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Important News
• [2014] Pope and evangelicals call for unity.
• [26 September 2012] The scapegoat appeared on Yom Kippur to address the UN and taunt Israel.
• [Now] Revelation of modern science in the Bible (Chemistry, physics, DNA) could spell doom for atheism
• [Now] Pending conflict between Israel and Iran could signal fulfillment of Zechariah 12.
• [Future] Europe will not cling together. They will try but it will not last (Daniel 2).
• [11 May 2012] Court rules that NSA and Google can keep their spy relationship a secret.
• [15 December 2011]Pope renews efforts to take control of Jerusalem. Read Arutz Sheva Article
Eternity New Creation New Heaven and Earth The righteous nation of Israel inherits Earth
Not FulfilledClosed Final Judgment Righteous Israel On Earth Wicked raised, judged, annhilated in hell fire
Not FulfilledClosed Millennium Righteous Israel In Heaven Wicked Are Dead. Satan Bound On Earth
Not FulfilledClosed Second Coming Israel Ressurected-Raptured Earth reduced to a primitive state (Abyss)
Not Fulfilled Closed Plagues Israel Protected Nations In Fear, Distress, Economic Collapse
Not FulfilledSigns Sign From GodSatan Satan AppearsPowers Of Heaven Shaken
Not FulfilledFuture Angel 3Avoid plagues Sunday Laws Mark Of The Beast
Not FulfilledFuture Persecution Israel Distressed Catholic • Europe • USA • Nations United
Not FulfilledFuture BacklashThe Beast Makes War Loss (people, economy, business, status)
Not FulfilledFuture Economic ShiftThe "Goodness" Economy Economy based on slavery, vice, power falters
Not FulfilledFuture Angel 2 Exodus from BabylonAngel Rainbow Church - Israel Union Gospel quickly spreads to all religions-nations
Not FulfilledFuture MiraclesLatter Rain Choose Jesus Important Rules
Rising Immorality subdued by fear
Not FulfilledFuture ImportantIsrael besiegedSifted Israel Crisis Important Jerusalem is a stumbling block
ImportantFuture Angel 1 God is CreatorBible Science Atheism and Idolatry Fall. Jesus Christ accepted as Messiah
Important2015 Adventist ChurchBible Science LGBTQ, Seminaries, Colleges, Evolution taughtBeast War
Important2015 LGBTQ DominationBible Science Immorality. Educaton of children taken overWar
StsYear Event Church Israel Catholic Europe USA Nations
CurrentNow Economic Woes ... Iran Power SeekingEconomic Crisis Middle East uprisings Natural disasters increase
Fulfilled2008 KnowledgeBible Science God restores the nation and the Torah. Dead Sea scrolls (1947)
Fulfilled2001 Middle EastGod restores spiritual knowledge about the Mishkan (Sanctuary) ScandalsEU
Fulfilled1991 Babylon Communism Falls Disasters
Fulfilled1981 Babylon Babylon The Great Rises Wars
Fulfilled1960 Immorality Immorality, Drugs, Atheism Wars
Fulfilled1948 Israel Israel Regaining Power Lateran treaty (1929)EU Dominant UN
Fulfilled1918 Monarchies End Scattered for about 2000 years Wars and Rumors of Wars
Fulfilled1844 AwakeningSanctuary Religious Awakening Evolution
Fulfilled1798 Papacy FallsChurch French Revolution USA Atheism
Knowledge Increases Religious Knowledge Science Knowledge Increases

I has finished updating this page since 2012. Then waited until I saw the events in 2015-2016.
I archived the old news and decided to focus on the incredible gift that God gave me in 2008 for its impact on the future. I had expected God to do something dramatic to break the impasse. I thought that it would occur because of the incredible miracles of the Latter Rain in conjunction with seeing the great sign of Israel, former enemies of Christ, accepting Him in significant numbers. Unexpectedly, the trigger could be seeing the evidence of over 700 new Messianic prophecies or quantum physics and the periodic table of chemistry in the Bible. It would be the equivalent of seeing the animals migrate to the ark after ridiculing Moses for 120 years. I thought this might be enough to melt the hearts of atheists and attract God fearing people of other religions to turn to the one and only true God. It should put fear and respect in the hearts of the most ardent pleasure seekers. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that God had evidence to deal with us on a level that even scientists would respect.

Church News: Witnessing To All Nations
The only real sign of the end is the preaching of the Gospel. Therefore any supernatural sign of help from God to reach all people and all groups and all enemies which breaks down resistance is a huge development.
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LessonBible Science proof
FutureThose who lost power fight back
FutureRapid Global Evangelism
FutureLatter Rain Miracles
FutureChristianity and Judaism are respected
FutureOther religions turn to YHWH
FutureAtheists and Scientists dumbstruck
FutureBible science knowledge spreads
2015GC and church has been taken over
NowSlow evangelism
2008Dec 21. Extraordinary Bible Science
2008November. Atheist bus ads (USA)
2008October 21. LHC officially launched
2008October 21. Atheist bus ads (Britain)
2008Jan. Atheist billboard (USA)
2001-700+ new Messianic prophecies
1916-Global evangelism tools
1844-Slow evangelism
Church News: The Spreading Of The Gospel
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Matthew 24: 14)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
Resources Bible Science2008 Reaching atheists, scientists, other religions made easier
VolunteersNow Evangelism
Facebook2003 Evangelism
Internet1998 Evangelism
Satellite1957 Evangelism
TV1927 Evangelism
Radio1916 Evangelism
Since Hanukkah 2008 (December 21), we have been given powerful tools to confront the most resistant mindset with the type of proofs that they demanded. These requirements were set on a standard so high that nobody thought that it would be possible to reach. Faith can now be placed on a par with and even higher than scientific reasoning.

