Chronological Bible Reading Plan

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Bible study is essential for the serious believer because they are a testimony about God.
Reveals Christ. ... all things written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled. (Luke 24: 44)
Example. Now these things happened to them as an example and they are written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the world are come. (1 Corinthians 10: 11)
Encouragement. For whatever things were previously written were written for our learning, in order that through patience and through the comfort of the Scriptures we may have hope. (Romans 15: 4)
Words of Life. Man shall not live on bread only, but on every saying proceeding from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4: 4)
Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. (Joshua 1: 8)
This is a guide to reading the bible for better understanding of God, the people and their decisions.
It is not the bible study lesson plan where we discuss prophecy and doctrines in depth in a series of lessons.
Is there a benefit, can you understand God?
Can you by searching find out God? Can you find out the Almighty unto perfection? [KJV]
Can you discover the depths of God? Can you discover the limits of the Almighty? [NASB]
(Job 11: 7)
The answer is yes! If you search for Him with all your heart, for all your life He will make you find Him.
"But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul. (Deuteronomy 4: 29)

Who are these writers? All prophecy is from the mind of the Holy Spirit.
But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation. for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God. (2 Peter 1: 20-21)
Other helpful writings were encouraged by the Holy Spirit.
All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3: 16-17)

  1. Old Testament Writers. 39 books from 27 authors written on scrolls of clean animal skin. Major writers are.
  2. New Testament Writers. 27 books. Major writers of the New Testament were the disciples of Christ and Paul who was called to minister to the Gentiles. All were eyewitnesses. They began writing about their first hand experiences after they began to get old, the original eye witnesses were dying and it was obvious that Jesus might not return in their life time. But they still lived as if the Second Coming was imminent.
    God said that any truth must be established by two or more eye witnesses.

Reading Plans
There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible. They are arranged by law, history, prophecy and other writings. There are four basic ways to read the bible.

-1500924 12 Tribes 722 Assyria Judah 609 Babylon 539 Medo-Persia
JobMosesElijahObadiah Joel Jonah Amos Hosea Nahum - Daniel Esther
-JoshuaElisha - Micah - Zephaniah Habakkuk - Ezekiel - Zechariah -
-David - Isaiah Jeremiah, Lamentations - Haggai - Malachi
TorahSamuel, Kings, Psalms Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Chronicles, Ezra

We will use the chronological order, primarily to match the prophet with the kings and the history. We will do a topical study on the Plan of Salvation where we will highlight certain key concepts to help you to understand why God acted the way He did. Certain concepts also establish a timeline in the Plan of Salvation by legally defining the actions of God.

The Chronological Reading Plan
Creation Egypt Assyria Temple Destroyed Babylon Medo-Persia Greece Temple Corrupted Maccabes Rome Christ Temple Destroyed Pope Europe Papacy Falls - USA Rock 1000
New Earth
New Temple
Eden Sin Bondage Occupation Of The Holy Land Time Of The End
Event Book/ LessonsChapterContents History Day
The Old Testament
Creation Genesis 1-2Paradise Created. God makes a covenant with Adam Dinosaur Dinosaurs and humans exist. Giants exist.
Creation Science
Psalm 29The creation by sound waves from the voice of God
Psalm 19: 1-6The heavens reveal evidence of the creation
Psalm 8Man is the crowning act of creation
Psalm 92A Sabbath Psalm. The seventh day of creation
Exodus 20: 11Sabbath is a memorial of creation
Psalm 95: 1-7Celebrate the creation
Psalm 33The Creator is not absent. He watches over creation
Psalm 104The wisdom of the creation prepared for a fallen world
Job 38-39Wisdom: God controls the heavens, seas and cycles
Poverbs 8: Wisdom in the creation
Isaiah 40A mighty Creator, greater than His creation
John 1: 1-6The preexistence of Jesus as the creator and LORD
Colossians 1:16All creation and authority are held together in Jesus
Acts 17:22-34The unknown God is not like an idol that can be manipulated and controlled by man. He even has power over death
Romans 1:18-25The evidence of the creation is available to all
Hebrews 1:10-12God outlasts His creation
Sin Genesis 3-5Paradise Lost. Adam breaks the covenant (Hosea 6: 6-7)
? Find the evidence of the law and the curse.
Messiah A deliverer is promised. Genesis 3: 15
Test Adam and Eve failed their test. Why was the test easier for perfect people but much harder for weaker sinners?
See how God addressed the unfairness of inherited sin.
One Man's Sin and One's Righteousness. Romans 5:10-15
Tempted and Sinless. Hebrews 4: 15
The Origin of Evil
The Problem of Sin
A Better Definition of Sin
Flood Genesis 6:1-8Wickedness increases in men, especially the Nephilim 2574 BC Dinosaur
Dinosaurs and Giants exist

