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But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. Luke 21:28
Christianity will conquer Islam.
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I have been absent from news gathering for about 4 years. In early 2008, wallowing in the darkness of Laodicea, torture and amidst all the uproar God made me demonstrate the hypocrisy of of Babylon, then took away my access to the internet and the news to send me on a journey so profound that it will eventually make the news for being the most significant positive event in the history of the church for hundreds of years. No, my giant head is not big. It is just my unruly hair! Therefore, this section will be archived so that I can concentrate on reporting the news as a struggle between the forces of light and darkness, now that I have seen a glimpse of the light that is to come.
Jesus always said that the most important sign of His Second Coming is the sign in the church. We have a huge sign!

Over one hundred years ago the Seventh Day Adventist church predicted our times and the behavior of America. Read the book called, "The Great Controversy" by Ellen White. There is more to come. Now that you have lived through the last three years (US government led torture), you will be more willing to believe that the other events that it predicts it are possible.

The contents of this page will include news and events that contribute to the convergence of prophetic trends. These are stories that have the potential to create a permanent change that is significant to any of the following prophetic events. Events that contribute to the status of the church and the growth of the final three movements (The United States, Catholic church and paranormal activity). Events that affect millions of people or which represent a paradigm shift at top levels.

There had not been a significant fulfillment of prophecy since 1929 until the fall of communism in 1991. Then many events related to the global power and dragon-like behavior of Babylon the Great began to be rapidly fulfilled. Since that time we have laid the personal, business, religious, legal and political foundations for the final persecution. These occurred under conditions that ensured public support.
Lateran Treaty (1929) Immoral trend.
Occult trend.
Communism Falls
Iraq War
September 11, 2001 Patriot Act (2001)
Homeland Security (2002)
Sunday Laws
Europe (2003)
Iraq War
Wound healed Seventh head forms, sixth falls.
Babylon the Great forms.
King of the North (Babylon) is attacked Persecution laws and enforcement agency Mark of the beast preparation Babylon acts and speaks like a dragon
Lamb phase Dragon phase

Latest News
2008. Paradigm Shift Coming
2012. Israel and Iran conflict
2010. Middle East uprisings
2006. Ethiopians at his command
2005. A Tabernacle in Israel
2005. European Union rejected
2004. Natural disasters.
2004. Religion takes over USA politics.
2003. Ancient Babylon is not rebuilt.
2003. European Union Sunday laws.
2001. Patriot Act, Homeland Security.
2001. September 11.
1991. Babylon the Great emerges.
1991. Communism falls.
1981. Last empire forms
1945. WW2 stops European Union.
1929. Lateran Treaty signed
1918. Monarchies ended.
Political events that cause the United States to be the dominant political power and the Catholic church to be the dominant religious power.

Done United States world dominance.
Done United States nature changes.
Done Israel surrounded by enemies.
Done Protestants control USA government.
Done Protestants and Cathollics unite to influence government.
Doing Israel occupied.
Doing Open union of the United States and the Catholic church. Catholic dominance in United States politics and laws.
Done Union of the Catholic Church and the European nations.

Legal Issues
Doing Sunday law legislation.
Done Persecution laws.
Done State supports church.
Done Laws or systems related to identifying religious affiliation.

Done Persecution technology.
Done Technology related to buying and selling.
Done Technology related to identifying religious affiliation.

Doing Gospel to the world.
Doing Persecution
Doing Miracles (Real).
Doing Miracles (Fake).
Done World attitude towards religious minorities.
Doing Attempt to stop open communication about the gospel and the prophecies.
Doing Religious liberty.
Done Church mergers.
Done Catholic Church dominance in religious and political matters.
Done View of the doctrine as irrelevant. Man made rules as supreme.
Done Psychic and other paranormal or extra terrestrial activity among top civil and religious leaders.
Done Immorality.
Church State by Country
arrowA - State Religion
arrowB - Conversion, hate crime laws
arrowC - Economic Support
arrowD - Laws against minority churches
arrowE - Persecution
arrowF - People identified by religion
arrowG - Catholic control of public schools
arrowg - Government financial control of private schools
arrowS - Sunday Law
arrowX - Unknown or not yet law
Country Church - State
Western and European
United States xxCxxxs
Canada xBCxxx
France ABCDxxS
England AxCDxgS
Germany * ABCDxFGS
Italy ABCDxxS
Spain ABCDxxS
Portugal ABCDxxS
South America
Mexico ABCDExx
Nicaragua ABCDExx
Russia ABxDxxx
China ABxDExx
Muslim Countries
Muslim states ABCDEFx
* Church membership can be identified because of the collection of church taxes
The Church of God
Paradigm Shift Events Last Updated [March 2012].
Torah Magnified. YHWH Magnified.
God has revealed information that only this generation could understand. I can now prove that the pattern of the Mishkan (portable temple) given to Moses 3500 years ago is a 3-D model of the Periodic Table of Chemistry and a unified model of particle physics. I can also show DNA structure and DNA replication process and the endocrine system function in other stories and in signs. This information undermines the godless foundation of evolution and atheism. It also makes the Torah and the Hebrew religion and Christianity far superior to other religions and other gods. No other sacred writings can claim any of this information in their works. It changes the narrative and softens the world for the powerful preaching of the gospel.
If this information is so scientific, then how can they doubt the rest of the information given on Sinai and relegate it to myths and fables? The Genesis story is correct. In fact God also revealed that the account of creation in Genesis 1 is supported by the Periodic Table! Really! The Ten Commandments is correct, Noah, flood all these stories now rise above reproach and the smears of atheists and scientists. Since the person who gave this information also said that He is God and He created the world in 7 days, then how can we doubt that part of His story?
In addition, before God gave me this science information He has been showing me 700+ new Messianic prophecies since 2000. If my work on science is correct then how can you doubt the information about the identity of the Messiah?

Paradigm Shift Emerging (2008-2012).
When I spoke of a paradigm shift above I was thinking of the return of the miraculous gifts or a planet killing event that will make people flee to churches for more than the next three weekends. I never imagined any other type of event would be earth shattering. But there is.
Between 2008 and 2012 I stopped updating this page because of restricted access to the Internet and to the news. God was about to teach me something profound. During these years I became the focus of events that will lead to a paradigm shift for the church. This was totally unexpected and exciting.
The only real indicators of the Second Coming is the preaching of the Gospel. During these years God revealed information that will profoundly affect every person on earth and probably make the preaching of the gospel much easier. When combined with the coming miraculous gifts it will make the church unstoppable.

The Spread of the Gospel - The Last Sign
Mission 2000 2002 2004 2006 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the world as a witness to all nations and then the end shall come.
Matthew 24: 14
Christian radio broadcast 99% 99% % %
Church team plantings 98.2% % % %
Bible translated 80% % % %
New Testament translated 94% % % %
Heard the gospel 75-85%% % %
Statistics show the percent of world population reached.

Persecution and Religious Liberty
As of 2002, there are now seventeen documented cases of persecution every minute, some of these are martyrs.

Country ReligionActions
Afghanistan Islam Condemned to death for converting to Christianity
Sudan Islam Rapes, enslaves, cuts off arms and legs, poisons their water supplies and persecutes Christians and black Muslims.
Egypt Islam National ID card lists religion, persecution and violence increasing
Iran Islam 2008 Law. Death penalty for men and life imprisonment for women who convert from Islam
Islamic nations Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Vietnam are some of the worst offenders.
India Hindu The political party BJP is dedicated to making India a superpower by developing nuclear weapons and uniting the nation under Hinduism. Laws against conversion have been passed in some states.
Since 24 August 2008, religious persecution increased in Orissa as tens of thousands of Christians fled the burning of their churches, homes and people. By October 4000 homes and 400 houses destroyed and 50,000 displaced
China Buddhist Trying to eliminate house churches.
Sri Lanka Buddhist Laws against conversion (2005)
Singapore Buddhist 1992 Religious Harmony Act. It is a crime to criticize another religion and a church can be forbidden from talking about any subject.
Canada Catholic It is a crime to say anything negative about beliefs and lifestyles. Under the Human Rights Code in Canada, the newspaper and a man who paid for the advertising space was fined, for stating the biblical condemnation of homosexuality.
Poland Catholic Religious freedom is being curtailed for minority Christian churches and groups defined as "destructive sects." We had more freedom under the communists. Catholic religious instruction in public school.
France Catholic Is considering a law which makes religious mind control (conversion) a crime.
The Moslem scarf and the Jewish yarmulke (beanie) were banned in December 2003.
Germany Catholic Blasphemy Paragraph. Section 166 of the German penal code. It is an offense to insult religious communities. Religious taxes. Sunday laws enforced. Church controls public education.
January 2005. Teachers cannot wear religious garments other than Catholic. Nuns can wear scarves. Muslims cannot.
Europe Catholic France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Austria have been regulating "sects". Many countries have blasphemy laws which make it a crime to insult another religious community.
They also have restrictive Sunday Laws.
Mexico Catholic Catholic persecution of Protestants in the Chiapas region. At least 30,000 people were expelled from the homes in the past 30 years.
Venezuela Catholic Freedom of speech and the press. Jailed for "Insulting" the government. Sewing "hatred and discord".
Soviet Territories Orthodox Protestant churches must register. Catholic, Orthodox, Islam and Jews have special status.
Russia Orthodox A 1997 law denies registration to churches that have not been legally established for 15 years.
Jehovah's Witness banned in Moscow in May 2004
Greece Orthodox It is a crime to convert others.

False Christs
Reverend Sun Myung Moon Crowned Messiah in the Senate Office Building!
On March 23, 2004 Reverend Sun Myung Moon duped 81 congressmen and senators into attending a function honoring peace makers at the Dirksen Senate Office building. But Moon was crowned the new Messiah by congressman Danny Davis in an elaborate ceremony. During the ceremony several church officials bowed before him three times as they played different political and religious leaders such as Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Ronald Reagan and Emperor Hirohito.
In his acceptance speech Moon said :
Emperors, kings and presidents who enjoyed opulence and power on earth have [...] declared to all that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent. This resolution has been announced on every corner of the globe.
Sometimes when my brain gets oxygen starved and over active I wonder if this man will die soon. And, if because of his religious and political connections with the conservative right, that the lying spirits will use his form when they control the leaders of the final world governments. (Revelation 16: 13-14 and Revelation 13: 13-14)
Because he believes in communicating with the dead, Moon can best be used by Satan if he is dead.

Church and State
God and Country: The New Patriotism.
Hitler appealed to the population in terms of "Work, Family, Fatherland" instead of "Liberty, equality and brotherhood". Today, the religious right appeals to the moral values of "God, Business, Family and Patriotism". It sounds too familiar.
Hollywood and the extreme liberal elements deserve some credit for this revolt by the religious side. They also tried to impose their values on the country, schools and our children. They often stifled Christians with ridicule and disregarded laws meant to protect our children. Now, the pendulum is an axe swinging in the other direction.

The Wheat and the Weeds.
Jesus gave good advice to both camps. Let the wheat and the weeds grow together until the day of the harvest, when God will separate them. In other words, "God, Liberty, equality and brotherhood". I sympathize with some of the frustrations of the religious right, but I strongly disagree with their methods. It is doomed to disaster.

The New Hypocracy (Prosperity Preaching Pharisees in Babylon).
I am puzzled at the behavior of the religious right now that their righteous side has been found guilty of torture, pedophelia, prostitution and slavery. Their silence speaks volumes.
I am equally puzzled about the silence of the leaders of the mega churches who have consistently claimed that they are proclaiming the gospel of love and they disassociate themselves from any part of the gospel that sounds negative. Why are they silent about torture? They are not a religion. They are a family owned business masquerading as a feel good organization, using the brand-recognized Christian label.
I was finally convinced that they are morally bankrupt, intellectual vacuums as I watched an interview with one of their star leaders. When asked what one thing would he wish for the world during Christmas, he could not give an answer. He was so used to having no opinion, that he said that he could not choose any one thing because he did not want to imply that one thing was more important than the other ... blah ... blah ... blah.
Here is a hint, since you obviously cannot say Jesus why not say "love" or "peace", Joel. Why could you not say that you wished love for the world?
These same mega churches closed their doors on Christmas. And, in at least one case, the televised message was not a Christmas message or a Christmas related message.
I also found that there is one other popular book by one of these ministers that does not have the word "Jesus" anywhere in the book. And no where in the purpose driven life does it mention the poor. How can a Christian book about our purpose neglect Jesus or the poor?
Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier provisions of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. But these are the things you should have done without neglecting the others.
You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel!
(Matthew 23: 23-25)
The true gospel includes both the good news and the bad. It includes the messages of hope, the warnings, the prophecies and the condemnation. You should not neglect one to promote the other. Neither should you soothe the congregation with lullabys. Your sheeples are going to start an exodus when they realize that you have no answers but lies. At some point you can no longer pretend that the "literal interpretation" of the bible is idiotic. At some point their misery will drive them to find other answers because prosperity thinking 'aint working.
The Old Testament has a strong warning for sooth saying, smooth talking preachers who calm the people with lies just before they fell to Babylon.

Rumors and Innuendoes
As the economic crisis of 2008 deepened, rumors and e-mails of rumors and conspiracies flew across the internet. As I surveyed the spectacle it dawned on me that this could be a doubled-edged sword. We have several enemies with their own agenda who will infiltrate and use any group to further their agenda.
  • Emerging Superpowers. Several nations are positioning themselves to be the next superpowers because the mighty America appears to be collapsing. Among these are China, Russia, Iran, European Union, India and even Venezuela and Canada. Of these, only Russia, Iran, Canada and Venezuela have the natural resources that might lead them to that Utopia. Others have the technology and the infrastructure to get there.
    Whether their speculations are true or false, those who are the enemies of the USA by our declaration or theirs have an interest in using which ever group might best support their propaganda. The communists infiltrated and tainted the good purpose of labor unions and the civil rights effectively.
    Our interpretation of prophecy which is being fulfilled with stunning accuracy will be seen as unpatriotic. Therefore, when we circulate e-mail that exclusively cites the Soviet Union and Putin from "sources that must remain anonymous", we run the risk of tainting our message and inviting the appearance of a false alliance that does not exist.
  • Principalities and Powers. I am absolutely convinced that there are enemies out there who love to push our buttons by sending these mailings.
  • Ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. Instead of studying the Bible and maintaining a calm, hopeful and positive attitude about events we appear to be battered about by every wind and rumor that suggests that "Sunday Laws are coming". Eventually, you will not respond correctly to events if you keep over responding because your last day strategy is to wait for when you think Sunday laws will pass and you can "spend your money for God". Spend you money now! If you believe in this great mission, there should be virtually no difference between how hard you work now and how much you invest in the cause of God before or after Sunday laws.
Laodicea's Purse Strings. It was also sad to see that Adventists and the Christian community did not respond with such concern and outrage when people were being tortured, but when they might lose money I saw more alarm and doomsday fears among us.
What it Means. In my opinion, the purposes of prophecy are working out wonderfully.
  • Gold. The rich are stampeding towards gold. This is what God claims they will be hoarding at the end of time.
  • Pattern. The financial collapse is a pattern of the plague in Revelation 18 in which a financial collapse in America and Europe causes a global economic collapse. Therefore, America will emerge from this mess so that it can be a huge player in the end.
  • Boxed In. We are making hasty decisions now that guarantee the spectacular global financial failure in prophecy. There is an invisible hand guiding events towards one conclusion.
Here is my advice. Invest your time and money in the ministry. Help your pastors. Get out of debt. Buy a bicycle. Get enough solar panels to power your refrigerator. Secure these panels because I suspect that they will be stolen by desperate people. Can they be portable or hang inside a window? Plant a fast growing high yield garden or learn to plant in pots on a balcony. If you can, drill for water. For those who live in the city and cannot afford to move "in the country", network with believers who do live in the country and start cultivating communal gardens and home grown bible study groups.
Visions and Dreams
Not every great disaster is a judgment from God, but the ones that are forewarned in a vision or dream may point to a cosmic reason.
Missouri. The state is trying to make Christianity the official religion. It also recently passed a law to stop giving contraceptive pills to the poor. This enforces Catholic law on the ban of contraception. And it is a sign of the coming enforcement of religion.

Jacksonville, Florida. I heard that this city is "our Guantanamo Bay" and that torture is being done there. Jacksonville These two buildings in Jacksonville are the focus, the earth moved and there were huge waves.
Around April 2006 I will no longer be in a position to update this website. So I wanted to leave this last sign with you. According to Joel 2: 28-29, people will have visions and dreams. I have been having such experiences for the past four years. I document everything on this page.
I only wanted to mention this because my visions and dreams have been about the Second Coming, war caused by Babylon the Great and the destruction of cities. So far, two destructions have occurred and Iraq is now in civil war.
I also wanted to publicly make a fool of myself and promote this because people refuse to believe what I say or are saying that I made up the information after the fact.
St. Louis and Jacksonville. But I wanted to mention two places in particular. If you get the opportunity, leave St. Louis and Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. Washington DC also appears to be headed for a big disaster, but it did not look like the city was destroyed and I am not sure what caused the emergency except that it comes from above. By the second week of March 2006, I also may have become aware of why God will allow Satan to cause this destruction on Jacksonville and St. Louis.
By the way, all of these events in my visions and dreams that have happened have been natural disasters and not terrorism and I get a final warning just before it happens. So I believe the three cities will also follow the same pattern.
If you do not want to look like a fool, at least get some good flood and earthquake insurance and hope that the companies will honor it. You have two choices.
  1. Do not Believe Me. If so, at least remember what I said about these two places so that when it happens you will know that I did not "make it up after the fact" as a dear friend said.
  2. Believe Me. Take the above advice. You do not know me or have any reason to trust me. So look at what I say and wait to see if it happens. Then decide what to do about the other unfulfilled prophecies. For Christians, you should also look at what I have to say about God. Because even if everything I say happens, it is not proof that God instructed me. My proof that I am being taught by God are the remarkable lessons about Him that explain all the symbols about Him.
I mention my experience as an encouragement to Adventists who have been looking for evidence of these types of signs. The latter rain is falling. It is soaking me and I do not think that this was meant to be an isolated case.
The Seventh Day Adventist Church. At a time when we should be crowing loudly about our prophetic interpretations I find it strange that Adventists are silent. Many of us even support the idiot who tortures and rapes even though He looks like a fulfillment of what Ellen White warned us about. How long will you continue to make excuses? If you cannot see the obvious then you will never see anything. Our leaders seem to be leaving the task of evangelism to the private members. That is not leadership. Suppose these people convert to another religion?
I have listened to our local Adventist radio station and they have not only dropped Adventist evangelists, they are not talking about the signs of the times. You would not know that there was a Jesus and that He was coming back if you listened to them.
If you put the image of a human lover in your mind and listen to the music they play you will realize that all of this popular music is so generic that it is not a praise of God. There are no words about Jesus Christ. There are just words between lovers. Just fill in the blank. You only think that they are praising the Christian God because it is on a radio station that claims to be Christian.
Our Sunday morning programs have also disappeared from the television. What are they not being supported?
Many Adventists subscribe to Adventist satellite thinking that this is evangelism. It is not. It is a tool that makes you feel good. But if the entire audience or the vast majority is Adventist how is that evangelism? It is a business with a niche audience.
When will you wake up and light your candle?

I also looked at our publications and I literally count the number of articles related to the signs of the times and the Second Coming and, except for Camp Meeting Advertisements I find none. I will sometimes find an article on self improvement but nothing else. I finally looked at one magazine whose sole mission was to monitor the signs of the times and their articles are mute. In fact, their articles are like what our normal publications used to be twenty years ago. I was even told that our ministers are graduating from college without studying the prophecies. So I asked someone who graduated and he confirmed this.
We had a year of World Evangelism in 2004, "Go one Million, Sew One Billion". For six months before and all during that year I searched for signs of the promotion of this event and I found nothing. I looked at my church bulletin and asked other friends from different churches. I searched the internet and our official website. They finally had a web page in December/January with a twelve month schedule of events that was mostly blank. It listed a week of prayer in January and the usual annual satellite programs in November. There was nothing special or exceptional or new. The whole church was supposed to be fasting and praying in January 2004 for the Holy Spirit and the success of this event. We were all supposed to invite people. In the previous two years we were supposed to train one million lay people to give out one billion invitations to the events in 2004. By autumn we only had the normal satellite evangelistic programs.
It was all a giant hoax! Let us see how we can fool the church into thinking that we are doing evangelism.

Wake up Laodicea! You are naked and sleeping and deaf and blind.
If you are not personally doing any evangelism then your church is not doing all it can. If you think that all you must do is to give an offering then you might as well take that offering and go to Atlantic City.

The Holy Spirit is waiting to pour out the Latter Rain on this generation. Why should He choose you? Give Him a reason.

Sunday Laws and Forced Worship
It is our interpretation that the mark of the beast is enforced Sunday Worship. Therefore, the issue of legislating Sunday is a critical event to watch. Read about the history of the change of the sabbath. Next read about the doctrine of the true Sabbath.

European Union Sunday Law (August 2003) - Since its inception on 1993, every five years the member countries must report on their progress in implementing this law. Council Directive 93/104/EC, Article 5 of the European Working Time Directive - regulates a weekly rest period. Member States must ensure that, in each seven day period, every worker is entitled to a minimum uninterrupted rest period of 24 hours. This minimum rest period shall in principle include Sunday.

The policy of the European Union that every member state must have one day of rest during the week will go into effect by August 2003. The policy does not say that one day of your choice must be guaranteed for all workers, it states that a specific day must be established for all workers and that day must be Sunday. While some nations had a more flexible policy for businesses, this requirement forces each nation to choose one specific day. And Sunday must be the day. An Italian Catholic Bishop has already called any move away from a Sunday rest to be a "perverse act".
This legislation is probably due to the efforts of the Vatican which timed this statement at the first five year review that:
"Christians will naturally strive to ensure that "civil legislation" respects their duty to keep Sunday holy." -Section 67, "Dies Domini", July 7, 1998.
In some countries, the effect of the law seems to be designed to leave true Sabbath keepers with no other option but to break the Sabbath. So even if compliance is not forced by the law, the practical effect is that as practiced, it leaves us in a terrible plight. This is soft persecution.
For example, in Italy the weekly time off from work is 36 hours. 24 hours of this time must be taken on Sunday while the remaining 12 hours can be taken any other day of the week agreed on by the employer and employee. But our Sabbath is not twelve hours long.
In countries like Germany, school is in session from Monday to Saturday.

Vatican Asks Governments to Establish Sunday Laws. 1998 Apostolic Letter Dies Dominii - Pope calls for civil laws to reflect Sunday worship.
In the past, the plot to elevate Sunday has included these psychological tactics:
  1. Calendars have been changed to visibly place Sunday in the seventh position.
  2. Sunday is increasingly being referred to as "Sabbath".
  3. Sunday is called "the day of the Lord" although there is no biblical support.
In principle, I have no problem with the church trying to ensure rest for its members. But the tactics seem to involve purposefully denying other people their religious rights through the law.

United States Sunday Laws - In 1961, the United States Supreme court stated in Braunfeld vs Brown, 366 U.S. 599 (1961), that Sunday Laws were constitutional. The law was passed in 1962 but it had not always been enforced.

Sunday Laws and Death Penalty in the United States - In the 1600s, American colonies established Sunday laws with a death penalty. A strict Sunday law was passed in Virginia.
"Every man and woman shall repair in the morning to the divine service and sermons preached upon the Sabbath (Sunday), and in the afternoon to divine service, and catechizing, upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and the allowance for the whole week following; for the second, to lose the said allowance and also be whipped; and for the third to suffer death. !"
- Laws, and Orders, Divine, Politique, and Martial For the Colony in Virginia: established by Sir Gates, Knight, Lieutenant - General, May 24, 1610.

In Connecticut, this was the law.
"Whoever shall profane the Lord's day, or any part of it, either by sinful servile work, or by unlawful sport, recreation, or otherwise, whether willfully, or in a careless neglect, shall be duly punished by fine, imprisonment, or corporally according to the nature, and measure of the sin, and offence. But if the Court upon examination, by clear, and satisfying evidence find That the sin was proudly, presumptuously, and with a high hand committed against the known command and authority of the blessed God, such a person therein despising and reproaching the Lord, shall be put to death, That all others may fear and shun such provoking Rebellious courses."
- (Charles J. Hoadly, Records of the colony or jurisdiction of New Haven, from May, 1653, to the Union, together with the New Haven code of 1656, Lockwood and Company, 1858, page 605.)