» Satan Has Taken Over The SDA Church (2008-2015). A Jesuit campaign working since 1994 openly but quietly working since at least 1978 in Takoma Park and maybe as early 1900. Actively took over in September 2015. Fired or retired old pastors, teaching evolution while disparaging creation, actively teaching spiritulism and not teaching Ellen White's warning.
» The Scorn And Wrath Of Satan (2008). Simultaneously, in the year 2008 Satan boldly attacked and ridiculed God by launching advertising campaigns around the world promoting atheism and ridiculing God. God responded to the challenge supernaturally that year with the amazing knowledge of science in the Torah. It was a desperate move on Satan's part and a cosmic irony.

» The Large Hadron Collider. On the same day as the bus campaign, the LHC was officially inaugurated, to hunt for small particles including the source of mass, gravity and dark matter. God would reveal these to me beginning on 21 December 2008 to 2011. Ironic? Learning of these dates and coincidences in April-May 2012 I cannot help but see a cosmic drama, tit for tat, move and countermove at work.

Angel 2 Worship God The Creator. The message of the first angel has been given a mighty boost. We have now scientifically proven that God is the creator with very compelling, mathematical clear and logical set of evidence. We have the "Extraordinary proof" that critics believed we would never possess! Like Napoleon at Waterloo one day atheists will say "God Almighty has been too much for me!"

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LessonIsrael accepts Yeshua as Messiah
FutureRapid Global evangelism
FuturePeople cling to Jews (Zech 8: 23)
FutureChristian Unity
FutureAccept Jesus
FutureJerusalem occupied by papacy
FutureBesieged by the nations
FutureActions angers the nations
FutureConflict over Jerusalem
NowReject Jesus
NowPotential conflict with Iran
NowNuclear Facility Israel threatens Iran's nuclear
2007Nuclear Facility Israel strikes Syria's nuclear
2006Second Lebanon war. with Hezbollah
2005Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni negotiated to give Holy Basin to Vatican
1982Lebanon war. Hezbollah formed
1981Nuclear Facility Israel strikes Iraq's nuclear
1973Israel (Yom Kippur War)
1967Six Day War. Jerusalem united
1949Jerusalem divided (Israel and Jordan)
1948 State of Israel created after 2000 years
1947 Dead sea scrolls
1933-45Holocaust genocide
1922UN Mandate to establish Israel
Israel News: The Acceptance Of Jesus As Messiah
Israel Recognizes Jesus. For I say to you, from now on you will not see Me until you say, 'BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!' (Matthew 23: 39)
Unity As A Global Sign of Jesus. The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me. (John 17: 22-23)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
Resources Torah1500 BC Word of God
Mishnah170 AD Documents Oral Traditions
Jerusalem1000 BCThe envy of the nations
History2200 BC Their origin and history
These major events need to be fulfilled. First, they recognize the Torah science. Next they recognize the Messiah. This happens in context of an emergency in which their actions anger the nations and they are besieged by their neighbors. Then they join the Christian church in spreading the Gospel. The world sees them as people who were called by God.
» Convergence. Jews have been fighting their neighbors since 1948. Why is this the event or time in which Zechariah 12 could be fulfilled? The potential conflict with Iran with the Middle east turmoil in conjunction with the Torah science discovery says that this particular flare up with Iran may be the conflict that fulfills prophecy.
» The Vatican And The Hernia Stone. Zechariah 12 says that Jerusalem will become "a burdensome stone" to the nations.
The Vatican wants Israel to cede Jewish sovereignty on the holy sites. These include the King David's Tomb complex and the "Holy Basin". The "Holy Basin" refers to the Temple Mount, Western Wall, the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion and a variety of Christian holy sites.
The administration of USA presidents recommends that Jerusalem be administered under a "special regime" or designated an "international zone". This is language set up by the UN at the formation of Israel in 1948 to allow Jerusalem to be taken back and ruled by an international administration appointed by the UN.

