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Male and female created He them. (Genesis 1: 27)
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"Looks like you slithered, crawled and walked on all fours, old chap! We took the express route."
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"before you call I will answer"
Dear God. Help me to understand. Reason with me so that I can see you clearly. Help me to see the truth by your Spirit of Truth. Thank you.

Quote Regrets? "I have asked myself whether I may not have devoted my life to a fantasy. I ... am ready to cry with vexation at my blindness and presumption." Charles Darwin (evolutionist), quoted by Herbert Wendt in 'From Ape to Man' page 59.

The subject of creation is covered under Bible prophecy because the issue of who is the creator will become important in the final days. One of the last prophetic messages to the world, tells mankind to love God and worship Him because He is the creator. This message was supposed to begin around the time of the end after a great persecution. At that time the corrupt religion would fall and knowledge would increase. This increase in knowledge also led to the theories of evolution. This describes the years after 1798.
» Worship the Creator. So we find a warning message to the world to turn back to God as the creator began at a time when evolution was being proposed.
... Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come. Worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and the springs of waters. (Revelation 14: 7)
» Beast Becomes Man. The series of prophecies in Daniel also point to a beast who evolves into a man who tries to become God at the end of time. One wonders if the prophet was symbolizing an important end time issue because, not only will we have the theory of evolution, we will have people claiming that we can evolve beyond humanity into deity. We shall become as gods.

There are several theories which propose how life began on earth or how everything we observe came into being.

  1. Creation. Life and everything we observe was placed here by a powerful supernatural being
    Ape Evolution
    What Do you Think You Know?
    If I asked you to clearly articulate one piece of evidence that convinces you that the theory of evolution explains your existence, 99% of you would be mute. Is science your God?
    Are you accepting its theories by faith?
    Or, do you think that if you choose not to know anything that you cannot be held accountable for it?
  2. Evolution. Life and everything we observe began by chance with a series of physical and chemical reactions spanning billions of years.
  3. Alien Colonization. Life began by a race of intelligent, superior beings who either colonized the earth or started the process. Ultimately, the same problem exists - Where did those beings come from. This may sound laughable now, but I believe that in their desperation not to believe in God, this is the theory to which people will turn. It is as easily viable as creationism. Only it does not come with those pesky moral rules that Christianity seems to be saddled with. God himself says, that because people refuse to believe, he will send (allow to be sent) a "strong delusion" so that they will believe a lie.

Ultimately, all these theories have a problem with the initial cause and what was in existence before. We do not have enough facts and we may never have the capability or access to determine the facts.
Who Do you Think You Know?
If I asked you to clearly articulate what your God says about Himself and your relationship with Him, how many of you would rely on what someone else said or your feelings?
You cannot walk through life like a dumb animal. You were created in His image with great love. You did not evolve from a wild animal.
Do you respect your God? Then search for Him with all your heart.

However, in evaluating both theories, we will use the ground rules of science and logic. We will abide by the scientific method.

You Can Understand
Many people have accepted the theory of evolution because of a combination of reasons. Scientists seem to have proved it, and the best and brightest seem to have accepted it. In October 1996 and as far back as 1950, even the Catholic Church has come to declare it as truth.
But the biggest reason why people accept it is because they do not understand it. It is too complicated. And besides, most intelligent people believe it.
Since this is important for your understanding of God it is important for you to try to gain enough information so that you can make an informed decision. Besides, there is one compelling argument that I believe you can understand even if the others are still unclear.
So come and learn something.

Your Internal Model Of Evolution Is Like Building Mr Potato Head
The uncommon expression of recessive genes and the horrific examples of mutations leads the public to believe that evolution involves the accumulation of such drastic physical changes.
Potato Head Your "Mr. Potato Head" Model of Life.
On Becoming A Man
» Overgrowth syndrome lengthens arms.
» Hypertrichosis grows body and facial hair.
» Unertan Syndrome bends the spine.
» The insides are all the same.
Underlying the belief of most people is the concept that evolution involves superficial, exterior changes. People are unable to grasp that their model of the "scientific" and logical argument for evolution is based on what they presuppose about the creature that is evolving. So evolution is as simple as dressing Mr. Potato Head. Hair or no hair, scales or skin, differences in color, tail or no tail. For example, take a look at some extraordinary mutations and rare genes and let us make a monkey and a mermaid out of a man.

In the best case their basic concept of genetics is that all it takes is a simple mutation to change from one to the other and in the worst case they seem to believe that living things are all carved out of the same "potato" substance so that all changes are basically superficial structural and cosmetic changes which can be triggered in one generation by a mutation. Something grows bigger or smaller and changes color, texture and appearance.
They do not consider the dependent relationships that must be addressed. They assume male and female exist or are evolving the changes simultaneously. They assume that the programmable genetic structure already exists. They assume that changes on one creature is happening to other creatures. And they assume that it happens in one life time.
They do not understand the difficulties behind what they assume already exists.

When evolutionists are making their case to the public they appeal to this erroneous, internal model.

Proofs And The Scientific Method
We will approach this debate as an examination of the quality of evidence that exists.

The Process Of The Scientific Method. The basis of the scientific method is asking questions and then trying to come up with the answers, based on logic.

Logical Reasoning And Limits To The Scientific Method
The scientific method is a rational, logical thought process that is used to figure out facts (the raw data) and sometimes truths (the actual meaning). All of the answers must be able to be proven. However, there are serious limitations.

Ultimately this method is based on our limited knowledge about what is proof, what is provable and how a fact can be verified.
Instead of endless philosophical discussions to prove a point, experiment becomes the final arbitrator of truth, a successful approach. The issue becomes a bit sticky when discussing origins. How do we test the theory of evolution? We do not have the luxury of having a miniature universe with aeons of time in the corner of a laboratory. So this leaves both evolutionists and creationists in the same boat. No absolute way to objectively test their assertions. No eyewitnesses. Both are left to propose a model and then compare it with nature for consistency.

Types Of Evidence And Testimony.
The scientific approach is to arrive objectively at truth by examining the evidence without bias.

Quote Examine the Evidence. "We (evolutionists) have been telling our students for years not to accept any statement on its face value but to examine the evidence, and, therefore, it is rather a shock to discover that we have failed to follow our own sound advice." John T. Bonner (evolutionist). Quoted by Henry Morris (Creationist). 'The Twilight of Evolution' page 91

Eyewitness Evidence
In the case of creation versus evolution, there are no eyewitness, unless you count God as an eyewitness, but He is not a trustworthy witness for those who believe in evolution. Therefore, we have no reliable, impartial eyewitness that either side will agree upon.
God, rocks, atoms, water. 4000 year old trees witness to the time after flood
In conducting experiments and gathering data and formulating proofs, there are several types of evidence available. Some are more trustworthy than others because they are more objective and less open to personal interpretation. These are the major types of evidence:

Quote There is Evidence of God. "And when we examine the respective evidences still more closely ... we shall find that there are almost insuperable difficulties with the evolutionary explanation of each of the different evidences. They can all be understood much better in terms of special creation than in terms of evolution." Henry Morris (Creationist). 'Evolution and the Modern Christian' page 19

Weighing The Evidence
Therefore, using a simple system based on the scientific method we can devise a plan for evaluating the importance of each type of evidence we see.
To evaluate the evidence we need to look at a minimum of two different dimensions.
Quality Points
Letter Grade Numerical Grade Meaning
A 4 Excellent
B 3 Good
C 2 Fair
D 1 Poor
F 0 Fail

  1. Type Of Evidence. We can evaluate the type of evidence based on agreement about their relative importance. This is called the "weight". Even with such a standard, opposing groups might differ as to how important one type of evidence is over the other. Therefore, in this evaluation, I have used what I believe scientists would agree with. As I creationist I am not afraid of science because it is based on the laws that God invented.
  2. Quality Of The Supporting Data.
    To give a perspective on quality we will use the old ABC grading method. But any determination is based on personal judgment.

To combine both evaluations into a single score, we will use the following formula:

Total Score = Type of evidence X Numerical quality points


  1. Double Dipping. Some discoveries fit more than one category of evidence. You could potentially drive up the score by placing them in every category. Therefore, we will only take one score from the highest category, but mention them where they apply.
  2. Negative Evidence. We have not factored in the effect of contradictory claims.

Conclusion. But what remains in nature is circumstantial evidence and the forensic information we can gather from the evidence left behind. We can conduct experiments to try to mimic a mechanism that caused the event but we cannot be certain that the environment is correct. We can only say that if the experiments worked, then this is only one way it COULD have worked. Finally, taking all the evidence we can impartially gather through science, we are left with statistical methods and common sense to interpret the data so that we can become "experts".

Evidence Weight Comment
Subjective evidence based on Personal Evaluation
Eyewitness to Past Events 0 Ideally this should have been 10, but because there is no mutually accepted eyewitness and because Bible prophecy hints at a breaking into history of the lying spirits so that you can no longer trust what you see, I give no credence to eyewitness evidence
Documentary 0 Bible
Anecdotal 1 Scientific stories and observations from the past
Hearsay 3 I will take only ancient scientific observations. No prophets.
Common Sense 5 Observations based on the subjective evaluation of reasonable, ordinary people.
Circumstantial 6 Often based on the subjective evaluation of experts
Expert 6 Subjective and scientific evaluation of trained or experienced people.
Objective evidence based on scientific evaluation
Statistical 9 Conclusions based on mathematical evidence and possibilities.
Experimental 9 Observable laboratory experiments or natural event
Forensic 10 Conclusions based on known, reliable scientific experiments and processes applied to discoveries of ancient artifacts.
Eyewitness to Current Events 10 Conclusions based on observed processes in nature by scientists.

Creation - The Biblical Account (Water, Water Everywhere!)
Creation is the belief that a supernatural being, God, created the universe and everything in it in six real days. True creationism is based entirely, on the truth of the story as written in the Bible. Creationists believe creation is the only explanation of the perfect conditions we are situated in and that science (man's observations of the physical world) and the Bible agree 100%. There are some theories which attempt to reconcile creation with evolution, but these either ignore or twist what the Bible says. So, when we talk about creation in this discussion, we affirm that we believe the Genesis account to be 100% factual.

The story of creation is found in Genesis 1 and 2. Genesis 2 also gives more detail about the sixth day of creation. The creation began at sunset on Saturday.

Genesis 1 - The Physical Universe (Water Not Gas!)
Day 1 - Sunday (Electromagnetism, Physics, Chemistry)
The Second Day of Creation
Separating the Waters
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.
Day 2 - Monday ( Space )
Then God said, "Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters." God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so. God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.
Day 3 - Tuesday ( Geology and Botany )
Then God said, "Let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear"; and it was so. God called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and God saw that it was good. Then God said, "Let the earth sprout vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them"; and it was so. The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good. There was evening and there was morning, a third day.
Day 4 - Wednesday ( Astronomy )
Then God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth"; and it was so.
Sun. God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day,
Moon. and the lesser light to govern the night;
Stars. He made the stars also.
God placed them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, and to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness; and God saw that it was good. There was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.
Day 5 - Thursday ( Biology Of Oceans And Birds )
Then God said, "Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth in the open expanse of the heavens." God created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarmed after their kind, and every winged bird after its kind; and God saw that it was good. God blessed them, saying, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth." There was evening and there was morning, a fifth day.
Day 6 - Friday ( Biology Of Land Animals And Humans )
Then God said, "Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth after their kind"; and it was so. God made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and God saw that it was good. Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them; and God said to them, " Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth." Then God said, "See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food"; and it was so. God saw all that He had made, and see, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.

Genesis 2 - The Spiritual Universe
Day 7 - Saturday ( Social, Psychological And Spiritual Foundations ) Genesis 2
Thus the heavens and the earth were completed, and all their hosts. By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.
Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.
This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made earth and heaven.

God also made time. One the first day, He established the cycle of night and day. On the fourth day, He made the year. On the seventh day, He made the week.

Less than 130 years after the creation, God was forced to separate Himself from direct contact with His creation. Adam and Eve sinned. God immediately instituted some changes after sin. Most were environmental, but one seemed to be a structural change in one specie.

Most of these changes can account for the climatic, geological and genetic catastrophe that we witness today.

Flood - The Biblical Account. (Water, Water Everywhere!)
The flood is included in these discussions, because it is crucial to the creationist view. It explains the catastrophic observations we see in geology. The entire story of the Flood can be found in Genesis 6 through 8. Genesis 2:5-6 tells of the eco-system before the flood.

No Rain
Ark There was no rain before the flood according to Genesis 2: 5.

By faith, Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, prepared an ark for the salvation of his family. (Hebrews 11: 7)
Genesis 2 -The EcoSystem Before The Flood
No Rain. Now no shrub of the field was yet in the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the LORD God had not sent rain upon the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground. But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground.

Genesis 7- The Flood
Water From Below And Above For 40 Days
A Meteor Impact or A Verneshot on Lag B'Omer? In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.
Pressurized Water from Beneath the Earth. The rain fell upon the earth for forty days and forty nights. On the very same day Noah and Shem and Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah's wife and the three wives of his sons with them, entered the ark, they and every beast after its kind, and all the cattle after their kind, and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth after its kind, and every bird after its kind, all sorts of birds. So they went into the ark to Noah, by twos of all flesh in which was the breath of life. Those that entered, male and female of all flesh, entered as God had commanded him; and the LORD closed it behind him.
Global Tsunamis. Then the flood came upon the earth for forty days, and the water increased and lifted up the ark, so that it rose above the earth. The water prevailed and increased greatly upon the earth, and the ark floated on the surface of the water. The water prevailed more and more upon the earth, so that all the high mountains everywhere under the heavens were covered. The water prevailed fifteen cubits higher, and the mountains were covered. All flesh that moved on the earth perished, birds and cattle and beasts and every swarming thing that swarms upon the earth, and all mankind; of all that was on the dry land, all in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life, died. Thus He blotted out every living thing that was upon the face of the land, from man to animals to creeping things and to birds of the sky, and they were blotted out from the earth; and only Noah was left, together with those that were with him in the ark.
Submerged for 150 days. The water prevailed upon the earth one hundred and fifty days.
Earth Preach Door
Wait Asteroid Impact Tsunami Submerged Ark Ararat RavenDove Dove Dove Wait Exit
Flood 150 Days (Water) 150 Days (Wind) 70 Days
2-10 2-17 40 Dys 3-27 110 Dys 7-17 10-1 40 days 21 Dys 12-1 12-17 1-1 2-27
1656 Years 1 Year (370 Days)

Genesis 8: Wind For 150 Days

But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the cattle that were with him in the ark; and God caused a wind to pass over the earth, and the water subsided. Also the fountains of the deep and the floodgates of the sky were closed, and the rain from the sky was restrained; and the water receded steadily from the earth, and at the end of one hundred and fifty days the water decreased.
During the Feast of Tabernacles. In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. The water decreased steadily until the tenth month; in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains became visible. Then it came about at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made; and he sent out a raven, and it flew here and there until the water was dried up from the earth. Then he sent out a dove from him, to see if the water was abated from the face of the land; but the dove found no resting place for the sole of her foot, so she returned to him into the ark, for the water was on the surface of all the earth. Then he put out his hand and took her, and brought her into the ark to himself. So he waited yet another seven days; and again he sent out the dove from the ark. The dove came to him toward evening, and look, in her beak was a freshly picked olive leaf. So Noah knew that the water was abated from the earth. Then he waited yet another seven days, and sent out the dove; but she did not return to him again.
New Year's Day. Now it came about in the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first of the month, the water was dried up from the earth. Then Noah removed the covering of the ark, and looked, and look, the surface of the ground was dried up.

Conditions Lasted For Approximately 370 Days
In the second month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, the earth was dry. Then God spoke to Noah, saying, "Go out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and your sons' wives with you".

Creation Theories
Several theories have been proposed that are related to either the creation or the flood stories. Some of these theories were proposed to describe the biblical event while others were proposed in order to reconcile theology with science.

Short Day Theory
This theory say that the days of creation were actual twenty four hour periods. It is supported by the Bible which does not speak of thousand year periods of creation. This article is written in support of the short day theory. So whenever I speak about creation I am not talking about the other hybrid models.
Canopy of WaterRain
123456Sabbath ... Sin Flood
Unknown Source of LightLight from the Sun, Moon and Stars
Light and Time (Day)SkySeaLandTree Sun, moon, stars Fish BirdsAnimalsManRest ...Death
Created ContainersFilled Containers Creation CompletedRebellion

Bible Arguments
If you claim to believe in God but believe in anything less than creation in six literal days then you have to disbelieve the bible stories of our origin as symbolic fables. And you have to question what other fairy tales are in the blessed Book?
» Death. If evolution and death existed before Adam sinned then the Genesis story is a lie. Death did not come because Adam and Eve sinned but because it is part of God's trial and error evolutionary process.
» Order of Creation. The sun, moon and stars were created after vegetation. Photosynthesis would not have occurred as plants die during millions of years of darkness.
» Sabbath. It existed at creation and was established there. Every time we remember this day in honor of creation we are reminded that the creation day was really 24 hours long. If the creation has rested for one symbolic age that would not be prudent.
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God; in it you shall not do any work, you or your son or your daughter, your male or your female servant, your cattle or your visitor who stays with you. For in six days the Lord made the Heavens and the Earth and the Sea and all that is in them and rested the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the seventh day and made it holy. (Exodus 20: 8-11).
» The Canopy Theory. It says that before the Genesis flood the air above the earth was filled with a humid, watery vapor that rose from the ground and watered the earth in vapor form (Genesis 2:6). This made the climate very mild and suitable for many types of animals. After the flood, rain began to regularly fall on the earth and the climate changed to one with more extremes. This might have helped to cause the extinction of some species This theory does not contradict the Bible, nor do we need it to support any creationist argument.

Long Day Theory
This "day" is an unknown length (millions of years old). They believe that these "days" were "ages" and were symbolic. Where do they get their support? 2 Peter 3: 8 says "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." However, does the passage talk about creation? No. It is simply talking about the timelessness of God. Moreover, if that were the case, vegetation might have died (if the ambient light was not strong enough) because God created the sun moon and stars after vegetation. Proponents of this theory must also reject the order of creation as presented by God.
In any case, if we use prophetic time in which a day is a year then creation lasted for seven years. If we use Peter then creation lasted 7000 years. But if he was talking about the light part of the day not just the 24 hour period, then each day was 2000 years and creation week was 14,000 years. None of these is enough time to support evolution.

The Gap Theory
This is a variation of the Long Day Theory, it says that there was a long period of time between Genesis 1:1 (In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.) and Genesis 1:2 (Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.) What might have happened during that gap of time was the destruction of the "first creation" during the fall of Satan (as described in Isaiah 14:12 - 17). That time could have been an infinite amount of time. And, then, after the gap, of course, God resumed his creation work as described in the rest of Genesis 1. None of this is in the Bible. It does not talk about a creation that was destroyed before ours. And nothing suggests a gap of time between the two verses.

There are many responses among the Christian community in reconciling Creation and evolution.

  1. Belief. Genesis is fact. There is not any evidence to support evolution and we do not know enough. Besides, if this account is not factual, what else is God lying about?
  2. Disbelief. Genesis is a story that does not tell any scientific facts.
  3. Theistic Evolution. God used evolution to create everything. According to the pope God gave a soul to man (the ape). Some use the Long Day Theory to explain creation.

    The Origin of The Day
    The bible teaches that the concept of the day was not established at creation with the revolution of the earth with respect to the sun on the fourth day. Rather, they were created to mimic a concept that already existed.
    » Strange Light. One variation of this theory is that the first three days were long periods of time. The period we experience as day and night only occurred after the fourth day when God created the sun and the moon. Proponents of this theory ignore that fact that what God was actually teaching is that there was a source of light before the sun that marked the light and dark cycles of the day. The sun and the moon only worked with this preexisting law and would be used when sin entered to mark these times for a quarantined world. God designed the system to sustain us after we sinned. The evidence is that after sin is destroyed the sun and moon are no longer used to mark the day. And after sin, the creation suddenly lost a covering of light that hid their nakedness. God Himself is the source of this light.

    » Immeasurable Time Before Sin And 6000 Years After Sin.
    According to this latest theory Adam and the creatures enjoyed eternal life for unknown billions or trillions of years before sin. He did not have children but the other animals did. When sin began and death was instituted then the counting of years began because such counting was meaningless for creatures with eternal life.
    Adam and Eve had Seth when he was 130 years old. They had two other sons before this and after sin began. So sin began at least 130 years after the creation. They have to make up the story that the other animals had children to account for fossil findings that are claimed to be billions of years old. Then they have to make up the theory that Adam and Eve did not have children before sin because it is a huge theological problem if these people were subject to death and they did not sin. Still unexplained is the million year old human fossils.

    » Progressive Creation. God intervened at various points in the process of evolution. As proposed by Dr. Hugh Ross it states: None of this hogwash is in the Bible and some of this actually contradicts the word of God.
    » Psalm 104 (The Purpose For The Creation). Proponents go on to say that other accounts of creation prove their theories, particularly Psalm 104. This Psalm is written in the approximate order of the creation and it shows that the wisdom of the original creation provided for a time when sin would exist and God would have to withdraw His direct contact.
    The original creation provides for the needs of the fallen earth and for each day God shows the purpose for which they were made, not that He made everything that day.
    The Wisdom of God. O Lord, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; the earth is full of Your possessions. (Psalm 104: 24) None of the other creation accounts contradict the Genesis account. You just have to understand what else the account is trying to teach.

Creation Theory: Periodic Creation Days. We can now show that in the process of creation, each period of the Periodic Table corresponds to each day of creation and the elements which were made on each day. The elements were made by the hydrogen fusion nuclear reaction which produces light as it generates each element up to nickel in the fourth period. During the fourth period, or fourth day, the light producing reactions stop and the sun amd moon were created to produce light since that day.

The Creation Flood Model
Creationists have proposed a model for the present conditions of the earth that is based on creation and the devastating effects of the flood. The following short description is mostly taken from a special edition of the Insight magazine (1990 Volume 21. Number 14).
The Hydroplate theory of Dr. Walt Brown is a more comprehensive explanation for this observation.
Earth before the flood Earth Before The Flood : The earth before the flood was probably like it is today - full of life. There probably were no great mountains over 9000 feet (2820 m) or great oceans, but underground rivers and lakes called aquifers, together with a mist supplied the earth with needed water in a world where rain was unknown. The absence of great bodies of surface water or oceans would guarantee that huge thunderclouds could not form. There was no rain.
Earth Before The Flood
The beginning of the flood The Flood Begins: The floating plates of rock that made up the land areas began to sink, compressing the aquifers and causing great earthquakes. This could have been precipitated by huge asteroids. Huge volcanoes erupted violently (verneshots). Great walls of water rushed in from the sea. Thundering fountains of water and huge rocks burst from deep underground.
Evidence Huge craters around the world, tectonic plates and the tilted earth.
Water Bursts From The Earth
The earth during the flood The Duration: While the flood continued, great currents dumped layer after layer of mud over the submerged land. Different types of sediments were laid down one on top of the other in rapid sequence.
Evidence Turbidity currents observed in 1929.
Layers of Sediment
The earth after the flood The Flood Ends: As the land areas slowly became visible, the receding waters scoured the land. Newly formed soft earth was shaped and reshaped by the rushing currents. Some water was trapped in great inland seas. It eventually broke through small land barriers and formed magnificent canyons through erosion.
Currents Reshape Mud
The present earth What We Observe: The earth is crushed in on one side and has the motions of a wobble. Like the wobble of a spinning toy as it is about to stop rotating. The theory is that a great meteorite probably hit the earth, helping to break the great 'fountains of the deep'. The effect was so great, that it tilted the earth slightly on its axis and caused this wobble which is still measurable today.
The Earth Today
The Aftermath: Erosion continues to wear away at rock layers, exposing more evidence of the greatest catastrophe the world has ever known.
Evidence Circumstantial Evidence. Trees trapped standing straight up in between layers of rocks of different ages. Human remains caught in the deepest layers of rock below animals that became extinct before humans. Fish on top of mountains. This is what we observe.

Pangea (Pangaea)
The geography of Pangea looks similar to the description of the New Jerusalem when the orientation is adjusted for the current tilt of the earth.
  • Mountains. Mountain ranges in the north and south.
  • Sea. Sea in the east and west.
  • Eden. The central location of the Garden of Eden in Iraq at the mouth of the bay in Pangea.
New Jerusalem
How did the Bible describe a land that has the same physical features as Pangea?