Origin of Legends
Babel Genesis 6:9-10God makes a covenant with Noah
Babel Genesis 11God scatters the language and people of the world
Unjust Suffering Job 1-3Job keeps the covenant even when he is abandoned 4
Job 4-7 Job's friends argue that signs of curses, instead of blessings are proof of unrighteousness. They were wrong.
Test What does the origin of his problem say about suffering?
Job 8-106
Job 11-147
Job 15-17 Christ Christ suffers unjustly for the sins of the world8
Job 18-21 9
Job 22-25 10
Job 26-31 Job's final answers 11
Job 32-37 Elihu, the young one, defends God 12
Job 38-42God answers. He condemns the friends and tells Job how great He is but He did not explain why Job suffered.
Test What does this say about our strengths when suffering?
Test Find references to huge creatures (dinosaurs) in Job.
Scholars assume that Job was written around the early time of Abraham because of the informal social and religious structure. The male head was the priest of the household. The coexistence of large creatures with man also points to the period soon after the flood before the dinosaurs became extinct.
Abraham Genesis 12-17God makes a covenant with uncircumcised Abraham Pyramids built
Judaism Began
Genesis 18-20Cut God renews the covenant with circumcision when Issac was conceived and Abraham was ninety nine years old 16
Romans 1-5The origins of faith for the uncircumcised and circumcised
Isaac Genesis 21-22The miracle birth of the promised child, Isaac.
Christ Abraham and Isaac are tested
Genesis 23-25:18Sarah, Rachel and Keturah
Jacob Genesis 25:19-27He takes the covenant birthright by bribery and deceit Persians and Indians Split 18
Genesis 28-31 Messiah Blessings. 12 sons of Israel.
God renews the covenant with a new name
Genesis 32-36Jacob meets Esau 21
JosephGenesis 37-41He was a forerunner who prepared the way for Israel.
Test Who caused his unjust suffering and testing?
King Senusret 1
Genesis 42-45His brothers go to Egypt because of famine 23
In Egypt Genesis 46-47Israel moved south to Egypt to escape the famine 24
Genesis 48-50Blessings. Israel blesses his sons before he dies 25
Moses Exodus 1-4God prepares Moses as a forerunner to rescue His people 1582-1502 26
Plagues Exodus 5-11The first nine plagues 1502 BC27
Exodus Exodus 12-14Exodus. The last plague, first Passover The Sanctuary Pattern
Atom First Periodic Table
Isaiah 30: 29Voice The Song of Israel in Egypt
Exodus 15Voice The Song at the Sea (Shirat Ha Yam). The Red Sea parts
Baptism Israel is baptized in the Red Sea
Psalm 78The exodus (Read Psalm 77, 78, 81, 95, 105-107, 114) 30
Sinai Exodus 16-24Manna, water, commandments 31
Exodus 25-31Moses receives the pattern for the sanctuary for 40 days 1501 BC33
Exodus 32-33Moses returns with the Ten Commandments to see the people worshipping a golden calf. He breaks them 1501 BC35
Exodus 34-35Moses returns to Sinai for another 40 days get the second copy of the Ten Commandments 1501 BC35
Sanctuary Exodus 36-40The craftsmen make the items for the sanctuary 1501-1500 36
Leviticus 1-3 Burnt offering, Grain offering, Peace offering
Hinduism began
Leviticus 4-7Sin, guilt (trespass), incense offering 38
Leviticus 16The scapegoat and the Lord's goat on the day of atonement39
Leviticus 17Blood
(Clean and Unclean)
Deuteronomy 14Unclean animals (dietary laws) 1500 BC 40
Leviticus 11Unclean animals
Leviticus 12Unclean woman in childbirth
Leviticus 13-14Unclean people (Leprosy)
Leviticus 15Unclean man and woman
Ordination Laws Leviticus 8-10Ordination and inauguration offering 1500 BC 41
Exodus 29Consecrating the priest 41
Exodus 40Consecrating the sanctuary 42
Numbers 7-9:14Consecrating the sanctuary and priests in the second year 42
Numbers 9:15-10Moving the sanctuary 42
Feasts Leviticus 16,23-25 Messiah Feasts and schedules43
Numbers 28-29
Deuteronomy 15-16,26
Genesis 2: 1-4Origin of the Sabbath
Isaiah 66:22-23Sabbath and new moon celebrated in the new earth
Zechariah 14: 16Feast of booths celebrated in the new earth
FeastDateYearLeviticusNumbers DeuteronomyDay
Eternal Feasts-Daily (Continual) Daily -28: 1-8-43
-Sabbath (Day 7). Genesis 2: 1-4 Saturday 23: 328: 9-10-
-New Moon. Isaiah 66: 22-23 Month Day 1 -28:11-15; 10:10-
Spring FeastsLamb Passover Nisan 14 23: 428: 1616: 1-2
1Feast of Unleavened Bread Nisan 15-21 23: 5-928: 17-2516: 3-8
Palm BranchWavesheaf (First Fruits) Next Sunday 23: 10-14--
First Fruits-23: 10, 15 -26
Dove2Feast of Weeks (shavuot, pentecost) +50 days 23: 15-2228: 26-3116: 9-12
Autumn FeastsShofarFeast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) Tishri 1 23: 23-2529: 1-6; 10: 10-44
Land Sabbath. Free slaves, debt Tishri 17 25: 1-7-15; 31: 10-13
Jubilee (Land given back) Tishri 1050 25: 8-55--
ScapegoatDay of Atonement (Yom Kippur) Tishri 10 23: 26-32 29: 7-11-
Scapegoat Tishri 10 16 --
Palm Branch3Feast of Tabernacles (Booths) Tishri 15-21 23: 33-4429: 12-3416: 13-16
 Shemini Atzeret Tishri 22 23: 36,3929: 35-40-
Penalties Leviticus 26-27Messiah The covenant, blessings and curses 1500 BC 45
Deuteronomy 27-30The blessings and curses are repeated forty years later 46
SHEMA Deuteronomy 6: 4-9Love God. Teach your children. Law, tfellin, mezuzah 47
Deuteronomy 11:13-31Blessings and curses
Numbers 15:37-41Tallit, tzitzit and law
Census Numbers 1-4 Messiah Moses takes a census and organizes the campsites 48
Moral Laws Leviticus 18-22Adultery and other moral laws 49
Numbers 5-6Adultery and the spirit of jealousy. Nazarite vow 50
Wander 40 Years Numbers 11-14The people complain and doubt. They wander 40 years 1502-1462 51
Numbers 15-18God chooses Aaron as high priest 18th Dynasty of Egypt.

Thutmose II, Hatshepsut, Tutank-hamun
Numbers 19-20The people complain and cause Moses to sin 53
Psalm 81, 106-107Apostasy in the desert.
Test List the ways the people tested God and Moses
Psalm 90Moses prays to a loving God for mercy
Numbers 21Messiah The fiery serpents and Voice The song at the well (21: 17-20) 55
Numbers 22-25Baalam tries to curse Israel
Numbers 26-27The census of the second generation 56
Numbers 31-33Moses takes vengeance on Midian and lists the 42 journeys 57
Numbers 34-36Distribution of the land as an inheritance 58
After 40 Years Covenant Renewed. Deuteronomy means "second reading of the law". The first generation is dead. They did what was right in their own eyes. (Deuteronomy 12: 8). Only two survived.
Just before they cross over into the Promised Land, the law is repeated and the people of the second generation agree to the covenant.
Deuteronomy 1-3A summary of the 40 year journey from Sinai to Nebo 1462 BC 59
Deuteronomy 4-8Moses tells them to remember God 60
Deuteronomy 9-11Moses gets the commandments 62
Deuteronomy 12-13Statutes and judgments on idolatry 63
Deuteronomy 17-21Statutes and judgments 64
Deuteronomy 22-25Statutes and judgments 66
Deuteronomy 31-32Voice Song of Moses: Moses says goodbye 67
Deuteronomy 33-34Messiah Exodus Ends: Moses blesses Israel before he dies
The Promised Land Joshua 1-4Israel crosses the Jordan and enters the Promised Land 1462 BC 68
Joshua 5Cut All men of the second generation are circumcised
Joshua 6-12The fall of Jericho and other battles 1462-1457 69
Joshua 10Voice The Song of Joshua. The sun and moon stood still 70
Joshua 13-21The division of the land for an inheritance 70
Joshua 22-24Joshua says goodbye 1432 BC 72

The First Curse
There were Judges, priests and God. In those days everyone did what they wanted to do (Judges 17: 6).
During the time of the judges the first curse was in operation. When Israel obeyed the land had peace or rest. But when they disobeyed they were captured and made slaves by their enemies and their crops were destroyed. Judges 2: 14, 21-22. Judges 3: 4. Judges 6: 4.
Judges 1-2The first generation did not remove the evil nations.
Test God left them as a test of loyalty (Judges 2: 22; 3: 4)

The Olmecs in Central America
Judges 3-4 God sent judges to relieve them of their oppressors 74
Judges 5 Voice Song of Deborah. The stars fought for Israel
Judges 6-12 Gideon and other judges 75
Judges 13-16 Samson and the Philistines 77
Judges 17-18 People did what they wanted. Dan gets his inheritance 78
Judges 19-21 Benjamin was almost destroyed 79
Ruth 1-4The grandmother of king David 80