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ArticleAdventist History
LessonSigns Of The Times
FutureSatan impersonates Second Coming
FutureMark of the beast persecution
FutureSunday laws
FutureFinal movements are rapid
FutureLatter Rain
FutureUnion of Catholic church and USA
NowFastest growing church
2008SDA discovers Mishkan science
2001SDA discovers 700+ new Messianic prophecies
1981Protestants unite with Catholics politically
... Building hospitals, schools, international networks
1844"Prophesy Again"
1844Sanctuary doctrine
1844October 22. Great Disappointment
Church News: Seventh Day Adventist Prophecies
But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (Daniel 12: 4)
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ResourcesSanctuary2008 Mishkan science origin
Internet2010Amazing Facts TV
Internet2010 AWR Podcasts
Satellite2003 HOPE TV, ATN (1995)
Satellite1984 3ABN
TV1966Amazing Facts
TV1956It Is Written
Radio1929 Voice of prophecy, ARN
In the "time of the end" religious and scientific knowledge began to increase. The church began in the disappointment of the Millerite movement with a desire to learn about the sanctuary that was cleansed and restored. God has given them knowledge about the spiritual treasures so that they can reassemble or restore the knowledge of the sanctuary. Now, the prophecy of Daniel 12 is totally fulfilled in them. They are not only the repository of spiritual knowledge about the sanctuary, but of scientific knowledge far superior to the knowledge of the godless scientists.
God could have given this information to the Jews to magnify that nation and the Torah. However, He gave it to this particular church to focus on what the orthodox Jews could not , that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. So God, the Torah, Moses, Israel and Jesus Christ are magnified.

Between 2001-2011, we have been given 700+ new Messianic prophecies from the Bible and from Jewish oral law. Between 2008 and 2011, the pattern of the Mishkan has been shown to be a pattern of the four blocks of the Periodic Table, a unified model of the quantum physics of hydrogen and the DNA structure. In addition, other stories and signs point to a detailed knowledge of DNA replication and the function of the pituitary gland. All these were written between 3500 and 4000 years ago. We can even show that the Periodic Table of chemistry demonstrates what created on each day of creation and actually proves the timeline of the first two days of creation, seriously damaging the claims of evolution.
Yet, the science to understand them only began to be studied since 1869 after the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev had a dream! The source of Mass and gravity are still are under investigation at CERN, using the particle accelerator in a race to detect it. Yet we know what causes the properties of mass and gravity and mass is not caused by a single particle. Give the Nobel prize to Moses!
Can critics continue to say that the Bible is "not a book of science, but an evil book that is full of myths and fables"? Does the Bible have "nothing relevant to say about science"? Can atheist continue to put up billboards, mocking the "f---ing stupid myths"?
Yes, Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and God has just made a brilliant chess move.
So what does the person who is critical of religion, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity have to say? If they are honest, then they must ask the following questions.

Apostasy Signs: Making The Antichrist
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LessonAntichrist (Little Horn)
FuturePapacy falls again
FutureEvolution not a fact. Pope not infallible
FutureControls Europe
FutureRules Jerusalem
NowTrying to get Jerusalem
2017Catholic church plans to announce take over of Protestants on Halloween (October 31)
2015SDA church officially taken over
2012Vatican - center of money laundering
2004UN: Full membership (July 1)
2003EU: Sunday laws as labor laws
200?European nations outlaw religious symbols and attire
2000Agreement with Arafat on Jerusalem
1999Pope says evolution a fact
1994-95Worldwide Church of God taken over
1993EU: Sunday must be the only rest day
1986Virgin Mary appearances increase
1981EU changing from economic to political
1980Protestant Moral Majority in politics
1964UN: Permanent observer (April 6)
1948UN rules about Jerusalem
1945European Union (EEC)
1929Lateran Treaty. Papacy rises
DateDoctrine of infallibility
1798Pope imprisoned. Papacy falls
Church News: Revealing The Man Of Sin
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day [the day of Christ] shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (2 Thessalonians 2: 3)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
Resources UN2004Full membership
Evolution1999 Agrees with scientists
EU1945 Helped found union
Opus Dei1928 Evangelism
Jesuit1534 Evangelism
- Keys to heaven and earth
1870 Infallibility
1215 Forgive sins or not
1190 Indulgences
1050 Eucharist (mass)
One his way to cementing the claim that he is the voice of all moral authority in the world, the pope really wants to get his hands on Jerusalem.
» A Cookie Cutter Secularist. Whether atheist or secular or religious agenda, the European governments are helping to promote the idea that everyone should look and think alike by throwing away any symbols of religious affiliation (except a small cross, or nun's habit or ...). This movement was first imposed on school children and now on the public. They do not recognize any sort of claim of modest attire for religious reasons.
» Cookie Cutter Thinking. Thinking on the same line, the nations are outlawing any expression that offends another religion, even in private.
» A Cookie Cutter Religion. At the same time the pope is supporting the efforts to make it a constitutional item that Europe is "founded on Christianity". Interestingly, the American conservative Christians are strongly promoting the claim that the US constitution is based on Christianity. Their purpose is clear. Laws that are anti-Christian are therefore unconstitutional.

