hydrogen - The Marvelous Works Of God (Exodus 40: 18-19).
The structure of hydrogen is the Mishkan model of particle physics. So science says that this process of nucleosynthesis can occur in 3 minutes. God had 24 hours to replicate this process as often as possible until He had generated all the atoms He needed for this creation in seven days, 6000 years ago.
Big Bang(1-10 seconds)e-/e+ Photons (γ)Plasma (Nuclei, e+/e-, γ)H+ He+ 379,000
Billion Yrs
Matter/Antimatter (10 Seconds)Nucleosynthesis
(3 - 20 Minutes)
YHWH (God)
EM, Photons
Stable Photons
(Nuclei, e+/e-, γ) Creation Cycles
Dark Hours (12 Hours) Light (12 Hours) Day 1 Day 2-7
The Big Bang theory says that the universes were created in an undirected accident guided by chance and statistics.
However, if we assume that this captures some of the events that occured without chance and through the action of an intelligent mind one can see how the initial forces were kept going so that they could achieve the present state in record time. The initial particles were not unstable and did not annihilate themselves eith because of the Compass or the Strong Force.
God was the source of the photons in the first second, then the initial fermions were created during the dark part of the day. Then, the strong force must have been created to separate particles and antiparticles so that they do not annihilate each other. These fermions created hydrogen until temperatures increased just before dawn. When hydrogen fused it created helium and light within 3 minutes.

Evening (Energy Absorbing Dark Process)Morning
Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6 (Bond)Step 7 (Rest)Sound Waves
EnergySocketsBoardsWallsBarsPillarsTentCoverVeil Furniture ScreenMishkanLight
In one night God created all the particles He needed and before dawn He began to assemble them. Over the next six days He created all that He needed while He was also mathematically establishing time and motion for His creation.
In one year Moses and his team made all the objects they needed (Exodus 36-39) and then assembled them in one day in this order.
Our Genesis 1 Bible Science model shows the chemistry of the creation week. This shows the physics.
Exodus 40 gives instructions about the order of erection of the sanctuary. So we will use these instructions and the creation order to formulate a theory about the order of how God created the universe.
God constructed the parts with the "God particle" (light) then He assembled the parts in the following order.
Physics And Chemistry. And it came to pass in the first month in the second year, on the first day of the month, that the tabernacle [Hydrogen] was reared up.
And Moses reared up the tabernacle, and fastened his sockets [Mass-Inertia-Higgs], and set up the boards thereof [Strong Force0/0, Quarks+/-, leptons+/- ], and put in the bars thereof [Photon], and reared up his pillars [Z0/0 Force] And he spread abroad the tent over the tabernacle [W+/- Force], and put the covering of the tent above upon it [Gravity]; as the Lord commanded Moses. And he brought the ark into the tabernacle [Singularity, Compass, God Particle], and set up the vail of the covering [W0/. ], and covered the ark of the testimony; as the Lord commanded Moses. And he set up the hanging at the door of the tabernacle [W./0 ].
(Exodus 40: 17-19, 21, 28)
Verses 20 to 34 provide additional information about biology.