Catastrophism attempts to describe our geography on the basis of a global flood. It is the belief that many geological features were a result of catastrophic formation rather than slow formation over millions of years (Uniformitarian).

The Supercontinent: Pangea
There is one area in which we agree with evolutionists. At one time the earth was one large continent. In 1912 Alfred Wegner proposed this theory and he named this land Pangea ("all the earth"). He became the father of the Continental Drift Theory. Pangea broke apart into Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south. They slowly drifted apart into the land formations we see today at the rate of 2.5 cm (1 inch) per year. They also claim that there was an earlier formation named Rodinia, which broke up 750 million years ago.

Creationists also believe there was one land mass 6000 years ago which broke up by a combination of continental submersion and continental drift. But the continental drift was rapid or the current topography could simply be a result of submerged continents.
Several permanent conditions occurred as a result of the catastrophic break up.

The Hydroplate Theory
Dr. Walt Brown proposed that the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia were once closer together fitting at the base of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge but not quite like the model of Edward Bullard. The original Jig Saw model of the continents actually removed most of Mexico and central America, shrunk Africa by 40% and rotated the continents to obtain this fit.
Before Flood - Surf After Flood Volcano
LakeEarth- Earth Ocean Earth - - - -
Fresh Water AquiferBasalt -Plants
Basalt Rock Bone Oil -
Granite Rock CrustGranite Rock Crust
Mid-Atlantic Ridge Rupture Rupture
Salt water "Deep"Lava
Basalt Rock

According to the theory, above the mantle, ten miles (16 Km) under the surface was a layer of salt water 0.625 miles (1 Km) thick above basalt rock and below a granite crust. It contained 50% of the ocean.
Increasing pressure in the subterranean water ruptured the granite crust for 46,000 miles (73,600 km) in the Atlantic. After the flood, the continents slid east and west, away from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Vegetation drifted on the flood waters and were rapidly buried. The buried layers of plants were heated and compressed to create coal and oil.

Evidence Experimental Evidence (Thermal Depolymerization). This process shows that vegetation under moderate pressure (600 pounds) and temperature (500ºF) produces oil from organic material in hours when water is used to convey the heat. These are the conditions after the flood. So the great coal beds and oil fields could have been created after the flood in a short time.
Evidence Eyewitness Evidence. Unexpectedly, a salt water layer was found at a 2.1 mile (3.4 km) borehole in Oberpfalz, Germany. Fossils were found at 4.2 miles (6.7 Km).

The Theory Of Evolution
Evolution is the theory that life evolved from nothing through a series of continuous process of natural selection and mutations over billions of years. Mutation supplies the variations and changes, but natural selection through survival of the fittest decides which variations will survive and breed.
Evolution proposes various theories and mechanisms from the different branches of science to explain the processes within those systems. Theories supporting evolution are proposed in order to explain how a process is occurring or how an event was started.
These processes require a significant amount of time to increase the possibility that they might occur. According to the theory, everything started with a big bang and light appeared.
The elements were created from nothing!
Hydrogen formed and from this several other complex gases formed. These grouped together to create the planets.
Earth was created and flooded by the sea. Eventually sea life and plants appeared, then insects and birds, finally animals and man. Man evolved from bacteria, worms, fish, frogs, reptiles, mice, monkeys, apes and chimpanzees.

These theories arose in the age of enlightenment in the wake of the French Revolution as people everywhere began to abandon the oppression of religion while charting a new course where they were masters of their own destiny. The period was one of immorality, new scientific discoveries, the conquest of new nations and peoples as empire building relied on the slave trade. While the religious found biblical reasons to enslave others, politicians and law makers found economic reasons to justify slavery, and scientists found logical reason to separate people into different classes. This was the environment into which the pioneers of evolution lived. If science could prove that we evolved without the assistance of God, then there are no moral absolutes. Morality evolves with our own needs. If science could prove that one race was superior to another, then we would have proved the natural order ordained by God or nature and we could enforce this natural order without guilt.
Charles Darwin's book "The Origin of the Species" was released in 1859 just prior to the Civil War. It was originally titled "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life"?" In it he refered to Africans as savages that would become extinct. Although he was a "product of his times" scientific discovery is supposed to be above personal opinions.

Quote A Social Order in Search of Justification. Racism, as we would characterize it today, was explicit in the writings of virtually all the major anthropologists of the first century, simply because it was the generally accepted view." Roger Lewin (Evolutionist). 'Bones of Contention' page 307
Quote A Social Order in Search of A Theory. We must note then that when Darwin wrote his paper, Origin of Species, he had no skulls, his contemporaries were filled with racism as they tried to find the less than humans, and his Co-founder, Wallace, decided against the theory. Roger Lewin (Evolutionist). 'In the Age of Mankind'

The Big Splash?
Evidence Physicists from the Brookhaven National Laboratory released the results of a three year experiment in April 2005. The experiment that was supposed to demonstrate that a gas was formed at the big bang produced a liquid! So what does that do to the theory of expanding gases rushing out into space? Slows it down quite a bit!
The experiment disproved the big bang hypothesis!
They should have read the Bible.
The Bible describes the abyss as being covered with liquid!

Summary Of The Major Theories
There are many theories to explain many mechanisms of evolution. For this discussion we will only focus on the theories which propose the origin of matter in the universe and the evolution of life.

Genetics 101 - Not Microevolution. Genetic Inheritance Driven Migrations.
There are other phenomena that people claim to be microevolution which really are not. As long as "evolution" means a genetic change through a modification of the biological material in response to stimulus from the environment, then there is no such thing. What really happens is the inherited characteristics make it possible for one variation of a species to thrive while others die out in an extreme environment that accentuates their differences. Eventually, the stronger line becomes the dominant forms of the genes, especially if the group is in isolation. I will take some common examples to explain why different versions of the species predominate in some areas.

Evidence The proposed theories demonstrate the problem with evolution - time. Because biological systems need to be formed with all their parts working, single step by step mutation would not have worked. New organs would have been of no use. This violates the theory of use and disuse.

Evidence The Theory of need has a lot of built in assumptions and immense foresight. To work, this implies great intelligence and planning that is beyond the capability of a ball of slime in a mud pool.
How could that single celled creature envision an eye and plan one and build one and tell the offspring to pass it on? We have no known mechanism by which superficial changes are passed on to our children. We also have evidence that changes imposed at the gene level do not last beyond the second generation. Physical changes can suppress the expression of the genes until the pressure is removed. Changes at the physical level are not transmitted to the genes. If I liposuction and botox myself to death, my children will still have my fat genes.

Taxonomy Classification
Biblical Classification
"Enmity" (Hormonal Changes?) Fear, Aggression Thorns, Thistles
Genetic Damage and Changes
ManCleanUnclean CleanUncleanClean - Fruit Pods Herbs
Split HoofCudPaws CrawlsWalks - Jumps-Prey ShellSmooth ScalesSeed
4 LegsMany Legs4 Legs2 LegsNo FinsFinsPlants
CattleBeastsCreepingInsectsBirds Fish Green Plants
Land Air Water Land
Day 6 Day 5 Day 3
Need Light and Air and Water
This is the classification of species based on evolution of ancestors. There are several taxonomy systems in evolution and none in creation because each species did not evolve from an ancestor.
However, the Bible does classify living things according to their purpose and by day of creation.
After sin, certain genes were expressed or damaged, pointing to a mutation of the endocrine system in the parents and their unborn eggs and sperm. Women's child bearing changed, both lost a covering of light when they realized that they were naked and the snake lost its legs. Thorns and thistles came in plants and "enmity" in animals were expressed in the creation. This enmity may be aggressive behavior. Sharper teeth and claws in the animal kingdom were like thorns in the plant kingdom.
Experiments in breeding for tame foxes and domesticated dogs shows that hormonal changes are linked to genetic changes in hair color and teeth. These traits emerge in one generation with the right parents.
Five Kingdom Taxonomic Model
KingdomPhylumClassOrder - Family - Genus - Species
Warmblooded, female species possess mammary glands and bear young which are nourished by milk, hair, sweat glands, four chambered heart
Theria Bear living young
Eutheria (Placental Mammals) Babies are nourished before birth through a placenta which attaches the embryo to the uterus
Proboscidea. [3] Elephant
Perissodactyla (Odd-Toed Hoofed). [17] Horse, zebra, rhinoceras
Artiodactyla (Even-Toed Hoofed). [220] Deer, sheep, cattle, giraffe, okapi, camel, llama, pig
Primates. [414] Man, ape, monkey, lemur
Carnivora. [260] Cat, bear, dog
Lagomorpha. [80] Rabbit, hare
Dermopetera. Colugos [2] Flying lemur
Edentata. [29] Sloth, anteater, armadillo
Pholidota. [7] Pangolins, scaly ant eaters
Rodentia. [2,277] Beaver, mice, chipmunk, squirrel
Scandentia. [1] tree shrews, tupais, and dendrogales or tree squirrels
Insectivora. [375] Mole, hedgehog, shrew
Tubulidentata. [1] Aardvark
Hyrax. [7] Bush hyrax, tree hyrax, rock hyrax, dassies
Chiroptera. [1,100] Bat
Cetacea. [78] Dolphin, whale
Sirenia. [4] Manatee, dugong
Pinnipedia. [33] Seals, sea lions, walruses
Metatheria (Marsupials) Marsupials or pouche mammals. Their young are born very immature and complete development in the mother's pouch
Marsupialia. [295] kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, opossums, dunnarts, bandicoots, cuscuses
Prototheria (Monotremes) [5] Lay eggs. Echidnas and platypus
Cold-blooded, with dry-scaly skin, internal fertilization, lay eggs on land that has a leathery outer covering
Crocodilia [23]. Crocodiles and Alligators
Squamata [7390]. Lizards [4,470] and Snakes [2,920]
Chelonia [300]. Turtles [295], Tortoises
Rhynchocephalia Tuatara [2]. Species only found in New Zealand
Animals with smooth, moist skin which aids in respiration during the adult stage of their life.
Anura [6,090] Frogs and toads. 4 legs, no tail, strong hind legs used for jumping
Caudata [615] Salamanders. No tail. Four or two short weak legs
Apoda [189] Caecilians or Gymnophiona. They have no legs, resemble large earthworms

Warmblooded vertebrates that have wings and feathers
CarinatesPerching/Song Birds: Passeriformes [5,000]
Columbiformes [300] Pigeons, doves
Galliformes [250] Pheasants, turkey, grouse, quail, chicken
Psittaciformes [330] Parrots
Cuculiformes [126] Cuckoos, roadrunners, anis
Apodiformes [400] Swifts, hummingbirds
Coraciiformes [144] Kingfishers
Piciformes [400] Woodpeckers, barbets
Strigiformes [130] Barn owls, typical owls
Caprimulgiformes [90] Goatsuckers (nightjar)
Water Birds: Gavliformes [250] Loons
Charadriiformes [350] Plovers, oystercatchers, stilts/avocets, sandpipers/phalaropes, gulls/terns, auks
Procellariiformes - Albatross, Shearwaters, Petrels
Pelecaniformes - Tropical birds, boobies/gannets, pelicans, cormorants, anhingas, frigatebirds
Ciconiformes - Herons/Bitterns, ibises, storks
Gruiformes [190] Rails, limpkins, cranes
Anseriformes [161] Waterfowl (ducks, geese, swan)
Phoenicopteriformes [1] Flamingos
Podicipediformes [20] Grebes
Birds of Prey: Falconiformes [290] vultures, ospreys, hawks, falcons
RatitesFlightless birds [12]: Ostrich, emu, cassowary, rhea, kiwi
Fish are cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates with fins and gills.
Osteichthyes (Bony Skeletal Fish) [21,000] Tuna, bass, salmon, and trout,
Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous-skeleton fish) [700] sharks and rays,
Agnatha (Jawless Fish) [60] lampreys and hagfish
(No Backbone)
Soft, fleshy body with a hard shell
Gastropods [70,000] Univalves: snails, slugs, limpets and whelks
Bivalves [20,000] Clams, mussels, scallops, oysters and shipworms
Cephalopods [900] Squids and octopuses
Arthropods have a hard external shell called an exoskeleton made up of chitin
Crustaceans [50,000] Crabs, lobsters, and barnacles
Arachnids [100,000] 4 pairs of walking legs. Spiders [40,000], scorpions [5,051], mites and ticks [50,000], other [5,000]
Insects [1,000,000+] 3 pairs of walking legs. Butterfly/moth [175,000], beetle [400,000], fly [150,000], wasps/bees/ants [130,000]
Chilopoda [3000] Centipedes
Diplopoda [10000] Millipedes
Echinoderm [6000] Animals with external spines. Sand dollar, starfish, sea urchin, Portuguese-man-of-war, sea cucumber
Cnidaria [9000]: Hydras [2700], jellyfish [200], box jelly [20], sea anemones-corals [6000]
Porifera Sponges [10,000]
Worms [6000] Platyhelmintes (flat worms), Nematoda (round worms),
Annelida (segmented worms), Nemerffna (ribbon worms)
Eukaryots MulticellularMakes nutrients by photosynthesis Mosses, ferns, trees, woody and non-woody flowering plants
Multicellular filamentousAbsorbs nutrition Fungus, molds, mushrooms, yeasts, mildews, smuts
Single-celledMakes nutrients by absorption, ingestion, photosynthesis Protozoans and algae
ProkaryotsSingle-celledAbsorbs nutrition Bacteria, blue-green algae, and spirochetes
Numbers listed are the total known species.
The classification system does affect creation or evolution, because it is based on similarities and common features and order of evolution. Creation generally agrees with the same order of appearance.

The Evolution Of Man And The Primates
MYA Creature Findings Human evolution
Adam, I hear that the Troglodytes are swingers.
They are certainly not our "kind"
0.10-0.012- Homo Floresiensis 7 skeletons
0.16 -Homo Sapiens idaltu 3 craniums
0.15-?Ape manHomo Sapiens sapiens Modern man
0.25-Ape manHomo Sapiens
Painting, flint tools, Europe
0.30-0.12 -Homo Rhodesiensis Few
0.35-0.3Ape man Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis ★ music, clothes, flint
MYATaxonomy ChimpanzeeHumanHuman Features
1400DomainEukarya"Good nuclei"
800KingdomAnimaliaCannot make food
500PhylumChordataElongated bilateral symmetry
SubphylumVertebrataInternal skeleton
125ClassMammaliaConceive young inside reproductive tract and give milk
70OrderPrimata5 fingers, 5 toes, thumb, collar bone
SuborderAnthropoideaEyes in front
5FamilyHominidae (hominin)
Humans, great apes
"S" shaped spine, no tail, 2 legs, walk
4.5GenusPanHomoUpright posture
0.4-0.195Ape man Homo Sapiens Archaic Step before modern man
0.60-0.35- Homo Heidelbergensis ★ Jawbone
0.80 - Homo Cepranensis One skull cap found in Italy
0.80-0.52- Homo Antecessor 2 sites
1.80-1.60 - Homo Ergaster ★ many
1.90-1.25 - Homo Georgicus "Dmanisi Man" of Russia
1.90 -Homo Rudolfensis Skull 1470
2-0.40Ape man Homo Erectus ★ Walked upright
2.20-1.60 Ape man Not human Homo Habilis ★ used crude stone tools
3.00-1.20 - Paranthropus
4.26-4.59 feet tall (130-140 cm). Tool makers
P. aethiopicus, A. africanus (3-2), A. robustus (2.2-1.6), A. boisei (2.1-1.1)
3.00-1.60 Ape man Not human Australopithecus
Was man's oldest ancestor. All the early apes were the size of a chimpanzee
4.20-2.70 A. anamensis (4.2-3.9), A. afarensis (Lucy) (4.4-2.7)
3.50-3.20 - Kenyathropus platyops HomininiPartial cranium. Distorted skeleton, features not clear
4.4- Ardipithecus ramidus 4 feet, 110 lbs. Walks upright. Earliest ancestor of humans
5.80-5.20- Ardipithecus kadabba Teeth, skeleton fragments
6.10-5.80 - Orrorin tugenensis "Millennium Man" from Kenya is the earliest human branch.
Fragmentary arm, thigh bones, lower jaws, and teeth
7-5 - Sahelanthropus tchadensis The last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees.
Cranium, fragmentary lower jaw and teeth, ape-like features
5Ape man Ramapithecus Few teeth, jaw fragments, palate. An extinct relative of the orangutan
10 Oreopithecus bambolii Teeth and pelvis remains. An extinct relative of a monkey. Walked on all fours
15 Dryopithecus Lower jaw fragment. An extinct relative of the orangutan
20 Proconsul An extinct relative of the chimpanzee or gorilla
25 Pliopithecus An extinct relative of the gibbon
47.8- Darwinius Masillae "Ida". Has nails, opposable thumb. Introduced May 2009. 95% complete skeleton, the size of a small cat, found in Messel pit, Frankfurt Germany
MYA. Million Years Ago Ape man Hominids: Species first placed in the line up of the evolution of man
★ Many specimens found
The growing consensus that all the species from Homo erectus to modern humans are all variants of Homo sapiens and their features can be observed among modern peoples today. It is also a misrepresentation to use skull size as an indication of intelligence. A smaller cranial capacity just indicates smaller people like Pygmies.
Not human The Australopithecus genus is also being removed from the human branch because they are apes and the claim that they walked upright is no longer accepted. In addition, Homo Habilis is now believed to be a species of ape from the Australopithecus genus.

The Evolutionary Tree Of Life
MYA Plants and Fungi Animals
10 K Agriculture - ManHomo Sapiens Homo Sapiens, hobbit
5 - - ApesSahelanthropus Ancestors of humans and the chimpanzee split
13 Herbs
Chimpanzee Ancestors of humans and the great apes split
15 ApesApes Ancestors of humans and the gibbon split
25 Catarrhini Catarrhini split into two branches: Old world monkeys and apes. Butterflies, ants
30 - Platyrrhini Up Catarrhini
Haplorrhini split into 2 branches in the continental drift.
Catarrhines (old world monkeys) stayed in Africa.
Platyrrhines (New world monkeys) migrate 4500 km across the Atlantic on a vegetation raft to South America
40 Rose - ApesPrimates Ancestors of humans
65 Grasses DinosaursEuarchonta Nocturnal, tree climbing, insect eating. Dinosaurs extinct
100 Angiosperms (Flowers) Bee Mammal
(Eomaia scansoria)
A common genetic ancestor of mice and men.
Oil Formed. Global deposits of oil rich black shale
130 Coal Forests
170 - BirdsBirds, insects -
220 Cycads Dinosaurs Cynodonts Teeth, mammal jaws, dinosaurs
256 Ginkgo Ginkgos Diapsida | Synapsida Synapsida evolves into mammals
300 Lycopods Club Mosses
ReptilesHylonomus Reptiles
315 Conifers Frog Acanthostega Amphibians with limbs
360 Seed FernsRoach Cockroaches, winged insects
400 Gymnosperms -Scorpion Coelacanth Scorpions, centipedes and millipedes move to land.
Fast Fact Living coelacanth specimens found in 1938
475 Plants move to land Fungi
480 Mosses
FishPlacodermi Jawed fish
505 Primitive plants
Ostracoderm Jawless fish. Vertebrates
530 Pikaia Ancestor of chordates and vertebrates
540 Acorn worms Link to vertebrates and invertebrates
550 Flatworms Brain, organs, bilateral symmetry
580 Cnidarians Nerves and muscles
600 Sponges (Porifera) Multicellular. Ozone layer forms
900 Algae Molds Choanoflagellates Ancestors of the animal kingdom
1200 Sexual reproduction evolves
3900 Archaebacteria Protista
3500 Bacteria

The Evolutionary Time Frame
Era/Epoch Years Period
Evolution timeline
Evolution timeline
Evolution timeline

Evolution timeline
What Emerged Day
Neolithic 6,000 Quaternary Adam, Eve and the universe were created. Last ice age Flood
- 74,000 Mt. Toba eruption. Human adult population now 2000+
Paleolithic 250000 Homosapiens, evolutionists. Early stone age
Pleistocene 1.8mya Homoerectus. The great ice age
Pliocene 5 mya Tertiary Australopithecines, whales. Human-chimpanzee split.
Colorado river erodes the Grand Canyon
Miocene 20 Planet cools. Southern Ice cap, Himalayas, Red Sea
Cenozoic 54 Dogs, herbivores, carnivores, flowering plants, fish
Eocene 65 Cat, greenhouse climate change. No polar ice caps
Cretaceous-Teritary (KT) Boundary Dinosaurs disappear, small mammals appear
Meteor 65 Mesozoic

"The Age of Dinosaurs"

Coal Forests
60% Mass extinction by Chicxulub meteor and the Deccan Traps supervolcano in India. Dinosaurs extinct.
Colorado basin plateau uplifted the Grand Canyon
Cretaceous 100 Pangea broke up
120 Insects, flowering plants, mammals 6
Meteor 144 Mass extinction by meteor kills dinosaurs
Jurassic 170 Large dinosaurs, first mammals, birds, fish, insects
Meteor 208 Triassic Extinction 20% Manicougan crater in Canada and the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province supervolcano near Sierra Leone
Triassic 225 Dinosaurs, reptiles, plants (gymnosperms)
Meteor 251 Permian-Triassic Extinction 96% Wilkes Land, or Bedout High meteor and Siberian Traps supervolcano
Permian 270 Paleozoic
"Ancient Life"
Amphibians, seed plants, coral, sponges, fish. Pangea 5
Carboniferous 295 Reptiles, fern forests, cockroach. Pangea (350-260)
Pennsylvanian 300 The last trilobite died
Meteor 364 Devonian Extinction 70%. Frasnian-Fammian. Siljan crater in Sweden. Pripyat-Dniepr-Donetsk supervolcano
Devonian 395 Fish, ferns and other seed plants. Land vertebrates, wingless insects and spiders. New types of fish
Silurian 425 Fish continued to evolve
Ordovician 440 Ordovician Extinction. A supernova destroyed the upper atmosphere allowing UV rays to cook life 4
500 Vertebrate sea life. Plants moved to land
Cambrian 540 Cambrian Extinction. 50% die from glaciation
545 Planets, early invertebrate sea life. Tapeats sandstone
Neoproterozoic Precambrian 900- 540 Oldest known animal fossils 3
Paleoproterozoic 2500-1600 Photosynthesis. Rodinia super continent.
3500-1500 Transition to oxygen atmosphere (200 billion tons) made by stromatolytes (blue-green algae)
2500 3900-2500 Oceans, blue-green algae, fossils, rocks 2
3500 Granite crust made from super heated water on basalt
3800Late Heavy Bombardment. Comets with water form oceans for 400 million years
3800 4500-3800 earth has a molten hellish environment
13,700 Million The Big Bang 1, 4

Fast Fact The Chicxulub impact generated enough rock to fill mount Everest.

A Curious Observation
With the exception of the creation of the planets of our solar system on day four, the creation order in Genesis shows the same order. Now, why would a story conceived by illiterate and superstitious people show such scientific order?

And, just like the process of sexual reproduction is so out of character with the theory of evolution. Is it possible that we can find some evidence in the seemingly misplaced events of the fourth day of creation? The time between events (72 hours) may be too short to measure any odd events, but I am currently limited by what I know. Plants were created before the sun, moon and stars. The earth was also created before them. Is there something in stellar physics that shows that the earth is older than the sun, even though it is such a short time?
The Fourth Day of Creation
I think we can show that some planets were created on the fourth day.
The seven periods of the periodic table seem to correspond to elements available on each of the seven days of creation. Some of the elements that are prevalent on the moon belong to the fourth period.
I posed the above question about nine years ago when I first wrote this article in 2000. Then in 2008 God gave me a partial answer. I can use physics to prove why the sun was created on the fourth day and that it must have been created after the earth. But showing a reason why is not the same as proof that something occurred.

Even the statement that God created it all out of nothing sounds a lot like the Big Bang theory. And this itself is another odd statement. How could illiterate people say that something came out of nothing. They would at least have said that it came from some part of God. Instead, the Bible says God spoke everything into existence. Electromagnetic waves started it all. This is another odd coincidence you see, because the core of all life, the smallest particles are electromagnetic waves.

Basic Requirements For Both Theories
arrow Out of Nothing. God created the world out of nothing visible. He spoke and it happened. So electromagnetic waves became matter. This is totally consistent with particle physics.