1 Samuel 1-7Samuel, the last judge 1095-1065 81
1 Samuel 8The people reject God and ask for a king
Test The king is also a curse as he raids their possessions (1 Samuel 8: 10-22)
King Saul 1 Samuel 9-15Saul is selected and rejected as king 83
1 Samuel 16-27Saul persecutes David who is chosen as the next king 85
1 Samuel 28-31Saul consults the witch of Endor and is killed 89
King David 2 Samuel 1-10The reign of David 1066-1026 90
2 Samuel 11-12The sin of David and Bathsheba Western Zhou Dynasty 92
Psalm 51David confesses his sin
2 Samuel 13-21The consequences of David's sin 93
2 Samuel 22Voice King David's Song 96
2 Samuel 23-24David numbers the people and sins
King David 1 Chronicles 10-17The reign of David.
Messiah A son of David on the throne forever (Chapter 17: 11-14)
1 Chronicles 18-23The exploits of David99
1 Chronicles 24-27Division of priests, musicians, gatekeepers 101
1 Chronicles 28-29David makes preparation for the house of God 102
Psalms 1-150The Psalms can be organized in at least three ways. Read by topic103
The chapters between braces are scheduled to be read at other times. This schedule is based on reading by topic.
Psalms By Topic Psalms By AuthorPsalms By Book Day
Messianic Messiah 2, 8, [16], 18, [22], 23, 24-27, [30], 31, 35, 38, 39, 40, [41], 42, 43, 45, 50, 55, [68, 69], 71, 72, 73-75, 80, 88, 89, 97, 102, 109, 110, 116, 118 David3-41, 51-59, 61-66, 68-70, 101, 108-110, 122, 124, 131, 133, 138, 145 1 1-41 103
[ 16, 22, 41, 68, 69, 100 ] Korah42, 44-49, 84,85, 87,88 2 42-72 X
Judgment[ 50, 58, 73-83, 94 ] Asaph50, 73-83 3 73-89 X
Vindication 7, 21, 54, 72 Moses90 4 90-106 108
Forgiveness 6, 32, 38, [51], 102, 130, 143 Solomon72, 127 5 107-150 110
Righteous1, 15, 84, 87, [92], 101, 119, 133, 139 Heman88 112
The Wicked10, 12, 14, 36, 49, 52, 53, 58 Ethan89 114
Security2, 7, 11, 20, 23, 57, 90 Unknown1, 2, 10, 33, 43, 67, 71, 91-100, 102, 104-107, 111-121, 123, 125-126, 128-130, 132, 134-137, 146-150 116
Distress4, 13, 38, 43, 55, 64, 77, 88, [137], 142 118
Hallelujah106, 111, 112, 135, 146-150 120
Thanksgiving65, 75, 95, 97, 103, 105, 107, 118, 136, 138 122
Praise9, 34, 63, 67, 92, 96, 98, [100], 108, 134, 144, 145. The Great Hallel (113-118) 125
Majesty 19, 36, 47, 48, 66, 90, 93, 99, 132 131
Trust, Hope3, 37, 46, 55, 56, 62, 86, 115, 131 134
Deliverance5, 17, 18, 20, 28, 34, 35, 59, 60, 70, 71, 85, 86, 140, 141 138
Creation[ 8, 29, 33, 92, 104 ] X
Exodus[ 77, 78, 81, 95, 105-107, 114. Moses' Prayer (90) ] X
At the end of the period of the judges everyone did what they wanted to do. They wanted kings like the other nations. They did not want God as their leader. So there were kings, priests and God. Nobody listened to God.
Solomon 1 Kings 1-11Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba, was the third king of Israel.
? Solomon was the wisest king and Lucifer was a covering cherub. How did a gift of wisdom become acts of foolishness and how did privilege and status lead to such a great fall and disgrace?
2 Chronicles 1-9Solomon builds the house of God 1008-1015 145
Proverbs 1-31The wise sayings of Solomon 1015-985
Inuit People in America
Ecclesiastes 1-12The wisdom of Solomon. The vanity of life. Wisdom and folly 157
Song of Solomon 1-8Voice The Love Song. The love between a groom and bride 161
The kingdom was divided after the days of Solomon. The ten tribes of Israel in the north never had a king who obeyed God. The 19 kings of Israel were all evil. Only eight of the twenty kings of Judah in the south were good and two of those became evil in their old age. People sometimes listened to God if their leaders showed an example.
Divided kingdom 1 Kings 12-14Kings of Judah (Rehoboam) and Israel (Jeroboam) 985 BC 163
1 Kings 15-16Wicked kings of Israel (Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri) 964-922 164
The Second Curse Drought
1 Kings 17-19Elijah and the showdown on Mt. Carmel Chinese "Double Dawn" (899)
876-796 BC
First Olympic games 776 BC
1 Kings 20-22The wickedness of Ahab and Jezebel 166
Divided Kingdom

The Third Curse
2 Kings 1-7Elisha takes over the work of Elijah 167
2 Kings 8-13Elisha 169
2 Kings 14-16Many kings of Israel died by assassination and their kingdom was taken over by another. But the kingdom of Judah passed from father to son171
2 Chronicles 10-36The division of the kingdom and the kings of Judah 172
Obadiah 1God warns Israel's enemies not to gloat at her misfortune 847-825 181
Joel 1-3Israel is restored in the Day of the Lord 825-809
Jonah 1-4Jonah is forced to warn the Assyrians of impending wrath 794-772 182
Amos 1-6Warning to Israel and surrounding nations before the invasion of Assyria 767-755
Rome founded in 753
Amos 7-9Punishment of Israel185
The Fourth Curse
2 Kings 17-20King Shalmaneser of Assyria invades and exiles Israel 722 BC 186
Hosea 1-4God calls Hosea to marry an unfaithful woman.
? As you read about the lives of other prophets compile a list of the strange things that God asks them to do. Why?
Rome founded
Hosea 5-14God appeals to Israel and Ephraim 188
Assyria Isaiah 1-12Judah and Jerusalem 739-681 BC

Asshur-banipal's Library 668 BC

Steel invented 700 BC
Isaiah 13-23Warning to the nations195
Isaiah 24-25The Day of the Lord198
Isaiah 26-27Voice The Song at the End of Days. The millennium198
Isaiah 28-29Three of Six woes of sinners in Israel 199
Isaiah 30Voice Song of Israel in Egypt. (Isaiah 30: 29). The fourth woe 200
Isaiah 31-33Final two woes of sinners in Israel
Isaiah 34-35God ransoms Zion201
Isaiah 36-39The threat of Assyria and Babylon202
Isaiah 40-48Messiah The Lord is our Creator and Redeemer 203
Isaiah 49-57Messiah The Redeemer will save205
Isaiah 58-66Messiah The Redeemer will come208
Micah 1-7Beginning of Assyrian captivity (722 BC). Warning to evil doers and hope for those who wait 733-701 211
The Assyrian invasion removed ten tribes of Israel in the North. In the south were the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and some priests from Levi. These people became known as the Jews
Kingdom of Judah 2 Kings 21Manasseh was the most evil king of Judah Manasseh 213
2 Kings 22-23 ? Although Josiah was a good king, the punishment that was postponed could no longer be delayed. He removed all traces of idolatry from Israel and kept the law. How does this return to righteousness just before destruction mirror the end of time?
Battle of Megiddo (609 BC). Josiah is killed by Pharaoh Neco of Egypt (2 Kings 23: 29-30). Israel came under Babylonian protection and lost independence.
600 BC
Zoroastrian Religion Began

Battle of Carchemish (605 BC)
Babylon Rules the World
Nahum 1-3The wrath of God on Assyria. The wicked destroyed 214
Zephaniah 1-3Waiting for the invasion of Babylon and the Day of the Lord 215
Habakuk 1-3Israel waits for the invasion of Babylon as their punishment.
? What does he teach about the source of suffering and those who cause suffering? If God sent Babylon to punish Israel then why does He take revenge on them?