The 2005 War for Christmas. This year the war is heating up. The Catholic league forced Walmart to promote Christmas. Pressure has also been placed on Sears and other stores. FOX news is on a daily rampage. I see all of this as the first salvos in the future war over public acknowledgement of religion. Christmas is just the issue that they are using to test their message and influence.
By the way, Christ was born during the feast of tabernacles. There is no command to honor His birthday. Christmas is a pagan holiday and it is nothing but a commercial fiasco. In the 2003 lighting of the "holiday tree", the beloved right wing president vaguely mentioned "the babe ... 2000 years ago". Never was the word Jesus or Christmas said. Santa Claus was mentioned several times and the word "holiday" was used liberally.
Christmas is a Pagan holiday that was borrowed by the Christians, like several other Pagan practices that were baptized and brought into the church. God tells us not to follow the Pagans.
Idols and Christmas Trees ... Do not learn the ways of the nations, and do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens. For the customs of the people are delusion; For it is wood cut from the forest, the work of the hand of the craftsman with a cutting tool. They decorate it with silver and gold, they fasten it with nails and with hammers so that it will not totter. Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field are they, and they cannot speak. They must be carried, because they cannot walk! Do not fear them, for they can do no harm, nor can they do any good. (Jeremiah 10: 2-5)
We will soon find the same pressure over Sunday closings. Sunday is another Pagan practice.
The Right Supreme Court
By the end of January 2006 we will probably have a conservative majority on the supreme court. There will also be a Catholic majority. (Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy). But Kennedy may still be too liberal for some. Hariet Miers was a woman, single and a Protestant. So she needs to be in the kitchen not in the boy's club. She might also be gay and may not listen to the pope.

Two justices are over eighty. I would not be surprised if God gives them a clear majority by opening up another vacancy. I would also not be surprised if they assassinated one of the liberal judges so that they can guarantee their power before the next election. Threats against federal judges are increasing. So hang in there Breyer, Ginsburg, Stevens and Souter!

How Soon before We Lose the Freedom to Worship?
The remaining liberal media sounds like Adventists prophesying about the dangerous change in the United States government, except when they start ridiculing Christianity. It seems that they believe that if they ever mention any of the 150 year old Adventist warnings or any prophecy, they will be "giving credence to religion". Maybe Nostradamus should have predicted this. Or if the writer of the "Da Vinci Codes" had mentioned this they would have praised his great foresight. Daily, I hear the warnings from our church being expressed but no one asks the obvious question, "What if these prophecies are right?"
They keep hoping that the next election will turn the tide? I hope so too, because I would rather be ridiculed and marginalized by the liberals than tortured and murdered by the conservatives. But that will not happen. Ignoring Adventist prophecy by not mentioning this remarkable fulfillment is like ignoring a difficult pregnancy. When your labor pains come, you will be forced to face the message of these prophecies.

One gets the impression that the government is waiting for the right supreme court before it addresses the issue of people held indefinitely under the Patriot Act without charges. It lost some decisions in a June 28, 2004 ruling but that still has not changed the status of those held. They are waiting for a second bite at the apple.
If they really had evidence why have they not charged these people after so many years?
Do you realize that in four years our bill of rights have been wiped out. And because the federal appellate courts and the supreme court now have a conservative majority, the judges appointed for life will uphold the aims and desires of the president (and the pope), not the constitution.
While liberals were having a party, the conservatives have been filling the positions of power that really matter when they cause a constitutional crisis. They own the federal judges appointed for life. Look at the unconstitutional behavior that we have been doing and demand the right to do since 2001.
The Twilight of the Bill of Rights
Crap on my rights
The first ten amendments of the United States Constitution are the bill of rights.
  1. The four freedoms
    1. Worship
    2. No rights Speech
    3. No rights Press
    4. No rights Assembly and to petition government
  2. Right to bear arms
  3. No rights Private property
  4. No rights Unreasonable search and seizure
  5. No rights Double jeopardy
  6. No rights Speedy and fair trial
  7. No rights Jury trial
  8. No rights Excessive bail or torture
  9. All other rights to the people
  10. All other rights to the states
  1. The Four Freedoms. We either do not have them or we are in jeopardy of losing what remains of them.
    1. Worship. Any current perceived threat is really through the freedom of speech. The government has legally forced their way into churches through the "faith based initiative". They will do to churches what privatization and the change in ownership rules have done to the media. The churches have become the mouth piece of the government. But like all historical unions of the church and state, it is really the government who will become the mouth piece of the church. So guess when this will happen?
    2. Speech. Churches cannot advocate peace. The IRS is being sent to threaten any charitable organization that takes a moral position against the psychopaths in control of the government. Across the world and even in certain communities in the USA, people are making laws to regulate "hate" speech. Such speech involves laws to criminalize the use of the word "nigger" in Brazoria, Texas. The mayor believes that this will "change people's hearts". Qantas airlines expelled a passenger with a T-Shirt that criticized President Bush: "George Bush, Number One Terrorist".
      As a person of color I am more worried about the right to express a belief than I am about Bubba being unable to call me a nigger in public. He will simply call me something else, because while the law can change his public speech, the law cannot change his heart.
    3. Press. When only four private corporations own most of the press and they have a particular ideology, the press is not free. The concept of creating "embedded reporters" has prostituted the function of this group. The press has become another advertising vehicle for corporations and a mouth piece for the government. The mass arrest of journalists could have been next if they were not spineless worms. Right now some are just being squeezed out.
      The Wire Services. The Associated Press fired a chief for printing an article written by a Democratic senator. The Knight-Ridder wire services has been starved and sold. They were the only one who had reporters that told any truth. The moonies own UPI and they are totally republican. Wire services are important because the networks are too lazy to send their own reporters to investigate anything.
    4. Assembly. The government fences demonstrators in miles away, they arrest people under false charges just to shut down the demonstration. They screen the people from government meetings based on ideology, not on any threat to security.
  2. Bear Arms. We have the right to bear arms. We have so much of this right that we can buy automatic weapons and armor piercing bullets. We can buy machine guns and ship a certain quota overseas. We can arm a small army and run a foreign revolution with just a driver's liscense and a shipment by UPS.
    Embedded Reporters
    While we were sleeping around ...
    Embedded terrorists
    I see the media is dressed for success
    Georgie: Rummy did you check for the boogey man?
    Rummy: O sir, you've been reading your fairy tales again
    Condie: I assign a book each week.
    Dickie: Who's that smokin' FOX??? I only have eyes for you.
    Karlie: I see fire in your eyes, let me fan the flames ...
    Novak: Should I "Out the Plame" or put "out the flame"?
    Mahmoud: Are we sleeping with the enemy?
    Osama: No, this is the best Safe Haven for terrorists
    Who lit the flame that set the world on fire?
  3. Private Property. In 2005, the new powers under the law of "eminent domain" leave us all in jeopardy of the rich and the government. The banking laws and new work environment guarantee that within a generation most private property will fall into the hands of the rich. A feudal system is still the right to have private property, but somehow I do not think that this is what we want. The wealth is not supposed to be concentrated in the hands of a few.
  4. Unreasonable Search and Seizure. The Patriot Act allows this. The government is spying on our regular mail, phone calls, emails, homes and private conversations. All without informing us. All the while they claim to be looking only at terrorists. On January 12, 2006 the story broke that the department of Homeland Security opened the mail of a retired 81 year old professor who had received a letter from another 80 year old from the Philippines. How are these fools choosing their targets? The government can search your home and leave and not tell you. Do not believe the lie that they are only checking Al-Qaeda members.
    Suspicious Activity Report. Another amazing example surfaced in March 2006. An older couple decided to pay $6522 on their JCPenny credit card bill. It triggered an investigation by homeland security. Bankers must now report any financial activity above a certain percentage. Any reasonably aware person would think that paying a bill to certain types of businesses should never be a subject of investigation by the government. But this is the wide net deliberately cast by the administration to find an excuse to look into your private affairs. This action is a result of an old plan to pry into your financial affairs. The government now looks at the pattern of your financial behavior and any change from what is normal is reported by your bank.

    With this level of stupidity, no wonder they cannot find Osama.
    The Sandbox Brats meet the CondystewSHUN
    Drilling for oil or Burying their heads?
    Ostrich cabinet
    What's that? ...
    Georgie: It's just a piece of paper. Do I have to read it?
    Dickie: Burn it. It's trash. Wait! Sell it to Iraq.
    "Liberty and Justice for oil"
    Rummy: Let's kick it and see if it moves
    Karlie: Throw some mud at it and then bury it.
    Condie: All this sand on my head got into my hair ...
    Supreme Court: Let's correct the errors ...
    Albertie "Speedy" Gonzales: I have some crayons!
    Congress: Scribble ... Scribble ... snip ... snip ...
    For some unknown reason the government spends time infiltrating environmental organizations run by old ladies, they monitor the Quakers and vegetarians or any organization that advocates peace, they spy on the mail of two old people with no ties to anything lethal except a walking cane. They think it is suspicious when someone wants to pay off their 20% interest credit card bill. They even spied on vegans! Most Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarians. We have historically been known as conscientious objectors. I believe that they are spying on us.
    They send the IRS to threaten and bully churches that are no longer cheerleaders for the little shrub. At the same time that he is allowed to tell the pope that the bishops are not doing enough to support him.
  5. Double Jeopardy. We have a de facto state of double jeopardy with the ability to file a civil case when we do not get the correct outcome in a criminal case. We also have a state of double jeopardy because the media tries the case in public, in favor of the prosecution, before the real trial.
  6. Speedy and Fair Trial. The Patriot Act denies this. People are now being held over three years without charges. And then there is the case of some Chinese Muslims. Even the government tribunal says that they are innocent and should be released. Where are they? They are still being held indefinately! We have a king and dictator who is subject to no laws. He does not even subject himself to the rules and structures that he devises to do whatever he wants to do.
  7. Jury Trial. The Patriot Act denies this. Some people will be put under the jurisdiction of the military tribunal courts.
  8. Excessive Bail or Torture. The president allows this, and wants this. He believes he has the right to do this under the Patriot Act and the power of his office.
  9. All other Rights. The federal government has taken over all rights. They now rest in the infinite wisdom of King George. We should build his presidential library in the shape of a pyramid. His face on mount Rushmore should be flanked by two lions.
Has it Begun? The state of Missouri wants to make Christianity the official religion! (March 7, 2006 on the Ed Shultz Show).

Time of Trouble and the Beginning of Sorrows
God is not causing these disasters. However, He is not preventing them. The world has damaged their environment. They have largely given themselves over to sin and to their own desires. Often the wicked ridicule God. So He has warned the righteous to expect trouble and sorrow in the end. Because He has given over the world to the control of the forces the majority want, Satan. Satan is called "the prince of the power of the air". He is now attempting to destroy as many people as he can. Apparently, he is starting in the sin cities. God is trying to help us by giving us warnings. He is telling us to be prepared. Many times He has averted disaster so that we can practise using our plans and resolve any problems so that we can have a better chance of survival. So do not despise false alarms and near misses so that you become complacent.
Eventually, God will cause His own disasters. It is called the seven last plagues. But this will occur when the wicked try to kill the righteous.
Global Disasters.
... And there shall be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time. (Daniel 12: 1)

Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tsunamis, Asteroids, Meteors, Balls of Fire.
There shall be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the seas. Men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21: 25-26). See a discussion of the prophecy.

• Mad Cow disease in Europe
• September 11. Al Qaeda attacks USA
• March. War with Afghanistan.

• December 26. Earthquake. kills 41,000
• March. War with Iraq.
• May. USA. 313 tornadoes.
• Blackouts
    • August 14. North East USA, Canada
    • August 28. London
    • September 23. Denmark, Sweden
    • September 27-28. Rome

• A record 1800 tornadoes in the USA
• Billions of locusts and cicadas
    • 17 year locust in USA
    • North Africa to Asia, Australia
• January 5. Spain. Fireballs
• February. Shuttle disaster
• February 24. Earthquake kills 628
• March 11. Spain. Terrorism. 191 dead
• March 28. Catarina. Rare hurricane
• May. USA. 175 tornadoes in 2 days.
• July 16-18. New Zealand. Floods and 30 earthquakes.
• September 3. Russia. School massacre. 343 dead.
    • September 18. 70 minor earthquakes.
    • September 28. 6.0 earthquake
Florida. 5 storms
    • August 12. Bonnie.
    • August 13. Charley. (4)
    • September 5. Frances. (2)
    • September 16. Ivan. (4)
    • September 23. Ivan returns!
    • September 25. Jeanne. (3)
Japan. (September - December)
    • 5 Earthquakes 6.6 - 7.4
    • 2 Volcanic eruptions
    • 10 typhoons
        • August. Typhoon Megi.
        • August 29. Typhoon Chaba.
        • September 5. 7.2 Earthquake.
        • September 5. 7.4 Earthquake.
        • September 7. Typhoon #7 Songda
        • October 23. 6.6 Earthquake.
        • October 20. Typhoon #10 Tokage.
        • November 28. 7.0 Earthquake.
    • May 18. Fourth Typhoon Nida.
    • June 29-30. Typhoon Mindulle.
    • August 24-26 29. Typhoon Aere.
    • November 7. Storm Lingling.
    • November 21. Typhoon Unding.
    • November 22-26. Storm Muifa.
    • November 26. Storm Violeta.
    • November 29. Typhoon Winnie.
    • December 2-3. Typhoon Nanmadol.
    • December 3. Typhoon Yoyong.
December 2004.
    • Earthquake / tsunami kills 221,000
    • AIDS killed 420,000
    • Tobacco killed 418,000
    • Tobacco killed 36,000 in USA
    • Maleria killed over 300,000
    • Lack of nutrition killed over 750,000
    • 842 million hungry every day.

2004 Storms
Pacific. 35 storms (19 typhoons)
Philippines. 25 storms

Disasters (2005)
    • 5 major Airplane crashes.
    • Floods in India killed over 1000
    • Fires in Portugal
    • Floods in Europe
    • August 29. Hurricane Katrina (1, 4)
    • August 30. New Orleans flooded
    • September 15. Hurricane Ophelia (4)

2005 Storms (as of December 12)
23 Pacific storms (4 super typhoons).
16 Philippines storms (5 typhoons).
26 Atlantic storms (13 hurricanes).
Record number of storms (26 since 1933), hurricanes (12 since 1969), strength (Wilma). 3 of top 5 storms occurred this year.

  • Earthquake in Pakistan. 87,000 dead.
  • Floods in Central America. 2,000 dead.
Natural Disasters
This map shows some events from 1991 to 2004. It also shows the wave patterns from the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and the pattern from a possible collapse of the west flank of the volcano in the Canary Islands sending half a trillion tons of rocks into the ocean. It will affect the east coast of the United States from Boston to Miami as far as 12.5 miles (20 km) on the land. The initial wave will be 650 meters high, 30-40 km long. It travels at a speed of 720 km/hour across the Atlantic and reaches the United States in 8 hours.
It is our conclusion that these series of events are prophetic because they are unprecedented and because they are occurring at the same time as the other political, cultural and religious prophetic events that we have been documenting.

A global trend of natural disasters started in the middle 1990's. These were unknown in Europe and has caused these nations to look seriously at the issue of global warming. The trend has escalated tremendously since September 2004. According to the prophecies of Daniel 11: 40-45 and Daniel 12, a time of distress starts at the time of the end. This time starts with a battle in the Middle East.
A familiar comment from all of these disasters are the words, "nothing like this has ever happened before".

The Roaring Seas
Japan. September - November 2004. Ten typhoons, many strong earthquakes and hundreds of strong aftershocks and two volcanic eruptions.
Philippines. Two typhoons in one week. Two storms. 1062 dead. 552 missing.
United States. September - October 2004. Four hurricane strength storms struck Florida and the south east.
Caribbean. Haiti. Flood and mudslides. 2000 dead. Grenada 85% damaged by Ivan.
Great Earthquake and Tsunami. On December 26, 2004 the 9.3 earthquake off the shores of Sumatra generated a force which shifted the Island 100 feet (30 m), tilted the earth one inch (2.5 cm) on its axis and caused the earth to spin three microseconds faster. It shook the entire earth and moved every place at least 0.4 inches (1 cm). The planet trembled for weeks. The earthquake shook for ten minutes. An average earthquake normally takes 30 seconds. The resulting tsunamis killed over 170,000 people, 50,000 are still missing and it made over five million homeless. Since many places in Indonesia have not be reached and areas of large populations appear lifeless, some sources are reporting over 400,000 dead in Indonesia alone. We have never heard from the secretive government of Burma. The dead could reach over half a million. Islands and entire coastlines have been wiped out. It affected countries with a major population from other religions, Muslim, Buddist and Hindu. Many countries were affected because their citizens were on vacation during the height of the tourist season. Many surviving orphans are at risk because the region is known for the trafficking of children for prostitution. This is a punishment for hurting a child.
It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble (Luke 17: 2).

Rogue Waves. Freak waves have been plaguing ships at sea. In November, huge waves hit Hawaii. In January 2005, cruise ships in Alaska have encountered fifty foot waves (1524 cm). In April 2005, cruise ships in the Caribbean encounter seventy foot waves (2134 cm). They are probably caused by the same forces that are creating high wind storms around the world. These are storms that are not related to hurricanes or tornadoes.

Hurricane Ivan generated the largest wave recorded. The waves were more than 91 feet (28 meters) tall and 600 feet (183 meters) long. These measurements were not during the peak wind because the sensors were not working. Scientists estimated that those waves would have been 130 feet (40 meters) high.

In the past 20 years over 200 supertankers have been sunk by these waves. These ships are 656 feet (200 meters) long. An average of two large ships are sunk every week. (National Geographic News. "Monster Waves". August 10, 2004)
Nuclear Waste Dumping. Evidence of the illegal dumping off the shores of Somalia by Italian and Swiss companies have washed ashore with the tsunami. Now their shores are contaminated for years. What do you think God has in store for rich western nations who exploit the poor? Nations who treat others as garbage? There will be no tears shed in heaven for you when God gives you double the punishment due.

Fear from the Shaken Heavens
Fireballs and Meteor Strikes. Eventually, we should expect disasters from the heavens. Apparently, there should be more than one because the constant expectation escalates global fear. My visions of fireballs have already started.
Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Government.
Global Warming
This was the same administration who, in collusion with the oil companies, claimed that global warming is the single greatest hoax perpetuated on the American people.
This is the most expensive natural disaster in United States history. It struck south Florida as a category one hurricane, causing major flooding. Then it moved to the Gulf coast as a category 5 hurricane, finally striking east of New Orleans as a category 4 on August 29. It destroyed over 90% of buildings in a wide area from New Orleans to Pensacola, particularly Biloxi and Gulfport. 90,000 square miles was destroyed. (57.6 million acres or 233100 km2 or 23.31 million hectares). Power will be out of that region for at least two months. One million homeless, 350,000 homes destroyed. The following day, two dikes broke and flooded 80% of New Orleans up to twenty feet. Estimates are that over ten thousand died. New Orleans is now a black cesspool, full of dead bodies, gas, oil, mud, snakes and alligators. There are rumors of cannibalism. Someone attempted to kidnap the chief of police. Police committed suicide and many abandoned or are missing. Abandoned pets are turning wild and joining packs. The first cases of water borne diseases appeared by Sunday and E. Coli was confirmed on Tuesday. By Wednesday people were dying of bacterial infections. Authorities fear an outbreak of typhoid and cholera. Several key refinaries are under water. Important ports that are the only location suitable for servicing oil tankers are damaged. These ports and oil infrastructure produce 30% of our domestic oil and 20% of other exports. Oil rigs are adrift, pipelines broken, looting and misery. Criminals are shooting at relief helicopters and transportation. This is the same plight as Iraq. Insurgents kill policemen, bomb hospitals and utilities. It is a disaster of biblical proportions. I believe that we will have another devastating earthquake before the end of the year. There will also be a great earthquake near Missouri, but I do not know when. Here is how I know. I also had a vision about New Orleans. We have transitioned to Daniel 12: 1.
... And there shall be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time. (Daniel 12: 1)
The government has failed the test to take care of the poor, widows and the foreigner. The next step that it will fail is their desecration of the sanctuary of God.

When given the chance the people also failed the test, even after the horrendous behavior of the government has been exposed.
  • Foreigners. Abused at Abu Ghraib
  • Widows. Social Security and Medicare "reform".
  • Poor. Neglected in New Orleans and Niger. No health insurance. Condemned to indentured service through our bankruptcy laws that would not even make an exemption for victims of natural disaster.

Neglect Exposed. The response of the federal government was shameful and horrendous. After being exposed and humiliated we find that the next plan was to shuffle people from one place to another where they are also languishing and dying. Eight people per day are dying at the airport where they left them. We now see the results of cutting and underfunding the budgets of key departments. FEMA has been slashed and virtually privatized. They were probably depending on faith based organizations to fill the gap. This joke of a faith based initiative now appears to be a criminal attempt to loot the federal government and give money to private firms pretending to be religious organizations. Disaster relief involves lots of construction and they can guarantee contracts to friends. And it was given to Haliburton.

But now we see that initial disaster relief is a task of the Federal government and the army, not private companies and charities. Only the stellar efforts of the coast guard deserves any recognition. FEMA is now a useless organization that appears to have only one clueless employee who previously herded donkeys. This jackass did not even know that there were also 20,000 people at the convention center. He simply has to be able to count to two, to track the largest concentration of people. President Bush is a disgrace. Rice is window dressing. Powell was a doormat. At night Cheney peels off his outer human disguise to reveal horns and a pitch fork underneath. Rove, the bastard son of the Father of lies and Jezebel, simply came from the thirteenth level of Dante's inferno to inflict misery on any creature that has a heart and is visible in a mirror. A generation of vipers and vultures! God is not pleased. I am so angry.

The Disaster Relief War Plan. The plan to handle the hurricane is the same plan that was used to handle Iraq after the war. Haliburton was given the contract to rebuild after the disaster in July. They probably hoped that the churches and appeals for contribution would provide all the care and comfort. These appeals appear to be another form of taxation which provides government services through public funds. And that in the chaos that resulted afterwards that nobody would notice that FEMA does not really exist.
The Disastrous Relief Plan
A disaster plan is not supposed to be a plan that exacerbates a disaster.
  • Wireless. Carrier pidgeons.
  • Wired. Two tin cans and a string.
Transportation. Turtles.
Command and Control. Rip Van Winkle
Rebuilding Contracts. Haliburton.
FEMA. Part time volunteers.
Security. Every man for himself!
A cost benefit analysis probably showed that it is cheaper to launch a response after you are convinced that a disaster has occurred. However a phantom capability must be created. The public must be convinced that relief is prepositioned so that it can be deployed immediately. The chances are that the public will never find out that they are bluffing.

However, "immediately" means "in five days". "Prepositioned" means workers on our volunteer list. "Workers" means volunteers who have other jobs and must be found and brought in.

This plan resulted in chaos, torture, looting, mismanagement, disinterest, lunacy, liars. Imbeciles! All they learned was to imprison and torture. These are good qualifications to manage a persecution, but not useful in managing a crisis. I would like to say that the term "execute a plan" does not mean to kill it.
Interestingly, the only people who appear to have profited from the disaster was the oil companies and Haliburton. But their day is coming. In the future, there will not be one drop of oil to buy. Not because it is too expensive, but because there is none. God is shifting the dynamics and exposing our sins.

Third World America. Last year we failed as a nation to address the issue of torture and human rights violations revealed by Abu Ghraib. Now we see the disgrace of what happens when a nation isolates and forgets a class of poor. We see two Americas. One is a third world country. Tax cuts went to the wealthy. Poverty has increased for the last four years. People can no longer file for bankruptcy so all these people who have been displaced are now in financial ruin. Finally the economic plan comes home to roost in a red state. The drafting of the children in these states should open everybody's eyes. There is such a thing as too little government.
We saw the president and one branch of the federal government move heaven and earth to save one brain dead white woman and they did not do anything for five days while we saw the images of over 40,000 poor people who languished in the city with no food, water or toilet facilities. Congress met for a special Easter session on a Sunday. The president interrupted his perpetual vacation and flew in, waiting at the airport so that he could sign the legislation as quickly as possible because time was critical. Ironically she too, was dying of dehydration and starvation! But half of her brain was gone, it was filled with liquid.

