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"You are the child of the Greatest Creator"
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This page lists a schedule and method for producing special Sabbath school programs.
Year Program Focus
1 Bible Heroes Favorite Bible stories
2 The Love of God The Plan of Salvation. What is God doing to save us and to change us?
3 Evangelism - Building the church What we should be doing to change the world.
4 The Creation Taking care of the world. The wonderful creator Jesus.
5 Rescue Me! Great rescue stories in the Bible. God saves us.

Developmental Milestones
Ages Interests Physical Cognitive Skills Skills and Tools
3 Imitation Climbs, kicks, runs, screws and unscrews lids Matching objects and pictures, sorts, simple puzzles Mechanical toys, vertical, horizontal and circular strokes with crayon
4 Fantasy play Kicks ball, throw overhand Draws circles, square, few numbers, some colors Crayon
5 Stories, sing, dance, act Hop, climb, swing Count to 10, four colors Finger paint, clay, crayon, copies geometric shapes, draw person
6-8 Magic, tricks, collections, simple table games Tie shoe laces, catch balls Copies designs, shapes, letters, numbers, reading, writing Scissors and small tools, throwing at targets
9-11 Competitive sports, strategy games, clubs, secret codes, rituals, collections, hobbies Unlimited Fictional stories, projects Cooking, sewing, plays, puppet ministry
Plan crafts and activities based on skills and interests and on your moral teachings. This might be a good opportunity to introduce or enforce your beliefs if they conflict with the relics of the popular culture.

Program Format
Time ActivitySabbath School TimeSpecial Program
Length One hour Two hours
Format 123 1234
15 EarlyEarly birds 15 Early birds
10 SongsSongs SongsSongs 15 Songs Songs Check in Check in
15 StoryStoryStoryBible games
and group activity
30 Story or gameStory Rotate to different stationsStory, craft, music,
games and food booths
20 ActivityLessonsLessons 50 Craft
10 Snacks Snacks 15 Optional
5 ClosingClosingClosingClosing 10 ClosingClosing ClosingClosing

Sabbath School Format
Group Rotation Schedule
Time Period 12345678
ActivityGroup Location
1Craft 1 12345678
2Craft 2 23456781
3Craft 3 34567812
4Craft 4 45678123
5Craft 5 56781234
6Games 67812345
7Movie 78123456
8Snacks 81234567
Group size maximum is 6 to 8 children.
The movie or snack stations can be used to hold the late children until the next rotation.

  1. Regular Class - the traditional class. Children separate into individual classes.
  2. Special Class - the traditional class with a special activity. Either snacks or a craft or a group project. It helps us to plan for special events that occur during the month that are significant to our culture.
  3. Group - All classes meet as one group for a group activity or a special project.

Special Program Format
These programs last during Sabbath School and regular church service. The scheduled time for each activity can vary.

  1. Entertain - Children are entertained by a single performer. This performance could include a group activity with the children. For example, puppet ministry, a game show format, or Bible drills.
  2. Super Sabbath - Children meet to do a single activity. Generally, this is a major craft or it could be a major game or competitive activity. Unless the craft or activity is flexible, this format is not good if you have many late children.
  3. Rotation - Scheduled rotations. Every 15 minutes, each group rotates to a new activity. New or late children must wait for the start of a next rotation to join in an activity. Until then, they can watch a video program or prepare for the next group by getting all the free items that are distributed to each group.
    If you often have children who come late, this format is good. It rewards those who are early because they get a chance to visit all the stations. It also helps the late children to complete a project.
  4. Bazaar or Booths - Support multiple activities. Set up different booths or stations and allow each group of children to rotate to different stations. Children spend ten to 15 minutes at each station. Each station specializes in one activity. Use different devices to track the attendance of Children at different activities.