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LessonA Woman Rides The Beast
LessonThe Last Powers
FutureGlobal economic collapse
FutureNations Unite to persecute Christians
FutureEuropean "Union" breaks up
NowMiddle east conflict
NowAll economies are being undermined
2012Iraq, Iran, Greece (Daniel 7: 12)
2011Jefferson Bible published in color
2001USA (lamb becomes dragon)
1989Berlin Wall falls
1981European "Union" 10 nations
1957-?Papacy: Unite Europe - EEC (Money)
1945IMF and World Bank
1938-45Hitler: Unite Europe -War
1919League of Nations (United Nations)
1918Treaty of Versailles. Monarchies fall
1917First communist state in Russia
1914-18Kaiser Wilhelm: Unite Europe - War
1866-71Bismark: Unite Europe - War
1819-01Queen Victoria: Unite Europe - Marry
1798Jefferson Bible idea
1798Papacy Falls
1795-12Napoleon: Unite Europe - War
1789-99French Revolution - secularism, communism, atheism
Political News: Church And State Union
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Matthew 24: 14)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
Resources UN1946 Security council puppet
NATO1949 Europe and USA
Military All nations
Sharia Law Islam
Canon Law Catholic church
  • Atheism. Many countries are implementing laws which treat religion as a myth to be stamped out and replaced with humanist agendas. Therefore, laws about toleration forbids saying anything that offends another. This clearly disregards the beliefs of the religious. Christianity has a specific world view. We are under attack by the enemy of God and we have a duty and obligation to warn people about the danger. What we cannot do is to force people to comply with our rules but we have a right and duty to say it.
  • United States. Who will believe that we will become the worst offenders. The religious right is continually thwarted by political candidates who pretend to believe in their moral agenda.
  • Europe. The union is adopting tolerance laws while favoring a brand of Christianity. Religious agendas are hidden as social benefits. Sunday laws are now labor laws and laws to strengthen families. Any attempt to legitimize other days of rest are defeated on a social welfare basis, not a religious one.
    » Prophecy (Daniel 2). There will be several attempts to unite Europe but they will not stick to each other.
    » Prophecy (Daniel 7: 12). An extension of life was granted to Babylon, Persia and Greece for an appointed period of time. Now all three countries are making news for different reasons. Greece's economic woes may cause it to leave the Eurozone. Iran is threatening Israel and may make a bid for dominance in the region. Iraq was just demolished by Babylon the great. They all seem to be catalysts for prophecy.
  • Catholic Church. They believe they have a right and duty to control governments.
  • Islam And Sharia Law. All Islamic countries are a theocracy.
  • Jefferson's Secret Bible. He conceived the idea in 1798-99. First published in 1804 and expanded in 1820. Given to new members of congress since 1904. Published in color and put on display by the Smithsonian in November 2011. It removed all the objectionable parts of the Gospels, including the miracles, resurrection, deity of Jesus. It was meant to be useful to all religions.

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LessonSigns Of The Times
FutureSatan impersonates Jesus
FutureAntichrist takes over Jerusalem
FutureDemon possession rampant
FutureOccult activity increases
FutureCounteract Bible Science (Ha! Ha!)
FutureSatanic Plan: Occult/Possession
NowDivorce, illegitimate births
NowMedia promotes immoral messages
NowLegalized gay marriages spreading
NowDays of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah
2012Trials April 10. One government phone ID
2008God ActsDec 21. Extraordinary bible science
2008Global Atheist ad campaigns
2004Trials Facebook
2002Trials May 10. Biochip implants
2002Trials Nov 25. DHS (Homeland Security)
1996-98Trials Google web crawler
1991Trials World Wide Web
1980sNew Age movement
1980Trials Experian Credit bureau (#2)
1974-80Trials SQL relational databases
1973Trials GPS
1972Genetic Engineering
1969Gay liberation
1960Sexual immorality, drugs
1968Trials Transunion Credit bureau (#3)
1960God Acts Love, peace, equality, brotherhood
1952Trials November 4. NSA
1947Trials September 18. CIA
1928Trials October 2. Opus Dei
1917Communism with atheism
1900sGod Acts Economic and Social Justice
1899Trials Equifax Credit bureau (#1)
1862Trials IRS (pay war debts)
1859"Origin of the species"-Charles Darwin
1789-99French Revolution - secular, atheist
1794"Zoonomia". Erasmus Darwin
1794Satanic Plan: Evolution - Atheism
1700sGod Acts Divinely Inspired Knowledge. Light
1600Horoscopes as "Christian astrology"
1534Trials August 15. Jesuits
1510Slavery as big business
600 BCAstrology Babylon
4004BCYou shall be God, You shall not die
31 ADSatanic Plan: Darkness
31 ADGod Acts Jesus is crucified. Frees slaves
4004BCSatanic Plan: Kidnapping - Slavery
4004BCGod Acts Creation
Cosmic News: Satanic Activity
Therefore rejoice, you heavens, and you that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time. (Revelation 12: 12)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
ResourcesEvolution1794 Education in atheism
Media1940'sSocial propaganda
Hollywood1940's Immorality
Internet1998 Porn
Drugs1900s Entertainment
TV, Radio1927 Promiscuity
Horoscope1600 Occult education
God starts great movements and Satan hijacks them and overturns their mandate so that practically nothing of their original purpose remains.
Unfortunately, the message is so murky and so owned by its evil advocates that it is difficult to wade in and separate the good from the bad, because the vitriolic narrative will not let us make those distinctions.
» Summary Of Basic Tactics. Every divinely inspired measure has been met with a counter move. Power, fear, sex and money and no God to answer to in the end. This is the message.
  • Slavery (Eve) [4004 BC]. Satan trapped Adam and Eve into sin and stole dominion over this planet.
  • Darkness (Crucifixion) [31 AD]. After Jesus freed us from slavery to sin Satan resorted to stopping the proclamation of freedom or distorting the Gospel message.
  • Evolution And Atheism (Knowledge) [1700s]. When God increased knowledge, Satan hijacked the science to leave God out of the process. When atheists started mocking God with their ad campaigns in 2008, God responded with extraordinary proof of Bible science on 21 December 2008.
  • Occult Possession (Bible Science Knowledge) [2008]. Spiritual and psychological rape. Based on the prophecies showing occult activity in the end, and Satan possessing important people at the crucifixion to do his will I am guessing that he will resort to these desperate forceful measures again.
    Faced with evidence of God, his tactic will be to criticize God and blame him for current conditions.
» Persecution Technology. Satan is planning to usurp the technology available to those in power. The assets of every institution which serves the public will be used for the persecution. It is a shame that we are helping them to rapidly populate the databases which will be used to persecute us.
  • Social Media [2004]. Facebook, LinkedIn and all social sites collect list of family, friends, classmates, religious affiliation, likes and photographs which can all be scooped up in a minute when the dragnet is set in the persecution. In 2000 the only real way that they could track some of this social connection was through the IRS.
  • Credit Bureau. Equifax, Transunion, Experian, Innovis and PRBC will definitely be used to implement the "do not allow buying or selling" order.
  • Government Spying. The government intelligence footprint has grown significantly since Homeland Security was formed. The efforts to collect data on private citizens is in high gear.
    On 10 April 2012 the phone companies announced that they will cooperate to create one government database which will assign a unique ID to each phone to facilitate tracking phone theft. This closes a pre-paid phone loop hole and only assists spying.