Treated Like Farm Animals. Yes, the event was catastropic, but that did not explain the lack of any type of response for so long. Why did we not see one helicopter drop one bottle of water outside the superdome. Why were they locked in with bathrooms that stopped working within the first hour of the shelter closing on Sunday. In temperatures of 110º, total darkness, humid, stinking and death. Mr President, they were human beings created by God. They are not farm animals stuffed in a cage on our deplorable, stinking corporate pig farms. They had functioning brains that could feel hunger and pain. On our pig and poultry farms animals are caged, left in their own feces with the dead bodies of those who did not survive. This is how these people were treated. Again, like slaves, they were property of the southern land owners under new management with new, miserable farming techniques.
There were reports of behavior that defied explanation.
• FEMA told some volunteer firefighters to hand out flyers instead of using their expertise and equipment.
• FEMA told the chief of staff and other doctors who were evacuated from a hospital to the airport that they could help by sweeping the floors. They were told not to help the patients they saw dying around them because of "liability issues". The airport was being used for medical patients.
• 363,000 meals donated by the British were not distributed because of limits due to "Beef import restrictions". (CNN October 15)

When Psychopaths Rule. On the fourth day of a spectacular performance of no performance, FEMA workers had arrived that night and wanted to immediately go to the people. They were told to wait until the next day so that they could go with the President. They actually wanted to give the appearance that when he came things were accomplished because he is such a good leader! This type of thinking is not made by men with diminished intelligence. It is made by psychopaths and feral children who would ignore the dying to dress up the image of the living dead. Well, the emperor has no clothes. He has been caught with his pants down. He also has no brains. He sauntered in the next afternoon with four helicopters, hugged and fondled two black women, blubbered the obvious, made the appropriate body language signs and then proceeded to look utterly idiotic and uninspiring. He loves to pose with this look that is either meant to look confident, tough and decisive or in charge. However, he manages to look like he swallowed a live chicken with constipation.
Prepositioned for Failure
The new meaning of the word, propositioned, is to remove all assets out of harms way ... to China. Therefore, this is why it takes a long time to move them back to the devastated area ... by elephants. That is one explanation of the slow response.

The Boy in the Bubble. One German newspaper reported that the shelter that he visited for this carefully constructed visit was actually a fake shelter that did not exist before he arrived and did not exist after he left. CNN and other news organizations apparently went along with this because the president always surrounds himself with a fake environment. He is incompetent and clueless about leadership. He is a disgrace! Except for the opportunity to gather more power, he treats the presidency as a periodic nuisance that interrupts his vacation. He thinks he can walk in like John Wayne, lower his voice, issue the same tired cliches with the correct gestures and body language and the world will instantly transform to his mental image, because his fake environment always does. He is a media creation who lives on a Hollywood movie set. Disinterested, aloof, grabbing for titles and influence, psychopaths and people raised by wolves create a world of their own in which they can shut out the screams and despair of the unwashed rabble. They create their own television stations to watch. They screen the public they invite to their meetings. After twice being criticized for his lack of immediate response to natural disasters, He went golfing on the day after the hurricane. He also went to a birthday party and played a guitar somewhere. Nero also fiddled while Rome burned. Was he also reading a copy of "My Pet Goat"?
Psychopaths Lie
  • Levee. "No one could have anticipated the levees breaking". (Apparently psychopaths are also incredibly stupid).
  • Federal Aid. "The governor of Louisiana did not declare a state of emergency". She did. Two days before. They even boasted about the federal government declaring the area a disaster area before the disaster happened so that it would speed up the relief.
  • Prepositioned. Michael Brown had his little map that showed all the places near the coast where help was prepositioned.
  • Superdome Misery. September 6. Chertoff reports that conditions in the superdome were not as bad as reported.

They have consistently avoided the question of what prevented a single drop of food or water being delivered to the superdome for five days. Or how the media was able to accomplish the things they claimed were difficult to do.

When Psychopaths Show Compassion. Rice was busy playing tennis, buying shoes and going to the theatre. She showed up on Sunday, six days later. I hope she wore the new shoes. Rumsfeld, who cannot define torture when he sees it, also apparently cannot recognize misery if he tripped over it and the smells assaulted him in his face. It is his department that is failing. This is day six, where is he? After six days, Cheney, or Fenrir as he is known in Norse Mythology, is still missing. He is still chained up for his role in Armageddon. He is probably hiding in the same place that he hid on September 11. We learned that he was buying a mansion on the Maryland waterfront. It is a good target for another hurricane. Will there be poetic justice? Yes!
The first lady kept calling the hurricane "Corrina". Why doesn't she know the proper name after almost two weeks?
After touring a shelter his mother said, "Many of these people were underprivileged anyway, this is working out better for them".
Rove is invisible, probably trying to plot a way to blame it on the democrats. So he may be creating the next list of talking points. Like Jormungand, he will stain the soil and the sky with his poison pen. Because that will be the version of the world events according to Karl Rove. Unfortunately for them we have their statements and warnings in the days before the hurricane hit. But somehow, you will dismiss what you know. You will believe a lie because you want to believe a lie. Here is a warning from the bible for all those who dismissed Abu Ghraib, forgot the plight of the innocent land of Iraq that we created, or dismissed Guantanamo Bay and the civil liberties of others. Your attitude is wickedness. Since you love to believe lies, God will allow you to believe a very devastating one.
For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. (2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12)

When Psychopaths Control the Media. They have proceeded to lie about the events being unpredictable, their efforts and accomplishments, what they knew and when they knew it. So far, we know that they are tying to blame it on the poor. It was their fault for not leaving. Their other tactic, believe it or not, is now denial. They will deny to your face what you saw and heard with your own eyes. And they will probably get away with it. I have a friend who moved to the "red states" about three weeks ago. She finally called on September 2. She knew there was a hurricane but she did not know the details. It did not appear in the newspapers she was receiving nor in the free television station that she gets. She is a professional. She is a pharmacist and her husband is a teacher. The media also reported that in a meeting on September 6, they gave rosy reports on what was done and the secretary of Homeland Security actually said that things were not as bad as reported in the superdome!
Update. It is now October 14. They have won the debate by not talking about it. They have squashed the stories by scattering the people. At least 6,600 people are missing, but the official count is about 1086 dead. The heroic journalists who were moved to tears and forgot to make the administration look good are now apologizing for the government. Nothing is being done for the city despite all the promises. By December 1 at least 40% were still without power.
What has Three Heads, No Brains, a Forked Tongue?
Georgon: A Triple Headed Lying Snake
The 3 Monkeys
See evil, hear evil, speak evil. Be evil
Deaf. I hear no reports of a civil war in Iraq
Blind. I see no evidence of global warming
Dumb. I'm not stupid. Rain forests cause hurricanes
Liar. I did not set the world on fire
Clueless. I feel that we are winning the war on terror
We are making the world safe for Al Qaeda

The Department of Homeland Insecurity. Where is our National Guard? What did we buy for the billions of dollars spent for our Department of Homeland Security and FEMA? The Canadian military reached New Orleans before ours, while FEMA got lost in the wrong Charleston! If they could not prepare for a catastrophe for which they planned and which they had several days warning, how will they handle an unexpected disaster like the earthquake in Missouri that is going to destroy middle America?
Should he be impeached for criminal negligence? Yes, "Him-peached", but first "him-rotten-egged".

Update March 2006. (Six Months Later). No change! All the talk and rhetoric were just lies. We have learned that Skeletor is another festering boil on top of an ugly wart on the rear end of another toad in the administration.
Daniel gave this advice to Nebuchadnezzar before his public insanity sent by God a year later.
Therefore, O king, may my advice be pleasing to you: break away now from your sins by doing righteousness and from your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor, in case there may be a prolonging of your prosperity. (Daniel 4: 27)

Criticizing the Government. To those of you who think this is wrong, just remember John the Baptist and other prophets. I am just demonstrating that your gods have feet of clay, hearts of cold steel and brains of pickled, mildewed straw. It is a process called "tearing down your idols" for the people of God who insist on being blind.

We Support the Troops! Sadly, the ordinary men and women in the military are finding as much support from their government as New Orleans got after Katrina. No where is the neglect more glaring than the care of the wounded soldiers.
  • Wounded Veterans. We do not have the services to help these people.
    • Mental Illness. The conflict has produced an epidemic of mental illnesses. One third are suffering from mental illnesses and psychosocial disorders. 25% with more serious mental disorders. 13% with PTSD. The official line was that once the soldiers are back home they are private citizens and the army cannot track them. But these are the same traumatized soldiers that are sent back repeatedly. So they probably do no know the extent of their trauma. The official recommendation was that soldiers should not spend more than six months in intense combat because of mental illness. We have gone beyond these recommmendations.
    • Hospital Accomodations. Wounded soldiers live in mold and rat infested conditions at Walter Reed hospital.
    • A Personal Story. A special report on CNN, July 1, 2007 about the broken military featured a soldier who was returning on his third tour of duty which may last about 15 months. His previous deployments have made him deaf in one ear, unable to wear his boots without condiserable pain and suffering from PTSD. His wife reports incidences of sleep walking in which he thinks he is in Iraq fighting. We are shipping this broken soldier off to Iraq to command a unit with pills for his depression. Any crime perpetrated by this man will be attributed to us. The bible says that if you knowingly allow a potentially dangerous animal to be loose, then you are guilty of any deaths that it causes. Allowing a broken man to go back under these conditions is cruel.
  • Equipment. Missing equipment and armor. Support soldiers find themselves on the front line with combat soldiers.
  • Military Pay. Pay and benefits and veterans services have been cut.
  • Dead Soldiers. In an effort to hide the effects of the war, we are ignoring their funerals.
  • Multiple Tours of Duty. There is no plan to eliminate the short falls in recruitment. Tired and embattled soldiers are send back repeatedly. This is the fourth year of the war and soldiers are finding their tours extended and some being called back for a fourth term. The army is so short they are calling up soldiers from Vietnam. These people are at least 50 years old!
  • Reassignments. Soldiers are now regularly deployed on missions and equipment on which they have little training and are not assigned to duties that they have been promised or for which they were trained.
I ask you, what about the helpless population of Iraq? How are they coping with mental trauma after five years or more of sustained attacks against them. What will be the bitter fruit that we will reap?
The World Wonders. The response of the United States, their equipment and expertise is demonstrating the total global reach of their military. Soon all the world will cooperate with this country as they try to avoid a more global threat.
New Palestinian Leadership. Yasser Arafat died on November 11, 2004 after being the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) for forty years. He left behind a void in leadership with no apparent successor. Militant groups like Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hezbullah, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (now renamed Yasser Arafat Martyrs Brigade) have vowed not to support any new leader who will make peace with Israel. Syria and Iran might follow their lead. These groups have the same philosophy of war as Al-Qaeda and the people who are now destabilizing Iraq and terrorizing any Arab who cooperates with the West. Arafat leaves behind a financial scandal. He collected at least four billion dollars in charitable contributions and taxes from Israel on behalf of the Palestinian people and held it in his personal Swiss and Cayman Island Bank accounts. There might have been a financial reason for obstructing the peace process, building an iconic reputation and discouraging any other leadership to emerge. While he did not spend the money to improve the lives of the Palestinians, Hamas has been building a strong reputation with their network of charitable organizations and virulent opposition to peace with Israel.
Why is this important?
The chances are that the relationship between Israel and Palestine will get worse after we establish a presence there. One of the next and last signs before the final persecution is the fulfillment of Daniel 11: 45, which I believe describes the same time as Zechariah 12. At this time Jerusalem will be under siege from her enemies and during this emergency, they will recognize and accept the Messiah. From Daniel 11: 45 we learn that the final world power will enter Palestine at the final time of trouble.

But before peace falls apart, the United States and/ or the Vatican will establish a presence in Israel. Jerusalem might become an International city under foreign rule. The PLO, under Arafat and Fatah, were ready to accept the rule of the Vatican in Israel.

The fortunes of Israel will be the same as the fortunes of the true church. This is because both are Israel. Both belong to God and He will pour out His Spirit on both.
Therefore, this impending conflict in Israel is a sign that the great outpouring of the Spirit and the great persecution are near.
We Got What we Wished For?
Recent democratic elections brought all our enemies into power.
Palestine. Hamas
Iran. Leaders of the Iranian revolution.
Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood.
Lebanon. A government aligned with Syria.
Lebanon (2006). Hezbollah is stronger. Civil war possible.
Somalia. June 6, 2006. Switched to a taliban style Islamic government after we supported an insurgency.
Pakistan. A state of emergency in November 2007. Judges, lawyers, journalists and political opponents jailed. Bush spread freedom all right.

Update: (January 25, 2006). Hamas won the election in a landslide. So Israel is being surrounded by more enemies dedicated to their destruction. So far, no one knows what effect this will have on the peace talks. But we know, just look at Zechariah 12. If Israel or America destroys the Iranian nuclear facility this may be the straw that ignites the Middle East.

The New Persian Empire? On October 26, 2005, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran called Israel "a disgraceful blot" that should be "wiped off the map." He was elected in June 2005 as the first non-cleric in twenty four years. The leaders of Iran apparently view themselves as being on the verge of reestablishing the Persian empire. They are actively pursuing nuclear technology to the dismay of American politicians. They have even made a pact with Syria to protect each other from American aggression. This alliance gives a blueprint for the emergence of the old Assyrian Empire. Iran may be correct if it sees itself as the antagonist of America and the possibility of becoming a world empire. But they are wrong in thinking that they will succeed. Both Babylon and Persia will be defeated by God. But Iran will be the biggest spoiler of American imperialist dreams. And the rivalry between the empires of Babylon the Great and Persia will continue until the end of time when we are rescued by the heavenly Kings of the East.

The question is will Israel allow Iran to build a nuclear weapons facility? Israel destroyed the nuclear reactor of Iraq on June 7, 1981. This ended their nuclear weapons capability. However, if they resort to that strategy this time it might cause more alienation. And it might precipitate the emergency situation predicted in the Bible in Zechariah 12 and Daniel 12. The whole world surrounds Israel to destroy it.

American Military Base. Another prophecy has come through. America has a military base in Israel on the Dead Sea. This is the place that opened on August 31, 2005. We also have military bases all over Iraq (The Land of Shinar).

Coming Soon: A Vatican Presence in Jerusalem. The second half of this prophecy may be coming through. I know that the Vatican has inserted itself into the peace talks. It is trying to muscle in on Israel. In November 2005, they tried to make a deal to get land at king David's tomb. In a speech to Haifa University on January 3, 2006, David Jaeger, the lawyer for the Vatican expressed the necessity of the Vatican to rule over Jerusalem under the laws of the United Nations Resolution 181.
Jerusalem is an important city the fate of which should not be left in the hands of Israel and the Palestinians.
Gone Spittin' into the Wind
Birthing terrorists
Who's your Daddy?
Looks like mommy has another bomb in the oven
Lawdy, lawdy miss Scarlett, I don't know nuttin' 'bout birthin' no Arab terrorist babies!
Oh the pangs of an unwanted baby birth pains, Mommie Dearest!
George: I am the Lone Ranger. I am the naked emperor
Dickie: Let's go tug on superman's cape
Condy: Don't mess around with Dick
Osama: How come I get to be caveman?
Mahmoud: This is Bazarro World!!! Only in America
July 2006: The Siege of Jerusalem (Zechariah 12).
Look, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem it will also be against Judah.
It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.
In that day I will make the clans of Judah like a firepot among pieces of wood and a flaming torch among sheaves ...
And in that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that come against Israel.
(Zechariah 12: 2-3, 6,9)
With the war in Gaza and Lebanon this prophecy may be coming through. Israel has been surrounded several times by her enemy and God has never come. The difference between all those times and the current is the convergence of several other prophecies. The only time a siege of Jerusalem is significant is when the following events are also occurring.
  • Babylon the Great Returns in 1981. The United States controls Ancient Babylon and becomes Babylon the Great. In 1981 Iraq (Ancient Babylon) tries to make itself an empire again, even rebuilding the ancient city. Then it was stopped by the power that would inherit the title Babylon the Great.
  • Babylon the Great in the Holy Land. United States at war in the Middle East to fulfill Daniel 11: 40-45.
  • Rise of the Persian Empire (Iran). The ancient pattern of Babylon at war with Persia before the fall of Babylon.
  • The Enemies of Israel Want Her Destruction. Their prophecies tell them that they will be victorious. The prophecies also tell them it will happen at a time when the Great Satan (USA, Christians and Europeans) is at war in the Holy Land. It will start in Afghanistan and proceed to Baghdad then Damascus! Wow! Did that ever happen!!
  • Libya Cooperates with the USA. This has happened. Libya surrendered.
  • Ethiopia Cooperates with the USA. This happened in December 2006. Somalia surrendered. Ethiopia cooperated.
  • Jordan Escapes. This is happenning. The United States will not invade Jordan. But because Jerusalem will be beseiged I do not know how this will work out for the involvement of Egypt and Jordan.
  • Egypt Will Not Escape. I am waiting to see how this develops. Egypt will have a big involvement in this war.
  • Babylon the Great in Jerusalem. This is not complete. USA might be there but not the Vatican.
  • Breaking the Cedars of Lebanon. The powers in Lebanon will be broken. It began in 2005 with the Syrian withdrawal. Apparently, this latest action on July 12 against Hezbollah is continuing this breaking which is fulfilling the fourth thunder. The same text indicates that areas in Lebanon and Syria will be affected. These are the regions of Mt. Lebanon and Mt. Hermon (Sirion). These are the regions next to Israel in both countries, south Lebanon and southwest Syria. See map.
  • Shaking the Wilderness of Kadesh. This has not happened yet. This is the region in southern Israel in the Negev around the area of Ben Gurion's tomb. This might indicate a southern attack or an earthquake.

  • Church Controls the USA Government. This is an Adventist prophecy that says the Protestants will unite with the government and then the Catholics take over.
  • National Sunday Laws. This has happened in Europe but not in the United States.
  • Sea and Waves Roaring. This is occurring. Natural disasters have increased since 1995.
  • Powers of Heaven Shaken. This has only happened with the atmospheric heavens. I expect space debris also.
  • Israel Accepts the Messiah. This has not happened yet. God has been preparing the fulfillment for at least four years.
The good news is that the latter rain (the fifth thunder) will occur during this crisis. The bad news is that the persecution is also coming. If Jerusalem is besieged and Syria is engaged then this might be the prophecied war in Israel.

2007: The Palestinian Question. I have learned that the Palestians are being used by the people of their own faith who are hypocrites when it comes to who mistreats the Palestinians.
  • Underclass. Within the Muslim world they are not treated well. They have no rights for education or jobs in the countries where they have been refugees for decades. The few who were refugees in Iraq, who are trying to seek refuge from the current crisis have been excluded entry into other Muslim countries. It was this act that led me to realize that despite all the talk of "poor Palestinians", "our brothers ... boo hoo" is just an oportunity to throw mud at Israel. Other Muslims do not treat them well.
  • Suicide Bombs. Since they are disposable second class citizens we can convince them to become suicide bombers because we hate Israel even more than we despise the Palestinians. Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Opportunists, Vultures and Maggots. Yassir Arafat and his party never worked in the best interest of the people. It was in their best financial interest to keep the conflict going because they were robbing the Palestinians.
So the Palestinian problem is not simply a Jewish problem. They are a disposable, unwanted people who best serve as pawns in a ghastly game. The Palestinians need leadership from their own group who cares about them. But I am afraid that their soul is so wounded, it will take a miracle. They need to wake up and realize that they have no friends but God. The mistreatment of Shia and Palestinians by Sunnis was a real shock to me. And it is not simply the problem of absorbing refugees, they are mistreated in their own countries where they are the majority.

The Jews.
  • Origins. Israel never planted themselves in Palestine and displaced the people. 50% of the population already lived there, most of the rest were dumped there by the United Nations and the allies. After World War II, the antisemitic Europe and other western countries decided to dump their problems in Palestine. They cared for neither Palestinians nor Jews. Not in my back yard.
  • Security. Now that it is in the land, Israel has real security issues. If everybody around you is trying to kill you, you make allies where you can. The security issues have led to some harsh laws, yet Palestinians are treated better there than we see them and other Shi'a being treated in other wealthy Sunni countries.
  • Alliances. Their security alliances will cause them to do incredibly stupid things that will fulfill prophecy.
The Christian Right. They support the Jews unconditionally.
  • Unconditional Support. It is wrong to blindly support torture, injustice, violence and war.
  • Friends. I have no problems with going to the aid of the Jews because the hatred is so vast that they will be annhilated. But we cannot condone injustice, because we think it is God's will to blindly support the Jews.
  • Eschatology. They seem to be driven to fulfill their eschatology. Originally, there was no role for the United States, Iraq or Iran. It was Russia and China going to Palestine to start a war for the Antichrist. Now, they seem to want to go to war with Iran because it will trigger the battle of Armageddon when Iran attacks the Jews. They will be raptured away before the trouble engulfs the world. Then Christ will convert the Jews.

    So that is it! They neither care for Jews nor Palestinians nor the United States. They just want to get to heaven and they cannot get there until this prophesied war begins so they are going to start it or encourage it if it kills the rest of us. How can they think that they can bring about the end of days by supporting murder, mayhem and destruction and be rewarded for it? How!
The Sad Tale of a Cowboy and his Wild West Gift Horse
Wild West
When "Freedom" is a Trojan Horse
Congress. The people of America have given so much to the people of Iraq. Aren't we great!
Iraq. We can't afford our own oil, we have dirty water, no home, no food, no hands ... 1,000,000 dead ... boo hoo!
Georgie. Details! Stop whining! Let's give them a pretty horse
Rummie. Release the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Al Qaeda. I can supply a headless horseman to ride
Condie. Did you know that horses wear FOUR shoes!
Karlie. See, business opportunities everywhere!
Dickie. I will only get behind a "oil for horse" program
Iraq. You are a horse's behind
The Forgotten Civilians in Iraq. As the war in Gaza and Lebanon proceeded, one could not help but notice the difference between how the media reported the effect on the civilians in this war versus the war in Iraq. They had no problems showing the fear and devastation that Israel caused to 300 people and the ten days of mysery without services so far. Yet they have been silent on the far greater tragedy in Iraq. In the middle of this war the radio reported that 14,000 Iraqis have been killed between January and July 1, 2006 alone from the civil war that is not. 105 people per day are killed from sectarian violence (civil war). I never heard it reported on television, because our official position is that there is peace and prosperity in Iraq. We can call the actions of Israel a war, yet we cannot admit that Iraq is in the middle of a civil war with hundreds of thousands of refugees living in tents. After three years, in 115 temperatures people still have no electricity, no clean drinking water and extremely high unemployment.

The Refugee Crisis. Having caused a major refugee crisis, the United States allowed only 151 Iraqis in its borders in 2006. The rest of the free world only took in 404. After criticism aired the USA said it would take in 7000. The brunt of the burden is being felt by countries the USA criticizes, some have a 20% increase in population.
With a total population of 26 million this is the status of the refugee crisis as of January 2007. 100,000 refugees flee each month.
  • Iraq. 1.8 million internally displaced living in tents. The number will increase to 2.3-2.7 by the end of 2007.
  • Syria. 1.2 million. Syria is a poor country. (1.8 million by June)
  • Jordan. 700 thousand. (750 thousand by June)
  • Egypt. 150 thousand
  • Lebanon. 40 thousand
  • Other Countries. There are refugees in Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries.
That is almost 16%-20% refugees (4 million people) and the idiot says this is not a civil war? Contrast this to Darfur, Sudan where the United Nations says 2.5 million people have been displaced. Iraq has a population of 24-26 million and Sudan has a population of 37 million. So the crisis is worse in Iraq than Sudan.
Let's take a ride in the crazy clown car ...
Clown Car
I Am the Driver
Get rid of the old ball and chain! We bring freedom!
Give me you tired, your poor, your widows, your huddled masses yearning for sweat shop wages
Sir, do you have a license?
I won two elections and I can do anything I want!
Stop the world, I want to get off!
Too late! No brakes!

Three Million Widows ... and Counting. We have turned a nation of housewives into penniless widows and homeless orphans. This is conservative family values at its best! Care about the pregnancy but not the baby. Care about democracy and freedom, but not "the people". In a society where families have many children, men have multiple wives and women stay home and women are mostly not educated to support the family we have created an unusual situation. There are now three million widows with children who must learn a skill and go out and work or face starvation. The men are being killed in greater proportion. Existing male relatives cannot help because unemployment is so high. Women and children are left in a situation that they have never faced. Again, we are forcing a society into western values by our thoughtless actions. We are probably creating a desperate nation of prostitutes and beggars. But cheer up conservatives. Iraq has no welfare system to kick them out of. The desperate, unskilled women and children seems to be a good demographic for the garment and sex industries where we can practise "American business at its best".

