Games for Children

Game Description
Battle of Armageddon ArchangelMichael the archangel versus the dragon in this war for the earth.
Mission Possible frog Try to change the world for God
In the Belly of the big fish Jonah Save Jonah from the belly of the big fish.
Scrambled Unscramble these pictures from your favorite bible stories.
Concentration snakeFind matching pairs.
Matched Pairs snakeFind the matching pairs of pictures and words.
Eye Witness eye You will be called to witness!
Odd ball sunGuess which picture is different.
The Three Angel's Message frog Send the message of the three angels before the frogs defeat you.
The Pearl pearlFind the pearl of great price.
Armor of God breast plate Defend yourself with the armor of God
Fruits of the Spirit fruitFeed on the fruits of the Spirit
Earthquake earthquake Watch out for the earthquake!!! It is the end of the world! And the end of the game.
Treasure hunt treasure Hunt for hidden treasure. Avoid the traps.
For young children
Match Maker cow It is the biggest wedding day in history! Every creature is getting married. Help Noah find one bride and one groom for the ark.
Bed Time On the farm cow The animals need to get in the barn before night. But everyone is hiding because they don't want to go to bed.
Little Odd ball sunGuess which picture is different.
Educational Fun Things
Puzzles Solve these puzzles. Hidden pictures, mazes and differences.
Coded Message Decode the Message.
Dr. Frank N. Stein Plastic Surgeon
Match Pairs Match these pairs
Jack Hill and Hyde Mad Scientists

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