The Big Bang theory says that matter came out of nothing after the explosion. There is no explanation of how that happened. Something cannot come out of nothing. At least the nothingness of God was electromagnetism.
arrow Light Before the Sun. There was light on the first day, before the Sun was created. There is a microwave light or background radiation that bathes the universe. The universe consists of 4% atoms, 23% of an unknown dark matter (gravitational force) and 73% of a mysterious dark energy that causes the universe to expand.
arrow Out of Water. Current space explorations are showing that the planets in the universe were born out of water.
The Brookhaven experiments in 2005 showed that the Big Bang produced liquid, not gas.
arrow One Land. Pangea and the original earth were one land formation. And the physical features of Pangea just happen to look like the description of the New Jerusalem. And it verifies the flood story that the earth was broken up.
arrow Order. The order of creation is almost the same as evolution. The only exception is the creation of the sun and stars. This is what the Bible teaches.

Requirements For Evolution To Occur
In order for evolution to occur several conditions and possibilities must be present

  1. Long Time. Evolution is dependent on long periods of time to overcome the statistical problems of one system accidentally and randomly changing to another or enhancing itself.
  2. Subspecies Change. Evolution requires that one creature should be changed into another through some mechanism.
  3. Reproduction. The emerging new species MUST be able to reproduce AND transmit the new beneficial changes to the offspring.
  4. Male and Female. Since this is the design that exists, male and female evolution must occur simultaneously so that the species can survive.

Requirements For Creation To Occur
In order for creation to occur several conditions and possibilities must be present.

  1. Short Time. The earth must be approximately 6000 years old.
  2. God (Intelligent Designer). A creator must exist. He is the mechanism by which all these events occurred. At the minimum, some being of higher intelligence and more technologically advanced must exist.
  3. Reproduction. The creation account explains the simultaneous existence of male and female and the variety of species.
Requirement Evolution Nature Creation
Time Long time Short time. Simultaneous development of related systems Short time
Subspecies Change Mutation DNA Barrier is not compatible with evolution Creation by design
Reproduction Theory 1. Simultaneous male and female mutation.
Theory 2. No explanation
Simultaneous development of male and female Simultaneous male and female creation

Scientific Evidence
There are several sciences which are prominent in the theory of evolution and each has developed laws which contribute to the theory. Remember, from the scientific methodology that a law has greater status than a theory because it appears to be universal and it is reproducible. A list of some of the theories proposed for each of the scientific discipline is given. Because I am not familiar with the science, not all theories will be covered in this article. However, I have listed them so that you can research on your own.
Evidence And Theories For Creation And Evolution
Science Description List of Evolution Theories Science LawsCreation
Atom Physics Study of matter, energy and atoms Big bang theory,
inflationary universe theory,
oscillating universe theory,
steady state universe theory
Creation Theory. Periodic creation of elements
E=MC2, gravity, motion, thermodynamics laws, chemical laws, nucleosynthesis, half life, mathematics Documentary Model
Particle physics
Periodic table
Chemical Chemistry Study of Atoms and molecules and how they react
Sun Cosmology Study of space Stellar Evolution: Nebular Hypothesis (Planetesimal Theory), Fission Theory, Capture Theory, Accretion Theory, Planetary Collision Theory, Stellar Collision Theory, Gas Cloud Theory.
Creation Theory. Light trails
Earth Astronomy The study of planets
Water Oceanography The study of the oceans Late heavy bombardment by snow comets Mathematical
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Science Scientific Method: Do Experiments. Evolution has no repeatable experiments in any branch of science that will verify the theory. Evolution cannot verify through experiment that any process will change or has changed any object into a predictable end product because we will not live long enough to see the results or any perceptable change occurring with that experiment. If evolution could demonstrate such dramatic changes in real time, then they would only be verifying creation and the flood.
What evolution has done to circumvent this critical step of the scientific method is to find more specimens and fit them into their theories. But they cannot use any laws that they have discovered to demonstrate how they can affect changes to demonstrate evolution by manipulating the variables of the law.
PV = nRT. For example, we can use the gas law to demonstrate that pressure, volume and temperature can be manipulated in a very precise way on a certain amount of gas. It will work on Mars, in Russia or California. I could discover the sequence of DNA codes that make feathers and so find the "law on feathers", but I cannot take a frog and demonstrate that I can turn it into a chicken by the forces that drive evolution.

Science Scientific Method: Creation's Reproducible Experiments. Creationists cannot prove the existence of God. We cannot even consistently prove by statistical evidence that we can affect our world by appealing to God. The last age of miracles was 2000 years ago and God promises another period of miracles near the end of time. Until then, what we can show is that what God says can occur could have occurred within the time He says it did and that certain design features require intelligent planning. In addition, creation science can disprove evolution by showing that the long time requirement of evolution makes some processes impossible.

Science Scientific Method: Evolution's Reproducible Experiments. Scientists are very good at designing experiments to uncover natural laws. Unfortunately, evolutionary science cannot design an experiment to prove evolution because it would take a long time to produce the data.

Theory Science Pillars
Monster Mutation None DNA: Male, Female
Punctuated Equilibrium None Missing Links
Natural Selection Mutation Species change
Geologic Column Dating Methods Long Time
Primitive Environment Stanley Miller Life Chemicals
Big Bang Theory - Building Blocks
Constant Speed of Light
Disproving Evolution
I began this project with the assumption that I could disprove evolution or make a strong case for creation by one or more of these tactics.

Science Biology and Zoology - The Study Of Animals And Living Things
Chemistry set Mutation
A Failed Experiment
The Case of the Stubborn Gypsy Moths
Radiation is known to cause genetic mutations. So Richard Goldschmidt attempted to induce genetic changes in the gypsy moth through this method. After 25 years of experiments he concluded that it did not work.

Any changes he produced were usually undone in the next two generations. The gypsy moth would not cooperate. They changed back to their earlier form.
He concluded that changes were strictly within species and that they were a temporary adaptation to a local condition. Major changes did not occur.
Monster Mutation. So he proposed the theory of monster mutations. A set of mutations so life changing that the creature was essentially changed in an instant and could not revert.
And he threw in the requirement of a male and female monster emerging at the same time. Why? He is old enough and clever enough to know about the birds and the bees and that Mr. Monster needs a Mrs Monster. It is just hog wash!

Beam me up Scotty!
Drosophilia Melanogaster. It is ideal because it lives 10-12 days and only has four chromosomes.
But after eighty years of irradiation and millions of generations and over 1000 mutations, the fruit fly is still a fruit fly!

Quote Creation is Unacceptable. "Evolution itself is accepted by zoologists, not because it has been observed to occur or can be proved by logical coherent evidence, but because the only alternative -- special creation -- is clearly incredible." D.M.S. Watson (evolutionist) Quoted by B.G. Ranganathan (Creationist). 'Origins' page 22

There are currently four related theories concerning the method by which life emerged. It is interesting to note that the later theories were proposed because scientists could not escape the need for decreased time in which critical leaps are needed. Let us look at the theories.
Theory Natural Selection. Accidental changes in plants and animals will always produce improvements which will keep changing each species of plant and animal into new and larger ones. But observations did not support the theory. Changes only occurred within species and these were slight changes. No living plants or animals ever produced a different kind of plant or animal. Fossil records do not show changes between species. They show minor variations within the same species.

The next new wave of theories attempted to explain how the accidental changes occurred, because no one ever changed any physical or structural body part by force of mind.
Theory Mutations. The next wave of theories declare that it is mutations (changes in the genes) which have made the changes from one species to another.
But changes between species still proved illusive. One specie simply did not change into another. A dog never became a cat. And to make matters worse, experiments shows that even non-lethal mutations within species tended to revert back to the original form once the foreign agent causing these slight changes were removed. These are probably not genetic mutations, but chemical changes like immunity that can be passed from mother to child during breast feeding or across the placenta during gestation or epigenetics. Mutations only weaken, damage, sterilize, or kill the creatures in which they occur. Beneficial mutations just did not occur, and any changes were too small and too slow.

ScienceThe Hopeful Monster
Monster Mutation
Theory. A new species emerges after millions of irreversible, positive simultaneous mutations occur in one egg, producing a male and female.
Implications. The theory basically teaches that it is possible for a fish to give birth to a male and female frog from the same egg.
Proof. None. It violates all know genetic and biological laws and observations.
» Biology. It is impossible for one egg to produce two genders.
» Genetics. Most mutations are never positive. Mutations never produce new species.
» Statistics. It is impossible for such a series of complex lucky coincidences to occur twice in one day and 13 million times.
Key Proof. The issue of male and female must be explained by all theories of biological evolution because, if the species does not reproduce, the progress of evolution ends.
Theory Monster Mutations. A theory developed by Richard Goldschmidt, when, after 25 years of failed mutation experiments on the gypsy moth (or fruit fly) he concluded that evolution by mutation did not work with the gypsy moth. Whenever he obtained observable variations, they immediately changed back to the previous form by the second generation, or died or became sterile. So he had to conclude that for evolution to occur, large mutations must have occurred in the past. These mutations were so overwhelming, the creature could not change back to an original form.

Note Gypsy Moth Experiments. I had always heard, and continue to hear on educational channels about the famous gypsy moth experiments that 'proved' that mutations occurred that proved evolution. But they also forgot to mention that the mutations failed and that even the scientists who did the experiments concluded that they did not work. So much for truth in science!
Theory The Saltation Or Leap Theory. Proposes that simultaneous, multi million positive monster mutations would occur once every 50,000 years. Millions of favorable mutations would occur in one egg, and it would hatch into a totally new creature which he called the 'hopeful monster'. All evolution occurred by immense mutational leaps from one life form to another. Therefore, a fish did change instantly into a bird!
In addition, the theory states that a male and female must emerge from this incredible egg.

Scientific Evidence. Do you wonder why scientists have to propose those last two theories? Because they cannot get around the problem of time and the number of coincidences that must happen at the same time for a new species to develop.
And, being smart scientists, they know about the theory of the birds and the bees.

Common Sense Evidence For Intelligent Design
BugAmazing Creatures
The Bombardier Beetle
This creature defends itself by shooting a hot, noxious and caustic chemical out of two jets at the base of its abdomen as fast as 500 times per second.
The beetle uses five chemicals to produce quinine, a bad smelling chemical, and heat to create explosive pressure.
» Two Chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinine. They must be stored separately to prevent a violent reaction.
» Inhibitor. This is needed to prevent the two chemicals from reacting when they are first mixed.
» Two Enzymes. Catalase and peroxidase. They accelerate the reaction to an explosive rate.
» Combustion Chamber. A place to mix all chemicals before firing.
» Delivery System. A chemical cannon must be constructed to deliver the product before the reaction makes the beetle explode.
» Other Systems. Sphincter muscles to separate chambers, firing system muscles, chemical manufacturing plant, nerve systems and a reuptake and enzyme manufacturing system.
» Pop Goes the Beetle! At almost every stage the beetle would blow itself up or poison itself, setting back and removing all knowledge of any evolutionary changes that it accidentally discovered.
The best we can hope for is one lucky and unrepeatable shot or one dead bug.
» Internal Steam Bath. At 212ºF, the heat generated by the reaction is greater than boiling point. The beetle must develop a chamber that can withstand heat, high pressures and caustic chemicals.
» Poison. Peroxidase and hydroquinine are poisonous.
» Useless and Dangerous. At every step of evolution, the beetle creates an unfinished, complex system that is useless and dangerous that must have wiped out the species billions of times. So the last time it succeeded that must have been an incredibly lucky series of beetles and a persistent random, complicated design.
» Lucky Bug! How many different chemicals would have been tried before there was success?
One fortunate bug with several winning lottery tickets must have avoided all these errors and mishaps.
Although we classify this as common sense evidence, it is actually based on accepted scientific laws. Intelligent design says that the complex systems and interrelated parts show evidence that some intelligent designer must have coordinated the process. We will look at three cases in our common experience to demonstrate the signs of intelligent intervention.
First, we will list some problems with evolution. Your common sense would agree with these observations:

Potato Head The Mr Potato Carver. What is the signature of a designer? How do experts evaluate paintings of the masters? It is similarity in style, technique and the prevelance of common features. In addition, mathematical precision, symmetry, aesthetic beauty, cohesion between systems, intelligence are all evidence of a master plan and a designer. It is not evidence for random chaos.
The reason why Mr. Potato seems to be interchangeable with a monkey is because the same cellular design and genetic components are used. The presence of four legs does not indicate that monkeys and dogs are related. Similar hormones, genes and chemical signals do not prove evolution. The evidence also points to a designer.
What is the signature of random evolution?

Design Case Study: Male and Female (A Pair of Impossibilities)
Baby Sexual Reproduction
A Crazy Design
This crazy design runs contrary to the evolutionary theory of "survival of the fittest". It seems illogical, that the very mechanism that a specie needs to perpetuate itself should have such a big design flaw. And that this design should be the norm in over 99% of the species - not the exception.

Asexual reproductive systems would be easier to evolve and easier to maintain, ensuring survival of the species. Not sexual reproduction.
... male and female, He created them. (Genesis 1: 27)
It started when I read the words in Genesis 1: 27. It dawned on me that two impossible occurrences must take place in order to reproduce the species and that this impossible event must be repeated in every species.
Apparently, God designed species reproduction to be done almost entirely by sexual reproduction (requires two cooperating beings), not by asexual means. But the logical conclusion for the theory of evolution is that asexual reproduction (reproduction through one person only) should have been the process favored by natural selection. Sexual reproduction only makes the process more complicated and less likely to happen. Yet sexual reproduction occurs in 99.99% of all living things in animals and plants and mothers and fathers.

So, as I researched both theories, I specifically looked for answers to this question. What did I find? Scientists have no explanation. They just simply, casually throw in a critical requirement into a stupid theory. And they think we would not notice?!
The embarrassing statement that a male and female must be produced from the same egg with each monster mutation every 50,000 years is a joke.

Fortunately, reproduction is a process that even a six year old understands. Scientists cannot pull the wool over your eyes in this situation. You may not understand the theory of relativity. You may not understand the law of mass action. You may not understand mitochondria and DNA and semipermeable membranes, but you do understand what it takes to make a baby. And thanks to God it is the biggest stumbling block of this house of cards called evolution.
Everyone should be able to see through this fable because of this single issue. You have no excuse.

This argument is so simple, you might find it unbelievable. Yet it does not take scientific knowledge to understand it. Whenever I propose this people look at me as if I were a couple of brain cells short of a logical thought. It can't be that simple. Scientists admit defeat and run away from me, refusing to hear any more scientific evidence. Bastards!

Potato Head Where is the Sweet Mrs Potato Head? Humans do not evolve from buds on a spud. This model is unable to explain where Mrs Potato Head came from. Not even a single mutation can explain this.

In Every Species
Scientists claim that sexual evolution occurred about 1200 million years ago before the first ancestor of the animal kingdom arrived.
A scientific sleight of hand is occurring here. As they propose the miraculous event of the birth of a pair of hopeful monsters, they appear to want to leave the impression that this occurs only one time and every subsequent species benefits from this knowledge of how to become male and female.

How Babies are Made. First of all, before we look at what it would take to produce this feat in evolution, let us look at the delicate reproductive process and the problems of infertility. I have a sister who lost nine babies before birth - I know about infertility.
Despite the unwanted pregnancy rate, the fact is that the odds are against a pregnancy occurring. Several structural, biochemical, geographical, chronological and physiological situations must converge to make this event happen and to maintain the pregnancy that results.

This crazy design runs contrary to the evolutionary theory of "survival of the fittest". It seems illogical, that the very mechanism that a species needs to perpetuate itself should have such a big design limitation. And that this design should be the norm not the exception. Asexual reproductive systems would be easier to evolve and easier to maintain, ensuring survival of the species. Not sexual reproduction.
Since I am a stupid idiot and possibly a lower order of creature, I tried asexual reproduction by doubling in size with the full intention of splitting in two. I merely got fatter!

Reproductive Models
Evolution claims that sexual reproduction evolved 1200 million years ago.
Evolution of the Frog
Evolution of the sexes
Pink - female
Blue - male
Green - asexual
Pink and blue - Hermaphrodite

Evolution Process
  1. After species formed.
  2. Before species formed.
Under the theory of evolution, the first model would have been asexual. But asexual reproduction does not occur in complex biological systems, as I discovered. Therefore, the question is, how could sexual reproduction occur under the evolutionary process? There are at least two possibilities, each one affects the time at which each species adapted this method of reproduction. Let us use the example of a fish evolving into a frog. The two life forms could have emerged at these points in evolution:

  1. After Speciation. The male and female specialization occurred after the asexual version of the new species appeared. An asexual frog became a male and female frog. After the world was full of asexual frogs, cats, dogs, butterflies and bees, each of these creatures evolved into male and female.
  2. Before Speciation. The male and female occurred in an earlier prototype of all biological species, most likely living at the same time as their asexual cousins until they came to dominate the species. Therefore, an asexual fish became a male and female frog.
  3. After Sexual Specialization. Simultaneously, a male fish evolved into a male frog and a female fish evolved into the female frog. Then they met at the local watering hole over drinks and had babies because of unprotected sex.

Evidence Reproductive change before or after speciation has the same time and statistical problems. Neither one makes it easier. Because just a tiny change would take thousands of years and this requires complementary mass changes in a short period of time in two independent creatures of every species of plant and animal life form. Even if the creature was fertile for its entire lifetime that would still give us no more than 100 years per specie. And THIS is THE mechanism by which a living creature survives - reproduction. Without reproduction the life cannot proceed and evolutionary changes cannot proceed. Evolution does not have the luxury of long periods of time to develop a working reproduction method. This is because biological systems die quickly.

Male and female Male and Female Created He Them
Women! Can't live with them.
Can't live without them!
Scientists are stuck between a rock and hard place. Between a uterus and a sperm sac. Every time an impossible gigantic mutation occurs in an egg, it must produce a male and female.
Over thirteen million times!

Every time a new lion emerged he must have his lioness within a few years. When the fruit fly emerged his mate must be born within the hour and she had better produce boys and girls or the species will die.

Do you think that this sounds impossible? Then why would you believe it?
Your heart tells you that this requires intelligent intervention. Your mind tells you that intelligent design is the only logical explanation.
That reasoning is not religion. It is science!

The Problem Of Time And The First Prototype
Scientists often throw in billions of years for any perceptible evolutionary change to occur. The problem is, with the case of reproduction, you have at the most 35 to 40 years in humans, a couple of hours in the case of fruit flies!. If both males and females do not develop simultaneously, then one would be a mutation that could not survive because it could not reproduce itself. In this instance time is the enemy. Immortality becomes a problem. The biological clock keeps ticking.

The Verdict
Gavel This is the grandfather of all the laughable theories evolutionists want you to believe. We have biological evidence, common sense evidence and statistical evidence that says that males and females are required to produce over 99% of all biological life on this earth.

Evidence Baby or Slimy Bath Water? Biological evolution comes to a screeching halt if children cannot be produced in real time.
Evidence Leaping Lizards! It's a Miracle! To their credit Goldschmidt and Gould recognized the great flaw in the theory of evolution. The fact that they had to propose their wild faith-based theories is circumstantial evidence that they came to the conclusion that slow one by one mutation could not have brought about evolution of new species. Long time is now the enemy of biological reproduction.
Evidence A Quantum Leap of Faith. Common sense evidence tells me that to propose that every 50,000 years that an incredible evolutionary quantum leap occurred is equivalent to believing in the tooth fairy. And if this were not enough, to propose that this occurred more than once in over 13 million species is asking me to believe in both the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny and little green men from mars.
Evidence Two Miracles for the Price of One. And there is the lucky coincidence of male and female hatching from this miracle egg. Then I would have to believe that the sky is pink and full of blue dots and fluffy marshmallow clouds and that the moon is made of green cheese. I refuse to believe it.
Evidence Eyewitness, Expert, Scientific, Forensic and Experimental Evidence.
By the way, this violates all known biological processes. It is nonsense. If twins emerge from the same egg they must be the same gender. How could they propose a theory that violates such a solid law of science? By ignoring such solid science, they ignored the scientific method. They are desperate. The issue of the coexistence of male and female is extremely important.
Evidence Psychic Communication? Statistical and common sense evidence says that two independent eggs could not have communicated to each other about the design of their very different reproductive systems. But since these different structural and chemical systems match each other perfectly the eggs must have communicated intelligently some how.
Evidence Biological evidence says that all systems must be working properly from the start or no reproduction would occur. The hopeless monster species would die out.
Evidence Common sense says that such a complicated design could not have occurred instantly.
Evidence Common sense evidence also says that these impossible and independent occurrences could not have conveniently occurred flawlessly 26 million times in 13 million pairs of different species.
Evidence Statistics and probability says that the chance of forming only 2000 proteins in the single cell amoeba is one in 1040,000. Imagine the possibilities of randomly forming all the chemicals and body parts in 26 million creatures and doing it in a short time.

Design Case Study: The Evolution Of The Eye
Proponents of intelligent design argue that biological systems are too interconnected and complex to be the result of random accidents.
This is even more evident in critical coordinated biological systems that involve more that one creature and mean life or death for the species.
Statistically, many coordinated evolutionary requirements are impossible, especially when they require two dependent creatures. End of story.

Let us take a look at a less complex system than the reproductive system. It's function is not dependent on the evolution of another human being. We will look at the problems with the evolution of the eye.

We know that the trilobite, who is at the bottom of the evolution ladder, has eyes that are as complex as ours. So, how did the eye evolve?
Why did it evolve? We do not need eyes to survive. Did the creature believe that it would benefit from it? How could it have guessed that?
Parts of the Eye

arrow 130 million rods to see black and white
arrow Seven million cones to see three color pigments
arrow Over ten muscles
arrow Over twenty primary structures
arrow Chemicals
  • Rhodopsin or "visual purple" ( scotopsin and 11-cis-retinal ) - converts light to signals that the brain can interpret. 6 other chemicals are formed as it reacts with light.
  • metarhodopsin II ( Activated rhodopsin )
  • Color pigments ( retinal and photopsins ). There are three color pigments. Each cone is sensitive to one of these colors. The mixture of these colors creates many other colors.
    1. Red sensitive pigment
    2. Green sensitive pigment
    3. Blue sensitive pigment
  • Melanin
  • Tears
  • Vitreous humor
  • Aqueous humor
arrow Blood vessels
arrow Eye brows, eye lashes, eye lid
arrow Optic nerve
arrow Brain
  • Must merge two images from each eye
  • Must reverse the image.
  • Must interpret the color based on the ratio of each color activated.
  • Blink
  • Evaluate depth perception
  • Show image in three dimensions

Design Case Study: Body Symmetry And Cosmetics: Two Arms And Two Legs
Random GrowthSymmetry
Tree arms
Octopus ManAdam
God must have been a cosmetic surgeon. He was not only concerned with form and function, He was concerned with beauty. Body symmetry occurs on the outside, not inside the body. That is a sign of design.
Evolution now claims that bilateral symmetry evolved around 550 million years ago in the flat worm. When the miraculous evolutionary change was occurring, how did two eyes, arms, ears and legs form? When the creature decided to develop eyes and the cells started changing in one part of the face, how did the same, exact thing occur on the other half of the face?
Why do we not see more creatures with one eye, one arm, one leg and one ear? Why did we not grow arms and legs randomly like trees grow branches?
When the first leg bud was being formed. how did the body "know" to place another one on the opposite side? And how did these two legs communicate to each other so that they would have a similar design that were mirror images of each other?
Where are the trillions of mistakes? Statistically, there should be more of these. If two eyes are better than one, then certainly a third eye would give three dimensional view.
Why are we so perfectly divided into two identical halves on the outside? I can see why hop-along Cassidy might want to have more leg coordination, but who told that first creature that it was ugly and needs to move that errant left eye brow 4 centimeters down and 2 centimeters to the right?

Because we were not randomly formed, we were designed!

Evidence Our conclusion must be intelligent design. Common sense evidence tells us. Randomness leads to chaos not such order.

Potato Head The Unisex Potato? Whatever the basic armless, legless, unisex or sexless spud looked like, it had to develop external characteristics in symmetric pairs for every appendage. Why? The Great Potato carver is at work again.

The Symmetry Of The Heavens
This observation is even clearer when looking at biblical symbolism. Have you ever wondered what perfect timing it takes for the full moon to always rise at sunset and set at sunrise so that the greatest light the moon can give occurs exactly during the two endpoints of the darkness?