A State of Emergency in Iraq. According to an Oxfam Press Release on 30 July 2007 the war is masking a serious crisis. This is the situation in Iraq.
  • Needy. A third of the people (8 million) Iraqi need immediate emergency help.
  • Clean Water. 70% are without adequate water supplies, compared to 50% in 2003. There is an outbreak of cholera.
  • Food. 28% of children are malnourished, compared to 19% before the 2003 invasion.
    Four million Iraqis - 15% - regularly cannot buy enough to eat.
  • Education. 92% of Iraqi children suffer learning problems, mostly due to the climate of fear.
  • Refugees. More than two million people - mostly women and children - have been displaced inside Iraq.
    A further two million Iraqis have become refugees, mainly in Syria and Jordan.
Although the report was issued in July 2007, the refugee figures are actually from December 2006. Other reports give these grim statistics.
  • Work. Unemployment is over 50%
  • Deaths. There are about 600,000 dead Iraqis. If they have the same ratio of dead to injured as the Emaricans then thay have nine times the injuries and three times as many serious injuries with the loss of limbs.
  • One Million Dead Iraqis (2007). The Pentagon does not count the dead Iraqis, it would not be prudent. 28 August 2007, congressman Dennis Kucinich said that over one million Iraqis have been killed.
The Crisis in Sudan. Iraq has a population of about 25 million and Sudan has a population of over 37 million. Sudan has 2.5 million refugees and over 600,000 dead yet we can call this a crisis and we cannot see the crisis in Iraq. In Iraq the violence is greater, the crisis is developing faster and a larger perccentage of its people are being killed and displaced.
Pirates of the Gulf: The Search for Gold
The Kidd is Captain
Clown Car
I Am the Figurehead!
Dick. It's a fine day for lootin' and pillagin'
Rummie. What's the use? There's nothing but sand and tar
Congress. Are we getting into the tar and feathering business?
Karlie. What a fine mess you got us stuck into!
Condie. That black stuff is all over my boots
Dick. It's Georgie fault. He has the road map
Narrator. But he is just a wooden figurehead!
Georgie. General "Black Jack" Pershing's Gulf sounded like a nice place for pirates
Osama. Persian Gulf! Persian Gulf!

Bush's Killing Fields in Iraq. Yet Bush plans to blame the Democrats for the killing fields and blood bath to follow on the people if we withdraw troops. The little terd and the goat that dislodged him does not want to withdraw troops because that would be the ultimate sign of their failure. Now he has an opportunity to blame someone else.
I agree that our leaving will bring more calamity, but the management of this fiasco by such incompetent nincompoops is just as much a moral travesty. Political genocide. He conveniently leaves out the fact that Iraq is now and had been a killing field that he has ignored. Now he will politicize the deaths when it suits him. No one can fix this situation. It is eternally broken because we waited too late to do the right thing and we were too cheap, too blind, too uncaring, too stupid to make the sacrifice it takes. We want to believe that withdrawing troops will solve our problems. So politicians think that they have to campaign on that promise. We cannot withdraw. It is too late. You were too willingly ignorant. Now you are being too willingly naive.
Until you send your sons and daughters by the hundreds of thousands to really work on the problems you created through wishful thinking and neglect we will never get our arms around this monster.

In the records of heaven, Bush and Cheney are responsible for the death of over one million innocents, the loss of millions of arms and legs of the dismembered, the destitute homelessness of 4 million people and 3 million widows by 2007. And we are still counting ... Yet Al-Qaeda still lives and is thriving more than ever. The innocent suffer and the guilty go free.
What price was your freedom from fear? Who tore down America?
We are all guilty of ignoring the human rights tragedy of our own making. Desperately trying to link Iraq and Saddam with Al-Qaeda to justify our neglect, our incompetence, our hubris and our actions. And yet we talk about our almost 4000 dead and our sacrifice for Iraq. Woe to him who builds a city with violence and bloodshed.
Now we hear that our tenth new reason for going to war, democracy, may have to be abandoned. Iraq needs a strongman who can guarantee security, defeat Al-Qaeda, provide services and unify the people. I thought that was Saddam!
And if we cannot do this, how the hell do we expect Iraq to do it?

Bush's Brothels in Iraq and Syria. A report on December 26, 2007 said that Iraqi women are being forced to prostitute themselves and their 12 year old children in Syria and Iraq because they have nothing.

New Plans? The president sent 21,000 more troops in January and an additional 5,000 in March to Iran. He sent 5,000 to Afghanistan because we are losing that war also. And this is supposed to be the new plan that works. With the allies pulling out of Iraq faster than a priest in a whore house I wonder where is the winning strategic plan? Even with all these new troops we are still less than we were at the beginning when the war was supposed to be a cake walk. How can less troops, battered equipment and tired troops win against an entrenched insurgency and a civil war? It seems that if he was serious he would send 500,000 men.
They did the war on the cheap and a wish with their fingers crossed. Isn't it time to grow up?

A Ship of Fools Steering the Titanic Earth. The fantastic fanatic four are at it again. Testing their failed theories in real time on real people. Someone ought to give them a curfew or a restraining order! While Evangelicals are happily waiting for Armageddon, their self-appointed Messiah is busy at his work of destruction. The world is falling apart thanks to them. The Christians believe that they will escape and leave us here with a world of their own making. Well, good news and bad news! The good news is that you will be given the opportunity to personally test your theory of torture and neglect giving birth to righteousness on the rest of the world. The bad news is that you will be doing it in earth-bound lead shoes. You cannot leave this earth in the mess that you created and defended. God just wants to see how far you will go! What you do, do quickly!

The United States
Speaking Like a Dragon (2004)
The Paradigm Shift in the United States Government and People
The Great Controversy
In this book by Ellen White, written over 115 years ago, she gave some details about the political and religious atmosphere at the end of time. This will result in getting the state to support the church and "trampling the rights of conscience".

Honeymoon. There will be a period in which the church will charm the world until it gets into the position that it wants. Pretending to change.

Protestants. The Protestant church will take over the United States Government. This started in 1980 and by 2004 even skeptics are beginning to realize that they have underestimated this power.

Catholics. The Protestant and Catholic church will unite to influence the government.

Financial Support. The government will support their institutions. Faith based Initiative and School Vouchers did this.

It has all come through. All of it.
Sunday laws are next.
The Status of Church and State after the 2004 Election.

The Great Moral Divide. The earth shifted right in the United States on November 2 as the world realized that 62% of the religious right voted. 78% of white evangelicals voted for Bush, and 81% of those who attend church regularly voted for him. Catholics also shifted right. 52% voted republican. The white house, senate, house of representatives, legislative committees and soon the supreme court are in their control. Although the president promised to heal and include, democrats know that they will go back to the years of 2000-2002 when they were excluded from meetings and discussion and were simply told what was going to be done.
Of course, despite the best efforts of Hollywood the apathetic young did not turn out in the numbers expected. Perhaps if we declared MTV immoral, it would stir them to action.

For those who discounted the size and power of the religious right, this is a wake up call. This is the group that will be in power at the end of time. The democrats and the left did not see it coming. At least they thought that common sense would prevail. I suspect that even the religious right is surprised.

At the end of time there will be a shift towards religion. Unfortunately this is not simply a shift that will see people genuinely turn back to God, it will be a shift that will attempt to take over governments in the name of God. A development that God did not authorize and that He will ultimately condemn.

Unfortunately, to cater to this shift, politicians will make laws that appear to be benign. Sunday law is one of them. I suspect that we will revive Sunday laws on an economic and labor basis as it was done in Europe. Or, they will be promoted as an energy conservation necessity.

The Vatican Steps In. During the election, Bush complained to the pope that the bishops were not doing enough to promote him. Immediately, the United States bishops started telling the congregation that it was immoral to vote for Kerry. This kind of purgatory pressure was used on Louis XIV to slaughter the French Huguenot.

The Palm Sunday Showdown. The tragic life and death drama of a family has generated unprescedented efforts of the government to pass laws which support a religious view. We saw the right argue for more federal control, and removal of the rights of a husband and wife". This is a position that they were fanatically against. What we really see is that they are against any institution that is against any of their beliefs. It continues a trend which began in 2004 in which God has arranged a social situation that highlights the absurdity of their position and the true nature of their intent. We will not go blindly into this dark night.

Changing the Constitution
The Adventists also said that the constitution will be changed. We thought it would at least involve going through the long legal process. Now we see that the constitution has effectively been challenged and changed overnight without any debate. Simply by making contradictory laws and passing executive orders.
We saw a Palm Sunday gathering of congress, a president interrupt his vacation, the paralysis of the democratic party that is similar to the paralysis of the Russian government before the fall of communism. A federal law was passed to benefit one human being, six trips to the supreme court (two of these in the last week), and there were subsequent threats to remove "activist judges who ignored the will of the people". The truth is, about 70% of the people agreed with the judges. No one has ever seen such due process applied. And the majority of these judges were conservative republicans. Truth was a casualty in a religious propaganda war designed to generate sympathy for one side and villify another. Whatever side you fall in, this is the type of legal and social atmosphere which will soon overwhelm us as they pass religous laws for the good of the nation.
In a less reported story the same week we saw the story of a Governor who was told by his church to obey church doctrine and veto a law designed to give the "morning after" pills to rape victims. When did we decide that our government was elected to carry out Catholic doctrine regardless of the "will of the people"?

The mistake of the far right is that they are trying to establish a moral government on the foundation of an earthly government that God will destroy. God is coming to destroy earthly governments not to pick one as the model of virtue.
Clint Eastwood said words to this effect, "If you move far enough right you will meet the same nuts that you see on the far left".

Chicago Statement
• Celebrating a common confession of faith in the Triune God
• Seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit through biblical, spiritual and theological reflection.
• Engaging in common prayer
• Speaking to society with a common voice
• Promoting the common good of society
• Fostering faithful evangelism
• Seeking reconciliation by affirming our commonalities and understanding our differences
• Building a community of fellowship and mutual support
Christian Churches Together in the USA (CCT). I wrote this page thinking that with the strict standards imposed that I might be updating this only once per year. I would report only news that fulfilled prophecy. So I added this section and the insert on the top right from the book "The Great Controversy". I felt that the list of prophecies were going to come through. Then on November 17, 2004 the CCT announced their formation. They will be officially launched in May 2005. They had been in talks since September 2001 and would not form until at least twenty five organizations had joined. It is the first public union of this kind. A union of the five branches of Christianity (Catholic, traditional Protestant, Orthodox, Evangelical and Pentecostal). So I will quote the prophecy from the 1888 edition of the Great Controversy (page 444-445) and share their "Chicago Statement" from May 2002.
The wide diversity of belief in the Protestant churches is regarded by many as decisive proof that no effort to secure a forced uniformity can ever be made. But there has been for years, in churches of the Protestant faith, a strong and growing sentiment in favor of a union based upon common points of doctrine. To secure such a union, the discussion of subjects upon which all were not agreed - however important they might be from a Bible standpoint - must necessarily be waived.
When the leading churches of the United States, uniting upon such points of doctrine as are held by them in common, shall influence the State to enforce their decrees and to sustain their institutions, then Protestant America will have formed an image of the Roman hierarchy, and the infliction of civil penalties upon dissenters will inevitably result.
Since 2000, they have made and are making laws to enforce their decrees and sustain their institutions. The faith based initiative and the school voucher bills support their institutions. In 2004 over two billion dollars have been given to Christian churches. The Catholic church received the lion's share. The attempt to redefine marriage and the ban on birth control supports their religious decrees. These arguments can only be won on a religious basis. Persecution is next on the agenda.
If you are tempted not to believe that my wild predictions could come through, just think about how impossible you thought our current situation could be a year ago.
Four years ago would you have believed that the religious right would take over, that we would invade innocent countries, that we would commit and accept torture, that we would hold people indefinitely without trial or evidence or lawyers, that we would punish truth and competence and reward lies and stupidity. Never in your wildest dreams. Never in America!
So it is with urgent pleadings that I am telling you the next unbelievable event is enforced religion, persecution and death. So, learn about the true God and submit to Him before you come to hate the God of the religious right. If you do not, you will respond to the true God the way the people did in the French Revolution. You will also persecute and kill anything religious.

So I say to the atheist, agnostic and the politically powerful pious, where would you draw the line? What actions or situations do you think would be unacceptable? You had better pick your standards fast because they are crumbling. If you do not have absolute standards of decency, then when that standard is tested you will be given emotional reasons to accept an atrocity. And you will become one of the indecent whom God will vomit from His mouth.

Democrats Unwelcome. This is a minor story, that I only mention because it is a symptom that is indicative of a larger attitude. In the future the guardians of righteousness will ostracize others by attaching undeserved labels of association to them. At first it was the homosexual who was unwelcome. Now it is anyone who votes for the democratic party. On May 7, 2005 CNN news reports that the pastor of the East Waynesville Baptist Church in North Carolina gave the nine democratic members an ultimatum, "Support president Bush or leave." He said in a sermon, "If you vote for John Kerry you need to repent or resign". Some members cheered this announcement. By the week of May 2, 2005 some were formally expelled. Others seem to have been republicans who supported their democratic relatives. The argument is that being a democrat is support for homosexuality and abortion. The new leper colony of about 49 members deny this of course.

Condemnation of sin is something most conservatives agree on. Although some of us are bad at knowing how to condemn the sin without alienating the sinner.
But this new inquisition brings the condemnation of heresy and sin to a new level. Sunday laws are coming!

Creating The Moral Society. In the first part of May 2005, many local stories surfaced about efforts to enforce morality. Unfortunately, one real legitimate issue is being lumped in with the rest. The issue of teaching intelligent design is not a religious or moral issue, it is a relevant scientific argument. As for the rest of the issues, they do touch subjects which will not be in a righteous kingdom, but should they be enforced if it is a matter of personal choice in a government that is not a theocracy?
  • Words. A high school marching band was told by the school not to play the song "Louie, Louie" because of some words.
  • Clothes. In Texas one law maker is trying to stop cheerleaders from doing provocative dances.
  • Adultery. In North Carolina, a police department dismissed a female employee because she was living with a man out of wedlock. One employee said it offended his morality. Fornication is still against the law in seven states.
Enter the Dragon
The Dragon Roars
The belief that the United States will one day take a group of people, kill, torture them, force them to give up or denounce their religion seemed beyond the realm of possibilities. Until Abu Ghraib.

For the prisoners of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and all the secret CIA prisons it is now a reality.

This WEB site may not be so wacky after all.
These are the actions we said that they will do in the future.

The people of the United States have given up their rights and the human rights of others to guarantee their safety.

The people of the United States have accepted torture as a method to guarantee their safety.

The Bible says there will be no safety in doing evil, because God Himself will become a sudden terror to you.
(Written June 2005)
And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon. (Revelation 13: 11)
For me, the debate over whether or not we have crossed the line from being a lamb to speaking as a dragon is over. The following evidence is a sign. Remove the label "innocent Iraqi prisoners" and apply the name of your religious group and you shoud be afraid. Remember, Iraq did not attack or send terrorists to our country on September 11.

Speaking as a Dragon: The Patriot Act. The government has created persecution laws that the people have accepted as necessary for their safety. The people do not care about the application of the law or that anyone can be the victim of this law without the slightest shred of evidence. People cannot have access to lawyers, are held indefinitely and are only allowed to plea bargain a guilty plea. Even is they are found not guilty in a trial, they can still be held indefinately. This is one of the condemnations of the final powers who act like Satan.
... did not allow his prisoners to go home. (Isaiah 14: 17)

Speaking as a Dragon: War Crimes Immunity. The policy of the President since January 2002 was that certain people had no rights to protection under the Geneva Conventions. Then it went to the security council and got a one year exemption from being prosecuted for war crimes. It went back in July 2003 to obtain a one year extention to this exemption. On June 23, 2004 CNN reported that the United States withdrew its request for a third extension to amnesty when it appeared that they would not get the votes. Apparently, Abu Ghraib had an effect on another extension for amnesty.

Why would we want an exemption from prosecution if we did not intend to commit war crimes? How did the United Nations security council allow this? This immoral conspiracy reminds us of a final conspiracy recorded in Revelation 17: 13.
These [ten kings] have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17: 13)

Acting as a Dragon: Torture and War Crimes. Another paradigm shift occured in the people in May 2004. We now accept torture as a valid tool of interrogation. The initial shock and disbelief over the torture at Abu Ghraib finally settled into a form of acceptance that it is a necessary evil and that we are not worse than the terrorists. Our new nominee for Attorney General even wrote a memo giving the president the authority to use torture. He suggested that the Geneva convention agreement on prisoner rights are antiquated.

Outsourcing Torture. By early 2005, we learned that we are outsourcing torture to other nations. Of course there were stories about this practice for many months before and we ignored them. People have come back with torture induced confessions to be prosecuted. They have no fingernails and other signs of abuse. But we already know that torture causes people to confess to anything, so why this moral low ground?
Although we publicly blast Syria, apparently we send innocent people there to be tortured. We cannot find an avenue to peace but we can agree on torture! How weird is this?

This is not the will of God. Absolutely not! God submits to torture, He does not torture.

Rendering. We are now disguising our activities by relabelling it. (Rendering, debriefing, extreme interrogation) Sending people to foreign countries who will torture them for us is now called rendering. In a speech given to the nation on April 29, 2005 the president defended this behavior. Again, remember that the vast majority of people caught in this net are innocent. Innocence is the rule not the exception. There are also reports that the military is too embarassed to release those that it knows are innocent. Why? Because you will begin to hear about torture of a large number of innocent people.

Outsourcing Public Safety. Is this an emerging trend? A private company has been contracted to be the police force in parts of the devastated state. Private contractors in Iraq were using civilians in Iraq as target practise, just shooting at cars and people as if they were playing a video game. Morons with absolute power and no accountability. This is what we will unleash on our country.

Acting as a Dragon: Religious Persecution. Prisoners were forced to denounce their religion, eat pork and drink alcohol that is forbidden by their religion. They were also forced to thank Jesus Christ, a God they did not believe in.
The Shock and Awe War Plans
War Plans
Here we got conventional war with Nuk-ul-ur weapons... and over here we got PSYOPS
Shock and Awe! Shock and Awe! Shock and Awe!
Flowers, candy and parades to be provided by Iraq.
Only an extinct cave man can defeat us!

Acting as a Dragon: War. With the war cry of, "those who are not with us are against us", A president has gone to war to "bring democracy to the world" because it is the will of God. Personally, I think this is just an excuse because their original reason failed miserably. However, the point is that he is using force to implement the will of God. This time it is democracy. The last time it will be to enforce religious behavior. Sunday Worship, blasphemy and idolatry.

Spiritually Sodom and Gomorrah. On May 17, 2004 same sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts. The president has threatened a constitutional ammendment to end these marriages. However, he has allowed homosexual rape, torture and homosexual humiliation of the political prisoners.

A Strong Delusion: Our Con Man in Iraq. The inner circle ignored the advice of its Secretary of State and its intelligence department to listen to the advice of one man. Ahmad Chalabi. They did this because they wanted to do so. The glare of oil blinded them to the existence of other people, shutting out all logic, reason and common sense. Now we see how easily they will believe a lie in the future.
For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. (2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12)

An Armed Population. In December 2004, the news reported that the department of Justice has now interpreted the Second Amendment to mean that all citizens can have guns, not just the army. This implies that all gun control laws may be unconstitutional. This is just what we need going into the persecution and future mob rule. A nation full of fear and guns.
The Incredibly Incompetent Fanatic Four
King George and His Surly Men
The Bush league injustice league is in the process of promoting lies and injustice the new American Way. Look! Up on the hill, it's ... a vulture, a weasel, a chicken hawk, a child with matches ... it's ...

The Amazing Spy Man. More incompetent than Homer Simpson. Able to demolish defenseless countries with a single lie. Wrenching defeat from the jaws of victory.
The Incredible Bulk. Grabbing no-bid contracts faster than straight streaker in a gay whore house. Able to shoot defenseless old men in a single shot. It's the mindless chunk, the incredible skunk! Stonewall Dick!
Fire Starter. Igniting more hatred, more fundamentalists, more terrorism, more democratically elected enemies and fanning the flames of global destruction. Peace is not a foreign policy. Peace is a foreign concept.
Icy Man. Playing war games with his plastic soldiers and water gun when he was rescued from the restraints in his rocking chair and regular feedings of strained peas. Cold heart. Frigid mind. No feelings. Itchy trigger finger.
The Injustice Bush League
Fanatic Four
I look cool ... I am the antidote to global warming
... and you almost voted for the Gorey Brainiac
I have no respect for torturers and those who excuse their behavior.
Elijah mocked the prophets of Baal.
Revelation 11: 10, Isaiah 14:4 (Its my job to mock the absurd)
I must mock the king of Babylon when he falls.

Torture Experiments. A United States company, John Templeton Foundation, hired a British company for $2 million to conduct a two year study on the effectiveness of faith in relieving pain on a person who is being tortured. (From a story in the London Times, January 13, 2005 by Ruth Gledhill).
Who needs this information? Why? Are they looking for ways to reduce the effectiveness of religion because they believe that they are entering a time when they will be torturing the religious? Do you not care because this religious population is Muslim? Not even a little? Your attitude right now is being judged by God.
Now we can see why the Muslim men were tortured with homosexuality, women having their periods, eating pork and other acts that are against their faith. How did a few hick soldiers from Nowhere, USA discover that the thought of having sex with a women who is having her period would disturb the devout Muslim?

American Gulags and Secret Prisons!
In November 2005, the Washington Post revealed the existence of secret prisons around the world where America is keeping prisoners. This is in Europe, Thailand and we are even using old Russian Gulags! Did you ever think we were capable of being Barbarians? This comes on the heels of the vice president and president fighting the attempt to make a law that forbids us from torturing people.
Our government is lying when it says it does not torture or break laws on torture. One way they mentally justify this is to change their definition of torture, change the law on torture, allow third parties to torture or torture off United States soil. They allow other countries to torture for us, use contractors and define our soil only as the main land United States. And, just as an embassy is considered "foreign soil" even on the continental United States, they could actually designate a place in the United States, plant a flag of a foreign country and conduct torture within the country. They could also do this on board military ships and airplanes and meet their definition.
The McCain ammendment has one major loophole, it forbids "cruel and inhumane treatment" of anyone in United States custody. They have already shown how loose they are with the definition of those under our custody. And there are several ways they can claim to meet this law. And the fact is they are simply lawless people who think nothing applies to them. We should not delude ourselves into thinking that the law or a "piece of paper", as the president referred to the constitution, has any meaning.
It appears that when he signed the law, the president wrote in a comment that allows him to ignore it. This is apparently a power that people like Alito engineered.
Law. US interrogators cannot torture prisoners or otherwise subject them to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.
Signing Statement. The president, as commander in chief, can waive the torture ban if he decides that harsh interrogation techniques will assist in preventing terrorist attacks.
If you continue to convince yourself that they are only torturing the person with "his finger on the trigger of the nuclear bomb", then you are just as stupid and immoral as the president of vice. They torture everybody. They rape children under ten years old, in your name and for your safety. They kidnap and torture innocent people and say, "oops!" They smear the reputation of people with accusations that they cannot even prove under the farce military tribunal system that they have. They have evidence of nothing, but have given themselves the power to punish regardless of anything. This is the mind set of the inquisition! If you make excuses for this then make sure you can meet your maker with those excuses on your lips.
Not in my name!

I Want to Torture! Please, Please, Please Let Me Torture and Rape Children!
King George: The Absolute Monarch
What has gone wrong with our judicial process?
  • Someone secretly slips in dangerous changes into the final version of a law after the members of congress have voted and that is allowed to remain as law.
  • The president writes in his own comments when he is signing the law that exempts him from the provisions of that law.
    » He gave himself the right to torture in the anti-torture law.
    » He made changes to the Patriot Act law that members fought to put in for months.

  • In the first crusade, those pious men drank the blood of their horses because they were starving. But they went on to cook and eat people just to inflict terror.
    At the end of 2005, the vice president and his puppet were fighting hard for the right to torture. While Jezebel was arm twisting everyone, the puppet child threatened to veto any law that included this law that makes torture illegal. They wanted to make sure that they could say "I am not doing anything illegal". Disgraceful presidency. Doomed to judgment! How about not doing anything immoral? Let me repeat the point, they are imprisoning and raping children to make the parents talk! And these are parents of whom they have no evidence of any wrong doing. The silence of Christians is shameful! It is the outcasts and sinners that have the courage and the moral voice.
    If "Freedom is on the march", it must have taken a detour through the underworld where they are being breast fed by the hordes of hell.

    Dr Mengele's Bastard Graduates. Dr. Josef Mengele, the chief Nazi torturer would be proud of his new crop of students. American doctors are helping the military to commit torture. Forgetting their oath to "do no harm", doctors are assessing prisoners for the most effective methods of torture. They are also keeping them conscious for longer periods so that they can undergo more torture. Nice job people. What drug do you take at night to shut out the screams? Somewhere in your sick minds you believe that you are better than Mengele. Or perhaps I am attributing a shred of humanity remaining in you. Maybe he is your hero and you are inhuman and their screams are music?
    Only cowards, despots, psychopaths, lawless goons, rabid animals and children of Satan torture. Good humans do not, ever! Never!