Timeline Of Experiments In Particle Physics.
I decided to find all the experiments that are supposed to prove the model because I needed to separate observations, interpretations, theories and facts. Particle physics evidence is turning out to be like the theory of evolution in some ways. I wanted to resolve contradictory statements and to answer questions on what they meant by "asymmetric", "its own anti-partner" and how they determined the difference between particles because it seems that it was determined by a particular energy signal.
Around 1980 the science students at my college heard presentations from prospective new biology teachers. One talked about his experiments with dogs and spoke with confidence about the experimental results that showed 30% response. Being chemistry and physics students we were stunned at these percentages because we were used to measuring things to 99% reliability. Two days ago I learned that wall street hired physicists and mathematicians to create financial models" for the disastrous mortgage-backed derivatives. Two years ago, faced with theories pretending to be facts God had to remind me that He is going to overturn the foolishness masquerading itself as the wisdom of the age (1 Corinthians 1: 19 and Isaiah 29: 14). Last week I started looking at experiments and was stunned to see in one experiment after another that after studying a trillion collisions that they found 5 or 6 or 224 that proved their case. The reason generally given is that the model predicts these low numbers. I really have no confidence in scientific pontifications.
Experiments In Particle Physics
YearExperiment ResearcherDiscoveryDetail ResultsSts
1805Double Slit Thomas YoungLight Wave Light is a wave and a particle Fact
1820Electromagnetism Hans Orsted   Connected electricity and magnetismFact
1831   Michael FaradayMagnetic Induction Fact
1879   Edwin Hall Hall effect Voltage across conductor in a transverse magnetic fieldFact
1887   Heinrich Hertz   Free space electromagnetic wavesFact
1897Cathode Ray Tube J. J. ThomsonElectronThe electron and its negative chargeFact
1909Oil Drop Robert MillikanChargeElectron charge was quantized (whole units)Fact
1911Gold Foil Ernest RutherfordNucleusAtom has a small massive center with a +ve chargeFact
1920Stern-Gerlach O. Stern, W. GerlachSpin Particle spinFact
1932Scattering James ChadwickNeutronA third neutral particleFact
1955Neutrino C. Cowan, F. Reines Neutrino Confirms neutrinoFact
1973Asymptotic freedom Gross, Wilczek, Politzer Asymptotic freedomBonds between particles become weaker as energy increasesFact
1976Scout Rocket SAO The time dilation effect of gravityFact
     Quark Types Up and down quarks have never been isolated Theory
     ChargeThe reason for charge is a theory/unknownTheory
     MassThe reason for mass is a theoryTheory
  ? ?P SymmetryParticles rotate 720°: to return to original positionLost
  ? ?C SymmetryParticles turn into antiparticlesLost
  ? ?CP SymmetryStrong force, quarks and leptons interchangableLost
  ? ?None Superparticle (sparticle) and super symmetryNonsense
Fact Fact. Theory Theory. Nonsense Nonsense. Lost Results Of experiments I read but cannot find again. No Data Need experiments?
I am surprised at the small number of experiments that are listed as confirmed. It confirms my suspicion that all of this is theory.
Although I checked some items as "fact" I still question if the conclusion is totally accurate. For example, the scout rocket effect is said to be due to gravity. However, it could be due to another unknown force that acts in the same space as gravity. In fact "gravity" may be the combined effect of a number of forces. In the Mishkan, the time effect is seen in the W+/W- forces that by observation look like the same "material" as gravity.
When they saw particles "bouncing off three points" and concluded that quarks come in threes it could be because of several things. The three walls are quarks, antiquark and strong force. The three quarks and three antiquarks and the fact that the quark space holds a maximum of three particles. The most likely answer is not because quarks come in groups of three, but the construction of the nucleus.
» The Absurd Experiments. They involve smashing atoms to see what emerges. This is like taking a cherry cheese cake to a garbage dump and smashing it to pieces, running over with with a bull dozer and frying it with a blow torch to see how a cake is made. They have lost data related to the construction, relationships and contents.
Experiments are generally based on your model. If the model is bad the experiments to find what supports the model will generally be bad or eventually insufficient or leads to erroneous tangents and conclusions.

