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Mazes and Coloring

Bee Maze
Leaf Bug
Stick Bug
Sea Dragon

Hidden Pictures

Camouflage Hidden

Differences. There are at least six differences.
Picture 1 Picture 2 Answer
  1. Color of the horse
  2. Hair on the horse
  3. Moon
  4. Color of Mary's head covering
  5. Color of Joseph's robe
  6. Insect changed direction
  1. Color of the giraffe on the right
  2. Color of giraffe on the left
  3. Heart pattern on the giraffe
  4. Moon
  5. Rainbow in a different order
  6. Centipede changed direction
  1. Turtle
  2. Star pattern on the giraffe
  3. Moon
  4. Color of Eve's body
  5. Color of Adam's body
  6. Ants

Picture 1 Picture 2 Answer

These are random pairs, no answer is given. There may be at least 4 differences.

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God.   Romans 8:28 All Ages
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