The Fifth Curse
2 Kings 24-25King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon invades and exiles Judah 597-586 BC 217
Jeremiah 1The call of Jeremiah 218
Jeremiah 2-38The warning to Judah 219
Jeremiah 39-45The fall of Jerusalem, sanctuary destroyed and Judah exiled 586 BC

Second Babylonian exile
Jeremiah 46-51Jeremiah warns the nations and Babylon231
The first temple was destroyed in 586 BC. They were ruled by Babylon for 70 years.
The second temple was destroyed in 70 AD, 656 years after the first exile in 597 BC.
Jeremiah 52The final days and the destruction of the city and temple
Lamentations 1-5Jeremiah weeps over the desolated city
Psalm 137Weeping over Jerusalem while in captivity in Babylon
Babylon Ezekiel 1-3The call of Ezekiel 593-559 BC
Ezekiel exiled in 597
Ezekiel 4-24Judah and Jerusalem236
Ezekiel 25-32Warnings to the nations 243
Ezekiel 33-39The restoration of Israel 246
Ezekiel 40-48The temple and city of God 248
Daniel 1Daniel and his friends are faithful to the covenant 597 BC 251
Daniel 2Prophecy: Babylon is the first of a series of empires 596 BC
Persia Daniel 7Prophecy (Curse #3): Wild beasts persecute Israel (539-334)549-539 BC

Persia conquers Medes and Lydia (546BC)
Daniel 8Prophecy: Evil attacks the sanctuary and people of God
Daniel 9: 1-19The Jews are exiled because they broke the covenant 253
Daniel 9: 20-27The Prince of the Covenant will come with righteousness
Daniel 10-11Prophecy: The 2300 year future of world empires 254
Daniel 12Prophecy: The sealing of Daniel's book until the end of time
Persia Zechariah 1-7Judgment of Israel. Israel escapes from Babylon.
? Notice how the events and symbols parallel the book of Revelation where the end of the world and the gathering of Israel is compared to the fall of Babylon.
538 BC
Buddhism Began
Zechariah 8-11The gathering and deliverance of Israel 536 BC 257
Zechariah 12-14Messiah The comings of the Messiah. His acceptance by Israel 536 BC 259
Persia Haggai 1-2The house of God was founded by Zerubbabel 520 BC 260
Esther 1-10Enemies try to exterminate the Jews but Esther is sent as a forerunner to plead their case as the Jewish queen of Persia 483-473
Ezra 1-6Enemies discourage the Jews, led by Zerubbabel, as they try to rebuild 536-516 264
Ezra 7-10After the walls were rebuilt, feasts kept 457 BC 266
Nehemiah 1-13He leads the people to rebuild the walls in 52 days and to keep the laws and feasts 445-415 BC
Artaxerxes 1
1 Chronicles 1-9Genealogies from Adam to Ezra written by Ezra.
Info It was important to establish genealogies because the priests must come from the tribe of Levi and the Messiah must be able to trace His lineage to Judah. 70 years in Babylon may have blurred those lines.
458 BC

Greek civil wars (431-404)
Malachi 1-4The messenger of the covenant who is like Elijah comes as a forerunner to the Prince of the covenant. He restores the relationship between Israel and God so that the land will not be cursed.
? Notice the sins of the people and the threat of the curse.
423 BC
Darius II
The Silent Years. There are no more prophets for 400 years until John the Baptist and Jesus 400 BC - 4 BC
Greek This period included the exploits of the Maccabeans against Hellenism 334 - 63 BC
Temple Corrupted The temple was desecrated by Antiochus IV Epiphanes in (167 BCE) and triggered the Maccabean revolt 168 BC
Roman The occupation of Israel began when Pompeii conquered Jerusalem 63 BC - 4 BC
The New Testament
(Birth and Baptism)
Matthew 1-4 Jesus is born six months after John the Baptist. John is the forerunner who introduces Christ to the world.
? God came to tabernacle with us in a body like ours!
Test Immediately, Jesus is tested in the desert for forty days by Satan before He begins His 3.5 year ministry.
? How did Jesus pass the tests that Adam and Eve failed?
4 BC - 27AD
Augustus Caesar, Tiberius Caesar
Mark 1
Luke 1-4 279
John 1
Elijah Comes Forerunner The first coming of "Elijah" to reconcile Israel to the Messiah
(The Lamb of God)
Matthew 5-20 God sends the Prince of the covenant to reconcile the world to Him by suffering the death and the curse that they deserved. Jesus introduces the love and character of God to the people through His own example.
? How many parts of the sanctuary does Christ emulate? (Lamb, living water, veil, door, bread, wine, vine, priest, light)
27AD - 31AD
Tiberius Caesar
Mark 2-10 285
Luke 5-18 288
John 2-11 292
Timeline of the Last Week of Jesus
- Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Night Day Night DayNight DayNight DayNight Day - Night 1 Day 1 Night Day 2 Night Day 3
Nisan 9 Nisan 10 Nisan 11 Nisan 12 Nisan 13 Nisan 14 Nisan 15 Nisan 16
Mary's oil and tears. Anoints, washes feet Donkey
Fig tree
-Upper Room CrucifixionPassover Lamb Killed Dead
Wavesheaf Resurrection
Jerusalem Teaches in Jerusalem Suffering Dead, Buried Resurrected
Lamb salted, legs washed Lamb
Lamb examined Roast, Boil, Eat Swallow Vomit
The Seed comes to die ArrowJesus in the bowels 3 days and nightsArrow
Priest washed, Anointed Ministry to Jerusalem in the Temple Final sacrifice in the middle of the week
Priest is ordained through 7 days. Stays at the temple door Lord Appears
Ordained and Embalmed Matthew 26: 7-15
Mark 14: 3-10
John 12: 1-8
Mary washes and anoints Jesus with oil as king and priest and embalms him for death as the Lamb 8 days before he appeared to her after His resurrection Nisan 9, 31AD 295
Leviticus 8-9 Priest is ordained then the Lord appears in glory on day 8
Passover Lamb Selected and Examined Matthew 21-23Christ fulfills the covenant in His final week and becomes the only human who is faithful to the covenant.
? God reconfirms the covenant with Christ and His children (the church). So, we must be born again out of Christ. How?
Nisan 10-16, 31AD
The 12 Tribes
Mark 11-12297
Luke 19-20298
John 12299
The End of the World Matthew 24-25 Jesus predicts the signs at the end of the world and the destruction of Jerusalem.
? How does the signs of the destruction of the world and the temple mirror the signs of the destruction of His body?
Nisan 12, 31AD300
Mark 13 301
Luke 21
Passover Lamb Sacrificed Passover Crucifixion Jesus becomes the Passover Lamb and satisfies the requirements for all the offerings for all the feasts and begins the schedule of feasts
One LORD G-d 1 Law Immanuel. Here is your God! Jesus introduces Himself and the Father to us
Psalm 41 Christ is betrayed Nisan 13, 31 302
Matthew 26-28Christ suffers the wrath of God for us in His final 3 days. His sanctuary was disassembled and destroyed.
? How does circumcision, baptism and communion represent the death and the curse suffered for us by Christ?
Cut Christ was circumcised after paying for our sins.
Nisan 14-16, 31AD
Mark 14-16304
Luke 22-24305
John 13-21306
Psalms 22, 69Messiah Christ suffers rejection, hatred, ridicule and loneliness.
Test How does Christ's testing at His baptism and at His death involve every test of the righteous?
Nisan 14, 31AD
Isaiah 53
Psalm 16, 30 Voice Temple Dedication Song (Psalm 30). Christ is in the grave Nisan 15 310
Barley Harvest Barley At His resurrection Christ raises the people who are the first fruits from the dead earth as proof of the resurrection Nisan 16, 31AD
Psalms 68, 100 The Resurrection. Christ is victorious Nisan 16
After 490 Years Messiah Prince of the covenant keeps the covenant in one week Messianic Prophecies Study Lessons
The Siege of Christ Messiah Christ is besieged by Israel in the final week
The Wrath of God Messiah Christ suffers the wrath of God for three days
The Curses on Christ Messiah Christ suffers all the curses of the law (Deuteronomy 28)
The Seder Messiah Christ becomes the Passover seder in the last 9 hours
Psalms Messiah The Messianic prophecies in the Psalms
Job Messiah The suffering Messiah is abandoned and mocked by all
All Offerings Fulfilled Messiah Christ becomes all offerings and sacrifices
The 5 Signs of Judaism Messiah Christ on the cross fulfills the five signs of Judaism
Gospel in the Heavens Messiah The heavens predict the timing of the Plan of Salvation
Summary of Prophecies Messiah The Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament
High Priest Revelation 4-5Jesus is the wavesheaf offering, who is inaugurated as the permanent High Priest of a better covenant and the sanctuary in heaven, is also king of righteousness and peace Nisan 17-23, 31AD 311
Hebrews 1-13 312
Zechariah 3-4Jesus is judged, resurrected and sends the Holy SpiritNisan 15 - Sivan 5316
Pentecost Pentecost The High Priest gives gifts. He sends the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
Early History (30 Years)

