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The Bible is a treasure filled with the loving words of God. There are 66 books in the Bible, 27 in the New Testament and 39 in the Old Testament.

Parts of the Bible have special names:

The Old Testament includes the books of the Bible written before the birth of Christ.

The New Testament contains the words and letters of some of the disciples of Christ. They were collected in the book almost 100 years after the death of Christ.

Prophecies about the future are mainly found in Daniel and Revelation. Almost all other books contain some prophecies about the future or about the Messiah.

Following is a list of my favorite Bible stories. All these stories are true.

Bible Stories Adam and Eve Noah's Ark The Exodus
Daniel in the Lion's Den In the Fiery Furnace Jonah and the Big Fish
The Baby Jesus The life of Jesus Heaven
Great Children The Boy Jesus David and Goliath Good King Josiah
Samuel Joseph Naaman and the slave
Faithful Moses Abraham King David
Deborah Ruth Queen Esther
Job Joshua

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