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Seventh Day Adventist, Our basic beliefs - Forever Protestant Christian. But we are an independent ministry operating since 2001.
Apple Recommended.   We support and endorse the works and doctrines of these groups. They may not support our views, however.

Prophecy, Bible Study and Current Events
MediaTelevision, Radio and Internet
Amazing Facts Amazing Facts. Television Ministry and Bible study about Prophecies and Doctrines. Originally started by Joe Crews, the main speaker is now Doug Bachelor. A wonderful organization with a great ministry. Amazing Facts Bible Studies in English, Spanish and many other languages.
º Sabbath Truth. Everything you wanted to know.
º The Truth About Death. Beyond the grave.
º Hell Truth. Does hell burn forever?
It is Written It is written Original host was George Vandeman. It is has been hosted by Mark Finley, Shawn Boonstra and John Bradshaw. Discover Magazine
Discover Bible Lessons Bible guides from It is Written. A mail in or on-line bible study.
Amazing Facts TV Amazing Facts TV. Satellite and internet streaming New Beginnings. Video bible study
HopeHope Channel - 24/7 global satellite international television service. 3ABN3ABN - Satellite and radio station. Broadcasts the Three Angel's message throughout the world.
AWR Adventist World Radio - Broadcasting the gospel to the world in many languages and in the 10/40 region. Voice of prophecy Voice of Prophecy podcasts
Bible guides
Children's Stories
Honors to H.M.S. Richards Sr. and Jr.
Faith For Today. Christian Lifestyle The Adventist Channel. Videos on-line
Hopetalk multilingual bible studies. Hopetalk (North America) Bible studies
AFM Adventist Frontier Missions. Church planting among unreached people groups. Ideas to support AFM MVI Maranatha Volunteers International. Mission projects. Church and school construction (One-Day church).
QHM Quiet Hour Ministries. Evangelism in remote places Your Story Hour. Chirdren's ministries online and radio. Produces Clubhouse Kids Magazine
Independent Ministries
Bible Light. Michael Scheifler. Prophecy watch, monitors events, Catholic documents, false prophets and activities that affect the last days. Exposes the errors of Rome.
666 - article on many interpretations and relevant historical documentation.
Cyberspace Ministries Cyperspace Ministries. Free illustrated lessons, daily devotionals, Bible reading plans and other resources Bible Prophecy Truth. On-line studies and audio answers
Bible Study Guides
Bible Study World. Lessons in many formats. On-line, e-mail, mail, CD, video, audio, MP3 Bible Rapture. The return of Jesus be ready for it!
Truth Revealed - Prophecy and Bible Study. End Time Issues - a very perceptive WEB site that has seen the various ways in which Satan is tightening the noose.
Bible Bay. Pacific Union Conference Bible studies
Amazing Discoveries - Discusses prophecy, health, creation and evolution. Prophecy Made Easy - A book and lessons on prophecy. Revelation seminars.
White Horse Media. News, audio, sermons by author Steve Wohlberg
Bible Universe. The ultimate online Bible resource
The Great Contoversy Links English
Nepal (pdf)
Early SDA - Specializes in Adventist history. Has links to the 1885 Great Controversy in many languages.
English   Norsk   Svenska   Suomeksi   Dansk   Dutch  
Deutsch   Espanol   Portuguese   Francais   Zwahilii  
Christian Information Service - A multi-lingual prophecy site. They also have more information on the Jesuits and their efforts to unite all religions under Catholicism.
Polonium Halos. Earth Science Associates (ESA). Radio halos in granite show proof of instant creation.
Remnant Of God. Bible study, on-line church, Catholic and current events monitor
Skyleaper. Bible study, Daniel and Revelation studies
Books Books and Magazines (in English)
Signs Signs of the Times - A monthly subscription magazine on current events and their relation to prophecy Pacific Press Publishing Association (2001). Liberty magazine Liberty - A monthly magazine Analysis of the changing legal issues that affect religious liberty.
Message magazine Message - Spiritual, health and lifestyle articles.

Sabbath. Well written articles on the Sabbath

The Seventh Day. In depth look at the Sabbath history

Children and Youth
Temkit - Children's Ministries.