The Early Rain
Former Rain Rain The Holy Spirit is poured out to get the first fruits of the church Sivan 5, 31AD 317
Acts 1-2The Holy Spirit is sent to fulfill the covenant by the new birth
Wheat Harvest Wheat The Spirit harvests 3000 people who are the foundation of the body of Christ
Acts 3-7The Jews reject the message of the disciples and stoned Stephen. They began to persecute the church 31-34AD 318
Acts 8-11The Gentiles are part of the covenant and the Gospel is first preached to an Ethiopian Eunuch King Agrippa 1 320
Acts 12Herod Agrippa 1 persecutes the church and dies by being eaten by worms (Acts 12: 23). Peter released from prison 44AD
Paul's Missionary Journeys
Acts 13-151. Antioch to Seleucia, stoned in Lystra. Returned to Antioch King Agrippa 2 322
Acts 15:36-18:222 (61/62 A.D.) Paul and Silas. Timothy and Luke. Beaten and imprisoned in Philippi. Released by an earthquake 323
Acts 18:23-21:173. Antioch to Jerusalem. Riot in Ephesus. Eutychus falls from a window324
Acts 21:18-26Back in Jerusalem. Paul is beaten and arrested after the priests and Ananias brought charges Governor Felix, Festus 325
Acts 27-28Rome. Paul goes from Caesarea to Rome as a prisoner. He was shipwrecked on Malta King Agrippa 2 327
The letters tell the people of the covenant how they should live
Brothers of Jesus ? Jesus had four brothers and some sisters including Jude and James (Matthew 13: 55-56; Mark 6:13). They did not believe in Him (John 7: 3,5). They and his mother thought that he had gone insane (Mark 3: 21, 31-35; Luke 8:19-21; Matthew 12: 46). Prophecy says that he was estranged from his brothers (Psalm 69: 8). How has their attitude changed since the resurrection?
James 1-5(50's AD). Perseverance under trial with faith, works, patience and mercy 328
Jude 1The judgment of the cursed wicked throughout history
Letters of Paul to the Gentile Church (51 AD). The church faced opposition and persecution from the Jews in Thessalonica and Berea.
1 Thessalonians 1-5Paul expresses appreciation for the church 329
2 Thessalonians 1-3Persecution and affliction are indications that God has judged you righteous!
? This unjust suffering will be avenged in the end. What amazing legal purpose does unjust suffering serve?
Galatians 1-6(48 or 53 AD). Justification through the works of circumcision or faith331
(52 AD - 56 AD). Corinth was a Greek city located between two sea ports on the Adriatic and Aegean seas. It was the home of many heathen temples, temple prostitutes, street prostitutes and gross immorality.
1 Corinthians 1-4Having wisdom and submitting to hardship 332
1 Corinthians 5-10Judging immorality and idolatry in the church333
1 Corinthians 12-14Spiritual gifts and the gift of love334
1 Corinthians 15-16Resurrection335
2 Corinthians 1-7Transformation into a new creature and a temple of God through Christ336
2 Corinthians 8-9Generosity in supporting workers in Christ337
2 Corinthians 10-13Paul's response about opposition to him as being unimpressive338
Romans 1-5(56 AD). Faith is based in knowledge and an inner conviction in all of usX
Since faith is not based on irrational, illogical, unscientific reasoning then the arguments of the unbeliever are at war with his or her inner self. This inner Witness will condemn him or her in the judgment.
? What arguments and systems does the unbeliever use to squash this inner witness?
Hint: Peer pressure, tradition, mislabeling your position, cares of life, "science", the acceptance of sin.
? Can you work with the Holy Spirit to tap into this conviction that they are trying to suppress?
Romans 6-8Dead to sin and alive to righteousness when we and the law are spiritual 340
Romans 9-11Israel, the children of the promise and the children of the call 341
Romans 12-16Living the Christian life in love and sacrifice 342
Ephesians 1-5(60 AD). Marriage, unity in Christ and conversion of the inner man 343
Ephesians 6The fruit of the Spirit
Philippians 1-4(61/62 AD). Second journey. Right motives and perfection in Christ 344
Colossians 1-4(62 AD). Law and grace. Becoming more like Christ and less like the world 345
Philemon 1(61-62 AD) House Arrest in Rome for Two Years. Paul appeals to the owner of runaway slave in Colossae, Onesimus as brothers in Christ 346
Titus 1-3(62 AD). Duties of the righteous to leaders, others and government
1 Timothy 1-6(62 AD). Church discipline, authorities in the church and world 347
2 Timothy 1-4(64 AD). Sound doctrine and sound reasoning 348
Peter's Letters 1 Peter 1-5Submitting to unjust suffering and trials 63-64 349
2 Peter 1-3Growing in maturity until the day of the Lord 350
Persecution. Emperor Nero was persecuting the Christians between 67-68 AD.Nero -
Temple destroyed Temple Destroyed. After a 3.5 year siege (66-70 AD), general Titus destroyed the temple70 AD
John's Letters Persecution. Emperor Domitian persecuted the Christians between 81-96 AD. John was exiled to the Isle of PatmosDomitian
1 John 1-5Jesus is our shining advocate 90-95 351
2 & 3 John 1Incorruptible seed abiding in Christ with brotherly love
Revelation 1-22Prophecies of the future 95 A.D. -
The High Priest and King
Revelation 1-3The Passover Lamb and High Priest keeps the covenant with His church 352
Revelation 4-5Christ the wavesheaf offering, inaugurated as King of the covenant 353
Revelation 6The king reads the covenant and executes its judgments 354
Curse 1 Dragon Fear, Slavery. The curses are sent because people became slaves to sin
The People of the Covenant Revelation 7The Holy Spirit seals the people of the covenant
Drought Drought The church is in apostasy and ignore the Holy Spirit and the word of God
Curse 2 Dragon Famine, Drought. There is famine for the word of God538-1798
Trumpets Trumpets The world is called to prepare for the judgment
Revelation 8-11Judgment on those who broke the covenant355
Curse 3 Dragon Lost Children. Schism and apostasy in the church
Yom Kippur Yom Kippur The righteous are sealed and vindicated in the judgment 1844-End
Elijah Comes Forerunner The second coming of "Elijah" to reconcile Israel to the Messiah
Latter Rain Pentecost The High Priest gives gifts to the final generation
Latter Rain Rain The Holy Spirit is poured out on the people of the covenant
Revelation 10: 1-4A new Creation: God acts to recreate the righteous people of the covenant
Fruit Harvest Fruit The righteous nation is ready to meet their God
Revelation 10Prophesy Again: No more delay. The prophecies of Daniel are unsealed
Revelation 11French Revolution: The fall of the Papacy
Revelation 12The evil empire tries to destroy the Prince and the people of the covenant 356
Babylon the Great Sets up an Evil Religious Empire Revelation 13The evil empire builds their own sanctuary and covenant.
? Why is the final testing of the righteous hard, but the test for the wicked is easy? What is the test? They refused to rest!
The Time of the End
Signs of the Times
The Mark of the Beast
Curse 4 Dragon Global Siege. The beast captures, entices the whole world
Idolatry 2 Law Babylon the Great is a center of idolatry and witchcraft
Zechariah 5The woman under judgment is set up in a temple in Babylon
The Antichrist
(2 Thessalonians 2)
The evil king conquers and persecutes the church and sits in the temple of God as if he is God
Daniel 11:40-The king of the north sets up a tabernacle in Israel
Babylon Returns Babylon returns after 2520 years and persecutes the church.
? How is Daniel's courage a model for those facing persecution? Should he have prayed out of sight? How does compromise allow evil to win?
1981 - End of Time 358
Daniel 3
Daniel 4-6
Passover Cup 1 Cup 1   I will bring out. The call to come out of Babylon 359
Crossing Over: The Last Census and Last Exodus. Just before we cross over to the Promised Land, the final generation is numbered and the law and covenant is repeated with a warning about the final curse
Revelation 14Last warning to obey the covenant and the SHMA
Name of God 3 Law God gives His name to His people and numbers them
Passover Cup 2 Cup 2   I will deliver. The righteous are rescued from sin
Revelation 15The last exodus over the Sea of Glass360
Passover Cup 3 Cup 3   I will Redeem. The righteous are safe as the wrath is sent
Psalm 79: 6-7 Wrath is poured out on the wicked (Lamentations 3: 66)
The righteous are spiritually separated from the wicked and waiting for their physical separation
Babylon the Great Falls
(1 Year)
Curse 5 Dragon Wrath of God. The seven last plagues are the wrath of God The Day of the Lord