    Define Torture. As the debate continues people keep asking, "should water boarding be outlawed?". Well the moment we make a list of acceptable and unacceptable techniques is the moment the torturers have won. We and the rest of the ethical world have outlawed any cruel, degrading and inhuman punishment. Because stupid George has a first grade dictinoary that does not or cannot define torture should not trump the rest of the civilized world who speaks the queen's english which defines all english words.
    What about the rest of the techniques that we use, why doesn't the media periodically go through them systematically and show us what is involved. Did you know that water boarding does fill your lungs with water so that you are actually drowning?
    I heard one troglodite from the Washington Times argue that "it is not torture if they wake up feeling fine the next day". I think her last name is "Pest". The equally intellectually and morally vacant white house press secretary said that "It is not our policy to torture ... we apply more stress techniques until they cooperate".
    Buried Alive. Not only do we drown people, we bury them alive in cramped positions as a method of torture. Ibn al-Sheikh Al-Libi was held in a 50 cm (20 inch) square box for about 17 hours because he would not tell them that Iraq was assisting Al Qaeda to obtain weapons of mass destruction. They told him that "they did not like his response". Sounds a lot like what the stupid press secretary said. So we applied greater stress techniques ... but not torture. They beat him for another 15 minutes. So he made up a story. Three al Qaeda agents were sent to Iraq for training in nuclear weapons. Then George and Cheney had an erection, they can now blow up the world.
    They used this confession as one of their proofs presented by Colin Powell as information from a "senior al-Qaeda operative" that we used to go to war. One giant lie born in brutality, laziness and incompetence has now cost hundreds and thousands of lives and millions of people displaced. They manufactured evidence and tortured others to gain the rest. Was anything based on any truth?
    You should try twisting your body into a cramped position to fit a 20 inch square box and see if this is not torture.

    Cheers: President Jimmy Carter. I salute your faith and courage sir.
    Cheers: Senator Russ Feingold. Stand strong! It is only going to get worse. You are the most wise and courageous. It has been prophesied that there will be brave, eloquent men who will stand up in defense of the constitution. He is the only one who has consistently tried to preserve our freedoms by asking for checks and balances in the Patriot Act.
    Cheers: Colin Powell. You finally realized that there is no honor in silence when the dishonorable deaf, dumb and blind lunatics are steering the ship. But you are still wimping out.
    Cheers: Keith Olbermann. For consistently connecting the dots.

    Sedition, Treason, Spying on Citizens and the Patriot Act (December 2005). Now that the expired provisions of the patriot act and other powers have been given, how soon do you think that they will start arresting people for sedition and treason? They are already signifying that anyone who criticizes any of their policy is guilty of providing aid and comfort to the enemy. On December 14, CNN reported that the CIA is keeping lists of peace activists. While the report mentions demonstrators only, they are probably keeping track of WEB sites and churches with a history of peace or who are opposed to the war policies. Britan keeps such lists. It would be naive to think that everyone is not being monitored, including me.

    Internal Spying. In the same week the story broke that the NSA (National Security Agency) has expanded its mission. It can now spy on American citizens without a court order. Congressmen have their panties in a bunch screaming about civil liberties. I laugh at this because I wonder what they were thinking when they authorized the patriot act and what are they thinking as they are preparing to extend the most heinous provisons at the end of this year. Why are they surprised that this is being done? At what point did their lobotomy convince them that the Patriot Act only applied to foreign people who are unimportant. This is a rogue government, filled with lawless thieves. Only senator Feingold consistently tried to protect us from the dictator.

    The new justices on the supreme court are men who believe in the policies of the government. Devout Catholic men. Shame on you! Children of the inquisitors! I am ashamed of the churches, ashamed of the "devout Christians".
    I am sorry, but I cannot shut my mouth when rape, murder, torture or genocide is being committed. I even heard that one pastor said, "we must exercise our power and take morally hazardous actions".

    We Cannot Win, We will Be Defeated.
    Leaving Oz
    In the classic tale, a group of pathetic ne'er-do-wells go to the land of Oz to cure what ails them. In the morbid reliving of this tale as a horror story, a group of pathetic simpletons leave the land of oz in order to remove all traces of humanity in them.

    » The Scarecrow. The village idiot. He had no use for a brain, so he got a lobotomy.
    » The Tin Man. He grabs pools of oil for his big tin can, but had no use for a living beating heart of flesh so he had it removed. Now he has a rusty heart, stagnant morals and not enough common sense to get out of the acid rain.
    » The Cowardly Lion. He neither has the brains or the heart or the courage to defend anything except his retirement benefits. He can't recognize torture and he can't recognize the coward and bully in his own mirror.
    » Dorothy. A musical genius who has trapped us in her nightmarish world with her idiot friends.
    » Toto. Known for misplaced, unfailing loyalty, Toto was kicked out of the mansion after performing tricks at the dog and pony show.
    » The Wicked Witch of the West. We will soon meet her, prophecy calls her a Great Whore.
    That has been my position since the time before the war because of the prophecies. I have been right so far. However, the Muslims will not win either. Israel will also find that they are going to be attacked no matter how much they put their hopes in the United States. In fact, I believe that the United States will either turn against Israel or abandon them in an effort to save themselves.
    So who will win?.
    It seems that in an effort to salvage a definition of victory from what is so obviously a major defeat, the United States will employ more brutal measures against its own citizens and the world. This might give a temporary appearance of some control. However, the world will increasingly be bombarded by major disasters that are not related to this disastrous military campaign. So nobody wins. This thoughtless war has placed the world on a path of destruction.

    No Way Out. That is where we are folks! We are being driven in the mad clown car by a naked emperor, a buffoon and an idiot who is being manipulated by criminals. My apologies to all real idiots and criminals.
    The ABC network took their brand new, shiny anchor man out of his box, undid his bubble wrappings, dressed him up like GI Joe and sent him to the new government issued Iraq where we blew him up.

    While the president searches for photo opportunities, pictures of Iraqis with purple fingers and sound bites for election propaganda this is the reality. We have increased terrorism around the world, ignored our fallen, destroyed an innocent nation, given it more oppressive laws, brought our nation in terminal debt, irreparably weakened our nation, made our borders less secure and alienated the entire universe. Yes the universe!

    In March 2006, Iraq has less electricity, 60% unemployment and no clean water. The hospital in Tikrit gets only one hour of electricity and running water every day. Doctors have to make the decision about who is most likely to live during that one hour window of care. There are death squads, ethnic cleansing and an emerging internal refugee crisis because people are being driven out of their homes.

    Murder in Haditha. A family was murdered, including a baby who was found shot in the head with his little hands and feet bound. That incident is now the subject of investigation as a possible case of "misconduct" by our troops! On November 19, 2005 some marines retaliated for the death of one of their friends and slaughtered 24 innocent people. This included seven women and three children. Two children were four years old and one was two years old. Our lawlessness is systemic and it starts at the top.

    Policy of Preemption. On March 17, 2006 I learned that preemption is now officially our policy. This means that we will attack anyone we think may not fulfill our best interests. Is this what you believed three years ago? Be honest! Their first attempt at preemption has failed miserably. Why? They attacked the wrong country! So the idiots in the crazy car will continue at this failed policy with Iran because they are only successful at spectacular failure!
    Iran said that only a lunatic would attack their country. Pundits believe that we cannot attack because we are stretched too thin. I, on the other hand, believe that they will attack because they are stupid, crazy lunatics. And because they must complete the pattern in prophecy. They are driven by forces they cannot understand and will not acknowledge.
    The Great Decider
    Leaving Oz
    At the Great Fork in the road the decider decides ...
    War Plans: Should we use WISHcraft or WITCHcraft ...
    Tin Man: Damn the heart! Where's my oil can...oil well?
    Wicked Witch: Surrender Osama!
    Cowardly Lion: Sky writing. That should scare them
    Dorothy: Where's the gold brick, flowers, candy, the applause ... Do you like my shoes?
    Toto: Am I a lap dog or a lap FOX? I lick my butt!
    Scarecrow: Pizza or brains? Deciding is hard work!

    Back to the Future. Have you ever had the funny feeling that we are going backwards in time? God gave us a clue to this environment by calling the last empire Babylon the Great. The prophecies used the same language and symbolism of the fall of ancient Babylon to describe the conditions at the end of the world. I have summarized many of these points in the prophecy from Jeremiah.
    • Back to the Fall of Babylon (539 BC). At that time Babylon and Persia (Iraq and Iran were at war). The current president of Iran is trying to bring his nation back to 1979 when hostilities between the two nations and against the United States began. The combined effect of his efforts and the efforts of the hapless president of the United States has brought everyone back to 539BC. Israel will be in trouble. I guarantee it. It will face the worst crisis of its entire existence.
    • Back to the French Revolution (1798). In that period the French made war in the Middle East, homosexually raped the population, used the media to incite the population to violence and tried to establish their own brand of religion.
    • Back to the Colonial Era. The robber barons and slave owners are ascending to the throne. The rich are gathering more wealth and power with total disregard to the global effects. Credit and lending agencies appear to be cannibalizing the poor. They deliberately create a condition that leaves them helpless and perpetually in debt. And our government made laws to financially oppress the poor. In North America we seem to be going to the model of South America where the poor exist as cheap labor for the wealthy. They own nothing, have no health care and barely any access to education. I laugh at the rich because I know their end. Keep gathering more and while you are at it prostitute the poor to enrich yourself. And rape more babies. The church does not seem to be disgusted by you.
    • Back to 1981 (The Iranian Revolution). Iran and America at war. Israel in Lebanon. USA marines in Lebanon. Can you say, "Deja vous!"
    • Back to the Decline of Rome. Watch your great civilization crumbling.
    • Back to the Inquisition and Crusades. It is coming. I guarantee it. We are practicing. The government even has a contractor who builds "restraint chairs". Rumsfeld is now the first official inquisitor general of the United States with the power to decide which crimes will be prosecuted in his special courts. He really needs to be in a class for "special people".
    • Back to the Stone Age. This is our destination. I guarantee it. The cockroaches rule. Ask the people of New Orleans.
    • Back to the End of World War 1 (October 2007). The democrats stirred up the anger of the old Ottoman Empire by accusing them of the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915-18! Turkey, needs an excuse to openly invade the Kurds and control some oil fields and they may use it.
    We live down stream and down wind of a group of despots who never bathe, foul the air with the stench of their breath when they open their mouths, hog all the food supply, gleefully muddy the waters and deliberately take a crap in it afterwards. God save us!

    Ethiopia and Somalia: A Third War Front. The nation got a Christmas present in December 2006. The USA trained Ethiopian forces attacked the Somali with the help of USA military. This totally completes the prophecy of the King of the North at war in the middle East. Daniel 11: 43 says that "the Libyans and Ethiopians will be at his steps.
    Both Libya and Ethiopia have submitted to us.
    By March 21 a strong insurgency was fighting back. When will we learn. The Islamic forces are getting more confident. They smell blood. Very soon they will come to the American shores, not because some people want to give up and go home. They will come no matter what we do because Stupid George gave them the training, the confidence and the world wide popularity. They will come because incompetent George has shown them that they can win. You can fight against a high tech army with sticks and stones and loyalty.
    On The Road to Babylon (2003)
    The Occupation of Babylon
    We have never left Germany or Japan since we occupied them in 1945. We are still in South Korea because we perceive a constant threat from North Korea and we want to be close to China.
    So, we will probably never leave Iraq until God evicts us.
    (April 8, 2003) As I watched for potential prophetic events, I looked at the defeat of Iraq in the 1991 Gulf war as the New Babylon symbolically defeating the old Babylon. A transfer of power.

    Now, the impending defeat and temporary occupation and control of the physical region of the old Babylon by the new Babylon (United States) is a huge beacon in time.
    It dispels all the old interpretations of other groups that Russia and China would be the super powers that would start the Battle of Armageddon in the Middle East and occupy Israel. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a serious blow to this interpretation. The aggressiveness of the United States is now being interpreted as liberation for the work of Christ.
    Wake up! The Babylon of Revelation will be rich, popular, religious, powerful and influential. At no time does this ever point to Iraq, China or the Soviet Union.
    God sees this Babylon as His enemy - because it will persecute His church. And the saddest fact of all is that members of the church will see this behavior as justified. We have psychologically reached this state. And Osama Bin Laden has fused all our fears and catapulted us there.

    For the possible final generation on earth, God has converged the two lines of interpretation. We are both spiritually and physically Babylon.

    Revelation 12 and 13 and Daniel 11 describes the new power coming up in a new place around the time of the fall of the medieval church in 1798. This new power would be the last power. It would combine its forces with the revived medieval church and together they would persecute the church. It would enforce the religious dogmas of the Roman church and God describes them as Babylon. That has been our interpretation for over 150 years. Now, we have this extra reality - the United States is physically controlling Iraq. This is a sign to our generation.
    The Center of Terrorism
    On September 6, 2005 the United Nations Secretary General said that Iraq has become a center of terrorism that is worse than Afghanistan had ever been. Many Muslims are living in despair.
    The pot will boil over soon causing trouble on top of trouble within the United States.

    Civil War Looms (2005). During the last two years, everything that could go wrong, did. The war was not as quick and cheap and painless and profitable as they hoped. During this time the Shi'a have suffered immensely at the hands of suicide bombers. They have consistently been told by Ayatollah Al-Sistani to be calm and not to fight back. He has warned the United States to avoid certain holy sites. But of course they did not listen. As a result, they have been attacking holy places and conducting war in places that were prophesied in Muslim prophecies.
    Finally, a report on July 19, 2005 on Air America stated that Al-Sistani has told the Shi'a that they can now fight back against the occupation. This is significant because it does not say "fight the insurgency" but "fight the occupation" (Americans). Either one will bring civil war, but this directive is disastrous for America. According to the prophecy, Babylon splits in three. This must be Shi'a, Sunni and Kurd. The real fulfillment is much grander than this, but the development in Iraq foreshadows the global fulfillment. This "soft" civil war might indicate why they were resigned to settle for a constitution that does not bring freedom. In fact the new American laws have reversed the freedoms gained under Saddam.
    Declaration of War. On September 14, 2005 twelve bombs killed over 177 people and the organization called "Al-Qaeda in Iraq" declared war on the Shi'a. The war has probably officially begun.

    After Hurricane Katrina more Americans are calling for the army to leave Iraq. But we cannot destroy a country and leave because it is too inconvenient and unprofitable for us. We are being rewarded for not doing the right thing in the beginning. And if we abandon them, surely human and natural terror will come to our land. And those people who thought that great leadership meant "keeping the war over there and not over here" will be fighting a war on many fronts over here. Our children will be drafted, our finances will be gone. All because we threw away our constitution along the way. And because Christians threw away God for government in our own image.
    Split in Three Update: July 2007. When I told friends around 2003 that I believe that Iraq will split into three, they laughed politely. Then around 2005 Senator Joe Biden started saying that Iraq should be split in three. Then In July 2007, the conservative Brookings Institute introduced their reasonings why Iraq should be split in three. Now, on July 18, 2007 the plan seems to be gaining steam as Keith Olberman reported on a National Intelligence Estimate that says that if we withdraw, the country will split into three along sectarian lines with Al-Qaeda not gaining control.
    I told you so! I also said there would be civil war! I told you so again! I also said that we will lose! Right Again! I also said that we will not be in and out quickly, but I admit that the definition of "quickly" might be from the same dictionary that defines "torture". In September 2007, news leaked out that Bush plans for us to be there for at least 50 years. The unfinished $750 million dollar embassy fortress should be a clue. He is the new "god of fortresses" (Daniel 11: 38).

    Civil War Officially Begins in Iraq. With the bombing of the Golden Dome mosque in Samarra on February 26, 2006, we have been hearing more talk about the civil war that the American military geniuses are trying to hide. The same way they have denied and insurgency for months, is the same way that they have been hiding a civil war. Iraq will break up into three as a sign of the coming break up of Babylon the Great into three parts. We said so over three years ago.

    While the administration cannot find the dictionary that defines civil war, former prime minister Ayad Allawi said:
    ... 50 to 60 people are killed each day if not more ... if that is not a civil war then God knows what a civil war is.
    This number was confirmed by a reporter who said that 50 to 60 bodies per day have come to the morgue in Baghdad for the past 18 months. That is a total of 22,250 to 32,700 people dead in 18 months from planned murder. In addition about 180 thousand have died because of the lack of infrastructure and approximately 250,000 civilians have died in total. Last week 3,700 people were displaced from their homes.
    Gruesome Torture. In Baghdad, over 6599 civilians were killed in July and August 2006, and over 8000 wounded. Over half of these bodies showed signs of gruesome torture. The torture is worse than it has ever been under Saddam. Even children are not spared. A thirteen year old girl was beheaded and the head of a dog was sewn on her body (CNN, September 21). This type of provocation is certainly the work of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has taken over Al-Anbar province and the oil industry in that region. They are funding their operations with the oil. Their goal is to provoke the Shi'a to war which will stir the Sunnis worldwide.
    I think we need a fake terror attack in the United States so that the administration can tell the country to shut up and let them handle the war. In September 2006, I learned on CNN that this death toll does not include those killed by insurgent violence (suicide bombs, IED).

    Tar Baby! Stuck in Iraq. We cannot stay and we cannot leave. This is our dilemma. If we stay we are a magnet for violence. If we leave, the violent forces will take over a country with valuable resources and spread their war. In my vision as a child, 36 years ago, a war with a deck of cards went on till the end of time. And the war was two different forces, one with ancient resources and the other with a modern army. The greatest army, prepared to administer "shock and awe" is actually being defeated by children with rocks and a man who lives in a cave who can only emerge when the sun is shining and birds are tweeting!

    We cannot leave an innocent country that we destroyed just because it is now inconvenient and costly. We have to fix this with our lives and our resources. Anything less is immoral and cowardly. But the idiot who ignited the world is not prepared to do what it takes. He is still trying to do this the cheap and easy way and blame others for his utter failure and mistakes. Violence has engulfed the region. Our new enemies are now emboldened. They are coming. They best way to reach hearts and minds is to show that you are willing to fix what you destroyed with your own children and money. And to acknowledge that you made a big mistake.
    The Hope of the Left
    The biggest difference between my views and the liberal left is that they believe the next elections will begin to fix the problems by bringing reason, balance and accountability.
    I am pessimistic about the ability of humans to solve this problem.

    I heard one liberal talk show host lament, "Could it be that the religious right that we have ridiculed is now in power?"
    And he continues to ridicule religion, thinking that reason and science will triumph. They promote newly appointed experts on religion who write about the trend and it is obvious that they do not know anything about religion except what they see in the movies and conclude from their own prejudices.
    I say to him and those who hope that he is right, that they had better look at what God says. Particularly, try to understand how the Adventists could have predicted what we now see over one hundred years ago? Then look at what we say is coming.

    Tar Baby! Stuck With the Religious Right. If I am not wrong about the fulfillment of prophecy at this time then certain events must occur even if they seem impossible.
    • Stuck in Iraq. We cannot and will not leave Iraq. The situation is irreversible. And this situation cannot change no matter which political party controls the government. No one will be able to leave without plunging the region into more chaos that will spill over to the whole planet.
    • Religious Control of the Government. In this situation it would seem that a win by the Democrats would halt this influence. But the prophecies show even more religious control that is even worse than the days of the inquisition. We can see that possibility under the Republicans who are willing to submit to religious dogma, but how could the Democrats allow this? There are only two ways. Either the Democrats will not win, or the Catholic majority in the Democratic party will vote with the Republicans.
      Any paradigm shift in our understanding of religion will make us bow to these forces. Ellen White seems to suggest that unprecedented natural disasters will unleash these fears. I think that the specific natural disaster that will cause this shift is a series of meteorites or asteriods striking the earth.
      I am also afraid that the liberal side also has an immoral response of retreating to a corner where their own self interests are served. If they do this they will lash out against the innocent just as our soldiers are doing to the civilians of Iraq. The liberals will lash out at all fundamentalists or all religion and they will lash out at the people of Iraq in their desperate search for a solution.
      Ultimately, the prophecy shows that all groups, conservative and liberal, will persecute the people of God for their own reasons. Fear seems to be the unifying force.
    • Religious Persecution. Unless there is overwhelming supernatural interference I do not see liberals supporting this. And the prophecies state that it is the religious conservatives who will do this. The United States will persecute and will cause persecution based on religion around the world in support of the Roman Catholic Church. Our new models of democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq have constitutions that claim to adhere to United Nations conventions yet they declare that no law can supercede Sharia or Islamic law.
      For this reason a man in Afghanistan who converted to Christianity fifteen years ago has been found guilty of rejecting Islam and should be sentenced to death. The death penalty is to be torn apart by people! International pressure might try to find a way out for this man but I doubt Christianity or other Christians will be so lucky.
    • King George 1? Since they make up whatever rules they want and break whatever laws they want, is it possible that they can stay in power beyond the constitutional limit if they manufacture or declare or take advantage of a weird crisis? I am grasping at straws.
      Update: 4 November 2007. Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan did this. So, can bush declare a state of emergency, suspend the constitution, arrest critics, blackout the media, rely on his appointed supreme court to allow him to ignore the 2008 elections and stay on "for the good of the country" because he is the only one who can fight terrorism. How does the constitution prevent this or does it matter seeing that the unitary executive has such self-imposed powers?
    Because of this reasoning I thought that the Republicans must win in 2004 despite Abu Ghraib. And, the American people must be guilty in the eyes of God for consciously and deliberately choosing an inhumane regime of persecution and torture simply for their own interests.