LayerDepth (km)ºCComposition

Crust -Earth7100ºCSedimentary rock
Conrad Discontinuity Granite
Ocean35-Basalt, Gabbro
Mohorovicic Discontinuity (Moho)
Mantle Upper 10-400-Peridotite, olivine
MesosphereLower 650-28904800ºCRigid
CoreCore Outer 2890-5150Liquid iron
Inner 5150-63706900ºCSolid iron, nickel
Science Geology

The Composition Of The Earth
The radius of the earth is 6370 km but we have only drilled to a depth of about 12 km. Scientists have made a guess about the composition of the interior of the earth based on indirect evidence of the behavior of seismic waves. Basic assumptions about the interior are that temperature, pressure and density increase with depth and that the interior is composed of different materials at different levels. They also believe that the core must be metallic in order to generate a geomagnetic field. However, even that theory collapses under the great distances of the field and unexpected observations on other planets.

Bone Boreholes
The evidence from deep boreholes revealed "how far from truth scientific theory can roam".
Volcano After FloodBefore Flood
- - Ocean Earth - - Lake Earth- Earth Lakes Earth -
Earth -Fresh Water Aquifer
Rock Oil Rock Supports
Granite Rock Plates
Salt water "Deep" Rock
Basalt Rock
RockDeep Rock - Rock Rock Water Tar

Bone Pleochroic Halos (An Amazing Discovery!)
Evolutionists claim that the foundation rocks under our planet started out like molten lava and slowly cooled over millions of years and formed base rocks like granite. Again we find this process needs to add millions and millions of years to the age of the earth to fit the theories of evolution. After all, in nature we do see these rocks cooling at a slow rate and we still have molten rock in the form of lava deep within the earth. So we do not question their conclusions.

The Formation Of Granite. Since the 1800's scientists have noticed circular rings in the granite but they did not know what caused them.
You must also understand why granite is important. It is a base rock, no other rocks can form granite. Even if granite melts, it is changed into another type of rock called rhyolite when it cools. So even granite cannot form granite.
So if you see granite, then it is in the original form that it had when it first appeared. This is not difficult to understand when you realize that coal and diamond are the same thing! Diamond is just squeezed together more.

Then came Dr. Robert Gentry who examined these halos and found four different rings trapped in the granite.
Jello Quick Freeze Jello
Can you make Instant Jello?
Have you ever made Jello with fruit in it?
If you put the fruit in while the Jello is at room temperature then all the fruit will sink to the bottom. Why? Because gravity pulls the fruit to the bottom of the bowl faster than your refrigerator can freeze the Jello.

How could you freeze the fruit in the middle of the Jello while it is at room temperature (without suspending it on a string)?
There are two ways:
1. Slow down the rate at which the fruit falls. (If you can control gravity).
2. Freeze the Jello before the fruit reaches the center. If you had a tub of Jello 32 feet deep, it would take half a second for the fruit to reach the middle. Find a quick freeze refrigerator that will freeze the Jello in less than half a second.
This is the equivalent of what Dr. Gentry discovered.
He found radioactive particles with a half life of three minutes embedded in granite. Granite is supposed to have cooled slowly over thousands of years.
But, the halos must have been trapped within the rock during the three minutes they lived or they would have disappeared before the rock cooled.

Therefore, the rocks became solid in less than three minutes!
They were all caused by radioactive particles and the granite had become solid during the time they were radioactive. His discovery showed the following halos:
210Polonium - half life of 138.4 days
214Polonium - half life of 164 micro seconds
218Polonium - half life of three minutes

He did further tests to show that the rings were not formed from solutions leaking into the granite, but were present in the rock before it became solid.
Because of the process of decay in each type of particle, he concluded that only 218Polonium could be used as a clock. How could a particle that existed for less than three minutes be trapped in a rock that cooled over 300 million years?

The Sudden Creation Of Granite. Dr. Gentry discovered that granite was formed from liquid to solid in less than three minutes, probably 1.5 minutes, not over millions of years.
He proved that they suddenly came into existence in their present from not from the cooling of lava. It disproves all of stellar and geological evolution and showed that the earth came into existence suddenly at one time.

Based on his findings, he reclassified granite. He called it 'Genesis' rock. Since scientists had assumed that it was formed from lava, it has been classified as igneous rock.

Let us take another lesson in radioactive particles by looking at how Jello is made. (See the insert on the right of this page). If you can understand what happens when Jello or ice freezes, then you can understand Dr. Gentry's work.

Reputable scientists have found the research work of Robert Gentry to be beyond reproach, and his conclusions unimpeachable. These praises come from evolutionists and creationists. The work was so carefully done and so comprehensive, that no one has ever been able to refute it. One group tried and failed. His experiments were reproducible. The scientific method was working. The work was so basic and fundamental and verifiable (one requirement of the scientific method) that the conclusions are beyond reproach. But it is a hidden secret in our universities.

So, why is this not news? I have known about it since 1980 while I was studying chemistry. It would tear apart the very foundations of evolution. I suspect that evolutionists are hoping against hope that they can come up with some explanation for this. But over 30 years of hope is now faith.

Doctor Gentry tried to do these studies at Georgia Tech university but he was denied three times, because the brilliant minds in those sacred halls of learning do not want to have any graduate students do any studies that might affect their pet theory. And this theory is a mongrel. I apologize to all mongrels for that remark.

Science Scientific Method: Reproducible Experiments and Data. These experiments did not create rocks instantly. However, reproducible experiments verifies the existence of this phenomenon with no other reasonable explanation about how they could have been formed.

The Verdict
Gavel The theory of evolution says that granite formed over 300 million years! Dr. Gentry says 3 minutes. Again we have another giant time discrepancy. Less than 3 minutes or 300 million years. Dr. Gentry has verifiable and reproducible experiments, others have theories that they cannot prove in their life time. Using the scientific method, this experiment is verifiable and reproducible. Evolution states that these must have cooled over thousands of years and the hot earth slowly cooled. If that were true, then no radioactive particles with short half lives should have been trapped in the rock.
Evidence Turbidity Currents
Scientific Eyewitness (Grand Banks Earthquake). On 18 November 1929, a 7.2 earthquake under the Atlantic Ocean off the south coast of Newfoundland caused a flow of mud travelling at speeds up to 129 km/h (80 mph). It snapped 12 transatlantic telegraph cables covering 200 miles in 59 minutes and 500 miles in 13 hours and 17 minutes.
If mud and silt build up under water, they can break loose and slide just like an avalanche. These layers move very quickly and spread an even layer of sediment over very large areas. So scientists realized that formations once thought to have occurred over tens of thousands of years can actually occur in days or minutes.

Evidence Experimental and Forensic. So based on the results of experiments on the forensic evidence in granite, it leads to the inescapable conclusion that granite was formed in less than three minutes. It was created. God exists!

It is easy to say a process occurred over millions of years and we have no way of disproving it because the changes are so small or events are so scarce or inaccessible they would be hard to measure in several life times - until a freak event occurs in nature.

Bone Turbidity Currents
Dr. Gentry's experiments were based on both physics and geology. He found physical particles trapped in geologic rocks. There are other geological arguments that throw doubt on the theory of evolution.

Geologists look at the different layers of rocks and conclude that each layer was formed over millions of years. As each new geologic age approached, it deposited layers of earth and rock over the previous ones. Of course creationists claim that these layers were formed during the flood when the water subsided and the heavier particles settled first. You can demonstrate this yourself by putting different weights of rocks, sand and mud in a clear glass jar. Shake them well and let them settle. Immediately, the heavier rocks will settle first and the lightest ones will remain suspended for hours until they finally settle on top leaving clear liquid and different layers of dirt. Creationists claim that the same types of events happened after the violent shaking of the earth during the flood.
For a long time scientists claimed that such large formations could not occur in weeks or months but over thousands of years - until they observed turbidity currents with their own eyes.

Turbidity currents are underwater mud flows. By looking at how fast sediments normally build up today, scientists concluded that these layers needed millions of years to form. But by studying how these layers build up under water scientists noticed something amazing when an earthquake caused a mud slide under water. They have duplicated this in sedimentation tanks.

» Pyroclastic Flows. After the Mount St. Helen's eruption, scientists also discovered that pyroclastic flows (hot mud and ashes and fluidized slurries of volcanic debris travelling at hurricane speeds) also build up layers that are sorted by size. These slurries can be gas charged or water charged.

The Verdict
GavelUsing the scientific method, modern geologic processes have demonstrated that rock strata can be formed in days or minutes. This unusual process occurs under water. Therefore, the geologic columns may not be an evidence of slow evolution but instead point to evidence of a great flood.

Bone The Geologic Column
ScienceThe Perfect Geologic Column
100 Miles Thick (160 km)
Geologic Column
Theory. Layers of earth were laid down in a series over billions of years and can be used as a clock to demonstrate evolution from simple to complex species.
Proof. The layers show a progression from simple to complex forms
» Circumstantial. These layers also appear in reverse order, and beside each other and the entire column has never been seen.
» Eyewitness. Turbidity currents can also create similar layers in days.
» Common Sense (Misplaced Fossils). Evidence of humans should only appear in the top layers above the red line. Finding evidence of human activity below this line is like finding a television set in the Triassic layer in the stomach of a dinosaur.
» Common Sense (Polystrata Fossils). Objects that deteriorate in a short time should not be found across layers that are millions of years old unless they were buried rapidly and the layers are the same age

Evolution claims that the layers of the 100 mile geologic column were formed over millions of years. However, there is no place on earth where a complete rock strata layer exists. The theory is proposed from combining observations made at different locations, none of which are over one mile deep. The Grand Canyon is the deepest location.
The layers are used as a type of clock, because the theory states that only certain species should appear at different layers. So, human skeletons and human artifacts should not be found in layers older than four million years when humans emerged.

Evidence Rebuttal Evidence. However there were several natural phenomena that were observed that totally destroyed the speculations of evolutionists. Processes occurred in hours that were only supposed to occur over millions of years. Also the forensic evidence in the geologic column tells quite a different story.

Science Scientific Method: Reproducible Experiments and Data.
Evolution: Theory or Fact
I have a huge problem with the proponents of the theory. Evolution has not and at this stage cannot be proven in the lab with repeatable experiments. Therefore, it will forever remain a theory. What scientists have actually done is to propose a theory, then defend it until a rare natural observation destroys their conclusion. That is neither science, nor the scientific method. In some cases, the evidence is so profound and they still hold on to the untested theory believing that there must be another explanation for the rare natural event. That is not science!

Slow and continuous sedimentation over long periods are not the only processes that can form stratified layers. Laboratory experiments proved the destructive potential of the global flood. Flow experiments in sedimentary tanks show that high velocity gas-charged or water-charged slurries of pyroclastic flows separate into coarse and fine particles which produce distinct layers that form rapidly. Scientific method verifies the Bible.

The Verdict
Gavel Evidence The forensic evidence in the geologic columns testify to the fact that the layers were formed in months or days, not millions of years.
Evidence Eyewitnesses to natural processes are a laboratory model of what happened in the past. Turbidity currents, the formation of islands and the arrangement of the trees after the Mt. St. Helen's eruption visibly demonstrated that processes that evolutionists swore could only occur over hundreds of millions of years could occur in hours! Why did the theory stray so far?
Scientists said emphatically, "millions of years", but nature says conclusively, "hours or days". One can only conclude that the statements about time are also an unproven theory.
Evidence Other evidence such as sea life on mountain tops may not point to mountains slowly emerging from the sea, but that the mountains were once covered by the waters of a flood. Therefore, forensic evidence and current eyewitness testimony of turbidity currents point to just as strong an evidence for a great flood.

Paleontology - Bones Of Contention

Quote If Bones Could Talk. "... objective examination has rarely been the object of Darwinist paleontology. The Darwinist approach has consistently been to find some supporting fossil evidence, claim it as 'proof' for 'evolution', and then ignore all the difficulties." Phillip Johnson (Creationist). 'Darwin on Trial' page 84

The evidence from paleontology of life forms found in rocks that were supposedly formed 500 million years before that life form evolved shows that these species existed at the time the rock was formed.

Bone Early Man?
Good News! Bad News!
There are no apes in the family tree. Scientist But there may be a scientist or two.
There are two prehistoric species said to be human, but none of these are a transitional form from ape to human.

Neanderthals. Not in my family tree! DNA studies show that they are a totally different species which are not related to any human race. They lived in caves and their remains are found mostly in Europe. Physically, their skulls are larger and they had the characteristic bow legs (curved thigh bones) and large eyebrow ridges They are probably a species of apes. The DNA study is a brand new discovery. I wonder how long it will take to stop those "educational" programs that talk about our Neanderthal cousins.

CroMagnon Man. Normal humans, some were over six feet tall, with a cranial capacity somewhat larger than our own. They show no evidence of transition from ape to man and mitochondrial DNA are not the same as humans.

Bone Old Bones
I bet you are wondering what happened to all those bones - millions of years old. All those cave men and women. The ones that were part ape and part human. Well, it seems as if they were all ape and one was a pig. Really! The others were modern human - and wonder of wonders some of them were hoaxes made up by lying scientists desperate to produce a missing link. The truth is there has never been a complete skeleton found. And the sum total of all the different types of bones found for all these discoveries could not cover a table. In one case one tooth was found and was magically transformed into a human complete with background, family and psychiatric problems!

Evolutionists state that humans have lived here for one to three million years and then, stopped evolving 100,000 years ago. Yet actual historical dates go back less than 5,000 years to about 2250 BC. Even using the inaccurate carbon 14 dating system, the earliest dates for evidence of mankind extend back about 15,000 years not one million years.

Evidence Observation conflicts with the theory. Human remains have been found in rock strata that supposedly formed hundreds of millions of years before humans existed. The footprints of humans and dinosaurs have been found together even though dinosaurs were supposed to have been extinct millions of years before. These same footprints show that early humans were giants and therefore their coexistence with dinosaurs does not seem so unbelievable.

Bone Possible Evidence Of Early Man
According to evolution, mankind appeared one to three million years ago and stopped evolving 50 - 100,000 years ago. The following evidence shows humans and signs of human activity buried in rock strata formation that is supposed to be over 125 million years and human foot prints are found with prints of animals who were supposed to be extinct millions of years before.
Discovery What Was Found What It Was
Bone Fossil Misplaced Skeletons
»Guadeloupe Woman 1812 - human skeleton without head and feet Found in rock 25 million years old
»Caveras Skull 1876 Found in the two million year old Pliocene strata. Perfectly human
»Castinedolo Skull Perfect human skulls -
»Moab Skeletons Two skeletons Cretaceous rock, 100 million years old
Bone Foot Prints
Human Footprints in Unexpected Places
»Laetoli Tracks 1977 Kenya, Mary Leakey Dated 3.75 million years ago
»Gediz Track 1970 Turkey 250,000 years old
»Burdick Track Texas, 6.5 x 14 inch long footprint in Cretaceous rocks discovered by Clifford Burdick Made by a person 7 feet tall
?Glen Rose Tracks Texas. Over 80 foot prints found in situ. 15 and 21.5 inch long tracks in Cretaceous rocks (150 million year old rock) Made by people about 8.3 - 11.8 feet tall (253-360 cm). They were also found with dinosaur tracks and below the dinosaur tracks
»Antelope Springs Tracks Utah 1968, William J. Meister Sr. He split open Cambrian rock while searching for trilobites 545 million year old rock with human foot print in sandals (10.25 X 3.5 inch) (26x9 cm), stepping on trilobites
»Alamogordo Tracks New Mexico, 13 giant tracks 22 inches long Giant humans once lived
»Arizona Tracks 1960, Northern Arizona Barefoot human child beside dinosaur tracks
Ax Tools Glen Rose, Texas An iron hammer with a wooden handle all inside of limestone Cretaceous rock
»Inca Burial Stone Engraved on the stone is a human riding on the back of a triceratops Drawing made before dinosaurs were discovered, might prove that the Incas saw dinosaurs
Evolutionists claimed that the Burdick track must have been a carving. So in 1990 researchers looked for the original site found it in the Cross Branch stratum, a tributary of the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas. After finding the original site they also cut through the artifact and found the contours of pressure lines, proving that the print was not carved but made by foot prints impressed in soft trilobite mud. Researchers have since found many other tracks on the site with dinosaur tracks.
» Paluxy Debunked. Research concluded from the evidence they examined is that the human foot prints are badly degraded footprints of dinosaurs that are incorrectly interpreted. They also cut apart prints and found that some were fakes carved by locals during the Depression. They were making these just like fake "feathered dinosaur" fossils were being created in China and fooled the National Geographic magazine in 1999.

Why so many mistakes?
The skulls of both baby apes and giant monkeys can look like the skulls of immature humans.

Bone The Missing Link And Lack Of Transitional Forms.
Creation or Evolution
Creation or Evolution
There are no links between plants, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. There are no links between monkeys and man.

There is no evidence in the fossil records that one creature has become another creature. There are no transitional forms found in the fossil records of animals or in plants or in living species. This means that they cannot show a skeleton where one animal is changing into another. There are no fins changing to wings. Neither do we find creatures with partially developed body structures. If evolution occurred there would be more of these missing links and mistakes than the final product. But there are none. There are no missing links.
Darwin thought the absence of missing links would be the "most obvious and gravest objection" against his theory because the number of transitional links "must have been conceivably great".

The Mathematical Problem. Evolution should have littered the planet with more transitional forms than final species. The embarrassment is not only that there is not one or maybe one possible transitional form, it is that there are not many.
What could allow for the absence of so many failed creatures in the fossil record? Under which conditions could such a profound lack of evidence occur?

(Creation in Disguise)
Scientists are trying to sneak through the back door what they are ridiculing at the front gate.

Creation states that the male and female of every species were suddenly created and there are no transitional forms.

Macroevolution claims male and female suddenly emerged without any transitional forms.
Just like creation, evolution cannot be proved by the scientific method

Macroevolution: Evolution By Special Creation?
To explain the lack of transitional forms and other serious problems some enterprising scientists came up with the theory of macroevolution, punctuated equilibrium, male and female in one egg and monster mutation to explain the gap, but these are at best merely theories of creation now disguised as evolutionary science and in the worst case myths and legends and fairy tales created by frightened primitive men who cannot explain their environment.

Quote Creation is Unacceptable. "Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation which is unthinkable." Arthur Keith (evolutionist), Quoted by B. G. Ranganathan (Creationist). 'Origins?' page 22

Although I ridicule these theories I do respect the efforts of these scientists, if not their conclusions. Their theories point to the fact that they acknowledge the glaring problems with the theory. They are more honest than those who continue to spout these theories despite the lack of evidence and the impossibility of the development of critical stages like sexual reproduction. Macroevolution attempts to explain the following:

» Making Up For Lost Time? These new theories mix the requirements of sudden creation with long gaps of evolution during which nothing happened. However, they are now on the same playing field of creationists. How did these critical and extremely complex events happen in such a short time without intelligent intervention?
In addition, I suspect that the reason the original proponents of evolution threw in the requirement of long periods of time was not because they had measurements, but because they needed long periods of time to make slow evolution mathematically possible! Now we have returned to the realization that biological evolution was sudden and complete. So when evolution really counted, it required short periods of time!
But now they have the requirement of long time as a left over from the original theory. So they throw it back in as time where nothing occurred. If they left this out then we are back to the Genesis account of creation.
» Designed By Perfection. So I am left with this question. If punctuated equilibrium and macroevolution relies on the mechanism of sudden creation, what prevents the gap between each species from being 24 hours or less?
Time Day 4 Day 5 (Twisted Thursday) Day 6 (Freaky Friday) Day 7
Method CreateRest CreateRest CreateRest CreateRest CreateRest
1Creation Ginkgo < 24 Hours Frog< 24 Hours Bee < 24 Hours Animals < 24 Hours Man Sabbath
2Evolution 600 MYA 215 MYA 60 MYA 40 MYA Now

Spontaneous Generation Part Deux? Whatever sudden infusion of energy, luck or intelligence that made such profound changes quickly, would more likely occur one time and produce all species, than to occur several times over billions of years.

» Perfection By Design. Only with a designer could there be a lack of many failed designs. A designer works out problems on the blackboard of his or her mind in thoughts, then on paper in symbols. Only when a working prototype is worth the expense will a physical model be produced.
Evolution is a random, accidental process with no brain, no designer, no mental playground only a physical landscape to work out every failed design path without the benefit of a learning curve. Creating and using a learning curve requires an intelligent mind and a storage facility for historical data. The planet should be littered with evidence of failures and successful transitional forms. But there are none.

For a while they thought that the Archaeopteryx was a link between birds and reptiles. That is until someone found a complete skeleton with the bones of a bird that it had eaten. What stands out in this and so many other fossil discoveries is that they are willing to make such definitive statements based on such little evidence. They completely subvert any scientific process and their own colleagues do not object until decades later when the public has absorbed the hogwash.

Convergent Evolution: Through The Looking Glass.
Parallel Evolution
Similar development in anatomical feature of different species lines after divergence from a common ancestor that had the initial feature common to both.
Cat Ancestor
(Paws and Whiskers)
Paws, Whiskers Paws, Whiskers Paws, Whiskers Paws, Whiskers
Lion Tiger Leopard Cat
Evolution also promotes a spurious argument that because physical structures look alike, it means that the animals are related. Such reasoning is based on parallelism.
However genetic studies on fish in two nearby lakes (Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika) with similar structural and cosmetic features show that they could not predict relationship by looking at physical appearance.
The original theory proposes that at one time the lakes were joined and there were common ancestors. As the water levels lowered and the lakes separated new lines developed that looked alike. But genetic studies showed that these look alike species of fish were not related because their mitrochondrial DNA was so different.
Across the planet, in species that lived together scientists discovered that look-alike species were not related. So they proposed the new theory of convergence to explain this phenomenon.
Convergent Evolution
Similar development in anatomical feature of different species lines without a common ancestor.
Cosmetic Development: Stripes
Placental Mammal Ancestor
(No Stripes)
(No Stripes)
StripesStripes Stripes Stripes
Zebra TigerCat Zebra Butterfly

Structural Development: Wings
Common Ancestor
(No Wings)
Wings Wings Wings Wings
Bat Bird Dragonfly Butterfly
(Bones) (Fluid Pressure)

Convergent Evolution (Convergence). Similarities (Analogies) that occur when two species develop similar traits which are not due to emergence from a very distant common ancestor. They claim that parallelism and convergence are due primarily to separate species lines experiencing the same kinds of natural selection pressures over long periods of time.
If we combine this new theory with macroevolution, it proposes that after a series of stationary phases followed by rapid evolution, that different lines of random evolutionary processes converged and designed the same solution. In the case of butterfly wings and bird wings, they accomplished the same design through different physical mechanisms.

The Verdict
Gavel This new theory concluded that looks can be deceiving. You cannot conclude that species have an immediate common ancestor because they look alike. So the search for a missing link which involves looking for fossils that are between the structural features of the ancestor and the modern creature is not a solid method. The science of determining relationships solely on the fossil record is bogus! We need other evidence to arrive at this conclusion.
What we do have is different variations of the same type of animals and structural similarities by intelligent design. Take a look at all the different types of cats and people. No one would dare say that one is changing to some other kind of animal because the shape of the nose or the size of the feet are different. They are just cats. Big ones, small ones, striped ones and spotted ones. But they are still cats. Nothing else. Your cat is not changing into a lion. And no self-respecting cat would be caught dead changing into a dog. Cats are superior to dogs.

