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In this article are all the guesses and theories that may need to be refined. The Mishkan can address or solve the folowing.

Incomplete The Unsolved Problems Of Physics.
Wikipedia has at least two articles about the list of unsolved problems in physics.

The Superparticle
Scientists have defined and detected dozens of other particles in the form of mesons and bosons. Now that we know how easily one particle can appear as many particles, let us look at how this is possible with the gold-plated board that is used to make the walls and columns. This could be the only particle that makes these structures. I believe that one or one pair of spinning particle creates all fermions that we see.
On 17 September 2011 I looked at the quarter moon to remind myself how to tell the difference between the moon in the first and last quarter. The answer was in the direction of the sun. The phases are only obvious because of the orientation with respect to the sun. Inside the most holy place we have a force that represents the sun. It may be the strong force. It is called the shekinah glory. As the objects orbit this force, they mimic the phases of the moon as it orbits the sun. Within this matrix of varying groups of paired and unpaired particles in various phases of spin we have numerous particles.

Table 4.5 - Mesons And Fermions Incomplete (Under Construction)
ParticleParticle (+ve)Neutral Particle (±)Antiparticle (-ve)+ve/-Ve±
NameMass630°720°/0° 90° 540°180° 450°360°270°Decay
Pionπ139.6 - ud (π+) - -uu, dd(π0) - - du (π-) - μ+νμe+ e- γ
Rhoρ770 - ud (ρ+) - - uu, dd (ρ0) - - du (ρ-) - π+ π0 π+ π-
Omegaω782 - uu, dd (ω0) - π+ π- π0
KaonK497.3 - us (K+) - ds (K0S K0L)sd - su (K-) - μ+νμ, π+π0 π+ e- νe
Etaη548.8 uu+dd-ss (η0) 2γ 3μ
Eta Primeη'958 uu+dd+ss (η0')π+ π- η
DD1869.4 cd (D+) (D+s) cs -cu (D0)- cd (D-) cs (D-s)K+-,e+, K+[K,μ,e]+-
BB5279 - bu (B-) - db(B0) B0ssb - ub (B+) - D0 + -B-S + -
Phiφ1020 -ss(φ)ss - K+ K- K0 K0
J/PsiJ/ψ3096.9 -cc(J/ψ)cc - e+ e- μ+ μ-
Upsilonϒ9460.4 - bb(ϒ)bb - e+ e- μ+ μ-
Protonp938.3 - uud (p+) - - (p) - - (p-) - Stable
Neutronn939.6 - ddu (n+) - - (n) - - (n-) - -p e- ve
Delta Δ1232 uuu (Δ++)uud (Δ+) - udd (Δ0) - ddd (Δ-)+0, nπ- 0
Lambda Λ1115.6 - - - - uds (Λ0) - - - - -0
Sigma Σ1189.4 - uus (Σ+) - - uds (Σ0) - dds
0+, nπ- Λ0γ
Xi Ξ1315 - - - - uss (Ξ0) - dss (Ξ-) Λ0π0Λ0π-
Omega Ω1672 - - - - - - sss (Ω-)Ξ0 π-, Λ0K-
Lambda Λ+C2281 udc (Λ+c) - uds (Λ0) - - - - -, nπ0

The Dimensions
Finally, I want to take this opportunity to propose my own description of the multiple dimensions. Most people seem to agree on the first four: line, plane, cube and time. But this is what constantly comes to my mind.

My Dimensional Theories
True religion and science belong in the same realm because they are codependent dimensions existing under the same physical laws.

Spiritual Dimensions
So far our series of dimensions have been simply physical. We cannot define the origin of God, but we can understand how we might be related to Him.

The prophecies and laws model all of these biological systems.
Disciples Priests Romans Grave Heaven
Passover Seder Garden PrayerDisciples Scatter TrialPeter Denies Nailed Clothes
Mary Weans God Forsakes Offered Dead Blood, Water Earth quake Buried Raised
1MouthStomach (4-5 Hours) This Way Small Intestines (5-6 Hours) This Way Large Intestines (30-48 Hours)This WayPearl
Saliva Stomach AcidPancreatic JuiceWater and Salt Removed
2Helicase DNA Unwinds RNA Primer Replication Fork RNA Transcription Quick Birth
ExonucleaseDead Box Region Helicase C HRDC
Betrayed The Bonds Are BrokenExonuclease Ligase
3N1 N2 (Light Sleep)N3 N4 (Deep Sleep) REM
Drowsy Less ActiveSleep WalkingSleep TalkingNight Terrors Dream
4Prophase (Stars Separate) Metaphase (At the Cross)Anaphase (People Separate) Telophase
5Light Reactions Dark Reactions (Photosynthesis)Blind SpotDark Reactions
Night Day 1 (Friday Nisan 14) Night Day Night Day
It is clear that all of creation was designed to show the story of the Plan of Salvation. As such some systems are temporary because we need them while we are going through this ordeal. We can look at what is temporary and compare them to what will be eternal. Predatory animals were created with fangs because they would use them after the fall. The Sun and Moon were needed because night would rule for half of the time. And forever, coded in our DNA and in the basic atomic structure would be the handwriting of what God has done and will do. How marvellous!

Man's Wisdom Is Foolishness. Therefore, behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous. And the wisdom of their wise men will perish. And the discernment of their discerning men will be concealed. (Isaiah 29: 14) Time: 60 Minutes
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