    Update: June 2007. As I look at the crop of candidates for president I have to choose one person who might win, just based on the symbols that enshroud him. Rudy Giuliani.
    • Republican. Only the Republicans deserve the disaster that is about to happen. And the Christian right is more likely to support them. The only question that remains is what event will make the American public run back to the Republicans.
    • Adulterous Catholic. He is a lapsed Catholic with an abominable marriage record. This is so representitive of the state of the church who will lead the way in persecution.
    • War Monger. He supports the war. Lies about Iraq's connection to September 11. He is authoritarian, corrupt, business oriented and callous.
    • Torturer. In a presidential debate this despicable excuse for a human being said that he would support
      every method interrogators could think of ...
    • From the North. Americans rarely choose a president from the northern states and certainly not New York. He would be "king of the north".
    Fool Me ... Can Get Fooled Again! (The Impending War With Iran). "Fool me once shame on you, fool me ... can't get fooled again". These are the words of a famous fool. But even here he is wrong ... again! We are being fooled again!
    It will happen to fulfill the pattern at the time of the first fall of Babylon. Daniel 11 says that the rumors from the "north and East" (the direction of Iran) will infuriate the last power so that they march off in a tizzy to do great destruction. In January 2007, CNN correspondent Michael Ware reports that there are four wars being fought right now in Iraq. On April 13, 2007 we heard of a pending fifth war.
    • Al Qaeda Insurgency. Sunni foreign fighters. One was Zarquawi who tried to start a war between Shia and Sunni.
    • Sunni Baath Party. Former members of Saddam's ruling elite who see no future for them as the United States supports the majority Shia government.
    • Civil War. A conflict between Shia and Sunni. Shia are being helped by Iran and that accounts for about 20% of the attacks against Americans.
    • Proxy War with Iran. The United States and Iran are beginning their own hostilities.
    • Turkish Invasion Threat. Turkey may invade the Kurds in northern Iraq which is the most peaceful section of this whole debacle. The Kurdish people are spread over northern Iraq, eastern Turkey, eastern Syria and western Iran. The Turks do not want to see a powerful Kurdish state because the mistreated Kurds in their region may want their autonomy. If this happens, we will see the Ottoman power that fulfilled the prophecy in the 1840's play a role in the final repetition of this prophecy. I admire God's prophetic creativity and depth. Such an event would further link the events of the first fall of Babylon and the second fall. One other event would link the two time periods and that would be civil and religious disturbance in France and a minor French revolution around the world or in their former colonies.
    Here is a list of tactics used in the run up to possible war as best as I can remember.
    Would you believe ...
    Intelligence is not an option
    The Boy who Cried Fox!
    How the Smoking Gun became a Mushroom Cloud
    The Nude Bomb
    The World according to Crap!
        Cheney • Rumsfeld • Ailes • Podhoretz
    Georgie (Agent 2 x 43). Fox!
    Dick (Agent 666). Bang!
    Rumsfeld (Agent 13). ... missed him by THAT much!
    Dick (Agent 666). Sorry about that chief
    Collie Pony. Someone down here hates me
    Georgie (Agent 86 - Permanently out of CONTROL). Mothra dearest, when the little Dick made the scary noise I lost my big giant head ... hold me ...
    Condie (99). ... Don't tell me you lost your brain?
    Georgie (86). I asked you not to tell me that!
    World. Roving Giganta attacks Manhattan
    Islam. Aah ... The Great Satan, Leviathan, "The Jowl"
    Al Craw-Da. KAOS in CONTROL, and Loving it!
    Evil Murdach (Media Usurper). Factor in a spin zone
    Bull O'Really?. God, Zell, I'll sell 'em a fishy story
    Olbermann. The world according to C.A.R.P?
        Chained • Ailing • Rumsfool • Prodhorrors
    Headlines. Nude Bomb Exposes Naked Emperor
    Olbermann. 86, the worst president in the world!
    Bible. And that is how the Big Bang ends the World!
    Inevitably every theory finds a loose brain cell ...
    So, Get Smart!
    • Axis of Evil. For years Iran and Syria have been called by this label and blamed for not controlling their borders to supporting insurgencies. Iran had helped us to remove the Taliban in Afghanistan.
    • Nuclear Technology. Meanwhile, Iran heats up the rhetoric by asserting their right to build nuclear power plants and condemning Israel in flaming words.
    • Embassy Raid. Around December 2006, USA raided an Iranian embassy outpost and captured the employees for "debriefing" and seized documents and computers. By itself, that is an act of war. The embassy had been functioning since the time of Saddam to give visas. Supposedly, they did not file the right papers to be an "official embassy" so we did not commit an act of war. I am waiting for the "evidence" to surface from that torture and document falsification.
    • Iranian Weapons and Munitions. Supposedly, Iran is responsible for supplying arms and explosives that can pierce armor plating. In January 2007 the rhetoric heated up. I actually heard a CNN reporter say that they are trying to make a connection between Iran and weapons in Iraq but when they ask for evidence they only showed them one gun. Are these imbeciles lazy or what about manufacturing evidence? Within the week journalists stop making this argument about lack of evidence and start spouting the administration line, "Iran is supplying weapons ..." Within two weeks they show about ten weapons.
    • News Conference. Apparently lacking evidence to show the public they begin to stall. By the next weekend they asked about three top officials and they gave conflicting answers. When one general refutes the claim they have about Iran supplying weapons they make a "where there is smoke there is fire" argument. In one breath they say there is no evidence, BUT we should make the connection. So they make you feel stupid for not making the connection.
    • You Make the Connection. By June 2007, they were outright blaming Iran and Syria for supplying weapons, with the caveat that it could be the elite guard not the central government. The evidence seems to be "who will benefit?" Al Qaeda comes to mind! They are leaving you to fill in the gaps with their grey propaganda formulating the evidence.
    • Iranian Training Camps. By the first week of July 2007 the message is that there is evidence that Iran is training Hezbullah and the Quds force is making offers to bounty hunters to kill American Troops. This time we are sure that senior administration must be aware of this and it is not a Quds force rogue operation. Iran is even supposed to be working with the Taliban, their enemy.
    • Fake News from Lebanon (September 25-29). To back up this claim, there were reports that hordes of Hezballah militiamen were pouring in over the border from Beirut. In his blog for National Review Online, W. Thomas Smith, Jr reported on September 29 that between 4,000-5,000 Hezbollah gunmen had "deployed to the Christian areas of Beirut in an unsettling 'show of force.'" and he reported on the 25th that "some 200-plus heavily armed Hezbollah militiamen" occupied a "sprawling Hezbollah tent city" near the Lebanese parliament. The siege of the Parliament and the impending doom of Christians were all false.
    • Lieberman-Kyl Amendment. 26 September, 2007 by a vote of 76 to 22, the senate urges the Bush administration to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force a "terrorist organization." For the first time the enrire army of a nation has been declared a terrorist organization. This declaration is important because it gives the idiot president the right to declare war on Iran without the approval of congress. It seems that we made a gaping unconstitutional loophole in our laws that allows any unilateral actions of a mad-megalomaniac-chief-putz-in-charge against any person or organizations who are declared as "terrorists".
      You have to give them credit for their shrivelling balls (two hemispheres of their white matter). Here I was thinking that they could not only blacklist individuals and organizations, but entire churches can be singled out for persecution. Having faith in the constitution and congress having the power to regulate wars, I never thought that they could place entire armies or countries on the terrorist blacklist so that one lunatic can fight his disastrous war on mankind.
      Oh, they think that they are so clever, bending and raping and sodomizing and fornicating with the law at will.
    • Worse than Iraq. By October 2007, everyone labels Iran as a threat who is guilty of killing American troops. But I have not seen any evidence since we first started floating the theory months ago. By repeatedly making the claim it has become fact even without physical evidence. Now the escalating phrase is that Iran is a greater threat than Iraq ever was.
    • World War III. By 17 October 2007, the bumbling idiot has begun to invoke images of Armageddon and blaming it on Iran and possibly Russia. About a week before he was supposedly visited by another war monger who urged him to attack Iran.
      "So I've told people that, if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon," said Bush.
      The Russians are being cornered into a position where they have to support Iran's use of civilian nuclear energy. The fool hopes that you will constantly keep the label "uncooperative Russians" in mind without looking at the outrageous steps they took to convince the Russians that it is time to circle the wagons. The best thing that the Russians can do to ensure that they will be the top super power again is to do nothing except protect their borders with defensive systems. They have a wealth of oil reserves. We have become a debtor nation, relying on a still communist China!
      Cheney called Iran "growing obstacle to peace in the Middle East", saying that there will be "serious consequences".
      War and conflict must stir up their dopamine receptors.
    • Knowledge of Nuclear Technology. Bush's rhetoric has shifted to stopping "knowledge". This was an excuse they made up about Iraq months after they got egg on their faces. Now they are floating every crappy theory that they can cherry pick as a reason. Failing at everything except navigating his way through the birth canal (he had to be dragged out kicking and screaming). Bush is now clinging to the notion that He is saving the world and history will judge him as one of the great men. He now has a short time left, so in the next 15 months we will probably see him roaring like a rampaging idiot through the Middle east. His urgency brings to mind the description of his real father and mentor who does the same thing.
      ... Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time. (Revelation 12: 12)
      Is Bush part of this evil wrath? It certainly seems so. The wrath he pours down on the Muslims can only be answered in kind against the Christians. And, Bush and his kind will even end up pouring wrath on his own people just as Hitler did when he realized that the war was lost and that he was going to kill himself. He thought that the Germans did not deserve his leadership.
      The Bush-Wacked Dictionary
      The New Revised Substandard Version
      Words acquire their meaning by the sound they make as they ricochet aimlessly through his brain

      In one ear ...
      The Inner Workings

      Out the other ...
      Constitution •Noun• (Condie-Stews-Ham). Condie cooks potluck soup. Everybody bring what you like!
      Nuclear •Adjective• (New-Clue-Err). Mistake often made when evaluating new clues
      Enhanced •Adjective• (Hen-Ants). Fowl bugs
      Interrogation •Noun• (In-Terror-Gay-Shun). In fear of "Don't ask, don't tell"
      Enhanced Interrogation. •Compound Word•
      Fowl-mouthed chicken-hawks bug happy people when they don't tell when asked
      Torture •Verb• (Thor-Cheer). Loud applause for the mighty god of thunder. Sounds like fun. So it cannot cause organ failure and death
      Guantanamo Bay •Noun• (Wonton-Ammo-Bay). Secret Chinese food weapons storage facility
      Military •Noun• (Meal-Eat-Hairy). Something to chew up and spit out
      Forthright •Adjective• (Fourth-Right). May tell the truth after lying three times. Four chances to be honest
      Honest •Adjective• (Whore-Nest). A brothel
      DemocratNoun• (De-muc-RAT). •Adjective•
      Democrat •Adjective• (the-muck-RAT). Dirty rat!
      Republican •Noun• (rape-publican). Screw the public
      Diplomacy •Noun• (De-Poo-m-Ass-See). Dirty word!
      Foreign Relations. Crazy uncle from the old country
      Foreign Language. English
      Vladimir Putin •Noun• (Vlad-Meer Poot-N). That Russian guy
      Ahmadinejad •Noun• (A-Deen-Mu-Jab). Muhajadeen
      Mahmoud Abbas •Noun• (Ma-hood Aba-aba-aa...h).
      Ehud Olmert •Noun• (A-Who? O-mute). O-merT?
      Abu Ghraib •Noun• (Ab-who-Grab). Grab who? wha
      Iraq •Noun• (Eye-Rak). He-Rak! E-Rak! You idiot
      Iran •Noun• (Eye-Ran). He-Ran! E-Ran! Moron
    • Nebulous Intelligence Reports. The French government recently received a memo from the International Atomic Energy Agency stating that Iran will be ready to run almost 3,000 centrifuges by the end of October 2007. According to scientists, this gives them the capability to produce the bomb in one year. This is also in defiance of a United Nations ban on uranium enrichment. It is enough, say scientists, to produce one bomb within a year.
      So what other evidence do we need? The French, the scientists, the United Nations all support the claim that Iran will have the bomb within a year. In 2006 the National Intelligence Estimates said that Iran will have the technology after ten years. Gone are those five and ten year estimates - or maybe it is Bush league math from the same publishers of the Bush-wacked dictionary/. Before Bush leaves office Iran will have a bomb and he must act to save the planet or Texas.
    • Bunker-Busting Bombs. 22 October 2007. Bush submitted a $196.4 billion supplemental war spending proposal which has a request for $88 million to modify two B-2 stealth bombers so they can carry a newly developed 30,000-pound bomb called the massive ordnance penetrator (MOP). This is the largest conventional bomb capable of destroying hardened targets deep underground. The one-line explanation for the request said it is in response to "an urgent operational need from theater commanders." Liar. They are waging war on Iran and hiding the costs under the constant stream of emergency funding requests for Iraq. Most sane people believe it is for bombing the Iranian facility at Natanz not for any emergency need in Iraq or Afghanistan where the "stealth" capability is unnecessary.
    • Sanctions. 25 October 2007, Bush imposed economic sanctions on banks, companies and individuals doing business with Iran and designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization and proliferator of weapons of mass destruction. Washington blames Iran for supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan and Shia insurgent groups in Iraq, along with the Hamas and Hezbollah organizations in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon and Syria. This matches the earlier declaration of congress. The Quds force is blamed for the following:
      • Hezbollah. Create the militant Hezbollah group in 1982 in Lebanon.
      • Bosnia. Arming Bosnian Muslims during the Balkan wars.
      • Killing American Troops in Iraq. Training and sending fighters, deadly roadside bombs, mortars and rockets.
    • National Intelligence Estimate. 3 December 2007. The 16 agencies that produce the National Intelligence Estimate report concluded that Iran abandoned their nuclear weapons program in Autumn 2003 although it still continues to enrich Uranium. They concluded that Iran could not build a bomb until 2010-15. The information has been available for at least a year but the vice president has been trying to suppress it!
      » What Did the President Know and When Did He Not Know it? The genious swears that nobody told him about the report until last Wednesday!
      » Don't Tell and I Won't Ask. As he and the other heartless war monger increased the rhetoric with visions of mushroom clouds so that he can go to war against 70 million people, the president would have us believe that although someone said there was new intelligence in August, that they did not tell him what it might be. And it appears that he did not ask? Curiosity might kill the war plans.
      » Damn the Truth. Full Speed Ahead! Many people breathed a sigh of relief as they thought that this information must surely put the brakes on war plans. Apparently they forgot that this is a crazy clown car with a maniacal clown and Fred Flint stone breaks wildly careening down an unpaved road at earth shattering speeds.
      "Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, Iran will be dangerous".
      All it takes is one strategically placed and timed terrorist attack on America and we will want to blame it on Iran and get back on board the crazy car with the crazy guy.
      » Blind-Sided by the Facts. Incredibly, the president insists that the report justifies his policy and he is going to save the world because he is not blinded by the facts.
      » The President is Either a Liar or He is Stupid (He is Both). I have been saying this openly for years. I finally heard a Republican water carrier say this after his own noodle was strained with the president's unbelievable answers.
      The fact is that the president and vice president were not simply wrong or misguided, they are lying criminals willing to murder nations for power. Nebuchadnezzar III has fallen and the nation of Babylon will fall with him.
    So We Bomb Iran, Then What?. In this march to war even the should-be-more-skeptical-media is being very optimistic. I keep hearing logic in the form of "All we have to do is go in there and strike this facility". Years ago someone even offered some strategy in the form of "We have to first take out their airforce". I have yet to hear someone say what Iran could do, especially since war will be no surprise. The overwhelming conclusion that I get from the spurious arguments is that the Iranians will not, cannot or are incapable of or will be incapable of fighting back.
    Shock and Awe Part Deux! Good God! How can I exit this crummy movie sequel?
    Ahmadinejad has said that if America attacks Iran then they will attack Israel.
    I suppose they have a useless army that is incapable of swarming into Iraq, taking advantage of the assets they have so carefully built up against the United States in that country. I thought this was one of their crimes and one of our reasons for war. How do we neutralize that retaliation? "It will not happen" is the message the rosy pictures are painting. The troops can manage this too, along with the tightrope walking, the juggling, tempting lions and flying from a trapeze without a safety net. What a plan! I admit, I never knew what wishful thinking was until I experienced logic under the reign of Bush's brain.
    The Sand Box Brats Meet the Boy Next Door
    Rummy: I'm not having any fun. I want a new toy gun
    Dickie: Grrr! When do I get to shoot somebody?
    Karly: I'm tired of this sand box, let's go next door.
    Condy: Let's organize their toy box and free the toys!
    Al Qaeda: Let's play hide and seek
    Georgie: I don't want to play any more!
    Democrats: Can we go home now?
    Republicans: Not until we make Iran play with us
    Ahmadinejad: Hey, suddenly I am superman. Nice!
    Iraqis: Will somebody PLEASE get them out of our yard

    Operation Divine Strake. On June 2, 2006 the geniuses in the White House intend to test a 700 million ton conventional weapon in the desert of Nevada. They need a 1.5 million ton weapon to possibly penetrate the sites in Iran where they think Iran has its nuclear weapon's program. Unfortunately, it is impossible to carry a bomb that large. So they are doing this test to see how much damage it will do and to calculate the minimum size of a nuclear weapon that they will need to accomplish the same job. Yes, indeed. You heard me. We intend to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran, but only a "tiny one" that will do "minimal damage". The Nevada test is expected to generate an earthquake of 3.5 magnitude.
    I expected this lunacy because of Daniel 11: 44-45. But when I heard the plans I immediately thought of two visions that I had. I am not suggesting that they are related because I have to wait until I am told. But I have a vision of something happenning in the deserts of Nevada in sight of the Luxor hotel. But in an earlier vision I saw all the oil in the earth being sucked down a hole in the earth as if a plug had been pulled on a bath tub. I wondered if the 2004 earthquake could have cracked the earth in preparation for this. So I have been waiting for some kind of massive earthquake or damage to the core of the earth in the Middle East. Then along comes this genious plan, where they are not certain what will happen. If they drop a nuclear bomb on a location that they think is hard rock and an unfortunate convergence of events causes them to hit a soft spot, what could happen? Buy a bicycle. Convert to solar energy or at least get a solar powered generator to run your refrigerator in the day.
    Operation Divine Strake Part Deux. Somehow the planned explosion in Nevada has not happened, but in January 2007 I found the same plan under new management. This time it is Israel that will drop a conventional weapon which will create a tunnel through which they will drop a small nuclear bomb. I wonder if they tested the plan in the deserts of Israel. They plan to attack Natanz, Isfahan and Arak. This press release is undoubtably part of the psyops against Iran. Israel did not achieve its objectives in Lebanon in August 2006. In fact Hezballah has gained confidence and are now attempting to topple the government of Lebanon which is friendly towards the United States. In January 2007, Jordan expressed its wish to begin their own nuclear program. Israel is headed towards their siege.

    Wrong Way Bush (November 2007). The end of the marathon is approaching and most runners are still 26 miles (42 km) from the finish line. One intrepid little guy is even running in the opposite direction, certain that he is winning and his legacy will be that of a champion. Yes its that Bush feller! With his newly rewritten dictionary, Bush has redefined the game, running loose whereever he wants. Assured of the fact that he will win because he says so and he can make up the rules as he goes.
    As soon as Moses stopped the plagues Pharaoh hardened his heart. As soon a Bush sees a light in the tunnel, he pushes ahead with the war in Iran as thousands of poor cannon fodder are freed for service on another war front.
    The goal post is in the opposite direction sir! And the opposing team is usually in the other direction! Score another one for the enemy, fumble the ball, but this is still a marathon not a ball game. And the ball is not yours to take home.
    I watch with interest as the decrease in violence over the past two months has somehow transformed our thinking once again. 73,000 former Sunni insurgents (dead enders, Al Qaeda members) have been armed by the United States government. Peace and safety! We can defeat Iran. Let's roll!
    But I remember Pharaoh and I remember that Babylon will not be healed. I also remember that God will allow the fools to fall into a blind stupor so that His will is accomplished. Babylon will fall, especially when they go to war with the Persians.

    Stay the Course! (A Ship of Fools Meets an Iceberg).
    Little Lord W. General, there is a big white thingy ahead of us! Huge! Titanic! Bigger than a bread box!
    General Rummage. Does it have air power, cable television or cell phones? White? It is surrendering to superior intellect and power!
    Little Lord W. Well ... no generalissimo, I don't think so. But she looks scary!
    General Rummage. Who knows! If I can't define it and it is not in the official manual, then it does not exist. Full steam ahead!
        Earthship Titanic: ... Crash!!! Crunch! Riiiiipppp! .... Not done yet! Wham! Zowiee! . Still more stuff ... aargghh! Bleech .... Okie dokie!
    Penelope Pisoff. Have we just hit a new moral low?
    Joe Public. Not quite!
        Earthship Titanic: ... Lie! Cheat! Steal! Not done yet! Rant! Rave! Blame! Scream! Tantrum!. Even more ... Rape ... Torture! ... murder.
    Jane Public. That should do it!
    Little Lord W. General, sir we have nothing to bail water. What should we tell the passengers.
    Dick Dastardly. Bailing water is not in the plans. Informing the passengers is not in the plans. A plan is not in the plans!
    General Rummage. Its just a tiny leak. Send Penelope to play the piano, or the fiddle or whatever. Get the old FOX ... the "Dessert Fox".
        Dictionary: "Tiny Leak". One of many historical gaffes such as, Pandora's box, the Trojan Horse, George as president.
    Dessert Fox. I'll entertain them for you, sir. We call it "the Twinkie defense" or "the Snow Job" ... the bottomless fox hole ...
    Penelope Pisoff. Goodie! I think I will play, "These boots are made for Walkin' ".
    Little Lord W. But General, the little leak ... she has filled up the first floor. Big flood! Huge! Gigantic! It looks like hard work.
    Stark Roving Mudd. I'll handle this. Tell them it is a swimming pool! Can we charge a usage fee?
    Dick Dastardly. I know a private contractor, air rescue-leak fixer. It is good solid German engineering. It is the Hindenberg Company.
    Penelope Pisoff. All together now ...
    The Puppet Masters
    Puppet Masters
    Dick. Dang! Rumsfeld shot me in the foot again!
    The Dummy. Dick, I saw your lips moving!
      We keep lyin' when we oughta be truthin'
      We keep losing when we oughta not bet
      We keep samin' when we oughta be a'changin'
      What's right is right but we ain't been right yet!
      These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do
      One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
      Are you ready, Jack boots? Start walkin'
    Dick Dastardly. Where's the plank! Let 'em eat cake first! No? not in the budget? How about that twinkie? Give me my jack boots.

    The Wine of Immorality: What Price for Freedom? With the demise of the morals police in Afghanistan, westerners now have brothels with Chinese prostitutes, bars and all the vice their own Christian societies do not want. But they have a brand new mall, cell phones, MTV and satellite television. This is evidence to the devout Muslim of the charges against the west. Immoral and corrupt. No wonder the Taliban is making a comeback. No wonder we are now losing parts of Iraq. Instead of supplying adequate troops, armor and equipment to win the war, we are more intent on selling cell phones, music and prostitution. How has the mighty Babylon fallen! The bible says that she corrupts the whole world with the wine of her immorality.

    The Walls of Babylon. The Unites States is considering building a 80 mile wall around Baghdad to stop the violence! The wall will fall according to prophecy. And it will fall when Iran goes under the wall through the Euphrates river.
    Babylon the Great is also building a wall. A 700 mile fence will be built on one third of the Mexican border. Neither fence will stop the enemy. Can you believe how much they are mimicking all the symbols that were important in the first fall of Babylon?

    Economic Collapse Derails Plans [September 2008]. Incredibly, all these plans were derailed by news of an economic collapse close to the presidential elections. God shipped me back to the stone age for 4 years of training in something incredible.
    We elected the first black president. If it still mimics Babylon before the fall then Babylon is in the hands of someone from a race that is considered to be an animal. I am also black from a distance so do not take this as a racist remark. If it mimics the events in ancient Babylon then he has 7 years before he is "restored".

    Seeds of the First Plague? (2002)

    The new Homeland Security Bill HR 5710 which passed in the house on November 13, 2002 gives the government unlimited power to declare an actual or potential bio-terrorist threat which would allow them to initiate counter measures such as a massive smallpox vaccination program. Everyone can be forced to accept these injections or be quarantined. These powers can be enacted without consent of congress, the companies are not liable for injury or damage and the Homeland Security agency is exempt from protecting whistle blowers.

    Other Substances Injected. The bill allows the use of smallpox vaccine and other "substances". Here lies the problem and an opportunity. What could these other "substances" be and what opportunity could the government seize as it comes in contact with the biological information of every American?

    They could possibly inject miniature chip implants which can be delivered in a hypodermic syringe at the same time as the smallpox vaccine.

    Quarantine. Since inoculation will protect those who receive it, quarantine makes no sense for those who refuse. They cannot infect those who have received the vaccine.

    So what is the purpose of a quarantine and how could they enforce it? They could enforce it through economic penalties but that would not get a vast number of people who choose to remain hidden. With chip implants during inoculation they could enforce it very easily on all people. They should control their borders and eliminate the need for people to hide from the government by offering amnesty to all illegal aliens.
    Then make it a crime to evade inoculation. Then they can contact those on the tax records who did not submit to inoculation. Next, they simply have to randomly and systematically scan everyone. At work, sporting events, apartment buildings, schools and churches. Pay a bounty to businesses for catching anyone who walks into their premises without an implant. Finally, convince all citizens that it is in their best interest to find these people. Quarantine them in concentration camps - for the good of the country of course.

    Or maybe I have watched too many episodes of "The Twilight Zone".

    Opportunities. This is an unprecedented opportunity to catch those with false identification, illegal aliens, welfare fraud and to separate the citizens into potential friend or foe. Chip implants might be done without informed consent - the government has the right. So they can lie about using this technology. A great opportunity exists to complete a national identification database while every American is held hostage by this threat.
    Do not count on the Puppet News Media to give you any informed information or real analysis.
    Some of this information can be passively obtained.

    1. Collect or verify and link to other personal information such as social security numbers and driver's license which are commonly used in credit transactions. They are crucial to enforcing the mark of the beast. This is the perfect opportunity to test, use and update the TIA database. It is also the perfect excuse to scare people into participating in an activity that is solely designed to feed this database. This database can store the personal ID on the biochip that will be assigned to you.
    2. Obtain current photographs. The photographs can be used in the face recognition system that is crucial to airport security.
    3. Implant electronic chips for personal identification and feed this information into a new database of citizens. This is a great opportunity to clean up information in the old databases.
    4. Obtain fingerprints and other biometric identification such as iris patterns.
    5. Obtain tissue samples to feed a DNA database. The pad used to clean the skin before injection can be saved for this purpose. A passive collection of your DNA.
    6. Actively or passively assess other personal profile information such as religion, race, national origin and personality.
    7. Obtain answers to key questions while using the "lie machine".

    This news item raises two types of potential issues for future prophecy.

    1. The first Plague. It carries the potential for being the mechanism by which the first plague will occur.
      Smallpox So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth; and it became a loathsome and malignant sore on the people who had the mark of the beast and who worshiped his image. (Revelation 16: 2)

      It has always been my personal opinion that the seven last plagues will punish our current gods (science, technology, pleasure, entertainment, money, power) just as the plagues of Egypt ridiculed the Egyptian gods. The group most guilty is the community of scientists and our reliance on science and technology. It is entirely possible that the smallpox vaccine could potentially lie dormant and become the trigger that leads to the sores and disease described in the first plague.

      If it is manufactured by genetic engineering techniques there is a greater potential for accidentally creating a mutant strain that cannot be controlled. There is no more fitting punishment for the arrogance of the final powers condemned by God than to make them solely responsible for this calamity. Because smallpox has been eradicated in the entire world since 1977, such a massive outbreak after a forced inoculation cannot be blamed on anyone else.
      Definition: Mark of the Beast
      This is a prophecy that says that there will be an economic boycott applied on an individual basis on people who do not follow the state religion, Catholicism. This will escalate into the death penalty for those who do not comply.
      This persecution will start in the United States and be enforced by this country.
      The mark is the test or the method of identification.
    2. Economic Control. When the mark of the beast is issued, some people will not be able to buy or sell unless they have this mark.
      The information gained during the vaccinations can help in this economic persecution.
      I do not believe chip implants are the mark of the beast. But the implants could help to enforce the mark of the beast more effectively. In fact I believe the current systems are adequate to enforce the economic boycott of the mark of the beast. However, the systems (databases, implants, profiling) created during the process of mass inoculations can help to control those who might use cash during this persecution.