The Final Curse Destroys the Wicked
Revelation 16The curses of the covenant are poured out on the wicked in the 7 last plagues. God destroys their sanctuary of idolatry
Psalm 73, 75 Wicked Judged (Read Psalm 50,73-83) 58, 94
Revelation 17God destroys the evil political alliances of Babylon the Great 365
Revelation 18God destroys the economy of Babylon the Great.
? Why are the clergy, politicians and businessmen singled out for punishment more than any other occupations?
Jeremiah 50-51The fall of Babylon 366
Zephaniah 1-3The day of the Lord
Revelation 16: The sixth plague. The start of the Battle of Armageddon
Zechariah 14: 1-3The start of the Battle of Armageddon
Second Coming
(Seventh Plague)
Reaping Reaping Jesus separates the wicked from the righteous
Passover Cup 4 Cup 4   I will take. The resurrection and the rapture
Revelation 19God destroys the wicked and rescues His people. He resurrects the righteous dead and raptures all the righteous
? Read about the rapture in 1 Corinthians 4: 13-18
Resurrection, Rapture
Succos Cup 5 Cup 5   I will be your God. Adoption. We become children of God
The Abyss on Earth (Millennium)
(1000 Years)

Feast of Booths In Heaven
Sabbath 4 Law God gives rest to the earth, the righteous and the wicked367
Succos Cup 6
Feast of Booths
Cup 6   I will bring you to. We are taken to the Promised Land
Scapegoat Scapegoat Satan is the scapegoat who is banished to the desolate earth
Revelation 20: 1-6Satan is imprisoned and exiled on the earth because of the curse. All the wicked are dead and exiled to the grave. All the righteous are exiled to heaven.
The land keeps Sabbath 1000 years
Isaiah 13-14The fall of Lucifer. He walks among the rotting corpses
Ezekiel 28The fall of Satan, the king of Babylon the Great
Isaiah 24-27The earth in the millennium. The Day of the Lord 367
Battle of Armageddon Finished Revelation 20: 7-15The Battle of Armageddon destroys the wicked 368
Zechariah 14: 12-15The wicked are destroyed
Ezekiel 38-39Satan attacks the city
Zechariah 14: 4-5The New Jerusalem lands on the Mount of Olives
Death, Hell, Judgment The Judgment and destruction of the wicked. The wrath ends
Heaven on Earth
Tabernacles Tabernacles The righteous inherit the earth and live with God forever Eternity

The Blessings
Isaiah 11,12,65The peaceful kingdom
Succos Cup 7 Cup 7   I will give. We inherit the Promised Land
Revelation 21-22Paradise Restored. The righteous receive the blessings of the covenant. God is the sanctuary.
There is no more curse (verse 3)
Zechariah 14:4-11There is no more curse