Insight Insight - A magazine for youth
Reference References.   We applaud the work they are trying to accomplish.

International Christian Concern ICC (International Christian Concern) - Monitors persecution of Christians around the world and laws in each country that could lead to persecution.
Links Links.   We do not necessarily support, endorse any opinions or advertisements.

The Bible
Bible Gateway Multilingual Online Bible in several versions.
The Textus Receptus.
Criticism of the NIV - It is not a literal translation. It undermines the deity, incarnation and atonement of Christ.

History Channel Gives detailed accounts of history. However, I find that both "Discovery Channel" and History channel have biased presentations on Christian history and prophecy, often presenting misleading documentaries that favor the agenda of the enemies of God. Pretending to be sensitive, they nevertheless present the conservative Christian views as unscientific nonsense. They sanitize history and glorify the nonsense of Nostradamus while never giving a fair an accurate position of any Christian viewpoint.
History Internet Modern History.
Bible History Online
History of Protestantism. By James A. Wylie.
The Victorian Web History.
Josephus - The works of Flavius Josephus.

Fox's book of martyrs - History of Christian persecutions.
Estimates of Martyrs - Analysis of sources of the number of martyrs.

1755 Lisbon Earthquake Modern History Sourcebook: The Earthquake at Lisbon, 1755.
1755 Lisbon Earthquake Historical Depictions of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake.

1780 Dark Day in New England A Genuine Unsolved Mystery.

Financial Privacy and the proposed 'Know your Customer' Regulations - March 4, 1999 American Civil Liberties Union Washington National Office.

Creation The Age of the Earth - wonderful site. My favorite on the subject of creation. Very detailed, scholarly and very comprehensive.
Geoscience Research Institute
Answers In Genesis. Answers on various topics in creation.
Creation Museum. Exhibits and fossils showing the evidence for creation in the geological record.
Triangle Association For The Science Of Creation. Their mission is to rebuild and strengthen the foundation of the Christian faith by increasing awareness of the scientific evidence supporting the literal Biblical account of creation and refuting evolution.
A Creation Perspective by David A. Plaisted.
Evolution: The Truth by Dr. Ronald Powell. Excellent.
Creation evidence museum. Hammer found in Cretaceous rock. Human footprints and other evidence of humans found inside rocks that were supposed to be 100 million years older.
Christian AnswersChristian Answers (multi lingual).

General Anti-Creationism Frequently Asked Questions.
Creationist Response To Talk Origins. Five Major Evolutionist Misconceptions about Evolution.


Historicist - Historicist.com

The State of Israel - Great site about the State of Israel.
Jewish Facts - One of the best sites.
Judaism - Facts about Judaism and the culture.
Jewish Holy days - A detailed explanation.
Everything Jewish.
The Biblical Holy days.
Jerusalem History.
Ancient Jewish History.
Greeks and Jews History.

Roman Catholicism
European Institute of Protestant Studies (EIPS) - Strongly warns against the errors and the agenda of the Roman Catholic Church. Very well written and also very strong opinions.
Roman Catholicism - An overview of the church, its doctrines and its growing power.
        The Mass - The Eucharist and the doctrine of the Mass.
        Errors of Rome (EIPS) - The origin of False Doctrines - Doctrines and when they started.
Indulgences - The doctrine of indulgences is alive and well.
        Changes in the ten commandments How they differ from the Jewish and the protestant versions.
Catholicism - Explores many traditions, relics and many issues in short well written articles.

Papal Encyclicals on Line.
The Fatima Secrets.

Free Items
Maps (Free Maps from Graphic Maps).
Maps and Statistics ( Public Domain Maps from CIA).
Prodraw animated and other graphics.
Free games Free games.

Crucifixion Articles
      Facts about the Crucifixion - from a physician's perspective. By Dr. C. Truman Davis
      Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. By David Terasaka, M.D.
      How did Jesus Christ die?