World Signs: Birth Pains - But Not The End
Sometimes an earthquake is just an earthquake and there is no end-time significance attached to it. These are the signs that motivate us and spur us to talk about the end, but Jesus says they are not important signs of the end.
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LessonProphecies of Jesus. Signs of the end
DateWars [Casualties]
FutureBattle of Armageddon [All Wicked]
FutureGreat economic fall starts in USA
Future Nations Persecute the saints
Future Businesses assist in persecution
FutureArab Nations (+) against Israel
NowNuclear Facility Israel threatens Iran's nuclear
2011Egypt. Revolution. Treasures looted
2011Libya Civil war. Surrenders (2003)
2010-Arab uprisings (Many Islamic states)
2007Nuclear Facility Israel strikes Syria's nuclear
2007Ethiopia attacked by USA gunships
2003Torture acceptable to Americans
2003-10USA and Iraq
2002Department of Homeland Security
2001-?USA and Afghanistan
2001September 11. Islam Vs USA [3,016]
1994Genocide: Tutsis-Hutus [1,000,000]
1992Cold War ends
1991USA and Iraq Gulf war [100,000]
1988Genocide: Saddam-Kurds [100,000]
1981Nuclear Facility Israel strikes Iraq's nuclear
1979-80Iran revolution. 52 USA hostages
197?-80Iran and Iraq [2,000,000]
1970-75Cambodian War - Pol Pot [4,000,000]
1966-76Indochinese war [1,000,000] Tibet
1956-73Vietnam War [6,020,000]
1950-53Korean War [3,500,000]
1945Nuclear BombAtomic bomb -Hiroshima-Nagasaki
1938-45Genocide: Nazis - Jews [6,000,000]
1938-45World War 2 [79,531,000]
1922UN Mandate to establish Israel
1917-21Russian Revolution [9,000,000]
1915-18Genocide: Turks-Armenia [1,500,000]
1914-18World War 1 [37,000,000]
1804-15Napoleonic Wars [7,000,000]
1793-4Reign of Terror [16 - 40,000]
1789-99French Revolution [1,000,000]
World News: Increasing Wars And Conflicts
You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom ... (Matthew 24: 6-7)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
Resources UN1946 Security Council
NATO1949 USA and Europe
US Air Force1947 World police
USA Navy1798 World police
USA Army1775 World police
IMF1945 High interest rates and national debt bondage
World Bank1945
Many despots in their efforts to acquire and maintain power have murdered and massacred millions. All these are the fruits of Satan's rebellion. However, only the conflicts involving certain nations are a sign of prophetic fulfillment. So we will only concern ourselves with the history of the forces that will be important at the end of time.
  • United States. Destined to follow the wishes of the church. It will persecute.
  • Europe. Destined to be a broken Roman empire, it will persecute.
  • United Nations. Their role in prophecy seems to be as a puppet. There will not be a one world government or one world religion. The Antichrist will attempt to set up a global religion by force.
  • Israel. It is destined for a final war with its neighbors in which they will accept Jesus Christ.
  • Arab Nations. They are destined to besiege Israel. Their prophecies tell them they will have victory. However, the Bible says that God will fight for Israel.
  • Papacy. It has no real army but it has used and will use the power of the nations to do its will again.
  • Private Companies. Internet based companies like FaceBook and Google are gathering personal data that is bound to be used for persecution. Names, birthdate, address, phone numbers, pictures, e-mails, religious affiliation, lists of friends and their friends, families, coworkers, places worked, schools attended, likes, dislikes are all valuable information for marketing but they are great for persecuting quickly. Maps and pictures of your homes and snooping on private networks to gather passwords. Information we thought that it would take a while for government to compile, we are giving away for free and more. Unbelievable!
    Where would you run if the persecution began next week. What information is not public and can you trust that your place of refuge is not with people who were also careless about their information. I tried to keep out of the fray, but I was sidelined by "Friend requests" linking my email address to them and their demographic information.