The Torah Portion Reading Plan
It begins the first Sabbath after Simchat Torah (Tishri 23). Each reading starts on a Sabbath and includes related readings from the prophets. Additional readings are said on special days and Sabbaths. Some portions are doubled up to accomodate the extra readings on special days.
WeekPortion (Parshas)TorahHaftarah [Prophets]
Rosh Chodesh
(First Day of Month)
Shabbat Mevarekhim (Sabbath Before Rosh Chodesh). 1 Samuel 20: 18-42
Maftir Week Day. (Numbers 28: 1-15).
Maftir Sabbath. (Numbers 28: 9-15). Isaiah 66: 1-24
71BereishitIn the beginning
1:1-6:8Isaiah 42:5-43:11 (or 42:5-42:21)
8Rosh Chodesh (Chesvan (Bul)) (Month 8)-
2NoachNoah - Rest6:9-11:32Isaiah 54:1-55:5 (or 54:1-10)
3Lekh LekhaGo forth, yourself12:1-17:27Isaiah 40:27-41:16
4VayeiraAnd He appeared18:1-22:242 Kings 4:1-4:37 (or 4:1-4:23)
5Chayei SarahLife of Sarah23:1-25:181 Kings1:1-1:31
9Rosh Chodesh (Kislev) (Month 9)First rainbow occurred
6ToldotGenerations25:19-28:9Malachi 1:1-2:7
7VayeitzeiAnd he went out28:10-32:3Hosea 12:13-14:10 (or 11:7-12:12)
8VayishlachAnd he sent32:4-36:43Hosea 11:7-12:12 (Obadiah1:1-1:21)
9VayeishevAnd he settled37:1-40:23Amos 2:6-3:8
Victory over Syrian Greeks
(Defiled Temple Rededicated)
Maccabean Revolt (167-153 BC). The desecrated temple was rededicated after a one day supply of oil miraculously lasted eight days
Feast of Dedication
(25 Kislev - Tevet 1)
Maftir Sabbath 1. (Numbers 28:9-15). Zechariah 2:14-4:7
Maftir Sabbath 2. (Numbers 7:54-8:4). 1 Kings 7:40-50
10Rosh Chodesh (Tevet) (Month 10)Jerusalem breached
10MiqeitzAt the end of41:1-44:171 Kings 3:15-4:1
11VayigashAnd he drew near44:18-47:27Ezekiel 37:15-37:28
Asara b'TevetFast (Tevat 10) Bread Fast of the Tenth Month. Exodus 32: 11-14, 34: 1-10. Zechariah 8: 19.
Jerusalem under seige by Nebuchadnezzar in 588 BCE
12VayechiAnd he lived47:28-50:261 Kings 2:1-12
1:1-6:1Isaiah 27:6-28:13; 29:22-29:23 (Jeremiah 1:1-2:3)
14Va'eiraAnd I appeared6:2-9:35Ezekiel 28:25-29:21
11Rosh Chodesh (Shevat) (Month 11)On the first day of Shevat, Moses and Israel reached the Promised Land after 40 years (Deuteronomy 1: 3)
The New Year For Trees
15BoEnter10:1-13:16Jeremiah 46:13-46:28
16BeshalachWhen he let go13:17-17:16
Voice The song at the sea
Judges 4:4-5:31 (or 5:1-5:31)
Voice The song of Deborah
Shabbat shirah Sabbath of Song
17YitroJethro - abundance18:1-20:23Isaiah 6:1-7:6; 9:5-9:6 (or 6:1-6:13)
Tu beShevat Trees New Year For Trees (Shevat 15) Deuteronomy 20: 19Psalm 104: 16-17; 120-134
18MishpatimJudgments21:1-24:18Jeremiah 34:8-34:22; 33:25-33:26
Shabbat Sheqalim Half shekel census money reminder Maftir (Exodus 30:11-16). 2 Kings 11:17-12:17 (or 12: 1-17)
Shabbat Sheqalim occurs on Rosh Chodesh (Adar 1)
12Rosh Chodesh (Adar) (Month 12)-
19TerumahOffering25:1-27:191 Kings 5:26-6:13
20TetzavehYou shall command27:20-30:10Ezekiel 43:10-43:27
Shabbat ZakhorBlot out the memory of Amalek Deuteronomy 25:17-19I Samuel 15. Haaman was a descendant of Agag, King of the Amalekites
Feast of Lots (Purim)Victory over Persian plot to annhilate the Jews
Ta'anit EstherFast of Esther
(Adar 13)
32: 11-14; 34:1-10Bread Isaiah 55:6-56:8
Feast of Esther Purim (Adar 14) 17: 8-16Esther 1:1-10:3; Psalm 3:3
21Ki TisaWhen you elevate30:11-34:351 Kings 18:1-18:39 (or 18:20-18:39)
Shabbat ParahPurification Maftir (Numbers 19:1-22). Ezekiel 36:16-38 (or 36:16-36)
Parah Adumah (Red Heifer) Purification in preparation for Pesach
22VayaqhelAnd he assembled35:1-38:201 Kings 7:40-7:50 (or 7:13-7:26)
PequdeiAccountings of38:21-40:381 Kings 7:51-8:21 (or 7:40-7:50)
Hebrew calendar (Nisan 1) Maftir (Exodus 12:1-20). Ezekiel 45:16-46:18 (or 45:18-46:18)
1Rosh Chodesh (Nissan (Abib)) (Month 1)The first month of the religious calendar year.
The year to count months and the reign of kings
23VayiqraAnd He called
1:1-5:26Isaiah 43:21-44:23
24TzavCommand6:1-8:36Jeremiah 7:21-8:3; 9:22-9:23
The Great Sabbath (Nisan 10) NoneMalachi 3:4-24
Ta'anit Bechorim Fast of the firstborn (Nisan 13) Bread It commemorates the fact that the firstborn Jewish males were saved during the final plague in Egypt
Victory over Egyptian Slavery Maftir (Numbers 28: 16-25). Exodus 12: 21-51,33: 12-34:26,34: 1-26,13: 1-16,22: 24-23:19,34: 1-26,9: 1-14,13: 17 - 15: 26. Joshua 3:5-7; 5:2-6:1; 6:27, 2 Kings 23: 1-9, 21-25, Ezekiel 36:37-37:14,
Voice 2 Samuel 22: 1-51 (King David's Song)
Feast of Unleavened Bread.
(Nisan 15-21)
First Fruits Nisan 16 Exodus 34:1-26; Numbers 28:19-25
Song at the Sea (Nisan 21) Voice Exodus 15: 1-21. Sung on the seventh day of Pesach
Messiah's Feast (Nisan 22)Pray Yizkor. Deuteronomy 14: 22-16:17. Isaiah 10: 32-12:6
26SheminiEighth9:1-11:472 Samuel 6:1-7:17 (or 6:1-6:19)
2Rosh Chodesh (Iyar) (Month 2)The counting of the Omer occurs from Nissan 16 - Sivan 6
27TazriaShe bears seed12:1-13:592 Kings 4:42-5:19
MetzoraInfected one14:1-15:332 Kings 7:3-7:20
28Acharei MotAfter the death16:1-18:30Ezekiel 22:1-22:19 (or 22:1-22:16)
QedoshimHoly ones19:1-20:27Amos 9:7-9:15 (Ezekiel 20:2-20:20)
29EmorSay21:1-24:23Ezekiel 44:15-44:31
Lag B'OmerDay 33 Day 33 of counting the Omer. Day to rejoice
30BeharOn the mount25:1-26:2Jeremiah 32:6-32:27
BechuqotaiIn My statutes 26:3-27:34Jeremiah 16:19-17:14
3Rosh Chodesh (Sivan) (Month 3)Law Written. The giving of the Torah and the giving of the Holy Spirit
BamidbarIn the wilderness
1:1-4:20Hosea 2:1-2:22
Feast of Weeks.
Day 50
(Sivan 6)
Ten Commandments given on Mount Sinai.
Maftir (Numbers 28: 26-31). Exodus 19:1-20:23.
Ezekiel 1:1-28; 3:12; Habakuk 2:20 - 3:19
(Sivan 7)Pray Yizkor. Deuteronomy 14:22-16:17.
32NassoElevate4:21-7:89Judges 13:2-13:25
33Beha'alotkhaIn your making go up8:1-12:16Zechariah 2:14-4:7
34ShelachSend13:1-15:41Joshua 2:1-2:24
4Rosh Chodesh (Tammuz) (Month 4)Afflictions of Israel
35KorachBald16:1-18:321 Samuel 11:14-12:22
36ChuqatOrdinance of19:1-22:1 Song at the Well (Numbers 21: 17-20) Judges 11:1-11:33
37BalaqBalak - Destroyer22:2-25:9Micah 5:6-6:8
TearsShiva Asar B'TamuzFast of Tammuz 17 Bread Fast of the Fourth Month. Begins three weeks of national mourning in which many calamities occurred
38PinchasDark-skinned (Phinehas)25:10-30:1Tears Week 1. 1 Kings 18:46-19:21
39MattotTribes30:2-32:42Tears Week 2. Jeremiah 1:1-2:3
MaseiJourneys of33:1-36:13      Jeremiah 2:4-28; 3:4 (2:4-28; 4:1-4:2)
5Rosh Chodesh (Av) (Month 5)Destructions
40 DevarimWords
1:1-3:22Tears Week 3. Isaiah 1:1-27
(Vision of the destruction of the temple)
Shabbat Chazon-Sabbath of vision None
TearsTishah B'Av
Destruction of both temples. Ninth of Av (586 BCE and 70 CE) Bread Fast of the Fifth month. (Sunset to Midnight (or Noon))
Torah. Deuteronomy 4:25-40; Exodus 32:11-14;34:1-10
Haftarah. Jeremiah 8: 13-9: 23; Isaiah 55: 6-55: 8
41 Shabbat NachamuSabbath of Consolation Seven Sabbaths. The readings between Tisha B'Av and Rosh Hashanah console us after the temple destruction
Va'etchananAnd I pleaded3:23-7:111. Isaiah 40:1-40:26
Fifteenth of Av- Decree to end 40 year wandering in the desert
42EiqevAs a result7:12-11:252. Isaiah 49:14-51:3
43Re'ehSee11:26-16:173. Isaiah 54:11-55:5
6Rosh Chodesh (Elul) (Month 6)
The month of divine mercy
Trees Elul 1. New year for cattle (animal tithe).
Begins 40 days of introspection ending on Yom Kippur
Shabbat Selichot40 Days: Elu1 1
10 Days:Tishri 1-10
Jews go to the synagogue every day in the morning watch to pray until Yom Kippur for 40 days or 10 days
44ShoftimJudges16:18-21:94. Isaiah 51:12-52:12
-Messianic Prophecy:
His Sanctuary/body is destroyed
Isaiah 52:13-15; Isaiah 53.
These texts are excluded from the Jewish reading
45Ki TeitzeiWhen you go out21:10-25:195. Isaiah 54:1-54:10
46Ki TavoWhen you enter in26:1-29:86. Isaiah 60:1-60:22
47NitzavimYou are standing29:9-30:207. Isaiah 61:10-63:9
VayeilekhAnd he went31:1-31:30     Isaiah 55:6-56:8
7Rosh Chodesh (Tishri) (Month 7)The new year for counting years. Month of judgment
Victory over Egypt and Babylon The People Rest. Babylon fell (Tishri 16). Noah's ark rested (Tishri 17)
Shofar Rosh HashannahFeast of Trumpets
(Tishri 1)