Other Web Sites
Gospel Penetration - Status of a church for every people and gospel for every person.
Calendars and their history.
ACLU legal articles.
Technology articles.
Other Sources History. Although the history came from many sources, I specifically remember quoting from other web sites on the following topics:
» St. Bartholomew's day massacre.
» Roman empire religious laws.
» Summary of natural disasters was a compilation of individual data from many sources.
» Estimates of Martyrs. David A. Plaisted. Internet Article.

Creation and Children's Science. I used some of the web sites listed above and knowledge from a college degree and early years working in a lab.

Technology. I used knowledge from work experience and research for MS degrees in telecommunications management and computer systems management.

Law. Information on the laws passed before September 11 was most likely one of the many copies of this article.
» Pearl Harbour Legislation. By Claire Wolfe. It is an analysis of Laws created by the 104th United States Congress.
» An analysis of the effects of the Patriot Act law that was quoted with the term "bargain basement justice" was probably obtained from the ACLU site. But I cannot find it.

Personality. Information obtained during graduate school. Hiking information from personal experience during six months on the Appalachian trail in 1999. Tracking, trailing and other information from experience as a pathfinder (like the scouts), observations while hiking and other research from the Selous Scouts Web site.

Sanctuary. Bible study class, my gift and gained some insight after creating a model.
» Types of Offerings Judaism 101: Qorbanot: Sacrifices and Offerings.
» Eternal covenant. Wordsight.
» Calendars and Jewish Year calculation.
» All other observations are by Laverna Patterson (me).

Children's Ministries. With the exception of free games that I changed and gave proper credit, everything else is entirely my own creation and drawings. Some of the games were done after a discussion with my Sabbath School class.

» Fish farms original source cannot be found. But the same information is available at many other sites.

» Drugs and its effects were compiled from many sources:
»   Parents - the Antidrug
Books Books and Magazines (in English)
Steps to Christ. By Ellen G. White. Pacific Press Publishing.

The Great Controversy. By Ellen G. White. Pacific Press Publishing Association.

Ellen G. White and Her Critics. Francis D. Nichol. 1951, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown MD.

Commentary on the Book of Daniel. 1955, Review and Herald Publishing.

How to Understand The End-Time Prophecies of the Bible. By Hans LaRondelle. 1997, First Impressions.

The Second Coming. By Jim Pinkowski. 1999, Amazing Facts Inc.

Exploding the Israel Deception. By Steve Wohlberg.

Truth Left Behind. By Steve Wohlberg. 2001, Pacific Press Pulishing.

Practical Spiritual Gifts. By James W. Zackrison. 1996, Pacific Press Pulishing.

Bible Versions. By Hugh Dunton. 1998, Autumn House Limited.

Remote Controlled. By Joe Wheeler. 1993, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown MD. How television affects you and your family.

Commentary on Daniel and Revelation - Detailed history and verse by verse bible commentary taken from Volume IV of the Seventh Day Adventist Bible Commentary. Review and Herald Publishing Association (1980).

Beyond Orion's Gate - Well written book on the Second Coming and current issues. Written for the average person. By Mark A. Finley, Hart Research Center (1995).

How to Think about the End Time - Argues that we might miss the signs even as we live through them if we think only in terms of "THE" sign, instead look for trends. By Marvin Moore, Pacific Press Publishing Association (2001).

How to understand the End Time Prophecies of the Bible - Detailed look at Daniel, Revelation, Matthew 24 and other New Testament Prophecies. Explores similarity in the prophecies. By Hans LaRondelle, First Impressions (1997).

Christ is Coming - A scholarly reference book. By Norman Gulley, Review and Herald Publishing Association (1998).

Daniel and the Revelation - Detailed explanation of history and prophecy. By Uriah Smith, Review and Herald Publishing Association (Revision 1944, 1972).

A Creationist's View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of Evolution. By Jim Pinkowski. 1997, Amazing Facts Inc

The Case for Creationism. By Colin Mitchell. 1994, Autumn House Limited, England. Scientific evidence for creation.

The Keys of This Blood. Malachi Martin. 1990, Simon and Schuster, New York.

Mother Mary Speaks to Us. Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger. 1996, Dutton.
Bible Teachinghearts Original Works.   This is the insight that I gained through the gift of knowledge.