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LessonProphecies of Jesus. Signs of the end
DateDisaster [Deaths]
FutureEarthquake splits the earth in 2
FutureEarth falls from its axis
FutureGlobal Famine
NowCigarettes: World [5,016,000] Annual
NowCigarettes: USA [420,000] Annual
2010BP Gulf oil spill [205 million gallons]
2008Cyclone Nargis Myanmar [146,000]
2005Hurricane Katrina [1,816] $81.2 billion
2003Heat Wave: Europe [37,451]
1985Hole in the ozone layer
20119.0 Quake Japan [18,000] tsunami
20107.0 Quake Haiti [316,000]
20087.9 Quake China [87,652]
20057.6 Quake Pakistan [80,240]
20049.3 Quake SE Asia [443,929] tsunami
DateEarthquake Trends [Deaths]
2010-1144 Quakes 7+ [341,524]
2000-09144 Quakes 7+ [465,364]
1990-99153 Quakes 7+ [114,646]
1980-89105 Quakes 7+ [58,880]
1970-79156 Quakes 7+ [815,956]
1900-49110 Quakes 7+ [979,574]
1800-9937 Quakes 7+ [146,111]
DateFamine [Deaths]
NowFood Crisis: Horn of Africa [?]
1996-98Famine: North Korea [1,200,000]
1984Famine: Ethiopia [1,000,000]
1974Famine: Bangladesh [1,000,000]
1967-69Famine: China [1,000,000]
1958-61Famine: China [5-43,000,000]
1936-43Famine: China+India [12,000,000]
1932-34Famine: USSR [5,000,000]
1921-23Famine: Ukraine [7-10,000,000]
1907Famine: China [24,000,000]
1876-79Famine: China [13,000,000]
1876-79Famine: India [10,000,000]
1870-72Famine: Persia [2,000,000]
1846-49Famine: Irish potato [1,500,000]
Date Volcanos [Deaths]
1815Volcano Tambora-no summer [92,000]
1883Volcano Krakatau [36,417]
1792Volcano Laki - no summer [9,350]
1792Volcano Unzen [14,300] tsunami
535Volcano Krakatau 18 months global darkness [Millions] Changed history
79Volcano Vesuvius [3600]
World News: Increasing Natural Disasters
... and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. (Matthew 24: 7-8)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
Resources UN1945 World security
Doppler1988 Weather forecast
Satellite1959 Weather satellites
PTWC1940 Tsunami warning
Media1997 Emergency Alert System
US Military1775 Equipment, expertise
Charities-Emergency assistance
» Earthquakes. Since 1991, there has been a clear trend in more devastating disasters caused by hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.
Prophetically, there is only significance if these disasters are increasing in intensity and volume, but that can be hard to measure until you compare several decades. The USGS says earthquakes are not increasing but that is not the case. Even using data from the time when earthquake monitoring began, there is a clear trend of more severe earthquakes.

» Climate Change. Severe weather and extreme weather conditions have followed this phenomenon. There are bigger waves, more tornados, hurricanes and severe heat. The climate has steadily grown hotter since 1991, breaking records every year.
  • Hurricanes and Cyclones. 2008. Haiti has 4 hurricanes in 3 weeks. A record 28 tropical storms formed in the Atlantic in 2005. 5 category 4 and 5 hurricanes struck land in 2005. 6 storms landed in Florida in 2004.
  • Tornados. In 2003 and 2004 over 500 tornadoes occurred in one month. There were 1875+ tornados in 2008.
  • Heatwave. The average temperature has been increasing since about 1991 breaking heat records every year.
» Volcano. They have been used as signs and judgments.
  • Vesuvius. The eruption punished the Roman legion who slaughtered the Jews and stole the temple treasures.
  • Krakatau. It has been used to cause global disasters to mark the beginning and end of an important prophetic period.
  • Laki. There was no summer and this volcano changed history.