Maftir (Numbers 29: 1-6). Genesis 21: 1-34, 22: 1-24. 1 Samuel 1:1-2:10. Jeremiah 31: 1-19
Tzom GedaliahTishri 3 Bread Fast of the seventh month. Murder of the Judean governor appointed by Nebuchadnezzar ended with the people fleeing to Egypt and kidnapping Jeremiah.
2 Kings 25: 22-26; Jeremiah 39: 13-14; 40:1-41:18
49Ha'azinuGive ear32:1-52
Song of Moses Song of Moses
2 Samuel 22:1- 22:51
King David's Song (King David's Song)
Shabbat ShuvahSabbath of Return and Repentance NoneHosea 14:2-10; Micah 7:18-20
Yom Kippur
Goat Goat
Day of Atonement
Day of the Covering
(Tishri 10)
BreadBread Fast (Sunset to Sunset). Pray Yizkor
Maftir (Numbers 29: 7-11). Leviticus 16: 1-34, 18: 1-30; Isaiah 57: 14-58:14; Jonah 1: 1- 4: 11; Micah 7: 18-20
SukkahTishri 11-15 The next five days are spent building the sukkah
Feast of Booths (Tabernacles)
(Tishri 15-22)
Maftir (Numbers 29: 12-16). Numbers 29: 17-34, Leviticus 22: 26-23: 44, Exodus 33: 12-34: 26, Zechariah 14: 1-21,1 Kings 8: 2-21, Ezekiel 38: 18-39:16
Hoshana RabbahGreat Deliverance (Tishri 21) Maftir (Numbers 29: 26-34)
Shemini AtzeretConclusion of Sukkot (Tishri 22) Pray Yizkor Deuteronomy 14:22-16:17.
Maftir (Numbers 29:35-30:1). 1 Kings 8:54-9:1
Vezot HaberakhahAnd this the blessing33:1-34:12Joshua 1:1-1:18 (or 1:1-1:9)
Simchat TorahRejoicing in the Torah (Tishri 23) Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12; Joshua 1:1-18
Maftir (Numbers 29:35-30:1). Genesis 1:1-2:3
Feast Special Feast Days. Regular readings are suspended. Days are listed in their approximate location
Maftir Maftir. The Torah portion that authorizes the holiday Pray Prayer: Yizkor. Prayer for the dead
Haftarah: Sephardic differences are in parenthesis. Fasts: Bread (Dawn-Sunset) BreadBread (Sunset-Sunset)
Special Sabbaths: Four Parshiyot: Other Torah readings Other Sabbaths: Same Torah readings
Voice Other Special Songs. Isaiah 26-27, Isaiah 30: 29, Song of Songs, Joshua 10:12-13

Bein Hametzorim (Between the Tragedies).
Several tragedies occurred during the three weeks between the fasts of the fifth and seventh month. We highlight this phenomenon to show that the feasts and fasts may point to a prophetic pattern that may be repeated at the end of time.

Study to show yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.   2 Timothy 2: 15 Time: 100 minutes
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