Gift of Knowledge
I quoted from other websites, but unfortunately I cannot find some of them again. But these were mostly creation, science, history and legal information. No theology came from other books or the internet. I will at least make an attempt to indicate the possible source and the topics that were mostly not my words.

Bible Versions. I used the King James and the New American Standard Bible. However, I changed words that could not be translated.
Behold was changed to "See" or "Look". All verbs ending in "eth/est" were changed to the modern form. Ye and thou were changed to you.

LessonInspired Information
CursesThe entire lesson
FeastsSeder, judgment, booth structure, latter rain, harvests
SanctuaryEverything except the furniture symbols and Moses strikes the rock. New: Time, offerings, inauguration, cross shape, eating symbols
SHEMAThe entire lesson
12 TribesThe entire lesson
TorahAll 5 lessons and Joshua
ColorsThe entire lesson
HeavensThe entire lesson
NumbersThe entire lesson
ChristThe entire lesson
MatthewThe entire lesson. Times of the Gentiles. Disasters from space
The LawNailed to the cross
EzekielThe entire lesson
JeremiahThe entire lesson. USA in Iraq
IsaiahThe entire lesson
ZechariahIsrael reforms. Woman under the ephah
JobThe entire lesson
2Body parts. Pagan time. Stoning the earth
4-6The great tree. Stump, roots
7The appointed time, evolution. Wild beasts and curse
8The sanctuary symbols
9"Wings of abomination". Unclean Woman. Desolations
10-11The outline. Rome causes 2 abominations. 2 falls, "Above all gods", tabernacle set up
12Abomination of desolation
1-3The role of the good Shepherd.
The seven new moons
4-6The curses fulfilled
7Seal and sealing. 144000. Ephraim
10The entire lesson (Thunders)
8-10The entire lesson (Trumpets)
11Legal case, 2 witnesses, prophesy again
12Great war. Satan loses access
13Transition wound
14SHMA, 144000, Elijah
15Song of Moses
16The entire lesson (plagues)
17Local and global fulfillment. Seven nations
18Three cities, plagues
19Honeymoon year, linen clothes, vengeance
20Leper priests, border battle
21-22Marriage, blessings
MapsDraw maps and pictures
ScienceTechnology and persecution
Bible ScienceChemistry, Particle Physics, DNA, Genesis 1
CreationThe first angel's message and evolution
LegalModern inquisition laws
Prophecy. The Bible study lessons from my pastor were rewritten using standard adventist doctrine and the miracle that is the gift of knowledge. Some information was received as a direct answer to prayer and the fascinating leading of the Holy Spirit. Here are a few topics.