Bone Evolutions' Hoaxes, Frauds, Retractions And Mistaken Identities
Discovery What Was Found What It Was
HoaxJava Man 1891-92 by Eugene Dubois in Java on the Solo river. A skull cap, fifty feet away a femur, and, later in another location, three teeth. Hoax. They were the skull of a gibbon and a human leg bone. They were found a year apart but not in the same spot
Man Neanderthal 1908, France-Germany, described as totally human. Deformed vertebra from arthritis. 2000 DNA studies show no link to any human groups. They are considered human by some
Hoax Piltdown Man
Eoanthropous ("Dawn Man")
1911-12, England. Named Eoanthropus Dawsoni (Dawson's Dawn Man). 500,000 years old Hoax. Discovered in 1953 after 45 years. It was believed for 40 years. It was a fraud by a group of scientists. A human skull and the jaw of an ape were stained to look old
The fate of "dawn man" was to slink off into the sunset of shame
Man Peking Man China 1920, original bones lost. Found in a cave with thousands of animal bones. The human bones appeared to be cannibalized Hoax or Retraction? Bones from a garbage dump. No evidence of transitional forms. Unable to verify claims because the evidence is "lost"
Modern Man Rhodesian Man 1921, declared to be one million years old Mistaken Identity. Modern person with dental problems from a modern diet and a hole in his skull from either a bullet or a crossbow (both modern weapons)
Pig Nebraska Man Midwest 1922, Single molar tooth, used as evidence in the Scope's Monkey trial along with Java man, Piltdown man and Neanderthal man Retraction. Tooth of an extinct pig. Living specimens of the same pig were found in Paraguay in 1972. It used to be in many museums as proof of evolution
The Scopes Monkey Trial (July 10-25, 1925). It removed the teaching of creation from schools and replaced it with evolution by the testimony of "scientific proof" that was based on erroneous identification of fossils and two deceitful hoaxes (Java man and Piltdown man), the bones of a pig and a monkey
Ape Australopithecines The Southern Ape from Africa Most experts say they are all apes. Others claim that they are our ancestors
Ape Taung African Man Australopithecus Africanus. South Africa 1924, "Skull" A young ape with immature features
Ape Australopithecus boisei
"Nutcracker Man"
1959, set of mismatched bones discovered by Louis Leakey at the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania Retraction. The discoverer conceded that it was the skull of an ape
Ape Ramapithecus1961. A few teeth and a jawbone. From this they deduced that it walked uprightAncestor of an orangutan. An extinct baboon
Modern Man Skull 1470 1973, 2.8 million year old skull by Richard Leakey Mistaken Identity. A modern person (such as a teen) with a small brain
Hoax Lucy
(Australopithecus Afarensis)
1974, Ethiopia. A fossil skeleton 40% complete. 42 inches tall. Bones found miles apart at different depths. The hip was cut and reglued so that it looked like she walked upright Fraud. An orangutan. Still in dispute but they are apes that were just as bipedal as other monkeys.
Hoax A fraud was also committed to make it appear like the missing link
Hoax Archaeoraptor
1999, China. The missing link between the bird and reptiles Hoax. Dinosaur glued to a bird
Archaeopteryx Bones that were thought to be the missing link between the bird and reptiles. They are tiny creatures the size of a bird It is a bird, not a missing link. A complete skeleton and the femur of a bird were later found
MicroraptorReptile or bird with wings on its hind legs
October 15, 1999. National Geographic Society began to advertise a "feathered dinosaur" found in China. Is that supposed to be the new missing link? Or is it just an animal with feathers or another big bird that appears to have 4 wings? National Geographic Printed: 1999 November. Retracted: March 2000
Hoax ("Piltdown Chicken"). Xu Xing, a Chinese paleontologist initially fooled, discovered that there is a market for creating fossil fakes after finding a second with a mirror image duplicate of the tail but a different body
Modern Man Mungo Man 1974, in New South Wales Australia, declared to be 56,000 to 68,000 years old Oldest DNA from skeletal remains
It challenges the "Out of Africa" 100,000 years ago theory. It also points out the danger of building a theory on so little evidence. A buried skeleton does not guarantee that it is the oldest, or it or its ancestors are from the area where it is found
Modern Man Hobbit (Homo Floresiensis) Flores, Indonesia. Female, 3 feet tall and multiple individuals and animals in a cave. New human species. Lived 18000 years ago. Date of bones ranged from 18000, 37000 and 74000 years A pygmy with a brain shrinking disease. Locals claimed they were short, hairy people called the Abu-Gogo who lived in caves at the time of their grandparents. The 56000 year difference in age suggests an error in our dating methods
This is a summary of some famous discoveries and what eventually became of them. Those that are not frauds are either apes or human. There is no reason to think that any of those apes are human ancestors except in the wishful thinking of anthropologists. There is no DNA or missing links that prove this relationship.

Biochemists Allen Wilson and Vincent Sarich discovered that the first people had to originate less than 200,000 years ago and could only have come from an original two people. After fifteen years, the paleontologists reluctantly accepted the evidence from biochemists, Richard Leakey said:

"We anthropologists were forced to admit we had been wrong and that Sarich and Wilson were closer to the right track than any of us had even imagined."

While it was desperate scientists who perpetrated the hoax, it is still good science that exposed them. However, they have a fatal flaw due to their bias and wishful thinking. They want evolution to be true. I want to have rich parents.
Why do these people insist on making these spectacular claims without any scientific evidence or review. Apparently most of these skulls are not even carbon dated. Even after eleven 'old' human skeletons were radiocarbon dated and found to be less that 5000 years old scientists did not test the remaining bones. Is it possible that they are afraid they would not have a leg bone to stand on?

Science Scientific Method: Reproducible Experiments and Data. There are no experiments that prove transition from one specie to another or even one body part to another. All arguments are based on interpretation of observation. Scientists have said that there is more genetic variation between two chimpanzees of the same family than any two human beings from any race!

The Verdict
Gavel The evidence here is one of great embarrassment to scientists. Finding no evidence of transitional species - they invented one.

This evidence from evolution fails to meet the scientific methodology because their theories did not make accurate predictions. Human bodies are found where they should not. Species are found living together that should not. For all the fragments of bones and teeth found - every one points to modern men or real apes. Their own carbon dating denies the ages that their theories impose on these bones. So they resort to telling us how old these are things by the unreliable rock-strata clock method instead of using the scientific tools that they have.
Evidence Rock strata dating is an example of circular reasoning. Scientists use it to prove evolution dates, yet the method itself is full of serious errors based on the assumption of what each layer means.

Creation Hoaxes, Frauds, Retractions And Misrepresentations
There may have been hoaxes and exaggerated claims related to the discovery of Noah's ark, but I do not know of a deliberate hoax that was manufactured to try to prove creation. Evolutionists simply dismiss the claims and do not examine them thoroughly to expose fraudulent activity. They claim inaccuracies in interpretation of data, ignorant reasoning and misrepresentation of their information.
So as far as I can tell, the Mount St. Helens eruption did produce the effects we reported, the mixed up evidence in the fossil records do exist, the coelacanth fish is alive and well and vacationing in the Pacific.

Bone DNA Evidence For Evolution
DNA is the mechanism through which we inherit physical characteristics. Evolutionists point to at least three reasons why DNA shows the process of evolution.

Potato Head Mr Potato World. The Mr Potato Head model relies on simple genetic mutations. However, the debate about creation and evolution is being fought long before these complex structures exist. The question is not IF external characteristics are determined by genetics, the burning question is how a series of fortunate interrelated accidents can occur in such a short time and so many times.
Your Mr. Potato Head model is erroneus because when you talk about single cosmetic genetic changes, you are appealing to systems that can exist on their own and do not really affect other systems. So what? If the Mr Potato develops a tail he is still a potato, not a monkey. You can string a series of cosmetic changes together and you will still get a potato, a weird-looking potato.
Mr. Potato Head can continue to flaunt the values of the rest of society for as long as possible with his abberant dress code, but when the changes reach a certain threshold, simple single system mutations are useless. He cannot cross over.
If a female does not exist the first time Mr Potato decides to grow a penis, the monkey is dead.
Take any complex dependent system, chances are it takes a series of genes on different chromosomes to create their structure and regulate their function. They could not have randomly developed to any useful rudimentary form in a single lifetime.

Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo Devo) And The DNA Tree Of Life
Scientists discovered that the same genes that create a fly, create humans. It all depends on what is turned off or on. This was a surprise. They had expected the opposite. But somehow the spin doctor Frankensteins are claiming that this is what evolution predicted.
A new wrinkle in their theory was presented in a PBS documentary in December 2009. The diversity of life on earth is caused by the number of possible combinations of the genes. So scientists set out to discover what the genes did. The Human Genome Project (1990-2003) attempted to identify the three billion letters in our DNA and concluded that humans have 23000 protein coding genes, not the 80-100,000 predicted. In addition, chickens also have 23000 genes and corn has more. So the theory has confined itself to understanding how we use the genes that we have.

» Descent With Modification. Scientists' theories are now concluding that genes already carried around by a prehistoric common ancestor could be reconfigured to create all new species!
So a common ancestor, like an ancient fish have the genes to create legs and air breathing lungs and hair that can produce the modern man. A Mr Potato Head design.

» Evolution by Accidental Design. I could not believe that they were concluding that ancient animals carried all these possible future designs by accident. This is not only saying that a pile of metals became a car in 10 years. This is saying a pile of metals suddenly became a computer or a iPhone with millions of apps. This is the monster mutation theory at work again, concluding that all the design instructions accidentally occurred at once without intelligent direction. This is how the documentary was misleading.

In this sleight of hand trick we are being entertained with the designed capabilities of the finished product without being told how the product was constructed from first atom to complex structure.
Six Days - - Billions of Years
All SpeciesSlow Chemical Evolution
DNA DNA Blackbox
6000 Years of Breeding
(Variations Emerge)
Slow Biological Evolution
Fast Biological EvolutionSlow Evo-Devo
Many Years of Breeding

By showing how creatures are different they ignored the problem of how so much perfection could be suddenly designed by accident. You are left with the impression that this black box design engine does it and you never realize that you were never told how. It is the classic sleight of hand and bait and switch Ponzi scheme. You see the dollars pouring out of one end and the pennies going into the other and you never thought to question the middle. Their one by one mutation was more reasonable. It is based on how knowledge grows and accumulates and is adapted.
So, sudden mutation with the built in subroutines is like telling me that a computer game designed itself. In fact it is saying that there is one computer game that is so dynamic that it can become any computer game simply by throwing electronic switches that give instruction on how to change the configuration. And this magic game came all at once by accident with graphical images that resemble unknown, future creatures.

The Verdict
Evidence Experimental Evidence: Falling Foundations. Falling Pillars. Once again, real experiments disprove evolution in the critical area of long time, but this does not deter them from calling evidence of sudden creation, "sudden evolution" - the very opposite of Darwin's description.

Potato Head Mr Computerized Potato. So the answer to Darwin's question about what produced this great diversity of life actually is showing that it came from an initial design that includes the instructions for all possible life. Faced with the biological facts they are now arguing for this programmable potato that can become a carrot or a sheep. Ignoring the question of which factory has the manufacturing rights to this ancestral potato and who designed this intelligent biological program.

Science Physics

Atom The First Law Of Thermodynamics
This law is also called the Law of Conservation of Mass or Energy. Matter or energy cannot by itself be created or destroyed. Matter or energy may be changed from one form into another, but the total amount remains unchanged.
Evolution requires matter to be made from nothing in the Big Bang. This violates the first law.

Everything is Falling Apart
Evidence My dishes will not wash themselves. I tried. I failed. Essentially, everything in the universe is like a wound-up clock that is running down. Wood rots, steel rusts, buildings fall apart, chemical compounds deteriorate, mold grows on my dirty dishes, paint peels, people grow old and die, the sun will eventually burn itself out, the oceans will evaporate, my boobs will sag.
Left to itself, everything eventually falls apart. It takes work and energy to maintain these systems. And it takes intelligence to do it correctly.

Atom The Second Law Of Thermodynamics
The law is also called the Law of Increasing Entropy (a state of disorder). Left by themselves, systems will go into a state of disorder and decay, they would not increase in complexity.
More complexity can occur if energy, mostly in the form of work is used to bring order. For example, a pile of flour, butter, sugar and eggs will never turn into a round shaped cake with icing and the words 'Happy Birthday' on top unless someone with intelligence works to make this happen. Although the second law requires a source of energy to bring order out of chaos, I submit that with some processes intelligence must be at work to direct the random and destructive application of pure energy. I guess it is possible that under very unusual circumstances such as a long violent earthquake that could mix together the ingredients. If it was then followed by heat for a certain length of time, then a cake could be baked. But what kind of cake? One with egg shells in it, without shape or form. But definitely, no icing on top, and surely not the birthday greeting.

Evolutionists state that creationists misrepresent this law, because there is always a source of energy (like the sun) that could provide the energy for complex organization to occur. But just like the burnt, fuzzy cake with the egg shells in it, most processes require not just energy but such a perfect timing of events and coincidences that it demands intelligent supervision to direct this energy into useful work. Use your common sense.

Atom A Similar Design
The basic design for most systems is that of a central nucleus surrounded by other orbiting bodies. We find this design from the smallest planet up to the largest galaxies. Let us take a look.

Atom The Four Basic Forces
The precise balance of the forces of nature are a strong argument that it was designed. A small change in either of these forces would mean that the earth could never be formed or would be destroyed.
These relations, distances, and factors that are crucial to life is called the Anthropic Principle in the Universe. These are the basic forces of nature:

  1. Gravity. The attraction between different bodies. It is the weakest force in the universe.
    The universe, as we know it, would be destroyed if gravity was not in perfect balance. We would fly off the earth, the planets could collide or we could drift away from the sun and freeze. But I would weigh less!

    Photon to Baryon Ratio. The photon to baryon ratio is crucial to gravitational attraction of stars and galaxies. Photons are the smallest unit of light energy. Baryons are particles whose weight is equal or greater than protons.
  2. Electromagnetic Force. No chemical bonds could form if it were different. DNA would not form, proteins and enzymes - nothing that a biological system needs could be formed.
  3. Nuclear Force (Strong Force). This force holds atoms together. A two percent change in this force would eliminate protons and life would not exist. If it were stronger there would be no hydrogen. If it were weaker there would be no heavy elements and life would not exist.
  4. Proton to Neutron Ratio (Weak Force). Within the nucleus of an atom the proton always weighs slightly less than the neutron. But the neutron can exceed the weight of the proton by no more than twice the weight of an electron. If this were different the universe would not exist because the atoms would not form.

The Big Bang theory requires all these forces to be the same strength during and immediately after the big bang. Yet the strongest force is billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of times stronger than the weakest force. Yet these four basic forces must be in balance or the universe would either fly apart or collapse and destroy itself.

Nature had only one chance to get it right and these forces operate from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy. Yet the theory states that atoms and planets were supposedly formed hundreds of millions of years apart. Natural selection or mutation or some other slow process could not have produced these basic properties of matter. You cannot be a little bit pregnant or almost pregnant. You either are or you are not. Similarly, the atoms had to be formed perfectly at the moment they came into existence or they would not be here. Long periods of time are the enemy. These processes must happen simultaneously.

Decay Curve
Speed Increase



Decay Curve
Increase 1000     2000   3000     4000       5000   Years
PeriodChanges in Speed Average
A Speed changes from 18 to 12 in 500 years1.2
B Speed changes from 5 to 3 in 1000 years0.2
C Speed changes from 2.5 to 2 in 500 years0.1
D No detectable change in 1000 years (1.9)0

Atom The Speed Of Light
The speed of light is said to be one of the constants of nature. It occurs in many calculations, in particular those that affect radioactive dating. Suppose the assumption that the speed of light is a constant is incorrect? We have no way of proving what it was in the past, except for evidence that many scientists reject. The evidence is that the speed of light was faster in the past and is slowing down.

Decay Curve. If a process has a similar decay path (the rate at which it changes over time) as the picture shows, then in the earlier periods a significant change is noticeable over a shorter period of time. While in later years, there is no observable change over a long period of time. If you compare section "A" to section "D", in 500 years, the speed changes from 18 to 12, while in Section "D" the measurement shows no observable change in over 1000 years.

This type of curve is known in many chemical reactions such as Henderson-Hasselbach. There is a steep curve at the beginning, but as time increases the process slows down or reaches equilibrium. If the speed of light follows a similar decay curve, then we can only say it is now a constant because in the current period of 300 years in which it has been measured we have not noticed a difference. But this is possible if we are in the ending stages of its decay cycle. Therefore, it is quite possible that it was much faster in the past. This is science, not faith.
ScienceInflation Theory
Theory. Proposed in 1981 by Alan Guth, it is the theory that the universe expanded from the atomic scale to the cosmic scale in a fraction of a second, far faster than light. In one trillionth of a second it expanded from a marble to all observable space. Then it expanded at a more gradual phase proposed by the Big Bang theory.
Implications. Surprise, surprise! After ridiculing Norman and Setterfield and swearing on a stack of evolution bibles that there is nothing faster than the speed of light, scientists are discovering that waves traveled faster than the speed of light for a very short time in the past!
Existing Particles. Experimental results released by CERN in September 2011, have determined that neutrinos travel faster than light.

The Speed Of Light Was Faster In The Past. The work of Norman and Setterfield includes documentation of 163 measurements by 16 different methods over a 300 year period between 1675 and 1975. They show a decrease in rate from 307600 km/s to 299792.458 km/s. Even allowing for experimental error and differences in instrumentation there is still a decrease. It might have reached a constant in 1960, or the changes are so small that it may take another thousand years to notice the trend. Scientists have discarded this evidence as incorrect measurements due to primitive instruments. I guess that scientists in future days will think our readings are inaccurate and primitive when they do not agree with the theory of the month.

The speed of light is treated as a constant which never changes and it affects many calculations, especially those involving time and distance. Other known 'constants' are also affected by the speed of light. This is a possible phenomenon that scientists would soon rather ignore.

Atom Environmental Clocks And Radioactive Dating
Radioactive dating depends on the speed of light. Science needs the speed of light to be a constant because tiny changes in the speed of light gives enormous changes in dates.
Money A Million Dollars
or a Penny
Which do you prefer?
A penny a day doubled every day for one month would give the following:
Week 1 -$1.27
Week 2 -$81.92
Week 3 -$10,485.76
Week 4 -$1,342,177.28
Take the penny! Small amounts can add up very quickly.
We can explain that reality by asking you what would you prefer? A million dollars now, or a penny a day doubled every day for a month? Take the penny.

Radioactive dating methods are based on the half life of an atom. Each element has a specific half life, a rate of decay in which it loses half of its particles as it turns into a more stable form. Let me explain it in terms of a block of ice. Suppose it takes a block of ice one hour to melt away eight ounces of water. So, if you suddenly come across a piece of ice and a puddle of water measuring twenty four ounces then you can deduce that the ice has been melting for three hours. To work as a measurement tool, the theories rely on knowing or measuring the following:

To be a reliable clock, the rate of melting must never change and there can be no change in the environment that will affect the rate of change or any of the byproducts. What are the problems with these theories?

Dating Methods. Instead of a block of ice, scientists use radioactive materials to measure rates of decay. The assumptions are that these atoms have always been in existence and that they are slowly changing from one form to another at a predictable rate. So, if we can measure how much decay has occurred we can measure time.

The number of neutrons usually equal the number of protons, but occasionally an atom has more neutrons than it needs. This excess particle makes it radioactive. And the time it takes to get rid of one half of its particles is called the half life. There are several dating methods used by scientists:
Radioactive planet Radioactive Elements
The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan
Having two identical dictionaries would be the same as two atoms of the same element. Suppose you added 50 blank pages to the end of one book. It would still be a dictionary, still have the same useful information - it would be the same book, just heavier. This is the way radioactive isotopes are.
They have excess, useless information that they are constantly trying to discard.

  1. Carbon-14. Radioactive Carbon dating. Half life 5,730 years. Dates carbon-based objects less than 50,000 years old (plants).
  2. Uranium-Thorium-Lead. Half life 713 million years.
  3. Fission Track Dating. U238 trapped in volcanic glass decay and leave a damage trail that is the "daughter". These tracks are sensitive to heat.
  4. Rubidium-Strontium. Radioactive dating. Half life is 48.8 billion. Dates rocks over 100 million years old.
  5. Potassium-Argon. Radioactive dating. Potassium-40 decays into argon-40 with a half-life of 1.3 billion years.
  6. Amino Acid Dating. These have problems with changes in moisture and temperature having a dramatic effect on the reported age of a sample.
  7. Racemic Dating. Amino acid dating of left handed amino acids. As an animal decays, the amino acids convert to the right handed variation.
  8. Buried Forest Strata Dating. Trees buried upright in various levels of rock are said to prove long ages. However, they only prove that the flood buried these forests rapidly and that the layers must have been deposited before the tree decayed. It proves rapid burial because trees decay and would not remain intact and upright while a slow process of millions of years covers them with dust. The very fact that you can see them upright in their full form across the layers that represent millions of years shows that they were buried quickly and totally not gradually. So the layers must have been made at the same time. Go look at a rotting tree. Tell me if it is standing or not and how much of it has fallen to the earth.
  9. Tree Ring Dating. This is affected by the rain cycle. Normally, trees produce a different ring for each concentrated period of annual rain fall. Technically, the rings show number of periods of rainfall - not age. But if we assume two annual periods of rainfall then two rings represents a year.
  10. Stratigraphy. Study how deep a fossil is buried. Older layers are lower.
    Then other methods are used to date the artifacts with the built in assumptions about the order of formation of the layers.
    These assumptions become erroneous if the layers were created by catosprophic events.
  11. Index Fossil Dating. A method of dating rocks by the fossils found in them. Certain fossils are used to determine dates (e.g. ammonites (245-65), brachiopods (540-500, graptolites (540-320), trilobites (540-245) and nanofossils). It relies on the assumption that the creature lived only during a certain period of time. This method is used to date rocks. The coelacanth fish debacle shows the serious problems with this method. Fossil bearing sedimentary rock cannot be directly dated by radioisotopes. So radioisotope dating methods are used on igneous rocks which are formed from molten rock material. But experiments at Mount St. Helen proved that this is bogus science.
  12. Ocean Core Dating. Foraminiphera species absorb two forms of oxygen from the sea water while forming shells, Oxygen-16 or Oxygen-18 which is more abundant in cold water. By measuring the ratio between these two, they can determine average ocean temperature. Each change in average temperature produces a different color and banding effect in the layers.
    Radioactive planet The Legendary Lost Squadron
    Ice cores in Greenland are used for dating, based on the belief that layers containing varying isotope ratios were laid down, like the rings of a tree, over tens of thousands of years.
    On 15 July 1942, six P-38 and two B-17 were caught in a blizzard over Greenland and had to crash land. In 1980 a salvge mission went thinking that all they had to do was "shovel snow off the wings".
    In 1988 they found it buried 250 feet (75 meters), three miles from their original location by glacial flow.
    13 expeditions from 1983 searched for the airplanes and retrieved it by 15 July 1992.
    The common impression of the general public of 'millions-of-years' of core measurements, makes the conclusion that the buildup of glacial ice takes a very long time periods of thousands of years for just a few metres.
  13. Other Methods. Astronomical dating, ice core dating, varve dating, reef dating, peat dating, thermoluminescence dating and stalactite formation. They all have problems based on assumptions that cannot be verified and some have been proven to form more rapidly than scientists predicted.
  14. Creation Clocks. Creation points to other natural clocks that are based on either the rate of accumulation or the rate of evaporation of substances based on current observed rates. These clocks have the same problem with the assumption of conditions at the starting point, but because evolution has such long periods of time the creationists can point to the fact that even in the worst case the clock should have run out and there should be more evidence for substances that accumulate or less evidence for substances that evaporate. These clocks do not measure the age of individual objects, but global earth systems.

It is still unclear to me if all objects and fossils have been dated by several dating methods including radioactive dating. It would be nice to see a table of all the fossil finds and the date from several samples from each object using several dating methods. That is the scientific method.
Fossils Radioactive Dating Amino
C14 U-Th Rb-Sr K-Ar
Ramapithecus Jaw N/A ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Tooth N/A ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Homo Habilis Bone? N/A ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Tool ? ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Skull 1470 Skull N/A ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Lucy Knee N/A ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Skull N/A ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Leg N/A ? ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? ?
Foot Print ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? N/A ? ?
Tool ? ? ? ? ? N/A ? N/A ? ?
Wooden Artifact ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Rock N/A ? ? ? N/A N/A N/A N/A ? ?
N/A N/A. The test is not applicable for this material ? Waiting to find experimental data
It would also be nice to see samples of different materials set aside for years, subjected to different environments and then testing them over the years to detect changes in date.

Problems With Radioactive Dating
Fossils Submerged Under Water Human Activity
Ginkgo Fish Dinosaurs Ape Ape Human
600 Million Years 70 Million Years 25 Million Years 5 Million Years 100,000 Years 5000 Years
Antedeluvian World (Before and During the Flood) After Flood
Signs of human activity can only be dated within the last 5000 years or around the time of the flood. All objects during the flood and objects that existed before the flood were submerged under water. These objects are of two types, those who were killed and immediately buried during the flood and those that died and deteoriated before the flood. These objects show long ages.