    Horrible Drugs (March 17, 2006) - This week six young men in Britain had a severe reaction to a drug and experienced multiple organ failure within minutes of taking the drug. Their heads swelled to three times the size. The drug appears to be created by new gene modification techniques. There was animal trials and the usual protocols but still there was a violent reaction, possibly leading to death.
    On the technology page that I wrote in 2000, I explained that scientists only know what they know and can only test for what they know. I said that this science will ruin us and will probably be the cause of the first plague. I speculated that the world will have a reason for mass innoculation that will directly be linked to the first plague. Now we have bird flu and tamiflu and a race to apply "new techniques" to manufacture drugs because our medical systems are inadequate to deal with a global pandemic.
    I believe that the plagues will be preceeded by a mass innoculation of the global population or change in a basic food supply. It alarms me that I had a vision of someone with the plague and his body was swollen like the "Stay-Puffed" dough boy. That was one side effect of the drug that failed this week.
    Famine: Seeds of the First Plague.
    Famine is one of the curses that usually comes with disease as a curse. So, with the understanding that God will point His finger back to the arrogance of science, we find one other interesting development. Large agricultural companies with the power of the United States government are forcing farmers all over the world to buy their scientifically developed and patented suicide seeds. Farmers must turn over ancient varieties of seeds and are forced to buy laboratory enhanced seeds. Every year farmers must buy new seeds since the technology or the legal agreement does not permit them to save seeds from their crops.

    In Iraq, Monsanto and the United States government have made it illegal for farmers to save seeds anymore. They have been forced to buy the genetically engineered seeds. Poor Iraq!

    The United States also forced the European Union to accept genetically modified foods in 2004. French farmers started to rebel in 2006. This is probably because they cannot save their own seeds and the cost of farming has risen tremendously.

    Now, what are the odds that God will do nothing to prevent a global famine when we discover too late that something is wrong with the technology? I believe that there is a great chance that this will happen.

    Terrorism and Inquisition Laws (2001)
    Since about 1999, inquisition laws are increasingly being justified or proposed as anti-terrorism laws, child protection or hate prevention laws in many countries. The broad definition and secret provisions of these laws hide a hidden agenda which aims to stifle all religious speech except the one authorized by the government.
    The Supreme Court Rules
    On June 28, 2004 the supreme court made a decision about the status of prisoners held as enemy combatants indefinitely without a lawyer or charges or trial or any due process.

    The court ruled that although United States citizens can be held as enemy combatants, and they can be held indefinitely without charges, they and foreign detainees must eventually have access to a lawyer and the court.

    Therefore, we have the correct legal situation to fulfill prophecy. We can be held indefinitely as enemies of the state, but will have access to a court where we must defend our faith.

    Justices Scalia, Rehnquist and Thomas sided with the government.

    The Patriot Act system remains, but the prisoners have a right to present evidence in court.

    United States. In a reaction to the events of September 11, President Bush signed the United States of America Patriot Act on October 15, 2001, giving law enforcement agencies broad powers to spy, detain and interrogate anyone suspected of terrorist activities. The acronymn means, Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.

    PATRIOT II. Apparently, on January 10, 2003, John Ashcroft sent a draft of the law called "The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003" (DSEA). It has been suspended as a result of the bad publicity. However, I assert that they are already doing the things it provides. They will find a way or do as they please. Here are some of the provisions. It is the Inquisition.

    BBC reports that over 700 people are at the Guantanamo Bay station without any charge or lawyers without any right to basic treatment as prisoners of war. This includes three children who are being "reeducated". Many have been there for almost two years. The United States had avoided international and domestic law by storing them off United States soil and redefining the words "Prisoner of war". This is not good for anyone nor does it make anyone safer.

    But overall, since they are already doing the things that this revision of the law allows, it is not as shockingly bad as I expected. Many things are reasonable, they are correcting errors in the previous law. So I still maintain the position that the original law is the problem.

    The New McCarthyism - This current scenario reminded me of the events of the McCarthy era in the 1950's. His claims of a communist conspiracy lead to the blacklisting and destruction of many lives. There is even a new book that defends his action!

    So I searched for the word McCarthyism and came across and article called "The New McCarthyism" by Matthew Rothschild. In it he discusses a visit to the Art Car Museum in Houston by two agents from the FBI and secret service. Their visits were triggered by reports of anti-americanism. They pointed out pieces that were "negative". The one mentioned in the story was negative to the president.
    In a similar story a student was visited because someone made the same charge of "anti-americanism". What devilish plot was she cooking? She had posters on her wall. One of them depicted president Bush and his death penalty record in Texas in a negative light.

    I thought that this was all protected speech. The TIPS organization is disfunctioning very well. He chronicles a list of writers, professors, cartoonists and students who are being fired for stupid things. Nothing negative can be said or drawn about the president and anything he does. The process is called Group think and it always leads to disaster. According to this position, any position against the president is equivalent to giving "aid and comfort to the enemy". This is treason. And, according to the nebulous label of terrorism, such a person is guilty of terrorism and should be interrogated and prosecuted under the Patriot Act.

    I see that it is impossible to talk about Revelation 13 without incurring the wrath of the beast. The fact that this interpretation has consistently been made for over 150 years by good citizens without ill-will or prejudice will not help to deflect charges of "anti-Americanism".

    Canada - Bill C-36 October 15, 2001. The criminal code was amended to include online "hate" propaganda and attacks on religious property. Canada has already used this law against a Chinese newspaper who were against a religious minority. The law has also been used to punish a newspaper and the people who placed and advertisement in their paper. What was their crime? They published the biblical text that condemns homosexuality.

    Wake up people! The intention is not to protect homosexuals. It is to establish a basis for supressing the preaching of the word of God according to your conscience. Why? Because the religious power that will take over the world wants the legal basis to supress all religious dissent. To stop the publishing of material that unmasks its true identity and intentions. It intends to quickly win the propaganda war when it assumes power. I believe it owns the media. That is why you will hardly see any continued reporting on these issues. It also needs the legal basis on which to use foreign governments to supress its citizens because it does not have the man power to do so.

    Britain - Great Britain passed a terrorist law. One provision which defines inciting religious hatred as a crime was defeated.

    Identity Cards Bill. November 23, 2004. In a speech at the opening of the parliament, Queen Elizabeth introduced a plans to create a new secure national database linked to biometric identity cards. This database will be linked to the European Union's registration program. By 2005, fingerprint and facial images will be held in the European Union's Schengen Information System for all non-residents.

    European Union - Corpus Juris, November 8-9, 1998.
    It is like the Patriot Act of the European Union. This is a plan originally prepared by the European Union commission at the request of the European Parliament, to handle fraud against the budget. This model European criminal code will later to be extended to all types of crime. It rapes the Magna Charta. Here are the provisions that are modeled after the very successful inquisition.

    France - has passed laws to make conversion a crime. They refer to such conversions as mind control. It is mainly targeted at religious minorities.

    The French Fashion Police Bans Religious Hats to Fight Terrorism! (January 2004).
    In the war on terrorism, while the United States is now employing biometric technology to document foreign visitors, the French have turned to regulating fashion in their war on terrorism
    Ah ... those silly French!

    A law proposed on December 19, 2003 to fight terrorism and supported by 66% of the population bans the wearing of scarves by Muslim women, turbans of the Sikh, and the yarmulke (skull cap) of Jewish men. Christians are allowed to wear a small cross but all other religious symbols are banned in public. So far, people who believe that it is absolutely essential to cover themselves are the real victims of this law. In what appears to be a concession that shows that it is not religiously motivated, Jews can wear a small star of David. However, this is as useful as allowing cows to wear lipstick because I have never seen devout Jewish men wearing Star of David Jewelry. They wear their hats!

    Some have argued that the hat or scarf can be used to hide weapons. While I laugh at the silly impressions that statement forms in my head, I can also point out that your coat, pants, shirt and any other clothing could be a much better place to hide a weapon. They should ban the afro hairstyle! Such ridiculous arguments used to supress the free expression of religion in such a benign way.

    Bridget Bardot Convicted of Inciting Hatred! (June 2004).
    She is just expressing her views. I don't have to read her book or support her. I doubt she made a call to arms. But she said something that seemed true to her. Just her opinion. But it was negative to other groups and that kind of talk will start the next world war. So we must convict her and those of her ilk.

    I firmly believe that these laws are red herrings. What they are really trying to control is negative religious speech. It has nothing to do with Ms. Bardot's belief that the Moslems are taking over France.
    We are trying to legislate religion by first legislating niceness. An experiment doomed to a spectacular failure.

    Madonna and the Blasphemous Cross! (August 2006).
    It seems that the material girl is running afoul of blasphemy laws on her concert tour in Germany. She appears as a crucified Jesus with a crown of thorns on a cross to protest the church's attitude towards AIDS prevention. Europe has blasphemy laws and censorship rules that are a precursor to the inquisition. As repulsive as she might be, one must not forget that the same European laws make it an offense to insult a religious community. And since "what offends" is such a loose term, you might be unable to say that the Catholic church practices idolatry by showing proof from the bible compared to their current behavior. But God tells us to make such judgments and warnings. If the German Catholics and Christians indoctrinated their children properly then they would not go to her concerts and her performances would die of starvation rather than persecution.

    Austria: Man Convicted for His Beliefs! (2006).
    In a similar action, Austria imprisoned a man for three years. He said that the holocaust gas chambers never existed. This was in 1989! The fact that he claims to have changed his views since meeting victims had no impact. Imagine going to jail because you believe "the wrong thing" or because you believed "the wrong thing" twenty years ago!

    Criminalizing Religious Criticism! (2006).
    Lately, the Vatican had consistently been trying to make a crime out of religious expression. The Vatican is even capitalizing on the violence triggered by cartoons of Muhammad to call for the criminalization of "offending other religions". Again, I made this a subject of lengthy speculation in an document on the modern inquisition laws. They will use every opportunity to end any religious opinion that is not favorable to them. And they will use the extreme examples to make their argument, while they disregard the fact that people are free to choose. And in the case of religious web sites, people are not forced to look at them. What if those observations are correct?
    "The right to freedom of thought and expression, sanctioned by the Declaration of the Rights of Man, cannot imply the right to offend the religious sentiment of believers. This principle applies obviously for any religion".
    The Vatican. February 5, 2006
    I can make the argument that the Vatican beliefs offend me. I can show that their beliefs have killed more people, separated and disrupted more families and destroyed more governments than most despots. So who is right and who gets to choose who is right and who should express their beliefs? Beliefs are not subject to legal action and religion should never control governments.

    Religion on Sale! (2006).
    The pope has made a very clever move based on copyright law. No one can quote him or any previous popes going back over fifty years without paying royalty! He classifies himself as "god on the earth", yet he is charging by the word for this wisdom from God. It is a clever move to give notice to thousands of Protestant sites who will soon be getting some legal notice from the Vatican. Because many of us are individuals without money or power, just the threat and the spectre of trial delays will bankrupt us. The Vatican figures that it can remove many web sites this way. Are they changing the copyright laws? Generally, you can quote from any work within reason and after certain years published work usually go into the public domain.

    Canon Law (Laws of the Roman Catholic Laws). As church laws I have no problem with canon law if people of a similar mind want to abide by its principles. My problem with them is that the pope thinks that thay have civil jurisdiction and that he is not only the head of his church but of the whole world.

    Under Canon Law 1369 and many other Canon laws, I could be put to death.

    International Criminal Court (World Court). September 4, 2003
    A world court has finally been established and it uses the model of the Inquisition. The Vatican has long hoped for this organization where
    "those who are responsible for violations of the most heinous crimes which offend the conscience of the human family . . . will fall under the jurisdiction of this Court".
    In the infallible mind of the pope, preaching heresy such as Protestant beliefs is a crime that offends the human conscience and disrupts families.
    Significance The prophetic significance is in the fact that these laws are exactly what is needed to justify persecution with public approval - and we arrived at this point for justifiable reasons. The law allows torture, military secret trials, detention without oversight, denial of legal counsel, detention without evidence and spying and eavesdropping without proof.

    And the people do not object.
    Prophecy calls for a brief intense period when people will have to make life changing decisions. Satan has demonstrated that if he can couple this period with fear, people will be willing to do the wrong thing.

    Watch for a broad definition of the word "terrorist" and a misuse of the law to act illegally.

    I am also alarmed at the attempts to define religious expression as terrorist activity. Religious expression is now popularly defined as "hate" propaganda.
    updateMonitoring purchases - As of May 2002, the United States intelligence agencies are now monitoring religious organizations, book purchases, books borrowed from the library and probably other purchases.
    The Nazis kept a list of the people's religious affiliation. This is possibly the beginning of our own list. It now seems to be innocent and necessary, but it will be misused in the future.
    updateCitizen Spies - The final loop hole to establishing a police state is being closed. The "TIPS" Terrorism Information and Prevention System program to be implemented in August 2002, is designed to allow people to spy on each other to report suspicious activity. The government is asking all mail carriers, home repair men and utility service employees to report on any suspicious activity.
    updateCitizen Militia (The Minuteman Project) - In April 2005, citizens along the southern border are being used to manage the problem of illegal aliens and entry by terrorists. As the government learns to manage these groups, it is learning how to mobilize and manage citizens to protect the country from "internal enemies".
    There is nothing inherently wrong with the TIPS and minuteman projects. What is interesting is that legitimate concerns are making us create the very infrastructure that will be used to persecute.
    update Real-ID National Identification (USA Driver's License) - In May 2005, stories surfaced about this "new requirement". My question is why are they pretending that this is new or that they are implementing a recommendation of the 911 Commission? The fact is that this law was passed in 1996 and the states were given until October 2006 to fully implement its provisions? One of these is to use biometric data as a security feature. The only thing that is new is that the states are required to standardize certain information so that it can be machine readable and states can share their information. Illegal aliens can no longer get a license. The fact is, that as an analyst, this would have been my recommendation for implementing a national ID in the shortest time for the lowest cost. Most other countries have national identification.

    And did you now that they secretly tried to hide into this law a provision that would allow the secretary of Homeland Security to "waive all laws" in his efforts to construct "barriers"? This was the second time they tried to sneak this law into the books. Why are their hiding these attempts to gain such broad powers?
    update National Security Service (NSS) - In June, the president made the temporary part of the Patriot Act permanent in secret hearings. He opened a new counter intelligence center in Virginia. And, on June 29, 2005 he created the National Security Service by executive order. It is a domestic spy agency within the FBI that is a cross between the FBI and CIA, and operates above the law. The name reminds me of the Hitler SS so much that I am tempted to nick name them the Next SS (NSS). They should have called themselves the National Security Bureau or something that does not have the letters SS in the name. As I looked aghast at some of the marketing decisions of the European Union, I wondered if anybody knows prophecy and if any public relations expert gave any advice. But this follows a trend of seeing countries do strange symbolic actions that predict their role in the future. God makes them blind.

    Terrorists Attack New York City - September 11, 2001
    On the morning of September 11, 2001, 3 passenger planes were hijacked by terrorists who killed the pilots and flew them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. A third plane destined for the White house crashed into a field in Pennsylvania when passengers bravely took over the plane. These terrorists were from Islamic militant groups supported by Osama Bin Laden.
    Significance For the first time, American citizens knew fear at home. The prophetic significance is in the fact that in less than a week, most Americans were willing to give up significant civil rights and grant the government sweeping powers to deal with the frightening events.

    It shows how quickly events that we think will follow a long process can be changed in less than a week because of public fear.

    Because the government of the United States is to remain the final power, the White House was miraculously spared.

    The Fall of the Soviet Union
    In 1989, the collapse of the Berlin wall signified the end of the Soviet Union as one of the top two super powers. Significantly, it was the cooperation of the final two prophetic powers that provided the catalyst for this change.
    Communism was the sixth head of the beast power. The combination of the U.S.A. and the church is the seventh head. Therefore, the seventh head is in power.
    Significance Prophecy states that the United States is supposed to be the final political power in the whole world.
    How did it describe the United States?
    It described the last world power as one that would be emerging in a new land outside of Europe at the time that the Papacy was wounded. The papacy received the wound in 1798. This power would be used to protect the people running from persecution in Europe. This describes the new world, and specifically the United States. However, the power is destined to persecute the world.
    The Progress of Church and State Union
    In 2001, President George Bush proposed two laws designed to support religious institutions with government funds. It passed both the congress and the senate in 2001. As of July 2002, it has been declared constitutional by the supreme court.
    1. School Vouchers - to pay for religious education
    2. Faith based initiative - to support religious charities
    3. Blue laws - In 1961, the supreme court declared them constitutional because they were economic not religious laws.
    Significance Prophecy states that the United States will support and enforce religion worldwide with the support of the Catholic church.
    According to details from the prophecies of Ellen White, within the United States, the movement towards this will first start with the Protestant churches then the Catholic church will take over. We saw this fulfillment with the formation of the Moral Majority and the subsequent influence on religion over government and our general elections.

    She also said that the image to the beast would be formed when we pass laws to enforce Sunday worship or support their institutions. According to that, the image to the beast was officially formed in 2001.

    The Catholic Church
    Death of the Pope. The media coverage of the death of John Paul II truly shows that "all the world wonders after the beast".

    Politics. The church is openly calling for politicians to vote according to Catholic doctrine or they will be denied communion. So far, Gray Davis and John Kerry have been prominent recipients of this threat.
    This tactic is reminiscent of the promises of indulgences during the inquisition. The church threatens heaven or hell in order to influence political goals. Soon the call will be for all members to vote according to church recommendations or face eternal damnation.

    Union Rejected!. The prophecy of Daniel 2 says that the nations of Europe will never unite as one political kingdom. So far 25 nations have joined the union and they were hoping to implement their new constitution by 2006. The rules state that all nations must approve the constitution before it can be implemented. The politicians of the first nine nations, including Germany, voted for the constitution on behalf of their citizens. But wherever the popular vote was allowed to give their opinion on the constitution, the people have rejected it. On May 29, 2005, France rejected the constitution. Then the Netherlands rejected it by a vote of 66% on June 1. England did not proceed with their vote.

    This is like a huge earthquake breaking apart the plans and aspirations of those promoting a united Europe. As I said before, at some point the church must come to the conclusion that it can only dominate the world if it relies on the United States, not the European Union. They will be able to control Europe, but they cannot achieve global dominance with it.

    The Second Lisbon Earthquake!. Like an uncharted meteor comes the Catholic French president Nicolas Sarkozy, asserting influence and garnering the European leaders together to find a way to subvert the popular vote and the U.N. constitution. Unable to legally resurrect the union, they have found a way to wrench the vote from the people and place it in the hands of the parliament of the 27 member states. Only Ireland has to vote and no other country wants to take a chance on a public referendum when a guaranteed positive parlimentary vote would suffice. The treaty does not reference the word "constitution" because a constitution must be subject to the public vote. Through this loophole they are able to achieve their goals with this amended treaty. The constitution would repeal all existing treaties. A treaty can be approved by the normal procedure of debate and vote by parliament, not by public referendum. The new reform treaty, to be designated the "Lisbon Treaty" was agreed upon on October 19 and will be signed in Lisbon on December 13. Prophetically this is another Lisbon earthquake. An earthquake is a symbol of a change in government. The people do not see the coming train wreck and they are destined to react just like the French peasants in the French Revolution. Speaking about the amended treaty, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, has said
    ... cosmetic changes will be made and "public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals that we dare not present to them directly.
    Tony Blair is considered to be a shoe in for the first president with a reign of 2.5 years, another change in the constitution. Blair, was a closet Catholic who came out of the darkness when he resigned as the British prime minister. He should take office by January 2009. It is a 30 month assignment that can be extended to 60 months. It is meant to replace the six month rotating leadership that is too cumbersome. He represents Europe to the world. So, between January 1 and 28 January, 2009 Bush will still be the president of Babylon the Great and Tony Blair will be head of the seven headed-ten horned beast. These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast. These will wage war with the Lamb ... (Revelation 17: 13-14)
    Somehow a common purpose will be forged that will lead to the persecution of the church.
    But it will fail quickly! How can the leaders submit their population to a treaty that they know the population would not agree to? They are guided by their foolish hearts. When Hitler escaped several assassination attempts, He thought that God or the psychics he employed were certainly on his side and that he should continue with his lunatic plans. Now the world does not have one lunatic, it has a United Nations truck load of them.
    Europe hopes to have the clout of a United Nations, where it feels that it should have a greater influence on international decisions because it is a union of many mations instead of the United States which is one nation.
    Prophecy says that they will turn on each other after a short, turbulent union.

    Political Organizations
    The church is influencing politics on every front. It is secretly behind the foundation and funding of almost all "Protestant" political action organizations.

    The Arab - Papal Alliance. February 15, 2000
    Calling for the United Nations to support his bid to rule Jerusalem under United Nations Resolution 181, the Vatican signed an historic agreement with Yassir Arafat about the status of Jerusalem. The alliance shows that the church has sided with the Muslim nations against the nation of Israel in the explosive issues over Palestine and Jerusalem.
    Significance The prophetic significance is the growing power of the church. With this strategic alliance, he has charmed a large population of the world. And he has allied himself with, and gained the respect of a religion that is against Christianity.

    The Secret Alliance between the Pope and Ronald Reagan (June 1982)
    In a clandestine move to topple communism in the Soviet Union, the United States cooperated with the Pope and the Solidarity movement in Poland that eventually destabilized the Soviet Union.
    Significance This significant action fulfilled a prophecy and set into motion certain events that would lead to the predicted political climate at the end of time. Here are some points of prophetic significance.
    1. First, the United States was established as the only remaining superpower after the fall of the Soviet Union.
    2. Second, the church's influence in the world and its growing political power. Between 1950 and 1999, 128 concordats were signed with different states. 43 of those were signed in the last 9 years. A concordat is a legal agreement that guarantees Catholics the right to freedom of religion and worship.
    3. Finally the two powers described at the end are cooperating with each other in international political subterfuge. They are behaving like their predicted roles.
    4. Billions of people trapped by atheism and communism were suddenly exposed to religious freedom. The gospel could go forward.

    The Paranormal and the Occult
    China officially accepts UFO's in 2000
    After a series of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings all over China in 1999, the government officially encourages research in UFO activity as scientific while it categorizes religious activity as superstitious. Membership in UFO societies belongs to an elite group of scientists and other intellectuals. Over half the population believes in UFO's and their news media gives it wide coverage.
    Significance The prophetic significance is the alliance of such a large population on earth with the third global force - psychic and extraterrestrial communication.
    With their continued research and the cooperation of the dark side, China will place itself in the position of answering questions for the intellectual community worldwide, when the strong delusion appears.
    This shows that the whole world is believing in something outside of themselves. Something miraculous, something that can communicate. Something that will communicate.

    Muslim Militancy
    (June 2002) Will the terrorist actions and the policy of Muslim nations to destroy other religions and promote Islam force the United States to make religion a tactic of war? Will they promote conservative Christianity as a substitute religion for a people who need firm moral teachings? We learned in early 2004 that missionaries working on rebuilding projects were killed. Initially, they were labeled as "coalition forces". The army seems to be using a lot of "civilian contractors" to conduct the war. Engineers, translators and prison interrogators. Missionaries are disguised as engineers during the active phase of the war that caution says should be off limit for civilians. Especially sixty year old women.

    Because these nations are ruled by fear - the vast majority of the people may secretly welcome rescue.

    Will the friendship of the Catholic church with Islam be used as a bridge to these people, forcing the United States to rely on the Catholic church for political assistance?

    Doomsday Asteroid
    (July 24, 2002) Will an approaching doomsday asteroid or one like it trigger a crisis that could make the world turn to the church for magical solutions.
    A 1.2 mile asteroid was expected on February 1, 2019. They now believe that it will miss. It was only discovered in June 2002.

    (Mama Mia, What a Con! 2003). Apparently, the faked documents about Iraq requesting nuclear materials from an African country did not originate with the British. This specific information caused those who were advocating caution to tumble over to the side of those who wanted war.

    It seems that British intelligence was specifically duped by the Italian Intelligence. They also sent the same information to the United States. The question is, did this false information originate with the United States to give them a reason to go to war?

    Or did it originate in the Vatican? It is a well known fact that the Vatican is heavily entrenched within the CIA as a source of intelligence. If noting else, the escapades of Reagan and John Paul II proves it.
    The fall out appears to be a casualty for the United States and Britian. It could lead to the strengthening of the European Union and the Vatican. Now the United States bull-headedness may be its own undoing. But it will somehow survive so that the rest of the prophecy can be fulfilled.