» Feast order of Revelation.
» The symbols of time in the fabric coverings.
» The Passover seder prophesies about the final day. I knew nothing of what was being taught about the meaning of the symbols to Christianity except the bread and the wine. So far, I have learned that the four cups is a symbol that was being taught.
» The harvests and first fruits
» Laying on of hands
» The Latter Rain occurs during the autumn feasts not during Pentecost.
» Revelation 16. The seven last plagues.
» The connection to the covenant and the blessings and curses.
» The symbols of Christ in the sanctuary. (The cross, the breast and thigh offerings, the snake, the Lord's goat, sin offering, the four wounds, chewing the cud, Daniel 9: 27).
» All obscure Hebrew laws. (e.g. Mother's milk and the goat, bridegroom, wearing wool and linen, year of the trees)
» Boil, eat, chew, swallow, regurgitate symbols.
» The Messianic prophecy in the rituals of the unclean woman.
» Daniel 8 sanctuary symbols.
» Daniel 12.
» Ezekiel. Mark of God and the sins of the wicked. The first four commandments broken.
» The SHMA and the Three Angel's Message.
» Zechariah 5. Babylon restored.
» Daniel 4. The Great Tree
» Bronze and Iron (claws, teeth, bands, legs, belly)
» Armageddon in the Exodus.
» Mark of the beast issues in the Exodus.
» The colors of God
» The leper priests
» Find meanings of symbols in Jewish religion and history
» The prophesy of Jesus' final week and time lines are in the camp sites of tribes, the blessings of Moses and Jacob, and the names of the sons.
» Times of the Gentiles
» The Seven Thunders. I used Psalm 29 as a prophecy because of the Holy Spirit.
» 49 journeys for Israel. I added to the 42 journeys taught by my pastor.
» Jesus set up a righteous judicial system. No laws were changed, including "eye for eye", stoning for adultery and hating your enemy. Read the lesson on "What was nailed to the cross" for a very amazing understanding. You will not regret it!
» Marriage in the new earth.
» Marriage rules kept by Jesus.
» Ezekiel's temple, 666
» Ezekiel: First four commandments broken, 6-6-5 date
» Jonah and Christ
» The coming of Moses and Elijah
» Daniel 12 - real time timeline in the Hebrew calendar (1260, 1290, 1335 days)
» The fall feasts and harvest rules
» The new moon and the seven churches
» The 12 pairs of ribs (true, false, floating)
» The little horn as an impotent penis
» The evolution of the beast into a man into god
» The seal in the name of the beast
» Yom Kippur scapegoat is the false Second Coming
» The seder as a feast about Jesus' last hours
» 666 signs
» Holy Spirit in tongues of fire (Zechariah 4)
» Torah Laws in detail - Statutes and judgments
» The Covenant
» Promises, Promises
» Holy Spirit builds the house Deuteronomy 25: 5-6
» Zechariah 3-4. Christ
» Abraham, meal in the dark
» Exodus 17 is Messianic
» Golden calf as Christ
» Periodic table in sanctuary, rainbow, DNA replication, Particle Physics (2008-)
» Cannot use moon to calculate crucifixion solar eclipse. They do not occur on a full moon
» Edom in charge
» Gethsemane more important than Calvary
» Laws disqualifying Calvary as God's atonement. Calvary is ransom paid to Satan.
» IVRI script.
» If I credited no one in religious works then it is my work though the Holy Spirit.

Possibly My Opinion
» The Seven Trumpets. I had to put too much thought into it perhaps to make me understand the multiple layered fulfillment. However, based on "my opinions" I concluded that the theory of evolution and communism will be dominant for about 150 years.
Adventist Sources Michael Oxentenko. The original version of the lessons were based on his lessons which were mostly based on standard Adventist doctrine. They have been changed and only the following unique topics remain. They may not be his ideas but I first learned it from him.
» The Blue Stone (I changed information about the menorah). Sarah Elizabeth Peck, Ellen White's assistant may be the original source. It is in a book "Path to the Throne of God".
» Nicolaitans word study.
» The Poetic structure of Daniel 10-12.
» The Sons of Adonikam (666).
» The Golden Calf and the Sabbath.
» Moses strikes the Rock twice.
» The Sea of Glass and the Chag.
» Israel camped 42 times in the desert. (I added 7 more journeys)
» The sanctuary pattern in the Exodus journey.
» The birth of Christ on the Feast of Tabernacles.
» Day and night kind of time. A new kind of time.
» Daniel 3. Entertainment.
» Daniel 4. Handwriting on the wall.
» Daniel 5. Wine, concubines, idolatry.
» Revelation 13. First four commandments broken.
» Ornaments removed at Horeb
» Abraham and Issac as a Messianic prophecy.

Doug Bachelor. Absalom. He also taught Abraham and Isaac. He also teaches other "Storacles" which I learned independently from God.

Unknown Person. Thanks to the person who taught pastor Oxentenko.

Doctrine. The information on Death and Hell was from Mark Finley of "It is Written" and Joe Crews of "Amazing Facts".
» Hell fire - A twisted truth untangled.
» "Bible Readings for the Home".
Most linked sites and references are in English only.
The links here represent the sites and books we read or quoted from directly. None of these sites endorse this site. The opinions expressed do not always represent our views, especially any endorsements, advertisements, or statements on issues of church doctrine. However, these sites were chosen because they best explained information we discuss on this site.

If we endorse a site that teaches religious doctrine, we will say so.
As always, truth is your responsibility, remember that the scripture says "study to show yourself approved". And in another place "prove all things".

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. John 15: 4 Time: 20 minutes
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