Sample General Schedule Format
Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Special Program
First Quarter God and Me - A personal relationship New Beginnings
January Class Class Class SpecialSuper Sabbath
February Class Valentine's Day CraftSpecial Class Group
March Class Class Class Class
Second Quarter Family Planting
April Class Class Class SpecialBazaar.
Remember Passover or easter.
May Class Mother's day Class Group
June Class Class Father's day Class
Third Quarter Growing in GodGrowing
July Class Class Class SpecialSuper Sabbath.
Coordinate with vacation Bible school.
August Class Class Class Group
September Class Class Class Class
Fourth Quarter Celebrating the presence of GodHarvest
October Class Class Class SpecialSuper Sabbath or Bazaar.
Remember Christmas and Hannukah.
A Story Quilt
November Class Class Class Special
December Class Class Group Special

Year 1 Bible Heroes and Characters
Month Topic Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Special Program
First Quarter The Friends of God God chooses a friend
January Before the Flood Adam Abel Enoch NoahThe Fathers
The Heros of God
February The Call Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph
March Israel Moses Joshua Peter Paul
Second Quarter The People God chooses a people
April Men Gideon Samson Jonathan Hosea The 12 sons of Jacob.
May Women Eve Ruth Deborah Jezebel
June Children Josiah David Moses Jesus
Third Quarter The Leaders of the PeopleGod chooses a leader
July Prophets Daniel Isaiah Jonah Elijah The Leaders
August Kings Saul David Solomon Hezekiah
SeptemberPriests Aaron Eli Samuel Melchizedek
Fourth Quarter God comes to His peopleGod leads his people
October The Baby Mary Simeon Eli The Baptist Jesus - the Gift from God
The Bible Quilt
November The Disciples Peter Judas Matthew John
December Jesus Birth Life Miracles Mission

Year 2 The Love of God
Month Topic Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Special Program
First Quarter A Relationship with God Talk to God
January Mothers Sarah Rachel Hannah MaryPrayer
Psalm 23
February David Courage Thanksgiving Protection Forgiveness
March Jesus Submission Lord's Prayer Crucifixion High Priest
Second Quarter The Word of God Knowing God
AprilBible Books Writers History Psalms The Armor
May Law Love Commandments Grace Faith
June Jesus Creator Leader Example Redeemer
Third Quarter The Holy SpiritWork for God
July Teaching Samuel Eli's sons Sanctuary Parables The Gifts
August Preaching Children Donkey Stones talk Disciples
September Miracles Storm Possession Ten Lepers Lazarus
Fourth Quarter Growing in GodThe harvest
October Love Ruth Jonathan The Coat JesusThe Fruits
November Patience Job Joseph Abraham Paul
December Peace David Melchizedek Jesus Jerusalem

Year 3 Evangelism - Building the church
Month Topic Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Special Program
First Quarter A family for God Why I believe
January Me Who: Prayer What: Bible study Why: Worship How Much: CommitmentMe and My House.
February Parents Priest Counselor Teacher Discipline
March Family Work Worship Sabbath Church
Second Quarter Friends for God Telling others
April Neighbor Knowing Helping Praying Invitation My Neighborhood
May School Teachers Staff Popular Unpopular
June Friends Siblings School Church God
Third Quarter A house for GodLiving the life
July Reverence Manners People Property Service My Church
August Worship Praising Reading Listening Doing
September People Teacher Deacon Members Pastor
Fourth Quarter A world for GodTell the world
October Missionaries Support Medical Bible workers Inner citiesThe Great Comission.
The World
Evangelism quilt
November Foreign Language Culture People Religion
December World 10/40 Window Atheist Poor Rich

Year 4 The Wonderful Creation
Month Topic Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Special Program
First Quarter The Planet - "I am the light" The earth
January Earth The Rock The Pearl The Ephod Blue StoneRecycling
Caring for the earth
February Water Flood Red Sea Foot washing Baptism
March Sun, moon, stars Joseph dreams Matthew 24 Menorah Jesus
Second Quarter The Trees - "I am the vine" Body temple
April Grain Bread Manna Famine in Egypt Daniel's beans Health
May Fruits Grape Olive Forbidden tree Tree of life
June Temperance Alcohol Drugs Smoking Water
Third Quarter The Animals - "I am the Lamb of God"Clean and Unclean
July Birds Dove Raven Bees Rooster Care of Animals
August Fish Frog Fish Whale Dog
September Animals Lamb, Bull Lion Goat Donkey
Fourth Quarter The Sabbath - "I will give you rest"Time for God
October Rest Sabbath Jubilee Forgiveness HeavenCare for people
Creation quilt
November Friends Jonathan Delilah Ruth Moses
December Celebrate Communion Baptism Wedding Tabernacles