A Comparison Of The Mishkan And Quantum Physics
The comparison highlights some undiscovered particles and indicates some of their properties and relationships.
Summary of Similarities of The Mishkan and Quantum Physics
Particle Physics Bosons and Fermions Mishkan Construction and Design
NameParticle(-)AntiParticleSimilar PropertiesWall 1 (-)Wall 2 (+)Structure
2 NeutralUnpaired Interchangeable. Quarks - leptonsGold Plated Boards on unpaired west wall2 Boards West Wall OnlyMost
6 Charged 6 Boards
Proton3 Quarks 3 AntiquarksPositiveGold Plated Boards on North and South3 South3 North
Neutron3 Quarks 3 AntiquarksNeutral 3 South3 North
LeptonsElectronPositronCharged 14 South14 NorthHoly Place
NeutrinoUnpaired?No Charge Space in room
Z0Right sideAsymmetricRadioactive Decay
Particles Leave
Gold Plated Columns
Objects Enter or Leave
4 columnsAsymmetricEast Door
Left Side 5 columnsEast Door
Unknown and UndiscoveredBoson?-Blue linen door curtains2 Doors
Space-Time (Undiscovered)Curved fabricCurved 2-D TimeBlue Linen and goat hair-Roof
W-Left HandRight HandAsymmetric
Holds Protons and Neutrons in the Nucleus and Electrons in orbit
Parallel Strips of charged Fabric Coupled with Rings Folded over buildingBlue linen (-)
(5+5 panels)
W+Left HandRight Hand Goat Hair (+)
(5+6 panels)
GravitonUndiscovered Curved space folded over matterMagneticFabric over
Ram Skin Dyed Red3
Undiscovered Radioactive Porpoise Skin4
Electric Stream (Bars)
In Magnetic Field (Rings)
ElectricGold Bars
through gold rings
4 on the surface
1 in the middle
MagneticMagneticGold Rings4 rings on each boardRings
Attraction Paired rings on boards
Center of Mass 50 rings on linen roof
Brass rings50 rings on goat hair roof
Bulk Amount of MaterialVolume occupiedSpace
InertiaPaired, Slotted, HeavyCopper or SilverBase
Unknown and UndiscoveredDark Matter MassVolume MassOuter CourtYard
Unknown and UndiscoveredDark Matter-White Linen, posts, ringsFence
Unknown and Undiscovered Dark Matter Boson-Blue LinenGate
Unknown and Undiscovered Dark Matter? Supporting neutral forceGround (resistance, neutral)
Error Errors in the Standard model are predicted by the Mishkan model

A good model is a three dimensional scale model picture of the object which it represents. The similar characteristics can be seen in the shape, look, orientation and function of the design using as few words as possible.
In this manner I cannot over-emphasize enough the fact that the Mishkan is a true model of basic quantum physics and the Standard Model is not.
The Standard Model only models the relationship of the three generations but it falls flat on every other point of modeling. The rows and columns and proximity of each particle has no relationship to any property modeled. I can look at the Mishkan model and find the relationships that scientists observe in their experiments. I cannot find them in their current models. The Standard Model is not even a good table of the relationship of the properties because the rows and columns are inconsistent in establishing a relationship. In contrast the Mishkan models the following:

Bosons: Exchange Of Force Carrier Particles
I never quite understood this "mediation" between forces because the model does not have a separate particle, property or appendage of the primary force. In particle physics, the bosons are seen as forces which "carry" their effect across distance by having a particle that they exchange with the next object beside them. It is like a man at one end of a room sends a message to another person at the opposite end by wispering it to the person beside him who then passes it on to the next person. That interaction is the carrier and mediator.
My conclusion is that the second and third generation fermions are "force carriers" because they are moving waves.

Mishkan Physics Model Mishkan Chemistry Model
Mishkan Physics Mishkan Chemistry

There are other unrecognized components to the system.

Beyond Particle Physics.
12 3456 7
G** ****
 G** ****
G** ****
G** ****
G** ****
*G** ****
12 3456 7
Without the constant guidance of God I would not understand this subject because there is so much confusion and unnecessary complexity in the field. At a certain point, I learned to look at the Mishkan model to find particles with similar descriptions. A year ago (2011), I was unable to even understand the list of unsolved problems. Now, at this point I can describe a model that helps because this notion of fermions and bosons only are now too inadequate. Fermions appear to be in a continuous phase with different states. I will use chemistry to define the different states and functions of the quantum particles.

Jesus The Messianic Prophecy
The life and actions of Jesus Christ mirrored these sciences.
For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring. (Acts 17: 28)

The History Of Particle Physics

There is one law for people and atoms made by the same Creator and Lawgiver YHWH.

The Awesome God of Israel. ... They will sanctify My name; indeed they will sanctify the Holy One of Jacob and will stand in awe of the God of Israel. Those who err in mind will know the truth, and those who criticize will accept instruction. (Isaiah 29: 23-24)
Man's Wisdom Is Foolishness. Therefore, behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous. And the wisdom of their wise men will perish. And the discernment of their discerning men will be concealed. (Isaiah 29: 14)
Time: 200 Minutes
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