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LessonProphecies of Jesus. Signs of the end
FutureEvery knee shall bow to God
FutureGreat global economic collapse
FutureSatan fakes a Second Coming
FutureOccult-Demon Possession
FutureBusinesses help to persecute
NowHomosexual political power
Today100,000 children start smoking
201227% births to cohabitating parents
2008USA: Divorce rate = 40%
2008Atheist billboards blaspheme, mock
2005Couples cohabitating [5,400,000]
2003Businesses gather personal data
20??Garbled language (internet slang)
200212% births to cohabitating parents
1998 Psychic mediums - John Edward
-Drugs: 55% federal and 21% state incarceration
1998Cost/oz. Marijuana ($10.41) Cocaine ($169.25) Heroin ($1,798.80)
1991Psychic Friends Network
1986 Crack cocaine - poor can afford
1982The VCR boosts the porn business
1980sThe New Age Movement
1980sUSA: Pedophile priest abuse cases began to be reported. 4,392 priests and deacons by 2004 between 1950-2002
1980's Genital Herpes, AIDS (1981)
1965Voting Rights Act. Blacks vote
1960'sModern nightclubs
1960's Steep rise in STD rates
1960's Sexual "liberation"
1960FDA approves birth control pill
1960Couples cohabitating [430,000]
1952-69Project Bluebook. UFO sightings
1950s STD rates drop with vaccines
1933Alcohol: Prohibition ends (1920-33)
1925 Scope's Monkey Trial. Teach evolution
191019th Amendment - Women's Vote
1914 Sale of heroin and cocaine restricted
1848Spiritualism - Fox sister's hoax
1840s Temperance Movements
1848Women's Suffrage movement (Vote)
1494French: Syphilis kills 5,000,000
1161? Gonorrhea "the burning"
World News: Social News
Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. (2 Peter 3: 3-4)
ResourcesTools • Gifts • Resources
Resources AlcoholYear Entertainment
Drugs1960s Entertainment
2003 Communication
Internet1998 Online dating
Nightclub1960s Entertainment
TV1927 Entertainment, Sports
Hollywood1911 Entertainment, movies
This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (2 Timothy 3: 1-4)
  • Days Of Noah. This is a hedonistic generation. We are obsessed with acquiring more things and displaying our wealth. Pleasure seeking, partying, eating drinking, marrying, divorcing living together in all sorts of arrangements while mocking God in the process.
  • Sodom And Gomorrah. The homosexual community has achieved political and social strength. In many countries and states same-sex marriage is becoming legal, although same-sex civil unions has been legalized for longer.
  • Children. Sexually active at a younger age and more violent. The out-of-wedlock pregnancies have grown both inside and outside the church.
  • Atheists (Blasphemers). Since about 2006 atheists have launched a billboard advertising campaign to ridicule religion. Simultaneously, famous atheists have been launching books around the end of the year openly disparaging God and making the case for their religion. Stephen Hawking (2010), Penn Jilette (2011) and Steven Jobs. The Australian prime minister openly announced that she is an atheist.
Given the 2008 revelation of science in the Bible, this sudden need to declare their superiority in all things rational seems like a hail Mary pass from Satan and an almost comical lining up of the Haman dominos for the eventual embarrassing fall. The Bible IS a document for those of rational minds. Unbelief is the irrational outlier.

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ArticlePatterns in prophecy
LessonThe Seven Trumpets
DeathFiery Death. Second Coming
Angel ExodusAngel Exodus. Visible Rapture
FutureThe Kings From The East
Ark Protected in the temple from wrath
The Seven Last Plagues (Wrath)
FutureThe End Of Time
FutureGlobal economic collapse from USA
FutureBabylon The Great Falls
FuturePapacy Falls
FutureUnusual Migration signs: Jews ...
NowIran gaining power. Threatens Israel
NowNuclear Facility Israel threatens Iran's nuclear
NowMiddle East uprising
NowHomosexual political power
2011Jefferson politically correct bible
2008-Global economic recession from USA
2007Nuclear Facility Israel strikes Syria's nuclear
2005Somali pirates in north Africa
2003Babylon the great (USA) and Iraq
1991Babylon the great (USA) and Iraq
1991Berlin Wall and communism falls
[7th Head]
Secret union to end communism
Pope and USA president wounded
Europe has 10 nations [10 Horns]
USA expelled from Persia
1981Nuclear Facility Israel strikes Iraq's nuclear
1978War: Babylon (Iraq) and Persia (Iran)
1948Israel gathered from the nations
1844"Prophesy Again"
18??Middle East Turmoil - Ottoman fall
1798Thomas Jefferson plans secret Bible
1798Pirates on Barbary coast (N. Africa)
1789-99Papacy falls in French Revolution
1798The Time Of The End
31 ADThe Crucifixion. Exodus from earth
539 BCBabylon falls in war with Persia
1500BCExodus from Egypt (Idolatry)
Angel ExodusAngel Exodus. Sodom, Egypt
Death Fiery Death. Sodom and Gomorrah
Ark Noah's Ark. Protected from wrath
Unusual Migration sign: Animals come
World News: Converging Signs
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luke 21: 28)
ResourcesSigns • People • Places
Resources Moses1500BC Exodus, plagues, law
Babylon539 BC Exodus, economic fall
Egypt1000BC Slavery, idolatry
Sodom2123BC Homosexuals in power
Noah2574BC Exodus, preaching
It is "Back to the Future" for the final events. God deliberately made a comparison between the final powers and the ancient ones. This gives us information about the future events. They will mimic the past so that we can have confidence in our strategies and maintain hope where our forefathers failed under the strain of the unknown.
Conditions in the world will be like the following:
  • Israel (1948). A scattered Israel has been regathered from the nations for the first time since 136 AD when Emperor Hadrian banned them from Jerusalem and destroyed the city.
  • Economic Collapse. The economies of Babylon and Egypt fell. At the end, the global economic collapse begins with the USA.
  • Babylon The Great [Seventh Head Of Dragon] (1981).It rose 2520 years after ancient Babylon fell in 539 BC. Then the pope and the USA president united to eradicate communist Russia.
  • An Ancient War: Babylon and Persia (539 BC and 1978). Babylon fell in a war with Persia and are defeated by the Persian "kings from the east".
    Modern Babylon (Iraq) was at war with modern Persia (Iran), pulling in a new power who inherited the title of Babylon the Great. Now Persia is on the rise because the wars with Babylon the Great have devastated ancient Babylon.
  • Fall of The Papacy (1798, Future). The Papacy fell during the French Revolution. In that period there was atheism and pirates in North Africa and Jefferson planned a Bible that would be acceptable to all people.
  • Sodom and Gomorrah (2123 BC). They fell by fire and brimstone because of criminal homosexual persecution.
  • Sodom and Egypt. An exodus out of homosexuality and idolatry.
  • Noah (2400 BC). He was protected from the storm after warning a hedonistic world concerned with pleasure seeking.
  • Moses And The Exodus (1500 BC, Future). Through mighty miracles, he convinced the people to leave and the slave master to let them go.
  • Angel Leader Exodus Led By An Angel.
  • 150 Years Of Satanic Domination. According to the fifth trumpet, the darkness of the beast from the abyss will last 5 months (150 years), ending 6000 years of Satanic domination. God's people suffer 40 periods of time (40 x 150) under his rule.
    • The Nation of God (1798-1948). Fall of the papacy to the establishment of Israel after 2000 years.
    • Communism (1841-1991). Karl Marx on the evils of religion as the "opiate of the people" to the fall of communism with the Berlin wall.
    • Atheism Theories (1858-2008). "Origin of the Species" by Charles Darwin to "Modern Science in The Bible" revealed after 3500 years.
The ancient events and their details are a blueprint of events to come.