  1. Scientists do not really date old fossils. They cannot. What they date is the rocks above and below where the fossil was found. This is so bogus. The dating method is based on circular reasoning, relying on evolutionary assumptions about when rocks were formed.
  2. Since each method will give vastly different dates, scientists select a dating method based on their assumption about how old the object is. This is built in bias, it is subjective and designed to support circular reasoning. Because of this Skull 1470 gave extremely different ages, even with the same dating method. Leaky's initial estimate was 2.9 million years, but the skull was first dated from 212-230 million years old. Many other dates were obtained during the next ten years (0.52-2.4, 8.43-17.5, 2.9 and 1.9). Leaky rejected all until he found the date that agreed with his theory, first 2.9 million then 1.9 million years. Is that science? Really!
  3. Carbon 14 in specimens older than 50,000 years should be undetectable. Yet all coal, which is supposed to be about 10-100 million years old, still contains measurable carbon 14.
  4. Water changes the rate of decay of Carbon 14. This is important when you consider the flood.
  5. Calculations show that if the speed of light was greater in the past then radioactive decay occurred very rapidly. If we accounted for this difference then we would get dates less than 10,000 years - not millions of years.
  6. If the earth were warmer in the past and had more moisture then the rate of decay would slow down drastically and register as longer periods of time.
  7. Rate of decay is also affected by neutrino decay and sunspot cycles.
  8. We do not know how much of each (parent or daughter) was present so that we can accurately start the clock.
  9. Known inaccuracies:

Science Astronomy - The Study Of Planets

Cosmic Dust
Before astronauts landed on the moon, scientists worried that the accumulated cosmic dust might swallow up the landing vehicle. So they designed special pads on the lunar module to distribute the weight of the craft and allow them to land safely. What did they find? Not enough dust to sneeze at.
Why did they believe there would be a thick layer of dust?

Since dust does not melt, and there is no wind to blow it away, it was assumed that it would just accumulate over time.
If the moon had been in existence for the number of years the theory claimed, then simple calculations could predict how much dust would accumulate. This is the same type of reasoning and calculations used by meteorologists to predict the number of inches of snow after a snow fall.

Evidence But instead of several yards of dust they barely found a fraction of an inch. The moon is young.

Evolutionists claim that creationists misquoted the rate of precipitation of the dust. But that still does not explain why NASA was concerned about the lunar craft sinking into the dust on the moon and designed special landing pads to help the craft to stay afloat. Their actions are circumstantial evidence that they once believed in a faster rate of dust precipitation. No matter how much they deny it now.

Science Scientific Method: Reproducible Experiments and Data. These experiments only uncover physical laws but cannot prove or disprove either evolution or creation.

The Verdict
Gavel Circumstantial evidence points to the fact that scientists probably believed that the astronauts would sink into the dust on the moon - but they now deny this. If the level of accumulation of dust is so much less than their model predicts, then the moon is much younger than they imagined. But since they deny that they believed this and that creationists misquoted them and since I do not have the time to go and chase down forty year old documents or news articles - I will call this one a draw. You decide for yourself.
Dust Fall Rate. Currently, the revised values are that cosmic dust falls to the earth at the rate of 18,000-25,000 tons per year (an evolution apologist). The Earth Institute at Columbia University and Science journal (28 July 2006) cite 40,000 tons. Evolutionists claim that some creationists use a misleading figure of 14 million tons per year.

Science Chemistry
Chemistry set Biogenesis
A Failed Experiment

Soup Anyone?
In 1953, Stanley Miller attempted to demonstrate that life could be produced from the primitive chemicals in the original environment. Using glass tubes, gases, non-water solvents (ammonia and methane), no oxygen and continuous sparks he created amino acids. I guess lightning does strike twice. In fact hundreds of times in the same place.
He showed how life could have originated, but he never produced any of the essential amino acids. And what he produced was not alive.

Even when the essential amino acids are made in laboratory experiments, they can only produce a mixture of 50% left and 50% right handed chemicals. But animals can only live with the left handed amino acids. The right handed version are poisonous to life. He also had to remove the amino acids because the electric sparks destroyed them!

The truth is, life cannot be produced by zapping sea water or mud or piles of dirt with electricity.

For all the failed experiments, we have essentially created the most expensive dish of salty protein soup.
He used intelligent intervention and an unrealistic environment to produce 85% tar, 13% carboxylic acid and 2% amino acids.
The formation of the basic chemicals of life require hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. These must combine to form the basic building block of proteins called amino acids. These amino acids combine to form twenty essential proteins. They are called 'essential' because they cannot be formed from each other but they can be combined to form other compounds needed. Proteins combine to form DNA which is the basic building block of genes. Genes determine how tall or short we are, what color eyes, if we have eyes, and whether or not we are a carrot or a butterfly.

Genes accomplish these things by creating proteins which form enzymes and other chemicals necessary for life. We have not created even the essential amino acids with billion dollar labs and omnipotent scientists.

These complicated chemical compounds must have a precise structure, shape and chemical bonding ability to make the right compound.
The precise nature of life became apparent when scientists accidentally discovered stereochemistry. It seems that chemical reactions not only produce complex molecules that contains hundreds of atoms, they produce twin, mirror images of these chemicals. These are produced in the right handed and left handed versions. And although they are similar in content and structure they do not react the same. One compound will react, while the twin version does nothing! The good twin and the bad twin, interesting! It seems that nature prefers the left handed version of these compounds, and produces only left handed amino acids in animals. They appear to change to right handed versions when we die.

Note The problem with experiments in a lab is that they will produce both kinds in equal proportions. And none of these experiments have ever produced any of the twenty essential amino acids. Not even with intelligent intervention using all the right compounds, people, equipment and knowledge.
Evidence There is apparently a reason for this protective design. There is less probability of mutation if the chemical cannot be copied or mimicked very easily. The improbability of making these chemicals points to the inescapable fact that it was virtually impossible to produce these as a path towards evolution. The preference for L-stereoisomers suggests a deliberate design decision.

The Slime Pit Of Despair: (The Primitive Environment Of Evolution).
All that was available in nature was seawater, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and possibly electricity. Yet within a laboratory with every chemical known to man, sophisticated equipment, people, resources and continuous strikes of lightning we cannot produce the basic chemicals or combine these basic elements in ways that will produce life.
Cloning takes something that is already living and produces another living creature through an unnatural means. Scientists have never created life.

Problems With The Primitive Environment
There are several problems with the sea water and the atmosphere needed to create the environment that could form the first essential amino acid. And this chemical has a very long way to go before it could even represent anything that is living or become the mold on my dirty dishes.

  1. Oxygen is Deadly. The atmosphere cannot contain oxygen, because it would destroy the amino acid.
  2. But We Need Oxygen. But the new life would need oxygen the moment it was created.
  3. Water is Needed. Sea water does not contain all the elements needed to create all the chemicals of the simplest single cell life form, but it contains some.
  4. But Water is Deadly. Some chemicals could only remain if the water was removed. These just happen to be the chemicals that life needs - proteins, fats, sugars and nucleic acids. If this were to happen in real life you would need a scientist with a lot of expensive equipment to separate the chemicals before they are destroyed. We need intelligence to get around the need for the short time and logistical problems that we have.
  5. Continuous Energy. We need a continuous source of energy to keep the process going. Lightning is proposed as the source. The problem is (and you know this from experience) lightning is random and almost never strikes the same place twice. Even if it did every ten years, it would not be a continuous source.
  6. Destructive Energy. The second problem with lightning is that it has so much energy it always destroys what it strikes. So even if lightning struck the mixture of acids every second, it would destroy it. The same energy that created the amino acid destroys it. So Miller had to separate it and store it. This ruins his experiment because he proved that you had to use intelligent intervention!
  7. Chemicals. Seawater is too diluted. At the critical moment, all the chemicals needed must be present at the same location for the reaction to take place when that fateful bolt of lightning hits.
  8. Result. Even if we created one amino acid, there are nine essential amino acids. There is still no life if we had all nine. We are also missing key chemicals such as enzymes and fatty acids. If you thought the proteins seem hard to create, wait until you try to create these without a billion dollar laboratory. Then try to create an organ and negotiate its connection to other organs.
    Finally, as each chemical is created it must remain at the correct concentration without degrading until all chemicals have been randomly created in nature's pharmacy and introduced at the right time. Creation is not a pot of mystery stew, randomly stirred by mother nature.

The Verdict. Gavel Scientists are currently unable to reproduce the simplest protein based on their model of the primitive environment. However, this does not mean that they are wrong. It just means that they might not have discovered the mechanism by which it occurred (if there was one).

Evidence But based on current chemical reactions, and based on the impossible conditions needed for the primitive environment and the new environment needed immediately after the new chemical is formed, it is my conclusion that it is statistically impossible for all these independent events to occur because all the laws of physics and chemistry and biology and astronomy are fighting the survival of one chemical compound. It is even more radical to believe that, having survived, that the other nineteen essential amino acids could have formed, then proteins, then DNA, then enzymes, then fatty acids, then cells, then creatures with intelligence. All these systems are not independent of each other. It requires intelligent intervention to stop the forces of nature from destroying the individual components of the new life.
The chemistry of evolution is statistically impossible without intelligent intervention.

The Evidence
Evidence For A Young Earth And A Young Galaxy
Evolution says it all happened gradually over hundreds of millions of years.
Creation says God did it in seven days.
Science and common sense says that biological evolution must have happened within the lifetime of the creature. During its fertile period.
Forensic evidence says that the foundation rocks were formed in less than three minutes.
Science and common sense agrees with creation.

Evolution's Evidence For An Old Earth
Evolution Creation's Response
Sedimentation and Rock Strata Turbidity currents prove that the layers can take minutes to form under water, not thousands of years. Fossils trapped between multiple layers are a proof that they formed at the same time.
Index Fossil. This method of dating rocks is circular reasoning and bogus science
Continental Drift Catastrophic events of the flood when the "fountains of the deep" burst open, tearing apart the surface of the earth. Based on the amount of movement seen during earthquakes it is possible for the continents to move 2000 miles (3332 km) in 400-500 years at the rate of 3-6 feet per hour. Earthquakes move over 400 times faster in solid rock
Radioactive Decay Rates Change in the speed of light and lack of verification of the primitive environment to establish an accurate clock. Flood conditions changes decay rates.
Expanding Universe Light from distant stars are billions of years away, not 6000 years. We should only be able to see light that has been travelling for six thousand years if creation is correct.

» Creation Theory: Faster Speed of Light. These time measurements are based on the speed of light which could have been faster in the past so the light from these stars could have arrived here.
» Creation Theory: Stars Created Before. The Genesis story says that the sun and moon were created on the fourth day. However, it is not clear that the stars were created that day, only that God created them also. Therefore they could have been travelling billions of years before the creation.

» Creation Theory: Light Trails. However, if the stars were created on the fourth day we would only be seeing light from those that are only 6000 years away. Hence the theory of light trails.
The theory says that when God created the stars He also laid down the light trails to the earth. Some creationists have a problem with the theory that God made the light trails that are millions of light years away arrive sooner than calculated because "God would not cheat".
This argument does not recognize the fact that everything seems to have been created with built-in maturity. Adam and Eve were created as adults with built in abilities like language and ability to procreate immediately.
My problem also is that we are the ones who chose to use the speed of light as a clock, because God is using the stars exactly for the purpose that they were designed.
Then God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years." (Genesis 1: 14)
» Light. He created the sun and moon for this purpose. But He never created the light as a clock.
» Day, Night and Year Time. He created the revolutions of the sun and moon to measure time.
» Seasons. God created the seasonal revolutions to serve as a calendar. By placing the revolution of the earth along the ecliptic God was able to guarantee that certain star formations would appear at exact times during the year.
» Signs. He created them for signs. He can use them as signs if He calibrated their arrival time. So managing the light trails like Christmas lights on a timer would be perfectly legitimate. Certain star formations were seen at the birth of Christ, there will be others around the Second Coming.
The evidence is that God was synchronizing our world and our time with something that was already in existence. For example, the 24 hour "day and night" already existed before He created the sun and moon. That is not cheating, that is calibration.
Linguistics Tower of Babel. An act of God produced the variations. The number of existing languages is consistent with 4200 years of development. Three original languages can become 7500 languages in 4000 years
Bacteria Develops Resistance They are still bacteria. Minute changes to environmental stress occurs, usually reverts back in two generations to the original forms and have NEVER produced a new creature. Human beings also have systems that allow us to develop resistance. But we are still human and complex
Horse Evolution
"Dawn Horse"
3 Toes
2 Toes
1 Toe
55 mya40 mya17 mya4 mya
They used to say with just as much certainty that fossil records show the evolution of the horse in a 1879 article in the "American Journal of Science". They are quietly not talking about that any more and have hidden away the models in a British museum, and slowly removed the pictures from school books. Want to know why? It is not true. Three toed "horses" were found living with one-toed "horses" (pliohippus) and horses of many sizes exist today.
DNA Similarity. Humans and chimpanzees are 97% common What a difference 3% makes! Tobacco also has the same number of genes as a chimpanzee. Number of genes mean nothing. We are 85% similar to the mouse. Apparently close genetic similarity does not guarantee reproductive compatibility. Genes are a all-or-none system.
Similar design caused genes to be the method of transmitting characteristics. Mutations produce lethal results not subspecies change. Cross species reproductive incompatibility and the problem of Male and female simultaneous evolution demonstrate the precise nature of genes.

Documentary Evidence Of Creation

When I first wrote this article in 2000-2001 I never believed that I could appeal to documentary evidence to prove the sciences from the Bible. I always believed that as part of the mandate of the first angel's message to demonstrate that God is the creator, we would eventually be able to show that the miracles that the Bible described were possible when the miraculous gifts return for a short time. But even under that scenario, I never dreamed that the following type of evidence existed in the Bible. God explained this to me starting on 21-25 December 2008.

The Bible Evidence On Chemistry And Particle Physics
Most Holy Place
S Block (7x2)
HP Block (6x6) He
KCa GaGeAsSeBrKr
CsBa TlPbBiPoAtRn
FrRa UutUuqUupUuhUusUuo
LaLeftF Block (2x14)Right
Holy Place
ZnCdHg Uub
CuAgAu Uuu
NiPdPt Uun
CoRhIr Mt
FeRuOs Hs
D Block (4x10)
MnTcRe Bh
CrMoW Sg
VNbTa Db
TiZrHf Rf
ScYLu Lr

Roof (4x10)
Ce Th
Pr Pa
Nd U
Pm Np
Sm Pu
Eu Am
Gd Cm
Tb Bk
Dy Cf
Ho Es
Er Fm
Tm Md
Yb No
Most Holy Place. There are 6 boards on the west wall with 2 supporting the corners. There are 6 boards on the north and south walls.
Holy Place. There are 14 boards on the north and south walls.
This model does not show the "S" block on both ends (north-south)
We discuss this evidence in detail in another article. Here is a model of the portable sanctuary that Moses introduced about 3500 years ago. It shows that the design of the boards and walls of the sanctuary is an outline of the Periodic Table. It has the same number of rows and columns as all the blocks in the quantum number periodic table and the materials reflect the properties of the elements (solid or gas).
Periodic Table
S Block (7x2) (c)teachinghearts
HHeP Block (6x6) He
LiBe D Block (4x10)BCNOFNe
KCa ScTiV CrMn FeCoNiCuZnGaGeAsSeBrKr
RbSr YZrNb MoTc RuRhPdAgCd InSnSbTeIXe
CsBa LuHfTa WRe OsIrPtAuHg TlPbBiPoAtRn
FrRa LrRfDb SgBh HsMt UunUuuUub UutUuqUupUuhUusUuo
F Block (2x14) LaCePrNdPmSmEuGdTbDyHoErTmYb-

Evidence Documentary Evidence. So we have evidence from the bible of a pattern for a structure seen in heaven that was supposed to represent how God creates and recreates. A primitive outline of the "S" and "P" blocks was discovered by Dmitri Mendelejeff in 1869 and the final model was agreed on around 1929. Yet, of all the possible formulations, the popular model looks like the pattern that God gave Moses!. Skeptics cannot say that we wrote this in the Bible after the fact.
Although this model shows us what was chemically created on each day of creation, this documentary evidence does not prove that the earth was created in seven days. But it proves that the Bible has modern scientific knowledge that is unexplainable according to our assumptions.
Evidence Statistical Evidence. It takes 48 boards, ten strips of blue linen to construct the portions of the sanctuary which make the periodic table. The other construction materials are the bases, bars and rings to tie these boards together, but do not alter its shape or design. How many other designs could all these materials make? What are the odds that it is made into the structures that match the four blocks of the periodic table? I calculate 1.24 x 1061 ways to uniquely organize 48 boards which must touch at least one other board and form only straight lines or 90º angles.
Evidence Experimental Evidence. The process of nucleosynthesis proves that the first three days of creation could have occurred in the time and order in which Genesis says that it did. I explain this in the periodic creation of elements theory.

The Mishkan Model of Science
Sanctuary Chemistry Larger Image
Sanctuary Construction Animation
The Science In The Temple

Standard Model Of Particle Physics
This science is not as complete as chemistry, yet the sanctuary model has more to say about the relationship of sub atomic particles than all the theoretical physicists combined You see, it turns out that the same model that explains chemistry also explains physics. The details are in the same article but here is a summary of the preliminary findings which are subject to revision because all the particles have not been found or understood.

Evidence Documentary Evidence. Finding this type of scientific evidence in the Bible is more compelling than finding the blueprints of an aeroplane in the Bible. At least that would be based on observations of birds in nature. But finding the structure and relationships of microscopic and subatomic particles that have no similar pattern or equivalent in observable nature is simply incredible!

Event Possibility
Taxes for an honest working middle class person in the United States 100%
Death 99%
Struck by lightning 1 in 600,000
Ice forming at the North Pole this year 99.999%
San Francisco falls into the Pacific Ocean Possible
You live on the moon for one week by 2020 Less than 1%
Winning 100 Million in the lottery Less than 1%
Winning 100 Million in the lottery every week for forty years Impossible
Tomorrow your great grandmother goes to mars on the space shuttle for 6 months Impossible
A pile of metal and rubber turning into a luxury car by itself in two trillion years 0.01 x 10 -(1 trillion trillion)
A pile of metal and rubber turning into a luxury car by itself in ten years Zero - Impossible
Separate piles of metal and rubber turning into a fleet of luxury cars in seventy years
A wind blowing through a forest creates the Taj Mahal

Mathematical Evidence

Mathematical Definition Of Impossible
According to mathematicians, any event that has less than one chance in 1050 of occurring is impossible. That is equivalent to about twenty related events occurring. The chance of randomly assembling a system with 24 related parts is one in 1073 and with 200 related parts is one in 10375. The human eye is more complicated.

Speaking about the probability of evolution, I have actually heard evolutionists claim that "you might not think that a wind blowing through the forest could create the Taj Mahal ... but it did"!
Now that is faith!
Even when they make this argument you are led to believe that evolution is a case of creating one Taj Mahal by a miracle. Not so!
You are being asked to believe that this wind built 26 million Taj Mahals equipped with a private airplane and a fleet of luxury cars, pizza and 72 virgins from New York.

ScienceArk Science Mathematics
Evidence. There are 30 million species, there is not enough time to load the ark. In addition the clean animals went in pairs of seven!
Proof. It would take 347 days to load one pair per second into the ark
The Creation Rebuttal.
Total Species. The evolution numbers are grossly misleading. 30 million is a high estimate and includes all plant species and bacteria. We have only found and named 1.4 million and actually estimate 13 million species.
If we take the 13 million estimate, then Noah did not load 320,000 pairs of plants or 1.5 million pairs of fungi or 600,000 pairs of protista or 1 million pairs of bacteria at all or one by one!
» Clean Animals. Of the 224 ruminant species, only 194 are clean.
» Fewer Kinds. One pair of cats could account for the 37 species we have. So each species originated from fewer kinds. 300 species of doves and pigeons may originate from two. 400 breeds of dogs came from one.
Storage. The number of large animals are very small and they create the logistical problems of loading, storage and feeding. He loaded about 30,000 species (118,952 animals).
» Undiscovered Land Species. These are probably mostly microscopic and will not affect our storage very much.
» Smallest Size. Babies or eggs were stored instead of adults.
Loading: Multiple Lines. The misleading calculation assumes loading 30 million animals one pair at a time. There were many lines.
» Rate. With 10 queues, 345,000 pairs can be loaded in one day. Consider the problem of filling a 65,000 seat stadium in 3 hours.
» Birds. They fly in on their own.
» Larger Animals. Noah only needed to load the large animals. He did not load a pair of bacteria or insects one at a time. Bacteria and insects could be attached to the ark at any time.
It is dishonest and deceptive to grossly misstate the mathematical problem as the science education channels did. In the worst case, Noah probably cared for the following air breathing pairs whom God caused to come to the ark:
SpeciesTypeOn Ark
194Clean animalsYes2726
4806Unclean animalsYes9612
5000Clean birds *Yes70000
5000Unclean birdsYes10000
TotalAnimals, reptiles38,952
The following are not loaded by hand
The following are not on the ark
Fish, worms, sponges No193,726
Plants No630,000
* Clean birds were over estimated
» 300 species of Columbiformes
» 250 species of Galliformes
» 5400 species of mammals

Statistics And Probabilities
Without getting into the mathematical details, statistics and probabilities try to predict how likely an event will occur. The chances of success increase under the following conditions:

    Probabilities Time. Given enough time and resources an event that is possible might be possible.
    For example, If you play the lottery long enough or bet enough to cover a larger percentage of the number of combinations you are more likely to win.
    But if the event is impossible from the start, time cannot allow it to occur.
    Probabilities Simplicity. The simpler the tasks (the number of events or steps are smaller) the more likely it is to occur, making it statistically possible.
    For example, if a lottery is based on picking three numbers you are more likely to win than if it were based on picking ten numbers because there are more combinations.
    Probabilities Independence. The less events are dependent on the successful completion of a preceding event the more likely it will occur.
    For example, if twelve people at different points are taking a bus to the same location, more of them would most likely get to the destination if they all used separate buses than if they all waited their turn for the same bus. One bus might break down, but it is unlikely that all twelve buses will breakdown in a normal situation.
    Probabilities Intervention. If an outside source intervenes, then random events have a greater chance of occurring successfully. For example, cheating could make you win a game. Intelligent intervention could cause unlikely natural events to occur.
    » The Number of Cats and Dogs on the Ark. The intervention of man allowed the dog to develop an estimated 40 working types before the industrial revolution into over more than 400 recognized breeds in only 150 years! The same potential has existed in the genes since creation, but the variations did not emerge naturally in 6000 years. But they are the same species, capable of interbreeding.
    So 400 dogs did not enter the ark, only one pair did. The same can be said for cats.

Therefore, the likelihood of an event occurring decreases if there is less time and resources, it is more complicated and more inter-dependent. Sexual reproduction is an unwise route for evolution.

Probabilities Time: The Number One Enemy Of Evolutionists
Time, which every evolutionist needs to give their theories a chance to survive is not on their side when it comes to starting and maintaining the basic chemicals that could lead to life in a million years - biogenesis. Time is needed to make the slow process of evolution statistically possible. But if an event is impossible, time will never change the outcome.

Time is not on their side when it comes to reproduction and survival of the full grown species.

From what we know about the biological sciences, time is the enemy. Current knowledge demands that all systems are fully operational. Even the theory of evolution seems to suggest that if an organ is not useful it will perish. So how long must a Fallopian tube wait for a uterus to be developed? How does it know that it needs a uterus? How does it know that it needs a new reproductive design and that all these hundreds of working parts and chemicals are needed? And why would the offspring carry around this useless information for millions of years before it becomes useful? It seems that survival of the fittest would demand that the body get rid of all these excess parts that were not functioning.