Year 5 Rescue Me!
Month Topic Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Special Program
First Quarter Noah's Ark Noah
January Sin Adam Cain People BabelThe Promise
February Message Noah The Ark The Animals The Door
March Judgment Haman Nineveh Sodom Flood
Second Quarter The Exodus - escape from sin. The Plan of Salvation Moses
April Exodus Slavery Moses Plagues Freedom The Sanctuary
May Sanctuary Outer Court Holy Place Most Holy Place Heaven
June Feasts Passover Pentecost Yom Kippur Tabernacles
Third Quarter The Crucifixion - God keeps his promiseMessiah
July The Seed Eve Isaac Judah Mary The Pardon
August The Lamb Innocent Sacrifice Substitute Cleansing
September Messiah Suffering Death Resurrection Conqueror
Fourth Quarter The Second Coming - God rescues meJesus
October Sin Gift Repentance Baptism CommunionThe Rescue
Noah's Ark quilt
November Message Covenant Gospel Prophets 3 Angels
December The Coming Judgment Pardon Reward Heaven

Below is a sample of how each month is organized.
Year 5March: The Judgment
Lesson learnedThe actions of God teaches us more about His mercy than his anger.
Memory verse: Matthew 7: 1-2 Bible VerseActivity
1 HamanJudged by your own standards Esther 5-7 Dinner party
2 NinevehGod prefers to forgive Jonah 4 Craft
3 Sodom Judgment of a city. A few righteous people can save a whole city. Genesis 18 Play
4 Flood Judgment of the world. God protects the righteous during the punishment. Genesis 6-9 Puppet Show
Special programThe covenant. The promise of God to provide a way for all to escape judgment.

The special program format is planned for the end of each quarter. A special class can be planned for the end of each of the other months or during months where there are five Sabbaths.

Some group activities such as games, allow some of the staff to take time off.

  1. Greeters. Welcomes the child, takes attendance and distributes name tags
  2. Craft Assistants. But others require many more helpers. Most crafts are designed to be personalized or includes a variety of choices. The process of doing this begins when the child arrives.
    This person writes the name of the child on their craft, allows them to choose a craft and keeps them in order until craft time arrives.
  3. Music. Song service and music leaders.
  4. Story Tellers. The major entertainment.
  5. Teachers and Group Leaders. Helps distribute crafts and assists children with their crafts.
  6. Security. Makes sure children do not leave the room or go to the bathroom unsupervised.
  7. Leader. Makes sure each segment starts on time. Helps wherever possible.

Attendance Devices
These are designed to work with the Bazaar or rotation formats. An extra prize can be given to those who complete the assignments.

Crafts and Activities

  1. Story Quilt. I have designed a series of story quilts to go with the fourth quarter special Sabbaths.
  2. Books. Creation books, prayer books, sticker collections, photographs and other collections.
  3. Computer. Games can be used as one booth activity or as an activity for the early birds.
  4. Acting. Each child acts a role in the bible story. This includes any significant animal.
  5. Food and Allergies.
  6. Contests. I personally do not like competitive activities, but we can keep these to a minimum and use this time to encourage team building, listening, and good leadership skills. These activities are only to be done a minimum number of times. They are not meant to teach, but to reinforce information already learned.
    You can vary the teams. All the games are based on knowledge of the Bible. But you can make it more interesting. You can pattern the format of the game after several games and game shows.

We do not live in heaven and unfortunately many people join children's ministries simply to hurt children. This includes pastors, teachers, and nice friendly old people.

I realize that it is impossible to put all the detailed instructions and examples and alternatives on this site. But I have included enough information so that you can make your own plans.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Psalm 150: 6 Time: 20 minutes
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Author: Laverna Patterson