World Signs: The Persecution Matrix
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ArticlePersecution technology
LessonMark of the beast
It answers who is gathering what type of information that could have negative consequences during a persecution.
Since most purchases are electronic everyone now stores your credit card information. The existence of the three to five credit agencies makes restriction on buying and selling instantaneous. E-mail and telephone numbers are becoming de facto identification numbers that can easily be linked to your government ID number.
Information Collected
Persecutor Stops Buying And Selling Both Trail Profiling, Tracking And Trailing
Organization Identification Financial Personal
IDNameE-Mail PhoneGPS Acct# Buys Likes Words People Church Photo
Government YesYesYes YesYesForce Yes Force Force ForceForce Force Yes
»Tax YesYesYes Yes  Yes   Y  
»Vehicles YesYesYes Yes   Photo Fingerprint
»Passport YesYesYes Yes   Photo Fingerprint
SpyDHS/ NSA YesYesYes YesGPS GPS Yes Spy Spy Spy Calls Spy Spy Photo FingerprintHome
SpyRoot Server AccessAccessAccess AccessAccessAccess AccessAccessAccess AccessAccessAccess
Businesses Financial and Customer Demographics Marketing information
»Employer YesYesYes YesY Yes   Yes
»Bank YesYesYes YesGPS Yes Yes Yes  
»Paypal YesYesYes YesGPS Yes Yes Yes   YesYesYes
»Vehicles  YesYes YesGPS Yes Yes Yes  
»Stores  YesYes Yes  Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Landlord YesYesYes YesThese have access to your home for any reason including spying.
The utilities and delivery men are to be trained in this for DHS
Utilities YesYes Yes Yes
»Phone YesYesYes YesGPS Access Spy Access
»Cable YesYesYes YesAccess Movies Calls Access
»Internet  YesYes Access Search Access
Social Media and Clubs  YesYes YesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SpyGoogle Calendar Google Talk Google Voice Shop Google Chrome Google Earth YouTube
Spy YesYes Google Mobile Yes Wallet Search GMail Google +You Google Maps Home
SpyFacebook E-mail, name, sexual orientation   List family, friends, hobbies, jobs Album
»YesYes Yes  Yes   Yes Yes YesYes Yes Photo
»Twitter YesYes Yes  Similar Yes Yes Y Photo
»Church ?YesYes Yes  Family Yes Yes
Spy Spy. [GPS. GPS Car GPS Phone] . Home Home Force By Law or Force Biometric ID. Photo Photo Fingerprint Fingerprint
Yes Issues Unique ID Yes Collects Data Access Can intercept information travelling through their gateway or highway
Name = demographic information (name, address, gender, race). Social media sites do not directly collect address

» Profiling and Tracking (2003). Since the birth of the internet, a certain class of information is now speedily becoming available to the power hierarchy that has never been available before. The amazing fact about this is that the marketing geniuses have figured out or stumbled upon a way to make you cough up the information to find, track and trail you, your friends and significant others. If you have an e-mail address there is no way to avoid being caught into this dragnet. If you are not on Facebook, friends will "friend" you. If you have not given a specific religious affiliation they will assume "birds of a feather" and link you by the "friends of friends" route. If you have not given any pictures then those well-meaning friends will "tag" you in photographs. It seems that we will all get there despite our efforts to lie low.
Like cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land. Proverbs 25: 25 Time: 50 minutes
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