Time: Observed Time
This scientific evidence shows short time of development. Whereas evolution only has its theories, creation has hard evidence of observable processes in nature which take extremely short times to create the conditions and environment. In some cases it only requires several more years of heat and pressure to create what we see.
Scientific Evidence for Creation
Event or LocationObjectCreation Time ObservedEvolution Years
Sexual Reproduction7 DaysMale and FemaleHours (insects) - 40 Years (humans)Millions
Pleochroic HalosGranite Rock 3 Minutes300 million
NucleosynthesisElements3 Minutes1000 million
Turbidity Currents lab1929Sedimentary Rock ★ 13 Hours 17 Minutes (sea)
Mudslide: 200 km3 /48 miles3
lab Sedimentary Tanks
Several Years of Heat and Pressure> 100 million
Polystrata FossilFloodFossils Embedded in Rock★ HoursMillions
1980 Mt. St. Helen's Eruption

Coal Deposits in Powder River Basin, Wyoming
1980Stratified Rock ★ 3 hours (25 ft/762 cm) deep
(Pyroclastic Flow - 100 layers)
Stratified Rock 400 feet (12192 cm) in 6 yearsMillions
Peat-Coal Beds ★ 8 Months (Steam and wood under pressure)1000 years/inch
Layered Sedimentary Rock 600 feet (180 metres) built up in months Millions
River System 9 Hours -
Badlands 5 days 100s-1000s
Canyon5 Months (1.5 x 2.0 mile) 100-700 feet deep 100 Million
Petrified Forest ★ Months of sinking logs100-1000 years to petrify50 Million
Specimen Ridge FloodAged (Petrified) Forests10 Years of sinking logs50 Million
Washington Scablands Scablands 2 days (Revised estimate) 16000 miles2Millions
Grand CanyonCanyonMonths. 1218 acres/1904 miles2/4931 km2
Cavitation by 100 feet per second water flow
100 Million
Surtsey Island1963Mature LandscapeMonths. 2.8 km2 (2100x1500 m)Millions
Thermal DepolymerizationlabOil Formation
(500 barrels)
15 minutes - 24 hours
290 tons turkey waste
600 psi
Ashes, Graphite, Carbon PowderArtificial Diamonds16 Hours50000 atm
Teepee Fountain, Thermopolis WY Stalagmite in calcium carbonate mineral water forms travertine 1903-Now (Over 20 ft high, 20 ft wide)50000 atm
Malachite12x12 inch stalactites form on wire scaffold3 months-Millions
Precious Opal1 cm opal to maturityOpals in months, not 1 cm in 6 million years5 - 6 Million
Copper Sulphate Crystals Supersaturated solution and catalystSeconds-Millions
Buried In Ice Core
As A Dating Method?
1942Lost Squadron, Greenland250 feet by 1988 under the north pole ice100,000s
1911Flag, tent and sledge left40 feet under the ice at the south pole100,000s
☆ Revised estimates for natural formations. All other entries are observed phenomena
★ The amount of time to assemble the components that will make the feature. Only pressure and heat needed
lab Processes duplicated in the laboratory or nature. Turbidity currents were duplicated in sedimentary tanks
7 Days 1656 Years 1 Year 10 Years 400 YearsAbraham4000 Years
Creation Antedeluvian Flood After the FloodArchaeology
Sex Tar Pits
Turbidity Currents, Pyroclastic Flow Logs Sink Heat and PressureDecay,
Pleochroic Halos Polystrata Fossils, Petrified Forest, Diamond, Oil, Coal, Gas, Magma
Grand Canyon, Specimen Ridge, Washington Scablands
Evidence Nature agrees with the time requirements and reproductive design of creation.

Probabilities Time And Biodiversity
Average Years of Evolution Per Creature
Major Groups (A)
Million Years Evolved
High Estimated
Years per Pair
Pairs Every 50,000 Years
Viruses 545 400,000 1363 37
Bacteria 545 1,000,000 545 92
Fungi 545 1,500,000 363 138
Protozoa 545 200,000 2725 18
Algae 545 400,000 1363 37
Plants 545 320,000 1703 29
Nematodes 545 400,000 1363 37
Crustaceans 545 150,000 3633 14
Arachnids 395 750,000 527 95
Insects 170 8,000,000 22 2363
Mollusks 170 200,000 850 59
Vertebrates 120 50,000 2400 21
Others 545 250,000 2180 23
Estimated545 13,620,000 40 1250
Total Named545 1,750,000 311 160
Column C = A/B Column D = B/ (A / 50000)
There is too much life on earth. This is a mathematical problem. Given the amount of time scientists claim since biological evolution began, 50,000 years between species is not enough to account for the estimated biological diversity. There is too much life on planet Earth. There are about 2 - 100 million species on the planet. 1,400,000 have been named. It is estimated that the correct count may be at least 13,000,000.

» Sequential Monster Mutations Per Group. I was generous in my calculation. This chart does not show the overlapping simultaneous mutations and rejects and the time to evolve male and female. This assumes that a perfect mutation occurred every time which produced a male and female simultaneously and the evolution has been occurring until now.
Even if we gave every creature the maximum time of 545,000 million years to evolve - one would have to evolve every 40 years to produce the estimated 13 million species. And, just in case evolutionists say that we are manipulating the numbers - it would require one monster mutation every 311 years to produce the 1,750,000 species we have identified and named! This is vastly different from the 50,000 years per specie required by the monster mutation theorists.
» Simultaneous Monster Mutations Per Group. So I calculated the last column to see how many simultaneous monster mutation miracles must be occurring in each group to average 50,000 years per specie per group. We cannot observe or verify such rates of change today.

Probabilities Simplicity And Statistics: The Mathematics Of Evolution
With that definition, let us look at some calculations that are based in the theory of evolution.
System Mathematics and Statistics
The Eye All The parts must begin to work at once or the whole eye is useless. There are muscles, nerves, blood vessels, retina, lens, tear ducts, tears, 130 million cells to detect black and white, eyelashes, seven million cells which detect color. Blinking and depth perception. A brain to interpret the signals, and reverse the upside down image.
Genetics Biochemists who studied the rate of change of genetic material concluded the following.
Group Mutation KYA Region
Female African Eve 143East Africa
    Genetic Adam 80East Africa
MaleAM91 <80 East Africa
-BTM9475East Africa
Male-BM60 <75East Africa
Male-CTM168, M29460Eurasia
---JM304, S6, S34, S35-Middle East
----J2M172-Jew, Arab, Kurd ...
---FM89, M21345Iraq, Europe
---GM20130Caucasus, Iran
---HM69-India, Gypsies
---IM170, M25825Europe, near east
---KM9 40South Asia, Iran
---NLLY22g, M23140Finns, Hungarian
So far, there seems to be three main groups to which males can be traced (A, B and CT). Groups B and CT are the two main branches of BT. Most groups who migrated out of Africa belong to the BT group. Haplogroups A and B come from Sub-Saharan Africa.

» Mitochondrial Eve (African Eve). Mitochondrial DNA is only passed from mothers to daughters. The entire human race came from one woman who lived either in north east Africa or the Middle East about 143,000 years ago. The human race migrated from eastern Africa into the Middle East, then to southeast and southern Asia, New Guinea and Australia, and finally to Europe and Central Asia.

» Y-Chromosomal Adam (Genetic Adam). A common mutation in the Y chromosome that exists in all males can be traced back to one man in Africa to about 80,000 years ago. According to the theory, this was not the first male, but he was the only male at that time whose offspring survived to repopulate the earth.

The date ranges of genetic Adam and Eve vary as much as 84,000 years. But why are they different? All women are descended from Eve so, the mitochondria should date back to her. The Y chromosome is different. The analysis is based on mutation and these can be traced back to the man with that change. The Y Chromasome passes unchanged from father to son, except for mutations. These rare mutations can be used to trace the origins of different families.

» Out of Africa. The 50000 year DNA migration has been traced from the San Bushmen of East Africa to the Mongo of South east Australia to the Mongolians in Central Asia. They split into the Europeans and the Chukchi of Siberia who crossed the Bering Straits as the ancestors of the Native American tribes 13000 years ago.

» The Three Sons of Noah. All males can be traced back to the variations in the three sons of Noah, after the flood which occurred 1656 years after Eve. Noah was the "Y-Chromosomal Adam".
  • Shem ("Semitic"). E3b/E1b1b (Semitic), J2 (Semitic), F, J (Mediterranean, Middle East)
  • Ham ("African"). A, B (Pygmies, San Bushmen), T, E, E3a/E1b1a (African-American)
    » ("Asian"). C (Eurasia, Oceania, Japan, North America), D (Japan, Tibet),
    F, L (Asia), O (Taiwan), Q (North Asia), Q3 (Native American), N, O, P (Asia, Siberia).
    » ("South Pacific"). M (New Guinea, Melanesia), S (New Guinea),
    K (Iran, South Asia, Australia, New Guinea)
  • Japheth ("European"). F, N (Siberia), R (Europe, West Asia)
    R1b (Western Europe), R1a (Eastern Europe), I (Nordic).
    » ("Indo-Aryan"). G (Indo-Aryan, Caucasus, India, Asia, Europe, Middle East), H (India), F (South India, Sri Lanka, Korea)
Conclusion. We disagree with the ages assigned, but we agree with the concept of migration out of the area of the Middle East-East Africa and tracing genetics to one woman and one man.
DNA One chance in 10167,625. Probability of forming simple DNA. The simplest protein found so far is 400 linked amino acids and DNA is much more complex with at least 75 proteins each having 2000 to 3000 amino acids
Bacteria One chance in 1011. At a 1966 conference, scientists determined the probability of forming a bacteria under the most ideal conditions. Take an existing bacteria and break it up into its chemicals, let none escape and let no other chemicals in. So the odds of this occurring naturally must be much worse.
Amoeba One chance in 1040,000. Probability of forming 2000 proteins in the single cell amoeba (Fredrick Hoyle)
Monkey Business Monkey typing the word "EVOLUTION". (1 in 25,429,503,680,000)
181,479,392 x 1054. The probability of accidentally typing out Genesis 1:1
Monkey laying out 20 cards in order (1 in 2,243,902,008,176,640,000)
Voodoo Math Monkey typing 200 letters in order on the first try (1 in 10375).
If a monkey could type 200 letters randomly at the rate of 1 billion trials per second for 30 billion years he would only type 5 in 10104 times. This is much less than the 10375 chances needed to get the right combination of 200 letters one time.
If evolution states that the big bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago and the first plant life appeared 545 million years ago and a random process cannot even create a living protein in 30 billion years, what are the odds that there is enough time for evolution to occur within the life span of the single creature that is developing these evolutionary changes? And what are the chances that it could pass on these incomplete instructions to the next generation? It is mathematically impossible.
The simplest protein is made of 400 amino acids, not 200. The probability of accidentally forming one protein is not the same as a monkey typing one letter. What chance does it take to create more complex molecules such as DNA, organs, coordinate functions between organs and sexual reproduction?
Punctuated Equilibrium
Change Rate
#Years Egg Exists
Total Changes
11,758/hour1 Year103 x 106
392/hour30 Years
294/hour40 Years
An unrefrigerated egg usually spoils in a month, definitely in six months
A/ hour = C / (B * 365 * 24)
This is not a calculation of probabilities of an event happening. This is a calculation to see how much work has to be done to change from one species to another.
How many changes would turn a chimpanzee into a human or a frog's egg into a lizard's egg if everything happened perfectly? The DNA molecule in humans have about 3.3 x 109 base pairs in about 20,500 to 30,000 genes.
Assume that the critical difference between species is 3% of the DNA as it is in humans and chimpanzees, then 99 million base pairs must change. If we also assume that only 1 in 23 changes needs to be made (the sex genes) to produce the next gender then 4.30 million changes must be made to produce the mate. This is a total of 103 million changes in the base pairs.

The theory says that after an average of 50,000 years without any changes, a pair of creatures emerged after a monster mutation rally. So the changes began and were completed in a short time. Let us assume the change was in the egg, then the time to change would last as long as the egg was viable. How long can an egg last without decaying? How many changes could occur in that time? How fast? If we assume one year then we need to make 103 million changes in a year. This is 11,758 base pair changes per hour!
We are ignoring the difficulty of creating a base pair and the production of the second gender and the mechanism by which it knows to produce a second gender. We are also assuming that all changes are beneficial and perfect and that the change occurs in the egg, because that is the only way changes can be transmitted to the next generation.
Population The global population is too low to account for evolution of more than ten thousand years.
Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is about 277 miles long (446 km), 4 to 18 miles wide (6.4 to 29 km) and 6,000 feet/1,829 m at its deepest point and there is no evidence of erosion between its layers.
Evolutionists used to claim that the Colorado river cut through the canyon 70 million years ago before it was uplifted. But the new claim is that it was created over a 5.4 million year period.
» Breached Dam. It would take months for a breached dam to cut through soft mud at the flood.
Creationists claim that the rock currently missing from the Grand Canyon would take 71,000 years to erode at the present rate.
I am not sure how they calculated this time and if sedimentation was taken into consideration. But if the exact methodology can be worked out it is a mathematical argument.
Soil erodes at 6 to 1900 cm per 1000 years. Many things like running water, tree roots, soil composition, slope and rainfall affect the rate of erosion. If we chose a barren landscape like the grand canyon with heavy rains during the summer, what would the values say?
Ocean » Creation Theory: The Source of Water. The source of water is a mystery to evolutionists. I believe that water was created from the simple reaction of hydrogen and oxygen on the second day. The elements available on the second day created air and water.
4H + 5O + C + 2N Equals H2O + N2 + CO2 + H2 + O2.

The favorite theory of evolutionists is that extraterrestrial comets laden with 5% water kept striking the earth for over 400 million years, four billion years ago. I have not seen the argument yet, but I bet that they will say that we passed through a comet debris field because the precipitation rates are so high, it borders on unbelievable.
Volume of Water on Earth. (1.38 x 109 km3) = Oceans (1.37 x 109 km3) + Fresh (5.212 x 105 km3)
Volume of Earth. (1,097.5095 x 109 km3)
Mass of Earth. 5940 x 1021 kg
Mass of Earth Water. 1.37 x 1021 kg
Time to Fill. 400,000,000 years
Density of Water. 1 gm/cm3 or 1 gm/mL
Density of Meteorite. Stony Meteorite (95.6%): 3.5 gm/cm3. Iron Meteorite: 8.0 gm/cm3
Average Content of Water per Meteor. 5% (I am not sure if this is by volume or by weight)
  • Its Raining Rocks. I calculated about 15 truck-sized comets per minute before I researched. Evolutionists claim that about 20 snow comets (20 to 40 tons (40,000 to 80,000 lbs) (18,000-36,000 kg) must strike the earth every minute for 400 million years to fill the oceans. Does this sound excessive or overly optimistic to you? 4.2048 x 1015 large meteorites fell. 28,800 per day.
  • Planet Killers. I am concerned about several things. The high rate of large meteor precipitation, the composition of the other 95% material and the impact on the earth. If a quarter mile asteroid can destroy the earth in its current size, what about so many large meteorites every day over 400 million years? Earth should be vaporized.
    Size of a Truck (20x10x7) feet
    (610x305x213) cm
  • How Much Water.
    • 5% Water By Weight. The mass of water on earth is 1.35 x 1021 kg. Therefore, if the water content is 5% then the total mass of meteorites that fell to earth is 25.65 x 1021 kg.
      Weight Of Earth Before Meteors. Since the mass of the entire earth is 5940 x 1021 kg. Then before the asteroid bombardment, the earth weighed 5913 x 1021 kg.
    • 5% Water By Volume.
      Average Volume Meteor Precipitation per Year. (3.426 km3 per year) or 0.82 mile3
            Annual Number of Meteors (100% Water by Volume) [Size of a Truck]. 398,112
      Number of Truck-Sized Meteors (5% Water). 7,962,249 per year
      Rate of Meteorite Shower. 21,814 per day (910 per hour) (15 per minute)
      Total Meteorites (400,000,000 Years). 3.2 x 1015
      Weight Of Meteorites. 443.840880 x 1021kg (Stony) - 1,014.493440 x 1021kg (Iron)
      Weight Of Earth Before Meteorites. 5497 x 1021 kg (Stony) - 4926 x 1021 kg (Iron)
Rotation of the earth Have you ever been at a carnival where they had a "gravity" ride based on centripetal and centrifugal forces? At certain speeds you could not move.

The earth slows down 0.83 seconds per year. Like a spinning toy, the rate at which it spins and the rate at which it slows down would have been faster in the past.
At the higher speeds, the centripetal force would be stronger so that at a certain point you would not be able to move. How do you think that would effect evolution? Everything not anchored would fly off in space and probably become the seeds of life elsewhere (panspermia). Anything anchored or plastered against a solid wall would be stuck there. Food would have to evolve in your mouth for you to survive. How about sexual reproduction? Male and female would really have to evolve beside each other because it would take their entire lives to find each other for the first date! At certain speeds everything would fly off the earth. 70 million years ago, wind speeds would be 5,000 miles per hour (8000 kph).
Time (Years) Event Minutes lost Day Length Rotations
in one Day
Using the rate at which the earth slows down, 6000 years ago everything would still be normal and reasonable. But it would be staggering for the dinosaurs. Maybe vertigo made them become extinct.
Now Year 2002 0 1440 minutes 1
6000 Creation 100 1340 minutes 1.075
240,000 Homo sapiens 400 1040 minutes 1.38
1,800,000 Chimps and man split 30,000 68.6 minutes 21
180,000,000 Dinosaurs 3,000,000 41 seconds 2100
360,000,000 Insects 6,000,000 20.5 seconds 4200
Receding Moon The moon is 384,403 Km (238,857 miles or 15,133,979,520 inches) from the earth as the earth's rotation speed slows. Now it is moving away at the rate of 2 inches (5 cm) per year. If that rate was constant, the moon would be touching the earth 7.5 billion years ago.
A 2009 History channel report says that the moon is receeding at the rate of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) per year.
But calculated reports say that 2 billion years ago they would be touching. These lower values probably account for the change in speed and other effects as the moon is closer.
So, did the moon crash into the earth either 2 or 7.5 billion years ago?
The Shrinking Sun In 1979, scientists Eddy and Boornazian announced that the sun is shrinking at the rate of almost six feet per hour in its diameter. After much denial and debate, one conclusion may be that the sun is shrinking at the rate of one foot (30 cm) per hour. But stellar theory says that a star should expand as it gets older.
If we assume that it shrinks at the rate of five feet each hour (152 cm), then this is one mile in 44 days or 8.3 miles (13.3572 km) in one year (4.1 miles on each edge).
The earth is 93 million miles from the sun. According to evolution, the earth is over 500 million years old. At that time the sun would have been 4100 million miles larger. At that distance it would have swallowed up the earth and been closer to Neptune.

Early man appeared five million years ago. The sun would have been 20.5 million miles closer to earth. We would have been burned up.

Probabilities The Shrinking Sun
Planet Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
Current location in Millions of Miles from the sun Sun 36 67 93 141 483 887 1783 2794 3664
Where was the sun in the past?
It was swallowing the earth at the time these creatures were emerging
Radius 20.5 37.35 66.4 93.4 141 481 888 1784 2793 3664
Millions of years 5 9 16 22.5 34 116 214 430 673 883
What evolved? Man Whale Horse Dog Cat Bug Dinosaur Fish Trilobite Oldest fossils

The theory of evolution states that life was being formed on earth at a time when the earth would have been swallowed up by the sun. According to the above calculations, 22.5 million years ago the sun was at the current position of the earth if it shrinks five feet in diameter.

Evidence The shrink rate of the sun and the orbit of the planets around it is more compatible with a 6000 year age of the earth. The fact is, the planets would have moved even further away from the sun as the gravitational force decreased while it was shrinking.
Potato Head Mr Potato Menu. Boiled, mashed, baked or fried potato.

Probabilities Complexity And Statistics: The Improbability Of Evolution
Biological Complexity
Encyclopedia Increasing complexityCreature
Electronic BooksLiving Creature
BooksDead Creature
LettersAmino Acids
Ink, pen, paperChemicals
Monkey Shine. Give a monkey some paper and a type writer (intelligent intervention?) and make him type all the books of the encyclopedia without copying them. That is the scope of the problem of evolution, except for supplying ink and paper
Evolution minimizes the complexity of biological systems by treating the problem as the random creation of a ladder rather than a problem that is even more complex than the creation of a set of encyclopedia.
Stairs can be created from stacking several copies of one building block. Books cannot.
A useful book requires the representation of ideas that have meaning in a written language. The ideas are represented by an intelligent set of building blocks including chapters, paragraphs, sentences, words and letters. Even the concept of creating a book is based on the existence of spoken language and intelligence which provide the original meaning and the current design. Otherwise a book is merely a collection of useless symbols and markings that may only have value as art if arranged intelligently and garbage if compiled by random forces.
Imagine compiling any simple book by randomly throwing letters in the air, or giving a monkey a typewriter, or letting the wind blow through a pile of letters. It is impossible because it is not the lucky accident of one event, but a series of trillions of related events that interoperate with many other series of related events. Each event is a unique item, not simply a replaceable rung in a ladder.

Evolution's Mass Extinctions
Mt. Toba Eruption75,000-
Chicxulub 65 million 60%
Triassic-Jurassic 200 million 20%
Permian-Triassic Siberian Mantle Plume Eruptions 251 million 96%
Frasnian-Fammian364 million 70%

Probabilities The Global Population
While there is too much biological life on planet earth to account for the relatively short evolution time, there are too few humans to account for the length of time evolutionists say we have been on earth. In other words, if humans emerged over 250,000 years ago or even 50,000 years ago, the population should have been much larger. Using very conservative growth rates, the current population of 6.3 billion in 2004 would have been reached 4200 years after the first two parents emerged. The fact that the population is so low, points to a young earth or human evolution within the past 4200 years or several human mass extinctions. One of which must have occurred within the last 4000 years.

Modern Mass Extinctions.

The Population Growth
Year History 1
250000Homo Sapiens 0 2
73000BC Mt. Toba Eruption 90% died. (2,000-10,000 remain)
50000BC Modern Man 2 333 x 1082
45000BC Evolving ... 75,395 391 x 1083
40000BC Evolving ... 1039 x 106 460 x 1085
35000BC Evolving ... Creation Population Estimates 14 x 1012 549 x 1087
30000BC Global migration Our position is that the total global population is very low because the earth began to be populated about six thousand years ago and was reduced to eight 4000 years ago. Evolution must accept a mass global extinction within the last six thousand years to account for this low population. The anecdotal stories in many cultures about a great flood provides an answer. They should not dismiss it or call it a local phenomenon. 19 x 1016 633 x 1089
25000BC Evolving ... 27 x 1020 744 x 1091
20000BC Evolving ... 374 x 1023 873 x 1093
11000BC Agriculture 106 x 1031 464 x 1097
10500BC Cities emerged 274 x 1031 747 x 1097
4000 BC Man Created 2 - 2 2 659 x 1037 366 10100
2574 BC Flood 15,000,000 .03 15,000,000 33,500,000 999 x 1037 142 x 10101
2574 BC After the Flood 8 - 8 8 - -
2474 BC Tower of Babel 111 1.4 111 112 121 x 1038 157 x 10101
1900 BC Abraham 262,000 .07 262,000 1,800,000 361 x 1038 271 x 10101
1491 BC Exodus 39,319,716 .065 39,319,716 2 x 109 788 x 1038 400 x 10101
1015 BC First Temple 57,742,000 .05 57,742,000 15 x 1012 195 x 1039 630 x 10101
597 BC Babylon 98,759,000 .05 98,759,000 9 x 10 14 433 x 1039 939 x 10101
1 Jesus Christ 138,964,000 * .05 138,964,000 4.04 x 10 18 135 x 1040 166 x 10102
80 Roman empire 145,999,000 .025 145,999,000 1.51 x 10 19 157 x 1040 179 x 10102
500 Dark Ages begin 191,563,000 .025 191,563,000 3.3 x 10 22 350 x 1040 267 x 10102
1000 1000 260,000,000 .04 630,000,000 1.35 x 10 26 909 x 4038 430 x 10102
1100 Crusades 277,000,000 .025 800,000,000 7.5 x 10 26 110 x 1041 473 x 10102
1200 Inquisition 276,000,000 -.015 1,016,000,000 4.33 x 10 27 133 x 1041 520 x 10102
1300 Plague 327,000,000 .07 1,289,000,000 2.5 x 10 28 161 x 1041 572 x 10102
1400 Inquisition 426,000,000 .013 1,637,000,000 1.38 x 10 29 195 x 1041 630 x 10102
1500 Reformation 470,537,000 .04 2,075,000,000 8.3 x 10 29 236 x 1041 692 x 10102
1600 Reformation 745,000,000 .1 2,636,000,000 4.4 x 10 30 285 x 1041 762 x 10102
1700 Revolution 930,000,000 .1 This is the first column without adjustments. It is the expected population without the deaths in the dark ages. It uses a very low growth rate of 0.1 during that time 2.6 x 10 31 345 x 1041 838 x 10102
1800 Scientific 1,170,000,000 .1 1.42 x 10 32 418 x 1041 922 x 10102
1900 Industrial, Antibiotics 1,630,000,000 .1 7.3 x 10 32 505 x 1041 101 x 10103
1950 Baby Boom, Vaccines 2,555,360,972 .57 227 x 10 31 556 x 1041 1064 x 10102
1970 Sexual Revolution
Birth Control
3,707,475,887 .50 321 x 10 31 578 x 1041 1084 x 10102
2002 6,226,933,918 .62 454 x 10 31 614 x 1041 1118 x 10102
2003 Birth Control 6,299,763,405 .01 462 x 10 31 615 x 1041 1119 x 10102
2004 Birth Control 6,372,797,742 .012 470 x 10 31 616 x 1041 1120 x 10102
The global population will reach 7 billion between 31 October 2011 (UN) and 12 February 2012 (US Census Bureau)
This is a formula for the calculation of population growth. It does not consider the effect of mass extinctions.
Column Formula 1 (Average Births)
  Pn = (2(Cn - x + 1) (Cx-1)) / (C - 1)
  Pn = Population
  n = Number of generations
  x = Average number of generations alive
  c = Half the number of children per family
Formula 2 (Growth Rate)
  Py = Py1 + (Py1 * r) * (n)
  Py = Current population
  Py1 = Population in the previous period
  r = Average annual growth rate
  n = Number of generations between periods
1Population and growth rate calculated to fit estimates from many sources. US Census Bureau (1950-2004)
FYI In 1790, the total US population was 4 million
2Expected population without the high death rates during the Roman empire and the dark ages
3From creation. 4 children per family. One generation every 40 years. 3 generations alive after the flood
4From 50,000 BC. 2.2 children per family and one generation every 50 years and three generations alive
5From 250,000 BC. 2.2 children per family and one generation every 50 years and three generations alive
* The scholarly concensus is that the global population in 1AD was about 200-300 million with 30-45 million in the Roman empire. So I was very generous in not over-inflating the figures to make my case better.
arrow Since the numbers are so different, I believe that I made my point. But some of these numbers were the average over time. The rates were chosen to make the best fit to the population estimates.