    According to prophecy these two things will happen.
    1. We will be number one. It is the United States that will achieve and enforce the globalist plans for the Vatican. This set back and the current mess we have created in Iraq only drove us further into the prophetic stream. The fact that we might have gotten there through a church conspiracy only points out the growing reliability of the prophecy. So far, there is no direct connection between Italy and the Vatican except the obvious. It is also amazing that though the media is vilifying Britain, it is virtually silent on the Italian and possible Vatican connection.
    2. We, and the church will come to our end in the Middle East with "no one to help". After this, the intense persecution begins.

    Tracking and Trailing Technology
    Certain technology is becoming so ubiquitous that they pose a different sort of danger for the future.

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags. These tags can broadcast the identity of the item that you are carrying. They will be sewn or pasted into the labels and price tags of all merchandize. They will even be embedded in money by 2005. In June 2004, Walmart announced that it is requiring all distributors to include RFID technology in their merchandize. Walmart, the world's largest retail store, sells everything except salvation. Therefore, RFID instantly becomes ubiquitous. In October 2004, they were approved for human implant.
    My advice for running from persecution is to cut out all tags from your clothes. Hikers do this as a trick to reduce load. Now you may have to avoid paper money also. Carrying coins is impossible. I do not know if covering it with foil will block the signal.

    GPS and Cellular Phones. The new Enhanced 911 law requires all cellular phones to transmit your location within an accuracy of 100 meters. This ability is made possible because of the Global Positioning Tracking System (GPS). These devices are located in anti-theft devices for cars and in chips the size of a rice grain that can be embedded in humans. Avoid them. Simply turning off your phone does not turn off its ability to give away your location.

    Internet Root Servers. On July 1, 2005 the Associated Press reported on the decision by the United States to indefinitely retain oversight of the thirteen main computers or "root" servers that control Internet traffic. They were supposed to turn over control into private hands. This enhances their ability to spy on Internet traffic and email. By installing packet sniffers and other technology at the thirteen computers they can monitor and intercept all Internet traffic.
    Significance This tracking and trailing technology affects our ability to escape from persecution.
    When the law to limit buying and selling based on religion becomes effective, even Walmart will be dispensing salvation.
    Strange Events
    January 2007. The Secret Rapture has Begun! Bees in over 22 American states have disappeared. Owners report that they have lost 90% of their hives. There are no bodies or carcasses, no evidence of disease, no evidence of foul play. The bees simply disappeared ... without a trace ... poof! The phenomenon is called "Colony collapse Disorder". Scientists are baffled, but I am not.
    The bees are victims of the secret rapture. That's right. The secret rapture came and stole all the bees away and the cantankerous humans were Left Behind. In the secret rapture bodies of the righteous are supposed to disappear. You will wake up and never see them. Pilots will disappear and their planes will crash. Thank God there were no high flying bee pilots with licenses to operate commercial jets.
    Update: October 29, 2007. Last night sixty minutes had a story on the disappearing bees and their introduction listed several theories including divine rapture! So I said, "O my God! That is the insane tongue-in-cheek theory that I made up. I wonder if it is unclear that I was just kidding? Did they get it from me? So today I searched the web for the reference "bee rapture". By the time I became tired of the search I had only found the earliest references mostly in blogs with the dates of March and May. Could there have been someone else who came up with this nutty observation as I did? Well, for your information, I made it up in January 2007, thought it was so funny that I plastered it here in the same month that I made up those hilarious Bush cartoons. By the way, all the observations in the cartoons came from my head. I did not recycle any circulating cliches.

    Know Your Customer Banking Regulations
    In 2001, a Swiss banking committee started making efforts to globalize the "Know Your Customer" regulations. These customers require banks to keep a profile on every customer and their expected transactions so that they can recognize deposits and withdrawals that are out of the "normal" and expected range.
    Significance Revelation 13 predicts that no one will be able to "buy or sell" unless they have the mark of the beast. This will be economic sanctions and embargo on a national level and on a personal level it is the implementation of the "Know Your Customer" regulations.
    A side effect of this is the ability to know which church receives your financial support.

    Financial Control and Databases
    Signs of TIA Data Mining

    » Banking regulations. Know your customer.
    » Medicare prescription register
    » National ID, driver's license
    » Pentagon collects teenagers data from schools
    » IRS and Choicepoint
    » Controlling root servers
    (March 2003). The Pentagon has a new database called TIA (Total Information Awareness). It has been in operation before September 11, after Bush took power. It stores personal information from government, financial and private sources (credit cards, driver's license, passport, medical information and bank transactions). Congress outlawed it and they simply renamed it "Terrorist Information Awareness". The collection of this information is supposed to be legalized under Patriot Act 2.
    • It has the capability of real time systems such as the credit bureaus. If you are a terrorist and you buy 1000 boxes of nails in a single purchase or multiple purchases, the government will know instantly. It does not have to wait on reports from the credit bureaus. It moves access, control and oversight away from private businesses and squarely into the hands of the government.
    • They can now identify religion, based on the organization to which you donate.
    • Photographs from driver's license and passports.
    • They can identify religion based on profiling your purchase patterns and businesses that you use.
    • The only reason that they would want this real time purchasing data is to do data analysis for profiling.
    • Medical information can be used to track infectious diseases or to blackmail citizens.
    One loop hole in their system is cash transactions. "Know your customer" regulations and RFID technology embedded in cash will help to manage this. So that someone fleeing persecution will be limited to minimum cash withdrawal and coins. Any experienced hiker knows that coins are prohibitive.
    There are other loopholes that they can overcome with other strategies. I believe that we will see greater efforts to link individuals to the organizations to which they donate.

    Religious Affiliation. Because of the Muslim based terrorism, it would be foolish for the database designer not to store religion as one of the identification characteristics. I know. I was a database administrator. Just storing country of origin or ethnicity alone does not capture this information. Therefore, information on religious affiliation is most likely being collected.

    Buying and Selling. It would be interesting to know if the credit bureaus will be required to access the government database before giving approval for purchase or if they are required to regularly check for people that the governments wants to deny all financial transactions.

    Conservative Dilemma. A conservative interpretation, that I do not share, is that the mark of the beast is chip implants. The dilemma is that this might be imposed by an administration that they adore. However, I have noticed that fear has the power to override all of our internal warning signals.

    Bogus Census Surveys. Are you being bothered by organization with surveys? They are pretending to be with the government and pretending that the information is required? Who are these maggots? They send letters, call homes and even show up at your house. This goes way beyond a commercial enterprise filling their databases. If TIA wants this information it should be honest.

    Identity Theft Scare. In the last year there have been many stories of mass thefts of personal identities. There have also been horror stories of the difficulty of regaining your credit status. How do we fix that? Substitute credit cards and other external card identification for finger print verification. It also gets us closer to the electronic system that is the envy of any futuristic big brother. Are they trying to scare us into biometric systems so that private companies can collect our finger prints?

    Several announcements point to an effort to fill and verify the TIA database.
    • (2003-2004). Senior citizens were required to sign up for new prescription benefits.
    • (June 2005). The Pentagon announced efforts to build a database of high school and college children over the age of sixteen. Storing GPA, email addresses and other personal preferences. Schools will lose federal funding if they do not give up the information. This right was given because of the "no child left behind laws". Schools are required to give the personal information of juniors and seniors. I smell the rear end of a Trojan horse! I wonder what other little surprises are hidden in other laws! This is a Warning to all churches who take federal money! 501(c)(3) organizations will soon find themselves in a pickle.
    • (June 28, 2005). The IRS announces plans to hire Choicepoint to provide data to them. This data mining company keeps records of preferences, purchases and many other features that are more valuable to TIA than IRS. While the IRS can certianly identify potential tax cheaters, I suspect that the TIA is conducting their data collection and verification with the IRS records as the base. So the IRS is being used as a front to collect personal information without making it seem as if it was requested by Homeland Security. Sooner or later they will require 503(c) organizations to submit social security numbers or their will require tax filers to submit the business identification of charities. Either strategy accomplishes the same thing.
    The combined efforts of the IRS and Pentagon are designed to capture information about adults and all children. The elderly will be added with the Social Security information. But they need to find a way to capture the information of illegal aliens and people off the books. Banking and employer records will dredge up a few more people. But if someone has a credit card then the Choicepoint database can capture this information by a process of elimination. Choicepoint may become the data broker through which credit verification systems access the government database. That is a potentially powerful role.

    National Security Agency Telephone Eavesdropping. The program used to be called "domestic surveillance" but they relabeled it "terrorist surveillance" after it was discovered and continued to collect data on every American.
    Before the program leaked the liar assured us that they were following the law and warrants are required before a citizen is spied upon. After the program leaked the liar said that only overseas calls and only Al-Qaeda was being monitored. "If Al-Qaeda is calling someone I want to know who it is!".
    On May 11, 2006 USA Today reported that employees of three telephone companies leaked more information. Only one brave company, Qwest, is trying to hold out. AT&T, Verizon and Bell South bent over to assume the rape position. Everybody can be wiretapped without a warrant. Every phone call is being monitored. The Great Liar claims that they are not listening to phone calls of Americans.
    The government does not listen to private phone calls without prior court approval. ... We are not mining or trolling through the personal lives of Americans.
    Telephone accounts have your social security number. This is a huge advantage. So it allows them to merge all historical data from all service providers. With this they can use a form of artificial intelligence analysis called neural networking, developed by IBM.
    But I guarantee that they are using this to look at the calling patterns of news reporters and other politicians. If the Al-Qaeda operatives followed the instruction of their training manuals then they would not have these historical traces in their records. These maggots blackmailed and strong armed their own people and businesses. If you are powerful and you have a skeleton in your closet, watch out!
    On the same day, May 11, 2006, it was announced that the government is shutting down any investigation of the wire tapping program. Absolute monarchy! Absolute tyranny!

    On May 14, 2006 ABC news reported that NSA is going through the phone records of reporters to identify leaks. I am not surprised.

    Disposable Untraceable Cellular Phones. There is a myth that certain phones cannot be traced. Do not believe this. They are only harder to trace but not impossible. The same is true of calling cards. I can envision a scenario where I can catch you based on your phone usage, GPS technology and credit information if you are sloppy.

    Telephone Eavesdropping. I believe that it is possible to listen in on any type of phone call from any distance.
    • Data: Internet. Because they control the nodes it is easy from them to intercept and reconstruct any message. They just trap anything from your phone number or your network address.
    • Voice: Cellular Phone. Any one can eavesdrop on a cellular phone from close distance. Long distance interception can be done as described with land line intervention.
    • Voice: Land Line Phone. Older technology relied on a physical tap on the phone. Since the government has married the communications carriers it is possible that they have written software to improve on this technology with electronic taps. Since all calls are routed through the central office they can theoretically be intercepted there. Cellular calls can be intercepted at this point because all wireless communication is eventually routed through a fixed station. The government intercept could work the same as a partyline where their phones could ring or record anytime you place or receive a call. The same technology could make them eavesdrop into your home even when you are not using the phone because they can use your telephone receiver as a microphone. It normally becomes a microphone only when you get a dial tone.
    Scare Tactics
    Lately, they keep making the false claim that these leaks jeopardize national security by making the enemy know what they are doing. This is a false argument. Any organized terrorist group would be stupid to not assume that these basic tactics are being applied.
    Osama was trained by the United States government to do covert actions. His training manual is full of this advice. And our government posted this manual on the Internet despite the objection of the British government!
    What Other Information is Being Collected?
    Financial Transactions. If they are storing all phone calls then they are also storing all financial transactions. In particular, they are storing information on political and charitable contributions and purchase of certain chemicals. The government now knows to which church you belong. They simply have to know who has contributed to your church, and because they are looking for patterns they can look at the amount and frequency of your donations. It is an easy task for them to get all the accounts of all Quaker churches and Adventist churches. Then they just have to see which accounts transfer money into these accounts. As a database administrator, if I was given the task of compiling this information this is how I could legally do it without raising any alarms. Church treasurers should be worried about any government attempts to get access to their account information. But it is most likely that your bank and your reporting requirements have already supplied this information.
    Update: June 28, 2006. Within the last week, the incredibly lawless, brutally lethal and terminally stupid government has threatened to charge the New York Times for treason for releasing information about government spying on financial transactions. All I have to say is that if it took a secret spy to leak this information then the newspaper is just as stupid. All of this ability has steadily been granted by law to track drug dealers before we elected the idiot and his car full of miserable clowns. There is no secret to leak! In early 2001 I wrote about it in terms of how they could conduct a financial persecution.
    Internet. They are probably working with internet service providers, Microsoft and other operating systems and spyware software providers to add code to their software that makes it easier for them to monitor you. So beware of upgrades and free software. They could even launch a virus attack to convince you to upgrade. They could even plant evidence or files on your computer so that they can use it to force you to cooperate.
    Fingerprints of Children. Under a program of "Family Safety", the government may be collecting the fingerprints of children. A fingerprint serves no purpose in finding your child in the first few months. In the earliest stages it is only useful for an unidentified body. Therefore, if you must take your child's fingerprint for safety purposes, keep those records at home. If your child is lost or stolen it can be given to the authorities then. But it will not speed up or hinder the recovery of your child.

    (July 2005). After the terrorist bombing of the trains, the British strengthened their terrorist laws to include incitement. One tool to manage this is the creation of a database to monitor clerics and websites who incite violence. Don't be fooled. They already had a database. They are just presenting this as proof that they are taking a concrete step after the bombings. If the FBI is monitoring peaceful organizations who merely criticize failed, immoral and illegal policies then these databases also include any clerics or websites that have any negative opinion. Even if they incite no violence. If they incite fear, then they come under the "fear monger" label of Bush. If they do not actively support they come under the "not with us, against us" label. On July 20 I caught the tail end of a story that ended with the statement that "this will punish those who criticize the administration". I tried to find the full story, but a second terrorist bombing in London hours later suppressed all other news.
    So whether or not Adventists are afraid to float their 150 year old interpretation of the last days because it looks unpatriotic, we are still in the cross hairs because people know that this is what we have always believed would happen. The fact that we are peaceful, are conscientious objectors makes no difference. If they can waste their time watching the Quakers or infiltrating a group of 70 year old people simply because they are environmentalists then they have infiltrated you and they are watching you and they are compiling lists that include you. And when you decide to wake up your work will be harder. You can neither preach your prophecies nor preach the gospels. Tragically, you will become like the mega churches that have no message except prosperity and peace and safety.

    (July 2007) Data Elements. The European Union airline industry finalized details about the information collected on passengers for Homeland Security. Here is a list of some of the kinds of data that they are collecting:
    Name, address, phone, e-mail, itinerary, hotel reservations, credit card number, car.
    Race, health, religion, political opinions and sexual orientation.

    Financial Crimes
    Revelation 18 describes the punishment of only one other group, Business men.

    Bankruptcy. As of 2005, individuals can no longer file for bankruptcy. Congress refused to make an exception for the victims of hurricane Katrina.

    Retirement. Corporations are allowed to abandon the retirement obligations they underfunded and raided and mismanaged.

    Corporate Welfare. Corporations with billions of dollars of profits get government subsidies and cheap land deals.

    High Interest. Credit card companies can charge 30% interest. And they are deliberately trying to send poor people into debt.

    Slave Wages. There is a United States protectorate where the congress have allowed less than the minimum wages. Even under these conditions, workers are locked into the factories, they are not allowed to punch their time cards and are not paid for the hours that they do work.

    The Eminent Domain Land Grab. On June 23, 2005 the supreme court decided that local governments can force owners off their private property and give it to private real estate development. This single decision goes against God's concept of land ownership.

    Gold. The price has excalated and more people are investing in this product.

    Rich. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

    » Wealthy Punished. For the Lord of hosts will have a day of reckoning against everyone who is proud and lofty and against everyone who is lifted up, that they may be abased.
    ... In that day men will cast away to the moles and bats their idols of silver and their idols of gold, which they made for themselves to worship, in order to go into the caverns of the rocks and the clefts of the cliffs before the terror of the Lord and the splendour of His majesty when He arises to make the earth tremble.
    (Isaiah 2: 12, 20-21)

    » Useless Wealth. They will fling their silver into the streets and their gold will become an abhorrent thing; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord.
    (Ezekiel 7: 19)

    Convergence of Forces (Lining Up the Dominos)
    The entire site was built to demonstrate not only the prophecies but the convergence of forces described as the final players at the end. Therefore, the site has looked at trends in science, technology, law and religion. We have identified systems and how they can be used at the end. We have identified the principal players, their current status and their roles at the end.
    Please note that the Bible does not predict any specific technology, but with the emergence of specific technologies and their public deployment we are finally able to see that some prophecies with a broad affect are suddenly possible.
    The following is a summation of the players, technology and prophecies related to the final scenario.

    Converging Element Prophetic Role Status in 2006 Events
    Paradigm Shift
    The Final Power
    Power Created 1981-1991 United States and Catholic Church in political and religious cooperation
    Persecution Laws 1998, 2001 Creates persecution laws. Patriot Act. Corpus Juris. Public accepts
    Torture accepted 2001 - May 2004 Considers torture acceptable. Public accepts
    Divine Mission 2001 Believes it is doing God's work
    Financial Support of the Church 2001 Faith Based Initiative. As of 2003, 1.1 billion dollars have been spent and most of the money is unaccounted for. Of the few millions that can be traced, no contracts went to Jews, Moslems or other non-Christian religions.
    Religious Control November 2004 The government control by the religious right is now acknowledged
    God's hammer Future Believes it must enforce religious law
    Persecutes Future Persecutes the church
    Power to Principal Players End of Monarchies Done 1918 After the nations of Europe fail to unite by marriage. Daniel 2: 43.
    Government - Europe Economically Unified 2000 Must give allegiance to the Church as a group. Must act as one yet remain as separate nations.
    June 2005 Political union dead. French and Dutch vote against the constitution
    Government - United States Done 1991 Must be the primary military and economic force in the world
    January 1991,
    April 2003
    Becomes Babylon the Great probably in 1989 when we allied with the church and formed the seventh head of the beast. But definately by 1991 when we controlled Iraq.
    2003/2004 Speaks like a dragon. Its fulfillment is debatable.
    Future? (August 31, 2005) Occupies Jerusalem. Reports of a military base in Israel built in 2002-2005
    Future Enforces religion
    Church - Roman Catholic Done Must broker connections with world rulers, in particular, the United States and the former medieval European countries
    Done Must control United States political process.
    Done Must get world recognition and power.
    Doing Must get power from the European Nations
    Future Must be able to use the strength of the United States to enforce religion.
    Future Takes over Jerusalem.
    Church - Protestant Done 1980's-1990's Must control United States politics
    Pagan and Spiritualist Growth Done 1990's Churches infiltrated. Leaders, law enforcement and financial institutions secretly use them.
    Union of Church and State in America Doing The Churches and the government are trying. Financial support given through school vouchers and the Faith Based Initiative
    Technology Cloning humans with animals Done 1998 Genetic engineering of plants and animals by crossing genes between species. This only shows a trend away from the creator.
    Worldwide Instantaneous communications Done 1990's 1917 Radio, 1950's satellite, 1960's television, 1990's Internet and wireless technology.
    Security Technology Done Ability to track and identify people. To identify instantaneously and match with profile
    Propaganda Done Ability to control the media to influence public perception of events.
    Link law enforcement and financial databases Done 2001 Ability to track people and financial movement. To identify instantaneously and match with profile.
    Laws Banking laws Done 2001 Must be capable of gathering detail personal information.
    "Know Your Customer" laws implemented globally.
    Banking Networks Done 1990's Must be capable of instantly identifying customer, penetration must be high
    Persecution Laws 1998-2001 Unconstitutional laws to remove personal liberties and institute lawless courts. Military tribunals and United States Patriot Act. Network of citizen spies formed in August 2002.
    Done Many European countries, Greece, Canada and Islamic countries have blasphemy or hate speech laws. It is illegal to criticize another religion or offend the god of the country.
    Religious institution support Laws 2001 Must support church laws and church institutions. Church institutions (schools and charities) will be supported.
    Religious Sabbath Laws 1960's United States Blue laws. Enforcement has been at the commercial level.
    1993-2003 European Union Sunday Laws complete transition in August 2003.
    Future Blue laws enforced on individuals in the United States.
    Prophetic Times Real prophetic time No continuous, dated prophecies remain. The time of the end started in 1798 and ended the 1260 year prophecy.
    1844 marked the end of the last defined prophetic period of 2300 years.
    1917 marked the end of monarchies required by one prophecy.
    1981 Babylon returns after 2520 years as Babylon the Great
    Speculative (not prophetic) time Convergence of biblical numeric patterns used by God.
    General Atmosphere Lawlessness Done Forced kidnapping and slavery into the world of prostitution. Lawlessness is common. Even children under eight years old are committing gang rapes, murder and other unspeakable crimes.
    Churches disregard or change the law of God.
    Like the days of Noah Done Eating, drinking, partying, marrying and divorcing.
    Like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah Done Sexual immorality. Premarital sex is the norm. Child pornography and child prostitution are even the business of some countries. Media supports and promotes much of this activity. Date rape drugs are condoned by groups. Same sex marriages and unions legal. Bestiality is beginning to be fashionable.
    Secular Done Evolution and scientific theories are more respected than God's claims
    Fear Started Started September 11, 2001. We must reach a point where we feel that we have no human solutions.
    Disasters Started. Worsened 2004 A trend of severe natural disasters started in the middle 1990's
    Church of God Gospel to the World Approximately 75% - 85% have heard the gospel. 99% can be reached by radio. Because work in Islamic countries must be done in secret, the exact status of penetration is unknown (99% radio). However, due to technological advances and the power of the Holy Spirit this could be accomplished in a month with the right kind of earth stopping event.
    The Latter Rain Started May have started, but is not near the level of true miraculous capabilities exhibited by the early church
    Miracles Doing Claims of miracles by the false prophets.
    Sunday worship Doing Increased efforts since 1998 to ensure Sunday is legally enforced as a day of worship. Done in Europe since 2003.
    Israel Peace efforts by U.S.A The last superpower and church is supposed to occupy Jerusalem. This might be simply the prophesied persecution of the church or a dual application in which Israel is also occupied at the time of persecution.
    Israel Began July 2006 Surrounded by her enemies trying to destroy her (Zechariah 12)
    Israel Future Converts at one time. Probably the persecution of other Sabbath keepers will trigger this reexamination of the question of the Messiah.
    Prophecies fulfilled As of 2003, we are in the time of the sixth seal, seventh trumpet, seventh church, the formation of the beast with seven heads and ten horns at the stage of the seventh head. Babylon the Great has formed. The United States acts like a dragon. It bullies nations and tortures prisoners.
    Sixth Seal (1798) The seventh is the Second Coming
    Seventh Trumpet (1844) The gospel preached
    Seventh Church (1844) The church that is being judged
    Seventh Head (1989) United States and the Papacy at the fall of the sixth head (Communism)
    Babylon the Great (1991) The United States controls Iraq (the old Babylon)
    Lamb is a Dragon (2001) The United States speaks and acts like the dragon
    Third Thunder (2003) Babylon is falling
    Fourth Thunder (Future) Latter Rain
    Seven Last Plagues Future The final year on earth.
    Persecution Future Some level of persecution exists, but not the final persecution.
    Fake Second Coming or global spiritual event Future The eighth head.
    Significantly, the Catholic church is looking forward to a worldwide appearance of Mary similar to the Fatima experience
    Major Adventist milestones Protestants 1980's Protestant involvement in politics to influence religious agenda (1980). They ally with the Catholic church to unify their efforts (1989).
    Catholic church stays in the background as they finance the formation of Protestant political Action groups.
    Church and Government Alliance 1989 The United States is the dominant political power and the Catholic church the dominant religious power. Their cooperation in 1989 to end the Soviet Union points to an alliance that may secretly be working on other agenda.
    Spiritualism 1990's The religion of Hollywood. Spiritualism took over the churches in the 1960's. Then in the 70's and 80's it took over popular culture and formed a separate "New Age" movement. In the 1990's it went beyond the daily horoscope into more mainstream avenues and we are currently flooded with spiritualist shows, books, movies and themes.
    Babylon has fallen 2000 After doing research, I am convinced that the church has met the description of the fallen state. The most compelling reason is its infiltration by demons
    Image to the beast formed 2001 With the religious laws passed in 2001 to support the institutions of the churches and the fact that we have blue laws on the books, the image has been formed. Now they need to enforce blue laws at the commercial and entertainment level and then start forcing individuals to go to church. The agency most likely to do this is the office of Homeland security which was also formed this year.
    Protestant and Catholic Alliance 2004-2005 Christian Churches Together in the USA (CCT). They started meeting in September 2001. Now, the alliance between the Protestant and Catholic church was made public on November 17, 2004.
    Persecution Future Sunday Laws. Persecution of Sabbath keepers.

    Items marked by a star (*) show events that could have rapid fulfillment by the proper event. Whether by the work of the Holy Spirit alone or combined with catastrophic human events that causes everyone to pay attention.
    If we should end up in a state of persecution and God leads you to this site, go to this page to see if you can get some useful information.

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