The Population Formula
I saw a criticism about the "supposed low population growth rate". This was how the calculations were characterized. The article went on to say that high death rates, disease and other factors reduced the population. They used disparaging words but no hard numbers to make their argument. The implication was that the creation values are deceptive and did not account for these misfortunes.
However, when I did my calculations I took all these factors into consideration. Based on the limitation of the formula I could not use less than two children per family because it caused a division by zero error. However the population values it gave were extremely low.
Using the table on the right, we see that over 50,000 years since modern man supposedly emerged, if the growth rate was 2.0404 children per family surviving to adulthood, then we would have the current population of six billion. What does this mean? How does this unreasonable population growth rate perform? With an initial population of two people, after 5,000 years there are only 43 people! That number sounds unreasonably low, but that is the value I used. I had the impression that if all species teetered on the edge of such low population growth for so many thousands of years that many would be extinct.

2.2 Children per Family. This means that for every ten families the population increased by one every fifty years. That is an annual growth rate if 0.2%.
2.560621.1 x 1066.33 x 109257 x 10936 x 10121.96 x 10112
2.381431,39514 x 106193 x 1066.35 x 1093.53 x 1079
2.2064218,04975,395507,2186.16 x 1043
2.184108,37630,510170,9934.66 x 1039
2.162613,86012,24557,0743.22 x 1035
2.141651,7664,87318,8572.05 x 1031
2.12104 8021,9236,1671.18 x 1027
2.1066 3627521,9956.25 x 1022
2.0841 1622926393.00 x 1018
2.0626 721122021.31 x 1014
2.04163243635.18 x 109
2.0404163243656.35 x 109
2.02101416201.86 x 105
The first column is the birth rate of children
0Two people existed in the initial year
2500Number of people just before the flood
4200Number of people since the flood (Our current population)
6000Number of people since the creation (assuming no flood)
50000Number of people since modern man evolved

With a growth of 2.2, there would be a population of 75,395 in 5000 years. That is an average of 15 new people per year. This is our supposed deceptive values. I believe that they are extremely low and that it takes into account extremely high death rates.
I used the values of one generation every fifty years, three generations alive and 2.2 children per family. If I had used twenty years per generation, which is reasonable, we would have much higher values. Therefore, at every step we used extremely pessimistic numbers that are not in our favor. My argument does not disprove evolution. What it says is that evolution must factor in one or more mass extinctions of the human population to account for the current low population.
At a reasonable growth of 2.5606, the population would reach the current six billion if there was a mass extinction 4,200 years ago. There are not enough people if the evolution timetable is correct.

The Exodus Population
Using the first formula and the knowledge that the Israelis were more fertile, stayed in Egypt for ten generations and started with seventy ancestors we can calculate how many were liberated in the Exodus. Assume six children per family. Twelve sons would produce two million children. But 35 pairs of parents would produce six million children. Since it is unlikely that there were equal numbers of male and female, let us assume twenty pairs. The total would be 3,499,200 in the exodus. This may be correct because the total number of adult males over 20 years old at the exodus was over 603,550. (Numbers 2: 32). This is an average of six people per family. This is a very conservative number. Even with the attempted male genocide in the last generation, the bible says that the population grew more.
The Bible says that they left in the fourth generation (Genesis 15: 16). However that only meant that when they left, the fourth generation would still be alive. Moses was eighty when the Exodus began. He was the fourth generation. He was younger than his brother and sister and they all had children.

Total Population
Some estimates say that the total population on earth since modern man appeared over 50,000 years ago has been 106.4 billion. In my calculation, the total population during the flood may have been 15 to 33 million but many people say 4 billion or more. The total population since creation is about 8 to 12 billion in my low estimates based on 6000 years.

Other Populations. We should be able to find other animal populations and calculate the approximate time their parents appeared. The American buffalo seems like a good candidate. It has no significant natural predators and it has lived in relative isolation in the unknown world. Before the Americans hunted them to near extinction, huge buffalo herds, numbering in the millions roamed the central part of the country in the seventeenth century.

Science Scientific Method: Reproducible Experiments and Data. Mathematical calculations show that the current population must have started with few people about 4500 years ago.

The Verdict
Gavel Evidence Short Time. The theory of evolution requires lots of time. Time for rocks to cool. Time for the layers of the earth to form. Time for small but positive mutation changes to accumulate into a significant new system or creature.
Creation on the other hand requires only six days for the major events to occur and one year for the devastated earth to be saturated during the violent convulsions of the flood so that it can reshape itself after the flood.
Biological systems must be developed in a very short period of time.
There are too few people on earth to account for hundreds of thousands of years of growth.
There is too much life on earth to account for the number of years of evolution.
Evidence Complex Biological Systems. Evolution is statistically impossible. Slow mutation alone cannot bring about subspecies change. Sudden creation favors current biological system dependencies. We need an intelligent designer. The theory cannot propose how a living creature could predict and plan and make complicated structures. It does not explain how this new structure will be integrated into the other systems like the brain. And it cannot explain how it can coordinate its design with a separate, unique and independent system. It just simply says that over millions of years it happened. But time cannot make an impossibility happen.
And I must repeat this point so that you can get the full implication of the problem. How did 13 million pairs of animals randomly and independently evolve the same complicated solutions to their problems within the short span of their lives? Systems we cannot duplicate in our billion dollar laboratories?
Evidence Dependent Biological Systems. Observable biological and physical nature of matter favor immediate formation of systems. Without all systems operating at the same time all would fail. So according to the expert testimony of medical doctors and cell biologists, biological systems cannot haphazardly form over millions of years.
Evidence Intervention. The only conclusion that we can reach is that the process needs the intelligent intervention and supervision of a master Planner, Designer and Engineer.

Anecdotal Evidence
Anthropological Records
Number of Stories Location
59 North America
46 Central and South America
31 Europe
17 Middle East
23 South Sea Island, Australia
7 Africa
Boat in Chinese
Chinese Symbols
  Vessel - Blue
  Eight - Purple
  Mouth - Red
Boat = vessel + eight + mouth
There is other, less reliable evidence that points to the flood or a catastrophic event that accounts for the condition of the earth and the common memories stored in legends.

Similar Flood Stories. Stories from over 300 groups point to a great flood (Mitchell). These stories might point to an event that happened when man was located in one place on the earth. As the population grew, the descendants spread across the face of the earth and carried the story of the great flood with them.
It does not prove creation, it might not even prove a global flood but it does prove a flood that affected all the ancestors of modern men. These stories can be found all around the world. In some the only remaining similarity is a flood event, in others the name of the hero sounds similar to the name of Noah and in others the rest of the details are the same. There are two notable stories:

  1. Gilgamesh Epic. The version in the famous Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic is slightly similar to the Bible. Those who hate the Bible claim that the story was copied from the Babylonian version. Whatever they choose to believe, these stories (anecdotal evidence) points to a catastrophic flood that affected all of mankind. At a minimum each region experienced a catastrophic flood at some point and the similarity of the details that survived says that the events were the same.
  2. The Miao People of South China. The legend of the Miao people says there was a man named NuWah (Nuah) with his wife (Gawboluen) three sons (Lo Han, Lo Shen and Jah-Hu) and three daughters who escaped the flood in a ship. The flood happened around 2300 BC.
    Names of the Patriarchs
    Bible Names Miao Legend
    1Adam Dirt
    The word Adam means dirt
    2Seth Se-Teh
    3Enos Lusu
    9Lamech Lama
    10Noah Nuah
    »Shem Lo Shen
    »Ham Lo Han
    »Japheth Jah-Hu
    After the flood they built a tower and their speech were broken up into six languages.
    The sons of Noah had sons who had similar sounding names as the sons of the Miao legend.
    » Shem: Lo-Shen (Sons were Elan and Ngashur). Bible: (Elam and Asshur).
    » Ham: Lo-Han (Sons were Cu-Sah and Mesay). Bible: (Cush and Mizraim).
    » Japheth: Jah-Hu (Son is Gomen). Bible: (Gomer).
    The Miao are descended from Gomer.
    In other Chinese legends the wife is named Nuwa and her husband were two of the first three patriarchs who populated the earth after a global flood.
    » Chinese Characters. The Chinese symbol for ship is (vessel + Eight + mouth). There were eight people on the ark.

The Temple Of Karnak. Around the year 2345 BC, something occurred that caused the earth to tilt on its axis. Ancient religious sites that were aligned with the sun and angle measurements recorded from ancient vertical markers called gnomons do not agree with modern observations. The ancient measurements show a consistent deviation which has been traced to a point around 2345 BC.
In the Temple of Karnak, records indicate that only on the day of the equinox, the sun would strike a small window and illuminate the interior. However, today this never happens and calculations show that the tilt of the earth has changed at least 30 since those days. The phenomenon is said to be caused by an asteroid hitting the earth just before the flood. The force was so great, it shattered the crust, tilted the planet and caused the water stored underground to rush to the surface. The impact caused the earth to tilt and then wobble as it is restoring itself to a more stable position. Scientists measuring the wobble have also traced the initial event to about 2345 BC, the time of the flood.
This is an example of several types of evidence. The position of the artifacts is circumstantial evidence about the alignment of the earth in the past. Mathematical evidence calculated the force and the lasting effects of the wobble. Anecdotal evidence described the purpose of these structures.

The Marketing Of Evolution
Common Sense
It is logical. A certain level of sophistication requires an intelligent designer or intelligent intervention.
Evolution guarantees its place in society by ridiculing the opposition, barring it from schools, controlling the media and by introducing it to young children in a fun way. The dinosaur is a most effective method of propaganda. The ages of the dinosaurs directly competes with the message of creation. Parents often do not answer these questions because they cannot. So they ignore the issue or repeat the speculations of other uninformed people or blame Satan. At the same time their children are learning this subtle message.
"Dinosaurs are science. The Bible is a collection of fairy tales".

Dinosaurs ("Terrible Lizard" or "Nice Cartoon" or "Cute Stuffed Toy")
The first dinosaur bone was discovered in 1822 when the tooth and few bones of an iguanadon were found in Sussex, England.

Dinosaur Period LocationSize Record
Argentinosaurus Hincutensis
"Argentinian lizard"
60% Mass Extinction. Chicxulub meteor. 60% of all life and 100% of all dinosaurs
Cretaceous Argentina35-45m (114-146 ft) 100 tons Largest dinosaur
Giganotosaurus Cardinii
"Giant southern lizard"
Argentina13.5-14.3m (44-46 ft) 7-8 tons Largest carnivore
Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Tyrant Lizard"
North America, East Asia10-14m (32-45 ft) 6-7 tons -
Ankylosaurus Magniuentris
"Bent/ Crooked lizard"
Texas, Utah, Argentina, Antarctica 4-9m (13-29 ft) Widest
"Bird mimic"
Canada, Colorado, Utah3-3.5m (10-11 ft) 100-175kg Fastest (40-50mph)
"Wounding tooth"
Canada, Montana, Wyoming2-3.5m (6.5-11 ft) 50kg Smartest (largest brain to body ratio)
Raptorex North China25-29m (8-9 ft) 175 Lbs Tiny T-Rex
"Mamenchi lizard"
20% Mass Extinction.
Jurassic China22-25m (71-81 ft) Neck 10m (33ft) Longest neck
"Roofed lizard"
Colorado, Utah, Wyoming9m (29 ft) 1.8 tons Dumbest. Walnut sized brain
"Different/ strange lizard"
Colorado, Australia, Tanzania5-10 m (16-32 ft) 1-5 tons -
Compsugnathus Longipes
"Delicate jaw"
France, Germany60 cm (24 inch) 5.5 kg Smallest
Eoraptor Lunensis
"Dawn plunderer"
96% Mass Extinction.
Triassic Argentina1 m (39 inch) Earliest

ScienceHow to Present an Argument Honestly
Evidence. Summarize the evidence or theory clearly.
Proof. List the best evidence
Rebuttal. Attack the evidence. Explain your rebuttal or opposing evidence.
Conclusion. Make a decision based on the preponderance of evidence or overwhelming evidence.

The Politics Of Evolution
Whenever I have heard evolutionists talk about the theory of creation on television or radio, I have never heard anyone address any of the arguments and tell what specific laws they violate or what was wrong with the research. Instead, they ridicule creationism in certain ways, leaving the audience with the perception that it is nonsense accepted by people through blind "faith", which involves no scientific proof.

Evaluate Us. Did we avoid the tough questions by employing the same tactics.

The Stupidity Of Evolution. In recent years, I have heard the most ridiculous reasoning by scientists and journalists about the mysterious force of evolution called "Adaptation".

The Future Of Evolution. Eventually, the testimony of the prophets is that God will present a serious blow to all theories that challenge His claim to be the creator and the Messiah redeemer.
Those who err in mind will know the truth, and those who criticize will accept instruction. (Isaiah 29: 24)
That challenge has already begun.

There are several accepted laws and processes that work against the theory of evolution. These affect either the available time span or the possibility of a critical event occurring. Evolution is dependent on a series of major accidents that ultimately survive until they dominate the population. In the end, evolution ultimately brings order out of chaos and builds more complex systems from simple ones, without any intelligence or guidance but by a series of great accidents.

The Results
Evidence Weight Creation and Flood Evolution
QualityEvidence QualityEvidence
Eyewitness to Past Events 0 - None, God - None
Documentary ? A Bible - None
Documentary ? A Sanctuary is the periodic table - None
Documentary ? A Sanctuary models particle physics - None
Anecdotal 1 A Temple of Karnak, Flood stories - None
Hearsay 3 0 None - None
Common Sense 5 A Sexual reproduction, sleep - None
Circumstantial 6 A Intelligent design, Glenrose tracks D Similar bone structure
Expert 6 - Failed mutation experiments C Stanley Miller experiments
arrow Biology 6 A Cell complexity F Neanderthals
6 A Species barrier
DNA barrier
D Mutation
6 A Short time F Long time
arrow Chemistry 6 B Primitive atmosphere - None
arrow Physics 6 B Four Forces in balance - None
arrow Geology 6 A Turbidity currents. Surtsey Island.
Geologic column anomaly
B Geologic column
arrow Cosmology 6 C Cosmic dust - None
Statistical 9 A Number of species (Biodiversity) - None
A Sexual reproduction - None
A Body Symmetry - None
A Biological clock - None
Experimental 9 A Pleochroic halos
Sun shrink rate
Big Bang experiments
C Radioactive dating
Forensic 10 A Pleochroic halos - None
Eyewitness to Current Events 10 A 1980 Mount St. Helen's eruption
Turbidity currents, Surtsey Island
- None
Final Score 408 Winner 86 Loser
Only one piece of evidence in each category is used to score

I did this chart last after trying to find the scientific data for evolution. I found one on the age of ice samples. It was a house of cards. Proofs were based on other faulty proofs, circular reasoning and unreliable methods. Nevertheless, I initially gave Neanderthals an "A" grade as proof because I could find no evidence other than their assertions. However, I came across DNA studies (an approved scientific method) that show no relation to humans. The Neanderthals made a monkey out of me! Therefore, I will never trust any fossil proofs again.

The Love Of God - He Shares With us
The book of Genesis says God made us in His own image. He gave us the ability to think, reason and create. He also gave us the right to be rulers of this planet. He shared His nature with us. Throughout the Bible God declares how valuable we are. He even counts the hairs on our head. He notices the death of a common sparrow and the fading of a flower. He is interested in the smallest detail about you.
He loves you.

On the seventh day He called all the creation together to rest with Him. This is unlike other religions where the gods made slaves out of humanity and took pleasure in tormenting them. But not this God. His first official act was to declare a time for everyone to come together in fellowship. He gave a party, and invited all of us. At the party He gave us a gift. He made a promise to give us rest.

God used to enjoy spending personal time with Adam and Eve - until they sinned. And, even then, it was Adam and Eve who turned away from God. God did not turn away from them. He came searching for His new friends. They were hiding.
Not giving up on His friends, God then decided to share our grief and sorrow and death and in return He has promised to give us a new life.
We are greatly loved. You are greatly loved.

Church and State and Science
I am a strong supporter of the separation of church and state. And I am also suspicious of the intention of the church to bring religious instruction into the schools under the banner of a legitimate scientific argument in favor of an intelligent designer.
The practical rituals of religion belong in the home and church because we cannot agree on whose religion to teach in schools or what is the appropriate response to God. Therefore, that debate is best left in the private sector. Science and politics and religion cannot tell us whose interpretation of God is correct.

However, the unbiased scientific evidence for the theory of creation is not a matter of religious practice. The Bible just happens to be a book where Someone claims to be the creator.
Correctly understood, real science is a result of the work of the creator. The two are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, evidence of an external source of the origin of the planet and life ought to be presented and not unfairly excluded simply because it points to evidence of intelligent external intervention.

Religion identifies the source of creation as god or aliens from outerspace and whether or not this god wants us to sacrifice chickens or torture us forever. This is the point at which separation of church and state ought to intervene.

But science simply reports the findings whether or not they lead to proof of intelligent design or incredible luck. It seems that proponents of evolution want the debate to ignore a designer because it ultimately leads us back to the question of how we should respond to this Person and what is our social and cultural responsibility. They can then choose atheism or agnosticism or global karma or Elvis.
What is the evidence that moves evolution from hypothesis to theory?
Scientists laugh at faith and appeal to the ideal of the scientific method. But when you analyze their theories we find dismal failures. It takes more than faith to believe that male and females occurred in the way scientists explain. They just happened to evolve at the same time and this unbelievable coincidence happened with every species. From two million to thirteen million living things. Thirteen million males and thirteen million females having this same unbelievable lucky accident! And these numbers apply if they get everything right the first time.
I call this faith in evolution.
I have heard journalists ridicule the mathematical evidence without saying what it is and implying that it is insignificant and without merit. I am beginning to hear evolutionists use analogies similar to this "It is improbable that a wind blowing through a forest could created the Taj Mahal, But it did!". Unbelievable. This is not only what you believe, they believe it created over thirteen million Taj Mahals in independent events.

As for the scientific method, they totally bypassed it and declare the unverified theory of evolution to be a fact.
arrow The fact is, that they can only demonstrate minor variations within the same species - not a change from one species to another.
arrow The fact is, that they have not been able to produce mutations that last in the lab.
arrow The fact is, that they totally ignore real, basic scientific evidence that disproves their case.
arrow The fact is, that many scientists are too afraid of the consequences to say that the theory does not hold. Many are personally abandoning the theory, but publicly teaching it for fear of reprisals. As teachers of truth, may God forgive them for the harm they are doing.
arrow The fact is, that Dr. Robert Gentry proved using basic science that rocks were formed instantaneously.
arrow The fact is, that the biological clock does not give species the luxury of slow evolution. It imposes a forty year reproduction limit and a seventy to one hundred year life time limit.
arrow The fact is, that most of their facts are based on interpretation of circumstantial evidence gathered from their observations. No experiments or other independent evidence has proved their case. The reality is that the creation model is more consistent with active processes that have been observed in nature. These are events that scientists thought were impossible to accomplish in a short time.
arrow The fact is, the theory of evolution is still a hypothesis. No experiments, natural phenomenon or measurable data proves it.
arrow The fact is, that there is natural phenomenon, measurable data and experiments that prove creationism.
arrow The fact is that the Bible is a book of modern science, being the first to describe the very simple and elegant unified field model that describes the fundamental particles and relationships of quantum chemistry and physics. God showed me the "God particle", gravity and other unknown forces. I have proved it by a direct revelation from God since 2008.
arrow The truth is that God created the universe in seven 24-hour days, almost 6,000 years ago.

Quote A Young World. "We cannot disprove that it (the universe) was created in 4004 BC ..." George Simpson (Evolutionist)

Imagine the power it takes to harness the energy in the atom. Imagine the creative genius it takes to design the universe. Imagine the biological programming language written in the DNA. Imagine the wisdom it takes to risk it all on freedom of choice!
O God, you have taught me from my youth, and I still declare your wondrous deeds. And even when I am old and gray, O God, do not forsake me, until I declare your strength to this generation, your power to all who are to come. For your righteousness, O God, reaches to the heavens, You who have done great things. O God, who is like You? (Psalm 71: 17-19)

For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139: 13, 14
The very hairs on your head are all numbered   Matthew 10:30
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Copyright   Updated : September 28, 2004. August 2010
Author: Laverna Patterson (Biochemistry, B.S. 1982.) Editor: Patterson (March 2008)
Credits: The information was compiled from various sources.
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  • See the creation and evolution Web sites on my links page.
All images were created by Laverna Patterson and are the property of teachinghearts.org
My Own Observations, Revelations and Discoveries.
» Male and Female. Around fall of 1994 I was wondering what scientific evidence could disprove evolution. Then in my mind I heard, "Male and female created He them" Genesis 1: 27. By 2000 I could not find creation arguments using this point online. Years later I saw single line references to "origin of sexual reproduction" without much explanation. It was their description of the problem.
» Documentary Science Evidence. This is my own creation, taught to me by God. URL: teachinghearts.org/dre17httscience.html
» Ark Science Mathematics. I used a stop watch to estimate speed of travel. Used a tape measure to estimate cage sizes for animals and calculated the space requirements for the ark for three sizes of animals and the speed at which it could be loaded for various types of animals.
» Population Calculation. I had heard this argument about a low population, but saw no hard data or numbers to back it up. So I found population formulas and just used a spreadsheet to calculate, estimating growth rate from expected population figures.
  • Total Midyear Population for the World: 1950-2050 URL: http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/worldpop.html
  • The Human World Population since Creation. Lambert Dolphin. URL: http://www.spiritrestoration.org/Church/Research%20History%20and%20Great%20Links/World_Population_since_Creation.htm
  • Average Years of Evolution Per Creature
  • Linguistics. I calculated the number of languages based on the observed rate of change of the Germanic languages.
» Evolutionary Tree. I actually pieced together these three lists from dozens of sources over many years, but I gave credit to wikipedia because it finally put a similar list together that I found in 2009.
» Types of Evidence. After deciding to present the data as quality of evidence, I found no definitive list or sources. Instead I relied on memory to create a list from mystery novels and detective stories (eyewitness, rebuttal, material, forensic, expert) and chemistry lab (experimental). The words "anecdotal" may have been from Colin Mitchell's book and "documentary evidence" was from the History Channel. So I do not know if all the terms are acceptable or if there is another name to describe them. Some definitions are my own.
» Amazing Discoveries: Age of The Earth (Grand Canyon). Dr. Walter Veith. URL: http://www.amazingdiscoveries.org/ageoftheearth-p2.html
» Historical Timeline. URL: http://mirrorh.com/timeline.html